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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/8/14 HOUR 3

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

95 point seven -- It's happened -- Jonas. -- final though it's your link and I -- -- -- -- About half of those thousands of knuckle. Head absolutely night. I'll be sure to Texaco sure to watch. Why this. Something you do when your TV or wearing your risk to seven to 81 by ten best care for your chance to -- a thousand bucks that's why she. As in the series we've seen better watch its back for calling we can now contrast that thing for you. Here you are your chances yeah and a 7-Eleven. To. And for. You can win yourself a thousand -- of some of those code words right now minutes watched to seven. Into. 81 -- 72. 81 we average daily the last through the raiders tonight what would you like to see tonight's -- players we've particularly be watching if you have a question for -- -- line 89579570. For today's daily -- -- sides to every. -- -- I guess the big question 889579570. The raiders take on the vikings tonight are you a little more excited for this one. Then -- yesterday your and is. -- -- celebration. Tonight and maybe I mean look here's the thing I watch his umbrella part of my job Noah yeah I'm sure I'll watch it because part of my job. But it's you know you gotta take with a grain of salt in his pre season. I grew into the quarterbacks. Guys who talk about quarterback play by the way we talk more about John Derrick Clark. He said he does he -- card tonight. Sure. -- big OK here's the thing I think he's gonna play his first steamers obviously -- you -- his receivers would do its job is still -- in play. -- a couple of series so you legacy car against a couple of guys that could get some significant playing time for the vikings the one thing is. In watching him in practice Sean can place the ball. Maybe not exactly always -- want to but he's pretty accurate. Where car as the stronger on he's a little bit more erratic I just I wanna see him operate in a pro offense we saw what he operated in at Fresno state and actually right. In 2011 he operated in a pro style offense they changed coaches and everything changed for him by. I just wanna see what translates onto a football field -- when you've never seen a guy. In an NFL game whether to pre season game or not it's just it's kind of cool -- in the guy and how he operates and if he gets little panicky whenever. That was the knock against him as well if you didn't do so well. Against pressuring me -- on the show he's even said that so. In in over talking about the quarterbacks who Jerry Steele I am excited to see there. Car accident why I think the pre season is mostly -- for the quarterback development. Because let's face it you don't most of these poor backup quarterbacks that we saw over the last meal a day or so. And we'll see through the rest of pre season are going to see much in the field unless there's some sort of injury. -- the other thing if you wanna do then we'll get another stuff on the Mac and tackle -- top five pick. What do you expect to see at him and by the way they eat the reviews on him. Have been very very good what I've seen from him is to be you know one -- you'll see and I think is typical rookie stuff one -- you'll see him -- -- wow. The next minute you know all these -- yes for guys. So expect that the -- easy and can't even see that Greg. Unanimously as a defense I I I'm hoping that they come out and assert themselves early. And when I mean -- is again you're taken with a grain of salt to see you don't know what the -- do you don't know how how into they are but. If you're number's dialed up let's face it if if I see -- down on the NYU sort of rushing quarterback I was you kind of moves on but bring will be a senate and I spoke over -- -- wanted to see about him is. -- Reggie McKenzie city reminds him war. Of Clay Matthews and -- -- there's still think for rookies they're blaming game is pretty high praise but he what he meant by that is. A lot of people talked about a Von Miller comparison for him but he's seen more power but the one thing I have seen and I think he's Derrick Thomas. But he does have that then the enemy he does have a right around the corner. -- and guess which. Which is he makes it makes it hard for tall tackle himself to -- in -- and yes absolutely yet so I like dad. And if they -- gonna move around too excited to see that it woman and then also wanna see how you know just talking their short amount of plays -- I'm expecting -- -- -- play a lot. But what they do I wanna see how they work well together or how they worked together. If they were well. They want him insisted to watch that and maybe it was just a couple of days it was I was up there he wasn't as productive. I son Donald Penn absolutely dominate LaMarr Woodley play after play after applied. And and depend demeanor left tackle the raiders they got from Tampa in the offseason the enemy is within the time the -- that once he gets its hands and it's it's all over. So