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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/8/14 Hour 3

Aug 8, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your verified morning's program. Tony wrote all in her for a thousand will be back on Monday review prison here as always. And Aubrey Huff I don't know whether -- he's trying to straighten out Jake Peavy. You know we wind when the other two jokers are here even as oppose this Joseph screaming yeah. The both -- and I are verified on Twitter yes. Town is not in desperately wants to be I'm trying to help him and everybody else that I've had enough of Twitter and so does the audience I believe on the Texas board. Visibly shaken they want more Jon Lester. In -- Jon Lester could pitch. Every day I believe the Oakland days would would sweep the entire second half of the season. And goal in the world which they may do anyway obviously Lester brilliant again last night complete game three hitter eight strikeouts. A -- the twins three nothing meanwhile earlier the giants get Willie -- faulted. The first fourteen game winner in the majors one of the guys who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers and a -- of baseball junkie. How many people knew Willie Peralta. Would emerge as one of the best pitchers in baseball -- Cy Young legitimate Cy Young front runner right now on the National League. Right he's got to be if you -- front runner he's in the conversation of top three sure. Meanwhile another guys in the conversation mad bomb goes tonight. And if you think this is an easy road track. After the giants lose in Milwaukee Yemen paying attention to the Kansas city Kansas City Royals are good. That Milwaukee was good the Mets darkened and you know the giants do -- did go to New York they take three out of four from the Mets and go to Milwaukee -- -- a really good Milwaukee team that's playing better now they're going to Kansas City and facing a really good royals team. That a lot of people haven't been paying attention to right now they're one of the best teams if not the best team in baseball the way they've been playing the last couple weeks two and a half games out of the central. Yeah right there in the in the race for the second wildcard spot we'll talk Lester and more baseball Susan slots is gonna join us here at about ten minutes we got football. Last night niners get smoked in Baltimore. John Harbaugh. -- you know against -- brother you think he's tweeting and texting his brother today taunting him on Twitter. Sending -- messages. -- -- having his dad call him my guess is not don't -- the other way around anti if it was him three and a good beaten John. Three times that's our -- are often does that account obviously the 21 -- malware no -- no so Jim -- John Harbaugh can't say he's three and -- against his brother you can say it but. It's a little embarrassing. Joseph Flacco looking good last night in the obviously they got the guys out -- Flacco played one driver 180 yards 386 and -- total yards of offense and that's a concern for the giants because after strengthening the united we talked about it earlier when Jim Harbaugh. An obvious he's missing some players. Starts worrying about the defense at this stage is that just they wake up call or is that a legitimate concern if you're niner fan. The defense which has been the strength of this team. Without all the Smith for May be 68 games that's to be determined. And obviously without Navarro Bowman can this team get out of the gate. Or does it happen now rely on -- predicted the offense rationing and ratcheting it up a couple of notches let them make up the difference they have. Improve their array of offensive weapons -- Stevie Johnson. And Michael Crabtree back supposedly for the for for the entire year and -- Bolden. It is Vernon Davis shows up first day of -- of training camp about the bizarre hold out so you could potentially Carlos -- showed you some things last night there's some promise that they're going to be able to score a little more effectively. This year but out in last year's result aside I mean last night's result aside yeah the final stored as a matter and I believe the concern about the defects is legitimate but it had you met but it was going to be -- it was going to be legitimate. Regardless of what happened last night last night only makes you a little more troubled that the concerns about not having all -- Smith potentially fan I was. Wasn't there are Ballmer wasn't there and obviously those are three main guy -- right so is that a temporary concern you think Jim Harbaugh is legitimately concerned that the defense. The absolute backbone of -- team -- take a step back especially with all the Smith out -- Navarro Bowman out I think. I think you have to be I think you have to be -- look at. Look at who they play at the beginning of the year where you're talking about Brandon we'd -- the Dallas Cowboys are we wanted. Okay. Oh look a little pass that but you've got both Denver and Philadelphia