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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/8/14 Hour 4

Aug 8, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And started again Mellon Collie down. It is 902. It is the final hour but what has been a whirlwind week. The radio broadcasting top story hijinks. Roaming the Streets of San Francisco. They'll all come to an end tonight when I do the live good hit on Ethiopia and the Keith Olbermann show -- storming the gates and Twitter exactly. I went down I try to get questions answered it does -- does just plopped in here just talk on the radio -- four hours today wreaking Havoc and mayhem. And fixing all that's broken not just in broadcasting but in the world would grow hogs and white man decorum awkward white men problems. And Brian balling is gonna join us Bill Romanowski this hour to talk a lot of football -- you know an avid baseball last night by -- -- -- you know Jon Lester is good. Complete game three hit eight strikeout masterpiece news flash this just in. Meanwhile the giants earlier today -- Peralta when I said he was in the conversation -- Cy Young candidates I get a couple of guys who really have a lot of time on their hands telling me -- not what about Clayton Kershaw of course I did say he was the winner but I -- he's in the conversation. A conversation that no one had a even mentioned in the prior to the season starting. You can't ought to look somebody came at me said hey Yvonne Smith missed five games last year. I said he missed five games last year sometimes you can say things and people accuse you know I don't not take that did a stand a very seriously. At the stats about the Kansas City Royals record I don't know with a record is another playing good baseball right. And -- good team and now the giants have to go on their coming off losing two out of three in Milwaukee and they stem of the Dodgers beat up on the angels three out of four. And I mentioned to Anaheim is -- and since the all star break we have we have mr. hot yoga. We have a busy out of high yoga class we learned earlier today from Susan's luster. The writer for the chronicle that her husband was doing hot yoga. And when we found that the Brian -- -- -- -- hot yoga session earlier Rick you Kirk took it upon himself. To criticize Brian ball here -- -- NFL now worm as a guy who is he should be losing his man card. We're doing high ideals I don't think I said he would lose his man car let's bring them on to face the music and bases accuser. Steal her bride ball I'm Bryant museum -- yet installed our hardball our MS. Welcome -- Joni you -- -- -- don't -- -- get back into the lake. You're standing there are your career in the back throughout hot yoga room amused about reporting is it's got to secure. Fuel. -- really -- we ought to be wrong with. How long have you been look at technical people be like Tony can get. Thank you. Ryan how. -- know how you even doing audio. I have a very serious addiction to that clout that it -- -- my fourteenth year of doing it. Really why I look as the factor not just a trend yet are you are a DOT. I got way ahead of the curve back in Hawaii in 2001. End up. And what -- -- what what part of the first lead you into it. -- out former team and a -- Eagles would duck coach yet why a doctor for the pro ball flight you're you're worked out in. To your point here -- -- like yeah we -- -- economic it to -- over classified and I laughed and I got and I Dahlia okay right. All about halfway through the class what my -- -- drag on the floor. I said well I'd better get back here tomorrow because on this -- in my -- today. While this is way before hot yoga pants -- the trend on every woman out there. Our political hot yoga it's not there's no pain that I know it's not hot and you're not -- it's not yoga and hot pants -- -- -- AMBER Alert. They're going funny hop in the morning was the site. Yeah it's going to be all the recent. More on the various multi ball man Brian Mueller Indiana on network we saw the niners last night I don't Balt you'll be doing the Eagles and bears tonight. In pre season football did you get a chance to see any of an artist is Jim Harbaugh after the game says you know his his defense and I know they're missing a lot of guys got torture 386 yards. By buddy I'm not just Joseph Flacco on the first drive eighty yards. Deep yet Tyrod Taylor who went in there. If you're the niners with and -- built on defense are you concerned at all through Jim Harbaugh is it just I you know why it's just the first pre season games. -- -- going to be -- slaughter by the coach I would never be happy with our first received a no matter what the result. I mean they're still training camp but I won't be concerned -- -- walked a lot of really good players. The more Ballmer might have been the best player last year he -- start to see because rockers is -- studies on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes -- trapped export doubt in the ready to apply its sometimes. They don't work out sometimes -- never plight so it's never