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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/8/14 Hour 2

Aug 8, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

857 again much like demand for. For over blown off 1 of Friday morning -- -- a great future here. -- recall one special assignment. Chris Townsend on specialist Simon he'll be back on money you win or Tommy went to San Diego allegedly. He wanted to do you have like a big just stayed down and. I'm really close the Tijuana so I don't know who -- You'll see -- on Monday. Obviously me and I dog ESPN two with Keith Olbermann will be doing it live from the -- my first remote. On that segment from San Francisco who are you nervous yeah. There's there's there's something bit peculiar about sitting in a Rome just looking into of empty camera yeah. Yeah because that's what you do a lot when you do revolting their heads in the boxes that you see on TV all the time. You know when you're in the studio with somebody -- -- eye contact that was my nickname -- in the box puke in the box ducked into the box now that somebody else. Meanwhile it is Friday we got a lot to talk about the they would break it down far ball ball. John -- three you know against Jim. -- not affect the future negotiations for Jim Harbaugh. And the organization. When they sit down at the end of the season to discuss a contract extension -- probably not by the way speaking of blowing things up yes you just -- Yeah you just blew up you wore what what do what do we call Robin she's these little NN. Producers slash. Video coordinator flash social media director. Slash. Bulldog reporter who takes no -- doesn't take no for an answer -- go to Twitter headquarters which we did yesterday yes and you just blew her up because. She forgot the camera I went there and had to stand up outside a Twitter headquarters to wrap up -- pilgrimage to Twitter to get answers not just for me. What for all the millions of people out there who aren't fortunate enough like Rick view curtain to have verification. And a half a minute I dollars. Do you -- -- -- -- don't have verification that we don't have -- her own right exactly are on Amazon about a half million dollars is a verification o'clock you don't wanna be certified verified. Polarized this -- 2000. I don't know I haven't checked. Come on you I swear I have not check I'll have not had no idea when he checked. If somebody checked this sort of way I do this video -- and and there's audio so I'm thinking both. And I recapped the trip do Twitter walking all right on market street to try to get answers to the Twitter headquarters. Which is the old merchandise furniture -- was a building caller. Merchandise mart and furniture building guests down there are those 11100 while market run across from the Billy Graham coliseum. Auditorium. Anyway so I go there and and and I asked or -- the tape as I wanna play it on the air just to prove we were there and I approved on Twitter go to the picture. Of the Twitter building things pilgrim it's -- what I say Billy. It's pilgrim went with the what are what difference does it make at this point the niners lose last night is that Billy Graham I think somebody else I know 23 to three. Gary Kubiak said he couldn't do much would match -- Houston. But what Joseph Flacco Baltimore. He's got a Nadal in the first drive -- -- pre season game he can get it done and we're not walking stool over applied for anybody is a -- -- it all warm -- the 49ers defense Sox yesterday and Jim -- even set and afterwards 386 yards on. Offense for -- war. Not just Joseph Flacco was wanna -- just like Colin -- they got those guys out of there and hurry but how about. The battle we previewed yesterday and many of the listeners commented on Tyrod Taylor vs. Blaine Gabbert how many people -- that yesterday -- and said. Tyrod Taylor will absolutely. Dominate dominate when he gets the metric -- -- the ball up and down appeal against the oh that's separate Cisco 49ers defense and obviously Blaine -- people are gonna be a down on this guy. And they say you know we talked about Blaine Gabbert Blaine Gabbert is is is the quarterback was I draft pick didn't do ending -- yet no talent. And I'm sure Jim Harbaugh and and and the niners steps that I we bring this guy and here. As a back up. With this system -- these pliers in a new environment he's gonna and we get them for a -- we -- not the draft him in the top ten. We get -- for six round draft pick -- he's going to be a much better situation nearby farmers a look at the ones you mean his numbers last night which were horrible. There are three for eleven. You have two interceptions are 11 yet he had to twenty yards to a 34 elaborate for twenty yards and an interception hey yet actually the interception he through. Could have been intercepted by two different guys maybe that's what's your thinking like guys that they -- that as a -- solidly long if the receiver. All the defenders are running over saying I think is gonna throw it out there I think that should count as two -- sexism like hello this I guess -- guys get to the -- media might happen