I I saw a number of plays were paying just dominated would mean maybe it was just those days and happens. But maybe a little nervous that that's always the thing about camp if one guy's doing well in the other guys doing poorly in -- both on your team that. I I'm a little nervous about Woodley and what he has leftist -- You know look I'll say this will lead the concerns I have for pre season they also resonate through camps sometimes guys take him seriously like they really wanna show some they really want to do something. Other guys just want to get through it. It's up to the individual and an odd times is not on the same page remember many times where. Not try to brother -- -- with the defense -- but it was a young guys try to prove yourself to me and he wants to call the balls that's when I'll warm like hey you're not gonna make the team on me so you better stop. So yeah that's but incidentally just tell us your name is absolutely yeah are you and I put embarrassment against him. You see -- science so that's that's that's a lot of times you have a pre season. You know some people call brother and also do -- you caught trying to get through but there's a difference of philosophy when your pace yourself on exactly what would that do generally depends on how you feel. But I do share the same sentiment that the sun solaris said when he was on -- -- earlier that he wanted to prove. They -- put on film that we are forced to be reckoned -- that's very true especially in a -- philosophy -- both. If they have rich again are my starting quarterback was and I need to be in. Singularly offensive line which you just about talked about they spent a lot of money in the offseason. I'm guys like Howard and ten they spent a second rounder last year on Watson they spent a third rounder this year on Gabe Jackson. They signed -- as well whose real versatile guy and of course the -- had -- -- ski. Just based on that spending money high picks I'm not saying that that equates to something. But you talked about this yesterday they want to become what the niners in the CI so they would like nothing more than. Ground and pound dominate you physically throw the ball only half the youth. How the good defense that's the way the raiders on a play so along those lines. I wanna see with this offense like you do -- you said yesterday actually lamented. The offensive line stays in their living longer in this one needs to. Because they need to gain some continuity so that's who I'm not an expert watch the offensive line like you are but I can tell when a team gets a push -- somebody gets blown up. I'm really interested to see what that is because. This really I know we always -- -- quarterbacks and especially players anything else but this offensive line I think -- couldn't sink or swim the offense for the raiders. I'm only used in reference because so fresh in my mind but I remember him and excerpts of the hardball interview post game interview and setting up pushed around. If I'm the raiders I wanna send that message for the opposing team. I want the vikings -- -- to say well we got pushed around and really get singled to lead them to be ourselves because that builds confidence in your belief in the system. That's why pre season might -- you know count but it's important because a win will live build confidence if you're -- let's goes out there. -- US for over a hundred some yards it is what it is but your building confidence in guys believe in the system that the coaches are calling. How long does an offensive line -- how long should an offensive line play tonight. As long as they have the premiere guys in there I'd like to -- the space if it's if it's McFadden R&D B you resolve those guys and I think he offered the number one all -- so -- to stay out. The moment they pulled them you can go to your backups generally as a as an office -- one out they. I think the most I really played in the first pre season game aside from our work here was one quarter into. How -- like two series. How much admits that with his injury history McFadden how much she play as well indeed just first corner both those guys rotate in an era. As a matter starts now doesn't does and JD's in the top of the depth chart yeah and Lieberman and doesn't let things that matter now that doesn't matter. Speaker receivers this is interesting -- again to go back to the depth chart rod Streeter. Is a first steamer -- homes a little bit surprising although he came on -- last year he's -- first steamer. James Jones against the Packers he's listen the second eighteen Greg little's is on the second team. -- canaries moralist and on the third team should make a big deal of that -- more proof they'll show flash is that they -- -- -- -- so would welcome. MS Moore makes a big deal of it is his opportunity to stand up and prove that he should be on the first in my on the thirteenth. Lot -- you know I mean yeah. Is is sometimes that done for those pure motivational purposes does -- -- with him. You know he I'd I'd love to see him potentially say in the slot or something