guarantee when you lose really good player. Richard just easily -- -- replace them and then when you lose a guy like Glenn Dorsey already put the seat of you know I mean that's not a guarantee that you go out in the top five defense right now. It and you also look at the prospect of not having on the Smith for. 68 games so I can look you don't wanna get too upset over one. Pre season results. Particularly. Against the ravens and -- you know and and you -- -- -- do not playing your top of competition -- -- playing your top players. By and considering how much the 49ers have been built on defense. All of those absentees. Cast did that how how do you play that in the equation of the 49ers overall and what you expect from this season. How did you used to -- -- not meet the trap dirt reed personnel -- the player. Jacket reward this year the first round you know or Robert cutting. Now you know -- watching Dwight into early season and the Seattle actually made a rule change. Because Croatia Ian Williams padded ankle broken by Seattle you are -- but you know on the Glenn Dorsey stepped out outdoors he's gone. You know maybe you know -- -- -- somebody else stepped up -- data held its bet that he last year. It -- seem like it bothered him all that much I mean they have been able to replace in overcome walked through. In the last three or -- Jim -- per year what 41 games I mean nobody in the sleep well or one game per year so. I'm sure it's. Popular to that team report that. -- being able to overcome losses in the actions. -- prime balding early NFL network locked in to football everywhere not just the Philadelphia Eagles and he lives and -- breaks down more film than anybody I've ever seen. Are -- I got the raiders tonight and once again the reset button has been hit at the quarterback position match jobs in here and then Derek cars the back up. Do you foresee because shop gets paid the money the Derek Carr doesn't get a shot a lot of fans love him here is local area guy. Does he get to the -- start calling for Derek -- quickly if match job doesn't start playing well right there right away. I'm not sure that's gonna play out Tony -- -- I mean. I think there -- going to be inaudible for the embassies and whether we won I'm not sure right now. I mean it's it's hard to overcome. The experience that match up I mean I -- hysterical public about the pure system -- literally he would never in pocket. Good government pocket collapsing around him may be in the ball game against USC Las Vegas to bid. He showed a little bit -- Delhi are getting in the Arctic in a while much York. Much obviously so much or -- went back to -- in Aladdin and certainly that Monday that Houston. It's hard for me to believe that our car can make up for the experience that match up house. The there's there's been some criticism of what the raiders did as far as free agency. Because they went and got got got some guys that are a little long in the tooth just talk LaMarr Woodley. Donald -- and that's what they're hoping is going to transform them. When you look at those particular guys. Do you see them as guys that are. You know what they found another paycheck they found a place where they can play or can they bring something that is going to transform. The culture of the raiders back to one that's successful. It RBIs it's hard. To reverse aging in the NFL -- Dick -- Maybe collectively Marie Jones through all the guys you mention maybe collectively have a career year. We haven't ever seen. Guys don't Oakland rarely do we see that had a chance art. It's a paycheck I would probably give you got a lot more credit I mean -- -- are solid. People solid football players. We just to talk was big about retiree two years ago we had a bad Nike cannot -- -- a year ago at a teacher. Mostly by Arctic the fact that they went out -- got the names that you mentioned plus others. Tell you that they have to win now they have. The win this year for that -- -- -- it's not like -- go out there and get that midrange free agent that should only to a second contract it's stickier this secure they're getting guys. There and their chant cheer. There's a big efforts right now it's not like -- -- are going to be either for -- mean -- -- produce this year or. That's all we're seeing media out there including the general manager immediately all eternal. Debate don't turn around this year. Brian ball you're doing deals now a lot of legal interest because the niners are gonna play the Eagles in week four. Out here at the new Levi's stadium I think if you leave now you'll be able to get into the stadium in time but I guess bolted down -- -- That is going to be an -- -- no doubt about it I mean you talk to PR staff and temperature it looked like it got two jobs. This particular team and and they got you know at the stadium ready to dial -- so it's full time but it is going to be exciting I mean I mean I love him. Well I love this -- and I mean I was -- -- special what. And you'll love -- stick. Around you'll love Candlestick Park. What did you leveling the. I loved everything about where it was tucked away a loved -- coming into accept lower seeded Richard Land allowed. Walking into new the title you know onto the field and have a -- don't matchup by you know. Some -- let go and the wind took yeah that's and doesn't have the Ronald. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about to step on the -- them out disliked this is going to be on and be special. Don't look at you. That gave it to its distinct that -- global war it can't just go because if you looked at Jim Harbaugh it would week floor of this four year term outlook we turtle recognized around -- -- -- Cincinnati stayed there. You know -- out there are important to that are important Pennsylvania gas and then they went to pull -- could actually. They were down two point retreat. They -- back -- that game and they have turned it around or sit back in. Now to -- Eagles come out there reporter looking to keep this thing turned around under chipped out. Via -- I I'm curious about Chip Kelly and and and about guys and generally come in and they come and with a different template of playing. And it's sometimes we look at these guys and we think it's a gimmick dates. Where it's it's trickery and it doesn't have legs when you look at what Chip Kelly is doing. And bringing in sort of this new model. Do you do you buy in and say this is the base. For something bigger or is this just something that's going to be entertaining and takes you up a notch but eventually is gonna be seen as a fat. Now now -- -- -- -- guys were real and he got an answer. And the next step. -- -- never stopped spanking horse I mean a lot like Bill Walsh in my mind my book news networks that it's always expanding its always changing depending on personnel and what the other team he's very bright attributed pick up the -- 1240 years -- on me notes. And he never Jim and matches don't match don't. Source for. You know recruiting and in the Alcatel. Our site hypnotic they're away a different way. I think everybody questioned each one of those guys well more. -- question those guys now doubt that anybody -- year careers or your personal question -- out. Last thing -- version mentioned mistaken a lot of people attacks against -- -- allowed -- to -- offensive lineman. So you get down in the trenches and guys love playing in the slop in the mud in the torn up grass in the trenches you know receivers probably did -- stick. Quarterbacks over the mountain out of a -- mistaken and Ron Amadon. One lineman gets in their man in the trenches is that what it's all about. About getting in the trenches as an offensive Monica's people say how -- you love the stick you crazy. But it's because you played offensive line got down and dirty in the dirt Ahmad. I think that the ship to -- 49ers the last three years with the master French or thirteen in the late. Considering all equipment people applied and how they play. You know whether or we have a -- to front or our -- -- -- the -- it's -- I mean you're just about to -- strong now that. One game to its right so I think elaborate and I yelled at the collapsed into the body in the -- program. I -- -- don't -- -- they play in the parking lot would be a paper this group. Hey before we let you go your take on Colin -- -- signs the big deal. Are you are you a buyer or a seller in terms of Colin -- -- being the kind of quarterback. They can evolve into an elite quarterback and lead a team. To a Super Bowl victory. I like them a lot of really don't not particular. Note only and basically. But to New York starter in this -- I mean I think it's stood the needle all the way up -- The improvement is -- Crabtree came in that lineup last year. The yet you're more weapons you gotta be played on one hand tied behind your back someday. You'll you'll writing -- that they -- -- -- -- -- -- be able to draw sorted out. And he got better season went on with more weapons more options. That beat up mortgage -- and that's so. The -- and -- that you stopped our speech at a real bright future. I'm bawling her as a bright future because he keeps it going because of hot yoga which Rick -- Still askew was even know Leslie LA II I'm I'm I'm may have. At the shift my thinking Brian made a a very strong case for. I like challenges so I'm I'm not afraid to venture out there. Registry and -- Agreed to leave the green out of little minds look at the body golf. Drives all -- they -- eyeball the UC -- -- -- -- -- -- multnomah all over the country does the Eagles pre season he does everything he's great symbolic thanks so much vendor of the talking. Areas -- Nebraska breakdown right there. Covered at all -- how many guys who don't really. Present and you can get a guy on the easy go to break down the niners in the raiders at that level seriously. You gonna get that a lesser guy who follows the team very nice there are still he breaks down and a good news here we call the Philly Eagles guy. And he gave us great inside but he's not really Philly Eagles guy plays for the Eagles play for the cowboys his -- profits of -- in the NFL front I think -- one of the brightest guys because he -- you wanna talk about a guy who's a student of the game. I'm seriously he goes NFL films every weekend watches every single game to break. You're saying when we break down -- hogs and only other thing and pop tarts but one thing we do know. Is that Roger Goodell we're talking about guys who were not awkward white guys a lot of people down underdog depending on his disciplinary thing and one thing you cannot be down on him about. His consistency at the NFL draft would every player has picked whether it's a white player about black player whatever the collar player Reyes. He's got it down he's got a handshake and not only the brawl hog -- that two handed yes error -- yes. The he's got a -- that you're talking about yeah just a hug that you practice right but he also not only does the bear -- when every player. He then does the twist from side to yes no there's an enthusiasm and yet like. You genuinely believe he is excited that this guy is now entering his NFL it's almost emotional to the point with the players start breaking down and and then when he does he almost lifts them up off their feet guess what the enthusiasm that he brings to each and every draft pick. I've -- parents week. Yes as a result of the way you. The Goodell has greeted their sons so let's say what you want about white guys being awkward and Roger Goodell being just a tall -- you lawyer guy yeah he has got. No awkwardness when it comes to the right decorum. As a white guy when it comes to the NFL addressing business council serving but I generally I do not have that awkwardness. Really yeah I grew up I -- when the majority of my my my friends growing up or black. So I was indoctrinated into. Beyond cool being from and knowing how to greet someone on outstanding not being afraid of some some physical touch me neither are -- the attire and and then living in -- and a and a mixed neighborhood. I have no the question is is not about me being -- it or you being -- writes about helping the peak exactly well it's it's quite got on white guy crimes. Because that's where that's where the problems coming and is -- suggested is this racist. It's white guys talking about white guys yeah -- our races there are getting. African Americans credit for getting it right because there's no awkwardness when it comes to Saudi patients it's only -- white guys and now with the hipster quotient it becomes even more if you really consumers are -- that's and that's really the problem yet and so. Look you're gonna have and this is this is what's discouraging is that you you you have the DC police out there and that's a racist comment and there are a lot of seats. You cops out there and are backed. Brad here's a guy who has its finger on -- a dump -- or some sort of a censorship money he does that if we dare go anywhere he's very aware and it's not cope -- Kosher or whatever you what used and is considering what Tony and -- brought to this frozen just show he is. Always on that button. Now we can be nervous before we get out here we're gonna get bored at WW we -- how we determine how we're gonna give away the grand prize the front row tickets to the WWE. Event -- -- Jungle I yesterday's that we got to make this special. Would not just gonna go -- nine and then somebody I see Rihanna got a call nine but no it's gotta be somebody wants to be there because when you get out of phone number. Everybody calls it doesn't do you give be giving away popped -- to give be giving away a bag of -- They're gonna call in because it's free stuff like that it's happens everywhere radio. But we -- front row tickets. To a big event here's how we're gonna do it. We're gonna play and and thrifts -- the walk out walk up music you know wrestling guys baseball players of walk up music but wrestlers had -- -- -- -- when they come into the ring. Right. Color number nine who can name. The entrance theme that we play. Will not only when the front row tickets to the WWE summer slam event coming up Donna BS a that's -- next Saturday August 16 you're gonna get front -- And you're gonna get meet and greet passes. You could be -- backstage. Getting -- up with some tanning solution has been some sort. You can become orange with a bronze or just how close you'll get to the actual wrestling action. So we're gonna do that right now we're gonna do called overnight. Are -- gonna do it now so we're gonna play the entrance theme right now right graduate haven't needed to walk up music. The entrance music if you could identify your caller number nine. And tell us which WWE. Superstar. Makes his appearance in other years it takes like four minutes before they get the -- they're gonna do all the histrionics and stop. Which wrestler who walks in with this music. Caller number nine you get a -- to get WW -- summer slam heat wave -- August 16 front row and meet and greet passes at the SAP center in San Jose. Here's the news. Yeah. It's not easy to play. Just don't walk on you know you don't know that. You don't know that he may have them play this every time