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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/8/14 HOUR 1

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's been -- voice NBA eastern Shia and so warriors and the raiders. -- Hundreds dead and then. Life on the. As a good. Pride day edition of the show -- -- Kennedy -- is already probably in Minneapolis the other plane left yesterday. -- I'm -- he is there. He's probably still out from the night before. According link wonderful brother myself. I'm -- I just looked at our guests listened to very good and you know that. The power of the month. This is the London -- as the lake effect I think that's all these people are coming on. This week we used as -- folders on the show the it's a's outfielder. Year old it and it nemesis -- go up against him but he was a bronco when you're raider marks earth ESPN is gonna join us. Yeah -- -- know -- marks a great guy here council will go back. He's from Alaska and went to Idaho. Max I don't know anybody knows that they do now you can -- your friends -- that. At work today studio until 130 -- she Babbitt. We're now Brooks -- she is the lovely voice of the separate Cisco giants when you go there. She is amazing job as the I think still the only maybe she's not the only female PA voice in Major League Baseball anymore but. She is your job and and Michael Irvin are MLB expert both on the a's and giants he's going to be for both. He's in the at 2 o'clock hour as well so there you know that's the light of today's pretty pretty outstanding. The fabulous for now aren't -- welcome -- C -- she's a I don't know if she she should associate in the studio before she's a big a big raider fan. Courtesy several morning show on KB LX and we Celeste and -- weight room so Renault and I have a lot of history she's dollars from you guys just come in studio for big games very knowledgeable. Very knowledgeable and UN she's coming into real -- today. We -- to review we're gonna review the forty niners gonna preview the raiders you have some stuff in the words as well and wanna ask you about. Some remnants from yesterday winning -- that college football -- talk interesting when the Big Five is gonna do we'll do that as well. And a much which one was it's all in today he's acting like. I'm like yeah. Whom do I. You know mental approach me. Are about ten minutes we will do more on the -- 49ers but today any thing. Well the first thing -- start here the first -- -- jumps out is how about all the Smith meaning with Roger Goodell yesterday this is bigger than anything happened in the game. And reports indicate from -- insiders mammy Yoko amongst them are 49ers inside and all the Smith. Could miss six to eight games and play I know -- He did not play last night's -- reports say 68 games and if you combine that would Glenn Dorsey. And Navarro Bowman and so forth. There can be some major problems but Dalton Smith rush the passer how big of a deal is 68 teams if he indeed if those reports are right. Well see how good goes on things in the past. People he's not necessarily favorable towards its been longer than men shorter so I think it's I would anticipate probably have to season one that's a big deal especially talk about the division at the 49ers player. So that could be huge deal there there have their biggest pass rusher had done all fear of course the other rehab last year. But the year before you know he led the middle of the NFL -- so. Of one leaders so I think it's important to try to get all your horses back in name and last night the defense got pushed around so. They need to have all their weapons. Bakken and full strength as soon as possible is global concern. Yes if there's six -- and look at the passing league so any team you play against is gonna be -- -- of the six games Doug in Dallas Chicago the cardinals the Eagles. The chiefs in the the -- of its eight games and the Broncos -- Peyton Manning and another game the -- so both games individual the rams another division game with. The cardinals chip Kelly's high powered offense and Peyton Manning if -- eight games -- one thing they get the one break they get in their schedule. Is it they don't place Seattle. Until what what 91011 game twelve and then they played him twice in three weeks but it's late in the season so Bowman should be back at that point. All the Smith obviously backing -- point so there's a break in there that's it. But certainly if you see Philly in Denver and the rams twice in the cardinals. And as bad as the think cowboys defense is offensively they can throw around guys they Dez Bryant if -- -- -- pressure on Tony romo's bad as he is in the playoffs he can throw the ball around and score points so. Obviously it's never good that's pretty tough schedule that all the Smith and that's. Well there's no doubt you don't don't wanna fall behind me are you talk about the difficulty of your own division but you talk about the also the difficulty of those games. Be in Arizona the two vs Saint Louis and we needed you could really literally BB deep behind -- ball. Deep in the division by the time you give you all you guys back there can be treacherous for the defense. And for for a season. As far as the defense size that it did not look good they lose 233 and again in ten minutes we'll get into some specific things that we son liked and did not