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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/8/14 Hour 1

Aug 8, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stand up and say. In the final day the final countdown we may have to play that today we have added the assistant grant the final -- the final countdown. Remember that's on -- -- theater the morning good morning. This is trying to figure out as the week goes on and I usually get a little more raggedy. How many in here and I haven't sheen's. Case. I'm way at the sweats become a bigger part of the playing clean every day that puts you who you would look. Fresh is a daily today fresher today. I took a shower this morning when I was that's part of today because -- have to shape for tonight to them during the Olbermann show tonight live from San Francisco 830 specific ZU one of those guys who shades like right before he goes on PR I want those a lot like our median or have to shave like four times a day. And that's not a shock and I know a lot of fragile to clean this something you. And I look at these issues -- the same gas. I Wear the -- so I got a couple pairs teams. And I got a position or did you did you know to the the -- -- a little Fuzzy dog and I know I did I dyed my beard. Because when -- -- TV is when I get out of the business under its analytical grade. Right now -- is if it's like half white and half -- and speed digital television is all about what you look like doesn't matter what you say anymore absolutely and so I got the beard. So I just put a little just for men and at this morning just again it really levels around the time what time this morning where you work and at 408 if you're scoring at all did you -- keep all the -- -- or even if you're alone. -- -- Now you make another trip to. -- yes -- and conduct the good thing about San Francisco. There's a wal greens every block them or CBS it's like Starbucks there's always a Starbucks and but in San Francisco you walk on market street you can't walk a block -- are there Walgreens or CBS disturbed so if you need medication and then it kind right. You're really -- except not all over 24 hours so you're stumbling down the street at 2 AM which I haven't done this because they have to get up early rounds but anyway enough about that. We had football action last night yes we -- adjust as we said and we'll get into the baseball. As the days and Jon Lester. -- starter Jon Lester. Jon Lester. You know when guys change teams and they always like Jake Peavy. Goes to the -- he's a great bet -- you know but he's been a top slot guy 03 it was a tough luck guy in red pin in Boston and it has not changed since he's come with the giants you realize that Jake Peavy has not won a game since April 25. April 25. -- twelve in his last AT Alex now is that because he's terrible now know. Meanwhile he comes in and obviously the giants have high hopes and he's got a good job for the most part but he celebrate the results -- the aren't indicative of how well he's played in fact. He's the only guy and actually scored did you see how we scored. He strikes out. The ball gets by the catcher it was a little he hostels the first basically -- -- scored the only run of the game the giants it was it was a Little League move. A trust me I watched my son play how many pitchers are gonna -- no I never have not been and like stand there Obama song but couldn't even give you the effort to run all the way to the base correct so maybe that's why you know what. -- guy you gotta love this guy because -- areas as the presence of mind on a strikeout wild pitch pass ball. And it's standing there waiting for the catcher to go get the ball brought the birth like. Are maybe I should try to all right he got the first base and then winds up scoring the only run the giants would get on the day so that's what -- gotta love JP because he's a -- -- unfortunate for him he's not getting the results right because Milwaukee by the -- is a pretty good team. And you wanna talk about guys that are coming out and -- -- more brawl. Is the first guy Major League Baseball to get the fourteen wins how many people unless your fantasy baseball player. And you really watch baseball 24/7. Said yeah Willie Peralta. You know he could be the Cy Young winner in the National League this year you guys who -- seeing right it's an amazing story Milwaukee's good and they take care of the giants yesterday. But our our help O'Donnell was back we -- we got our first look what you think. But we have we have the theme music now because our help of god had two hits he didn't go for four. Two hits two of the very few so I think the giants have what seven hits in the ball game they had nine strikeouts. In their first six and 23 innings against brawl -- nine guys down up and down. On strikeouts by Peralta yesterday afternoon in the giants who now going to Kansas City who wall by the wire pretty good to you and. Know who you wanna know why Jake Peavy has the record that he has wife and I men mentioned this when he came over from the Red Sox. He was number two. In the entire. In all of baseball. Sure I have this right. Me in in all of baseball he was number two. In the lack of run support. Yeah and -- happens to really good