he walks into the usual -- this is 2001 a space Odyssey -- the which wrestler by the way Hal 9000. Yes this is walking yesterday as if the computer could walk off the dance and I'm sure the WW ES thinking of that as a future. Deal. Walks into that music the team from being from 2000 into a space -- -- not right now at 8889579570. Will get the tickets in the summer slam. The other thing we have to get into this -- we haven't touched upon those of the raiders' opening of the pre season tonight is this idea that they could potentially be. The San Antonio raiders though I think that I think that's been the Cold War was thrown on that almost instantly -- Mark Davis went there. And obviously they're trying to get a new stadium dealer trying to get something better to try to get ground broken out there. You know were they need a new stage no doubt about it and so to the case and that's the question who's gonna get the stadium first. Taxpayers don't wanna pay why that is why are you so convinced because the one thing when I looked at it that all the stories coming out of San Antonio. I had dismissed -- too. As far as as -- are the real reality is there's always on an NFL stadium now why is it not because it's not that big enough it's dazed but it doesn't have enough luxury suites and the reason the raiders are dabbling what's going elsewhere. Is revenue stream. And you're in San Antonio Texas you got cowboy fans and you've got Houston Texans fans not gonna try to slip into a smaller market which could work a smaller markets is there enough. To have raider fans become San Antonio raider fans. And say yes it's going to be three NFL teams at Texas world would be enough support to make it financially. Feasible because that stadium is not an NFL state let's get get it let's get into it on -- our global good because -- go -- there's a couple reasons why you believe that it it would not work. And but give give me the biggest reason on the other side doing the biggest reason why you think that would never happen and I'll give you all the reasons not just the biggest. I'll give -- -- second biggest and the rest. Congratulations to -- -- guy he got it. Brought -- meet and greet passes who was around. Is that -- Who did that. -- -- -- what the wanna take it because I'm. Fans -- once and then the legendary Rick flair with The Who knocked the guy and open it does come I get a good. Right here. -- yeah I was definitely and it doesn't it doesn't do the whistles don't. Areas there is out Chris Lawrence -- not like done. Our fingers on the pulse of everything that matters except Carl Paulson us. The Sony Rhode Island airport for a thousand winding down the final episode the final countdown. And answering all the questions -- 957 the game I feel like an era is ending it is an -- a week it's the broad -- And let it lasted just as long as he whistled tips were talking earlier I could they gonna do is now I don't know ball brawl but little -- over there in the 51 -- -- however that because we did it was Ric -- did. Lyndon Bob -- there won't when he was asked to a debt to describe the whistle tips that were big back in the early two thousands there was a bad. I don't know people still have whistle tips on the end there exhaust. And it would make this real loud whistling noise remember that whole thing -- that we had the spinning rims and those bats come and go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't seem much of an that was before he had his -- repossessed and beautiful man everything else while broad shout out to -- -- to the 510 yes and all of you who may still have whistle tips if they had a well blows off. They're the well goes on the end of your. Of your exhaust the other muffler so they had to take them off somehow it's not like -- you have to take rims off to. But the spinning -- remember those you're just going to the new car news. -- He's Australian and you can what do you think everybody can afford a new car now with -- India either that you just viewed. We are breaking news right now it is generally we have breaking news right now. Course sort of thing has been. Corners. We got no response except the guy called from Twitter. It says is illustrate -- out loaded Smith loaded -- -- That's the secure ways I guess I think that's a fake name anyway you probably install various restaurant she's very -- and try to help us try to get to the bottom we want awarded we did we go we could bring a lunch with the next week. I'm not here you can go I'm demonstrated enough we've now of course one of the other controversies earlier in the week. Was a whole Twitter thing and you know you have a half and they tonight I think that's right and the fact that I'm not verified and you don't follow me. Which is the biggest outrage of the week. Even if I have nothing interesting for you to say and following me is just something you should do why. As someone -- now I don't know if these people you know this is the problem in the same thing on FaceBook somebody stands they wanna be friends. And the automatic thing is especially