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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/8/14 Hour 1

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You any new friend you're maxed out iMac. His whole life right. -- -- -- -- -- That's secure method. Serious. Serious -- Women to find out. Studios -- -- Sampras this guy. And Sean we. Normally reserved for a Monday Stephen Boller belongs on -- Friday. It's a full ball Friday -- 49ers play last night is doing it and I'll. Everything today please understand this is your -- driving around may -- your work maybe you do whatever else does just not paying attention to work. Whatever you're going to understand this everything. That we do today. Everything. That you do today. All leads up. To raiders extra points and I'm -- fox hosted by John Markoff. John blind and Bill Romanowski and Greg pop and Tom -- says they're all the opening acts. The appetizers. For the main course the Salisbury steak. Until now little cup and there's probably he's a phenomenal opening act up. I appreciate his efforts yet. We know who the closer is -- car hurry up and get this game over with metal -- get raiders extra point let it roll baby all right there's a lot to get through today Scott Bair will join us from Minnesota Shawn Estes is always today. But a game was played last night by the -- -- -- interplay diners didn't play football game last night. We get beaten into our brains. And I we talk about it I mean a lot of football in the pre season is un watchable a lot of it is. But I think part of what we saw last night for the niners with John as good as they are and they are. One weak -- come unraveled things depending on where that weak link is. And you walk away from last night gone boy and a lot of -- are a lot of good things mostly good things probably which will talk about. But one negative glaring negative stood out to use you watch the game. And then have to watch the tape and it can't take don't -- to begin this morning. -- they have a weakling guy and it's not even necessarily starter is the backup quarterback which is really an all kinds one snap away from being your starting quarterback. Play Gabbert is awful. -- cap predicament we talked about this morning I don't ever remember being hurt in his Reno career definitely not for the 49ers I nicks and bruises he's been very -- durable. But it any moment I mean rolled ankle he can go out a couple games we saw last year with the Green Bay Packers they -- -- and they were screwed. Luckily Matt -- are cut and they signed him and he'd somehow got them through a tie and win. The forty right now from a perspective of a backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert could not be any worse. He can not functioning guy he can not complete passes. He throws picks up. You're going to start each. They would they would struggle to win games this by how good they are because of their backup quarterback if you force the play. The giants appear to have inspect the Dodgers. If blamed average quarterback rating from last night was as many games back -- the -- giants are the Dodgers his quarterback rating would more than double one point seven. And for those who are saying is I started. It's one game it's the pre season he's got a backup receivers he's -- -- chart Jacob -- got back a blind and all that stuff understand where this comes from. And John I I will we've got to matters practice sample at times. That wasn't the first time he looked like that he's looked like that in practice it's not big you just watched not a game last -- to almighty god. It's been like that in practice -- guy most quarterbacks hover around 60% more completion percentage. He's a lifetime 53% passer. Last year he was 48%. Before he got benched for Chad -- Last night again at the numbers I think he was three for eleven -- of the quarterback I'm not even factoring that in. I'm a big eye test guy you watch the game you watch less like -- Washington this morning. Balls are flying like you're the trainer you like three rows behind the guy way to go into the game you're ducking and dodging on his passes. Even Jim you know they did a good job. Get to sit out the -- I called the right place with him even with sad times I've got a couple ball slipped out of -- -- you know what he did he wanted to kind of not drunk guy under the bus it was horrendous even Tim Ryan on the broadcast. I love because he's not a homer people he said what it once it. Listen I mean. I can't lie was awful and I well and he's been to pretend we -- the practice all the time do we know he actually goes he's up for a vote he knows what he's talking about I'm so glad to ensure echoed that last night. So many local broadcasters don't -- the true. He was awful it is borrowed have got a drop -- people. In fairness receivers it's hard to sugar coat. Three for eleven of one point seven QB rating and one pick and when balls are flying like down the out rout in the -- guy. You know they they called him he likes to stare down receivers his eyes never