in weeks four and five men they were one and two. In terms of yards last season. Net yards yep offense and that's a week for Eagles. Right and niners. So you've got and that's year I'm sorry I bet that's a -- -- Eagles the Eagles week four and Broncos will. That's and yes I Denver that's at Denver. Eagles column here on week -- -- got Arizona got cowboys bears cardinals Eagles chiefs the rams and Broncos the first seven weeks in rams actually two times in three weeks -- as they play him. Week six and then again -- week eight they're -- within our enemy bears week. Two top ten offense yet saints. Top five offense. So you're going to be going up against a lot of teams. That are capable of of moving the ball. And you're gonna be doing it with a compromise. Compromise defense now -- There are always gonna be solid there's just too much they've they've there's too much other talent there but they're not you're not if you're thinking that the 49ers. Are going to be working on the old template of winning with their defense. This coming season. There's a strong argument can be made that that's not going to be the case in the first half of the season and if you're expecting in the wind got to do another way. So we saw they niners last night not we'll see the raiders once again with a whole new offense basically we'll see match jobs whose coach. By the way is now the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens Gary Kubiak who obviously Joseph Flacco and those guys are right on the same wave length right away coming out of the game last night in the first pre season game. But now match obvious here. We're gonna see dark car bill Roman else he's gonna join us we'll preview the raiders which we'll hear later broad raiders at Minnesota 3 o'clock pregame our sister station. What's your biggest what's what's the frequency of the -- sister station 98 thought -- ninety point five -- fox. You -- beautiful bill Roman us you'll be on the pregame when John -- romo's gonna join us here. -- Bollinger was supposed to join us we have learned and he is in hot yoga at this hour. Talk about getting your my man card without a violation. -- to be on earlier in the week yes and he's very active he's all over the place NFL network I appreciate that. NFL films still time -- still on tape still you're not coming on the radio with Tony Bruno. A close personal friend no way tonight went Bryan herta is way way back because you're in hot yoga. But if you have a hot yoga class scheduled. Do you skip that when you're really into it to make a radio appearance -- do you go ahead make the radio appearance and blow off hot yoga. What would you do -- I words if it was for Tony Bruno. Yes I am -- called Dora is hot yoga I would call from the hot yoga class I'm deciding that I'm gonna get my work out and are my exercise and that day. On my own time and I'm gonna call Tony Bruton. By the way did you know that Aubrey Huff has also lululemon guy speaking -- -- -- audio yes you were yoga -- you can see through that they got in trouble for making them really -- -- to stop making. Remember the lululemon no I didn't know about -- it was a big yoga pants. Issue what's that meant much of the yoga pants -- see through. And the guys well be because of the form thinness. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- us your take on all of Twitter follow every half truth is life is gonna join us. You can Texas the Texas board began ninety by some the game dropped him text -- exploding is active more than you could possibly believe that. You can Texas a 95795. By the way yes before we leave the whole Twitter thing. I've left it -- -- know we have one last item to cover what kind of proves that Twitter. Has actual employees just a shell and its that's just a couple of a boiler room offices here in separate says that that is what your experience was but apparently we have no evidence to prove otherwise so so many other well I think we do. -- because apparently other than Logan during the break we got a voicemail. That the proves that they don't go to the bathroom in Bangalore where. We do we have that we Claiborne yeah voicemail the -- -- -- I heard you guys are asking -- real humans -- Twitter. I -- -- -- entire complexion look just like you I don't appreciate you insinuating I'm not real. By the way tell me you will never be verified. -- -- While that's legit to sell it there about how 9000 there in an appearance after about thirty years if it is he's on British on the stuff it always sounds veterans bridges -- now I had done it it does it truly does exactly. So there you go while that was good that would -- I thought I was gonna be some hokey thing that would really impressive that someone who actually works tour. Wow now that wasn't Logan the guy -- call in early on I was this dome there is hope you'll. And I would go there won't go there is a nice day let's -- -- well I say it's not his real name that that but that's -- had. That's his name on the masthead. Is this cell