you kinda know long but you don't like. Yeah ultimately I don't know because it's that it's what I do okay and I'm narrowing their connected so does he go back and forth what is it really. Are you really don't you really -- since this is full that I picked this customer service when you respond to somebody on Twitter personally. They feel like you care do you think that's exactly right they don't care it's gone. I don't care about each and every one of my 49000. -- polls were right all it's cars a personal relationship and you have refused. To help me get over 50000 that's all I want. Their captain is obviously seems not and I sabathia there let me put it this way -- If if I follow you right and I'm not saying I'm going to I'm just saying oh yeah. Let's follow Friday on Twitter a lot of people do follow the -- at bat passed I got back right then they put a bunch of names out and they hope that's kind of -- it's an attempt -- -- he would have to do for me. Is just do a one time yes follow Friday Tony Bruno show think that would make you think that would I -- asked -- perhaps a million. I know eye candy it's over the top. I think it would take me over the 50000 plateaued and I've been so desperately trying to get over -- I'm willing to make a proposal right now. It's a traded barter deal pop -- have been a hot issue on the show yes. And now my assistant is Robin who went out and not only do we purchase what Paolo heart snow day I was wondering what she's -- back there he had she just said I wanna know which one of the great interns one out and got the other pop tarts. The you don't know yeah I don't even remember his name is why they are -- idea now I am varies I apologized because he was. Fantastic was Jordan. Was -- Jordan. Had to -- yes I Angeles was it mister Hahn and what do we -- we let him back in the building. He's clearly -- it probably -- yeah Diller took the. Now it's Sony I. And this is this is how this is -- this is complete bribery yes first of all let me and a wrap this it's in a paper towel and and it's not another Turkey and hey. And an egg sort of a power. Cases and -- arm and listen to all well all whites -- that possibly be this -- Now first round -- -- the summit this is why she was due to the bottom half missing in front of years they can smell it and handed over to tell you -- -- wouldn't -- -- you -- -- -- and harm you seriously. You have to resort -- and there was joking you actually -- facet. Past the dot united dot teed up pop tarts in a round cinnamon sugar now I have a nice cherry one for myself because that's my favorite however I just so have even a ground cinnamon guy are you Dolly brown sentiment when you I just happen to have another -- cinnamon you right here -- nice it's mostly. -- loves ground cinnamon. Who sell you let it run all right so what who doubted that you know the problem is. That's not nearly enough for -- now I'm just lazy and -- That and we'll take you have to your arm off it could goading him unless. You have Twitter app right there and what this is this is here's -- -- Laura Twitter is I don't think this is true -- its. This is by you are trying yet. Not only the hot fresh toasted once you get two boxes you'll pop tarts. You have to do is follow me -- way the whole. Thing yeah the -- there's more. You'll get two boxes. On the grounds that sugar cinnamon and strawberry pop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- And it's a twelve -- -- terror attack him well this is blatant solicitation yes it is but it's legal because we're not doing this with the listeners is not payola. It is just -- a business transaction between two coworkers I cannot who refuses to follow me on Twitter and help me get over 50000 which could possibly lead to my eventual verification -- -- -- stop talking about it. I and it would require any massive work on your part is not even it's it's like 110 this part is doing a Bleacher Report slide show I can -- good. Yes. -- -- I cannot. Believe that you think. That I could be bought. So we easily. As it just a couple of blocks is a pop tarts. And is just boxes it's real shocker and and and toasted ready to be eaten them and I know you're on the top. -- -- -- -- Fact Tony Bruno shell. Just get me over 50000 a -- and perhaps a million. I'm not asking for anything with 50000 and that's all I need and then my week here will feel like a major accomplishment in my long career from. Follow and they do follow Friday. Is that too much to ask. A follow Fries and hash tag at that at Tony Bruno show you're only human after just -- got to do is go on Twitter. I know you like you are tied to exempt and it's always there I have never. In my age of five years on Twitter. I have never done a fall I've never done and at eleven I -- -- -- to a whole bunch of Twitter handles. Just wondering where I've never done one I know I know I've and that's why this is an important moment in your career and in my career. -- time nine game. Yes thank you. Thank you mr. Eisenberg. Daddy. Hash tag Arafat. At Tony Bruno. NBA inside tip you don't have