like. -- defensively though -- Brock was out just -- Smith is -- Ray McDonald was out Ian Williams is out all those obviously up Patrick Willis is out. And Bowman we've already talked about being outsell the majority of their defense. Was out of league games like I don't know he can make any snap judgments defensively. Because the majority of the guys -- of the game is that fair. Well yeah but it also falls while we talk to -- yesterday I don't get as into pre season because there's so many intangibles that are involved. You just don't know you don't know how how how how. I'll be hidden for years defense. Prepared that they really game plan registrar go through emotions under army practice against team. And in the course they're stars that their you don't really know how much to take but. Just on the surface of work there is a level of concern because as -- also in this press conference -- got Pastrana look tired. Well you should look tired with the schedule the way it is so that's something that your dorm or something that's going wrong if your defense is getting pushed around like that in game one of the priciest. The good thing from alas I -- the way Jon Lester looked last night 142 pages he completes. Other game last night yeah it was against the twins but three zip these when the offense still not great. They allowed a minor league pitcher for the first few innings to. Have a perfect game against -- -- they got to go on a little bit Brandon Moss broken over streaks even vote broken over streak that was good -- but still. Not great as far as the offense but Jon Lester. That's why they traded this guy he was a true ace last night. Retired the first fifteen batters of the game through 83 strikes on the 122 pitches he looked -- last night did -- not. IA I totally agree here and I stand by what I said earlier we started on the -- earlier this week I still think that the trade for Lester is to prepare them. In case and even a short series or that one game while car. They have that ace that they can go to and I do believe BA's -- -- their offense has follow fallen off but it's still short body work to evaluate. I do believe the -- are conceded that they have conceded that that 10. -- 21 victories are okay they can they can win those games rather than have to outscored 98 or you know 710 or ever ever weakening economy yet. They're gonna win that's what's going to be live from this point forward it looks like and I know the offense can giggle a little bit more. But the a's are more likely to win games one nothing 2132. And I think -- scored in double digit runs which they did early in the season maybe some guys get hot. Speak and the gays and every time the stadium. Situation is brought up my eyes kind of glaze over does that really get sick of it is the boy who cried wolf and it's constantly being talked about and literally it's the boy who cried wolf because Lauren -- They did. You get the ten year deal done now this morning I read. That by shaking hands of local officials. That part of the ten year lease is wolf enters quote on quote good faith discussions about building a new ballpark in Oakland. Obviously after years of trying to move them to San Jose. Wolf as indicated that he is seriously giving Oakland a second look which obviously makes people who want the -- to stay in Oakland excited. But it no matter what I read until I see something in other words I don't believe in stadiums until. -- actually hit gore hit the ground I just I don't even -- to -- because there's been so much what about this what about that all this is going on that's gone on their move in the stand. I just don't find anything I know part of the agreement is he has to enter into good faith discussions but that doesn't sound tangible to me was I mean. Well and I'm ultimately I'm worried about the silver -- more than yeah I agree you know I mean in this new ten year deal what does that do for the raiders what does that do to the -- and not only helps the raiders know it doesn't help home but I mean access ultimately are concerned with -- and I want -- -- -- -- know when. And looks like that they might have to find some other team just what we see of course there's still a lot of work done but to be done but from what we see and it looks like it might be elsewhere. Giants lose 31 yesterday afternoon of course is in the eighties one also the angels. And the Dodgers are gone out of the Dodgers won again last night seven -- so that helped CA's this three up on the angels the giants now all three and a half behind. The Dodgers obligated to Kevin Durant and he says he's tired so he has sound withdrawn its. From team USA it was I mean for Klay Thompson -- Seth -- this in need. Aftermath of Paul George getting here is currently -- she afraid of getting injured we'll get into that a little bit later. And you wanna talk about that politics five rule this femininity that we'll do that as well. You -- buy everything will like get more into the 49ers for review the game itself. What did we learn what was true what was not. Believe he's been on the -- and pre season games till the second on that only here on 957 in the various museums where. -- -- There's some spots up for grabs in the pinned them back up in the in the -- area here right now they're guys that he'll come on the fast and so. -- those jobs I'm. I think you'd