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Brian Baldinger says the 49ers injuries on defense are a big concern

Aug 8, 2014|

The NFL Network Analyst and fmr Offensive Lineman talks about the Niners defense and what he expects from the Raiders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We learned earlier today from -- -- The writer for the chronicle that her husband was doing hot yoga. And that what we found -- the Bryan Baldwin there was -- hot yoga session earlier Rick yoke -- took it upon himself. To criticize Bryan Baldwin there Idaho running NFL network and as a guy who has should be losing his man card. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spew your bride -- and I'm Bryant museum of Vietnam fell to our ball and no I have a. Welcome -- you wreck you -- -- intimately to extend our career -- I. -- about eight or. You're. Choke artists. -- that -- -- wrong. How long have you been because I can't tell you boldly like Tony can. Thank you. Ryan how. That's not how you even doing hot -- I have a very serious addiction to that -- to have it under my fourteenth year doing. Really why -- let. Just a factor not just a trend now you are aid do you -- T. -- I got away and it occurred back in Hawaii in 2001. And doubt. And what what what part of the first -- you into it. Former team and -- -- Eagles would not -- -- lie not a political or like you want to work out in. And to your point your -- -- like you don't you wanna -- it could be classified and I laughed and I got and I get out I'll get right. All about halfway through class when my -- -- drag on the floor. I said well I've got to get back here tomorrow because on this particular spot today. While and this is way before hot yoga pants were the trend on every woman -- -- -- political hot yoga that's not has no chance I know it was not hot and you're not the total has not yoga and hot pants -- electric umbrella towards. They're going to formula -- -- this morning was the site yeah. You're going to be all the reasons. -- -- -- areas -- ball ma'am -- monitor Indiana on network we saw the niners last night I don't -- you'll be doing the Eagles and bears tonight. In pre season football did you get a chance to see -- the niners is Jim Harbaugh after the game says. You know his his defense and I know they're missing a lot of guys got torture at 386 yards. By but they are not just Joseph Flacco on the first drive eighty yards -- -- -- yet Tyrod Taylor who went in there. If you're the niners with and they're built on defense are you concerned at all through Jim Harbaugh is it just you know why it's just the first pre season game. Not hardly going to be per dollar buyout approach I would never be my first preceding game no matter what result. I mean they're still retreat -- I would be concerned -- -- -- a lot of really good players. The moment might have been the best player last year he not start to -- because rockers and studies on. Earl brown I -- now they've wrapped it died in. Sometimes -- -- -- work out in the ready -- sometimes. They don't work out sometimes an -- plight so it's never guaranteed would you really good player. -- -- just as easily and replace them and then when you move a guy like Glenn Dorsey already put -- and you know I mean it's like Derek -- it's illegal out in the top by defense right now. It and you also look at the prospect of not having on the Smith for. 68 games so I can look you don't wanna get too upset over one. Pre season results. Particularly. Against the ravens in the in you know you knock on against you not playing your top -- of competition -- up playing your top players. But. Considering how much the 49ers have been built on defense. All of those absentees. Past about how how do you play that into the equation of the 49ers overall and what you expect from the season. Well I -- -- just straight -- -- -- that Mercury personnel like the player. After dirty war this year the first round you know for Robert. Now you know it brought in way too early seat and -- Seattle actually made a rule change. Because the way he would waive his ankle broke about Seattle you are -- You know on the Glenn Dorsey stepped out outdoors he's gone. You know maybe you know he's got some -- well I mean there -- all that's missing last year. It -- seemed like it bobbled a ball that much I mean they have enabled to replace him overcome losses. In the black for your pocket wobble or you're what 41 games and we know -- in Cleveland -- games per year so I'm there it's. Opposite to that -- part of that. Is being able to overcome losses and the actions. Ryan -- -- NFL network locked in to football everywhere not just the Philadelphia Eagles and he lives and I'll breaks down more film than anybody I've ever seen. Are -- I got the raiders tonight and once again the reset button has been hit at the quarterback position match jobs in here and then Derek cars the backup. Do you foresee because shop gets paid the money the Derek Carr doesn't get a shot a lot of fans -- here is local area guy. Does he get to the -- start calling for Derrick Clark quickly if match job doesn't start playing well right at right away. I'm not sure how that's gonna play out Tony I mean I mean. I think there are caller European for the indices and whether we -- I'm not sure right now. I mean it's you cardinal com. The experience that match up I mean I didn't -- -- public about your system where literally he was never in pocket. There was never pocket collapsing around -- may be in the ball game against USC like they did. Show a little bit ago you know Leo he's in the Arctic cat I'm much -- Much obviously so much always to -- Aladdin and certainly that Monday used to. It's hard for me to believe that there are can make up port experience that -- chop house. The there's there's been some criticism of what the raiders did as far as free agency. Because they went and got -- got some guys that are a little long in the tooth Justin Tuck LaMarr Woodley. Donald Penn and that's what they're hoping is going to transform them. When you look at those