leave I mean you can't they talk about -- -- can only read one yell or makes me on this main re I don't what the -- Blaine -- all right so look the -- and two million yet guaranteed Navarro Bowman out -- for awhile. One of the best. Those guys are both better at their respective positions that colonies that he is I would say easily and yet it sounds like -- -- -- -- we talk about the days of spring training. The value of the starter first as the back up. That's where the gap is for the 49ers from -- predict two to Blaine Gabbert and this is my job I philosophically agree. With the way they Colin -- has been hailed by Jim Harbaugh you -- -- off. Philosophically disagree. With the way John with the way Jim Harbaugh as channel telecast from well I'm watching last night the Broncos play the Seahawks. Peyton Manning came back in for second series the only way you can live rap stuff in the NFL right now because he's the quarterback. Is really not under arrest him practice is you've got a good game -- even if your run of the bella stuff but just get the blood flow in the wraps the timing. Harbaugh philosophically believes that you don't even mess of your starters. And why I do you agree because you can't afford to get guys hurt from the quarterback perspective with the young quarterback especially. How do you generate. Those repetitions. Parallel game situations besides playing him in the game so you play him -- cabinet more on the priest who are just get a couple series because because I have enough faith I don't Jim does too. -- Colin can avoid stuff he slides when he runs he can throw the ball away. But he needs to get those -- with guy's guy because with his receivers because. I knew him played well -- gonna have to I'm Obama on this I'm not I'm not leave this up the faith. I'm not leaving up to think that Colin can avoid things -- can't can't see things. Because of the fact -- that what you just told me about Blaine -- what I've seen not only against real in the number of practices that we've been to John. -- I am not playing Colin any more than I do and I absolutely must just because I had to get suited up today it's -- are breaking a sweat and get them the hell out of there. Because like you said. They're backup quarterback. Functionally. Not only can't manage the game. But to media issue or committed to everybody -- you -- -- -- -- take you should at least -- -- be able to manage games beat him up on the interception yesterday and -- I lose -- games yeah -- I. I philosophically agree with the way Jim -- by channeling -- here David -- 957 ID 570. Text line the drop -- text line 95795. Where do you fall on this more or less for -- -- -- what you like. I think what it comes down due to his his line John which is. Does Colin -- playing the same way he played last year is that enough for you to be ultimately competitive. Or do you need to take the risk that you're talking about taking because you needed to get better and you think you can do that while playing a few more series. In the pre season and I and I would rather have Colin Capra neck apple heavily played last year than not have Colin capital can sampling Gabbert went quarterback for the -- Unequivocally hating -- say I mean they don't even higher at the goal of this team in 2014 as to what. When a championship which can be like the raiders they're trying to go way -- other take this to their goals to win a championship. So vague and let's face it they probably got to get home field a band so they can avoid going to Seattle. They cannot go to call -- -- ankle bad backup quarterback. Doesn't have to be a -- he can really just have to hand the ball off but he's gonna have to make a couple throws I have no faith that you could win a regular season game. Against just I mean maybe he's going to cowboys and they looked awful by the way last night. The chiefs the rams the Broncos the giants. That you couldn't be any. It's full count was around daughters and don't what what we tally sixteen and -- mega fight until this is my guaranteed. Not gonna make the playoff team the Dallas Cowboys defense is horrible their badminton. They're horrendous. Thousand by the big take -- sized gal was a worsening the -- to slice and -- as a back or 88957 ID 570. Do you philosophically agree with Jim Harbaugh as I do less college in the pre season is better. Or do you disagree with -- -- as middle golf does more pollen. More -- -- more holiday today not 57 ID 570 dropped can't text why not 5795. Plus coming up next. These solution for the problem of middle cough has already identified in the -- We've got the solution next table minimum about the night about seven again. For some spots up for grabs in them in the back up in the in the death area there right now but the guys are good. On the fast and so when those jobs so I think you'd say that about require fewer positions on the -- now. Deep. Inside. Opening the door to his mind Jim Harbaugh last night after the game. Text line agree with -- you. Tex I'd want to talk about. Batavia is Murray. Is