say that about require fewer positions unless. On the back thin right now. Best depressed Jim Harbaugh think you're joining us wheel house on a football Friday. Niners lose we'll talk more moderator -- that later samples got to jettison ten minutes outfielder for the AC not a new popular because he's here early in the -- they left. They went for the twins. Nice back. Ten minutes. -- some thoughts on the game last night. I sometimes I think in my Iran in this -- ended its deserving players sometimes I think. They coaches especially in the first game like this they almost wanna set their team up to fail. And by that I mean -- -- lose. But it's like oh we did look very good so good now Jim can come in this week can be hard ass in practice in domain yeah -- -- around coaches have done that almost like semi the semi. They they didn't have it in a few defensive starters -- played -- Ceres. You know date of the whole right -- -- offensive line and their center was new but it what did you expect him to be great with all that all the new guys in their -- But but no you do as a coach -- you're hoping. Because it's it's it's less strenuous on you if if you find a way are you find a motivated that can light a fire mirror guy and you don't have to tell when to do it. I mean the fact is that coaches -- time. You know the misnomer is that people think they're training camp today -- -- guys make the team know the -- pretty much set in place Tennessee team like this yes you're looking for -- You're looking for a couple you know add additions may be -- which -- drafted your free agency move by. Your roster is pretty much in taxi to look at for some backups so when you when you see -- back up get a chance will be had by you know listed as the number one starter or. Given to play first snaps with the quote unquote number one team you're hoping that that newcomer can live afar and show you something. Then reconsider say what you deserve to play more you deserve to be a part of the conversation at least and sometimes in pre season is just not that way because. Like you said that it's an uneven playing field because there's with the whole mentality is does not you don't hold true throughout the entire team. People take it seriously some people don't some -- look through -- some people just don't wanna be out there I mean it is what it is. It's interesting to in the pre season because like you said. You know certain guys who with the stars don't play many elegant quarterback like -- of the -- series okay fine completes a pass scared to how to ready because on the second play. And he got here late penalty to wring out every hold their breath -- a big guy's been there before. And you got guys who are fighting for their life you -- -- the guys are free agents who they get something on film and even if they don't make the team. At least they have some film to go on another team with a camera -- a little game with you and it's not what it sounds like it's it's gonna be real or fake. Okay is here's one and L I want you to decipher things from the game. That are real cleansing yet you can hang your hat on that or the money was doing this against the fourth string it's no big deal take -- -- let me throw a few guys say yeah. Carlos Hyde it's huge obviously with Frank -- give up their in age. Well Michael James is hurt Kendall Hunter is on IR after they -- to -- made it through a series on IR. The running back situation they need to cigarette from Ohio State to step up five carries 39 yards. In against the first team defense for Baltimore the first series runs -- 719. And eight yards of I was in niners fan I'd be excited by that is that real. I think that's -- I think that's where I think he's legit. It's pretty good to meet you bounce and I didn't realize as big as he is he he bounced that nineteen are outside. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't seem like -- a whole lot of room somebody's got to go in it's probably going to be a decent name so. You know you don't ever wish injury upon another player but. You know in the case where they are down it's your opportunity -- stand of shark. The right side of the offensive line look like if from my un educated guy this -- askew. They do is they got beat up and John -- at right tackle he's been talked about -- I don't care what he -- off the field just what he did last night without Anthony Davis did not look good. And I bet that Alex Boone was sitting at home and was probably watching this game and watching Joseph -- he didn't look great and nor did anyone at right guard last night. Any maybe he may have gotten himself in some leverage us -- what did you. I was running at least an -- is on par on -- -- -- the -- -- -- yes I agree here they just a disciplinarian pushed around the NSA or some pressure was coming in I didn't. I didn't that didn't look very good to me I was trying to keep an eye and that they did not a good. College -- better not get hurt Blaine Gabbert. Looked every bit the first round bust he's been so far to -- for 1120 yards -- -- I'm Josh Johnson and numbers are better six straight 63 yards and looked a little Barry fumbled snap. And Bethel Thompson who's a favorite Jim -- a three for 726 yards he had interception. Nobody looks sparkling but certainly Blaine Gabbert is a back up. I would think that the 49ers given net. Look if any