phone. DIZ. These steal that from Bismarck key. It is DA. Again you're asking me busy I have seriously dynamite. Dude. With Biz Stone. Humans started let me get Larry -- here before Susan -- -- joins us to talk more baseball. Larry what's going on out there this morning man. Not that -- click -- MacBook Air is that -- -- -- it's good -- Well let's go to Twitter -- -- once a year. Well. They are picture it was a great victory a -- out -- to me. -- -- You -- we've been talking pop -- is so I actually tweeted a picture all four cases. I'll pop -- on one of those. Tell parents trolleys where they deliver them. I don't know he was suggesting that he has a hand truck with those four cases of pop -- ready to drop off of the studios here you know whether he was just delivering it to some other actually. Place of business actually congress if that was true. Let gossip created reflect any -- Betty we're -- the -- Sports Radio like the senate well Tuesday. -- Yeah you can -- about these guys here who don't I guess they have tasty cakes now you can probably get him out here right. The most I have allowed market I think I'll make a trade you send me it's it's. Back east but it's hard to ship those -- fridge rated and I'll ship you some tasty cake shall make a trade in East Coast trade. Since that I don't. -- thought -- tell -- that article all I hear you can't on radio. Well thank you Larry it's great to be heard but -- them a couple of hours are once again will observe radio silence. It will be sort of like quarters that -- showing death which is can be sent -- the sending the sonar paying out there you'll disappearance why would you do. When you go on to you when you try to find me when you call me it'll just be that analyst home for the past pattern that you see on TV that you used to -- by the way Christopher Isaak stone. Calls himself Biz Stone okay. Is that a hipster. Yes I show you that picture he's the co-founder of Twitter and also helped to create and launch. Sang god blogger. Moldy old. The obvious corporation and medium yet all companies that I followed very closely and -- heavily invested in the which I didn't do a Twitter because I didn't think -- would ever make money and now the stock is gone through hoops exactly. Same thing with FaceBook not that'll never work why not buy stock yeah. That's why I'm broke and filling in for Chris Townsend on 957 against the -- is gonna join us. Did MLB really. Apply for the trademark. Dead he then dot -- of -- he and yes I don't get that our nightly animal are on all that's right cabin and a lot with -- game. That was probably trademarked that apparently there. They're trying to nail it down and they're gonna put that on T -- it's -- if you can make money off and -- migrate. To try to capitalize on beautiful and it's an outrage. To no avail. Well let's go to someone who's got the game she's got to be dazzled you've been watching this -- team. Over the chronicle. He's an -- insider she Susan slots -- and even though we got the Jon Lester man he's good. Has even better -- as Susan as average better than advertised or is he what you expected after the first three outings for the Oakland Athletics. One of our people like. Back on the beat Ireland that the you don't -- our land that helium. Yeah that you've -- Where -- started. Where he struggled a little bit whenever you click the link between. -- -- You know one of particular batter or whatever is going on he looks exactly like the nominee Eric. Yeah I thought about it felt like it or not I can say MM Jack. And brilliant but I did it was made to him that it will be. -- so I don't know that I could say it is looking at content guys like not my call. And at the. Mother oysters and are -- a Twitter headquarters because your your phone is really money were are you. I'm confident -- -- -- thirty -- have so maybe a step. -- -- -- UND are you dial up by the way you'll fail while what are you -- subscribers. Because if you are we have a guy named recommended in San Mateo and I would I would like to meet you still listens to -- record -- on -- exactly. -- -- It is it's good pay -- we just saw it gives you -- going to the other end of the spectrum at the moment. We saw Sonny gray with I I have to think probably the most disappointing start that he's had. Since he's joined the big club I can't think of of one where. He went sideways as he did the other day what was what was happening there what was different about sunny this timeout. Let him. Met I think he certainly wasn't gonna attract and -- -- mentioned a little bit obliquely and there wouldn't get the benefit of acute strikes you know one thing. I think that I don't doubt that Sherlock I don't like you know. -- up in his head certainly didn't help them and I started may be trying to pick a little bit much tried -- you know figure out exactly. -- -- gonna get them call and you get Cadillac you know I don't think it's anything. To be alarmed about they're also you know. As only happen in start like that earlier pictures. You