pitchers Cole Hamels is the guy doesn't get a lot of runs you don't work you -- is now after joining the giants. Can he be below the last that he is number one. In lack of run support he gets two point eight. The ball run kick around today please you think you can really glad to see -- university and the result of changing coasts while conversely John Lester. Who comes in here as the guy that they do you know when you give -- us a player like -- but isn't a lot of fans are unhappy -- and the guy -- comes in is under the pressure because you're the guy that they gave up war. -- -- This guy is beyond any thing you could -- I think you're upset about that at -- that I understand -- he's young superstar in the making. Take it did Jon Lester is common here and is beyond. Better than you could possibly think he would be and you already knew we was good duties of nails. World Series kind of pitcher right it comes in here. And he's better than advertised if you're an ace then are your baseball fan and watch this guy work he's unbelievable given no better until. Cool way. Turned the game -- switched it on and what happened as a sort of he turns it on -- first hit the ball game how did he find out about it Twitter. Twitter told him there was a no hitter don't know. Are going. And delay not thinking. That -- I can't jinx zip everybody has to continue in the universe continued doing what they're doing right now no good -- it's selfish. Foolish is boom boom there's no right I want to -- -- no -- -- -- exhibition football I've been a switch over to baseball and let me go to end. All looked. It happened enough thanks -- -- Well if you -- blame somebody for the no -- being broken up you can blame the producer of this program. The B TH show John Goulet address all of your Twitter and are you -- a sweater Golan. What are the cool way on Twitter follow if you wanna rip somebody you rip him. Instead of a known known you had to settle for complete game three hit -- strike out. Victory over the Minnesota Twins. -- Jon Lester -- We've been impressed we were impressed with Sonny gray from the very beginning when you see a guy who has unusual voice. But it's but Sonny gray compared to Jon Lester is like when you have that high of frozen pie eating and you look and you go -- that's going to be really good right it's like that -- -- before your bed yes and well poster. Great analogy vacuum it's you see it in the vending machine and by the way the vending machine is empty today the -- totally empty the guy didn't come into the executive nobody called the guy. The last I -- -- -- unless they get caught our eye that was the last more blueberry yesterday that I don't like that where you want left that I told you there was the last one of the building not the last one that had been freed from captivity. Literally. The last one in the building. Vending machine containment -- and yes no that was it that was it. So I thought. Maybe maybe the guys can combine would get us the ninety's stock today but no where where were anti. But the point being yes he is like you look at that when I was dangling in front of the front of you that -- -- my right yes. John Lasseter is what you ultimately ended up eating when the -- cherry version came gas it is it is complete there is. That the poise that he has on the mound even need a -- trouble a couple times but there's no. It's hard to believe that they got through a three hit complete game shut out got in trouble yes that's not dominant but there's a couple times -- guys on base -- Less than two outs and guys in scoring position and there is he needs to throw. A breaking. A breaking ball. On the black. And he doesn't like tests. Homes. Now. That was it it was very -- look I get why you love having Jon Lester on this team I get why people would say. This makes them a better World Series team and Jon Lester I don't I don't dispute that. My problem is you went all -- on Jon Lester and it's a rental. And my question is with or without sense that this. Is this is the rest of this teen. Poised to win a World Series. Yes and I'll tell you why we talked about this all week. Go back to 2010. Well I I knew what you seem on paper everybody on the face of the are not just really homers like me but every national pundit every baseball expert everybody picked the abilities because you look at -- other than Buster Posey. Man for man the Phillies on the field on paper -- the better team right in the pitching obviously the giants a great starting pitching. And a great closer Billy -- great starting pitching so it came down to which team was going to be able to get the big hit in the post season. Same thing with the angels right now on paper man for man. The Anaheim Los Angeles Disney land adjacent angels from on paper looked like a much better team -- the Oakland -- when you stack them up man for man player against player right they got -- they got -- throughout the best player baseball but guess what happens to those guys in the post season we see we see it happening all time. Just the Georgia the big payroll the big. In Anaheim sold out right there they are home the biggest crowd of the year and the Dodgers go in there. And they get out of it and they put down the top meet the order