quarterback in the league nobody knows is better than you get hurt there's going to be a pretty much a major drop off for just about every team in the league so it's an urgent need. But if your team in the 49ers situation let's say the cap -- heaven forbid got her for a few games. Just a quarterback that can come in. And keep you in games their defense and running games could win the game for you is really what they would need just don't screw it up don't make a lot of mistakes he Trent Dilfer type of the staying at. And I don't see any of those three quarterbacks behind cabinet with the ability to even do that. Four that's why it's important that's why pre season is important that right there because you're you're -- your delicate positions. You have to see gained speed in back up so that's why I think it's been. It would -- Before you are from this point outs you know and hardball to game plan. -- -- What you think his strengths are and put -- -- -- put many -- that's because you have to have. A scenario for worst case scenario. If if governor goes now what are you gonna do and how are you do it. I think they would if I were them and I think Kyle Orton is gone now for the count was doing and countless time went back to Chicago and dating a guys -- on the table I don't know. If I'm them I'm I'm this I'm looking at teams I'm looking at film and try because I just I don't see Gabbard as a back up Josh Johnson's been around a long time. I know he was with. Harbaugh college at the university San Diego. I don't think he's a guy who can duties bounced around the league -- I don't see a Baylor roster and not seen -- and you know you don't want happening theater for Tenet melanoma she got to prepare forty physical game but what if it's three games on its four -- what if it's in the middle of the season where look. If the niners can go to win two we've been through a stretch if he were to get hurt. That would be good enough and you just need a guy really is good as his defense will be generally weren't good last time they were missed a lot of guys. But as good as his defense generally is the offensive line running game can carry you they can win games if if can't predict -- out. They can win games 1713. Make it do that he just tapped out quarterback who doesn't screw it up and I just -- CNET guy. Well I don't like it -- Yeah I mean Blake ever definitely struggled in my opinion but I also you know as a says there's a lot of potentials may be forced him maybe yeah I'm as comfortable with the offenses he would like to be -- -- There's a lot of intangibles there but it it would -- -- 49ers find them viable back. I two guys really impressed me and had to play extra time last night -- a lot of people -- looking at taint Terry dean. I was guy who basically read should last year and the knee injury coming out of Florida -- was a second rounder in fact it was fortieth overall. He had a sack any tackles in his sack he basically Reggie White the guy just threw on the side. And sack -- Tyrod Taylor is a pretty mobile guys so he made pretty -- eight tackles and that big sack and then have a nose tackle -- dial. Glenn Dorsey out he's gonna be big play Thomas -- Ten tackles too forceful as some -- -- like a couple times but generally speaking he was really get those two big defense of -- young guys. They look pretty impressive. I was impressed with them -- overall -- my assessment of the entire defense wanted to defensive front I was little disappointed because that the ravens running his own run -- yes. Engines generally when you play any guesses on grand scheme you of course you want to defense to be disciplined. On as far as your gap protection but. You generally don't see defense -- getting pushed around. The way they were last night I really think did the ravens for what it's worth. And still their running game and still the philosophy early and throughout the entire game arousal disheartening. I do like the rights watch you mention of the defense a lot but overall I thought the defense got pushed around way too much for the first game. On niners lose -- 33 the other thing is making big national headlines is that what this is just the way it goes and I don't know why he made a big deal of it. It's what happens to Barry Bonds here it's what avenue Jose Canseco when he came back and look I'm not advocating or even comparing that. -- -- in an affiliate standing ovation look he's in his home home field that's what's gonna happen. It's in stupid again and that the that that's the thing and shown support for. Made national headlines any espionage and that's generally how it goes right to me that the fact is your home -- -- -- ravens play -- -- what what did what did they expect him to do I'm not saying it's right that. This is what happens if you're safe haven is your home stadium that's a fans are they should be criticized for it. Are they even made a big deal of its inning I was like what what we're winning in new Blu-ray rice. That -- home stadium anything that was ever gonna happen. No it was a person who was interviewing for the big four networks there was this is now so I was -- well as the white -- on the injury or other players -- -- place. Isn't that your clothes out on tour and I was also very awkward -- it was awkward for me and I was blows things like why he did he -- he said what advice did your