exactly you are doing a better job by the way of defending Blaine -- that they Blaine Gabbert did last night. Nobody is -- very glad Blaine Gabbert because Tyrod Taylor -- out there and get a much better job Josh Johnson actually was the fourth quarterback looked pretty good to a lot of people like him. You like Josh Johnson I'm not gonna talk about a fourth string quarterback right party housing the fourth string quarterback. Behind McLeod Bethel Thompson that's what I want and a lot of times there's just it's the rotation who -- going to be bumped up to third string magnets -- can do now is without blame. You may be in it he may be next up after -- the big story organizers there way the -- Smith's suspension yes now we found out yesterday. That all the Smith hasn't -- met with commissioner Roger Goodell in New York yet. The meeting took place now the question is there's no data one the commissioner's going to release his final work a bigger -- a -- bright ball for the regular season starts. Boy doesn't have to busy or to all the Smith because he can practice he can't play can practice he can actually play in pre season and the he owes it to all of Smith let's say that he owes it to the 49ers. To make good decisions that they can prepare roared into the new way to the final week of league exhibition season and then say okay -- gonna miss the first six or -- game right. That it makes it tougher to prepare try to figure out who's been out there ready I have to be preparing. Or some sort of maybe six game situation right what you think sure. You have to prepare for the minimum so sorry you irons and Annie Hall hearing game one correct not to have him. For example Jonathan Martin started last night on the -- of line. You don't obviously was in the Miami situation local kid he gets the play last night -- there looking at a lot of guys here's my question. How do you feel in light of the Ray Rice. Suspension two games. The idea that -- Smith would miss. Half the season for his indiscretions. A lot of people are gonna say that's it it's an outrage but all that Smith unfortunately has a track record of not. Not spousal abuse but certainly DWIs. And in the gun thing which they reduced to a misdemeanor in LA. You know last year he went to you've got help professionally but you just issued he missed what five games last year are ready that's what makes -- we're talking about this with Keith Olbermann yesterday the confusion of what no one knows what to expect. An indication of Ray Rice who got a router or a roaring ovation last night that was nice going after the fans and is trying to resuscitate his career his image. You know it. He has no back yet no track record of doing when you have a track record I think it's easier for the commissioner to say hey you know what there's precedent here. 68 games I know people as they -- Ray Rice only got two. And all this man's gonna get 68 which is the reports that many people believe that's going to be the suspension and the world gonna try to sit here and say well how is this two games and how it was a six games and hours a receiver was on marijuana a couple times. They get this season yet a guy who -- his wife only gets two games so that's what we all try to play judge jury and XQ shooter. And that's why commissioner Goodell got -- -- result and a pickle OK but the bottom line ends. Ray Rice did. Injury. To someone else yes right what we saw the elevator aftermath nobody saw what and how much depending distrust but but. He punched her and he admitted that there was some exotic don't exactly exactly. What did all Smith. He endangered himself correctly yes ultimately did he hurt anybody. You heard your teammates when you have OK I'm not talking to an idea how am I. You're -- -- -- the best -- I wasn't gonna miss two games he's hurting his team to ease ease -- distraction to notice something -- no we are about they would have to deal with otherwise. But outside of what all Smith did what he's being punished for. Did he do physical harm to anyone else. -- -- -- And militant bomb threat he really did have a bomb right when he was an -- act right and by the way you know by the way he was abusing some TSA employees and that's OK well -- -- it's okay but I'm saying they're probably used to think if they haven't you noticed you can't stating in an airport you know you can't but still has -- he got it he's lucky went down to a misdemeanor. That's a felony if it's -- only able com -- Robin supper at an airport -- have a bodily guy you really do maybe you -- -- committee and you know because I'd say humor and say my name that's right essay is guy anybody like they got it might be a little Villa -- chances are the guy working at TSA. Is that as I've experienced is probably an avid listener to you and the second I don't get cut that site and I'm not saying it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just a regular guy when -- airport. TSA guys don't know I understand that you are not used to working a morning show and that you did for this past week if there's an incident at the airport. Later today or tomorrow now what we -- in town Monday okay Monday. You get Bobby your -- and I'll be spending the weekend. In a wine soaked. Pizza oven frenzy of food and wine on the Sonoma will now buddy mr. -- -- now that you put that out my brother actually you've had to endure a week with -- now and then you're gonna get -- it up in Napa is right exactly right and why and I don't Sonoma so anybody who's listening. Anybody is listening in knows that you go to the airport on Monday and there's an incident they're gonna. Was reverend were -- when we're not we're not surprised the only as an analyst Joseph off the only answer Monday as a I don't have a seat assignment. Yeah that's they'll be the only answer but I won't I won't make -- a circumstantial evidence. There is if there's something happens to you on Monday on -- giving you and Al are not I'm not gonna do anything not stupid meanwhile. Last night. Tonight the raiders -- -- is gonna join us this morning we'll get you ready for raiders vikings their first game tonight. Tampa Bay's gonna trot out their new day glow you reforms before dozens in Jacksonville on that pre season are you literally can't wait to see that I know it's that they're going to be the first NFL team that's gonna have. They're not de clawed their what's that it -- -- reflective reflective so that when the spotlight shines down. What's the point -- defense you'll be able to see you a straight sided to a lot of -- morning yes you know it's it's encased the lights go out again. That's right in the Super -- companies yes and you'll be able to tell -- continue to play or if they have to ride the bicycle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first fourteen game winner in the majors last night -- nine dry giant -- Jake Peavy hard luck another loss oh and three is a giant ball went twelve. In his last eighteen the Dodgers wind. Dropping the giants farther back as they win three out of four and Anaheim. And Jon Lester goes out their for the -- And is brilliant again and no no into the fifth. Complete game three hitter based blanked the twins three nothing and they pick up ground and our three -- is -- three or three and a half it's three up. On your Los Angeles Anaheim Disneyland adjacent angels. I'm not I AM. This is my concern awful last night not that the giants lost in the Dodgers -- announced three games it was watching Angel put on -- on health gone yes whatever he's tracks and two hits he is but speaking of back. Anybody who's had back issues and that's what has held him out to him watching him run the first first base when he hit that little -- there can seeing -- well. He he looks stiff he looks like a guy. Who is not now some of this maybe he just need to get back keeping it comfortable missed 44 games. But I look you missed 44 games you're on a shape that's one thing. When you're running like your back is still like you're still tentative Byrd's death anybody's had -- she's no with no I had about a guy is like right. When he's coming -- when he's chugging at the first and making that turn and you can tell kinda like. Gauging how hard in my got to make this turn when you trying to throw cold water on the San Francisco giant fans. On how Don know turn you know what I believe we're gonna have to giants fans are what is our theme song Goulet. Was sentenced to. Since they came back it went all perform. Okay well you did he didn't do -- last night and you're trying to throw cold water on his bad back he did we did -- -- -- in the rehab time in Fresno. There are now back and we play it -- really -- -- to one of the best pitchers in baseball it's like to do it it's. What did you look at the positive side this whether it was up to be a negative or eight but be careful a bad back may flare up again. This is not alone out there and say hey Rick do you still think Blaine Gabbert is better than Tyrod Taylor. For Blaine Gabbert has become mediocre. Car ball will have to -- com. QB screamer as opposed to QB whisper while thank you. You and don't forget little leaguers out there now -- will you be watching the Little League World Series which is underway tonight. Hawaii against San Bernardino. That the west regional semifinal. -- you watching you've also become the you've become the rallying cry you become the man on the mark lead lawyer the court mark -- towards president today at the torches and pitchforks. And Toney fight for us Twitter followers unite. The great unwashed are behind you exactly great unverified and I have no personal agenda. Well I do a sort of but I found there for the all the way from third in market all awaited tenth in market that's a nice walk up there so so to get to the Twitter headquarters to fight for the people. If I had to tape. The play which has been left back in the hotel room -- spot who fortunately who did that. By the assistant producer slash media consultants who lives reporter -- I know what order like three threw that in there and did you realize you're crushing her. And that -- You still and a half ago. Back they should just won back to the hotel to get the tape and bring it back -- that actually was kind of the part that