in the ninth inning. Because those guys all grabbed the battle little tighter. When things get tough and that's what happens about -- and are great players I'm saying that we look at things on paper we look at payrolls and then when it comes down to the post season. You better have pitching that can shut that stuff down and the Dodgers went down there. And won three out of four against the mighty Los Angeles Disney land -- Anaheim angels yet who has the better looking lineup. And the dodgers' Matt have been terrible all year last night he goes crazy right good that's what happens in baseball doesn't matter if you have a long struck you get in the post season. You need to get there and you need guys to give you clutch -- see you -- our players already a superstar migrate out doesn't -- doesn't eighteen -- it runs you buy lottery tickets -- you. No rare I bought one last night -- mar California scratch off I went and got area. Because I know the reduced -- pop -- and I was hoping that I would be replenished right but thinking -- -- denies he needs some other solace -- so I think guys I stumbled into the 7-Eleven down here and get a beautiful big Danish all right cinnamon bun moon and it wasn't fresh last night and it certainly wasn't fresh this morning there were two left. Grab a cinnamon -- at 10 o'clock last night. -- on mission. Just so I can be how perhaps something this morning to come in here. You arm and the people I am I -- the out of the people would buy a cinnamon -- at 10 PM. On mission. And then eat at the next morning exactly. Part of a nutritious breakfast. I knew there were no pop -- left that I had no luck and I don't have Wachovia -- -- bar opens -- you have the Britney fanatic but are those things that you read again what I -- and -- -- and -- -- -- only -- scumbag -- that they're not that I I always I have to have thought about that this morning but I can't take -- your wife -- a whole case -- -- know she should yeah this actually was so I get the box out this morning right -- She's -- -- and she's giving me all these different when your wife is up at 4 o'clock in the morning healthy enough our she's preparing you a prepackaged. I -- with -- Senator Obama on -- running out of agrees are there she bought it though she does that she doesn't grocery shopping. You have like two or three of them. Just go to Costco and buy like the box that's 500 I'll listen on what we're still experimental stage trying to figure out what flavor like -- what Brando like. But here's the thing so I pulled the box out brighten -- this is a box. Of breakfast sandwiches. I -- let's say -- is not a variety pack right. No they're all the same market so they're like whites -- that the full bag this I think was the full leg this morning yesterday was a white frozen until you said it wasn't a variety -- while she's not fire their box -- two different brands from following you know. But I opened the box right and I take one out and I look at video are what's. And -- blah. Are. X. Notice early and didn't make up the family and -- -- that you -- it's been awhile since the bullies his cabinet for platinum or he's even getting out. Thank you thank our quarterback to have breakfast there are due later. But the other stories and dollars 200. Here's the thing I was gonna have to punch line on this. Well I don't know I'll leave the -- sandwiches. For later but my point line. This is the problem with the lottery ticket mentality right well. That -- bought one guy one so we can happen to me exact right no. Yes OK no -- -- now here's what we've sent white to all of these lotteries get up to 200 may have 500 million dollars. Seven million is okay. I don't need to get to the power ball in the Mega Millions to get the 250. Million before I start play every week right. Now does that mean -- -- I'll never win but guess what there's a shot. There's just like the giants won two World Series -- shock you go back to that there's always a shock when you get into play. When you're -- and you got to play to win and you can quote me on that Rick nuclear. Once you play you've got a chance to wind so you can't win if you don't play but everybody really wants to look at the giants in 2010. And say. You know what hey that was a scruffy bunch but they get sick again though two years later okay but let's go to as 2010 is 2010 as -- started yes this idea that. No matter what you look like during the regular season or just because you don't have any stars and I would dispute that they didn't have stars. Are they -- have an -- much Cody Ross was not a guy that everybody in baseball soccer and their doors down to bring and it was a guy gay men who was the right piece at the right time fair enough or not but that's not the reason. Cody Ross wasn't the reason but he was at a piazza he was a piece he was apiece but one -- gave the Green Bay was still doing a -- exactly eBay -- -- way. Who cool -- say yes to had another big hit last night for the Dodgers exactly. He had already gotten it done in the post season yet Edgar Renteria had already gotten it done in the post season people wanna look at that team and say -- Haven't exist -- at -- Johnson never won a world sure what the only real way and and these guys these aren't