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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/8/14 HOUR 2

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My comment and I'm buying. And seeds god don't be a dead. I would like to -- trade. 1 o'clock hour of the real John the only candidate. -- in ten minutes. We'll talk to march Clarence. Now we'll probably -- be really offensive line judge. Here's an X and -- some phone lines are not very sorry role hold you know we -- the words when very analytical and our approach to football. Unlike you just want brutality is a pre season is -- I love free season although I I will say that. It goes about three quarters by the fourth quarter when -- -- and it's going man. Last night it was the -- halfway through the first quarter we talk about it's true. Well it was the second play -- Harbaugh I was losing his mind I would love dudes -- heard the headset interactions -- rather -- a -- and it landed on his back right Greg. Error but we're talking about right now. And and he was losing his mind over there after -- got hit. On the same play video only played out one series a -- -- to that -- -- talks in pre season with marks Larry it is observations dollar from -- for some of the things. He saw last night -- -- than ten minutes but in the meantime. It is time for something we do every Friday at this time the truth machine. A hundred -- today. -- house hot 95 point 760. That's right I know this is hard to believe and in the world the sports. Sometimes Google tell the truth maybe they can't why don't sell whatever the case we're. Independent machine and makes them tell the truth even knew linked even knew you were on the list -- -- and I ever been on this month yes. And I can tell you I'm just tell you right now and by the covered are you are medium and our and I've put into. Lies and neither time as a very enjoyable it is time is a very enjoyable side and up. -- and and always when it when somebody. Goes through the leg wouldn't pop goes through the machine although he's coming out -- like five times and probably four times mean wasn't here it -- exit. The I at all. But diaries have to say united and wasn't used to say -- Are you to -- Justin Tuck of course raiders defensive lineman was on the -- Lipitor -- has been ready and he's gotten a little trouble lately actually. But they asked him just in time about his thoughts on you. Mark Davis is in there here's what just in Texas and all right let's -- I really don't care. I'm the only girl yeah -- donors aren't let Al Davis did the hair what's going on with the hair Mark Davis. If you look at or -- -- -- stars number in there and -- you look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- Went in and then you know what is -- regimens and what I did -- -- doctor right it's yeah it's -- Things it is and it. This is the greatest pitchers received. Maybe this is what does that really was them. Mark Davis. Mark Davis oh yeah. The guy who paid me eleven million clams right. Yes the look is really working for him. He radiates style and panache which requires every lady in Napa Valley to carry -- tell with them at all times. And it ain't from the humidity. He singlehandedly bringing the -- bowl -- look back and I think it's catching traction. Before you know it every -- in the mission will have a flesh helmet cut and rosy cheeks. Coincidentally. Just in time for the sequel to dumb and dumber. And let's be on don't you think that -- will look great in a ten gallon had once he moves the team to San I don't that's. Okay. So he -- to tall. -- all the way through it up again understood to have those words but I think I can get the idea. But the ten gallon hat thing that's that is. Let's cut that cuts and I'm telling you man if if that's it. If that's what's if if the -- is gonna go down that same and it's a road onto it'll tell you right now they aren't playing notes on -- -- -- Let me do -- I just heard it -- -- hey don't have become apparent to me. I know that but I believe me I've seen it I terrible computer studio all you can look at the. Former warriors assistant coach Brian Scalabrine who of course was unceremoniously. Let go due to philosophical differences with the Mark Jackson. -- your -- on -- Boston a sports talk show and they asked him what happened. With Mark Jackson the former coach the worse here's what he said. I think more and anything there is really just a difference of opinion you know margin a great opportunity. To be on the bench and then when I got there -- I just said I think. To win in this league you have to drive in pushing and I feel like the players who respond to that. And and I think that was the biggest thing about this disappointment and our staff as we could've done more and we didn't and I think. Do you have a sense that and you know I I -- today to say was like it was a difference of philosophy difference of opinion and that's true you went there was. Look at intense fair -- it was -- entertainment. Little bit. Sound like his pants and rallied together and -- in -- I was I was trying to absorb all -- it doesn't sound like you would. You don't really wanna say how they can you never know he you don't wanna burning and burning you don't know when you cross -- -- forbids it didn't sell like. -- solid no he was the answer you know just one who wasn't on the wall so to step