surprised me when she said I left -- back there. And you Kursk's. And then she said she didn't say -- out. She says all she can say I'll be right back I -- there Marley and are you guys staying in he's staying in San Jose or something. -- though she got me coffee. What is that though she'd like to add the word unpaid -- title. I'll unpaid yes -- desire that's why she's not going back she got a trip to San Francisco I -- -- a -- -- -- that -- -- I'll go -- -- he -- I was a couple lousy coffee she -- me a Twitter for -- -- I was kind of I -- -- all year. Two hours yes. I was just waiting for so I was waiting for I was waiting for the man behind the curtain the all polish -- I was -- I was ready for a little -- come out and greet me I was waiting for any human source what so ever by the way it says. Online it's. They have 3000 employees. You're good enough for second. It's Twitter is the most impossible place to actually get an answer whether you tweak them you know whether you call them what you walk to the world headquarters that -- that market here in San Francisco which we did yesterday. You cannot see anyone at Twitter you know was apparent when -- do you can you not see anyone know when you walk up to the front desk in the building it's not their headquarters -- -- security guards yet who we were here to say yeah. You don't even have a directory. To look for the possible person that you may actually can drop a name and say hey I need to see this person to straighten something out. You cannot see anyone at Twitter if you even go to Twitter had court to protect awaiting them forget emailing them forget going to headquarters no one at Twitter. Actually exist in a position of power all of the employees that you see coming in and out with Twitter T shirt with a little burn on the front who don't talk to anyone -- -- and almost like going to apparently got its easier to get into the Pentagon that it is to get an answer a Twitter that was the most amazing thing is that the security guards and people that you saw coming in and out of the deal building that's. They also spoken a 140 care I'm not know they exist. They've got a guy like eighty characters that's how good they are not saying not imagining whenever floor they have up there. At Twitter headquarters. It's actually like it's all these servers it's all this equipment yes and it's Jesse pink men out there playing video game you causing mass and and data again and just the craziest party of of solar -- countless people after multiple months of people saying how come you're not verified and everybody else's. And all the emails and emails to Twitter support at at Twitter support and everything else the proper channels that after marching in wasting two hours of a very important day were every hour counts. There is still no visible sign. All anyone actually working at Twitter. Was a human being that you can contact and speak with there's no one you could talk to on the phone and there's no one you can see in person if you wouldn't if you and backed. March to the Twitter headquarters. And then -- Robin Austin. Was waiting and try and tracking down people coming out of the building just to find out if they in fact worked to Twitter -- knew anybody who they can actually talk to or get a name of someone that you can talk I wish I had person doesn't exist I believe that Twitter does not actually have. Our corporate headquarters -- there's just a -- a worker ants who go in and out and push buttons and make sure the machines running. And then the machine as a guy in the back that no one can never talk to and in the machine just keeps working and -- bugler keeps adding more followers speak. And other people I had more followed an inside guy there that we got -- finality and the not present awards vitality just keeps running up my count. Other way he told me that those few that the few people that you did see. Coming in now that they recognize me well they regardless guys there that recognize when I think it all there's my end I did you work for Twitter. -- no we don't aren't there we're at now where those that -- -- bags that you -- -- no no they weren't dollar and I don't again and don't use that word. You arrested this morning aren't merely off the air on the air refuse to go there. Roman house he's gonna join us in fact he's going to be on the pregame right. Later this afternoon what times the pregame show for raiders Minnesota Vikings right here watch it's our -- -- it's -- our -- -- when -- frequently 98 point five. So you'll hear the raiders pregame at 3 o'clock 3 o'clock Jon -- Bill Romanowski romo's gonna join us ornaments that I won't release a pick on that game just like I gave me the niners and then we'll talk more baseball -- Islam there is Susan slots are still ahead at 815 we'll talk baseball America. And then of course we still have to do the segment that will help people. -- white guy do forum. It's a problem that affects us all but only Rick -- and I and jungle yesterday n.'s Joseph realized. What a big problem it was him. So it's something that really happened and we then realize that this is