they big you don't know what -- -- trade deadline day so. -- somebody's on loan not -- that -- -- talking about the guys who start to grip of a little tighter when they get to the post season big star small stock. The reality is those guys have been there before they deliver are totally understood the pressure. The rest of this eighties teen never has. And that's what makes me nervous about the -- and make me nerve going all in on -- when you've got starting pitching. Then those guys don't have to do more than they're capable of doing in the tells you something well we'll talk about that we got football action last night. John hard ball if you're scoring and home. Is three and now against Jim Harbaugh that's going to be an area of concern of your -- -- back. But it did seem -- seated at the NFL had been at Seattle playing Denver they have the Harbaugh -- it's it's like. They're trying to do they're trying so hard to make the pre season meaningful seriously like I'm gonna care about those story lines when it comes to. -- And we say going into the sex a bit our our man football on so already and -- property goes at one drive get the married man off the field you know obviously Crabtree didn't play. Brandon Lloyd didn't play Patrick Willis didn't play -- it goes in for one drive Joseph Flacco goes in for one drive and Gary Kubiak the much maligned coach of the Houston Texans. Who coach match job. Now is the offensive coordinator. For the Baltimore Ravens and man he has instantly I know it's only a pre season -- -- -- -- eighty yard touchdown drive in the opening drive 386 yards and even though. This game didn't mean anything. Jim Harbaugh after the game his number one issue was man our defense was bad we don't -- dreaded last night no. Doubt about it and that that was again. You look at Carlos Hyde he gave you something dial looked impress your look good the product you can pick out certain guys and say hey that's a promising look. And as we set it's a pre season game. But the 49ers have been built on their defense and when you look at the potential we now have. Sources out there saying it all Smith admits 68 may be half the season. And you look at no Navarro Bowman. For half. Half the season and you look at a brand new secondary. I don't wanna read too much into one priests -- I still do it but anyway. Let's at least. Let's at least acknowledge that there in the canary in the coal mine. And that this bears watching. Because. I didn't like the way it was a. Try try odd note Tyrod Taylor has our listeners yesterday tried as. Blaine Gabbert vs Tyrod Taylor and -- the Mea culpa right now and everybody was blowing up Blaine -- I was like stop slow that down slow your roll to use that once though. Occasionally. Blaine -- obviously -- you know thrown him under the bus vital -- John I don't important Josh Johnson was the fourth quarterback you know last night. People forgot about McLeod Bethel Thompson. And look at -- golf. Three for seven for 26 but obviously -- went in 3411 I love the way that you stay -- -- citing pre season stats are like this because you -- did you know that McLeod Bethel Thompson was the third string quarterback. And Josh Johnson was the fourth string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. After the first references you just go Bethel Thompson -- -- -- are -- as. Come BC and CBT. Is not a another show on this those show I'm filling in for air. Anyway Josh Johnson goes in six for 863 yards he looked pretty good and obviously Blaine Gabbert. Three for eleven interception. He didn't happen at one and a -- one Syria but it's unfair because everybody's looking like Gabbard and I know what happens we were talking about this before -- show. You get a guy who's in a bad team and no talent around them and these young quarterback it was a high draft pick and they give up on them and you take him in for nothing a six round draft pick. And coaches and you know what this guy's got talent. He was on a bad situation we bring them here to look good team and a good environment good coaching good players. And he's going to be a reliable backup and I I don't know what areas are not what. Obviously you can't look at Blaine Gabbert the beginning of his career and then look at last night pre season game and say. Man this guy still sticks you know I think he's got to build some confidence and again if you got to get the -- -- you hope that if something happens to -- predict. He's gonna be ready to go we're gonna talk raiders and niners will later on you'll join us today. Friend of the show. -- mall not Sergio Romo gas watch bill Bill Romanowski. He's bringing in lean -- and all of his other nutrition 53 product. Is he coming into -- yeah three is -- -- hundred area dollars in June nutrition 53 are you sure yes what was his number I know. What number you said it was 54 yesterday I know it's nutrition 53 -- we play with than I have some of that product development and bring it with Mino doesn't travel well lawsuits to having to put in the suitcase is anyway we got a lot of stuff to do today. We got Romo coming up we're gonna talk. Kevin Durant the latest to say get me know how -- USA basketball team I don't wanna get -- America we'll talk about that. We got a Twitter