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The Damon Bruce Show 8/8/14 HOUR 1

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to your Friday. Afternoon raider fans welcoming your football season officially gets under way in three seasons style of the very least -- Minnesota Vikings. And we'll just go ahead and let you know right now if -- tune in for raider football you're gonna have to. Fiddle with your -- just a little bit the raiders will be coming to you on our sister station -- -- It's 98 point five FM. A little bit later on tonight. In till then. We got an awful lot to talk about we have a lot to get to the very short amount of time we had three hours today. Met mail go at 330. Adam Schechter from ESPN at 4 o'clock Ken core -- voice -- -- Oakland days. Who got a monster out of Lester last night don't you think can corps Iraq is at 430. Comedian Jim Norton who's it -- tonight and tomorrow. Is gonna come on in studio and join us for big goal while -- segment. At 5 o'clock today and then we'll take you to the tweets a little bit later on should be a really really fun way to wrap up the week. And those kind of programming. To the beginning of the raiders' season if you don't mind me saying since. We have got to you were -- baseball coming up tonight -- I know -- just nip this in the bud right now. -- -- the raiders on the because here's out works. You marry yourself to a baseball team is a radio station football is the hot chick you sleep with -- on the weekends. And that's kind of how it goes you get totally married to a baseball team there your wife they're the ones you're loyal to no one ever trumps your wife. That's the way it goes. It's why we got a's baseball for tonight -- soon as the days are done. After they win what game six of the World Series -- that -- to win 600 you know the opponent is poll taken in six games to win the World Series of course. Then all your raider football will be here -- 957 the game but in the meantime. 985. FM and there you go. Last night let's just get right to business shall we Jon Lester. It doesn't need cute nickname doesn't want a cute nickname. But I got one -- here's my nickname for Jon Lester. -- -- mr. Lester. Because it is all business with this guy. This is a business decision this it's not time for a stands. To fall in love with this guy because it's going to be a fleeting relationship. But you hope that this relationship which is based on just professional goals. Works out well for one another right now Jon Lester -- -- -- 210. With a one point 71 ERA since being acquired Scott Kazmir goes against Kyle Gibson tonight. A's and twins can keep going at a in this series the twins right now our account of the new Astros for the aids. He had in the days are looking for their eleventh straight win over the twins tonight by the way congratulations to Bob Melvin. Became the eighth active manager in the major leagues seven these 76. All time. To reach 800 career victories. So Bob Melvin don't. Over eight -- while he could go over 800 tonight at 800 now looking for -- -- are we all bomb. You'll -- Lester did last night he was all he's promised to be last night complete game shut out he was. Dominant. Without being extraordinary. Now this is what he does he just goes out he handles his business. You don't see a lot of emotion from the dying. Is. And if it's just it's it's work. In this guy's doing work. Since being acquired by the Oakland days it is worked out very well so far needs to keep working out like this. Since the Jon Lester trade. The team is now four and three again he. Is to know. -- -- -- Best thing that the giants got to go on for them this season he gets back data tonight against Jason Vargas giants' road trip moves to Kansas City taken on the royals. Last night we got our first look at this infant Cisco 49ers who we're going to have met -- go join us the bottom of the hour recap what we saw last night. We didn't see an awful lot that's for sure. As it often happens in life the little brother cannot get over on the Big Brother in the Harbaugh Stanley would probably agree -- that. Because right now it is three nothing John over gem sure we get a Thanksgiving game would get a Super Bowl we are pre season game and that record. The very first series for the 49ers got good flashes from Bruce Ellington on a kick return Carlos -- You know who runs a lot like Frank Gore which is a good thing I like the -- -- advance McDonald that was a nice little perfect player like on campus. Mobile. -- they're moving around. But this is forty niner team that goes ultra conservatives in season so he can't expect an awful lot during pre season and having settled let. He didn't get very much last night Blaine Gabbert looked terrible. The team went two for nine on third down had nine penalties in the game. You know it's not make too much of it. That was kind of ugly. Of all the teams that played last night. All the pre season games that -- going to were six pre season games. Last time I checked the math on that that means twelve teams were playing last night usually have two teams per game. Of all the teams that played last night no one scored fewer points. No one gained fewer yards. In the San Francisco 49ers. On defense they had to be team out there are sitting an awful lot of starters was starter -- all over the place. -- been nice to see a little bit more rhythm no established. There was not a lot of rhythm established and that's what I think you're looking for is a raider fan tonight. Just wanna see some rhythm with a soft -- it's just too good tempo something -- good decisions. Get on and off the field get everybody in and out healthy. But would like to see I think is just more than one series with Mac shop. I feel like. You look around the NFL everyone wants to prove how valuable their starter isn't look all that all starters are valuable they really are but -- wants to prove. How valuable their starting quarterback is. By playing him as little as possible. Look there are situations. Where that makes sense. Just to officially needs very little pre season. Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers. Philip Rivers. Guys who have been in situations. With the same team same coordinators. Same voices for a long time they know what they're doing. -- job. Here's a guy who really needs to find rhythm with his new team I would love to see match jobs. Play more than one series with the starters tonight would be the worst thing in the world would be negligent. On an NFL team's part to leave the starters out there for more than one series in a pre season game I really don't think it would be. Especially trying to establish a little -- meant. The little chemistry. This'll be the first time -- shop. He's gone to a game weren't a raider uniform. Where. It's going to be as for real as it can get. In -- really starts for real on September 7. It'll be interest in the seat. How little. Or much we get out of Maurice Jones-Drew Darren McFadden. I think both of them will be used incredibly sparingly tonight that's the right approach to take with them. I'm not worried about running backs. Establishing a rhythm with the first team offense I am a little worried about. Wide receivers. And tight ends and quarterbacks that's what I wanna see tonight out of the raiders and wanna see what's going on in their secondary tonight. So lots of things to look for and will last you raider fans what are you looking for this first pre season game. Can we talk so much and grandiose terms of what the season should be what are your expectations for the year should be. Let's -- it real simple. Real simple. What are your expectations. For the raiders. In the first pre season game. 8889579570. What is the unique you'll be most paying attention -- Last night I was looking at the niners defense sublime because are a lot of guys get in first team -- even though they're gonna be buried a little bit on the depth chart. Because of all the starters that were sat last night I thought you guys have flash ten Carradine look good Brian will point look good -- you Michael will point look good. Yeah. Chris -- looked good. At an interception here's a guy -- hasn't had an interception and a regular season game yet but he's been -- city. For the niners over the last couple official work outs. Something that we were talking about yesterday that we started having a lot of fun with towards the end of the show. Was your ideas. Your ideas for what should be incorporated into a new stadium for the Oakland Athletics Lew -- is officially. Talking we've -- an architect. So that means at some point in time over the next day week month or two. Are an architect is gonna be sitting in his draft board coming up with plans for a new Oakland a's baseball stadiums. And we had some really good caller ideas some outstanding. Ideas is a matter of fact -- secretly think. We wouldn't be doing the project any disservice by taking the best ideas that we have and sending them to ever. Whoever the architect is that is working on the stadium. The best idea I thought we had the best one would he get like Disney. To build this gigantic. Swiss family Robinson oversize oak tree. Somewhere in the outfield that hasn't tree house for kids to go on and play. As some sort luxury box build and I'm -- I'm talking about a huge tree. New deal did before -- it be you know be constructed by man but it would I think be cool. Oakland oak trees give me a hill gimme a view get ran him out Davis. Some obvious stuff some other good stuff. About a series of oak trees planted outside each of them when they retired number and it. I like that. Lot of good ideas in terms of a kiddie play area. How all the up Port of Oakland cranes -- many cranes for the kids to play -- lot of good ideas came our way we'll share a few more of them because -- text line went wild with good ideas last night -- What a few more of those before it's all said and done. Said Matt Mayo goes gonna join us at the bottom of the hour we're gonna recap of last night's forty niner game with him. Adam Schechter is at 4 o'clock -- core racquet for thirty. Comedian Jim Norton is coming in today at 5 o'clock this guy is one of the realized. Rude just crude this funniest people on planet earth. The good news is mark why is he does a morning radio show. It might be serious accent but I don't think you're gonna have to ride the dump button that hard I think he's got a mind is appeasing cues but you never know he's a very very funny guy. An awful lot of an awful lot of sense is made out of the nonsense he discusses. Let's just leave it -- -- and I'm very excited to have Jim Norton come on and what you know if you can get. Tickets and all that good stuff font cobb's comedy clubs get to shows tonight who shows tomorrow and and he is out of here. Come Sunday it's going to be a big busy weekend here in San Francisco. Outside -- going on meaning that thousands upon thousands of people will be descending on Golden Gate Park for huge. Outdoor three day music festival. Go seal company tomorrow night I'm pretty excited about that. Bring on the heart breakers. Unfortunately we're all yank Vick will not be an outside lands but there was a story that I found pretty amusing. Considering that we were just talking about weird Yanukovich I think just naturally earlier on the show this week. He had eight. Debut of a number one album. Can we feel bad for Jane summarized losing out to Wear it out Yanukovich. Even the famous people have friends who keep them honest you know one Jason morons is buddies is just liked -- you came in second to -- now. It's great actually I would Wear like a badge of honor. There is a pretty funny campaign going on right now. On change dot org. Nearly 48000. People have signed a petition. Asking the weird Al yank Vick be that half time show of upcoming Super Bowl 49. All it does is it would be fairly friendly. It would be fun and people would watch who's tuning away from the weird Al -- halftime show. I promise he'd be better than the Black Eyed Peas were. I promise it would be better than that hole. Britney Spears. Justin Timberlake. Christina Ankiel -- didn't. -- John an awful Super Bowl halftime that might have been the low water mark in Super Bowl halftime shows at least. Since up -- America. Member of that crap while I was. Just