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Mychael Urban

Aug 8, 2014|

Mychael Urban thinks Lester is the clear-cut Ace and it's not even close.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Inside the big Saturday's. 92 nude you see herbs there you fall -- vigorous sports. He is a Bay Area baseball aficionado having it cover to be for both the gays and the giants he joins us now how aria. I'm having the best time we don't always have the best time that. To be buried under the goal schools this year. -- -- Jackson. Still like. Him. -- if that's not like I like that. A quick text ball died 57 died levity dropped him -- ball company Google's it was a Jackson fundamental problem I did a lot of people I think that's a five. And that adds Natalie Jackson 5 to be a decent looks good. It's a new -- like to just days when they get together with Johnny to go -- reunion tours. They can still around -- a little bit I mean they're they've they've stood the test time whereas you know. It's clear. Clearly the Jackson 5 did not -- his own. Because it is -- five clearly Michael was distraught right broke out and the rest of them discover what we do now. Jermaine had a at a little deliver there a little dog don't explain the money so why it is -- -- either Communist. This is he had down and you -- what's. They debase the soreness. There it's -- at the. -- that would do. -- sides you know let's go from. What you do you were very similar to Jon Lester a big left the you could really bring its so you can break down this whole thing how how nasty was Jon Lester last night from one left you another. Everybody is nasty you can just -- two and a half years I mean the guy. You know there's like. There's that top tier of guys and it's very there's very few guys on it. I don't even think that marches on it you know is is much attention is that treated generated. I don't think he's on I think you you know Clayton -- that there Jon Lester is up there. -- not too many other names jump out of me as being clearly you know on that top tier but he he's absolutely one of them. And any time he kills the team like he kills that bank. It doesn't surprise because that we've been -- for a while and that's what Billy -- is banking on come playoff time you know and it's not just come playoff time. A lot of people have been looking at the straight and when it first happened. I was guilty of it to looking at I think it okay this is just about the playoffs what's not clearly you look at the American League west standings. There's work to be done to win that division. And Jon Lester had to be a big part of that so wasn't just done. With the playoffs in mind it was keeping. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near Disneyland at -- And Jon Lester is going to be a big factor in there. Did you like to -- or not. No initially I didn't still I'm not wild about it I did it to a certain degree. But I just to -- this is present in the -- lineup defected he is an everyday player as opposed to one every five days. I'm still not crazy about it I understand it. I'd give -- -- the benefit of the doubt because he's earned that over the years. But I still if they if they don't hold the angels off. And they end up having a playbook we know they're gonna make -- -- -- one or another but if they end up having a player and that player in the game to the playoff the wild card game it's. And you don't have Jon Lester available and you lose that game. Then you food industry it and go wow that was a huge gamble that didn't. But you know the thing it's it's into the night I did the stats on this I just -- and at a time and chance to I'd do a segment on it. But they just -- your point you talked about this last week. They took the tigers to game five in the divisional in 2012 and 2013 -- names like stray alien Parker in the loan and Griffin. Starting games and going through the stats and I know they don't tell every story. But offensively in both those series they struggled offensively I'm talking about batting averages for some of their key guys in the 19180s. And so I think -- case can be made if that scenario that you just laid out happens. They may be Billy should went the other way and not so much added another pitcher that may mean other bat and he said attracted that that. I agree I think they've had enough pitching to get. As far as they've gotten in the past now that Jon Lester is going to be different maker give -- that much further that remains to be seen but you're subtracting. The one guy in that lineup. Who didn't and you're right John it to small sample size -- that trees thrown around a lot what is its small sample size and he's the one guy. In -- -- who -- -- in the playoffs and I know that home run derby it's kind of glad to have competition and doesn't mean a whole lot. But you epicenter of the baseball universe -- we -- in that box. In the home run derby and obviously he's responded dissent this has responded and a positive fashion not just of that. But also to being big guys in the middle of the lineup. In a playoff game against elite pitching he's the one guy who's proven he can drive in the spotlight and the one problem that he would -- -- in the past. Going back to when -- stepped -- them in 2001. It was never about pitching it was about struggling offensively and that's why it was about the street and what it means to them in the postseason. What about the position of being a team of grinder is there are looking for that to want -- that 32 game rather than looking for that 98 or at. Ten non scoring game. Well that's that's where you're pitching -- to come and play because of -- player knows what's going to -- -- -- held the job but I mean you really look at the way the days you know. Came to that. Came to jump into the national conversation which this year is the first time they've been there they've been a great team for three years. But I think for a couple of years people -- just kind of let's wait and see. It took that crazy run differential. That make people stand up to take notice and that means that you have won a bunch of nine to one games -- blowout games. If you're going to rely on those close low scoring games which is typically -- played in the playoffs. You need to figure out -- scripts around and it's fine and well the call this lineup a lineup of renders the fact remains that they haven't proven. Again in the in the crucible that is the playoffs. Against Buehrle pitching that they can't scratch out runs they've struggled against the league pitching in the play -- Okay you you might be the only one to be able to. -- to figure this out for -- Hunter Pence eats it increases the wrong way. Hunter Pence pace for his groceries with checks. -- Hunter Pence leathers rinses but does not repeat. Hunter Pence doesn't consider the environment before printing an email. How held this all goes so viral with these Hunter Pence signs. I think it's because right now he's the only guy on the giants that you can really grab hold out and and really gay and anti Christian. I mean everybody else has been up and down and it was that one is good. -- same thing look up and down in order there's nobody that you can really count on me you know that you can just. Did you you can embrace them and know that they're never achieved on this consistency of that performance and that personality and that's what potential presents I mean he's just. He's everything to me and I wrote this for the examiner three months ago. He's everything you really want a professional athlete to be he's accessible. He's humble he's consistent he works his butt off. They'll do anything for you he's opened teammates he's good -- You know he's managed to old people you hold stores open -- in it's the whole the whole thing is the entire package and that's that's why I think you know it's taken awhile for people but I understand. Exactly what you thought about but now they have particular enough. Not tomorrow instead of -- nine to new woody Agilent. Pretty psyched about it I've got -- -- -- at the front and those -- start with him. Judy at the back end as usual kind of Suzuki former a's catcher. Who is you know obvious seasonal. So this year up the no hitter last night. The I think they love him I'm gonna get into the hole which case you know the bell -- thing I can't believe that became. The issue it's it's a little bit silly that it is -- story and so. I have to address and because I was detected the into the show and that all of you know controversy if you wanna call it was. That the crux of -- was the concept of loyalty and how much loyalty is too much that's agreement Marcia. Great stuff meant by the way a lot of people thought it was Jackson 5 just so you know -- and I guess that's. That's exactly not just delegate that to adapt and suddenly didn't -- it has to exit the plot yeah. Didn't know what it's fundamentally -- affirmative. Little -- -- unless absolutely. Fighters get to document. Yeah you don't need to go to Lawrence at the -- nine to -- make sure that you tune in.

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