update -- got a new segment is not an -- recurring segment but something that happened yesterday after the show. And I believe it's something that many of our listeners. Have to deal with every day no -- -- -- white guy decorum -- -- I actually found out yesterday we happens to everything -- and -- always here for one reason one reason alone to help people to help people out there and -- you know we give -- the sports it's unique. Even Brad is impressed with the sports knowledge -- we -- drop on the show in the first segment right even though we talked breakfast sandwiches and pop tarts and all the other things. But white guys have a decorum problem. And since we are two white guys we wanna talk about and help all the white guys out there because. The Brothers day -- down yeah we white guys don't have it down on what we do -- each other. And I have a theory as to why that is but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll have enough as good as opposed to you just went on there's nobody here a -- -- -- not throw your hours in front of Twitter headquarters and I -- and yet you did yes I did collect calling my son while she's -- they're trying to find somebody at Twitter. I'm calling my son for his -- standing on market strength the eloquence we have been there what that will save this question. Ultimately. Listen to the segment because you'll find out whether this pilgrimage. Results yes in. You being. Confirmed -- a Bulldog reporter yeah I may and even. We're going to force you could call -- a horse or bulldogs I was proud of course the I was -- the -- cunard. Not just for me this isn't a selfish question no not at all it was a mission for the people who want answers that's right yeah I'm here is that right corner who are not verify exactly right and we will have the final verdict. Coming up on the program students laughter. Bill Romanowski. And Brian -- or may or may not appear today he is scheduled to appear as they say on the award shows. That's coming up he's on mr. yes plus your phone calls at 8889579570. -- rent a wreck puke or. It's BTH on a Friday right here on 957 the game. The bay area's new south sports. Side by -- game Friday morning Tony Bruno. -- -- -- Wrapping up a beautiful week getting a lot of touch my body got a good shot them up boy Johnny acts up there in the Bay Area out no count. Johnny X you know Johnny. What does that rate on a doubt -- -- John John John they got -- yeah but Johnny actually now he change his name used to be giant Gelman now he's Johnny acts. AT tax mean he says. Pop tarts on the best good brother love those pop tarts since I was a kid. And Johnny was into the hole mafia thing the mob game show we did yesterday there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looking for people that can find someone who know someone. Who works a Twitter. Even though I was in the building in the lob to a building you saw people walking around with which he should just serve a little half. One of the the Twitter bird -- kind of birdies that I don't know. The logo the Twitter the -- a little blue -- I kind of birdies negatively. I think that's the only employee there really is now will do that later we're just watching a video though and it's hilarious. On MLB -- -- tossed. Would my buddy Chris Rose and Kevin de La yes and they do a great job over the MLB network yesterday they did a thing with Stephen vote. -- John -- Colmes on the field -- -- I didn't realize what was as much of a character -- know golf is a little bit of a character but vote is unbelievably funny he. Spent on vote has been on he was on -- Schwarzkopf and hey -- lost time and -- a they had in mind the Gator that Irish or what is he was able to give you his top five songs. From the year that he graduated from high school I think it was and he had like Backstreet boys and -- it he ran it down and then saying. What was it. Well I want it that way you know I cannot in anyway he -- one of the song it's a good. In our history I think you're still good battle and are still touring. Recommend seeing them the next time they come to the what's the name of the arena down their market street. Well. We've got a -- just the Bill Graham coliseum now I think regardless of what -- thank you. There and my hard -- and waited here there and is you don't blame me out of that car and plea deal it is and that's. And no matter what. Two and seal the Spain I don't know you see you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then dial and find -- you can you can Google. Gomes vote intentional taught and you'll find it. That this is yesterday and by the way grant was are more drop was the one who tipped us off Brando and setting hard Margaret -- idol started to god -- you know life is he he already are trying to get an answer these are all watching intentional talking by the -- -- -- Chris Rose -- -- of them on the best damn great guy Kevin -- a great show. Your baseball freak. And they do a lot of zany stuff yeah I guess I -- how many people Paul the MLB network. To complain that they weren't talking enough sports when they were doing Steve ball. And Jonny Gomes on the field and one of the thought he is bitch you'll ever see him -- votes has an NBA and he goes to the hole. Litany