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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/8/14 Hour 2

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are and it permanent government ID 57 again glad you are with the highest. John -- good guys -- -- the thirtieth he does every Friday as long as he's within cell reception not on a helicopter. Or mountaintop. For a vote in the middle of wherever it is that he is is that you just don't think parental leave vacationing I swear I. Ideal vacation a lot and I can less like on -- between one hand how -- -- -- vacation the last 67 -- time now what's it's beautiful we're trying to -- try to make it in America and that's what this is an hour attended Napa vineyard was vacation for third. All right we talked a lot about the niners last night in the first hour John and playing gallery in the idea that. Did the cost of replacing Navarro Bowman -- all the Smith is good as those guys are. It's a look it's it's going to be a little easier than if Colin goes down because playing Garrett -- thinking Kerry thinks and I agree with you. And we got into about how much college apply. There are a lot of things that happened though last night and this is where. I think a pro scandal we've talked about different dynamics discounting. When they're put in a lot of work right now as you explained earlier because of things like looking for quarterbacks there's other teams will not be able to get everybody on their roster. So last night was also about all these other guys in that are trying to fill spots. And coming up in fifteen minutes 8889579570. Could target -- now the draft and text line or on the phone lines. As well. -- the sketch out some good from last night what you saw what you wanna know what they need that kind of thing. But let's hit some stuff real quick here and what what did you see what stood out who wants -- analysis of the guys that we talked about some sort on offense I mean a couple of guys -- got good and bad off I mean obviously the biggest stand out. Positively on offense was -- -- He looks phenomenal I meet you talk about a big back he's got good he's got great vision. He made some runs Stevie Johnson gray block on the outside. Here's a billion assume any big backs like the hit the hole nothing's there are kind of bounce outside. They used to call him yes we at least have a nickname for Brandon Jacobs who actually wasn't 49 or we call him the 2 October work. Because he was a -- -- Carlos -- runs -- he runs with a purpose. Another guy. Did Bruce tell him now he didn't play much on offense reading get much -- -- he thought he he stood out on special teams return in the bowl. You talk about speed guy they've been looking for a speedy receiver. I mean -- the first guy you get tons of rubble and yet you just walk out and you go OK looks like a player. Right you -- three if you know who was you say who's been. And I you know Ronald Steele draws Alec if the music -- gets you pumped up 88957. ID 570. Text line dropped -- line 95795. You ask the scout. But last night what you saw. We we always question about it's funny that -- the player supplies -- one know about -- -- given the opportunity to ask about those guys but you're right Jack Ellington and immediately. Feels presents yet he's is that he's he's making something happen MA this compelling maybe there's this may lose that. But he's not the moment not too big for this -- maybe the simplest way I would put Kayla -- offensives go negative. A couple guys. First of all the Baltimore Ravens have very good. What seven players especially defense of life Pernod McPhee polluted in play last night Russell a friendly series but their backups I mean. When you think Baltimore Ravens you think -- -- linemen you know big guys. Well Purnell McPhee and some of the interior guys they had were given Jonathan mark never right tackle at left tackle. And loony who they're gonna need to step in crowd -- and trouble. Loonie was not as bad as John Moore and John Martin herein cannot pass or run block he gets no movement he gets tossed. Now he's a functional -- because he's good athlete and a tackle he's kinda if you if your athletic you can kind of get in front of look and push him off the field. But run blocking guy what do you need they'll do in the foreigners often run block you've got to deal to move some bodies and he would still -- At the point of attack which is the line of scrimmage for offensive lineman. That's about -- you talked about all these teams every team in the league right now scouting Johnathan Martin why. That he might not make the team Kenny play for two important points on him one the wirelessly play guard. Because I mean if he can't move 8260 pound guy how can you move a three -- -- to tackle to. That's the guy that did the pick they sent to Miami from was conditional. Soul if he doesn't make their 53 man roster the -- 53 man front burner they get their seventh rounder back to that even losing. So it's a pretty. They they covered their -- pretty well this rate if it doesn't work out. Like his greatest