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The Damon Bruce Show 8/7/14 HOUR 2

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Show it's great to have you back these days will be back gathered tonight so Jon -- taken on the Minnesota Twins right here on 957 game and as we do. Each and every Thursday we have ourselves we'll chat with general manager Billy -- Billy thanks is always for joining I don't today. Good yeah I mean or Syria or more games left this all stand. -- the -- lost yesterday you know -- one of those rare days to a little little off yesterday -- cup. Can't -- you know I think the up. People can camp just as the triplets but not a good came with -- they are. They still are good team and other going to be good the next couple years so that they can -- -- of them particularly given where they've been playing up to up -- I think still go about. Absolutely and concerning gray I mean I -- it's not even on my list of things to ask you about that so much a blip on the radar I'm gonna chalk that one start. Up to I'm guessing you're doing the exact same. Yeah I -- this -- here's pitcher of the month last month so. I think equal. Bob and heard much -- refrain from putting him in the penalty box up that that. Did you feel like a lot of pitchers who come through here Oakland. You know it shouldn't could become up the Hudson you know the boulder to be those other come up and actually might you skip the first four -- the big -- -- that's good. You know cure remember it was really about a year ago we -- sign up until I think you just now been up for calendar year. Pretty amazing. So -- this -- All you really is and you know it since -- talking pitching let's just keep it right here. I thought Jason Hammel had himself a really good showing the other night and what a lot of people were widely speculating. Was a one last look and see start. For Jason Hammel I'm guessing he'll continue to be a part of your rotation going forward after throwing a whole bunch of bullets. Yeah -- and you know and and and just you know sort of -- that's not something we've been talked about it and Jason came over use. You know each other there are few cup starts and accuses body work pitchers are outstanding and that you prime real premature to start. Want to pull the plug and somebody who who as good track record and yours stops and good it's really good location you've been in the game the other day. You know in Europe and Iran and even hinted he gave up -- -- so -- He's he's just got to locate the ball does what he's good he's been their reform. If you're gonna number guy -- this -- I still think it's a pretty good there was a good there was good. -- -- all warm and you know -- continued -- there. -- being here on the Damon Bruce show good to have Amman Jon Lester. Gets his turn in the rotation again tonight would you think it is first go around and green and gold look pretty good and the fans certainly gave may very nice exit. Yeah you know it nicely and -- -- -- -- and other emotion he has almost motions such you know huge huge spot right away and it reaching -- so many times. On the mound either against concept way on post season games. And you'd be stomach is a big strong man and he really takes his job seriously and he's got to look at and I. That you're in the locker room he just got that -- presence so it was. It was great -- you can just tell you know the brief time I've seen -- he's. He's a perfectionist I mean you want to get every out he's not happy that -- and he's got a real. Sort of -- smoldering competitiveness. That's a part of every single pitch he throws out there are so it's simply not reviewed they. Big strong man and very here's what struck. Off and hopefully he applies it again well tonight Minnesota Twins coming to town the offense. Needs probably still a little bit time to come together and I'm sure billion new Dick critiques or the observation assess this wasn't in the lineup -- soon to come. As soon as the lineup stopped producing runs like it has over the last couple games I doubt you're going into panic mode but you know some fans. Wanna say always aware -- better -- boy we knew the offense might slow down a fifth Suisse said goodbye and look at what happened. Vote admitted if I can paraphrase him that some guys might be pressing a little too hard trying to make up form the majority. Of your team says that's really not it at all. I hate the saying but I think we have a small sample size here Billy so we're not gonna panic but what do you think about the offensive struggles and do you. Chalk it up to well a power back missing in the middle of the lineup this may be made it a little bit easier for pictures to negotiate. Yeah I think -- and it's certainly you to -- but you -- look. You know even before the trade it was sputtering. You know if you look at you in the Houston even the Texas series we got. Basically shut down by Jerome Williams who was and merchant Jewish star of a Friday night taxes Houston. We scored -- what one run the last came in and they're more game we did when we scored on that one inning in the ninth inning -- more expensive. Game of the weekend. Put it