that tonight one guy having noticed now that rate -- to look at and talk to a Jim Jones not noticing him yesterday. Scott barrel join us at 15 o'clock from raiders -- she's been Sweden to about. The raiders playing with their quarterbacks and I go get organ that is that's the deluge now -- it's off balance with pre season with the quarterbacks. Depends who we got you have a young guy Blaine Gabbert now this is like he's a rookie. I'll run I don't Ryan mallet started the game last night Tom -- not run out of bad. Now Tom Brady is a guy he would like either rap guy too he answered they have to talk about maybe yet and they can bruise I don't know but. I would like sequel and just get a couple he had what he went one for one nice little roll out to Vince -- that's all I need. That's all I don't want any -- I don't want him playing any more than that you made a good point like not to get caught up in the play -- sounds they drove the ball right down the field -- -- looked -- Within the -- everyone now make the fuel has done -- here's my solution John you may not by some knife here my solution. You call across the back. And you say I got a sixth rounder with -- we're going to name on it. What do you say. The raiders say no sites in off on the raiders I think our fifth rounder with mental -- which she spent a fifth rounder on Matt McGuire and you won one game last season right now forget bright is he better than blamed. Yeah no question okay. Now here's the probably get like two million. Guaranteed. Look wines make whatever 500 and change and may not. But you tell me this guy can't you cannot trust him an NFL game did you watch last night yes and I've watched practice in the same stuff so it's not like to get like that. Were you blind -- what you saw from Blaine -- -- -- to meet a few word and you haven't paid attention it was worse than I thought I thought it was already pretty bad but -- bad and then GM's reaction -- at all. I mean did you see Jim after the game. I think he was hoping for more they invest a lot this guy not the six round picks meaningless and -- it's a medium picks but you invest two million and a backup quarterback and that's our cash is guaranteed -- they can still -- but this. There are financially a little. Limited and with oil and gas not baseball. Are branded an Oakland Maine now welcome to show what's up. Bank blood gentlemen really enjoy the show and I'd say with respect to. Government point -- tapes here. Not because I don't get them out as saying that because -- about got several million reasons not to place. -- that that you want to hear the transcript from the quickest. Coach negotiation that contract negotiation meeting industry particularly in an already -- context. They had gently remember what you put in Colin further lecture series. Go to drug gets him some work in that second preceding day. And got backed out of that doesn't Blaine Gabbert thereby separating. Our season and -- -- apology at his. It's getting dressed. To get why didn't read it right away for tomorrow a lot of may just five million bucks next your -- current contract -- -- -- called him. The survey we are -- appreciate it. It's a great point. Yeah I mean the they need him. Don't be shocked and you'll you -- -- actually cowboy I -- in the first game is against the cowboys battle also. Kind of act as a pseudo pre season game for call in -- in the offense. I think guy this season with the 49ers yeah. Is 100%. About winning Super -- may -- what it's all about yeah and I I think. We're niner fans and fans of Jim Harbaugh which I don't that the writer for -- everyone -- Jamar another kind of rooting for him that. Everyone's interest in Jamar everyone's it's because the raiders know if he goes poorly. That's one guy who loves Al Davis he might when you have to move. But Jim Harbaugh. They have to find a way because a weak link at that position if called -- in her whoever's playing that position. If he's a guy that can lose you games you're in trouble using he had to get me into the game. I'm in a game manager back in court hears somebody agrees with you John from Brian and borrowing more -- he's not a seasoned vet like Manning Brady setter. Obviously don't run with him but the passing game needs serious work. Com crap -- not plan last night how much you gonna plan on -- he played one so I drawn out there which I Jacobs against the defense despite any given the looks that you want to get -- mean -- and we'll get into this guy. Later this show but John Mark started at right tackle just odd -- scared and Gilroy jets -- don't reject. You're right -- you their body. Arrived today. I was times. Beat. Tim in Fairfield. With the attempt. Tara and -- character yeah. Memories yeah. Yeah. 100. Or drink near. It you can't -- about what went in and even you acknowledge your junior. I don't know. I -- and listen -- -- -- television. -- going to be -- in the general emptying into the Atlantic car. Yeah I don't know man thanks down. I had nothing for a did -- Tim -- he's looking for I don't have