asset his versatility right I mean he can play both tackle spots you -- bump in regard to pitch. But it doesn't disbursed only matter if you're good any amount. Now -- cousin. Soul so just look so here's the point seven he wants -- -- to me did and that is not negative did Alex Boone gets some leverage last night I think he might have a little bit if they have one more game the next pre season game. And they continued that right side of the line. They need those guys to step up -- -- there are hoping that Martin could be a backup swing guy well now you look at him does he make the team. Is it worth giving -- a billion bucks Bob just to get him back in the mix because I knew what you don't wait till. The fourth pre season game I mean we don't calculator in front of us who we ended up and how much money's got lost. We begin fine for weeks now thirty K today. Between thirty KB try to meet thirty KM betting your entire page for the year I don't -- who did it did they turn off the AC in the -- home. Whenever they happen at all among NASDAQ today's another day he loses money so in the last 24 hour he's in the last 6000 -- like that. Could you recommend today. No but they're often -- find every day from the since she reports the calendar starts. OK let's go to defense I thought the sort of the defense line to guys that are going to be stats man on documents to just quick dial. Beast may fuel I mean he had -- he had to strip fumble last night. In pink haired and I mean security however is his name he he be on flashes he makes plays he has -- He had a great stuff against the war on his ability to move within the tackle box is incredible. Now. For tomorrow's out bright bright Patrick Willis didn't play last -- will point and Borland starred together. Now will Hoyte led the team with seven tackles but when I turned back on tape this morning Portland flying around his place speed is much faster will -- Now he gets -- some time throws his body all over the place he made a great -- on special teams when he is playing like the tackle on punt. -- bee -- it down -- play in space to the worst case scenario he's gonna be a woman wrecking ball special and before you to the -- on Borland. Get a huge hit a quick dial. I don't but could not again -- -- -- huge I mean you Rottweiler on the same date. He got pulled a double time pass coverage which Bowman excels that because these things is instincts are credible now that being said the ravens offense. We stuck with Gary Kubiak now the former Houston Texas coach. They're really good man -- it if fantasy players if you're listening Joseph Flacco all eyes are entertained they'll fire I think he'd put -- big time numbers. I mean -- guys stop and like you know concrete and then not know what to do it Flacco to slice and dice and they're gonna be good. So that's again I think the ravens are really good team that's a great test for war. Jimmy war. He played a little bit in nickel he played safety given -- -- play in the third quarter he -- the 11 down on the -- I think to Jacoby Jones. It's tough cover me and I mean it's not easy position like what you know what he didn't miss -- tackle in the gaggle thirty RG tackle I can live with seven yard completion doesn't kill. He made a great play in the run game were filled. He's a physical little SOB he's not afraid he's their type guy now -- smaller but he'll throw his body around I liked what I saw from James -- -- -- this I would say to summarize all of that particularly the young guys John and ward and Ellington I think you really jumped out. The guys you're talking -- Carradine and dial Borland certainly mistakes were made whatever. Every guy you mention though never to meet looked like he didn't belong on that field now again if your plan third Koreans. But second and third stringers then you should look that -- -- ever but. I just speaks is that for -- but I always -- like part of me just judges my first instinct on guys did against AJ Jenkins -- we first obviously all my god. And we'll pray but the timing and things like excel you know give it time and time well look any of those guys and -- Well OK I'll just watch -- next we can see what happens everyone who did something. Something. That makes you think there's something there the place beat him all the young guys who just the speed in which they play. Like you said they belong I think Obama forty niner fan right now or health I'm balking at the front office. Do you ever decide I'm very happy with the effort from a lot of even -- -- Now on the one -- three Cadillac fell down but. This frenzy get a feel I mean their -- their coaching -- incredible I think top to bottom they might the best coaching staff Italy. Guys get better help guide even Catholics want completion who'd go to this Madonna. He had a nice seven I mean why don't but still I mean you -- putt he got up positive momentum yeah all of your young players can build on positive momentum. Heading into. You know heading in. The regular season hitting an extreme thing I like the coming down the text line the drop came text line 