wife give you before you came on the field they play. We'll. To handle well. Syria he had MTV and the sarcastic gas and he can't I can't play -- one -- is wrong or something was let go out man. And problems of influences. -- -- my segment brought to my Mercedes that's a seven Cisco Mercedes Vince look -- -- -- sweating a laptop or mobile device web junior men's dot com. A sample -- interest over the next new old outfielder the things. Only an I 570 in the very -- Sam Schwartz. Five point seven big game. There's one on and it towards centerfold breaking handy you'll make it back. -- -- I was a sample great throw up last weekend. By the end of the throw. These parallel lose ground it was also was on every show. I knew that he was out with DA's in a spring training. -- -- if they'd -- the had twins picked up and then now of course. The same day they traded for a job masters been eight days now. They traded Tom Maloney -- Sam Fuld he's back and he's with us right now the a's outfielder Sam Dario. Good man got -- back. It you know I was -- That the pieces. So you run a road trip in Kansas City then you've got your car listen to people don't realize. And you got some young kids in need you road trip how did all that work out when he got the news and and how you got out here. And bring it as well. But it is you don't -- -- So let's -- -- Holden. If we do a better cellphone. Like an -- a better cell -- link because there was drama with little kids and clinical Italian letter of followers on Paul man you knew him the sky's the limit -- -- -- order or start I just think if your professional you know again the best phones the best everything. Why would you -- -- the -- kids in this article -- actually. Sorry practical and one -- thanks I don't know I'm just cheese. Yeah is how you don't assume I am well I mean they're young and candidates in what is now how to -- and there and I'm on did depends on which really should be talking about. Oh it's -- pulled his back. A day or do we have had a better -- now doing area -- -- with -- again as better. Is probably better and that's not so we're talking about it when he got the news and how you actually literally got out here tells the story its interest in. Yeah I'm so I -- my wife is a little kid. Being independent right but when you're alone. Compared. So. I get complaining rule will integrate given it -- round of trade deadline. Is in. Great shape and ending up. Equipment the -- nick Bennett. I've been through. Puberty. I want and then but recognize. Now we have an animal. -- -- story. I read about it. College north Philly audience and I -- I hope we get back and here's the thing. Am not criticizing me it's just it's true it's a trade deadline is it's different you know in the NFL the trade deadline is is not a huge deal right where the salary cap naming is is devoted to make trades but in baseball and in -- and a year ago on the 31. The big name that was traded was Bud Norris appear jointly Astros the Orioles he's a married guy needs is they was kind of a -- And so this year also many trades were made but it was -- he was saying that I I was -- the -- and Minneapolis newspaper that he was his family Trippi -- a -- We're in Minneapolis on -- drive with he's got three young kids when a drive to Kansas City well in the -- in the middle of the drive he gets the call. I'm surprised he got the call -- was found. But he gets the call that hey you've been traded to Oakland so he's got to flip around go back to Minneapolis with the kids -- they get. And telling daddy on this road trip. He turns around as the media -- hop a plane is Bessie can -- his family with his wife of course and three young kids. In Minneapolis and he goes out to all. Thank you can imagine me like yeah yeah I think I. Everytime I think of -- always think about that old commercial where were the guys walk into our -- -- that big you know line tattooed on his back and he hit. I thought here you've been you've been just got traded you know I still well yes let me go to but I think of trades and and it's it's it's uncanny with baseball players because. You know he talked about being chipped down to the to -- and if you're you know don't for the sort of pour so. The DL as sir you're just out of the way I mean it's it's so hard it's going to be so hard man. And an -- game and your bags packed yes and in god and I got to imagine that I -- training camp right now there's guys and I don't know how realistic guys are. Well let's just say last night -- -- you play for the 49 into your -- in this game. Men and a lot of guys played last night and he's either got just a little bit of time or you got no time. I mean. You pretty much know right. Are you Purdue has -- yes yes yes you -- also right well if you we have if your Sam Fuld junior sitting there in your drive when your family Kansas City even though it's trade deadline. His name really wasn't thrown around him a guy who problem is -- part of the package right earlier there was a lot of stuff so he's thinking I'm fairly safe I got my family. I mean I think it's different in the NFL now there may be some surprises on the waiver wire there's no question I mean there's there's some things have probably -- and nowhere. Finale that really doesn't got nannies it's like oh by the way you're expected to play it find yourself in place to live in numbers