yet Tim Ryan by the way is a huge addition he has that -- -- Phenomenal to watch him and I love his honesty I love the -- going to amber because if he would've set I knew he wouldn't. But if you would've said and I know some local announcers. Songs and the blame. There is no sugar coating that man that I mean you know T -- -- Gabbert. Do you see Twitter for a little while have been well I mean he was -- that is rarely missed the last night. He was -- and destroyed. It was bad. Right let me -- -- -- cook one okay. Again already tough because if the raiders jobs always one play away from an injury and you don't know what their -- How about. Here's the third the news and by the -- is is -- even harm our guy you told me not really just size wise Mario goes big on that he likes big guys big arms and that is a short guy with an average arm the Mike got a guy yeah. And -- -- -- Tom what about what I Christian Ponder. Well you got it down the depth chart now BC please falling out there why did we talk about this this morning I found trip balky ankle rally my staff. I think he's in Baltimore hazardous at their practice but my guys that are staying -- here is I sent an email. Every backup quarterback right now on the league in every third stringer. We are getting multiple grades in the pre season so in two or three weeks a week before that big cut down dates. Comes we have about ten guys circled that were ready to attack could -- at the waiver wire. Or potentially guy. Because the 49ers like DA's right now for the waiver claim our way toward the end. It because they fit I think their third the last. You have to be in position to be able to capitalize either on trade. Or maybe get a guy that you like this little under the radar. But you have to go extra and I'm talking about extra for backup quarterbacks you die you in the entire league while they are gonna have guys -- -- In theory they're gonna have guys that you'd think our tradable pieces is because is. They and a lot of good players I'm -- -- a couple -- -- for an event nick moody young ones I I think that would if not start via legitimate backup rotational guy for Lotta T mean the raiders could use them. How about Quinton Patton. We sub -- until last night he's got on the patent doesn't speed and he's really fast no we both like -- I think he's fine but where does he play guy. How does -- get on the field because I'd rather have Bruce because he has the element of speed. I think patents kind of left this cast him on the sideline maybe -- even dressing on games. Another -- at the raider I mean he for the raiders keep for a lot of teams in the NFL guys good. T get to a position where you go I got a couple guys that are -- jewel Hampton new joint. If you did just trade. Let's say Chris let's just hypothetically secrecy on I think that Christian Ponder -- -- a backup and not lose in games. And the vikings have no backup running back -- your hard left there in trouble all -- you jewel Hampton and you get rid of ponder who you're gonna cut anyway. You could do those type trades in the pre season. So they get in position to kind of make a move. Does this really in the preceding him for football is the only time when you operate like Major League Baseball trades can we you don't see trade policies are we do see it in the in the pre -- 1000 Philly. We may trade all the time like god it wasn't gonna play for us with someone else likes we just try to player for a player. Specially got -- -- player for picked us all give you -- -- to snuck a place for me but you like vice a Versa. And it works out that's pretty see a lot of the trades of the season it's not a school like to go to the trading deadline the NFL's a joke coming there's no. Jon Lester deals like Kevin look like those trades never happened yet. Ever in the NFL so this -- time if you're the 49ers front office. You have to get it located we want and just you gotta be proactive not reactive. Because the green bay Packers and -- you said this to me and I completely agree with you. The Packers running close to was good their quarterbacks -- better but -- teams -- with the 49ers. If they had a solid that they can win you know. They'd be fine. Maybe not not as good but they could definitely make it stay -- -- they're still operating from a position of strength with the Packers look like the jaguars -- -- -- -- -- making summer special with T-Mobile -- -- visit. Very T-Mobile stores to get to see -- go for a chance to win green and gold VIP experience side is your -- -- to read American boardwalk and more. For a full list of prizes more information visit 957 again desktops. I like it wasn't all that last night the niners at 11 o'clock did some the other stuff that happened beyond your shot to ask the scout master middle costs. Some of what he saw last night question to you might have -- you wanna get into there but coming up next. River -- she watched yet how much Matt Schaub is gonna play tonight when we are Napa when they go to Minnesota and Scott -- is there. He will join us to give