95795. Right now getting -- -- -- 9579570. As the scouts question from not a game last night a player you wanna see a player you wanna see more of one thing that stood out to me also John wanna run by you. That's next 889579578. This is up pre season niner game number one. Asked this gather additional paid -- 89579578. K -- on the hook up a 957 again. I think. Then came out and competed and that's the best thing -- natural gas coming out deep. They're very -- so they did that today despite picking the wrong and I think I'm talking about. I was down Bernard Davis yesterday the loss we have a target of a ball for a season. The entire show John we haven't mentioned the scores again I think it's you know it was cited the less tired may -- is an account today. And it said like. Revenge your Super Bowl revenge -- of a sentence like the Broncos Seahawks game. From last night yeah I guess that was -- -- -- was one of one now Jim is definitely where new pants I mean the dad -- -- the cardinal it's definitely different. Whatever the pleated bottom this unity before either -- or the old school khakis says flat front now -- -- -- the -- it's a nice from a jury just looks better and better they build an ad campaign around that -- battery you're put out there and sweats. I 889579570. Drop -- text line 95795. That you get in your way 888 not 579570. Drop -- -- -- 95795. Ask the scout. This is matters pre season game one addition. Now -- -- up John I've got up much stuff coming in on the tax until it's it is -- these as we can. What started off with. -- god this for the 51 now on the text line put your name on to you to name in your wildest for the five don't know who gets the bulk of the carries this year. Frank Gore or Carlos -- after watching Carlos -- last night watch frank. Debt it's 100% -- but now you have a legitimate guy frank gets nicked up or you can rotate with and I don't think you -- -- before. Kendall could spell him when Michael was in the dog house but they did have a guy if you had the starting gate Carlos -- could. If Carlo titles on the raiders. I mean. He battling those two guys to be starting running back. Now frank Gore's a borderline hall of Famer and until he slips I'm not counting him out. In these also that I think he's the head coach's favorite player maybe ever come in the way Jim screams and a practiced like in a positive way it's. Pretty unique Jim doesn't really do that but I mean screen for frank. I I think by next UK are starting running back of your future -- you're looking at you know when -- when the change happened with. With not comparing his dual mode like Montana and young to rice and young. Wind when that transformation happened I mean Frank Gore had been a -- worked in the forty -- -- -- starting backfield well I think eventually it's gonna become Carlos Hyde. And call -- for the. Wanna play -- got a cigarette you talk about transitioning a key position while still trying to plan good question all right this is prom. The all this for the 602. Work and I've -- getting decent pre season back Ryan Williams Beanie Wells Chris Rainey. Come to mind. Another man a wants another running back to your back Chris Rainey is unfair guy right now and -- most favorite and least favorite when you do well he was tweeting like he had kicked off of the cult news tweeting last night about how. The guy -- while boom Herron scored a touchdown up -- Rainey wrote on Twitter nice touchdown boom even though you was in the hallway with me that night when we was portion around with the fire extinguisher man up like I did. Yet kicked off team boom Herron didn't has taken out on the -- and what are being war you know boom was a draft pick. Chris Rainey was picked up in the draft created -- as the scout forty niner game one exhibition addition John Carlos in original subject Carlos we got man. -- love. A quick question. Go look at what the market Lattimore and speed up in front end and I'm just you know wondering are they got to keep or are you planning to trade. And he he's definitely not getting traded -- mean if you would trade form he's ever done anything. One guy in our practice he's there working behind you with trainers he looks pretty good physically I mean -- Trying hard he's an unbelievable character kid I think they love him. And they want him to do well. But -- were being realistic you cannot count on him. Whatever they get from him I would say is gravy and I would say the thing that certainly dead dead raises your eyebrows that it is there's not really timetable. Trenton bulky was asked about how close dizzy he -- close is and how close -- battle now so they -- the answer to that is I mean he had. This game yesterday as his target dates are trying male co wrote that -- target date to return and he thought maybe they'd be shot at it. But it's not like he's not coming on the field they're saying well next week it's gonna happen they need to really Amos and anything. If you had to give me a percentage it meant that he plays one snap in the pre season mode be. I mean we know I know I go under fifth because I've no