a problem that affects us all this is Tony this is why this is the greatness of Tony Bruno. Because not only have you begun a revolt when it comes to Twitter right this is all its other people it's not made right -- -- but as a matter of days. Like the social causes that you have. Instigated here in a matter of waiting for some sort of humanitarian award we had to be -- by the mayor as soon as I leave the building today. Our way for all these organizations to be bestowing upon me at all considering battles lasted eighteen that. Dedicated a city at least at least another key to the hotel rooms -- get a grant check out grant just took the biggest side and with with -- and the thought bubble over his head was. Are they ever gonna talk about sports -- date and we just broke out nine errors about the raiders Jon Lester. The forty -- the offense tyra tyra hello ours is Blaine -- yeah we even went down. Third string to McLeod Bethel Thompson and Josh Johnson. We gave -- the numbers we talked about all the Smith. What else do you meet. What else do you need -- we even mentioned the Little League World Series. Divisional play. What more do you want from me. What more can I do to help you help me help you repute or what else do I do I may grant happy. I and that's I don't know that that's possible you're not gonna make you're not gonna make current -- ridiculous man. 8889579570. -- -- -- Bill Romanowski -- to -- ball here will be checking yet. Bay Area baseball fans 957 again as you cover this season for gays and giants tickets do. You -- and every Wednesday in the 8 AM and 5 PM hours. For our box office blitz getting your shot at winning ticket to see the swinging days for the G men it's the box office glitz. Presented by DG DG dot com fourteen brand's thirteen dealerships the F happy car buyer. At DG DG dot com by the way yes yes if anybody out there listening actually works for two. Even if you're not listening and you work for Twitter yes and your human being. Call us because right now we're of the mind. -- and insist that works it's just the blue bird out there it really does yeah. And there is no actual human being other than the worker -- who go in and out and they're not allowed to talk to anyone right including this Robin Austin who was trying to track them down to get an answer. I wanna hear for somebody don't feel fake employees I want a real Twitter employee to call in where we're gonna need to verify -- yet somehow some of my verified in your Twitter and hit hit hit hit. What I don't know we're doing we're having -- on a Friday. It's 957 a game the various news somber scores. Yes it is. The PGA so Tony Romo under for Tommy. It's the final countdown format to play that song today. Rick you during your break in at all down and taking care -- this -- to -- it was his son's birthday yesterday is tenth -- my son Chris -- birthday yesterday in -- middle child. He's 32. And I ask Rick. What he got recite his ten year old you know. They're happy with anything but -- -- -- -- and beyond. Says that would you get would you use on -- -- We're actually going to get a today were your shopping for new bat and glove. So -- aluminum bats while 200 -- and Albert hit the. It's the year and you did yes it is like the crude equality ones. And gloves what. You can go anywhere from behind need to 350 while. And then the coup de -- off. The best present you can never get a ten year old young man and impressionable. Open coming Major League Baseball star of the future. People can't see that tongue in cheek going on right now I know yesterday's tickets the ask for tickets to go see. Your first place Oakland Athletics. Clinton Minnesota Twins play the Minnesota Twin Cities -- Saturday night you said son I -- I think I can hook that up. I think I can make I got the hook up to the hook up I know a guy who knows a guy exactly value on luxury box. You go behind the plate no actually we did all out seats we did luxury suite we did the 957 luxury suite. Last weekend then he put people first sitting in the stands he'd like you Tony. Is he's a boy the people exactly right as you bleacher creature -- and and and I'll never know actually he has boy. And -- -- -- I didn't take him he went with his mom one time and another group and they had the seats upstairs. There because. No I I can't do this is. This is too far away from the field. I thought you know all of the overall miles he's gonna join us we'll talk for a preview the raiders course and talks and niners -- we got baseball Susan's luster at 815. And still ahead we're gonna talk awkward white guy decorum to help you help you. This weekend and for the rest of your adult -- yes -- big Iraq what to do wonder what -- probably got a shot my phone no doubt -- my. I'm not on silent I'm sorry you know what else we're gonna do is we're going to help you everybody runs incidents where -- the Twitter guy. We have here we have someone on the line. Who claims claims to be to be -- I don't see a blue check mark -- I don't end up on the screen Logan Logan where are you by the way are you act Twitter. Hash tag employee. Rick sorry what yeah