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Matt Maiocco

Aug 8, 2014|

Our 49ers Insider discussed his takeaways from the 49ers first preseason game!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We wanna spend time on Matt -- -- who we talked forty niner football with each and every Friday here on the Damon -- show is the niner insider and we got to go inside last night's free season exhibition opener. Against the Baltimore Ravens and Matt good to have you -- is always -- aria. I'm doing well just staying in Baltimore through the weekend. -- you -- practicing tomorrow. Sunday and Monday ravens right now walk your chimney -- particular bit. Very nice sounds good it. Let me ask do we have a situation. Where the niners didn't have a sense of urgency. A look good against the ravens because they know they're going to be playing them over the next three days last night because. I didn't think they had a particularly good overall team shelling last night. I don't know that routine really structured better and she really ever have a currency during the exhibitions -- You don't win your quarterback is only -- point 87. -- generally drop back twice. He went to seven guys. That you envisioned. Being on the starting eaten at the end of the year party not -- You know when the entire right side to draw the line in and out there. -- your best receiver probably Crabtree. Creates a bit. That there wasn't a whole lot of talent out there and they're basically starting a group back up and then. You know what that group on that you're -- about. Third stringers. Most of whom won't even be on the roster and the players are regular seat and so yeah I would agree yet you know there it. A lot of that urgency or -- in many cases. You know the talent. Of those guys on the lower -- the roster. Art is good news in the guys are probably out. Up a spot. The rate. I I don't wanna make too much of it but again it was a little bit ugly in a ball all the teams that played last night. During the NFL's big you know opening night of pre season football no -- scored fewer points no one gained fewer yards. In the San Francisco 49ers now we know Jim Harbaugh is conservative by nature. He only pulls out enough to win during the regular season you get even less during the pre season. Up the do you think he walks away concerned. About his back up quarterbacking situation. How could you not when Blaine Gabbert. Goes two for nine or the team I think goes two for nine on third down and Gabbert did very little to. Gain anyone's confidence. Not -- all like I. I would put it to you repeal. I mean you read that could feel concerned about and really ever -- -- -- lays out -- -- they got a lot in return. But the problem of course trading away you liked guy who's a pretty. Cornerback. Absolutely hate it I mean they chipped in -- are pretty popular and start court -- Is the issue. Is -- guy who it step in. Would call on it last year -- the border straight Burkle collate. They didn't feel very good about. They aren't again after one year and they bring and Jabber we treat for them it Albert I really struggled. The jaguars are you entering the league. At the franchise type quarterback -- I think you know it could play. And did better than what shall last night but I don't think there's any question. They have reason to be concerned. In all the more -- and try to protect on jeopardy at the nature that they never have to get into that situation. Where there are back at quarterback to win a lawyer. Again the offense did very little last night the 49ers only ran 46 play ease of offense in the entire game for just a hundred. 87 total yards we got to cobra -- mail goes still. In Baltimore with the team. Let's talk about what did slash to the positive last night and I think we got to start with Carlos Hyde. If you put a 21 Jersey on him he runs a lot like Frank Gore doesn't. Eat. At this stage in it in frank Gore's career Carla -- -- slows back. East. -- strong. 235. -- I -- loses. -- in any election this guy can run the football and it collections can't. How it's gonna protect you. You had last night I think provided a glimpse of an indication that he's pretty good in that area too so I'm heading for the first time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Position 2000 steps. 49ers have a dot right now that they can look at ago Gary. That's going to be the heir apparent -- gore and that you guys that we don't mean potentially real thing we might regain sucked and in some areas. Windows I don't feel right or not that. There's no doubt the Jules Hampton's gonna get a lot of carries this pre season will that carry him. Into an opening day roster spot. I doubt it I don't eat out. He can make you know the adult -- And I'll look -- -- I haven't either debt or are talking about the let's protection that pass protection in the -- jewel and some matchups there are so -- not that you -- -- whatsoever. No greater marketing yet. Michael -- At some point I think. Margaret Lattimore who. I think I'm not steal yet but I see working out quite a bit I don't -- spot and navy are somewhat -- -- but I would expect that some. It will be out 53 man -- I will see that there's gonna be a whole lot of opportunities for other guy. Doesn't the -- on Smith's. Adelaide as each the scene of the water believe that. And Baltimore's you can hear the sirens going. Turnouts during nicely. -- the -- look at how do you have to. -- Garrett hallmark hallmark com. On -- guy -- -- special guy he was cardinals' -- -- and so. Are you without an epic or rosters -- -- Or. -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't get one or a reset first I liked the way. He plays bigger than you know not a big guy at the FD. He's not a lot -- got to re -- Are under the area in -- -- Arrangement. Go up against a guy like he spent a lot in -- so that'll be a great or camp to get out there -- -- -- and that's what he -- -- -- -- -- Tank Carradine I thought had some good moments last night as did Quinton die goal Michael will point I think he moves very well we're gonna see him I think is Navarro -- stuff. Primary fill in when the regular season begins. And Bruce Ellington I also thought look good for a team that needs someone to do something in special teams he could be the guy. Yeah I think all the young guys on the check your players and in the -- -- island and charity guys who really are getting their first opportunity do the injured last year. I think -- very encouraging. For the 49ers recent track. Seat. -- got an award and LE two and and title and charity some of the young guys get on the field and played pretty well. So I think there are looking up there. In interrogated in Thailand are two guys. That are eyes and practiced -- greatly -- just -- But he's -- young guy. I had carried -- or what they've done on the practice Sheila to that point in Chile gained against other team. -- Mayo goes weekly conversation here on 957 the game let's wrap up with this Matt Alden Smith met with the commissioner. Have you heard any thing the one thing that I think we see is that this is going to be leaning. Towards severe. Not light penalty for Alden the last time we talked about it you and I were discussing two to four games -- for six. Even eight games may be in life. Yeah you know -- I'll law that is you like to gain. The would be there would consider. That he took steps. Last year to seek treatment and at five games 26 weeks total. -- -- that healing though is that it's going to be a little bit more on our side. Been told that what the team expecting at 68. I think I look at more or six and then. I think they're also feeling that. Maybe they'll leave out the out there that. -- -- The thing that he's expected figured that he delegated any additional problems. -- -- -- head on straight that they get it needs to be dot -- game so that there are apparently the from one I'm on all there. Utley spec -- suspected belt in the regular season and it productive now sometime in the next week Churchill. And fair or foul right or wrong there's no way. To pretend. Debt the Ray Rice verdict isn't going to hang over this like a great cloud and it's gonna be measured against its fair or foul right or wrong that's coming. Yeah you know Indy in Beijing attitude that you -- east argues that personal conduct policy. You know they have the they have the three set schedule. Of what abilities are pretty violating the substance abuse policy -- now. Then all that as you know that the weapons charges that was a felony reduced and demeanor. There's also at the LA actual incident that -- get charged and thank. Yep I'll reserve the right to punish people even they are charged or if they're not -- technicals so they have a lot of leeway to do pretty much whatever they want to do and. Matt have a great time at the old ball yard tonight will Camden yards still on my list of parks I gotta get to have never been so enjoy. Thank you very much the cobra Matt mail goes striking.

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