idea I'd go to -- to price you'll really well I don't expect to see it matter what you do with them. And in fairness to Marcus. The injury did happen in the Tennessee I mean probably should've been career ending ever that guys in the knee was hanging on the -- I mean it was. -- Paul George not look the price worse than Paul George. Deprived as hard differentiate their ball bad is bad but it was that level yet that is -- -- Asia Karl thanks for comment 888957. ID 570 dropped in text line 95795. This is from Al overall in San Francisco on -- can text line. We all talk about -- to Korea by John can you make the 53 man roster probably not right now -- -- he's a practice squad guy if he gets the position. Where. Let's say these next couple games he puts up great films make some place. We talked about you know everyone throughout the week is evaluating every back employer. He's a guy did -- they do if I'm a team -- presently I claim this guy potentially if I think he shows enough to the 49ers could they get him back on the practice squad. It really depends on how he plays these next couple games but if you cut them -- doesn't you know show some signs. He may be gone forever. You know he's one where -- funded by -- looks like adding to friction means that the Afghan team. Now luckily with with Glenn Dorsey being out for the season Ian Williams health still question mark. He may make the team is the last defense alignment. And deserve better -- -- line coach in the league in the got foreigners have engine console probably not. I would say there is not I mean he's regarded as the vast. I would say right now he's probably on the fence where I look at like this he probably have to make the team to stay around because if he doesn't. So most probably Clinton taken a shock I purposely 1000 GM on a team that doesn't have pressure to make the cowboys. Talk about these bodies I claimed on the cowboys tight week one -- edition of ask this -- -- -- 9579570. This from -- in San Carlos on the a drop camp text line. What about change skull how he -- last night it looked OK I mean he's a guy -- we just look at the numbers guy. It doesn't really add up doesn't mean I I don't really see a spot form. He's got practice squad written all over as you would keep screwed over him you keep moody you keep -- over him and me maybe if he shows out. I mean if you becomes a guy. The problem is. He's so slow. He I think he ran a 52. In the Prodi and Anderson and -- don't mean much but here's the difference. When Chris Borland -- and on punt and makes a tackle in space I change -- can't do that. Nick moody can place special teams -- can't just from -- the standpoint of playing in space and running. He's fighting an uphill battle he is Jim relax and I think they do with being Joseph knows for Stanford. I he'll be a prime time a practical look at this and 95 not a question is just an observation but my god Gabbert is terrible. Yeah man on the moon until -- Allen is dead man. I cannot go on for -- all we get we -- FL guy said that they they love McLeod Bethel Thompson right. Like the CFL would -- was licking their lips to get hold of a guy like that. -- I -- that's a guidance they may I like to see some him does he have and they are we gonna keep keep them around lawyer here's a question this is from Jack and -- -- can can. Can Josh Johnson pass. Blaine Gabbert on the depth chart or McLeod -- can -- these guys passed him on the depth to pass damper on the depth chart. Money notwithstanding I mean just just can't happen damning -- Josh just doesn't look too much better. You -- great point this morning it's very true running quarterbacks look a lot better in the pre season. -- -- looked pretty good runner crown and I've been kind of popular it is tough to do the axle and Josh can do that -- -- the most accurate guy either. I kid you win a race horse let's just. You know we ask that you literary assumed game avoid did you win or what Josh -- -- -- equally -- -- -- -- -- the differences -- much. I think you'd like better than involve someone asked me -- via Twitter like. JJ them linger -- have been just Johnson. I'd rather have neither probably you know. But your options are limited to. They got to be proactive right now they -- I mean this is why this is one of the busiest times for personnel departments ball he's starting to be regarded as one of the best GMs in the league. Tavern to make some money right now time for staff -- did they have loaded staff. Yeah finding Garrett you gotta you gotta have a back up plan for your party backed a plan that looks like it's more like him -- string player. I -- good stuff thanks for the questions. Seven earthquakes host FC Dallas on Saturday. The -- I'm not in the script Saturday August 16 about just stadium tickets on sale now mr. quick -- comp for a chance for you and a friend to watch the game with Chris -- and visit the contest page and 957 games dot com. To put -- -- -- -- -- -- big edge of the god give back for the giants yesterday John they looked better but they'll lost. What does John Estes -- he'll join us