to give me you can even add Bleacher Report. And and and add that to and you do that you get two boxes of pop -- what and it requires very little effort on your part. Rob Morrow and Eric what do I have up on my screen right now I have Twitter you have Tony Bruno act Tony browse page on the. Your computer where is her serve is hovering full it is following -- Wrangling over the follow Obama and truly don't really clicking it's. All requires is -- -- landlord more than a little music we have some Apollo music. Follow me Friday night I need to I need a fanfare and you trumpet player. -- -- this open for you you can see Ali all nearly all gone you are this is so -- -- brown sure. Yeah we're going to be Rudolph there I don't forget the red flares walk out music and this is a moment ladies and gentlemen. Possibly culminated right we could fill in broadcasting. What I'm going to -- When you couldn't putt as well and didn't. I know a bit about vital dollars. New -- ladies and gentlemen after a week ago. -- Clark temptation it's filing dividend. It's. Now give me my -- part of its own pop -- I it was a pleasure doing business with -- And we'll -- and thank you. They haven't ladies and gentlemen. See the power of persuasion. The power bribery extortion Jared JA don't these decisions and what don't you know I was I was making sure that you saudis. We're coming back. Man we got everything tied together I don't think we're all items we got to go phones have got to get -- here and just last minute calls. And we'll get you ready for the weekend coming up. Right here. I 957 again the various holes elder -- Lawrence. -- -- People can stand anyway it's coming to an end when the final countdown on my walk on song by the way and also I -- Texan earlier. That one of his big guy it was one of his friends actually use this -- his wedding song when he was walking down the I don't -- it does that does that -- Or is that just extremely clever. I've never known I don't know guys who had that much input. On how their weddings were constructed I certainly didn't it was I was told where to be went to be there and what you -- that was pretty much it. Everybody's got to walk a night at your wedding song you walk ups on the baseball size of wrestlers everybody's gonna walk up music now I think I think everybody here -- walk and -- go walk up music. I -- do like we wanna walk up to my car -- and I have. No. No I'm becoming something to myself that's a bit. You -- the extent of the if you want people say you know I want more more more I want more breakdown or more x.s and Alison that's still ahead here you know is coming in here. The -- George Schwarzkopf yes. And how were thinking exactly. They are going to ladies and gentlemen if you want the absolute. They'll dissect last night Snyder's guest. They'll dissect better than we could McLeod Bethel Thompson's performance is the third street they will have the diagrams of -- dials roots. Has played on the defensive line and look at your ready for the raiders pre season debut niners lose last night point Richard raiders in Minnesota no longer in the metrodome and a new stadiums under construction. They're playing at the golden goal for stadium right. In Minnesota this year the vikings -- While the new. The -- believe that in the Super -- that yes they get themselves humility is stadium eighteen they had an L com they go there and obviously Super -- fifty is here and I think it's -- one as a 51 were to go to Minnesota or 52. It's an explicitly as I think it's ninety it's the fifty Super Bowl that the two will be in the new Minnesota stadium is a stadiums are gonna be ready until neck. He's in -- -- -- you -- that you want but you're you are convinced this whole thing of the raiders speaking of stadiums yes this whole idea. That the raiders he brought something up to because look I've I've seen I saw the the spurs planning Alamo dome I've been an alma don't quite a few times when they've built -- initially the whole idea was to get an NFL. Actually I had NFL teams played their exhibition games and and they realize that while it's a nice facility -- it's not a state of the art an anti you have to build a state of the -- an adult facility that's why the rigs LA. Nobody wants to put a shovel in the ground and -- -- stadium that's why you can't go back to the coliseum and you can't go to the Rose Bowl this is -- not NFL. The stadium this is my one question because in the end it was it was red mccombs who. Has been involved the IR the only disburse that -- ranks he's been involved in and into various sports franchise has had ownership in various sports franchises but I had lunch and red mccombs office wants. What's more for the car yes he invited me don't want just expect. Stuck in an Atlanta got a wide area and he was gone someplace you give me a new car -- are Carlos right through guys that's risen but does he has a lot of money. Yes so and and that's the one thing. Mark Davis is a little bit cash strapped so is Oakland now anyway what -- a possibility that Google could just. I know that