up and sputtering. Both forehand even for the trade. And so if you look at your computer. Quantitative standpoint. You know. The guys Q are you pick people for example on -- what is getting better than anybody before the trade. Show if you just days until little more than replace. So yeah I think the community is looking -- that he could merit but I think he's got also got a look at. Where we were -- going you know before hand and what we've been struggling a little bit important -- -- -- we ought to go -- -- -- -- that are. And at the time you guys say well the other got a strategies doubt let you know we've also face edged out there haven't been. But it felt level on it really been sputtering and you know Brandon. Really Scotland lately. You know Josh is starting -- ships but it you know -- has had for quite the part of it is Omar used to boast. In the Kremlin had gone there before and -- which is to put on the screen we've tried to look at something to identify. You know to possibly why. And you know let you know but this -- -- look signature -- -- go through which. Also make you go up -- would you want try and help support sir. They're out so -- it's also -- but our travel I was a little bit down actually as good off the ball we we used to look at something and and and month to month we've started you know we've got some game that kind of kept -- or go to low water which bench scoring games you know under you know individual games but the fact is really you know people say we're. Offense was very very good group started Trammell and a little bit -- until -- for the all star still loves so that was there -- and enlist -- -- There are some guys are capable cultural event and that also go back period -- has been -- entries about. And we our team very much that -- based on a lot of pieces fitting proper job worries about the last couple that it's. Relatively nice got to go to cowboys expect with a writer about it you know he's part of -- week ago. I think the old saying is that if you wanna know what a man believes just look at what he does. And I'm guessing that your action of trading says that is. Shows that you believe that there's very little truth to the concept of protection in the lineup. How much do you think. A hitter. Behind another hitter affects the pitches. The previous hitter gets our our real big protection guy I'm guessing your actions tell us now. Oh well I mean protection only -- sometimes you're -- -- Barry Bonds which you know an intraday interpret should go. He could probably make an argument but it -- underneath when he intentional walks a year. Yet to be somebody that you know a protective. President. I'm and you have to be putting up some pretty special numbers like on who's doing over there. Or you don't -- Tuesday you know and Saint Louis. -- I doubt but I mean. You know I'm not sure you know word of protection part -- then you know what it's also done I mean -- know what. In the -- this case. Great calories you're couldn't let that have been through fifty something when he left for the treat her on base percentage so I I don't know that there was a tremendous amount of open manipulation around a -- political lineup in terms of president elect candidate oral do you have the start of the game anyway it -- John Coates Clinton left handers so. -- -- It really comes down to a you know what each individual players doing. He in terms of his at bats and that his performance that you know this is still look. A game of individual performance went in together. By the way Billy if you wanna feel a little bit a little older right now seven years ago today. Bonds passed Henry aaron's seven years it's been since that night. Well GAAP edited it does not seem like -- long ago -- very do I do feel whole -- for simple. You. -- -- wanna I wanna bring up Coco Crisp here because. Obviously I think he's the straw that stirs your drink you look at what he does it stop your lineup and he was back in the lineup is a DH the other night and what do you think about him as a DH would you rather have him in center field ordeal like. How is bodies protected by not going out there -- playing defense and being DH is that something you could see Melvin turning to more often in your lineup. Yeah hi Larry I would agree with you very you know started percent of -- a -- of these years or older you have the -- here and they're such a great clutch. Hitter curator and seemed like he's in the middle of you know walk off. Over the last few years but are you know keeping you know keep keep in -- battle rather than giving -- -- -- -- -- -- slot so. While trying to do as much as possible and you know that's your opinion you use layers would with -- out you know against -- -- efficient it's nice to build a -- cocoa -- for -- out there music fumbled essential personnel. And that you kind of lose a little bit that's why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know gentry -- you know -- where we know we're -- you don't clamored out. There are you talking about time a first ballot hall of Famer cynical is that you talk about. -- out well wouldn't when he puts on an a's uniform returns in the Superman I