of Paul's an emphatic calls if he were an NBA official doing the NBA finals it was it was hysterical it's brilliant it's Schwarzkopf and -- -- -- we know they don't have a life but ramp I. I don't. I don't you think Wikipedia -- knows everything you tell you everything about everything now. Grant Yamasaki are. Our board -- can. -- doesn't sound proper for his site and I are telling -- something all knowing the all knowing they are just abort -- I'll just turns the -- on and off right this man. Is like an associate producer. Is that gamma rays have -- common associate producer set -- for a -- yet -- they've only been here for. -- Yeah we're gonna yeah yeah yeah. Yeah -- on that what we'll talk more about this torn apart we should post this week post this -- on the and FaceBook page not their -- seven the game -- it's hilarious you can follow us on Twitter at 957 against the tax board is active. As usual. And people are now talking about the egg sandwiches in the -- underrated. Although I don't feel that the thing about an egg sandwich that's -- ready pre made them and then you stick it in the microwave to become soggy. You know it's not as good as when you get the fresh egg and then you get to fresh English -- You should microwave it in that classic cellophane thing you know you don't yet know you got taken out yet taken out of that you got to put it got to wrap it in the paper towel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he's. Now you purchasing and I'm not that big right now other guys they're like how many calories in one of those that I. Thanks in there so I no seriously I European ladies and are sometimes ignorance is -- I don't won in. What what's the good of knowing that you're leading guy and I think when you're -- you get older. You worry about on the -- accounting one -- I'm saying. Some of those sandwiches are really expect you go and get you to put cheese on -- it's more calories I'm still the mentality couple more laps in the pool couple more and I hear you know guys next twenty minutes on the -- a good. But here's thanks so I get the box you saw another big right so I pull one out I look at I go that's not gonna get me through for our show back right. So I pull the other one now. So you take to the every day. That's it. It's a box of breakfast sandwiches. With to a sale Suzanne it I don't our -- -- -- guy. -- how old on. Usual though I didn't see the box I saw -- that was not the -- -- to -- sale which is in but who buys more than two sandwiches -- one box. Would they have a six pack of -- At least that's what is not reasonable. Go to costume by the fifty pack and you -- all of them are important razor. In my opinion reasonable when you walk into a McDonald's or Burger King you say give me a brand segment -- do they give you two or want you get one. You get one close shot at Burger King you don't get to art but how many times you have to go. Attention to go back. Lot depends yeah it was of course on it's like a lot of -- it's greasy news manager president the other good. Stop and among we -- are already had my two day -- yeah. Simon and I headed out the by breakfast sandwich is here and I'm now working for power of suggestion on view is so good I want a breakfast -- -- -- what's worth close by now. Meanwhile what are your old enough to remember detonated or did you sitter -- they redid it the Manchurian candidate yes yes that's -- so we have worked in here. I'm gonna have you doing my hitting like you're gonna leave -- ago. Why am I right in this selective view and I and by the way now here's an update on on on our tax board and people say the Thai export people. What do we help them they help us now. One -- or just -- you to post the English muffin first big new microwave the inside. You don't do we together you don't stick the whole thing -- paper towel because it still keeps the English -- soggy yes so you take the lead that's my English -- off the end and put the -- end. You warm that up and I thought I was so what do -- -- so important senate twice now that's different colleges -- -- It was that's one that's one corner off your man card. Bruno pub where if you do that man just -- to show what does that mean I don't know that is exactly -- -- don't dive to deepen the text let's go to Rick I gotta get the concept of failure though yes you do because you want to give me love on my last day yes and you know don't we all -- doesn't. So much but -- -- morning. We're all on downed airmen. Good morning Tony -- yeah you. Seemed some emails from -- In the distant past affirm our Richard -- And I am a fan have you and and as many are in the. Baer thank you sir what about repeal -- -- he's not too -- -- we hear that actually act. -- -- guy is shining model on you and you wanna I wanna hire 503000. Twitter followers following Rick do you -- -- 500 and I am not on Twitter I can't do know Ric -- has twice as many Twitter followers as. As Hunter Pence a man who's now an international phenomenon and all the Hunter Pence signs that are popping up everywhere I haven't found that only. I'll I'll betcha this year he also respond. -- a lot better. Yes so he has two World Series rings Hunter Pence. And yet Rick -- -- -- -- right next to -- has twice as many