know really timely blue with guys on page or an error and at last an -- you know it it really wasn't quite a patent numbers looked. And also didn't squeak a little bit I mean not not -- beyond that I. Good its luster he's insider for the San Francisco chronicle joining us -- Tony Romo ice tonight in and say hi and haven't talked June for a reply. Cunningham apparently can not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I start. I pay the speaking of a frivolity DA's. When. I don't know whether it's Johnny Jones coming back in or whether it's just strength feeling good about his game and and feeling like he can be a little more loose or just being back around. But they are starting to have more of the feel. Of the gays. Of two years ago. Then at any time and certainly this season where they just felt a little more buttoned up maybe it's Stephen -- doing his thing with. With Johnny Gaza just just hysterical. Are you are you getting -- are you getting a sense being around him on a daily basis they were seen in this team's personality shift. I don't. Go on that as the impact or get I don't know there's. And had to cancel a professional athlete at this kind of charisma but I don't know that there's another professional they. With Johnny you know can you not like a star player England it's good role player at his job he doesn't well. But his career in light up the track and he can bring a clubhouse. Together like no one I've ever seen. -- it pretty it regret that any -- up the economy back. -- vote and I'm glad that he made those that want to hit land them. Don't -- on the radar -- I think you -- the department of both go a little old miners got him though. That's not the only you can be a reality show eagerly. There we saw the MLB intentional talks segment yesterday. -- vote. Was actually the front I mean he was hilarious and you know Gomes as the -- Lucy good seat he took like the second banana rolled the ball and was absolutely brilliant playing and NBA official. That vote it's hysterical the united got like an acting background and his. Didn't like that in he would of wanted to do if he had not and a national bit out there would be like a Broadway actor. Review that -- spike yeah. Yeah and I think -- -- that he can sing. You won that when he was great technician who won their talent show so many years you wrote -- candidate -- make him the empty net. On the -- -- so is there is or is there some other act that you've seen. That is as good as doing the NBA referee because. He had it. He had it nailed. Hello Rick and I and if you're playing and that that is. -- Yeah yeah he he he he had it he mean. He got him every which way the minute my brother and I thought if you have seen it. Yet you haven't seen -- -- you've seen and we've seen and grant. You gotta go to we're gonna put we put -- on -- 957 to gain an idea that we're gonna put it up there it is brilliant television on the MLB network with a great Chris Rose. And yes even cabinet -- and it's just absolutely hilarious and that's what we were talking about earlier about are the days when you look at their lineup vs the angels who obviously got their heads handed to them by the Dodgers this past. More games. Are they losing to a seat to the point work you don't have to have a superstar -- lineup like the angels do. And that kind of lose this and togetherness. Is maybe it's intangible what we can see when you got the great pitching when you go deep into the post season which they hope to do this year maybe go all the way. My opponent but then it. I with a little bit off the wall -- let alone it being great character karma or public back early and need. And I I think they also like had a little bit of an underdog. All well. Susan your phone. Is at a wireless and cordless phone are you on a cell phone. She can't answer -- Well it's -- sabotage went down are we being blocked now because of all the. I'll wait a while you're there about maybe Renault and sort of you lost you are useful on the air tonight and -- -- looked at -- -- are you moving around you stationary right now I am not living now why. Are you doing sweat yoga right now are you standing still hot you are -- I hope it didn't under throw I'll say this. Isn't a man is it a violation for a man to do about yoga. He'll figure it out and Elaine one authority and -- cream actually every year Atlanta learned how little he -- -- -- -- coming out you delight at every my yoga -- you figure out -- Yeah it was trying to figure out Hanley with -- when you're trying to figure it out the answer is yes he does lululemon maker an amendment does lululemon make mail yoga pants is Weller is just throwing. And do not wanna know I don't want to see that. -- I'm just looking at. Over the last four or five games. Hitting and scoring position I've got the I got -- at like six for 35. And I of them obviously one. What three on the last four so I I don't wanna I don't wanna sound. On do a long arms but I look at I look at the -- going all in and getting Lester and we're going for a World Series and it's not that. I would necessarily make the deal assessments for Lester. But I just wonder. Susan is the rest is this team I don't Jon Lester is up to World Series level. Can we make the case that this is the time to go all in with this group does it -- Is that the -- until I'm saying bike. Is is it is it a matter of you just add Lester and now you're ready to go I if I feel like I can make the argument. It's a little premature to say this team is on the tip of winning the World Series. Well I think every team has a lot. Certainly -- and they don't happen in the clothing line up and it Daryn I. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. You know I thought that out immediate aftermath of the trade that. They'll be fine their unit has always been able scratch out runs and cap hill and of course we have the Turkey that loved to court late. And that has -- -- not indicate what -- try to eat a lot tier ticket at central and accept now they have no -- Very legitimate concern I don't know that we may yet the -- the team at that point you going up front and a and a laughter you can get picky -- Yeah but I pointed out we know what -- Austin Harry Reid talks about the 2010 giants and one of the things was the the guys camaraderie in the because their lineup against the Phillies nobody predicted that they would beat the Phillies who came down to pitching and clutch hitting and they weren't they had some obviously stars with Buster Posey leading the way. But it doesn't matter whether your lineups better than the other team comes down to pitching and camaraderie and that's why pointed out how the camaraderie of the days. Keeps guys loose. When they get into a does that mean they're gonna win all but I think the the clubhouse dynamic is so important when you've got great pitching and you got a couple of guys and get you some clutch hits. Yes and you know who -- don't particularly get erratic. And -- and pretty well and it yet but you don't turn in a manner and I think that -- I'm Mark McGwire is that. -- do I would bet that camaraderie has that impact on him swinging the bat. Well I think Redick can pick two win he had been -- where you struggle you I'm not thinking a little bit too much which are uncommon and they act. Acting in -- are trying to -- too much start stretching. Eating at eat it. -- keep him light. You know keep them from. You know getting inside of them had too much -- called enough on. I. A little bit electric that maybe Donald Taylor he can't and are getting a little -- and and eternal true. You know we need to do everything right now I've run home run. Ye -- -- I think that's exactly where you're trying to get the heart of the matter. Kiki you I'm very pretty much I'm open to look at key -- our content which -- But can't get your you know you can continue. On the edge all the time. Susan slots or not. Not one did not admit that her husband hasn't backed indulged in sweat yoga hot yoga which -- you hitter Matt were wrecked -- -- MySpace told you earlier today -- Brian bawling her response to join us some football guy former lineman. He does hot yoga almost every day review group called about an -- you admitted that your husband in fact and other professional athletes engage in such activities as well. -- I think it's an emerging trend. -- to -- stands out. Susan thanks for joining us but the doctor happened. Thanks his -- from the San Francisco chronicle your -- inside us a lot of good days inside stuff right there is enough. Yes. Especially the the. Pactiv Gomes on -- that makes a lot of sense. Because those guys that care about each other Lucy Lucy Google follow them. When guys are gone through tough times as she points out that kind of stuff could be just not a guy needs who's struggling. To look at his teammates and say analysis have some fun to go out there play ball chemistry. Camaraderie in baseball this because of all the time to spend around each other. And how my -- the periods of execution are and having to be loose and those little moments. It's what makes a lot of we'll talk some football Bill Romanowski gonna join us and yet we still have to get to -- all -- white guy decorum segment. It's very of maybe the most important segment you'll hear all week. Right here let's get that that that next we'll do that next right here on 95 cent of the game the bay -- new sound for sports. You know what else is still ahead here Tony Bruno -- fielder with the united by a seven game. Today as the big grand prize. -- -- WWE. Summers' slam ticket slate was. Yeah I remember we'd be giving away tickets all week to the SEP senator the last event before wrestle mania in the Bay Area. You mean you mean we go out of our way to make sure that each and every one of our listeners is going to be verified by Twitter. We tried no matter how well we're not done we're still working on. And we're about to. -- -- every one or help everyone with the social cause of white man awkwardness. Yes in social