when he was an answer I hear is that. Here's what maybe he really. Yes to win in the NBA it requires tribe and push from head coaches instead of -- focus on ending your point with cool catch phrases. I mean listen if Andre and Harrison can't focus on the simple task of hand down man down -- mama. There goes that man. How have they ever going to advance to the second round. And in regards to differing philosophies. I think I was just -- too dark in teams drawing up plays during crucial timeouts instead of wait what's that Darren Herman is probably recording this. -- Oakland. What does for years. I don't know -- -- that's pretty mama I'm I'm I'm frightened they did have some issues on that staff the guys are recording things guys or give Obama. But that's got to dysfunctional. I -- original. Idea but Perry go. Meaning to say before inflated. I'm on the phone right now my travel agency when you look at ticket. I -- you are after the famous incident in Denver this is actually you call -- Wallace's. It's easier talking about it. Post this snowball incident rate in 99 in in Denver. Here's here's what you said. Bill and I got in the out of snowball and I happen to catch a person did it in the house I lost our composure. I did something I was sort some you know when it's evident from the person that particular point I got hit by number and told us. And then -- got around about what you write and draw fans and I just I just lost my temper. Sounds fine until the until -- I didn't I didn't gras. Let's see what they did do you link I'm as outraged as you here it is. Look at it this way we were drunk often bruised but I was hammered all -- and condemns. The able to sneak. You drinking my sake team -- some -- Plus I was listening to prodigy pregame and someone bumped my disk and Andy played the CD backwards. Have you ever listened to find a starter in reverse. Here. Listen. I am the fire starter. The trouble starter and now go find a group of 59 white guys and let them feel the wrath. Especially if you lose a divisional game in overtime the trouble started. Off you'll be fine. You don't know this yet but years from now the NBA you'll set the standard for fun behavior and you'll get multiple media games so just go for it. The fire starter. Wow. Did you okay states usually aren't -- -- -- yeah it's as rob does women do it yeah. It's no big deal is the I don't know if you if you heard the subtle dig in every talked about it he document disk man yeah -- yet. It's all right how the vehicle and iPod liberal as an iPod. 99 now. It was and they have iPods and -- -- what you listened to prodigy on as a -- man. That's a good question and you'll remember. You know I look I'm a big electronic -- I had every everything down from you did what is well there wasn't in the and -- player. Is that within the with a little NB a little music display -- Yeah I had had one of those I had all kinds of I was he's a like New England when stuff comes out first dude you yet absolute -- -- laser -- about a -- still -- doesn't include a music at its. Are you and me to answer I think is that they have made it. I don't want them. TV and movie alone another bad luck. If you. Wolf this is big sever its vessel that he moments ago blood busier Bay -- -- all the -- get to see who takes coverages to a degree angle VIP experience. An unsigned is geared to as the great American -- like and much more for a Pulitzer prizes and more information visit 957 game. Dot com it is an old line fest next march -- the Jonas. From ESPN and the former bronco. What she's seeing in camp seller and the NFL what he saw last night we'll talk about the raiders tonight is they get ready to kick off. The pre season mark -- the ESPN next on -- 957 game the bears who supports. -- five point seven. We'll bounce. What's -- is gonna join us now. Super Bowl and was the Redskins and Broncos now with ESPN of course is a great job. Ten minutes ten minutes -- that it's gonna just bust him all about -- Jon Lester is. Performance last night and then. Not that she's too much ahead but at 145 gives you greater questions ready for Lincoln 14502 -- bonus addition of gasoline anything anything at all. As a preview the raiders tonight against. The vikings. Today -- so we are still. Love it -- here and by the way. I'm pacing myself today because at 4:30 AM move over to our sister station K fox do raiders. A pre game with -- announced. I would think you really you actually enjoy the summer of me because I'm all chances Romo is. Guess what his balls have got a drop the other. I got twenty weeks of that comment 28 straight weeks. My head hurts already and started. -- -- march there knows they're talking about his teammates in the Romo threw a mistake and right now we're yeah have parties later. Follow him on a Twitter and of course watch -- on ESPN hi mark. I get a real idea negative view DOD romo's stories of -- announced he stories. -- -- has seen him pop. It you know -- it the strange meant he -- teammate. Great teammates wanna pick out curtains -- -- guy but he was -- they are they eager donors that they you Romo. And we can noses Romo pedicure right there's only. Ample gurus and the Roman out these compounds -- And you knew how how and how -- was for me to make it because it. Into the kind of pain that they arrived on a database you -- -- issues health wise I. I had. And -- news. It might