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Renel Brooks-Moon

Aug 8, 2014|

The SF Giants' PA Announcer joined the show to talk about the team and her Breast Cancer event later this month

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a friend of both of -- she's been in a studio with us. -- renowned -- moon of course she's the great -- PA announcer when you go out to a AT&T park has a great job of the giants I know she's a raiders fan though link. I know her and or from -- morning Elliott our friendship goes a lot longer than yours and you casual friends and I'm just now he views. And hi how are you my friend first. Kyra -- -- you are. Only treats. And league history -- poorly -- and. I completely all right Barbara wonderful lessons to -- the so that you got grammys so my. It's great to have you we Ivins ugly since you came in studio in Euro of course in here with the great Dick Kelley and the voice VA's. And I do believe that you beat him on picks last year and I think and do you think that this would happen but for a lot of our audit ought to go back to the sheet that I think and that's and when and -- happening out. Collar but I think that. Baghdad says it's -- isn't it it did acknowledge that your leaders and rank. It was only probably -- -- that's again on the subject that. Yeah that come out of court and are in the nation. That's what I -- the slash -- him. And you don't agree travel with the giants and in talk about. Just I mean the season so far even without regard back in in the giants are still image via your thoughts with the times so far in the season. Yeah I mean -- just amazingly -- and -- -- -- getting up that dollar in being in you know getting hit Al injuries and they ended June while. And we're still in this thing which lead there at the -- and they. You know very uplifted and bear Kirch will ultimately make up. A little. You know I had my fifteenth even what's the -- to -- made in being in in September and late August. Well I'm I'm with them I'm all in all the way to kingdom -- -- it from -- giant clock. But you. And I'm -- that and I think recruits and I'm like yeah. It'll let you look at I -- Soccer and so you got to be our own cars that some -- -- He didn't attack them Tammy you're when you know everything collide in my my did go crazy but today the huge day am -- at a apartment. Yeah so you know to just again just said fifteen years and AT&T. How amazing and it has the evolution being from you know that it's always been a great ballpark but just what it is now and and obviously -- 41000 come out every single night and it's crazy no matter what win lose or draw. Does just that the atmosphere at the ballpark. You know it is so interesting how how I've watched it used to grow and change over the years. I have and I went out to Yankee Stadium -- -- -- award -- cheap you know that big that mr. Steinbrenner may rest compete that he dealt. It may. They -- on her web Derek Jeter. So that OJ had a Yankee state you were in beef sheet. There on the there we would deal and where that eighteen car. Giants fans -- on the edge of their seat for every moment again in Tibet and we do out here on the -- And for every pitch multiple game -- a -- in New York so yeah it. Wonderful atmosphere and it got right now is needed in there as well pretty casual and everybody on the blacks make up our ballpark. We now what's the difference between a spans the giants fans if they meet in. -- out of the box. I'm curious because -- from her vantage point she's she's been immersed in both of them. Along with you know the raider nation foreigners and -- I'm just curious to know what the differences and I know she knows that have a long history. Well that that you. -- loaded question. Existed you know I'll I'll talk about Alan I was younger I was rate at all -- appears to beautiful ballpark reportable ski. I will -- that out. You gotta draw lines cannot -- you have to -- and she can not. Well. That's different for me at my age now that might want to. There were no issues going back exportable ballpark but now -- one out there or all -- -- as a great point. In it every every time we suggest you know how -- of the split pat you know when it in their play in the series. Now the Bay Bridge series is split people gave hints that the split. I bring that we brought that up our -- -- crazy right after this. This isn't -- right used to be like you can -- -- I hope both teams do well ma'am you would get mad when you say that the inning. Oh that's why we went at all that he -- And that would split after it merely that statement a high demand that at eight. They you got something great gone on the friends of -- breast cancer walk it's happening and on August 23. Tell us all about it. Yet they get and it is information that really yeah. I'm one of the founding board members -- different the stay at the foundation founded by late channel two reported eight lecture. We came together in 1997 she founded the organization a lot of effort media. Immediate sister trend and we grow over the years include are other members aborted expanded that is our annual. Eight -- regret cantor challenge that I can't walk or run around lake Mary. On August 20 her very Earl Ward who -- to get a come out and help we are one -- the few grassroots organization catcher in the Bay Area. Our money that we raise -- that wreck each to Bay Area patients. That are on underinsured or have no insurance at all low income patients and this is -- -- extent it did need to deal with. And what our foundation that we we have. Big fund is our big at thirteen treatment this year the walk every year. But we raise money that we can -- -- it. And need. We giving emergency -- -- that -- because you know even to. Getting school complex for the children at this time of the year. You know is on affordable at the medicine is extremely expensive. She means is that patient need to go to the grocery store pick up -- it's interesting that our money goes to out of emergency situation. Our money stayed here locally all due respect all the other organization. International arm legal right here at home state. Desire and her mission and well he could her legacy going to you know she can't beat -- 2003. -- we really tried really hard. To let her legacy -- and issued a lot actually are on -- on one guitar at annual. And we want to make it the biggest best celebration and -- much money in the cup and this year really special for your guys. That's great is there is there a number website or anything like that we can -- about the people. Absolutely thank you that it's great answer I'd take a picture Kate dot org. And inside for a team and specifically -- impacted our MIT and that -- Mikey is -- starting lineup. That's better now I don't know. -- -- I don't teams in and and it's wonderful. I gotta tell you my mom thought breast cancer. Victorious in the just over a year ago. My father pass due to pancreatic cancer so I'm I'm well versed in fighting cancer and everything around -- it's horrible -- them and it's. Very admirable you do and I really appreciate that it's a close to home for me so that's great. Well thank you are saying that for me to my mom in the nine year breast cancer survivor at the age of 88. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- the -- would be get off my momma is not life. Did you guys absolutely. We'll keep everything straight tonight he had ACLU got giants knowing he -- he EM raiders going and you're seven busy so keep everything straight day and that you celebrated the ballpark and we always love having on thanks for the time. Thank you guys look at. It too much. Too sore right now that's right that's developers did take care. You. You take him out real number X moon. She is your job out obviously on this and AT&T park and.

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