and you really worked its well we know that. I'm actually in the all right now the worst jobless selling an empty warehouse yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And at the moment. I got the ball. Stood on the and it wouldn't it -- downtown -- the go let them. And yet we don't -- this Tony was out there and yes I asked him just in the lobby your security people -- -- they -- they knew and they would only talk to 140 characters and they pretended like. We know we hit a good -- -- we can I talk to somebody can -- call sometimes they said no no I'm sorry you couldn't even get me okay that -- -- let me talk over secessionist what's that -- Yeah. Much OK I don't have time for that at all nobody got -- -- spent two hours yesterday hours yesterday trying to get into the building to talk to somebody. Are you very -- by the way Logan no. Don't you worked for Twitter and you have a Twitter account we don't -- and verified by you automatically get verify if you worked there there's no. Automatically -- verify yell at your side. -- CEOs not where part of this don't. Like -- -- -- -- name is Biz Stone I was one of the names of -- on the any religious -- is marquis as he diabolical by the way. But I don't remind what -- what this is what we're trying to figure out because Tony Bruno is fairly well recognized. Almost -- is it me asking this is a yes yes yes and those people out there who want to know is known -- no it's not it's although they used to be based on followers right. That you got verified when you hit now it doesn't match up your -- -- about what what what causes what -- a person to be verified. It it it's tough to say come on this Columbia. Did you don't know until you are you -- talk right now Logan should we did this disguising your voice. Stall -- -- and even your real name and if it's a little too close to log on so I'm just wondering. Is this an alias. A little earlier I don't leave your real I mean I believe your real person. I know you're trying to keep it real. When I don't believe you work it's not do anybody get a Twitter account and fraud bigger trolling us like make sweet people do when they -- -- nasty things on Twitter. Let me -- -- I -- doubt whether you -- show of the that I waited a -- -- -- more my buddy -- That the operative like did they talk about what reported on the game guided McCall. -- Actually we're on our let me give you one more question what Bart station is closest to Twitter headquarters on market street there. It hides right there to -- between items civic center exits on board that wasn't much of a trick question and I just -- Or might not gonna -- you know when he was just making it right he would never know he. If he lives -- this -- problem I'm here you probably would have not well I -- -- I -- well I need to get a name of somebody other than -- -- -- as CEO by the -- -- I can't do it today but I would be happy to have lunch with -- get to the bottom of this. -- -- that's not -- lobbying I'm gonna make we're gonna make that happen to -- his do we get Logan wants contact Verizon. Probably would've gotten -- give you my email will only happen. So all sounds good make Logan thanks for call an end yes thank you so I don't know that we I don't know that we clarified any I don't think we so we solved anything. While he may put us and talk he knows he works every knows a guy makes is oh god I just want -- dual launch. Right over there on market street. -- get to the bottom I -- so I gotta tell -- this is what I like about because you're leaving town you're not gonna be here and we want Mike Wallace I mean. -- Robin yesterday Mike Wallace would be proud because she would not take no for an answer she went turquoise white go back to the security guard. You're -- told you we don't have any information they don't even give us a name or directory. Anyway enough about where I understand I understand that about Robin I don't know why you're so surprised about that because I wanted to take a -- and get work done yet it's this is the same woman who. Made the stealth move to the vending machine and took my cherry pop tart so I knew. I knew that he had a tough side to. I just this is what I like I like the fact that you -- going to be out of town. And I'm going to give you on it I'm gonna follow you and then I'm gonna direct message you. And I'm gonna say. Tony. -- just had looked lunch with my guy Twitter and then you're. On follow me after you DMA so you'll have to worry about the I have been known to use that -- for -- thank you. 8888957. -- by seven were in a play -- take early -- and a couple of minutes but let's get Stephen here Stephen separate Cisco C -- not by seven again must. On on the employment. -- you you -- your SFO are you working for TSA. I know terrible sweet airlines also -- all. -- too hot she is that a new airline that I -- is that like a regional jet. Yeah yard now when you help you all. -- United Airlines. You guys are argument are you on your from the south and you were saying I work for you all like I work for you well Rick you grew works for you was the -- the people who Bleacher Report. No no