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Truth Machine 8/8

Aug 8, 2014|

Justin Tuck, Brian Scalbrine and Lincoln Kennedy go through the Truth Machine this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time for something we do every Friday at this time the truth machine. You know hundred -- thing. Felix. Now we looks hot 95 point 760. Pets rights I know this is hardly even in the world the sports. Sometimes Google tell the truth maybe they can't won't sell whatever the case blue. New -- machine that makes them tell the truth even knew linked even knew you were on the list today -- and -- never been almost one yes. And I can tell you I'm just telling you right now and I'd recovered -- -- medium and our. I've got. Slice and neither time as a very enjoyable neither time of the very enjoyable side and go out there and and always would it when somebody. Goes through the leg wouldn't pop goes through the machine although he's probably don't throw it five times -- probably four times mean wasn't here to exit the -- At all but diaries had to say I had I had -- and do this decision now. Are -- to it Justin Tuck of course raiders defensive lineman was on the -- Lipitor Joni has been ready and he's gotten a little trouble lately actually. But they asked him I just in time about his thoughts on. Mark Davis is inner. Here's what doesn't -- All right let's talk really don't care. -- The only good yeah all developers -- Aren't let Al Davis did that care what's going on with the hair Mark Davis. If you look at or not -- no starter John -- and bumping your work. -- -- -- -- You know what is due to bring the best friends etc. I. I don't -- the next. Day. Doesn't it -- this. The greatest pitchers Rasheed. Maybe this is what does that really was them. Mark Davis. Mark Davis oh yeah now the gun who paid me eleven million clams right. Yes the look is really working for him. He radiates style and panache which requires every lady in Napa Valley to carry -- towel with -- -- all times. And it -- from the humidity. He singlehandedly bringing the phallic bowl -- look back and I think it's catching traction. Before you know it every hipster in the mission will have a flesh helmet cut and rosy cheeks. Coincidentally. Just in time for the sequel to dumb and dumber. And let's be on don't you think that -- will look great in a ten gallon had once he moves the team to San I don't that's. Moon. Thing. Sir I'm even that -- In. All -- all the way through it I don't think I understood to have those words but I think I can get the idea but. -- ten gallon hat thing since then that is. Let's cut the cuts and about John demand if if that's it if that's what's if if the league is gonna go down its name that's a road. Honestly tell you guys are idiotic claims Mel Thomas -- so. -- to do it I just heard it for warning all they don't have to come out there and I know that but I believe me I've seen it. I terrible computer studio all you can look at it. For a warriors assistant coach a -- celebrating of course was unceremoniously. Let go due to. Philosophical differences with the Mark Jackson outlast your views on a Boston sports talk show and they asked him what happened. With Mark Jackson the former coach the worse here's what he said. I think more and anything there is really just a difference of opinion you know. Margin as a great opportunity. To be on the bench and then when I got there are -- said I think. To win this league you have to drive in pushing and I feel like the players -- respond to that. And and I think that was the biggest thing about this disappointment and our staff are we could've done more and we didn't and I think. Do you kind of sense sat and you know I -- today to say was like it was a difference of philosophy difference of opinion and that's true you went there was. Look at the intense fair tell you -- them. And sound like his cancer early -- regular and I hit it I mean I was I was trying to absorb all this sort of doesn't sound like you would. You don't really wanna say how they -- you never know -- you don't wanna bring predicted you don't know when you cross out etc. but it said it didn't sell like. -- -- he was the answer you just wonder what was -- on the wall so to step in with an answer right here is that. -- that maybe he really that. Yes to win in the NBA it requires drive and push from head coach is instead of -- in focus on ending your point with cool catch phrases. I mean listen if Andre and Harrison can't focus on the simple task of hand down man down -- mama. There goes that man. How have they ever going to advance to the second round. And in regards to differing philosophies. I think I was just used to dock in teams drawing up plays during crucial timeouts instead of wait what's that Darren Herman is probably recording this. -- Oakland. A that's from the fifth title for a while and that's pretty Obama I'm I'm I'm frightened they did have some issues on its staff when guys are recording things guys -- But that's got to dysfunctional. Kind of -- I do that but Perry go. Meaning to say before inflated. I'm on the phone right now my travel agency and book a ticket. I hear you are after the famous incident in Denver this is actually Utah. Oh you this time it's easy. Talking about it. Post the snowball incident rate in 99 in in Denver here's here's what you said. -- I got -- noticeable on. I happen to catch a person did it and -- lost our composure. I did something I was very unorthodox and you know what -- as -- -- about the person at that particular point I got hit by -- number additional balls. And -- -- about much Roddick has struck fans and I just I just lost my temper them. Sounds fine and only told the truth I didn't I didn't Veronica. Let's see what they did -- you link I'm is outraged as you here it is. Look at it this way they were drunk off -- but I was hammered all peanut M and m.'s. -- able to sneak. You drinking my sake -- owes some -- Plus I was listening to prodigy pregame and someone bumped my disk and Andy played the CD backwards. Have you ever listened to finally starter in reverse. Here. Listen. -- in the fire starter. The trouble starter. Now go find a group of 59 white guys and let them feel the wrath. Especially if you lose a divisional game in overtime the trouble started. -- you'll be fine. You don't know this yet but years from now the NBA will set the standard for fun behavior and you'll get multiple media gigs so just go for it. The fire starter. Wow. Did you okay. They threw me it Elvira Ireland doesn't kill you and says rob does women doing this yeah. It's well they do is he I don't know if you if you've heard the subtle dig in every -- -- in the document -- man he's a genius. It's all right I'm the vehicle on an iPod liberal as an iPod and.

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