love this guy. Well look part of evaluation was. Went that the mystical. Link between whose performance and -- Asia before but -- Don't want to -- -- -- to last week on the show he's really good player and indeed he does a lot of little things that -- -- -- show for the box or. And so you know which is why we pay the price to get up or was paid because the death. Between gentry returned -- spelling his injuries and understandable trailer -- -- have -- -- You know. Until leaving a hole up there for a month. Also it was just not something we're more routes open Tammy Google really cool player Smart and you're going to be more valuable all the guys are back when. And once again at such a lot of people who sponsors expect and we have gentry cocoa and Sam held available to Bobble it allows us to mix and match and when people. We'll talk about those expanding rosters next week for sure what do you think about the Detroit Tigers expanding their bullpen -- Jim Johnson. Yet -- -- supplies director guy I think. I just assumed you would go back to Baltimore. You know given his -- one time you know pitching -- his relationship with fox -- bit. Cries but he said he went there let's. We just also -- in Baltimore and it was idiotic or regard for Detroit take a chance on me you know -- had a great heard. You know a -- here without but. Forgive them given a reported that there is kind of its it's a gamble or third. Is it true that every time marriage so guard hits a home run an Angel gets a pair of glasses. What what McChrystal out Angel out on that -- -- and then he. With. Greg is just -- of the folks. You know in you know. There weren't familiar -- got -- -- really well the one area of restore order but what you're gonna have a lot of things baseball or repair on the field you know when you're out of up -- -- -- the -- -- the -- -- And so we've always been really good defender and yet you know I don't really rough start but he's played really well the last couple -- and so it's good decision -- gone you know you you come to play every day is for. Prepares himself well. And want to pin you noted -- short sound perfectly cute is that an article contributors -- so it's good to have your -- Billy being show brought to us by the California grand casino Billy thank you so very much great to talk to you is always. Another fun chat this weekend we get expanding roster isn't even more to talk about next Thursday thanks as always -- -- it. Seven years a goal tonight. That happened at AT&T park I'll never forget that night I remember being there remember the crush of press that was in the press box. How you couldn't get a seat at the press conference afterwards it was ridiculous the -- that was all around that and it was really a moment in time you know it's funny people still want a debate whether or not. Barry Bonds is the all time home run champion. And a two main. There's nothing to debate. I saw doing. It happened. The circumstances. Under which he became the all time home run champion now there's a discussion. I'll be well and have not now certainly we've given enough hours and days and weeks and months and years to that on the air. -- it's real simple. He did it. You might not like the fact he did it but he did it and he was unbelievable at the plate. 7567. Years ago today mankind takes fast doesn't it. Just heard Billy say anyways. It's Connor and it's gonna have to happen sometimes because he needs to stay healthy he needs to stay in that lineup he's way too important to it to. To risk injury the rest of the way and again you pretty much risk injury when you go out there all the time. We were talking about this last hour wanna get back into -- right here it was a story. That the Kansas City Chiefs are dancing around delicately. And that is the Redskins storm. Sam challenger for the Kansas City Star had a pretty interesting article -- Cheryl little of it was the right here. And you tell me what you think at this. The fight is approaching in the distance and the chiefs have found a friend. This is Smart business with the right breaks can be something even more important. The -- play their first pre season game tonight and while the coaches are consumed with things like their left tackle and defensive secondary in depth at receiver. Much -- the front offices been taking a different and taking on a different kind of problem and give them credit for their tactics to. In Washington DC the owner of the NFL team their continues a legal battle left the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the trademarks. Of Redskins. Amanda black course the woman behind -- case told the star in June that the fight. Would be coming to the chief soon enough. So literally the woman. Who has done more to get the Redskins held accountable for the -- they've had for. Over eighty years now and it's now offensive to everyone. The woman who's starting that fire. Told the Kansas City Chiefs uncommon to burn you down next. So. Again one of the Kansas City Chiefs do. What they've done. Because really really Smart. The -- insulating themselves from that fight it's similar to the strategy used by the NHL Chicago Blackhawks. Or the