as the third receiver that you do well there is quick. It mentally sometimes it isn't getting he disappears for long stretches at a time do you sometimes you put a guy in third string -- -- absolutely -- are under a show me and prove me wrong. I hope it works with and I can see him being a soldier was some guys it'll it'll light a fire the other guys at me like that -- And then generally EC why they've been reprimanded who have given me knowing. I there's says some of the things that link will be watching tonight again now we'll be over this decision came fox. Three to 430 bill -- house is gonna jump in I hope you bring suit. And we'll have a great show there and then. On the network at 430 and then pop and top floors at 5 o'clock to look into the game that's our sister station. K five cents on 95 table making summer special -- able to get blowout. Busier area T-Mobile store to get the secret text go to -- sort of -- VIP experience -- your tickets to great American border watch anymore. For a Pulitzer prizes and more information visit 95. -- game that come a friend of yours is gonna join us coming up next. Brunell Brooks little cheesy great voice of the giants and AT&T park -- voice. I -- he's got something near and dear to her heart that is absolutely a big deal. We'll talk about that plus. I don't think that her allegiances to certain teams are secret we'll make sure that we can talk about those is -- and actually I 957 -- -- rich receptor. -- -- -- -- -- -- Finally Michael Irvin is gonna join us in at ten minutes is a very baseball. Aficionado guru. Super expert we'll talk giants and he's he has a -- before of both teams of Tyrod Jon Lester. Also -- let the return of but into the guy's -- Kane's injury everything. While both the very teams will do that in about a ten minutes. There's a friend of both of -- she's been in -- studio with us renowned -- moon of course she's the greats of PA announcer when you -- to AT&T park has a great job of the giants. I know she's a raider fan. No link I know -- -- -- -- -- now in the morning LEA our friendship goes live longer than yours and you casual friendship I'm just now media's constantly. And. Hi how're you my -- first. Kyra -- or you are. Still league treats me and league history meets world hello Renee. Aren't -- wonderful masses through good to have you. At least so my -- Great to have you we Ivins vogue we've since you came in studio in Euro of course in here with a great Dick Kelley and the voice -- the days. And I do believe that you beat him on picks last year and I think and do you think that this would happen but for a -- -- ought to go back to the sheet that I think I -- -- and wind up happening. A lot of pop my collar but I think I. Baghdad says it's -- isn't it it's it's public knowledge that your leaders and rank. It was only public again and it's again when I'm on the second. Yeah Dick Armey -- out of court from in -- indignation. As well liked being slider low and you don't a great -- over the giants in India and talk about. Just I mean this season so far and even -- -- upper arm back in in the giants are still image via your thoughts with the times so far in the season. Yeah I mean it's just amazing what did he had been through this year getting -- without dollar ending in you know be getting hit Al these injuries and ended June swoon. And we're still look in this thing which leaves very big giant and they. You know be very uplifting and very encouraged after the make it up and gain a little bit. A little. -- but you know I had my fifteen feet and I watch the looking to him maybe being in in September and late August. Well I'm I'm with them I'm all in all the way to get the -- -- -- -- I try o'clock. -- late at that time clock you yeah. And I'm happy to note that -- and I could seek retention I want. The lucky -- I -- -- -- seem to be our own substance that you -- -- he that's in a statement that -- noted that year when you know everything -- in my mind is going crazy today of the huge day am I -- -- apartment. In Albania so. Did you think you just said fifteen years and AT&T. How amazing and it has the evolution being from you know that it's always been a great ballpark but just what it is now and and obviously you know 41000 come out every single night and it's crazy no matter what win -- -- -- Just just that the atmosphere of the ballpark. You know it is so interesting how how I've watched it just grow and change over the years. I have and I went tracking Yankee Stadium earlier this year because I want retired chief you know at that big that mr. Steinbrenner may he rest in peace that he built -- an -- and -- unclear what Derek Jeter. So we're at their so jaded at Yankee state you that they were empty feet. They're on their own there -- deal and where that AT&T -- Junk -- on the edge of their seat for every moment of the game and -- that's how we do out here on the -- They're in for every pitch multiple games -- JD in New York so yeah it's a wonderful atmosphere and it got to know. There's plenty to do there as well pretty