here before it's it's you know kind of one comes here unfamiliar. Crazy. Well here's the thing I know for football. There are guys that show to ever -- that are you know call what they are the -- bodies. But in their mind they think they've got a legitimate shot to make team. And NN -- commend them for that effort and Athol. They really think they they that they can make and so I wanna see that full effort but I also knew there were times where you know we had a run drill for example where. You know we would into the Mimi and Mo Collins and me wanna mother big guards nexus we're gonna double team you know power block. That they're not gonna show throw you know just walked Ramirez to peace or or some other you know well known defense -- top -- position. -- like Star Trek you know the guy that's gonna die. It out and Kirk and Spock admitted the White House. Two lines and looking like -- our captain Kirk is Ares I go anywhere Smart and he's got an idea I mean an -- and I got to go there's Bob about a child and I mean you pretty -- -- -- -- -- are -- -- yourself okay. I just gotta get myself. You know some film like upon it like you know the -- upon her last after the niners from cal Davis and a guy -- he -- a couple inside the Tampa he's not -- no brain Lee. Running everything you know self is OK Ali ideologues get myself on tabled it but you know I saw some good tape. You know my age you deal work agency minute game we may display an -- play. -- -- -- -- in at some point you know down the line maybe stick somewhere who knows. Yeah there's there's no doubt about only spins in someone's conversation look nice to tell guys all the time those those quote unquote -- bodies. You're probably not going to make the top two deeper to tackle but you might be able to make an impact of special things. To see if you -- find a place there because they're always looking didn't know no starter wants to play specialty to write you another act so so no starter or no -- hide. The guys -- Moore himself the answer is no high profile guy wants a place special teams so. You're looking for those bodies that you can have mixed in with those starters -- those big guys they did that will play and you want those guys that are going to go all out. How awkward -- by the way went in the only way I know this is like in BC hard knocks assembly -- guys delegates when the tag in his locker some like that. For a guy who -- lies is -- that. Socialists are you bring the best product in embryos at that means never terror could circles knows that I remember earlier -- -- -- always -- around so much time or whatever and going to rooms between the breaks and this follows those maniacs -- -- it. First I want to talk about the guy how bad you feel if they win that guy I mean I know I'd feel worse for you brought the Turk. And it's usually like a little guy right -- it's just kind of maybe. You know he's on the first or second rung of the worst job ever -- is basically you're knocking on the door sometimes guys big easier to. Spreads into it again and watch and hard -- you -- kill the messenger and I hate to be that guy gives you like it here I am market in like 59 and nine a semi went away and now you've got but she got it but you got a job working for the Oakland -- OK you don't has delivered a -- -- because. I mean you walk into. Any link bring your played a pretty you know I don't lets you write the pacers 673 different. Lately I bring your playbook -- -- it wouldn't get a little bit angry like Dominique you know yeah. OK if -- -- player now it's like hmm man I've learned in my sprinting technique that around the boards before ordeal -- -- -- but tonight. Your first masters I don't think your first you know -- -- if the your first jury wants votes of the messenger chameleon I mean all your food. Ma'am I'm I'm about to become a political campaign you know I'll united I thought I was gonna have a longer than us or whatever -- in my shot but. Yeah it's it's difficult it is really difficult. Police say don't gonna get like I'm so you got guys we're gonna clean antilock -- yeah listen I really sucked and we we still nice do we say man. Don't give up your dream of doing didn't want to say good luck to you future mean if you really -- to remove. No I don't I'm not the ones -- I have but eleven billion songs really well you're like -- -- -- how did you. Are we lose out on the stay with -- Police say do you interface act exam like death they Manny got a -- you know give nobody dream like real encouraging now when do I would say to hang it. Ago. If this does not -- a little different because you know might be a Little League career with the moderate figure career choices. That excited about it and -- -- immediately to sit there and some legend do you expect of his locker what would you we do what we've got a guy were you would you ignore him. Well see some of the say -- -- -- -- that a man. You just keep money. What do they would do it out to lunch and -- love Emily -- in my locker. As soon. And don't isn't -- good -- with the I just try to recreate your situation they're gone early in the morning residency anybody. My -- about sometimes it's the end of the -- it's. Lunchtime sometimes that the awkward like in analog and he did they take dollars up to like they get a rigorous teacher is like give us like this he that he shared your