us a sense for how much we're gonna see -- job. How much you're gonna see card tonight that snags a sacrament middle golf on 95 point seven again. Got fifteen to commit to what other. Go to that they have to win now they have to win it here -- -- -- -- -- it's not like these guys are gonna beat -- -- -- -- that got Purdue this here or. Forward needs to be out there. Following Bryan -- here this morning. We've done PTA she was doing Bruno and every few good morning Haberman and middle cost here on 957 again you know it's amazing -- go to Napa. We try to find out every -- by now we talked it was people on the record off the record in between records. Where they're just -- just eaten football meat sandwiches for three and a half days. And again yes they sun comes up to me. My day can oversee -- is like hey guys -- -- map that was as it goes like. Did your phone line really get cut that's what it's all anyone wants to talk about is no one believes that our phone line actually got cut by a weed -- whose career actually have a bad really happened my question is it John the engineer did he really put the phone line in the bushes. I mean he wired through the bush is like did he not I mean to the weed whack right you're really not necessary that we -- fault you saying you saying. You own and and align with pain agree what what what is he sent -- part -- war I mean is it he was going like cameras -- -- who looking back I do not blame. Our friend that we we met their Javier at all yeah it's not so bad yes and he felt bad it's not his fault but you know it was. Then you cannot not -- size needle him the wire input and in the bush what could you not be a homer not protecting anybody now now real accountability for real people. Always dreaded DS will -- to take you were on and on. I Scott -- will be there tonight raiders and vikings again all of this building up the raiders extra point on K fox with milk off will be hosting tonight after again. By Scott -- from CSN -- Bay Area. Judges now are 957 again Scott. They're playing outside and -- in Minnesota -- second ago. Up pretty well but probably warmer than it is in the Bay Area right now I think US. They went about 72 around. 9:10 o'clock now like I was out. Late last night with chronicle writer -- can occur any thanks so I would know what they -- and whether it can beat. But yeah I mean I it's good to get its cold weather it staying out of the way during the summer. You guys weren't ride the rides in on the mall America where you. And I'm sure we work. John yeah that's probably exactly what you beaten down scribes would probably be able before 7 PM central front. Yeah I think ink ink stained script ink stain ranches. That's what Carter has struck out there I don't know what that is. Look -- one of the things we kept -- -- and I think Dennis Allen was asked this a lot this week in Matt -- was asked a lot how much will Matt Schaub played in night. Do you have any better sense today of what exactly the raiders plan is going to be with their quarterbacks. Yeah I mean it's. Seems like it's it's going to be a couple series and patent and the variable is going to be how well he does it dollars and I think clearly you don't go out there and inefficient run in the first period in. You know scored a touchdown and in -- saying all right after Q let -- let it be you know something kind of weird goes wrong in the expenditure three but the Moroccan community longer than. So rap -- we have today Derek Carr of the plane to get them reps only with the twos that you will ever see Derek -- Run with the ones at all on this pre season or is it pretty much set. I am. You never know on sir it also depends upon the performance does not shop good things like that but I heard the exact same thing the entire night. We just -- they would be given that he's got to stick with. Do get a pick but it's -- not only. Because that's where he'd -- the entire. Training -- -- but also because you don't want to send any sort of message that. Matt shot anything but the unquestioned starter for the team I think we start doing that. Are raising questions again Allen doesn't want an actor and you open a pandora's box we can you be cliche and I think you just get a little back here then. Then operators worldwide to be in early August. This capping our guest here hey Berman and milk off -- 95 point again you reached got a CS and California dot com he's the raiders insider there. James Jones you know we talked about him a little bit in and but he -- favor actually wrote about a had some quotes from from James Jones in his article yesterday. And one thing for us over the three days that we were there in -- and that was just we didn't. Notice -- much. How is he coming along. Yeah I mean I think he. Keep plugging along fine and he's I mean you mr. optimism that I don't think he's terribly worried. About being lifted. Number Q on the depth chart I'm Andre at all. I think time I have skirts and rumbling. -- win the tape recorders aren't allowed to be on that you know. Maybe there's