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Shooty Babitt

Aug 8, 2014|

Says Jon Lester is extra special because the A's brought him to fill a specific need and he's followed through.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk to. -- analysts shooting -- about all of its of course she seemed before and after. -- game sees -- beat the -- as well as a scout and doing other things you see in my doing the analysts were on TV as well as very busy. And they're shooting joins us now how -- Good afternoon gentlemen are you guys do today. Could wonderful and we're doing good. So from the trained it was that performance by Jon Lester as good as it looked. Yet you know -- acts. It starts to start pre made in Oakland one finger up from realized every night that he takes to mount. He's got a chance to throw a no. No hitter charged I mean way to -- -- -- -- Our government so -- yesterday was very impressed that he doesn't -- Easy effortless way. Under total control apps that -- That do it to real deal shall. Should we think of -- Lloyd what we see with Lester going when's the last time and he has have to help me line that was the last I had a -- quite like him. On the mound for the case. What else for -- days I -- an appliance that come through here I mean here's this is -- rich traditions here in Oakland -- I think. Yes Lester and his own unique way right now commentary aides were to try to agree to any that. I'm haven't success in the World Series recently leading staffed. Understand the importance of what it's like to go in people who mistreat or just beat dude I'm in. You know that's what you occasional. Need entry in the -- -- step right in in Q which. Our -- incredible. Not a war -- disrespect. Any other pro our -- -- their behavior so because we'll talk about but moved to rub things to gauged through. My lord -- -- -- taught us some quality guys that John Legend and a class and there's no I mean he used very very strange. I'm amazed with the shooting of Evan Jon Lester last night gets the a three it set out in the -- we to twins. Three nothing the thing to press about him ninety I went back and watch a few of his games of the Red Sox and he's on quite quite a roll right now. He's one of the heat I saw the staff last Ares one of the top three pitchers as far as -- since June 1 is as far as hearing everything. Is -- he throws 9798 but the two things that he does really really well as. Eight ball placement is amazing he's got great control he can he can hit the corners he changes speed teases she's a really Smart guy but he's got pinpoint control and the other thing is. He's got this nice easy motion. But in the ball explodes out of his hands it seems like pitches that hitters have a problem picking it up. You're exactly right interception so important I mean stuff is great you know all the aren't stokes controlling interest -- can't do anything apart -- we've got it to its spots and kitchen locations. This session so -- What you want to reach back and get nine ignorant it was more like you are up to mischief goes well all of you know repair can throw. Can kill extricating -- to what. Everybody orders -- and he says that means just that extra -- we call it like late light zone. And that's exactly what -- vehicle movable weight being cut and run it. That's like usually jam shot because god just don't really know all too. What are your thoughts about the offense now. -- -- -- Repetition Albert tasks and they used in rancorous. -- I think it's probably she sure recognize. They are Ryan -- right now it's it's also it can get hot. And -- in orchard on what -- I think what they not been able to do like they do so. Well is grind it out and make a living -- starters and relievers into the game. They ran across some pretty good start and -- Can't hear people trying to get good start camp it is like fifteen in three of their last eighteen games you wouldn't be -- at the -- -- with them but they're pretty good ballclub and -- from the parents' kitchen in baseball so it's pretty -- You keep on eight. Principal forms that they prior to -- -- -- there -- -- -- and now the epic struggle and a little bit recently. Mr. king who. -- into our industry -- your ears but there are ways to win the division and really that it played very poorly there. Call hole all year long and or -- and so are our. -- now they want to just minimize the slot. To all going to change so China due to think it will do that here are staged. I would keep samples still. Keep its simple right. That's my philosophy on the show keep it simple and they tell us it's -- this method and it's made but. If you should stay in it we talked to Josh Donaldson -- earlier in the week about it and he he talked a little bit about this is. I think it's human nature to think OK you -- at the US is out of the lineup now everybody tested step up and do more when the reality is just do what you do. I noted for example -- Stephen vote probably thinks to himself okay I was kind of a bonus before but now I have to be that middle of the order bat. It is there a a mentality that has to change for a guy where initially you -- is out of the line up. And everybody feel a little bit more pressure to do more and may be after of a weaker to. They kind of settled back in is there is or something to that. Well the home run shot. Opened. Industry -- -- and it happened shall inside a couple of out on the adult guys have been balanced state -- spring training connectors that came in elections were right in the heart it's. So it was definitely shocker but it's quite forgot to step up and wanna do more distinct. The thing is you're in the sense that makes everybody there's one thing yeah. It's Trenton -- pitchers pitch you differently therefore other current what are -- this year. Maybe they're teach history to eat or down in the line up where the pressure might not ask. -- and I just think a guy like street important and it's hot. Anybody in baseball. To cool off and I understand. Understand them as well argued and to go out here. Try to keep it. -- quality that. Hit the ball -- possibly Q what happened desperately to bet you have no control. Into -- -- and I'm excited that. I mean there are stroke was there are some two for 25 year and -- come out of the club that relate to anybody based -- while expecting -- -- -- -- to roll over -- today is definitely it didn't happen. -- it's going to be fun to watch I think -- apparent that they app right now wouldn't be original are I'm our ball club for the -- wage. Even go to the change out to try to spoil things you still have to have the child is deleted -- that. And I think that's what they do where they ran over lesser talent so as you saw last night and overall it wasn't very explosive. I'll never showed that the so in the acting at all. The last one for me -- -- is a more important for them to get that offense against sub par at opponents you're not playing down your pony plane above your point because the space at this is a World Series caliber team. Oh absolutely. You don't think anybody's footprint and I think tonight that there are Monica -- try to keep 1520 runs that they cam. Not only a player's player what some breast -- what some paper right now so that salary drivers what was to -- so you put up numbers can play the Tokyo where advocates -- trying to -- numbers right now so. -- what a perfect run half. A student there that's quality that you can put numbers out so trucks are they aware. In them I expect -- option to break out and what better time to gain momentum now I mean I think that the worst in order to go all out. You -- people forget about it Manger on occasion not very good. In architecture at camp personal -- return -- an area. To give it back together error on autopsy it to chastened by Egypt cute kit you can -- COLT in the Egyptian -- didn't -- -- on the way. And on that either situation right now so -- Qatar. It will actually scheduled to look Japanese so -- -- all you -- and discontinue its arsenal. Do you think this is what the -- are they gonna just have to win games you know one nothing 2132 or do you ultimately think that this offense is gonna Justin. And go back to what they were. He gets a great question -- think that they are gonna always change this year there's going to be a team that's gonna win. Low scoring close ball games because this is the type of club that they are identical careers. It's really hot. Because he'd done a lot of tape certain that -- that line out. That they can be a little more explosive score runs it by mail and soon expand their running game. I think they can do little bit more because they have the personnel -- duplex. An article outscored -- announced it'll continue to. You don't get a little more started -- two or three home state may start manufacture and you more aggression but dare -- question I. Because it's not practiced policy in this offensive juggernaut. It will be mostly warm but because they're starting pitching and able to answer. Go from here at -- come out -- it's a close games the majority -- Great stuff meant shooting is always really appreciate it -- the inside mammal tucked -- actually. Let banks that got you guys have a great. You too man to brother Leo he's one of the best. -- element is awesome man opened guide to.

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