next to Timmerman a mellow -- a 957 again. Like John for the club announced. I like this kid from the lawn sign. Jeff George. Thanks Jeff. -- -- Jeremy into obese a question we can -- really what impact I think a lot of. You wanna know what impact what wall Marcus Lattimore -- this season. I would say there is or more greater unknown in the NFL the -- rookie quarterbacks I mean. Is against a ban on the team he's moving around he practiced a little auto PA's. They have like different injuries coming into the pre season for training camp. Again I I hate to say I'm not trying to be negative 'cause -- rooting for the -- we've we've doctors had a negative just really I mean they've all theories we Steve's first fair player multi. He loves kids. But I mean it's just it's hard to come back from that level injury. Like I used Paul George Paul George was a bone break this kid was ligaments tendons. That's when things you know get thrown off he talked about explosion he was never a -- But that that's where I think if you're gonna put him out there yes -- protect himself in terms of plus I can make you miss so he's not gonna take a nude shots right you wanna put Marcus Lattimore a position if he's not able to cut these crushed in her. Harriman a -- coffee and Audi 57 game. Shawn Estes says scheduled to appear on the show at this time affording our buddy Sean. We got we got -- You know it is you don't happen I think Sean is just so caught up. Watching tape of pre season football games last night. Then he was fifty ignored our call until we got through the Seahawks Broncos game bid to cut ups at least -- big pre season football guy shot. What are no idea what I thought well all right let me ask you this if you had to watch pre season football. The -- pre season football games or ten spring training games which would you watch. Uglier you put me on the spot here considering apple wants the ball. Yeah I think that's -- -- -- You your answer when they're probably aren't Big Three he's in anything in order only -- who -- Larry I didn't watch. Preceding football scene under truck and you're out. -- I can just read about it online. You already -- a couple guys I mean -- you think your first pick. First like -- get first pick which should be out to beat -- I don't even now settled by the and the guy like another extremely. This is the -- -- -- -- John what is the buy into your fantasy baseball. A few fancy football. 500 someone he asks how we played actually. It all out on the -- the you are here are bigger former fourteen innings -- satellite. It's -- a -- well yes a little life yeah yeah. Like Aaron on the order your salary -- -- a departure card to play baseball owner Eric or not. After -- we're trying to get our do you play you play when you know how many guys in that league Sean. -- -- -- some ninety. Years. It can be as many law and -- -- apple seed you know. Everybody is perhaps her own and every week and I have a certain amount of trade you can use them like 8090 Graham upon. They paid you weekly pay out for high school or -- like -- at the end of the day when street I went about point five grand. Well hopefully. He better hope Uncle Sam -- listener and four -- 100. Yards and a bogey the marks of Obama's losses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Less well I want to -- our -- -- west giants I thought they looked like -- every page of a -- makes them look different. But now you know there's no belt in there yesterday. How much stock do you put into. Angel put on makes them look different but at the same time the Dodgers keep wearing baseball games so they've got to win games looking different isn't good enough. Well yeah I mean. It starts there I mean we have we've seen what this -- McDonnell. Well documented and you got to look at the number stir lightly he makes a huge difference when you're gonna wanna. I don't think we can get that based on one end you could got a couple odd lot might. Like -- Geiger is out there who works counts in our economy it's Italian straighten out what I liked. I'm borderline reach you at all. But you know you big guy that was the big game plan -- meat you eat -- you want it to your leadoff spot like energy I eat sensibly I think it you know. But get better and more confident she gives you all the -- out there the more about you know I you gotta kinda get back in the baseball shape again. -- -- -- That come down to take the route you take a ball in the ball out all the out oh come on Q all ballot by the bottom line is that -- you have a better look. When you're in the lineup based or more runs they -- won one more game when you do -- -- than many doubt. And I think you've got to make them better. Especially income -- September when when all -- games really count you're playing against teams you're on the patient. You want got a new experience and their tactics that -- all coming down the -- front you know people out like. No -- going to Japan -- -- NPV comedic began to walk I don't know I mean you never we've never seemed apparent. -- -- -- -- -- played -- September ever. Almost say