casual and everybody have a blast they can't ball. We now what's the difference between a spans a giants fans if any in. I'm out of the box and I know I'm here -- -- -- it from her managed why she's she's been immersed in both of them. Along with you know the raider nation foreigners and -- I'm just curious to know what the differences and I know she knows -- have a long history. Well that that there aren't -- loaded question. -- I existed you know I'll I'll talk about when I was younger I was ready yet co op art might be executable all part reported vote skiing. I will pick it out yeah you got to draw a line you can not against you have to pick and shoot you can not bulky anymore. And that's different for me -- -- -- -- age now that my drawn up to. There were no issues going back exportable ballpark but now you better pick one out there or it all -- and. -- a great point yeah it every every time we suggest you don't know they have the split pat you know in Atlanta are playing in the series. None of the Bay Bridge series is let people gave hints that the split. I bring that we brought that up -- Islamic crazy right. This. Is it -- right he used to be like you can kind of I hope both teams do well ma'am you get mad when you say that the name. Oh I know that's why we had to -- -- all people hate display that. I don't know I know what I'm down with the split after they merely an accurate statement. And I demand that at eight -- They you got something great gone on the friends of face breast cancer walk it's happening and on August 23. Tell us all about it. Yet they can get for having in this information are really yeah. -- one of the yes sounding board members of different at stake at ethnic foundation founded by a late channel two reported -- picture. We came together in 1997 she founded the organization of a lot of -- media. Media -- trend and we grow over the years include other members are -- expanded but didn't. They enter -- cantor challenge at the five K walk or run around late marriage. On August 23 very early in the -- who likes to get up come out and help us we are one of the few grassroots organization right here in the Bay Area. Our money that we raise goes that wreck -- -- Bay Area patient. Bet are I'm underinsured or have no insurance and how low income patients. Is this is a very expensive -- to deal wit and what our foundation that we we have. Big fund has been our biggest art treatment treatment this year the -- every year. But we raise money that we can provide grants to nonprofit you're in the Bay Area that specifically deal with -- an -- -- -- with a candidate better a low in count. And need. We get emergency grant to the secretary 'cause you know even just getting school for -- for the children at this time of the year. You know is on affordable at the medicine is extremely expensive. It's indeed if the patient needs to go to a grocery store pick up -- Didn't think that our money goes to kind of emergency situation but our money stayed here locally -- all due respect all the other organizations. International arm and he goes right here at home that was based. Desire and her mission and it's all about keeping her legacy going to you know she become to the beat. In 2003. So we -- really try really hard. To a keeper legacy alive and issued a lot text people on -- -- August 20 guitar -- annual and we want to make it the biggest. Best celebration and raise as much money as it costs which in this year really special for -- in here guys. That's great is there is there a number website -- Wednesday night that we can -- about the people. Slowly thank you for that it's eight answer I'd take a picture and -- dot org. And you can sign up for a team and specifically I didn't bite you -- my feet and -- -- look like scheme is -- starting lineup. That's you don't like this I don't teams in finance wonderful. I gotta tell you my mom thought breast cancer. Victorious -- just over a year ago. My father pass due to pancreatic cancer so I'm I'm well versed in fighting cancer and in everything around -- it's horrible them and it's. Very admirable you do whenever I really appreciated and hits a close to home for me so that's great. Well thank you are saying that for me to my mom in the nine year breast cancer survivor at the age of 88. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They achieved the recount would be get paid -- and my mom of them is the life of the giants absolutely yeah. We'll keep everything straight tonight he had ACLU had giants going he had he ER raiders going to end you're seven busy -- keep everything straight day and you celebrated the ballpark and we always love having on thanks for the time. Thank you guys what -- -- -- well there's too much of an emergency door right now that's Verizon developers did take care. You -- and thanks -- You take -- -- renowned Rex moon. She is a great job -- obviously on this and AT&T park and get its friends of faith the breast cancer walk that's happening August. 