be want to market might be -- them -- again knock on the door being like 730 at night on a third or whatever. And there was some guru of the table on a Romo and over here about you know worked -- -- Exactly right. Certainly felt the art market like Specter well man I can't believe we're aware of that purple -- or it doesn't drought victim though. But yeah that's the kind of guy good man and he lineman from all over the country and then you know they were charging me immediately like it is long gone normally want me to pick berries so. Yeah I a lot of respect former teammate manual is like if that is strange duck. But a great guy great teammate and a great football player. No doubt no doubt mark that your visit here we get a visit from a tackle box that's you know. The the fact that the -- city's security around hate being like this is all natural not -- -- troubles he's just trying to -- believes the trouble -- -- -- memoir my woods there. That does. To regret it here release date it it was obvious he is like. Like you don't know you and his doorman who they are at right now do we really bad it was at all cotton -- meant that it then. At some point he would bring -- like this do. The -- or today. And he's like oh yeah. All dispute at all or did different they're different also protein to books that are at different rates will keep you energized them made public all right whatever it. There -- -- -- -- purple yeah yeah the. Andrea noted that though you -- it by the -- this it was a real favorites retirement -- time. Yeah. March -- is you don't -- scores -- much -- ESPN at marks -- they shouldn't. But you will follow there -- Linda and I were talking about this week when you decipher a pre season game especially the first -- talking niners and ravens last night -- I'll watch the Seahawks and Broncos. How do you tell when something's legit in something's not -- guy in the first guerrilla Carlos -- yesterday. A runs for 39 yards against the first team defense of the ravens but. Then you'll see a guy maybe -- -- mean maybe -- -- stats in the third or fourth corner in second third string yourself how do you decipher game. Where you where you know when to get excited about somebody new or winning when you say dad not so sure about that. Well I know I was kind of look at the being swapped back there you know what. Like what -- talk. Hate for me regardless if you play its first game are you -- -- second team. Or use a third team guys that -- -- all the screen. That that put my radar like wow like Arnold to me. I always thought of him enough power state it's not a fast. Between the capital. Kind of a power guy I thought of worked out and it will -- -- -- -- -- I interest me. That's a little bit different than what I thought he was coming out so that's why he's probably not break -- sixty. But that initial person that you Sharpton people he shot me a little bit. Wicked wicked edge presence in the running game so that's one that you know pop pop off the screen for me and you get. You can always it and legal document. You come into training camp and this is crazy -- incumbent -- training camp with the eighty guy. And within which -- two practices. I can pick that team down the two guys. It just like that -- complaint that I can't flight deck the player that guy is it. Regardless of where they're drafted pick just one of those things you can see you can see the football players you can see the guys. The jump ball screen UV you guys that fact which they made our run great Ortiz but -- it just plant and move without hesitation. I'll guy -- just understand what's going on they have great football activities have a great feel for the game. And you concede that. As time goes on so that's always one of those things that I look like we -- jump off the screen to me like eyeball that don't lie. Thank god that jumped off the screen. Of those guys in those guys are usually going to be players it's you can do you watch senator have chipped expecting. What about all the buildup that you see Eagles until the -- the person houses take marriage so for example who have a man's they'll definitely had a great college career. People are at a high expectations of him -- stuff in Cleveland but he's not really surrounded with a lot of weapons sold Eagles out -- and he falls short. How many the world -- would -- talk about the excuses always not surrounded by no weapons or he's not really in the system. Or he goes up and he shoots it out there and we talk -- pre season what about the expectations being so with such are. Yeah well on me an extra paper and that's just part or salute when you know where you get drafted and what you did college and so. You know we -- bottom line is you can go perform regardless of all those things you know also account you know probably look the guy like man though but. I don't preceded it it interest seems to me because you know we basically. Can't throw away some times and we group with a lately that well -- that preceded it. It that the other as it normally don't admit that the mentality of a repeat it for me was you know of the games don't count -- they do matter. It matters the way. But for me -- -- the player using office learned it all our blog at temple. I want to dominate even if they play element Dominic not only for self confidence and for. Going forward with this is who we call our office