this though John is he's grown on me a little bit -- I -- panic -- get and there are better the more games plan. I Rite Aid getting where you know and you're like you're like game three game you all fields they're all laps on the right hit the ball where it's pitched. Are you get a lot more comfortable or easy doing the things that you don't YouTube lecture -- -- helped by. There's a different type of pressure in September and saw the rookie got can't handle the it. They get little parents especially you -- -- -- in my basement loaded two outs. It's usually twelve to one of the best pitchers in the big leagues this year fourteen game winner and struck out you know it's it goes situation we're eating guy. I'm picturing guys Bender before victory they can relax insult controlled the adrenaline and put together good at you get it yet. So it's inevitable gonna come down there -- panic in September Ian Baker because it picked out a gun problem she would eat laid out. You know and and what she -- you're I -- a couple years ago com peacock. From St. Louis Cardinals aren't thinking big league -- You directly -- playing shortstop and he stepped up in September and into the playoffs and you should throw them and then they went on the Wendell Berry are that it happened very often so. Yeah you -- me now I think it right now we're not. The other really no other option being he's being done a pretty good job but I want cute these guys are made of when it comes down September bigot. -- -- What kind of bad about it but the other four. One and other producers with in in in -- -- they're gonna see there you see Jason Vargas tonight they're gonna Sarah James Shields tomorrow. And they are gonna see Danny Duffy in the third game of the series dig up he's been really good for those who don't know ganged up a meeting very good pitcher. So what what is the challenge ahead for this lineup because it looks pretty like -- -- I think they could pitched pretty well and and lose to a three in the series. On the -- right there got to work on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe what you're hearing -- split second base or. Are we gonna see Bryant alienate remote within the next -- trillion. You know. I think he still gonna try to make a waiver claim on a -- -- can play second base play out the Obama. Who's out there who who backed are going to be. -- com. Yeah it's inevitable they can list to -- -- or series against the team with a winning record and they beat the cardinal back to may 29 to June 3. A long time -- a few -- should it not. If you get on and how and so. Big gimmick and a royal. They're acting there about 500 it wants all our last fifteen games that are common in hot kitchen while Serbia that they don't play good baseball -- topic obviously got a pitch. Got to catch the ball but maybe we need to get some tickets you know are you see -- -- -- -- line -- we saw you know the first week of the season with the army not and -- Posey you know Morse. Belts. You know Crawford and then probably panic in -- We're sure that he'd outline I think if they outline they put out lineup out there are more I'm not the last couple months that she's done. We're gonna win a lot of ball games and and don't know overtake with their doctor but I I believe that they will be routine -- They're the one game playoff and while part so. You wanna when you're predicting you don't -- how it played out one gambit it's not a -- not one guy. Yup it's not want your minutes are up for this club that -- a -- my chance it will now. Shawn Estes Ozzie talked him out Lou on the scene scene tonight and you know good luck with with that eighty grand. -- -- He plays a little different level fantasy football baseball and all fantasy sports the average American and about he says like watching me the pre season. I mean. If you watch pre season football you would have missed the angles quarterback Matt Scott last night. -- -- You sent me the fine it was incredible he threw up on the field and that he threw -- feel again. Then he threw up on the field again through his face mask and they threw a touchdown pass -- -- -- -- real. He was again -- Mexican -- Arizona athletic quarterback. There's time last year the jaguars put. Eagle puke twice in three times one of the project -- through the face so like gets kind of spread calendar -- -- Yeah you don't like she's sitting in the shower the that was well I have to admit that was disgusting as it was I watched that vine on repeat six or seven times. Honestly would you rather have a -- -- mascot. Blue plane -- I -- I. You saw one pass you know mass spamming and doing it through BV I mean I -- you can Donovan McNabb honestly -- crime and now I would do he's busy in. Trying to avoid UI is on -- you -- how embarrassing it is just to. To embark on the field. We got mark Gary -- -- I don't leadership what happened -- -- did do -- about our daily over Gatorade really I can't say that maybe had too many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From -- -- during the hearing earlier and I watered down Alex who's fighting