23 -- to get involved in that everybody's in some ways of reform always touched by cancer. Of course to have next Michael Irvin is gonna join us he's giddiness inside in the -- and the giants obviously we'll talk about Jon Lester the -- -- -- -- Don't get in the giants sent things into the gun comes back how much is actually helped Johnson unit of both teams next. With our baseball expert on the I 95 cent -- and there's -- central. The lady yelled I'm not -- twice. OK so you know they. Hurt us requested this cool Michael -- requested this -- -- yes. Get that here I don't injured. But you listen to this report names. Known now before games right now listen that when I was an eighth grade or somewhere down the super. This Jackson 5 to know what's new addition. Jackson it's. They suggest it is inside the big Saturday's. Nine do -- you see here and there you -- -- that -- in sports. He is say Bay Area baseball aficionado having a coveted -- promote the aids and the giants he joins us now how are you. I'm having the best that we don't always have a good time that. Can be an undated your schools -- patients. And others say it's it's like it's a commitment -- -- that's not like I. A quick text ball died 57 died -- be dropped and thanks Paul. Company Google -- that was them Jackson fundamental problem I think a lot of people and that's. Just fine. I'm confident it could -- That -- Natalie Jackson 5 to me and decent looks good. The nutrition like to just days when they get together with Johnny gill for the reunion tours yeah. They can still around it a little bit I mean they're they've they've stood the test time whereas you know. Clearly the Jackson 5 cannot design and solid. Because it's just. Despite clearly Michael was distraught right -- broke out and the rest of them just tell us what we do now. Jermaine pennant and a little bit around -- -- down a little dog don't explain the money so why he didn't actually made their content. This. This is Tito had down I don't know you -- -- Clinton. Slammer. For instance that. Explain that would do. -- -- -- you know let's go from -- that you knew you were very similar to Jon Lester a big left the you can really bring its so you can break down this whole thing how how nasty was Jon Lester last night from one left you another. Every bit nasty you do in the two and half years I mean the guy. You know there's like. There's that top tier of guys and it's very there's very few guys on it. I don't even -- margins on it you know is is much attention is that trade generated. I don't think he's on and I think you got you know Clayton Kershaw -- -- there Jon Lester is up there. -- not too many other names jump out of me as being clearly you know on that top -- but he he's absolutely one of them and any time he kills the team like he kills us bank. It doesn't surprise because that we've been there for awhile and that's what Billy Beane is banking on come playoff time you know and it's not just come playoff time. A lot of people have been looking at the straight and when it first happened. I was guilty of the two looking at I think it okay this is just about to play out. What's not clearly you look at the American League west standings. There's work to be done to win that division. And Jon -- have to be a big part of that so wasn't just done. With the playoffs in mind it was keeping. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the Disneyland at -- And Jon Lester is going to be a big factor in there. Did you like to trade or not. No initially I didn't and I still am not wild about it I give it to a certain degree. But I just to access business presence in the new line up the fact that he is an everyday player as opposed to one every five days. I'm still not crazy about it I understand it. I give -- being the benefit of the doubt because he's earned that over the years. But I still if they if they don't hold the angels off. And they end up having the playbook we know they're gonna make -- -- -- one or another but if they end up having a player and that player in the game to the playoffs so wild card game it's. And you don't have Jon Lester available and you lose that game. Then new administrator and go wow that was a huge gamble that didn't pay off. But you know the thing is instinct -- and I I did the stats on this -- just real and at a time -- chance to do a segment on it. But they eat eat just to your point you talked about this last week. They took the tigers to game five in the divisional in 2012 and 2013 -- names like -- alien Parker in the loan and Griffin. Starting games in going through the stats and I know they don't tell every story. But offensively in both those series they struggled offensively I'm talking about batting averages for some of their key guys in the 19180s. And so I think -- case can be made if that scenario that you just laid out happens. They -- -- Billy should went the other way and not so much added another pitcher but may mean other bat and he subtracting that that. I agree I think they have enough pitching to get. As far as they've gotten in the past -- unless you're going to be difference makers give