jock and that's only a sudden prohibited you got -- back the playbook. It's. I don't miss Aerosmith since last Sunday. Let Robbie -- soon they'll be a rock in the states conquered the million on August 13. Essentially tickets on sale now my nation dot com you can score fare tickets tonight by some of the game dot com and contest. -- -- Takes about wanted to run past you yesterday and you had something that we didn't get to that I think has a great appeal. Too many looks like next I'm only he -- Friday on the here and I 57 in the various reasons for. Your radio has never yeah. 57. Us we'll also on Friday dawned on lake Kennedy in that ten minutes. Is that your machine every Friday. I'm just -- is going through it why eleventh because I'm looking at the CI. See is he says something that's going give him. Brian Scalabrine talking about Mark Jackson. Oh this is what you're referring to. Leaking Kennedy is that going through it hello. Are. And then there's Bob. Yeah they're gonna go through it and AMP I don't think we have everything I don't think so either with the pop through three or four times usually when are obviously here we put him there. So that's aria that didn't she when you're not here you cannot defend yourself. We don't -- it. But a lot of oil in the what's my good fortune had an announcer I disagree not just they see and tell me think his -- all -- you know all out. You can't keep a cigarette seeking to -- remind me never to take an -- or not. I think I -- it looks like I'm not sure of this and then we'll talk about this this thing and yesterday and you get to the script. I think it looks like we're gonna be on the plane in -- We don't know London not condone or some -- you need a row. Don't. Transaction at a lab unless you did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I mean is is that players -- -- was last down I don't know why they are in a row like you you're still play you're gonna get a no no I'm part of the media I'm no longer back the pipe it was zero humorous when you read in the plane you rednecks here. Nobody is a -- when you get a little while you sit in a row. Just don't know I got I got -- one of those who -- decide where you get the two seats that's OI Lanka so -- to zero yesterday and I say you know technically is again. -- immediate over there. In Ireland London and don't let the decade yeah that's Internet or you click on I really don't know. He didn't attack right this is amazing the power conferences major college sports. Interesting thing happened yesterday the board of directors voted sixteen to two to allow schools in the top five conferences are gonna to explain this to me. To write many of their own rules. Included in those things. They can give them. Stipends they give him more insurance they can increase staff sizes -- different recruiting rules. A mandatory hours spent on the sports in in college you can only have X amount of hours now they're going to be able to make their own rules as far as that is concerned. Why does this all the first thing comes to mind for me is first of all -- -- very unfair and is going to widening gap between the haves and have nots but. How is it that. The ACC big twelve Big Ten and SEC pac twelve those are the only schools they can do this in the and the have nots. Have to stay by the current NCAA rules. That does mean well. Were there were only two there were only two conference's bed that day -- president's voted against -- I was a colonial and the -- Okay the rest were all for now it's still has to go through a little bit of a trial period to make it certainly -- veto it but. I think it's necessary because eventually what I think ENT two ways and I've always thought this. They're trying to push it to either five or six major conferences. For all the schools have been -- Meaning and impact what was -- -- pack 25 or whatever she CME made because men make him better they can better manage it and control it but I think it's something and. Comes and money mean in some way shape or form aren't they essentially saying look we want. Notre Dame to play Ohio State every year for the national champion all the. It doesn't it doesn't always -- later today what it does is that allows them. To. Create their own sort of governing system on the same and hey while. We've got guys in Los Angeles who -- have more. The run around with more agents or whatever. Let's not you know let's not have them call -- whole conference -- cost of school because of that let's make a little bit more lenient laws those type of those examples of what I'm thinking that. If you -- follow. But I think it also -- the comes into the Stipe and effect because. You know what's been on the cusp of the cost of living while it's understandable cost a whole lot more to live in Los Angeles than it does in Beaverton Oregon mechanic. And -- -- issue right. So is this is why could they come up with a formula says it's it's it's very simple. When you take a job in the Bay Area let's say that you live in sampled just didn't join us but he moved from -- capitalist. To the Bay Area. Well you can -- you can go online and say if I make you know acts in Minneapolis I need to make why in the Bay Area I mean you could easily do some like dad and not have to do this. -- lightly but I only have to your conference that's government area but the thing that scares me about