Florida State Seminoles. And it's basically the opposite strategy used by Washington. -- had at least two meetings in the last ten days part of the grander hope is to build a bridge -- American Indians instead of engaging in a fight. The chiefs have reached out to several Indian groups through black horse who has strong local ties are no excuse me up though black course was strong local ties. Is a notable exception. In other words the woman who's threatening them is not one person that they're reaching out to to talk to because she's clearly. So -- and having it out that they're not going to be able to convince her otherwise. The chiefs are pointing to a higher calling and hosting such discussions and that's their right. They have an enormous platform and they can help educate some of their fans about the cultural significance of things like war paint. War -- her head dresses. And they've done some real good. Now here is. A good example of what we're talking about here and this is from the same column. From the Kansas City Star. At the risk. Oversimplifying -- complicated and sensitive issue here's a worthwhile example. There is a war drama that is used by Kansas City Chiefs at home games. And there's a chance that most of us haven't given that -- second thought I know I didn't until I was reading this article. She's brought it back when opening the renovated arrowhead for years ago is part of the challenge from. As part of a challenge to reconnect with some old traditions as it turned out they actually found the drum. That was used an old municipal stadium when the chiefs played there so they brought the -- back to the new stadium. And had you know George Brett. Tom Watson and great chiefs from past bang on the -- on the fire up the crowd pregame. Well. The war drum represents something very different -- crowd -- to a lot of American Indians. The chiefs didn't mean to offend anyone would this of course they just didn't know that they were offending. You know native Americans who saw this. It could've used a little guidance out there. You know -- local chief said that he suggested the chiefs asked a local tribe with respect. To make them their own war drone war drums and bring -- in arrowhead and have a blast saying show your fans. Something that is incredibly intimate and sacred to the Indian community. And use your football teams attachment to the Indian image. To provide. A history lesson. Of local indigenous tribes. That's a really really Smart way to go about approaching a very culturally sensitive issue. And it's certainly a lot more constructive than Daniel Snyder walking in the room. In announcing his Simmons is -- hits the seat. Over my dead body will you change the name of my football team I don't care what happens got -- and I water -- blah blah blah blah blah I'm not doing it. The chiefs are much smarter than. She -- thinking okay. Were married to this image of Indian warfare. How do we. Retain the image. An honor the tradition behind it. It's pretty interest there really is. I'll tell you what if there were a documentary. Shown on NFL network. About eight tried -- around Kansas City making that -- from I would probably watch that documentary. -- -- learn the history of drums and blessings and Indian ceremony which -- what do we know about Indian ceremonies that we didn't see in the movies or any damn I don't know very much about it at all. If I were the in it if I were native American I would be embracing this opportunity. -- use the NFL. No longer be used by the NFL. I would use the NFL is the single largest most paid attention to sporting platform on planet earth. To get my message across to remind people who we were where we came from what we used to mean to this land and I think. That really. Even though the word Redskins is. Mired to a very awful racist past. To mean -- lose -- talking about the football team. There's nothing awful or racist about it they are not trying to display it in an awfully racist way. No one would go about naming. Their team something that they thought. Brought great embarrassment to them. And it wasn't even it it now it. You could say well cured you know finally we can see all these years later they miss the mark. They should think about it and end again. Should they think about it yes. Should they go ahead and door. I don't say self. But unfortunately Daniel Snyder so unlikable and so it's come down so heavy handed on this issue. That there is no wiggle room with him with the Kansas City Chiefs are doing is creating wiggle room it's very Smart it shows Smart ownership it's small shows a really Smart marketing team it's shows and even smarter community outreach team. And we'll see how the -- send -- it. As you know pre season football officially. All around this is a matter of fact the forty niners are about to get -- it with the Baltimore Ravens tomorrow we're gonna see the Oakland Raiders that it. -- the Minnesota Vikings and 957 game of course live from raiders training camp in -- next week you can tune in. To get everything you need to know about the silver and black this season training camp -- driven by expresso airport parking you can get your