no we we have abbreviation -- and hello Mike you don't hear so much yeah yeah you know he's. I got pride I exclusion or Europe Twitter celebrity she doesn't want space Odyssey. Hal 9000 was a 9000. That you were talking. Not the guy Logan he was the real person I believe that there is no real. Like -- the company noted. It's a virtual can't get it right. No they have office space in the old warehouse furniture Wal-Mart did not Wal-Mart the furniture are. Not want to make what you exactly. So you think it's a boiler room yeah okay. Mean why wouldn't somebody -- this team. And quality and not be -- in -- I think a reporter I wasn't being some annoying -- -- walking in sound like hipster guy. Walking in a demanding I was asking questions like legitimate ones like and I talked to the receptionist who I talked to here is -- somebody in. You know in their public relations is -- someone in media relations and nobody knew anybody's name anywhere in the building I was not allowed even to think about going into the building. That's this department you couldn't get in the building and the building a gun lobby you walk in the lobby in a security -- you have to have a badge. But I they wouldn't they could tell me -- to talk to was there and -- appointment was there anybody else where there any other companies that were located in that building. Yes people walking in with badges and they walk right through -- flash the -- -- secure building that's -- supposed to be. Anyway. -- got enough of his Twitter talk. From unverified by tonight. They'll have held to take on Monday morning that's all I gotta say. And that's from Eisenberg thank you. Coming up -- -- say my name particularly but that's coming up next -- Twitter doesn't fix this I'm relieved them. He immediately -- cancel my account which will bring their stock down to single digits and bring them down for once and for all. Tony -- -- her. -- -- -- -- -- It's 957 legitimate -- done for -- to the Bay Area. -- -- Days pick up the game. Giants dropped again -- Dodgers take three out of war and they beat the Anaheim Los Angeles Disney land adjacent. Angels in their own building in a sellout crowd seven nothing last night. You realize that Anaheim is ten intends since the all star break as good as they are at their record is ten wins and ten losses since the break. It's a kind of next level staff to you don't expect now especially grannies like Laver gas fear that stunned that's a starting next -- -- let's not get exact don't do that again towel. Not for the rest of the show may -- the rest of my career whatever's left of it meanwhile back at the ranch you know what time it is right now don't you. I think you can -- it and you know -- right back. You five point seven. Finally got a right to -- I -- -- I grant was around -- as you'd expect me to -- -- the. That is there and go ahead Greg let's. And -- -- and I think it's got to see you have a -- from about the entire notre thing it's only he's only been here we. Are there are -- fun. On our role China are against an out -- other Smith is suspended for six games -- more than forty niners will not win the NFC west. -- can lead Tony -- your question does a defense last night look batting coach our blog Jim. Not happy so we got a lot of work to do. He is -- an impact player yes is one guy going to really determine the future of this defense is a major guy. Is that going to be the difference between when making the playoffs or winning the division. -- was a question at the end the and it's the US they were not a division -- It could mean a different mega means I think Seattle still a division did they move back to the AFC not let Soledad. I don't know little -- it'll be a big factor Willis we'll be the only factor no no it's a daily vitamin I'll take it. They'll miss those games are going to be missing Navarro Bowman for almost the same period of time. And I don't make too much out of one pre season game whether -- taking here but no way to forget. That if this nightmare. -- all -- Smith. Mrs. mrs. sixteens or more than nine as well not win -- some say they're not going they're not going to win our division now the beauty of it is. Should have Bowman back and called me back by the time to play Seattle twice yes bunt that said. You're still going to see you're gonna see the rams twice before then and there is. I'm just looking at the way years of your play the cartilage that the wave the schedule stacks up you're gonna play the Broncos mean you're gonna place is a decent. Decent offensive teams yes why are your defense is compromise here's -- question is the pressure now law and -- follow up question I -- -- out loud on this segment. Anybody fresher now -- time does there -- -- -- on Colin cannot predict on the offense not to carry the -- yeah that's the bigger where you shoot out. Absolutely got to get the shootout games I don't know if it's that bad yet it's only one pre season game. Our next question. I it's a deal in place that was sent Kevin Love to the -- of the cast are now the best team in the Eastern Conference take it or leave it right -- I'm leaving that. And and