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Susan Slusser says Jon Lester is meeting expectations

Aug 8, 2014|

The A's Insider talks about Jon Lester's great start w/ the A's and the impact of Jonny Gomes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Someone who's got the -- she's got to be dazzled you've been watching this a's team. Over the chronicle. He's an -- insider she Susan's lesser and even though we got the job Lester man he's good. Has even -- loses Susan as -- better than advertised or is he what you expected after the first three outings for the Oakland Athletics. Like. I can I do in the in -- -- you -- him. Where he started where struggled a little -- whatever. It and we. You know. You know one of the matter whatever is on keep it. Exactly nominee Eric DA part about -- -- -- -- not -- in Maine and him to match. And that -- amp a that you made to -- that it. You know that could sit in the looked -- -- -- like that level. -- -- Other oysters and are -- a Twitter headquarters because your your phone is really muddy were argue. I'm home and at the 1930 you have so maybe it. -- -- -- Are you ready are you dial up by the way you would fail while what do you want us drivers. Because if you are we have a guy named Rick committed in San Mateo and I would I would like to meet you still -- -- records shows on -- -- It is it's gonna pay out we just saw -- to -- going to the other end of the spectrum at the moment. We saw Sonny gray with I I have to think probably the most disappointing start that he's had. Since he's joined the big club I can't think of of one where. He went as sideways as he did the other day what was what was happening there what was different about sunny this time out. He met I think he certainly. Wasn't gonna attract and what you mentioned a little bit here and there to what -- get the benefit of each strikes and one thing. -- -- that that Sherlock I don't -- you know but not in it and it certainly didn't help them and I. It started maybe trying to pick a little bit much tried Cilic keynote speaker -- -- that they. Are you gonna get some calls and you get out of whack you know I don't think it's easy thing to be alarmed about there -- -- you know. As only happen in start like that earlier pitchers. You know really timely -- with guys on page with an error -- that -- -- you know it is -- -- quite that numbers well. Hand out didn't we look at I can not not on the. Good to saucer. -- insider for the San Francisco chronicle join raiser Tony Romo question I didn't say hi and haven't talked to him for a reply. I look -- Eric Eric. Has not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pay speaking of a frivolity the -- and I don't know whether it's Jonny -- coming back in our weather's -- -- feeling good about his game and and feeling like he can be a little more loose or just being back around. But they are starting to have more of the fetal. All of the day's. Of two years ago. Then at any time certainly this season where they just felt a little more buttoned up maybe it's Stephen vote do is staying with. With Jonny Gomes -- just just hysterical. Are you are you getting -- are you getting a sense being around them on a daily basis they were seen in this team's personality shift. I down. -- as the impact where yet I am you know there's. I mean had to cancel a professional athlete at how this kind of courage but I don't know that there is another professional. With Johnny you know -- and I like a star player. Is that a good role player at his job he did that well. That his charisma about the track and he can bring a clubhouse. Together like no one I've ever seen. It it's pretty regret any -- -- on -- back. And I'm right in that that. Land them. Comfort on the radar -- I think you keep our head of oh probably Angela miners got him two that's up to Connie Mack could be a reality show eagerly. Yet we saw the MLB intentional talks segment yesterday. -- -- Was actually the front I mean he was hilarious and you know Gomes is the guy I was Lucy -- seat he took like a second banana rolled the ball and was absolutely brilliant playing and NBA official. That vote -- hysterical the united Catholic and acting background and his. Hit like that he would have wanted to view if he had not and national out there would be like a Broadway actor. Previews that while Ike yet. Yet and I think he'd eat out that he can -- He -- that when you rate or make you wonder -- on so many years wrote it happened to our -- make in the empty net. On both valuable so is there is or is there some other act that you've seen. That is as good as doing the NBA referee has. He had it. He had it nailed. And -- I and it you're playing in that audience. Yeah dinner and he he -- he he had it he I mean. He got him every which way the -- my brother and I thought if you have seen it yet you haven't seen it and mussina and and we've seen and grant. You gotta go to we're gonna put the reported on an -- by a seven game -- -- a page we're gonna put it up there it is brilliant television on the MLB network