them that much further that remains to be seen but you are subtracting. The one guy in that lineup. Flew in and you're right John it to small sample size and we hear that phrase turn around a lot with the eighty's it's small sample size but he's the one guy. In that lineup and who did -- in the playoffs and I know that home run derby this kind of regret that competition and doesn't mean a whole lot. But you epicenter of the baseball universe when you're in that box. In the home run derby and obviously he's responded descent but this has responded and the positive fashion not just that. But also to being big guys in the middle of the lineup. In a playoff game against elite pitching. He's the one guy who's proven he can drive in the spotlight and the one problem that -- -- -- had in the playoffs. Going back to when I -- to tell them in 2001. It was never about pitching it was about struggling offensively and that's why -- worry about destroy it and what it means to them in the postseason. What about the position of being. A team of grind -- that are looking for that to want -- that 32 game rather than looking for that 98 or at ten non scoring game. Well that's that's where you're pitching to come and play because of your player knows what's going to Japan agents stormed out of the job but I mean you really look at the way the days you know. Came to that. Came to jump into the national conversation which this year is the first time they've been there they've been a great team for three years. But I think for a couple years people -- just kind of -- let's wait and see it took that crazy run differential. Then make people stand up and take notice and that means that you have won a bunch of nine to one game's most blog games. If you're going to rely on those close low scoring games which typically what's played in the playoffs. You need to figure out -- -- -- some runs in its fine and well the call this line up. A lineup of -- is the fact remains that they haven't proven that. Again in the in the crucible that is the playoffs. Against the league pitching that they can't scratch out runs they've struggled against the league pitching and -- Okay you you might be the only one to be able to. The team to figure this out from a bomb Hunter Pence each series is the wrong way Hunter Pence pays for his groceries -- checks. Hunter Pence leathers rinses but does not repeat. Hunter Pence doesn't consider the environment before printing in email. How held this all goes so viral with these Hunter Pence signs. I think it's because right now he's the only guy on the giants that you can really grab hold of it and and really created in -- kids. I mean everybody else has been up and down and it was that one is scared. Lincecum same thing look up and down or there's nobody you can really count on -- you know that you can just. -- you you can embrace them and know that they're never going to down there's a consistency of that performance and that personality and that sort of -- that -- -- he's just. -- everything to me and I wrote this for the examiner about three months ago. Keep everything he really want a professional athlete to be he's accessible. He's humble he's consistent he works his butt off. They'll do anything for you he's -- teammates he's good -- You know international old people you hold store's open I mean it's -- -- the whole thing is the entire package and that's that's why I think you know it's taken awhile for people don't understand. Not exactly what he's all about but now they have particular enough. Not tomorrow instead of -- nine to new woody Agilent. I'm pretty psyched about that got Vince determine -- the primary and that was fun to start with him Judy at the back end as usual Kurt Suzuki former rays catcher. The mood is you know I've received in Australia this year. Welcome the no hitter last night. The good. I think they love him I'm gonna get into the whole -- case you know the -- thing I can't believe that beat. Came to initiate it's it's a little bit silly but it is historian so. I have to address -- and because I wouldn't touch it into the show and that all you know controversy if you wanna call it was. The the crux of that was the concept of loyalty and how much loyalty too much that's -- to Marcia. Great stuff meant by the way a lot of people thought it was Jackson 5 just so you know no -- and I. That's exactly are not just yet that's what happened I don't know he did and what's -- Jackson thought. The -- man in America forming. Little else unless absolutely nothing. -- there is -- to document. You're zero name go to Lawrence at the -- nine to noon make sure that you tune in. -- always has great guys great thoughts and then he is a Bay Area. Baseball super genius who makes you tune in tomorrow at nine up next link. It is the sweet clean Sammy -- could boost fiscal until well until mom. Finds the porn that is home to us he's just -- that's next. By the way David today met me no good 330 make sure you tune in and shift there from ESPN. At -- -- -- -- time only here. The president goes