for my life yeah speaking of did you year. Both former member of that man coaching staff and putting him on blast yesterday. And really what Steve Kerr is banking on it happening. What they did do last year with Steve -- -- is banking on happens -- Kevin Love deal -- out of happen. We'll tell you next -- -- problematic about seven again. Scalabrine former warriors assistant client yeah we're just. -- -- -- white -- thing right unless it's. -- -- as the red mop you can rent here. Temperatures. Be careful about who called black on the two. Kick off return -- -- what about -- is because -- gave him that nickname who gave Kobe his nickname. Himself he did yeah gave an -- sales and marketing department at Nike probably open he -- he was a self proclaimed. I noble black -- hash tag B now dealers -- out the portal he gets old -- better with age like -- exactly Scalabrine people gave him the white mama -- works yeah it doesn't you know it does. So he was on Doug Gottlieb show yesterday. And you know he was on the why he's been all over little media tour these these are going back to the media. And this is what he said about last year being a member of the warrior staff and how the coaches failed the players in his opinion. Generally we didn't -- As a staff we really didn't prepare our team to be too. Championship caliber nor do we prepare our team to -- -- into the bee championship caliber you know like they Harrison Barnes incident where a pair combined to have been you know like -- you can -- player in the NBA taking the next step after his rookie year insists it was important that he didn't get a chance to do it. Before we get into what he says it's rare to see it guy a coach now whether coach again Woolsey. Really kind of take it to someone like that right here very off and it export and it is maybe two reasons one he's not coaching now but 20 she probably feels like. That's one guy -- get a pass on mark but he feels like he takes -- -- to mark. And there aren't a lot of guys in the coaching industry maybe they're gonna say almost I'm siding with mark on this one. We don't get the sense that there's going to be a lot of that I don't know but that's the feeling like you've got to get a free beyond that now. Anyway it seems like just when we just talked to other NBA people like out to any of them -- -- I can't believe Scalabrine said that about mark mark. But not on the record -- in off the record when their BS and they tell us that some say they don't they don't say that when they're in interviewed kind of like you write you all president. Brock doesn't throw George on the -- is like the next president -- -- Brock and that's kind of an ounce will do a lawyer. Campaigning in and you love everybody wants their office is exactly. When you can't -- the worst person of the on the -- Scalabrine pretty much says another thing that he said there how the defense -- much of mark couldn't coach. Yes that's -- what he said mark wouldn't I mean basically say he would not pushes players is brought the ball fly so that's the thing like uplifting and talk about Harrison Barnes a popular that would their batting behind. Pop pop idols like discovery. What they're betting on. Is subject with their betting on though is that. Vet Steve -- does those things that Bryant's -- he says Mark Jackson didn't do. That Klay Thompson becomes better. -- you didn't trade him because he's going to be so much better because he's corner he's finally getting coached that Seth -- got to defend his position that Harrison Barnes is gonna take the next step everybody thought he would because this guy's gonna coach these guys like that's. That's the angle -- tag line diamond -- -- he tweeted out there he did a bunch of interviews yesterday in the transcript. And one of them said they are right now are better coach than what they have with Mark Jackson. Gallery with Steve current staff with frank who's the dad retired from the Celtics is lasting brand rock Ron Adams Ron Adams -- he's like I've I played for him he's phenomenal. So he pretty much said their coaching staff in any capacity including himself now he he was all the scandal -- he couldn't. Maybe override the coach but that they were joking essentially. And they kind of road. Couple that you know staff. And in fairness to the situation he obviously has a bit of an ax to grind even though he says he doesn't care it definitely is next he was fired its season but also agree with one thing with calorie. That you couldn't watch staff consistently and it's hard with your best player but. Studies pop as a barometer but you have to be able to coach the best player. Market never ever sending staff for his passes withdrawals wayward passes now he doesn't incredible stuff. Return the ball over a lot in key situations last year the -- couple games. How much more was really coaching him up. And easy to MF -- but you don't get a hold them accountable I think is what you're saying right I mean -- -- held accountable. And that's what if these -- at which will hold Connecticut to take him with a grain of salt just