silver savings coupon. And expresso airport they'd been a lot when we do that again form. Did your silver savings coupon and expresso parking dot com slash the game there you go just read it like it says on the paper tough guy. Everything will be nice and smooth. When we come on back. Couple stadium ideas I'd love to hear from you. Long -- talking about a stadium for the first time in public. What is something that could be done. To make that stadium uniquely Oakland. And talk to you about that we've gotten -- play by play man -- type are also joining us at 5 o'clock to stick around. Here on the -- membership. Five point seven big game. Welcome Bob back great to have you around here it is. Almost time to talk a little more -- baseball when Glenn -- joins us. At the top of next hour and of course we're gonna get judged the dugout showed 6 o'clock tonight. Forty niner football about to be under way we're gonna keep our eye on that for you as well. Game I've got. All set up to take it home the same thing for tomorrow's raider game I will make notes we will share game notes. -- raider game notes on Monday next week. We'll share some forty niner game notes tomorrow. After we see what happens tonight but there's an awful lot keep an eye on and I think nominee keep an eye on first is how quickly -- crisply those plays into -- Send -- to play your quarterback haven't called play in the huddle around the -- play quick don't always Peyton Manning orchestrating -- down the line of scrimmage I mean -- get it in and get it going. But that was a big problem with the niners last year just get in the play let's make it happen though it. And hopefully it happens. Wanna see Chris that communication should not be an issue this many years into the same language. Communication becomes an issue when you're constantly rotating in your offensive coordinator new quarterback new coach new system. Everybody's been stricken seeing this Deutsche. The three years together now. So hopefully it's nice and -- One follow up here since we were just talking a little bit about how the Kansas City Chiefs are going about trying to defuse. There issue. With. Offended native Americans who might want to come after -- the way they're going after Redskins. It's -- part of this bothers me here. Here's a story from Minneapolis that I just saw following a letter. From Minnesota representative. The university of Minnesota is trying to work with the vikings to eliminate the use of Washington Redskins. When the two teams play later this year at TSE bank stadium. On the university's campus you see the vikings are moving into a new football stadium in a couple years it's being built for them right now. So they're gonna play the next two seasons. At TCF bank stadium which is where the Golding golfers play now you know. So they get the golden gophers. Who for the next two years I'm sure going to take handsome checks from the NFL to provide a home field for the Minnesota Vikings. And my whole point is if you will wanna take the NFL's money. You've got to pick the team nickname too. I seriously. Heidi you're going to be. So pompous that you will not say the Washington Redskins are playing us today on the scoreboard. But you're gonna -- the Redskins coming to town and you're gonna share in the profits that they'll be -- with you again you can't protest something. That blame only to me. You know you you you can't tell me the you want swift and decisive change while your hand is out taken their money. You can't. This is soul so that we've been talking about two when it comes to covering this team. I thought you know is it every single day you can get up and watch journalism died just a little bit more than -- died the day before. It's really something else journalism. Is absolutely gagging on itself in this country right now. Very rarely is there any news in your news these days. What are the basic rules of journalism is report the story that isn't there. Not the one you wish you got to tell that is journalism 101. Observe and report back. Don't let your bias get in the way and we see journalists. Who have agendas. In all Arenas of the media now we see it all the time. We've seen networks. That basically provide programming. To the message you want served up to you think fox think MSNBC for example. People are so people are such -- since these days. People are such what he's -- can't even be exposed to messages. That they don't agree with that's why I only watch fox because I MA right is he gets conservative Republican. Who just the very thought. Other report that could reflect this administration and a positive light would make me gag therefore -- on fox. Where they crap on this president. Every single second of the day. On the other side of that coin. I only watch MSNBC. This administration -- perfect hasn't done a thing wrong or even weren't criticizing. I want the message that I want said that he received by me. Only from people I want it from its a shame it really is there's very little broadcasting left these days narrow casting is what you actually have. And to meet this gets right back to the debate about the word Redskins. As crazy as this is gonna sound some you I truly believe that the word Redskins is offensive. In less it's being used in the context of the NFL team. Josh carpenter and Alex Silverman of sports business daily pulled 48 major newspapers and NFL markets. Plus the USA today in the Wall Street Journal -- LA times. About whether they will continue to use the Washington nickname. On the 48 major newspapers. 