with a great Chris Rose and yes even cabinet rock. And it's just absolutely hilarious and that's what we were talking about earlier. About are the days when you look at their lineup vs the angels who obviously got their heads handed to them by the Dodgers this past four games. Are they -- -- seat to the point work you don't have to have a superstar -- lineup like the angels do and that kind of lose business and togetherness. Is may be -- intangible what we can see when you got the great pitching when you go deep into the post season which they hope to do this year maybe go all the way. -- -- -- -- -- is. Wall and it bit it seemed great characters on or -- early and he's. -- I think they also like a little bit of an underdog. -- Susan your phone is at a wireless and cordless phone are you on a cell phone. She can answer you. While it's just sabotage went -- are we being blocked now because of all the while you're there maybe were not sort of the. You lost -- on the -- and -- and where are you moving around you stationary right now I am not -- and went -- Are you doing sweat yield right now are you standing still hot -- Grow. Is it a man is a violation for Amanda do hot yoga. You can't figure it out and it -- -- Hatred every year -- -- and kind of what you can see him coming out -- -- -- like that carry my yoga -- out. -- -- try to figure out and meet with we -- -- trying to figure it out the answer is yes he does the eleven maker and the camera does lululemon make mail yoga pants as Weller is just for a. It is not one I -- I don't want to see that. -- I thought -- just looking at. Over the last four or five games. Hitting and scoring position I've got the I got in at like six for 35. And -- obsolete one. What three on the last four so I I don't wanna I don't wanna sound. On do a long arms but I look at I look at the -- going all in and getting Lester and were going for a World Series and it's not that. I would necessarily make the deal assess this for Lester. But I just wonder. Susan is the rest of this team I don't Jon Lester is up to World Series level. Can we make the case that this is the time to go all in with this group does it -- Is that the -- does -- I'm saying -- Is is it is it a matter of you just add Lester and now you're ready to go -- like a feel like -- -- make the argument. It's a little premature to say this team is on the tip of -- -- World Series. -- -- -- Certainly am. Not happen in OTY. There -- night. In -- rulers earned runs. Yeah yeah. You know I -- that out immediate aftermath of the trade that. They'll be fine their unit has always been able crept out -- and how you and of course we -- that thirteen that looked. Court late. And that has I think it would try to lock your ticket -- chuckling Patrick now they are now higher. Very Emeka iron I don't know that we -- yet the team that is going to corn up front and that an -- in the can get picket. Yeah but I pointed out we know what Aubrey -- scenario he talks about the 2010 giants and one of the things was the -- guys camaraderie in the because their lineup against the Phillies nobody predicted that they would beat the Phillies who came down -- pitching and clutch hitting and they weren't they had some obviously stars with Buster Posey leading the way. But it doesn't matter whether your lineups better than the other team comes down to pitching and camaraderie and that's why pointed out. How the camaraderie of the -- keeps guys loose. When they get into a does that mean they're gonna win all but I think the the clubhouse dynamic is so important when you've got great pitching and you got a couple of guys and get you some clutch hits. Yeah you know little -- particularly at erratic. And -- and -- -- -- it yet but it don't. Matter and I Crabtree. I'm -- but why is that why why would that that camaraderie has that impact on him swinging the bat. Well I think -- two win he had -- -- I'm not. -- -- much not uncommon in they are acting in trying to -- treatment starts. In 88. Come -- him. Light you know keep them from it and getting excited about it too much -- -- called up. And a little bit electric and maybe Donald. Come out and getting a little human friend from little Q. You know we need to do everything now Akron home run. Eat eat a tactic that that you're trying to get the heart of the matter. Kiki you spectrum. Are pretty much pressure altitude the speed at which. But can't get your you know you can continue. On the at all but. Susan slots or not. Not one did not admit that her husband hasn't backed indulged in sweat yoga hot yoga. Which Jerry you kicker Matt were wrecked -- -- ice scolding earlier today is Brian bawling her it was posted join us of football guy former lineman. He does hot yoga almost every day review group called amount and value admitted that your husband in fact and other professional athletes engage in such activities as well. -- -- I think it's an emerging trend. -- soon to be stands up FF FF Susan thanks for joining us but the -- and thank thanks.

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