it is. Whether it's an organ that can and in that has still Mikey is brand and its ninety university basic right. Or whether it's USC who -- -- -- and I think that Stanford could have these same advantages as well I think they do there aren't a degree but if you but if you I just think this opens up a box to Wear these power conference is now. -- unturned and is one thing I really like this doesn't really apply to football because of the things even with a playoff. It doesn't apply a one of the great things about basketball Liz. Coastal Carolina. Can beat North Carolina or duke in the NCAA tournament in this completely eliminate. -- doesn't know it doesn't it doesn't because you say it is at a disadvantage and not not necessarily because here's the thing it's it already exists which are talking about let's face it -- basketball player in duke comes knocking at your door. -- of justice is just he's a two front door he have a choice between them coastal Carolina rethink the kids -- go. Yeah it already it's already established whether whether you wanna say this points out -- or not but what this does. Is this helps alleviate the problems at the end and to meet it helps alleviate the problems of TNT two way has had over the years work. One guy can -- for everyone. So one guys call kite take -- Nike merchandise because that's what enticed him. To come from a Texas place until organ in one guy gets caught in the rest is on probation well. We need to make some rules say you know what this guy came from less fortunate background or whatever and he did he did this in this -- it this is okay because part of what the school gives to its recruits. So it was gonna be a Big Five governing body or is each conference going to be able to govern the conference is going to govern itself do you see it at that that does that sound right. I think it's I think it's overdue like I think you have to happen I do think it had happened to me don't tell me if -- -- neared its very possible problem that I am -- It it sounds like you punishing your own kids who you know are you ever going to be as hard as your own kids -- although the -- -- if if your kid gets in trouble at school BCA I'll handle the punishment okay. I mean are you gonna punish them that well. And that's what they do now. The -- -- there's no there's no force there's no police force for BC to a big big big govern themselves read the schools government Celso. If a school finds itself infraction. The NC two -- says okay well you want I want you to do the investigation or -- -- Tell you which you find -- we don't like your findings and of course will cinema are all investigating unit. -- more times than not they're not going to do that they're just wanna take the information you did you gave them and they're going to you know send down their penalty according. Or few you know Michael I say -- -- we -- what we -- we won't hold any balls and let you know what I mean we wouldn't self imposed infractions. -- like OK that's good enough that's that's the way goes but. They're leaving it up to the schools and conferences to the governor schools. The one thing and always people go to on this and it it goes much Stephen in this but the stipends I've got bright promise that. Item and going to college got a lot of friends are athletes it was absolutely ridiculous. The amount of money you know better and anybody else and I think it forces kids to whether it's sell tickets sell merchandise find a way to make a few bucks an ineffective. You can't have. A jobs I think it's it. It always need to just come down the common sense and that's where really had a problem of DNC LA is c'mon there was a there was an incident. And it was an organ actually kids forgot his -- being. To get so -- -- razor. This is like last week he'd never raise thirty to have shaving cream. Org and bought it for him and then reported to the NCAA hey we'd we did this feel for not violations like mind. Common sense well let's just say no it was me. I'd go back to the examples from my walk to -- right now said John I really love that searcher weren't arguably thousand dollars -- you have to be NC 282 aptly. What what would you -- I think ushered off Paula but right now I'm not really in this interview that well but still you would sell your -- 4000 dollars right and so yeah I really didn't. -- with -- like well Missouri isn't one now in college I would I would have traded my shirt select. You warm Beers and for my resident's car that's it that's it right that's the thing yeah. But you're asked did you hear coaches are making 56 million dollars a year but you're asking your kids ignore that type of temptation. I used to eat the food -- I would spend all my money that I get my parents and beer and booze and everything else and literally on Saturday you know you like. Unit costs go up just big idea would you like to know yes and were zero -- -- he would sample it eat -- -- at least and that's how we would eat. He heard the frozen meal -- Saturday. No word I thought -- You actually admitted that. Thought you did I have noticed it a stockbroker at super clever through if you received it yet you're an ugly turn this into bags. Doesn't Brian Scalabrine and -- -- yeah. You know him as this it's next -- here and decisive game marries these influence.

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