44. Will still go ahead. And use a nickname. Even though the number of papers out there has quadrupled. In the past year there's still in the vast minority when it comes to this anyone know why. Because that's the way it should be. There's no amount of how offensive you think something is that should distort the way you report on it. If you are reporting on the Washington professional football team and you're not using the word redskin. What you're doing is inserting your own -- ahead of the actual story that there is being told and that is not good journalism. And you wanna sign up to cover sports you wanna take the money you gotta sing a song. Now when the NFL if the NFL changes the name then you go ahead with that name change but you cannot cover that team properly. Without using its nickname. As a real reporter you got to take your editorial how -- it there is a place. For healthy constructive debate. About the names placed but if you've covered the NFL -- your reporting on that team shame on you. For not being able to remove your personal bias from the story your being paid to tell. I see it more as a sign of on professionalism. Then I do a courageous stand for what you believe is right. That's the way I feel about it. To go to Casey -- from. -- -- -- -- there and I don't you couldn't -- I don't think about it for a while -- the -- campaign. I think that you get way out but then you get treated the pick and you can keep the game nicknamed golf Og ladies. You know -- prayed to god that regarding future thirty years. An easy transition. Interrupt -- I agree I think that there isn't easy way out of it that retains the spirit. Of the name. Because here's -- thing when we abbreviate the nickname we don't call on the reds. We call the skins. And so that's that to me that's not the part of the name that they need to focus on more than anything else. And I would change depends pig skins -- and if it if it if I really thought to be good for business. -- I mean I just put the ball on this ugly than scathing images that the no brainer to me. Thank you very much appreciate the call. Go to Mike one down in San Jose wants talking low eighties baseball absolutely how are you Mike. And in these -- -- to follow only the right there are only the left as a matter of fact I try to really get. The whole spectrum of the the political. Yeah I don't like marrying myself to anyone particular ideology. I like to keep an open mind myself thinking. And there's a lot out there of course so it takes a lot of time to go through it all. I'm just a couple quick comments if I could on baseball and I know you're going into pro football full pull out -- pretty quick. That belt for the only time the and ought to be rooting for and that is -- -- comment you made earlier. In -- way yes when he would closing out the Anaheim angels that sign. Of the school. Absolutely. And secondly I -- I think the -- them would be a great a mascot for the AD eight marketing department needs to go to work full time. And get get going on helping this team not they're gonna have the -- effort and you hear. It seemed like they might -- LP ticket. At least a few tickets thank you is always my confer joining the program. If it -- the San Francisco Giants. Trying to. Jammed down your throat the fifteenth cute thing attached to the team. It would make me nauseous. It would make me noxious. But the a's need something. The -- needs something that is sort of cute. That kids can get a T shirt about that there I mean what it would not hurt the days to jump on. A little cute thing that started very generically in their own fan base. Woolsey. Again I would have learned 957. The Mormon -- T shirts earlier this week -- just gone wouldn't. 957 tomorrow to set. Let's go to. This promotional rates are those allowed plaza transition team double. Making summer really special T-Mobile ticket blowout you can get. Into a T-Mobile store -- secret tax code word for a chance to win. A VIP experience of the green and gold signed easier -- to great America the boardwalk in more for a full of surprises. For more info visit 957 game dot com. New stadium. We've heard the words used by Lew -- What would make it perfect for Oakland. Start thinking about that next. Exactly with the game intrusion on. I went seven games. The 49ers very first drive of the season stalls inside the five yard line against the Baltimore Ravens. That's normally how they end post seasons not start pre season's. -- But after out looking good getting down the field. Inside the five the niners to all have to settle for a field goal and that was the -- that way too often. Last year. And in years past as a matter fact. Pay about twelve minutes from now we're gonna talk to Glenn -- loved ones. He is your TV play by play voice