but also have to put the -- to -- everybody that he would display an -- to watch that film. That they fit well with the ball or constructive debate you have to think etiquette could keep -- either you get our listeners. There I believe that that. A real important or appreciated. And we know we talk about let's make it eighteen games you know. Eighteen game schedule -- down to -- healing game -- the preceding games don't really matter they're not they're not very. And and I -- forget that now lieutenant Robert update all injured ten from back draft pick out -- -- that they you'd weigh in Q. He -- somebody else's work to get noticed by -- -- out and argued they get a chance so. Don't let -- receiving game that was my that was my chance to show that I can play in the National Football League so both. Things are important for a lot of us. You know a lot of look at our forefront perhaps to a lot of look there are you know touted. Go to extra games gave me an opportunity to show coach and epic and it -- you know what that you can actually play. -- so you know I enjoy. The treaty I'm gonna sit here and tell you I'm walked into every player's game like and during the regular sheet that. Prize jewel I watch and Symbian is the potential of what you can be young -- the ball well last night. Who were I mean it was like they just -- wanted to -- It works out that were quick. On the big job -- blitz pickup. This was like wow really Brett you know those guys are going to be wait why our clients. Project teams in the league right now so but I don't think I like to watch war. -- earth as journalists make your fault at march -- on. Two winner a three times a real champion of by the way slayer is green chili sauce stink in good dot com is a pretty good and downs and. Always stated. Change your life in what is it -- -- It was a very disciplined and there won't Watergate Robles myself -- I do you -- -- I could do you put it on an eating gluten free very free and does go to my web -- it's practically read out what that. Let old and -- -- thanks for a few minutes always loved watching you and you generate great radio shows well talk DC thanks mark. I do I think earmarks worth. Yeah he's an Alaskan went to Idaho. -- knee injuries in college even. Yeah he -- of you know I'm Jamal he had to miss the guys that most surgery. And I know the play began. For -- illnesses were ever gonna romo's Superman after reminder that he took you maybe try to still nobody talks that all the time I think it's really makes you think his wife makes. Can see there thank goodness I disagree and yet that's good stuff by the way. -- just once someone come and knocked me out he was like Alison has her vote was asleep I it was it's -- -- substances act Cameron recalled that. There was company. Come from sleeping and he was like -- I got the perfect stuff police at its semi I can and I didn't say anything medium -- stuff. Why that that's exactly right that's exactly right and I don't remember the day before it was that was very good cause like my god. I they're reside as a they're. All right city devastated -- shut up next how impressed was he by Jon Lester last time we'll talk about the masses amounts. Only here and decisively in the mayor's receptors -- you're damn it raise the bar or not. Okay. It when you're welcome me back in Columbia Vick. -- is it's in the movie. -- -- -- -- Is -- Okay. Let me. Corporate America. Complete game shutout is -- cut out the winds are finals is three years in Minnesota enough. Came cork on the golf. Jon Lester retired the first fifteen -- 122 -- 83 were strikes three hitter. Did I mention it was a shut out over the twins us and that's what an ace does and that's what he did. Last night the hitting still didn't come around although public guys Stephen vote in Brendon moss broke. Long over streaks let's talk to. Are easy analyst shooting down and about all of its of course she seen before and after. Eighties games he's up beat the bushes as well as they scout and doing other things you see in my doing the analysts were on TV as well as very busy. And they're shooting joins us now how -- Good afternoon gentlemen are you -- doing today. Good wonderful then we're doing good. So from the trained -- was that performance by Jon Lester as a good as it looked. Yeah and you know relax. And starts to start that he made in Oakland one finger have realized every night that it takes to mount. He's got a chance to throw a no here -- got no hitter type stuff I mean the -- is easily. I'm. Our government facility hitters yesterday was very impressed of the dozen such -- easy effortless way. Under total control absolutely. To do it to real deal show. Should we think of low Lloyd what we see with Lester going and when's the last time and he has have to help me out and line it was a lesson had a -- quite like him. On the mound for the case. Well Ford pays them in and -- instead -- come through here I mean here's this is the kitchen rich traditions here in Oakland park. I think. Yes Lester and his own unique way right now commentary eighties were to try to agreed that he has that. I'm I'm success in the World Series recently leaving staffed. Understand the importance of what it's like to go in and stop pollutants streets -- just beat it do. I mean and it you know that's what the nature you know treatment of the year but it still right in