Twitter followers Rick run -- and allow Tony to derail this. Tell us tell us what it meant you'd have Tony Bruno again on Lou on the radio here in the Bay Area this. When I heard that he was going to be on listened to your show every single day. I listen to our most of the five days I think I missed one. Everybody that I have a dog for a -- dinner T it was one of the day is enough it was the exact. -- I'm a cassette recorder and I record to show. Wow wow wow right -- cassette tape deck because I all of my stuff. Is on cassette or real the rail and nobody has a real the real or cassette decks anymore reckless and does what what what do you drive and what kind of TV to unite. Sentinel Florida it's kind of cassette player. Yeah. And out on on not on the road trips when there and I can't find you know the stations and I don't like listen until I will pop in the guess that are all over the dashboard and business did you all over the places Reynolds you tonight that it would actor Arnold tape and yourself in the bit. That I recorded before it's it's it's an old memories that I enjoy and -- and and thank you guys you guys make it possible. Routes you brighten my day. And Indian. You know I can't tell you how much I get from you guys I appreciate everything you do in man and I know it's all for entertainment but. I don't some of it's not a boy going Graham wants us to talk more sports we don't do that for entertainment purposes makes that -- they don't -- your rich. The good man right there wow. Good stuff it's you know what there's something about. Knowing that there are people like Rick out in the world guys that are holding it down old school fashion. Now I guarantee you have a -- -- at home yeah one of those -- machines -- when I was a young reporters to carry around the -- tape -- with the shoulder strap and walk in the locker rooms is that the Mikey and I never really had to do -- might think. That much unless I Latin until I did TV not everybody has a little digital recorder I'll stick didn't athletes and coaches faces yet kinda lame as -- -- while he's. -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure Rick always in attendance but he's one of the two point one million. I don't let you know by the way I guarantee you this -- really get into it I bet he doesn't have the problem. That we had at the end of the show yesterday. I -- he I think he knows. How he wants to greet people yes we have all never has that confusion awkward white guy decorum problems -- smiled and realize. Where every -- breathing was already is tonight take the field in Minnesota and I won't release another star believe I had a right did -- not tell you last night. Yeah that's the Baltimore Ravens would win and cover the one point favorite -- line. I'm putting give you another pick absolutely free on the show you would normally I think you have my attention now would normally a -- -- of 2995. For one selection like this I'm gonna give it away for free on my last day here. -- 95 cents or give her the entire McGovern. Not advised that they became the bay -- new sound for sports. -- yesterday. Yesterday. It is not 57 again Tony Bruno and here. We'll talk about Kevin Durant railing on team USA and whether that's because of Paul George's injury. The weather and no one wants to play because here's a question Rick. If Kevin Durant says you know I'm pretty tired now. The long season for more than eight hired a couple of weeks a couple of yeah I'm -- analog TVs on the -- season. So that's what make an and you and we're talking about this before c'mon he's one of the most unassuming and quiet young guys you'll ever meet superstar. But he's not one of these guys -- yeah yeah yeah. And so he's nice enough to say I'll I'll be on the team are not gonna caught him he's gonna make the squad if he decides to stay is that safe to say with -- yet. Oh yeah no question about it and -- actually you look at it as a couple elements here in -- -- you lose Paul George lose Kevin Durant you're already don't have. LeBron James Dwight Howard some of the other guys -- play in the past. And you're playing against Spain whose playing. In its home country though the host country. They were going to be good already on the front line. So hopefully if it becomes a situation where we send the guys that. Lose to Spain world we'll be international outrage upheaval in two malt you know that the NBA has to do something because we can't be losing it isn't really meaningless international competitions. To Spain it's great question and Antony. No I are brought a great guy college kids -- I feel like we've proved our point I think they should send -- Wiggins and those guys we're now getting handed the keys to NBA franchise is to go over there get a little more international exposure it against professional players don't do it. You could go that direction. Or you could go with guys like one of the guys on this team who's gonna be very valuable. Is Kyle Korver who can shoot the heck out of it behind us Airways and -- -- exactly. But those kind of guys you can find those kind of guys like a dream on green playing for the Golden State Warriors now he doesn't play. Is his he's become an important piece but hit your whole season doesn't depend on