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Mark Schlereth

Aug 8, 2014|

Mark Schlereth shares classic Bill Romonowski stories and talks about how preseason games are a great place for players to move up the depth chart.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fact of march there's -- they're talking about -- -- -- -- as soon as they can right now we're yeah have parties letter that. Follow him on a Twitter and of course watch bloodiest in hi mark. How are you guys definitely. Going to be with -- got he almost stories -- -- stories. Well my -- -- seen in top. -- it you know the it strange meant he was great teammate. Great teammates. -- -- -- would be but he was awesome they didn't hear that that you Romo and we get noses Romo panic room record so. Ample roots and the Roman out these compounds -- And even as to how how how important was for me to make indicated he Utica main actor arrived on the -- they need at a issues outlawed I had. And -- ability is. It might be want to market might be twice a month -- knock on the door being like 730 I don't know that there is there whatever. And there was some good news the tables on paper Ramos and over -- you work you. -- -- certainly need help sort of like Becker or -- -- we were awarded the purple blip or it doesn't count the amount though. But -- the kind of guy good man and he lineman for all over the country and then you know they were charging me is -- like it as well on Romo we wanted dictionaries so. Yeah I a lot of respect former teammate meant he was that this strange. But a great guy great teammate and a great football player. No doubt no doubt mark that your visit here to get a visit from -- the box you know. The the fact that the pillbox city's security around hatred like this is all natural mentally and troubles just trying to -- believes the trouble is I'm looking remarkably well. That. To reject the release date it management -- -- like. Like -- -- Ian Stewart and -- -- right now do we really it was all gotten so it then at some point. Inquiry and like it -- do. The room or today. And it's like oh yeah. All dispute at all or it department to call protein to -- in order to right so he energized them made public a right. -- -- I got through it. -- -- -- -- -- -- As a unit this it but yeah this is -- growth favorites retirement -- -- Yeah. March Larry at the end of June scores are much mud ESPN at marks -- makes it into. That you will follow him there. I Utley and I were talking about this week when you decipher pre season game especially the first Allegra talking niners and ravens last night her -- watch the Seahawks and Broncos. You tell when something's the G-8 in something's not liking guys in the first like Carlos Hyde yesterday. A runs for 39 yards against the first team defense of the ravens but. Then you'll see a guy maybe in my mean maybe it's -- stats in the third or fourth quarter and second third string yourself how do you decipher game. Where you where you know when to get excited about somebody new or winning when you say and not so sure about that. Well I know how it look at the meanwhile actor you know what. Like what shield -- Hate for me regardless of Floridians first team or play against second team -- or unit thirteen. Guys that -- pop all the screen. That that put my rate or like wow like Karl in the -- -- -- in the house state is not -- Between the tackles. Kind of a power guy I thought of worked out in the -- plot but -- That interest me. That it would have been different than wa -- he was coming out so that's what he's probably not where it went sixty. But that initial were you shocked the people he shot me who bit which is within its presence in the running game so. That's one day you know pop up the street from me. Oh and legal document. Training camp and this is crazy week on the new training camp with the guy. And within within two practices. I can pick that scene down to -- And it is like that way that I am flight back where that guy is. Regardless -- -- drafted. It's just one of those things you can see you can see the ball whether you can see these guys. The original ball screen you seem to that that which he may not run great sport but -- just plan and move without hesitation. All guys who just understand what's going alone they have great football activities have a great fuel for the game. And you concede that. As time goes wrong and so that's always one of those things about -- could jump ball screen to me like all that well why. Thank god took off the screen. Those guys in those guys use these players that you -- Watson chipped it. What about all the buildup that you see Eagles until the -- a person houses take men's cell for example who have a man's they'll definitely had a great college career. Before -- high expectations of him Dawson stuff in Cleveland but he's not really surrounded with a lot of weapons so -- up -- he falls short. How many world with a wouldn't talk about the excuses always not surrounded by no weapons or he's not really in the system. Or -- goes up and he shoots it out there that would talk about pre season what about the expectations being so that's why. Yeah well I mean they expect they -- and that is pork -- salute you know where you got drafted. What -- college and so. You know the bottom. You can go reform regardless of all those things you know that's so. You know like men though it. I appreciated it -- interest to me because. -- we basically. Kind of throw away. That we group that allegedly well that preceded it. It's that others. You know -- -- -- about the mentality of a repeat it for me it was a you know of the game is built on the that you matter -- it matters who -- But for me at all -- -- player use office learned -- -- our blog at temple I want to dominate even -- -- -- -- moment now. Now for self confidence and for. Going forward with this is who we call our office but also have to put the heat is everybody that he would display -- real and what's that -- That it it well or constructive debate you know -- advocate. It can hurt either the prisoners. There. I believe that that. A real war or appreciate it will talk about what may -- gains you know. Eight schedule -- on two preceding game you can decrease games don't really matter they're not very. And an active for that tenth round graphic. All injured and -- back draft pick -- article. -- -- is -- you. He did some video is more of the gate don't buy an apple scouts and -- days. -- get a chance so. Indeed that -- that was my chance to show that I play in the National Football League. So things are important for a lot of us you know a lot or were firm perhaps to a lot of art you know touted. Go that extra games in an opportunity to coach -- manual you can actually way. And so you unusual way. The treaty amendment is bigger area on wanted every player's game like and their -- -- Financial Watson's Symbian is -- -- of these young packs an awful lot night. Who were I mean it was like they have -- That works out -- were quick. On the big job and would pick up it was like wobbly Brett you know that those guys and we've war planes. Part of the team in the league right now that they like to watch war. Marks the earth as journalists make you fall at march Larry is on. Twitter a three times a real champion by the way shall -- green chili sauce stink in good dot com is a pretty good and downs and. Always stated. Change your life -- what is it it's like yeah. It was a very different and yet while won Roland myself and yeah. I think what you put it on eating gluten free there Korean or remote that it practically -- out -- that. Let's hope they do not and they've -- they -- few minutes always loved watching you and you generate great radio shows well talk DC thanks mark.

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