and do it. I think it's incredible you know I don't war -- disrespect. Any other car acres that have been here so because we've talked about by the mood to rubber fingers -- staged tour. My poor little war probably taught us and talented guys that John Legend and a class at all I mean this EEE is very very special. Agonies would they -- even have a Jon Lester last night. Guess the F three it's set out in the eighties we to twins. Three now I think the thing impressive about him in ninety I went back and watch a few of his games of the Red Sox and he's on quite quite a roll right now. He's one of the -- I saw this -- diaries one of the top three pitchers as far as -- since June 1 is as far as hearing everything. Is solid he throws 979 game in the two things and I think he does really really well as. Eight ball placement is amazing he's got great control he can he can hit the corners he changes speed he's just he's a really Smart guy -- he's got pinpoint control than the other thing is. He's got this nice easy motion but in the ball explodes out of his hands it seems like pitcher that hitters have a problem picking up. You're exactly right and destruction so. Important I mean stuff is great we have oh aren't stokes controlling interest -- he can't do anything apart -- when we got it which is spots titular location. This session so cute. What do you want to reach back and get 93 united force like you don't constant -- -- -- which just goes well all of you don't know Rebecca -- And you can kill it. Extra -- at any kids with everybody -- commented you shouldn't I mean it's just that extra -- we call it like late blight to dissolve. And that's exactly what he has to create -- vehicle multiple multiple slate being cut and run it. That's like usually jam shots because Dodgers don't really know what all owner do. What are your thoughts about the offense now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eight years being -- -- -- I think it's probably need to change shirts on right now. Because. They are right -- right now it's it's also it can get hot. And score runs in orchard. -- Over the last eight games I think what they have not been able to do like they do so well is grind it. -- -- merely make a little don't get started on your relievers into the game but they've ran across some pretty good starting -- in Tampa Bay. Can't -- people trying to get good start chemistry is like fifteen and three in their last eighteen games she would India did you by the waited eight -- Now with them but they're pretty good ballclub and channel perhaps some of the best pitching in baseball so it's pretty hard. You get unease about the off possible Forrester during an act prior to -- -- -- there -- -- Syrian -- but it has been struggling a little bit here recently mr. king who. Has endured losing -- over the past few years but there are ways to still win the division -- really that it played very -- there. I'll hold all year long and mark -- -- this dessert. They weren't out there wanted to just minimize the slower. Don't go out -- trying to change -- -- do they think is not capable don't complain that got here it's staged. Catalyst -- keep it simple stupid yeah I keep it simple right now. That's my philosophy on the show keep it simple and they tell us examples and just method and it's made but. -- would you -- -- -- we talk to Josh Donaldson Judy earlier in the week about it and he he talked liberal -- this is. I think it's human nature to think OK you won at the US is out of the lineup now everybody has didn't step up and do more when the reality is just do what you do. I know that you for example a Stephen vote probably thinks himself OK I was kind of a bonus before but now I have to be that middle of the order bat. It is there him at a mentality that has to change for a guy where initially UNS is out of the line up. And Germany feel a little bit more pressure to do more and may be after of a weaker to. They kind of settled back in is there is or something to that. Well built a home run shot up and down there industry baseball that it happened -- inside a couple of pot of the you know god and imbalances they -- and spring training come together as a team and your -- were right in the heart of its. So it was definite shocker but it's quite -- what got to step up and wanna do more distinct. The thing you prepare you wanna -- it makes everybody better and one thing that Ito. It's Trenton may pitchers pitch -- differently therefore other guys would've been insurer. May be better to just -- it. People are down in Carolina where the pressure might not be as. I expect to make. I just think a guy like Stephen Poulter has been hot as anybody in baseball so he was -- cool off and got to understand. Understand that as well are you don't go to either. Try to -- good -- it. Have quality attached. Hit a ball aren't you possibly can and what happened desperately to -- you have no control over into the -- treatment I don't 600 attached. I mean there are stroke was there are some two for 25 year. But it's how you come out of them. Error -- of the club that does this relate to anybody and -- why don't expect Amazon offers to roll over chilly -- definitely not gonna let that happen. So -- it's -- -- be on -- watch I think there an apparent that they have right now and arbitration the last I ever bought clothes for the rest of