particular guys. Do you see them as guys that are you know what they found another paycheck they found a place where they can play or can they bring something that is going to transform. The culture of the raiders back to one that's successful. Dot beyond it it's hard. To reverse aging in the NFL -- it army. Maybe collectively Marie -- through all the argument should be collectively have a career year we haven't ever seen. -- guys don't Oakland rarely do we see. A picture of art. It could paycheck I -- to give you a lot more credit I mean we are solid. People so -- football players. We just to talk about retiree two years ago back Nike cannot -- -- a year ago. -- -- Most -- -- the fact that they went out the names that you mentioned plus others. Tell you that. They have to win now they have to win this year -- it sounds that are here it's not like eight eagle out there he get that great free agent that should only to -- -- contract it's stickier this secure they're getting guys. There and -- and -- There's a big efforts right now it's not like -- -- are going to be for all of a -- produce this year or. That's -- we're seeing media including the general manager. Eternal. -- don't turnaround this year. Brian bawling her during the Eagles now a lot of vehicle interest because the niners are gonna play the Eagles in week four. Out here at the new Levi's stadium I think if you leave now you'll be able to get into the stadium time but I guess bolted down in San. That is going to be attracted no doubt about it I -- you talk to PR efforts efforts that look like they've got two jobs. Got a ticket at a team and and that you know the -- ready well. It so it fulltime but he's going to be I mean. And I'd love. I love this and I mean I was please with special. Image you'll love -- stick. Are you love animals that are. Right what did you love about it. I loved everything about where stalked away allowed coming into ask apology and it should land on. Walking you to do the title you know onto the field and -- don't that you bite. You though. He's athletic on the wind took it that it doesn't have the -- -- -- -- -- And they are about to develop the field like that placed it on and so it. Thought. That it during that week it's it should go go to Q did you at all. It would week wore out its four year outlook turtle rate around and (%expletive) -- stayed there. You know hot out there are in Pennsylvania and it went through without it actually. They were down two point retreat that. Or that game it turned around -- that it. Out of eagle about it we ordered him to keep this big turnaround under chipped out. Via -- I I'm curious about Chip Kelly and and and about guys and generally come in and they come in with a different template of playing. And sometimes we look at these guys and we think it's a gimmick that it's. Where it's it's trickery and it's doesn't have lay eggs when you look at what Chip Kelly is doing and reining in sort of this new model. Do you do you buy in and say this is the base. For something bigger or is this just something that's going to be. Entertaining and takes you up a notch but eventually is gonna be seen as a fat. Now now -- I -- -- got -- guys were real and down it got an answer. And the next step. Andy's -- never stop speaking horse I mean a lot like Bill Walsh in my mind my news networks that it's always expanding it so many jumpers now. What the other team he's very bright. Attributed it well warriors on me notes that the nearest gym and matches don't match don't. Source for. You know recruiting and Alcatel. Almost -- hypnotic they're away a -- away. I think everybody questioned each one of those guys war. People questions those guys now doubt that anybody premier -- warriors no question -- tell. Lasting Bryant version mention the -- and a lot of people attacks against a -- and -- the -- and offensive lineman. So you get down in the trenches and guys love playing in the slop in the mud in the torn up grass in the trenches you know receivers probably did -- stick. Quarterbacks over the marked out of -- love this thickened and Ron Amadon. But one alignment gets in their man in the trenches is that what it's all about. About getting in the trenches as an offensive Monica's people say how could you love the stick you crazy. But it's because you played offensive line it got down and dirty in the dirt and -- At this particular 49ers over the last year stretch or thirteen in the late. Considering all that's -- deeper applied and how they play. You know what we have a deep -- upon that line as premature the -- reply. I mean we're just to meet. Strong now that. Want to -- -- right so I think they loved it and I yelled at that scene in the body in the program. Digital -- it played a lot would be eight feet from the group. Hey before we let you go your take on Colin -- -- signs the big deal. Are you are you a buyer or a seller in terms of Colin -- nick being the kind a quarterback. They can evolve into an elite quarterback and lead a team. To a Super Bowl victory. I like them a lot of really don't did you know it only then basically. But we are soccer league I mean I think it's stood the needle -- Salt. The improvement -- perhaps -- that line last year. Yet more weapons you gotta -- one hand tied behind your back some -- don't you wanna ride it out to do what you gotta be brought sorted out. And you got better season went on with more weapons more options. That he's got mortgage and so. -- -- -- -- that you saw a piece that a real bright future. Crime bawling her has a bright future because he keeps it going because of hot yoga which -- -- group. Still askew was even you know -- -- II I'm I'm I'm may have. Just shift my thinking Brian made a a very strong transfer. I like challenges so I'm I'm not afraid to venture out there. Richard Reid and you could agree. To apply to the body all. Drivers -- your test poorly to eyeball the UC a money I don't know where you know home all over the country does the Eagles pre season he doesn't.

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