they don't have the luxury suites and originally at the Alamo dome was supposed to have 66. The ended up only putting 38 in there and they're all of the north fan which is just a really bizarre -- -- yes right. But what's what what's not to prove what's to prevent a McComb with all the money that he has the desire to get a piece of the NFL. What's to prevent him from building -- new stadium not down it's. -- to accept the cowboys resistance and the Houston Texans resistance in the in the state taxes -- the power of Jerry Jones yes I would say maybe even seeing. That would prevent this most of ball and the fact that I don't think red mccombs is -- he is is gonna say let's build another stadium in hopes because that's why nobody's -- ally in the NFL wants -- back now and nobody's willing to pay for stadium until they do they're not gonna get an NFL team and I would think that the Los Angeles would be the next city to -- NFL team reports and I don't -- -- all due respect to the people in San Antonio I don't think is gonna happen Canas in Oakland though he's ready to build a stadium. And he's ready for the yes -- San Jose earthquakes getting ready for the conference championship this weekend. I mean the San Jose just sabre cats. In the Arena Football League semifinals or the conference files -- -- morning. The moment that I -- a -- men's. The popular with. No I apologize I gave that information earlier this week it is not the arena ball that is next weekend mentality will be ready for that next Monday -- we will have the finalist after this weekend Tony is Tony is four minutes away from being unemployed again and. Nothing happened and adapt -- Or the worst of us this New York are you look at. Yeah but definitely got the. Open championship we have the American conference championship yeah that between Orlando predators then road. I'm really glad you're back at noon Pacific time. And then that -- the opposite side we have the senate if you look at stick around a long time rather beat Arizona -- In Arizona. And what is the number on that game which is most important thing we need to know. You mean Tony I'm met a guy who goes by that number you. -- to gamble I just don't wanna know obviously I would think Arizona's favorite haunt informational purposes only. After that little group that. I think from my perspective on what -- that's part of the San Jose and Arizona put him. I was there that's right is superior to make it but then again I look back. At the regular seasons. And so the cat actually beat the ever directly to being beaten them twice and been snapped at withdrew the winning streak. So I think that I can only on any given. -- not even ever met a metal coffee break down the arena live. And American conference championships like this and now I know when they remain in middle -- gonna be doing on Saturday was originally arena. But I look Ken great to talking about thank you so much. Women now we have put -- out of breath. You just had to get in on the arena league semifinals five years there really funny story like a -- line. Not surprise me ha -- Let me guess -- Cleveland. Yeah that's when talking about the one that matters here yeah San Jose sabre cats -- around Arizona -- without Danny white -- to help out with. I had -- sales are right I -- and relish this historic franchise yes Danny white was one of the great coaches I have no idea thank you. They have a ladies and gentlemen. Oh man -- this football facility and sound instruments and how they will have a back on Monday when where how -- actions are going to the armed with they have been no mention this earlier in the week. The arena league has an actual radio role leading up to the championship got somehow so you told me well it's much too late to get -- now I'm not been a little earlier models. I think -- 660 seconds before Bruno is back down on the front -- What are you got on your show well there I mean there was of the Expos last night the 49ers a significant. Weak link that they need to get figured out why you guys -- -- -- -- outside at all which side of the ball the offensive side of the football and I -- him -- since you're gonna complain about the offense and not to be defense that gave up 386 -- an op Eds correct labor -- always -- not to -- it's a film study breakdown because. Very nice and they're gonna get that NASA wanna thank everybody this week everybody grant and even who away. Even -- play and Jason -- are resolved yet turns everybody on 957 game it was allies like real pleasure having you. The honor to work with you can't tell you personally I think we've ever worked together yes person we've yelled he's got -- -- -- -- -- -- and talking boxes of Talking Heads Aussie on Olbermann tonight at 8:30 here Pacific. From San Francisco dog -- Tony Bruno thank you guys have a great weekend everybody you want to break down you're gonna get that next. We didn't do anything breaking it down like these guys next coming up right here on 957 a game the Bay Area and sound sports.

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