the wage. Even though another change out of China spoil things for -- day you still have to have a talent and ability to do that. And I think that's what they do where they run over lesser talent so. As -- -- mighty -- offense wasn't very explosive. Are you never felt that -- so well in that game at all. The last one for me on the it is a more important for them to get that offense against sub par at opponents you're not playing down your -- plane above your form regardless face -- this is a World Series caliber team. Oh absolutely. You don't take anybody for -- it. And I think tonight that they're on their mind critical doctor try to get 1520 runs that they campaign. -- older players playing what some breast implants or some paper right now so this is salary drivers what was your charts so you put up numbers -- cute Teddy ultimately played against it trying to get numbers right now so. But I -- perfect run half a changer less quality that you can put numbers -- so true actually Palmdale where it. And -- I expect their options to break out in what a better confident gaining momentum now. I mean I think that at the worst ignored to a overall routed. Maybe in June. And -- people should get about what you did it Manger because you're not very good. Partisanship -- personal to the perfect time for them to. Give it back together error on autopsy to chase somebody that he just can't kit you can sell -- in the Egyptian -- -- farther on the way. And on that either -- situation right now so there avatar a little bit -- -- scheduled to -- jump and create so they need to hole. On what -- -- and discontinued personal. Do you think this is what the -- are they gonna just have to win games you know one nothing 2132 or do you ultimately think that this offense is gonna Justin. And go back to what they were. I think gets a great question I think they're they're gonna always be change -- this year there's going to be a king that's gonna win. Low scoring close ball games because this is the type of club that they are I think -- Coco Crisp. It's really hot. Because he'd done a lot of tape certain that cabinet line up and they compete a little more explosive score runs it by milk and soon expand their running game little -- think they can do a little bit more because they have the personnel without it can do -- And you know holly cook outscored -- announced it'll continue to work. You don't get a little more momentum and started some -- three home runs they may start manufacturing -- more -- super dare you question I think. Because the way to -- practiced policy and be in this offensive juggernaut. It will be low score but. Because they're starting -- than -- to answer -- -- are gonna come out here it's a political games the majority -- there. Great stuff -- shooting is always really appreciated in -- audience that mammal talking actually. Let banks that -- our guys have a great. You too mr. Romeo he's one of the best -- -- -- it is awesome man opened guys to. Do the best did you hear you say a great question of their own. Boy are you really trust -- your American. I only know I know you're going home -- and I. I only ever said Greg -- in the US expansions and I'll this double check the date. I believe that was my point it's a team that's built for that and I thought I know I'm just marvelous I guess what hey you know I. I believe I've made mention that earlier Michelle. Politics but he wants a greater -- every day make yourself no good there whatever needed to form your solo run into me. Goods those that seek to close on Saturday. At bucks does Dave tickets on sale now -- SJ earthquakes act up for chance for you -- -- friend to watch the game would tell me. Visit the cuts as -- -- 57 game dot com I would advise you bring your liver so that when. Coming up -- you can -- link anything anything at all about the raiders pre season game. Tonight players to watch things he's gonna be looking for a light him up right now you can talk to a real. Billy's genius any time -- the -- real NFL genius but here obviously genius and it comes to all sports as we just witnessed. I think. 7970. That was meant for you that very -- things. We've checked the tape. 888957957. He checked volley now. Boy that's excited 95795. That's the dropped him text line 95795. -- anything it. Anything at all we'll preview the vikings and raiders next on the air and any facts of the game the bears -- -- for sports. -- -- -- -- -- Way better. Does this round you -- -- -- -- minute this is your name. This team have a theme. I quite like there's like this today and an update. Not official NFL. Theme music. Well I mean I don't I don't even though this is -- -- you know per say but -- yeah definitely when you -- -- automatic -- -- -- -- India and the -- of a big guy. Says. Beyond. Ready yet but I don't know that it. You know -- this soon. You may have read notes raiders music. This was our finest hour oddly you know. This. Right you can ask link anything anything at all about tonight's game what he's gonna be watching looking for players XLR 8889579570. Jump on line. 95795. -- your dropped him text line dropped him text line. -- run a -- past you and then give us your thoughts as well again ninety -- harassment. You know what if I I told -- that sort of -- Zero Smith -- I'm I'm I'm gonna one time. I was yeah yeah -- go to this graphic host Houston and others