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Adam Schefter

Aug 8, 2014|

The ESPN NFL Insider joined Damon to discuss Aldon Smith's looming suspension, and what to look for in the Raiders 1st preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back here on the -- -- show with ESPN's Adam show after a perfect time to talk to him with a raiders about to get underway -- -- pre season game Adam thank you for your time is always our real. Doing great we're excited for little raider football obviously and we'll get to them in the second I think the big question that I wanna start with you is -- all the Smith met with Roger Goodell yesterday what can you tell us about that face to face. Like it much about it because obviously those because closely dart -- I kept it going and both -- and speak he finally did send tourists. You were looking at 68 game suspension note that since I was getting. Which a chance at it everything yesterday when well that. They were given the chance had a suspension reduced for good behavior during the course the suspension but make no mistake about it. He's going to be suspended he's going to be suspended -- -- secret in America aren't my guess it all comes down -- probably sixty to be lowered to orbit and maybe more. Ray Rice is suspension is going to hang over this decision whether the NFL -- Development and another. Two different things like your policy violated. All transmit data and -- BA there's no policy for domestic violence in there. Which case you must be. Suspended this saying that. Your point is well taken where. Every suspension comes down at a guy. It caught smoking pot -- -- Josh -- -- your extension. Release for violations. So people -- all so what he didn't -- charges were -- re right. And it doesn't add up that way but the power prosecutor laid out CPA. And it's a prominent apple had adding that's -- the public apology. For domestic violence to avoid the -- scenario you're talking about which is going to come up inevitably. When a player suspended for violating. The substance abuse policy or in this particular case gold strip which -- various transgressions. And and people to -- to rewrite it and and you can't because we're rhetoric it is it offensive egregious. Completely. Unacceptable. And yet. He's gonna get a lesser suspension. And other players it doesn't seem right but again. This tell policy spelled out CPA and and -- -- the league is at fault for not having -- -- -- -- -- -- -- chapter from ESPN here on the Damon Bruce show -- look I understand and and and I'm sure the NFL is sincerely trying to evaluate each disciplinary action in its own vacuum. But the Ray -- suspension because the of the way it was handled because of the way became a -- and a pop culture event if you will. On it it it's it is going to unfairly be the yardstick which all suspensions are criticized about. What do you think is in store for Jimmer say if -- is looking at anywhere from four to six to eight. Well. Or humorous and again that you -- people who will sit out feeling you get some. Response and that's why Arnold and I said six to eight tracks heard. With a chance to have reduced for -- baker are humorous shot I've heard. I've heard order and that's worse I've heard it's going to be somewhere in the vicinity of an eight game suspension. Efforts in -- remember seeing him a one million dollar fine. -- How close that is or not I can't tell you again magic word on the street that may not be accurate at all. Siege at -- not the right thing -- -- It's a couple weeks later we're still talking about Ray Rice and I don't -- in the week it's come under such fire. And criticism for anything. Since. The last time that pew result decision to play games there week in which president Kennedy was assassinated. -- that bad. Sticking killing. It wouldn't surprise me if at the end of Roger Goodell commissioner ship next and point thirty whenever kids. What are your regret it -- -- it's much like. The former commissioner Pete Rose almost did he wish he hadn't played thinking that we can. But he wishes he had been. A bit more. Copper on -- -- that the stronger message to anybody who engaged in that that behavior plus there arrest. There's actual video of secrecy order you want about how he had no record no -- No prior violations -- pillar of the community great people saw. And airborne -- was offended by it. -- she after here on the Damon Bruce show. There's a new kind of issue that could be simmering on the NFL's back burner Michael front burner you tell me video of dean -- a Dino parting with cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son. Stephen the head of officiating at best here got a ride on a -- bus at worst there will be people who said that you know the cowboys might be plying the head of officiating with booze and women. We know that there's going to be a lot of discussion about it what can you tell us about this issue. Well I've been deliberately getting gotten any official complaints -- -- -- people look at it I'm sure there are people who don't like it. I also say that -- -- you know again be in the room officiating the -- in involving call so as for perception standpoint it doesn't look. Great but. Given that anything that other people haven't done OK there and other. High ranking executives also been on that bus and even shown that we don't competition committee dean blamed you know I is involved in the rules that debt so again. It doesn't look great but it is what it is and go -- literally get to defend not let them defend and not make. I think business Smart play by -- -- after -- what else but the sale of the Buffalo Bills leader bill -- bids are coming in low Donald Trump while trying to low ball the NFL is this this rumor is it truth. If billion dollars global mean I don't somebody global. Same type of corporate. The bills are getting for their franchise are now because the minimum it's going to be a billion dollars I think we're all -- done. When Republicans get up at the Buffalo Bills Yelp restaurant a one point two billion. Doctors social -- at the long ball anybody. Again I -- we all should be. So fortunate to be low -- such a manner. Not bad let's wrap up with the raiders Adam I think that Oakland's got a better team I don't know if -- necessarily be reflected in the win loss column. Based on the fact if they're in a brutal division. If it. Work goes sour the raiders had a bad year an it was a clean the house time Dennis Allen Reggie McKenzie who would have more value on the open market. Well I am personally I think that there are responsible for them I really don't mean Dennis Allen is a great young coach and if it doesn't work it is -- I don't think it will be a reflection on. The tech coach that he is in Gregory K he's proven distract worker or are these are valued personal value here. So it doesn't work out there are means he failed in putting together franchise that was really in disrepair. That had a number of financial issues -- work through and keep failed at doing that like. I think it's somebody wouldn't take Reggie McKenzie detonate prominent. Personal position I think would be inaccurate to think somebody wouldn't be waiting. You Dennis Allen conversion but that's a coordinator job also be mistaken where he had a chance to when they were back up to be a coach you get. So sometimes coaches and personnel people and GM to put the bad positions. With the organization that are in bad positions. And I keep that's the case that both of these men. And what you whether or not they get it turned around and are perceived their jobs maybe they can maybe they can't. But that's what this -- a referendum on. We're asking everyone we got past outings after what he -- he had the raiders tonight. I don't think the BC or -- you rush -- quarterback -- shot or Eric are and there are a lot of things that matter but really that is. Paramount to everything else is Matt Schaub is not playing well they're Carter's well. Adobe discouraging but they feel like they've got two pieces that they -- -- place here for shorten long term succession. Find out whether they're right. -- is great to have you on the show thanks very much for your time thank -- -- that it -- I'd ever really get.

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