such -- this is station for all the people -- we will actually give credit. To the African American community. Because they do -- right -- and because they do it right when it comes to citations greetings -- hogs and all the other things white guys. Suddenly don't know what to do anymore. And we're gonna get away WW he's. Gonna give away WWE. Tickets to the fraught brawl and a meet and greet. As we be giving away tickets every day. And today the big grand prize we're gonna do differently because I don't -- just say our caller number five and that somebody calls and doesn't really care is -- just want something for free in the really wanna -- We're gonna make sure that you really are legit WWE. Fan and there are a lot of them and the person who gets this prize. Should actually be like the real WW. He sort of like grant is -- Jacksonville jaguar fan. And will be watching Tampa Bay -- Jacksonville tonight. You gotta -- that's going -- Blake -- don't yeah you gotta be that legitimately behind a team to admit like you're Jacksonville jaguar fan living in the Bay Area generally giving -- too much credit. Because they'll be watching cricket after that. And I don't know that he has necessarily any knowledge of the jaguar emotional tie and there are real legit wrestling fans and they would want this is distraught role now this is front row at a meeting greet with the wrestlers. So you can get you might be able to get some fake tans brand yourself accidentally city -- exactly. Well early some sweater or foreign object falling on the trunks or something good possibility that you will do that in the next hour. And also awaiting Bill Romanowski to talk race Minnesota Vikings tonight and the big controversy their courses. Match job or Derek Kerr -- you make the call we'll talk about that's -- Mac really as good as advertised exactly. I play and enjoy -- before it gets or broke things down. -- is a Jacksonville jaguar. Colorado Avalanche. Sacramento king an Arizona Diamondbacks fan -- had that right. How does that are missing anybody is there any other team to follow closely. As grant live the drop in the Bay Area. Sacramento -- it was your favorite college fourteen college football team. Notre Dame powder day I'll way to throw that was the Miami Heat in the -- there at least to -- local Libre through the Sacramento Kings where he grew up in Sacramento. But how do you get all those other teams in the mix. It's like this works much like -- why he's you know I grew up in Connecticut so you figure he's -- be a Yankee or -- family was -- front runner but he's -- cowboys fan and a he says stink in Dallas cowboy fan who grew up in Connecticut. And an apologetic almost holed some violation. Of everything that sports is supposed to be. But anyway let's get to the important issue I guess again -- African American community love. Because one when African American guys see each other. They got a handshake right and they got the brawl there's no awkwardness so yesterday we're leaving after our post game meeting yes you and I you'll reach out what they fist pump yes I reach dollars in open hand this ball. This ball I reach out what the open hand and and the awkward moment Dana White guys -- Why then do you go to the open hand for his answer did which I did more to I have to quickly -- -- the. This home right and fist bump this bomb and what the pound which is to say the pound pound sign. Hash tags so this is what I -- white guys so I put out the fist bump. And I don't come -- -- -- hand I think OK that's right you have to do that the fist -- may not be in Tony's social lexicon let me go to -- and I and his -- I know so did you go to the fist bump and I've already gone to the open hand now. And it's awkward it was awkward right. Because white guys don't know what to do and they can't quickly -- I -- because it becomes awkward and this is the problem and an -- and I mentioned it. That she it's done for Greeks. It's the Huggins it is very and a three kisses like syrup. Julian I want kids are here but my family's from Italy and my buddy -- got a pass from Italy write the great for prior to our restaurant palmary here at second and our right. I know immediately -- -- if you don't reach for the hand you immediately go to the full embrace but -- brawl which is waited until hand over both shoulders embrace and kisses on each -- that's an Italian European think yeah the Greeks do some people do three -- 123. The hog is automatic as her little body -- there on top Democrat to depends on how close you -- isn't what you're gonna break -- -- later on but now we go back to white guys. Who are not Europeans. Who just don't know what to do and then there's the hog too but the hog with a swipe brawl -- usually just the casual one shoulder Poland. Not the full embrace right so what do you do. How do you fix that and how we fix the awkward moments that occur each and every day whether it's at a ball game whether you're playing softball. No matter you got your fantasy league you gotta have