less trapped on the higher than -- originally thought I would writ when you brought negative or thirty year old because the teams. Let the cat go further ease and did not firm like you operative financially you know that generally there's a purpose behind so. You know it's a concern when you bring in number of those guys did. My I think it's a combination cute thing that I think it's. You know how much is dedicated don't really have left I think he believes he has a lot and I think he will produce quite a bit. You know any other saying it. How lonely young guys are playing in what they need out of their wide receiver corps that each speed up top they need you know somebody in the slot that can be a bit more physical. In games. If you tell us more about slightly felt sorry I think. Certain combination of what they need and also he had I think it is that it recently that shot in the streets here and there are they better stats are at. Okay let's we like to they got a lot of different avenues here let's go hypothetical he has a bad pre season because of the money they paid him. Is he in any jeopardy of losing it roster spot. Now. I can't see that in any way and you know I can see you BJ at some point. Not been terribly thrilled with electoral I think -- made that pretty clear to -- enact -- and that article that read. They -- -- -- not yet today. But -- -- -- candidate -- can make talk about it leadership that at least. You know kind of posturing and being via the -- Papa Bear fruit -- that's young receiver -- so they yeah at Penske Greg Papa Bear. Do you -- did you see -- last night by the way. When you're all of America. I could figure out -- You know that -- right now -- our experience. Now I hit it from that I have I have I have no terrible story you -- -- magazine and. -- -- Yeah you are you a pipe or does -- guys got there. And what's going to be staying in another group of players have gotten a lot of pub you know the first couple weeks of training camera obviously the running backs. What should we expect at him and JD McFadden tonight in terms of raps. And -- they'd be and what -- our core at all. Yeah I just punched up a story on TSA California -- blog. Yeah. That there -- -- and it's going to be pretty limited especially in the early going. Because I think -- really matters more than they had been eating this TV -- for a prolonged period. In that preceded if you look back at data on track record that -- back session got a pre injury history with both the cat that that -- I think Jeremy cabinet can carry. And last -- all of them in the first few games. And did he want me in the first two games for the jaguars but -- -- and not play in the treaties and several times. And you know had big big numbers I think I'll say it is the biggest issue court yes it -- -- -- -- was something new piece that he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But everything I've heard. Is that they love Jones-Drew is doing a lot of -- the coloration that they've seen promoted a leak there. What is great leader running back then your tap into the lighter on its steep I think really. All the split -- I think there's there's going to be some sort of split back. Then I think -- even right now even if it were to start right now or not hypothetical. I think he's the featured back and I think it would make sure that he's healthy enough to -- that this -- collateral come September center. Right give us a name a guy who -- doesn't get talked about a lot that they do you think is worth keep an eye on the night. I think it's gonna be tried and I'm Brian Leonhard really -- spent pretty much the whole year on May. On the practice squad each under current really what could be political starting job at the blocking tight end here end. Think that the raiders have to be looking on the waiver wire if not hurricanes in the last. He -- -- -- into the regular season they don't have any debt that kind of -- You know also I think this could be a chance for a guy like right Leonhard who by the way for twenty minutes north of Minneapolis that it could have. 100 black people coming down from Blaine Minnesota. Q a lot should play I think that greater nation should also keep an eye on that did good yeah I'd be it physical copy or tacitly acknowledged that may be people now. And and -- should get a lot of work and a pretty good chance to shine. On bad defeat. Tonight we'll check you out on Twitter at bear -- BA IR CSN -- months is in California economies the season California see some very raiders inside appreciate it man. And Derek actually now paparazzi he spied on top of that market account cheap especially -- -- -- camera equipment sink half the EC paparazzi. -- -- -- -- That is a good one. Everybody remember if you if you're awake it you know as 2 AM you remember the paparazzi. Picture that I amenities you got there. That's a great worry Demi didn't -- the word exists but not an -- context Phnom pop. Roxy phenomenal. -- got I I guarantee you if you walk outside and somebody sees you -- You could break down