him the way it does staff courier or or clay Thompson. I would much rather see those kind of guys are from around the NBA guys who were good players. Guys who would mean a lot too and guys that have the basketball IQ to play the international game because that's the problem. You can take this what we did at one point we just started sending our young stars right who don't. It's a fundamentally international game is a fundamental game you're better off sending the lesser guys. Who don't have the athletic talent. But have to play the game in high fundamental way to be -- successful. We'd be better that way I totally agree -- it -- me. It's how how important is it really. That we win gold is it gonna tell you if we don't win gold does it send the message you know what the NBA is not the best. Is the best league in the end in the world know you still gonna say. It's gonna be -- going to be there to get beat by Marc Gasol and how does all. And Ricky Rubio who by the way are in the NBA. Exactly and that's the point is like all these guys are coming in the first round draft picks up the -- a summer league for public days now. Now is that -- is that better competition. Been playing internationally nonsense now. No decisions and I know what you're worried about but you're worried about Kevin direct getting hurt and you're worried about all these other superstars getting hurt it's a serious concerns ever -- I think is better off playing internationally you know because he's a guy who at the end of his college career. Went out even though a lot of players have done this. You know with a whimper picture in his stand in his final game in college so why not give those guys the international law since everybody's hyping these guys up anyway as the guys are gonna be the future and your handing the keys of franchises to these guys want to let them play in these international tournaments in the summer. This is what -- worry about and I wrote about it for Bleacher Report today are there pictures -- dog when it. There may be a picture to Boca but not as serious those -- or is that just an onslaught. I think -- -- -- it it's not me I wanna I wanna know that these guys and putting me on known and understood -- I don't like to take shots at at any no you don't or plagiarism or you're a nice guys UA whose last -- -- -- and even even grant whose quiet. Somehow have to get in the summer what -- slide show bleach I saw him holding up the cue cards don't forget to mention slide shows yeah I saw that. That idea that did not happen you went there all by yourself and you have to the last three days the number of pictures of the bunker he -- report underneath this marshmallow exterior there's talk coconut palm OK I'll be all right. So I wrote. For Bleacher Report. You are derailing me at every I would bring a back -- doesn't we can go off to track this weekend but and as long as we did they -- that -- -- Sega still -- the next segment -- like a BDA down there -- Down at Santa Clara. You know I may be -- air conditioning may go out right power -- gets -- there be exactly right. So I wrote about the fact that if you're. If your Chicago Bulls fan. And you -- Derrick Rose Derrick Rose has come back and talking to GMs who watched their training video. He is look like he's he was ever hurt. He's not -- like crazy things I'd be better I don't know but here's the thing you miss two seasons you have to serious knee injuries because you missed two seasons. You would think that you might be not going. A 120%. Like he always pass they see no change. Now you're talking about him. On on a national team it's compromised has no Paul George it has no Kevin Durant and yet you're going to Spain and you still trying to win. This makes me nervous about Derrick Rose there aren't there would Derrick Rose isn't gonna throttled down. And I wished. I wish that he -- and and I had less concerned if -- of talent around him he doesn't have the throttle up to the same level the way he did with the bulls he's gonna have a ton of talent around when you look at that team right now. You take out I mean who's gonna be on your front line. Anthony Davis from from New Orleans he's there but now you're talking now about a DeMarcus Cousins is always one step away from international -- and -- Please -- be happy that he's there he's not getting overlooked. Right yes he gets fired -- -- -- now he's on the team he has problems with NBA breaths and calm and at the end. What he's gonna do you know they did our national -- below I was even vote go over there and be one of the official that would make this even more watchable for those who weren't listening earlier if you haven't seen it. Find -- we're gonna posted on the FaceBook page -- vote pretending to be an end NBA -- Coming up much more we're gonna break down later on the most important segment for all of us who happen to be Caucasian. Awkward white guy decorum wins help you get through this upcoming weekend and the rest of your life -- help us help you that's also ahead. And we'll talk more baseball students plus is gonna join us. Bill Romanowski gets you ready for the latest right here on 957 the game of bay area's new sound -- sports.

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