because of how everything went down but you can't deny the fact that. That -- didn't guard Chris Paul. And he says you should be able to guard your position. I believe this is he'll bring a pair phrasing and I believe that step is Smart enough to guard its position he does and I never be like a lock down to a player. He's crafty but he's the -- they may not be as athletic but -- Smart enough to guard his position. If somebody challenges him to do it. And I feel like tonight we talk about the lawyers like they were top three she last year and their barely there. I mean really there were a couple games will be an out so everybody should be very coat and I don't think it's that simple -- I think -- -- just. Hey man I'm little that you do you we talked about earlier this week when they museum's -- the two most. Two league coaches and all sports right now Belichick and -- it. And when you hear Brady talking and when you hear Tim Duncan talking I think it's carries over a professional coach. He coaches the best player and Tom is adamant about this idea coached up just like the lowest guy and you see Duncan with your own guys didn't yelled that. You have to be able to coach up your players. I just hold them accountable but coach them up get them better. That's a phenomenal talent he's getting better discuss these plays more experienced but it was he actually getting coached up in mark's not coax him out shoot you know and I say this. You mentioned Brady mentioned Duncan. I think staff -- can be in terms of I agree as a team -- like -- is it's not a retirement on quotable player keep my wants to be coached I think -- -- mark so much for it went quick which they always say. Great date that players want to be called they want direction because we're -- about -- -- -- challenge which Yahoo! Sports you guys it's about winning they wanna win. Have you been challenged me if you can make me better. What does Tim Duncan and his whole career by getting coached one. So apple and adapted it it's some loser coaches -- and -- and they were losing would it work trying to it's about winning it's also about entertainment John as we know Stephen vote. Who thankfully brokers over 23 slump yesterday within a home run. -- and he was on our show singing remember not too long ago he was on intentional talking MLB network. And he Jonny Gomes on actually. Vote comes on dressed as they refereed and it's a very visual thing I tweeted out at guy Lieberman this morning go see the video it's really worth watching I fall you but he thank you John. I appreciate that the private means a lot to hit out of professional courtesy evolving I do as human to human you fall everyone -- the station yeah everybody but one person actually get all everybody until few days ago announced everybody but one. And really -- yeah. Hasn't really if I've negatively affect me the last couple days -- skipped -- -- life still found out about stuff somehow. Stephen -- was on LB network dressed as a referee doing his -- for -- impression. You're somewhat meticulous. Go ahead show might make your call real quick first off I -- Get to double check. Gonna attack on rosy for that hit shirt I got to attack on Kabul at what five watch your mouth when you're talking about -- moved. The. -- -- whatever your breath for a reasonable place. He looked he was it a referee shirt shorts and high baseball socks I love her pregnancy dated nick -- -- Judy was so you again you got to watch a video it's a very visual thing. But Stephen both wife is a basketball coach -- so like I argue look like he officiated he knows the calls it he did some fake call -- charge and -- am one cause travel at all. It was classic he knows the ball on the all the motions that -- the blocking call even noted goaltending and handle pending. The offensive charge and are noted that the blocking foul and one yeah -- seems -- -- really you know went over the top of him Walters so great. It's it's it's he's wearing a wrestler major all right so funny and again this was him remember him on our show. Recently talking about boy bands -- -- and and he sang good timing you know run last night this. Marion hammer. Winner wins you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- okay. Do. We know live. This -- detective Tony. Finalize this disputed vote saying no it did this. There's like death toll -- -- I think grant told Tony and play well it's phenomenal I've played for for Stephen vote the other day you know he told me. I can do better -- OK he's like no seriously let me want next time I can do better. He was like an Allstate choir singer in high school saw great voice even vote left a lot of warm up next time once again. Obama listens pandora nationalism when homer and -- -- operative device to have daily fantasy sports for cash. Coming up on the wheel house sampled march -- shooting Babbitt and Michael -- figuring out this today remember what it is today it all leads up to -- extra point -- -- little golf on case fox tonight -- neighborhood a little off about 57 again.

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