without. And it. Bay -- new sound first. Davis an extra family friendly link on AM Friday. Keep going here going yes the business so we always do that on Friday that. Internet and let -- some things here. Pumped through the message and I'm only hope you can plot and asked me to comply I'm only open I'll do the best -- here here. That. I'm here it is your concludes fiscal. -- stories that I almost slipped. -- let's start out a little bit audio. Huge your former coach and this is why I wanted to start with this because. Not only does John gruden have a great. Monday Night Football game but. He of course is an endorser for. Cougars to a tough job there and no link it's not that I AM I have not gotten great endorsements because certainly I do and I've never had one. As good as scooters see I'm sure he gets paid a lot of money to do things like this listen up here is Jon Gruden. Coaching the hooters girls teaching him a little football. Get ready for some football and. Not going to be easy you know it's going to be a long season. He got a smile he had -- work hard to talk. We got to trust -- preparation. For you won't sacrifice. Can you react quickly. Excellent bringing in here. Friday's game is on TV but somebody wants to watch ice queen. What do you do. There's no ice skating on. Never will. Ending world. You get the idea this goes up for a few minutes he throws if you footballs but essentially happens is. There's 25 girls on the set -- just gets to hang out. Host so hard is -- in a former coach what it was furthers my view of the -- reasoning with people tell me that he wasn't quite the coach and are you kidding me. You can a football you get the endorsements like that why would you ever go into coaching. Is a modern day Manhattan -- its outstanding. Work. If I secure every wants -- exactly -- -- new plan for him though and Italy can get. Everybody -- you know we -- we shot -- snarling and that kind of stuff and and so forth it did you envision him kind of evolving into this kind of funny I and I did want. Once a whole chunky thing came out. Because I said oh my gosh can ride that for ever he does look exactly like Chucky I I never thought he would be as big as this I mean basically as you said the next man -- because that's where he is right now. But yeah IA IR for solving his his hope for -- was going to grow and then of course. He was when that -- almost sidelines all the time and we had a camera on them. And so I just thought it was comedic. When I watch him I still think he has a napoleonic complex he wants real world but the that is what it is. -- there is a -- we go from one guy evolving to another who maybe wants to one of the reasons maybe Vernon Davis held out was that he thinks he has a second career you've been in the movies right. I did but not don't football evidently you you've been you've you've been on the screen saying oh yeah I -- -- -- person that doesn't look at the reason I ask you that is because I think it would you would be the perfect guy. I want in two of valuing Vernon Davis. As captain torpedo are you ready. Damage I'm afraid that this country since that would be porn doesn't six. Yeah you said Cuba -- Candidate torpedo. Aimed at. -- say why weren't all OK okay. I'm not it's bird and as captain to repeat doses of barely a mainstream -- -- he'll go very well. -- -- -- not being what -- Rob Brown didn't please god. We're. Again. Okay. -- Then was slow its Vernon. Peeled away. Coming only weeks. Still one question. Relief well. Do believe. Series. We've. Jackson is inconsistent. Yeah well. But he's -- man. To -- a small -- -- Or the Gary. You always -- me. When your lol maybe you -- We're back here. It was a very -- NATO to me there's Vernon davis' captain torpedo. Suzanne in east is Harris in the sounds like a summary here in Baghdad now. Well for a better lines I would hope for more convincing it's kind of hard I got to see the whole bill right and it's not great that night he doesn't look overly he doesn't sound overly believable. In earnings because sometimes you got to the got to take the the the -- lines as they aren't of the character trying to imagine so the pregnancy and Vernon Davis they say not too bad. I got to see the whole thing I can't judge is just off the sound mightily to the writing is horrible. But I can't believe you can -- think toward each. Where you from. The commencement. So please the other rolled out -- -- if the other guy needs and understand what I'm just saying hey I mean you know I can say the Kansas at all for the line DOC little piece. By the way we try to keep things rather consistent and a captain for -- does selling a porno. And this is it South Carolina and I think my mom would do they should be a very of seven mean it's certain to be embarrassing but I don't think she would do this. A mother in South Carolina called sheriff deputies or send this week after finding porn playing at a live your TV she walked in. He was watching he's fifteen years old and she actually called the police they found her well. -- that while now is that