by the way this is what I'm getting killed on Twitter that. I said the other day just the beginning of a dynasty not one not two not three are reporting multiple ring -- -- and -- always. How. Did that even of that where they can use. Kevin Love anti re Irving had never so much has played in a playoff game. And while those three together look promising. You have a brand new head coach from Europe you have a brand new GM. And you don't have a bench whatsoever I mean we're talking about making the playoffs are being good luck with the Chicago Bulls. But our head and shoulders above everybody else in the amount it's yes they would Derrick Rose still a question I hope we don't let -- Is not a question market even simpler the national. And you can't tell Gasol and you add Nikola Mirotic from Europe I know you don't know a whole lot about Paterno isn't great he's gonna contribute. What -- Doug McDermott. I loved god and connects well -- absolute -- I like the bulls but. Cleveland's team have won a -- there he's got some talent around him what she didn't the first time we took them to the NBA finals you don't think physically NBA finals once pretty but that he had to say to -- family -- -- know to -- -- -- better talent now -- that's questionable. Next question what -- to regularly but I do not get you left he left that yes you left -- I -- I took -- I'm saying they should be Cleveland Cavaliers -- the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. If you know you're leaving that whatever. -- -- The bucks tonight will Wear the jerseys with reflective numbers -- and NFL Austin turned into Oregon and have -- constant flow of New Jersey each week take it really -- -- A farm running a sporting goods store I'm taking it sure because I if you have fifteen could be one of our interns is an Oregon -- What's his name Jordan Jordan is in -- guy. And I say when he goes to university bargain -- -- you by all the yes you go to a store orders fifteen Jersey you gonna buy him so it and a facilitator mode. He said the don't have those from the average fan. They well. -- because I think Phil -- -- -- sunglasses on these cranky about right now you guys the more -- -- do you think they have alternate jerseys so people go out and buy more -- would you by the Tampa -- are reflective. No I wouldn't -- that I wouldn't buy that but I do like -- like some of the throwback -- to me to San Diego -- powder -- still one of the I like the old orange Clinton saying oh yes -- the -- -- they're not using those -- going with a red and -- with a little bit of stuff they use them now and then they put them in the mix so that you had this opportunity. To buy multiples value added MBA is doing the same thing they're all doing the same thing merchandising. Is the way to go to I want NFL sleeveless jerseys that ominous start -- and Michael NBA that is the -- that rugby orders to leave the wall and that would be -- that would be retro then if at the end of the CD is the first two weeks yours. Would that be -- -- that you could be yes pretty soon it get this thing anyway considered retro yeah I want. I want individualized. Helmets I want guys to be able to go crazy with the -- work. Like on their helmets like goalie masks and like like you guys get tattoos or whatever you really able to personalize it. Yeah yeah ball's gonna allow that when a guy has its short hanging out there finding him but they're gonna allow guys to pay their I don't say -- say it would happen I said I'd like to see it happen what's not no Fun League is not -- allow that -- damn right they're dot. The first thing that will appear will be advertising before -- allowed guys to put personalized. He'd gone there. -- agreed. I'm just saying it would be really good idea and a -- however first pack two before that's allowed to happen. Yeah we may be waiting a long time for both of them -- few elementary. Where did you say you put it on my side but that's right that hurts -- Europe. You're -- for punishment what hurt even for me to watch that. Process unlike some tattoos show the of the fifty tattoos show there are one of those shows no I can't watch -- what I felt like I Daniel Lincoln oh yeah you. I don't like needles now. I don't even like blood -- goes beyond this really likes needles who says. Who says you know and I'd like right now like a big fat needles I saw it coming and I made a pass out and really I -- I can't look when I'm getting blocked. We're getting a blood test -- turn away. What about what what about when you play when your records. I put a little sign yet that doesn't hurt does that scare you a much you -- and -- goes all the way across the twelve inch but it's bad. Thank -- and a much more still ahead Susan slots are gonna talk baseball. The law mouth I would have thought -- -- -- the talks sports on this show and we still have to get to the all important helping America. Especially white guys awkward white guy -- any more -- we will fix all of what's wrong with -- white guys all still ahead. Right here on 957 -- in the bay area's new sound for sports.

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