a fantasy draft soon right. You gonna say -- your friends what do you do we needed to establish a new set that we -- there's unwritten rules we need to make the rules in right he's exactly right bush said this the reason that we have this issue. Is that. White guys come from all over yet and are trying to be different things at different times correct. And so there's no established -- -- personal but we need to establish one I agree. I think we all can agree on this all the white people listening so there's you already got Europeans you know what to do. Brother and don't you think by march when it went when. When a white dude. Meets a black guy you know. You know what it is -- low spots yeah I had chicken you know if you're gonna demand shaiken a little pro hockey don't you know I mean if you -- no if you if you know each other. You know that's us and there's no by and large is no awkwardness is there is she's because the white guys screwed up. But I we have to determine right now immediately that -- that that's a fist bump handshake no we're not that we're gonna get some input on this forget because we need to do is define it and define it and something that makes sense. So. Let's see old white guys don't know what to do now you elect guys who's sorry I have an old white guy I know although I don't look I've seen plenty of young white guys you don't know what to do either. We're trying to help you do what's right. That's why we're here for to help you so help us help you -- so techsters -- you can you can tweet us. At 957 the game or Texas that 95795. Or you can follow me on Twitter -- Tony Bruno show tweet me what should be the new white guy greeting. They unity -- also white guy greeting that you can fall back to you don't know the other white guy you don't have an established relationship you don't know how to -- post traumatic. -- -- Servers -- have a have a handshake we know what to do. Depending on what let's where you are in Hawaii or California. Yeah I don't know and I don't Abidjan capital bag coming out in front facing 24 basically -- yeah. Your friends you know right. So if you don't know if you don't know we need to establish. What it's going to be the universal and white guys. Greedy exactly Texas your suggestions 95795. Or at 957 again. Answering questions questioning answers diamond -- baseball -- was a safe fun competitive environment. These kids know what to do. You improve youth baseball on athletic skills for the summer -- skills of keep your job busy during the summer. As well sharpen their baseball technique for more information visit the events page at 957. Big game dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- And if he gets out of sweat yoga Brian -- your. On 957 a game today areas new -- for sports. 57 game PGA -- Answering questions. We are ready you know Jon Lester is a great pitcher we are ready you know that the days are in good shape now free games and the giants. Now going to Kansas City. What can -- from playing well they're good team and they're on the road the giants are. Coming out of Milwaukee a good team they lose two out of three we'll see whether they can get a going in and the pressure when they come back. But the issue of the day underwear now dealing with as we get ready to talk to -- rubble to voice. Is -- that's touched a nerve -- and it came because of just something. Organic that happened yesterday. This is not your organic egg sandwich some of the best things happened this store and ironically it's the -- -- and -- we know each other along time but it's always say goodbye. You put the fist down I put a hand out and it happens to everybody. And now we're getting some of the most amazing suggestions ever done right. My favorites so far -- -- -- -- down -- display of it is export -- went too far you can go is the open hand. And and and and and no -- yes there it is open handshake that slides to knuckle grip. And thumb war battle. That's -- that's the bad stuff that's like next level that is Perry gets like level to that does got to be real basic. We're trying to deal is like a white guy -- -- -- gonna try to right the unwritten rules so that you have the basics and then as you get better at it yeah. You move yes yes -- well but that's the problem too is everybody has a different definition we had win another one about. The advanced. If you're advance to get to change it up a little bit and the problem is everybody has a different -- definition most people have an inflated sense of where they are on the spectrum. You by the way how -- of Eagles -- them -- raiders -- Eagles to fan -- the secondary shaping up -- Badly the cal boy yeah that -- let's really let's break that down after pre season. Game one C I know how to. I can vary because I can do Michael I know somebody's Italian I can do the double kisses up my my relatives and my friends and but I still don't have the handshake this thing ready for those strangers that I meet or even people that I know who don't know what to do. Let's