film whatever you do paparazzi be the one if there's one thing you take away from the showed they let it be paparazzi like you. Who's more locked in. Right now or just -- see like pacing around the hotel room Dennis Allen Greg Papa. -- on pretty similar and actually Greg you know pretty. He's locked in this is exactly like the back up third string rotational guy because I guess you'll play more than anybody else help. Britain's new bribery artisan -- you probably are. Would you into the season you play do without looking at your boy you know you have a board to put names on it you don't look at aboard special replay that AFC west team second I mean it's. You're great you're so locked dinner and easy to watch like college football right you get these you've only got like Alabama a and M playing linebacker for the viking that's never again. -- -- -- Amid these are home by united kick off was read about it right now all right do things they would wanna see tonight a middle -- be looking for -- -- extra point. Hey look here's something wanting to build your view is the player -- right now Villanova with a look at what I've got some don't look for tonight you're seven year old -- -- -- goes well or not. That's an actor's neighborhood and took off I 957 began. Middle talker not a five point seven games. John Estes was just next hour Schwarzkopf the middle scene he had just I'm saying is slowly so there's no confusion anymore. How are stamped Halberstam in the middle rough for. On whose -- off. The. Now the owner -- nickname while ago about turf when a hand here. Yeah because back when we were actually when I was a GA at Fresno state we're playing Reno and Eagles can't -- for next. Junior year they smoked us in -- -- -- gazelle -- 379 yards. The turf on the field if you can rub with your foot. It's very thin blue was bad turf it was bad turf out there -- field it was is very thin like that the actual turf and pieces of grass were very. For a part relative to grass it'll be now is that going to look like you got within here and have someone look he's like. It looks like your -- earned the nickname turf kind of took off from their but it was all about what I did have hair it was fitting out early on for dear life before I shaved it. The turf and I want you -- teachers excellent balance here or T shirts turf. Those with all of thanked her for me. Yep and then now and then you saw the light shave your head and you know it's the best thing ever did I do recognize it never had never gone back now it's phenomenal. All right another guy who has made that life choice I think is the guy it. Tonight what time how shall quarterback play how much are we see -- carjacker took the first steamers okay job. Sent me to a child life choice -- -- their job well outgoing and Sebastian genachowski. I don't know if if it was -- how when arresting and he held it up I'm and I don't -- Harris had a decision. Look I mean -- these these kind of trying to hang on or at least doesn't care. I guess sneaky ball that for you to before we get off the Drew Brees when you get -- back shot he's really really vault death I don't know if you work. -- -- that would be a good look for -- that's why told month I don't think I can -- often that we you know other guys in this area that's you know a lot of new pricing on TV in your bag early is another guy really thinning. I don't know if he wants to know that. I I noticed that stuff yeah well but I don't know he was looking analysis. Yeah everybody -- to work for I can't hold on like them because. I -- and get the bald spot the there's no hiding -- the the Hasselbeck brother like you can't pull off from the fraud you know I had screw this -- via chicks dig the long ball not the bald spot -- go yeah exactly. Here's the thing for major one thing and -- is the you know played all games. Generally the kicker and the holder maybe get a new holder and but there's no reason to as far as I'm concerned the raiders had issues with the last year. I guess one thing to me I'm not dismissing all it's just pre season if there's another if there's a fumbled snap or couple missed kick because market king Kinchen downright. That's a continuation of -- and it's been a problem for sure mentally that to me something that gets no -- zero -- -- -- Blaine Gabbert was terrible. So they always don't achieve these these are first he -- receivers are first team line -- That's one thing that there is zero after the game if they screw something up there for me there's zero hole is just the pre season. Because that's got all we thought last year they'll figure it out and they never really. It so that that's one thing for me back for the -- and it's also lets face to bash is one of their best players when he's going right because they're gonna play in tightly contested games. Last year by the second half as he you have no faith he can make a field goal let alone used to be a potent weapon for them. That's definitely group now Bobby April. -- -- -- Great coach I think and then they've been very they've