reflective on the fifteen year old look me in fifteen and horny I mean come on that's that's Lamar we all America got -- I don't know usually your fifteen -- does -- compared to -- -- my mom got me in and call the police either out of police and -- I obviously she's. Not watching well -- -- -- -- not sure that's a big dramatic overreaction unruly -- if -- if it's also look at it really is or should be called us here for that moment. Well. I'll marry you know I like this Ali was really isn't it had been -- -- them I don't I don't boys common -- -- not make an arrest amusing quote I don't know that he's on Carolina law that was broken what he's fifteen watching court. That's one is an engine and I don't -- miss a Z -- And yeah it was only. Her -- -- That's there's a lot aren't you miss out. -- lease program said oh here's another one that's extra -- fairly friendly but I'd like you do you've been lots of locker rooms and a professional level. Yeah Alvin Gentry of course who's an assistant coach now that the Phoenix Suns on national radio show the other day. And explain how Shaquille O'Neal to keep things light when he was with the Phoenix Suns. Used to like to tackle teammates and wrestle them they catches he was naked he liked to do this to lighten. Things up was at something -- happened in locker rooms that you. There's nothing like me about a seven foot plus man sworn to pounds tackling your butt -- wanted to wrestle. And it reminds me of the bench warmer as movie you're low in the characters who don't pay you when you make you -- -- Basilan but. No I don't let business. There's there's nothing that and then that happen like that in our locker room and I can remember at least there's obviously and the -- -- as the -- that's one -- -- but it's also you know minimum legitimize. We were on how big guys -- I mean. But did you name there incidents where guys would try to keep things light it was a little you know we always -- -- -- -- not effective. If I was president around with all these guys were posting these self Pixar and on on line. -- we would have been plastered all of silly I mean you know there's nothing worse to -- a grown -- going to Mirren taking insert often take a picture. And impose an on line ally would have had a field -- -- pictures like that snow lot of players have done. -- -- -- right now it's it's started you guys are best friends for nine months ladylike and enough is true that's very true role of his life partner but there's there's there's something that's a line that's drawn in the sand. Don't give but making a Russell G. -- You -- have fun with the not right I mean they're dressed and identify pretty early. You know OK that guy will have on that guy we can as offensive linemen were dead are different team right now in the -- yeah. Continuity in your big we have. Unworthy enforces we have a ton of finance that saw me but it's. Did you imagine me Mo Collins have become but -- -- well I don't know that that's exactly an animal -- so why you what you paid and I was secure -- -- bigger than me. A couple of other things Jerry Jones those -- -- pictures that are. Viral all of the you know they were taken five years ago one of the things that the problem is according to some. The inland Dino is the head of NFL officiating he was seen leaving Jerry's party must now remember that bus goes everywhere it's it's a stake in its that the com mind. It's all over the place that doesn't necessarily mean his Jerry's ended a party I mean it's likely. But now he's catching grief because he was in said party bus -- saying there may be deemed -- -- can be objective do you buy into that. -- -- -- -- military likes to party so tough day when you got to fly on the ground. Clearly I know is a -- Nolan and his sons. And finally -- -- stadium course in new home of the 49ers. They have both places someone and if you go to these places a fancy Japanese steak at one of the outlets for food will set you back 336. Dollars. And -- strong Belgian ill. Can run as much as so. -- five dollars would you spend 336 dollars a mistake or seven dollars eight Belgian deal. I'd much rather go out into the garden until the -- myself impressed -- -- myself no one's been much more about now what about -- adult doubtless they have a lot of places that are meat free let them beat three dog himself like -- to go to those what does it mean freedom one of the most don't it's vegetarian a lot of vegetarians -- try to be addressing them now let's go hot -- him at the -- free right when it. A -- don't think a veggie dogs -- they do -- doubt us now. And eat meat carnivores. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Calls through those whose principal. Lesson and hasn't been down there and tell you man. -- that's why -- everybody nice smooth there it is this. W I don't think you can dance. I miss -- over. Who are s.'s decision came five to 95 with the -- with the raiders pregame. Stay right here -- Damon is coming up next and here and I offensively in the various --

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