of Oakland a's baseball. Personalized just a blast and was working with tonight. It'll shooting in their -- -- them fellow fauci in there with a most of the find out it was -- Is tonight. Jon Lester against Johan -- of the Minnesota Twins everyone likes a nice pinot. Both Leo and -- will not be served the proper temperature tonight. We'll -- greenish. Sure why not the pinot noir very nice it's the perfect. A perfect. The perfect mouthful to good steak -- -- dinner -- with a nice steak -- -- would get you remote low -- women have -- -- -- I -- a big. Big mediate whose feet. Stick read is that we are looking for with the stake yes -- for some of the more delicate dilemma on the flower. Is this Italian -- delicate flower you know that. Wanna talk to you and we'll talk to -- about this too. The -- talking to an architect. About a new stadium. This is officially knows around here as far as I'm concern. If you ask me what the defining feature of the coliseum is right now it's three things that you don't necessarily want to bring over to the new stadium tarps sewage. And felt territory. Now you bring saw that foul territory over. Is that I think his part of the defining feature of that stadium there's no doubt in my mind that the -- Would go about building themselves a pitcher friendly stadium before they went ahead and constructed a band box. So it would be a big field there's no doubt about that no tarps. I'm thinking that any new stadium has to be pointed the direction the old stadium is and you basically in a -- and if you're doing it at the coliseum site. And downtown Oakland. Is out of the picture. And any look back towards the bay is out of the picture. Obviously you -- incorporate the Oakland Hills once again. You want those big -- shining in the distance. You talked to people who remember the old coliseum before -- Davis came and -- Pretty much -- sight lines and everything. It was nice you could look at those hills there was grass it was green. You do it. That's an interesting ideas coming in through the drop can text line. This is from Dave in the for a -- says Damon ideas for new stadium to take a few great ideas. From the other big money market teams they always take our great players so we should replay the favored yeah but what's what do you want Dave like. You can't have an outfield covered with ID. I mean that's just a little bit too much of a rip off. What would you incorporate what about other baseball stadiums. Or I guess I should say to be technically correct what about other baseball. State via. Would you like to see the -- incorporate. In two. A new stadium that they would be building. To me I think you're number is 35000 to 35000. Seat stadium. Little bit smaller than not would AT&T park is very intimate great sight lines. The vast majority of the seating. Right behind home plate and upper deck I would have small bleachers. Law the seating in between the baseline in the dugout steps what I've been looking for. I would keep it blue collar. By offering. Like -- outdoor sweet experience because. Being outdoors and Oakland so much nicer in the summer than it is in severance Cisco. I would definitely have sliding glass everything. Like even if your suite was indoors he would feel outdoors in a second -- to slide that glass open and bone. Here's what I wouldn't have I wouldn't have a flag pole that's in play. What I would not have a hill in the outfield like they do have in Houston. I don't think I would have a 421. Foot power Alley which they kinda have. Even though it's not technically the power rally I wouldn't do what they did it AT&T park I would build a pitcher friendly park. But I wouldn't make a corner of my ballpark specifically designed to kill home runs. And free agents by the way you might wanna come and play. So we're gonna talk to Glenn coming up. Right at 5 o'clock and then I wanna open up the phone lines TU UA stands what would you like to see the days incorporate. Or tell their new architect should be a big part. Of the spirit of the new ballpark what should be the defining feature of the stadium what is uniquely Oakland's. It can be represented. In the ballpark. What is the outfield was shaped lake lake Merritt. Don't you know again that's probably not but. Take any and all ideas coming up next hour after week we talked to glad. We also got a call here wants to. Talk about how that she -- bridging that native American -- the right way indeed they are if you can hold on Aaron we're gonna talk to you is well. As soon as we come back here in chat up -- diaper again we've got Jon Lester. We've got a -- Juan -- being served within one and three record and a 457 ERA. Lester of course. -- Jon Lester and they gave up an awful lot to get him. And they got a win. They gotta do is win whether he's pitching or not but they rarely got to win on the day he's pitching. Jon Lester looking to go to two Winona wearing an a's uniform. Since the Lester -- teams three in three by the way to beat the tigers had that same record. Stick around one more hour of the Damon her show is right around the corner Glenn Khyber kicks it off.

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