been saying they're all on the same page we talked a Condo. But you're right now wanna see market came at him Sebastien are they comfortable. Because they're gonna need that guy kick in when that with the offense all play -- -- -- fifty are field all he's got back I would also got tonight. It all leads up its top line X line that is wrong mall and it's. Topple it all leads up to -- are extra point and so raiders extra point on cable -- -- -- fox well in 95. What are the thing you've you go to this gamble OK these are the things that we're gonna have to look at NAFTA and we got to start with quarterback play and -- they wanna get some EU said what was your big thing just get some momentum forward momentum like tomorrow or Monday. -- -- talk about the sense -- -- alas money terms of like all these question I would have no problem Schaub played one series if it look like the 49ers last night. Boom boom boom -- I'll move the chains move the chains move the chains get through 41 downs kick a field goal I'd be OK with that. But if he goes three and out and a draft report said this their agony they're gonna get him another series you've got to see some movement. You can't go three series with the -- to 33 and out right in cold. That would that would lead me more question -- -- what do you do let's say eagle 33 and -- was shot that I we got to pull but then explain why we want to start worrying now. We start worrying. I would like to see a couple first doubts whether to -- Streeter whether it's Rivera I would like to see the quarterback. Get some confidence. Now with -- or it's going to be a little more muddled he's playing with second stringers his receivers are going to be as good. I would imagine James Jones won't take one snap with them. Rod Streeter I would even say that Michael Rivera -- won't even take a snap with them because. You're gonna depend on these are gonna get those running backs who were his running back formula -- Murray Kory Sheets so card it's gonna be who knows. But shot this for string offense I I need to see. Then move the chains at least a couple times the great part about the 49ers. To take your philosophical beliefs of not getting cholera. The first -- is great I mean. They didn't go for on the fourth and one now it's pre season who cares but hey if they wanna really tried they -- -- -- like they had touchdown momentum. They didn't score one New -- there. -- -- -- But you know like I left if I'm Greg Rome I feel pretty like my first you know -- -- This year I think it it well back some earlier this week John B -- all the raider quarterback coach. Was on what does this -- -- about the QB group and got some people bustle meticulous and. Each group you have each year has its own character and own personality and you know it's a great -- with these four guys -- -- -- -- -- -- job that's been around the -- he's been there done that for a long time this -- -- performed at the Pro Bowl level and -- -- great to have a guy like -- -- young guy like their car. Johnny doesn't say there is a guy comedic can be important I and that's mammal going because like we're talking about earlier with Blaine Gabbert. And the 49ers -- you know Ryan now it's our last night. The patriots won nothing more than for Ryan mount look good so they can trade him for some think really it's it's such a great commodity if if you can just get a got to look okay into pre season games. Because everyone is sold desperate for quarterback play they'll take chances on guys that they haven't really seen that maybe they like. Four years ago they -- in -- it's incredible man you're right I mean if memo going get some good film out there. The stocks already kind of solid you know you saw him he can win a game. He made some plays but just get some good film in the pre season he can become a huge trade chip or a backup plan. If shop were to get hurt he could start maybe game one let's let's show -- get hurt tonight and I'm just and I'm I don't sew that up because he's an. But who would like to not you say could you want to probably start week one nod their car yes right so I mean. Like he is one spot away from being potentially your starter even though -- your third string guy. As we sit right now before they played a pre season game if that -- game yes and aerial -- -- was sort we won. Now DR -- can disprove that -- here in four games or even tonight he looks. That's the other thing YC Wii shop because I don't want job to go to win out or you know two series now like 23 and outs. And then one of car comes in throws a touchdown or two. Then you start getting the fan base for next week's home game damage is going to be tonight middle common creditor support losing as much wind I'm going to be world we're gonna say 100%. Optimistic denied that note negativity around too much hope to smudge blocks to -- that. -- Why did things look really good for the 49ers. The other guys that might make -- break things that's next Zimmerman -- off you're 957 again.

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