in thirty seconds of organ of the raiders. I was Smart balloting much like I am with you often. And everything I used to do a show with and he was an NFL players -- defense -- and ice we -- training camp. And I said look it may have I think it was forum those does have the blocking sleds for five -- -- wasn't. And he had to go to the far end I suited up in gear he was too and he was probably he had retired and -- my Japan's -- he was like 3637 you know like. There's no way you're you know you're gonna be -- wheels on one end. I gotta -- and can just get around the corner he can touch me. Tried to do is get past -- -- insurance is all I had to do with the fact and I got the ball to two steps he went across the five dummies and smashed me and broker. Millionaire from that point forward. I learned my lesson not to -- an obvious Smart Alec did you guys it's I'm glad. Then I never -- I just people do not realize. What kinda house. Athletes you guys are always very easily turned on -- I don't try to -- threatening nobody is seriously people think all their offensive -- It's ridiculous. You know it is often as a defensive -- have you gotten. You're just for your -- -- the Tel Aviv on the surface for guys your size we're -- -- -- and that's why we would do we -- as long and this guy I -- rhythm and timing and we -- wake -- he did 360. But in the United States got like three or piggy -- -- And that was after -- -- -- if -- if I'd seen them before approach would have done that but I study realize how -- athletic you guys are three it's silly and then the average guys does not. Industry troop in and and and -- of anonymous double that. It's us and it was really a step below average in Atlanta through the race as hard atlantis' is concerned. The only guy who was terrible man boomers that was embarrassing -- -- because there's a bunch of players around a sellout because they know they're just. They're watching it -- and this guy so stupid he doesn't organizer he's about to gets matched. So they stood around and glitzy you know they and then of course they're going to put premium dog. Like I know I got broken or even a broader galore. Yeah you I really lay on the ground they're laughing I mean I'm you know and things -- as -- -- -- and tell us like as I cannot breathe mailings and I don't. In a classic the average guy in the you know and you are the -- hit me in it. -- Our rights. The first day in and out others do this is because it seems to be the obvious thing talked about people like to talk about. Talk about it quarterback play we saw yesterday or last night. Colin Cameron played one series I think and the second play of the game call -- got flattened if he believes he'll play more than one series smiley Pete Manning put a couple of series last night. If cabinet was planning on playing double a series judges who -- I think Harbaugh pulled the plug after that. So if you the raiders is it a different situation because I know shot is the starter but he's he's in cement is the starter had had he would -- look at there. Yes yes you did you play him he's -- the cement yes you're impressed way. What cars and so foreign training camp but you don't think that he's ready to start you don't want thrust him out there and as I necessarily so. Shaw was your starter he'll play a series or two tonight. And you know if anything what I'm looking for alternately is just for them to commit to the run to show -- that -- guys can push around see the philosophy of him. Coming off the ball running downhill. And then the based on the circumstances when they work play action and for shock and I think that's what instruct its strengths are. It's a very simple but yet still effective game plan a worked for the giants in the issue were for the raiders that they can pull off. A couple of years ago but Jim Harbaugh had to rebuild. Alex -- confidence and he made it through I think his play calling on the field he did it off the field Encino Grady was that constantly almost a level was like OK we get it we know what you're doing. -- did the raiders have to do that like tonight than they did they call plays that he's confident in. Did they have to rebuild match jobs confidence -- almost pick sixes last year or is he a veteran guy it's a look at the guy can't handle the guy can handle it Hattie Hattie. Don't know why you always have to rebuild smiling strong owner and -- environment. So you don't wanna sit there and and say hey -- -- -- -- Europe and shot generally want to throw fifty times again no that's not the strength and never has been. And so you definitely wanna take advantage of the fact what he's good and is working off the play action. He's he's good at things down the middle he's got a nice. Intermediate arms let's utilize that in not ask him to throw you know and try to Doyle mayors of the time he's not gonna be the next mad bomber -- out. -- much of the questions that tax limited to his wealth. Game tonight against the vikings by the way Rolando room and ask you now have your pregame show -- our sister station K five. Now we'll go three to 438. Them on the network preeminent Tom and up -- the takeover. That's 5 o'clock more questions. As -- -- pre season game number one he got a link 889579257. You'll do it next only on a facsimile in the various music sound for sports.

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