go to the follows Michael in Fairfield. He has the answer I think of one on one suggestion to help decide this issue Michael what's gone on I don't knighted by some of the game. -- -- -- Well absolutely fine -- anyway here in the paint Obama light and my dad but I ordered its weight. You know to compare unit. Our big white guy at the proper -- not attempting -- yeah I think he'd go oh -- -- even now we're winning in Dublin because he did get built in Kabul. What the other part of it. In his symptom about camping and I kept my time. Am older and in -- out of -- where it wanted -- hadn't -- two and a regular week you get it all together on. You that I can't get an issue like. It's awkward Tony and I think just -- -- could -- proper way to beat in the paint should be done this way and it's about love and emotion in hospital. Absolutely you're absolutely right and hogging my relatives and family my whole life I've been kissing my kids my whole life but I I gave the African American community credit. To take it to the next level with a handshake and the hawks. And now more hogs are more universally accepted between men. I think we you know I think we -- and we can trail -- back to something we got into yesterday and you blame the hamsters in -- on this what do they do as well. I mean they wanted to greet each other names and I don't know MI no idea that there are good how they have -- a brick refers to you know how they do -- I don't know are the scenic pictures greet one another. It's it's got to be kind of newfangled I would fake but here's the thing we're. We come from this sort of semi real facts rejected a management stuff like you come from that sort of lost speed puritanical he's right he's right in terms of that. That who we don't we get too close we don't want to touch we don't wanna. Will show that familiarity. Unless we're trying to be cool yeah and I think a lot of white guys try to be cool with the brawl on dry it's warm and it's more comfortable there. For some reason. But white guy with white guy. The East -- keep that distance. Tiger not me I'm never had a problem hugging and kissing a -- you like you know Renaissance man you're now ahead of my time the don't doll like the full body Hogg. Now like a little while and a little bit a tunnel yet you don't have that now I don't know how many had just gone a little farther just on both cheeks. And the good brawl hog ball arms if you know somebody in there and you know them well that's would you do you have just got to complete stranger. Use them unless they got to verified Twitter I guarantee you of -- the security guards and said yeah I got a number for you can make you walked out after being verified. You would giving him the full -- and never having met him before not Bismarck you know the guy runs. This place who is stone when -- resistance let's go to -- in Walnut Creek. Matt you have though you have help for us here to help fix this problem. -- actually have help on multiple front is due out front -- Electric actually live in Portland. And a period. Portion. -- -- Not at all or don't want us -- -- it. I can't -- -- it struck out there aren't everything that is not -- belt. Primarily but it got -- -- -- and why not know what I watched it there. But -- can't. Back. I think that it can't. Actual auction that you all go straight and managing. To help them a -- relationship. And we'll answer one and a half. Electric couple I -- -- count only on the ball in court on sports. -- know about it. Annika -- now deputy. On the golf course on how to attend that debate. Did she want them know we're going to throw up I can't I. But this time. You know I think that's all -- except to make the birdie pot that's after you do 303. Minutes nothing but the bottom of the net man. They went right on everything until high the high five is strictly. Sports is acknowledged. Yes it's the fifth time especially in a social setting that setting that can't be. That can't be degree I agreed real well. I -- -- anything -- -- -- that was very well thought out especially as desperate and were dead fish that makes all the sense in the world might not you know what I've never shaken hands with an answer that's why did not know that when you meet somebody and you think you're going to be an impressive firm -- you don't have business said he -- suits on you're -- business things -- and -- guy comes -- he's executive. And he gives you dead fish yeah there's nothing all the worst kind of agree -- well actually the only thing that would be worse is that he came -- he tried -- -- -- What are you gonna do -- you cannot answer that high -- -- it looked like as much of a dork is beat us. Coming over the next hour Bill Romanowski scheduled to appear -- get you ready for the raiders and the Minnesota Vikings we'll talk more baseball. And yes we'll give away the wrestling rock road tickets all still ahead on next hour right here on 957 a game the bay area of new -- for sports.

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