passed a white people way. We got a lot of calls your -- get 20 before we. Go over yesterday's. Yes -- days. Forty niner game again we got a raider game coming up a little bit later on today. Let's go to a Bobby out on the road Bobby expectations for the raiders here in this opener tonight. Pentagon -- how are you had. First of all how -- -- Jon -- out Ayman -- popular giggle as we generated at court. Actually yankees that was big boy a big boy -- right there. Act gala. Yeah Mike thank you -- the for the raiders in -- The bad diehard raider fan going into this -- in any you know hearing all. You know people we god and -- out all of big name the only guy you're doing all right candy -- he's in the I I know I'm -- per several other later and got there. We know that they've played and and a little bit of a chip on the shoulder to the fact that they're cute orange ball isn't it cattle on a cease production X especially -- shot. And I wanna see him either go two or three change you know and this game just like Canada. You know give it but it -- you seriously -- Easter running back. -- -- -- that -- thank you very we have a lot of calls coming in here thank you very much for the call the two things that on the looking for tonight. As I get this game you know all set to DVR and you watch it when I get home the night I watched the forty niner game this morning. Shop. His relationship with the receivers. Then I -- -- horror how does car look obviously when he gets in their first first taste of real as it gets in the pre season anyway NFL action and I wanna see. Where Khalil Mac ends up lining up. On all the different place today stardom as a middle linebacker is he playing insanity plane will. Is his hand in the dirt does he lined up outside as he ever lining up in between defensive tackle Tony. Where they use him on defense and it's always a little tough. Because no one wants to give away their playbook in the pre season and I think that had a little bit to do without dull the 49ers offense looked last night because and and the niners go conservatives in season pre season you get almost nothing out of them. -- -- -- -- Game plan -- -- -- seen in the raiders come out trying to score a touchdown with their first team not settle for. Genachowski. 45 yarder good. Forget field goals in the pre season and -- we go four on fourth down. Forget it with the -- genachowski needs no more practice kicking field goals at any distance. 04. ONG gone from San Jose what's going on LNG. It's Hitler letters actually it -- well actually it knowing that's it's a purse some like -- station are you more excited as it related to actually pull out an offense. Or Johnny Mandel doing his debut in the weekend. -- no look I mean -- -- to -- is is a mild curiosity at best and toll becomes. A real big part of what Cleveland's doing -- I really don't care about Johnny the back up when he becomes Johnny the starter then we'll talk. Get a credit. That's what I'm -- get as I hope they can put that shot down -- the way they played the Denver and the Seattle game where they had all the starters. Playing like a full first quarter to see what they can come up with that's what I was -- -- And that's a thing if that's the way the two teams that reach the Super Bowl approach game number one in the pre season. Why not if you're the Oakland Raiders can't compete and get them in there did some reps get some looks. That would hopefully we see tonight. Andrew call from San Jose what's going on Andrew -- on the day membership. America on our. Total quicker to things so you are -- on -- -- yesterday. -- -- -- My real quick -- argued. What's in his -- I would whisper. Our push Ryan oral wall. Legislation sold in the ball all the visual clear from the hater of all these throughout the year finished the year -- -- wet stuff. -- beer grow a beard wall of fame. Oh yeah you won't like it I actually would you think about the is that some amazing facial hair in their past and it should be honored in some way shape reform. -- yeah and then reopened -- and restore policy group running game because. And that we -- -- Apollo. Quarterbacks. The running game was getting stopped in accord that was our goal -- and that we need to Kim won the potential to knowledge seek the democratic ticket it and -- -- that wants to -- of -- you know and he does a wanna see our running game at least -- attacked. In front panel border here. I just don't think you're gonna get a seem much of either because those are 2 guys that I am sitting on in the pre season found the raiders I don't need it. Any answers about whether or not can McFadden for Maurice Jones-Drew -- I need him to be doing it healthy sixteen times coming your regular season I think you're gonna get very little of the starting backfield. Tonight in this or really any of the pre season raider games those two guys I'm not worried about I'll be looking at depth. I don't think you're gonna see an awful lot of -- owns and Maurice Jones-Drew -- about -- here's one thing would be cool with McFadden. And Maurice Jones-Drew if they line them up like a pro backfield. To both those guys in the back field at same time you'll see that pre season. Gotta have a wrinkle like that we won't see in the pre season. Bloody Yunel Serena what's -- somebody. Won't you won't be announced its first vision that I ever related to a architectural innovation for a new -- stadium would be a giant hole right in center field. You know it's sort of like the way -- commit to stand that the gloves as AT&T. This giant a hole right in the middle center field shaped like. Let's all that they use for the Oakland Tribune and that's it exactly that and all that they use for the Oakland oaks in the in the forty. Bad but the problem is the teen's name is literally another letter. Yeah you can't glorify a letter. When your team's nickname is a letter it's got to be a giant -- not in oh we're not at Camden yards. And I don't know if the hole in Oakland Tribune building or the goal in the Oakland Tribune newspaper is iconic enough. Go with that is a signature element. Again appreciate all the good ideas is just brainstorming over here. Just brainstorming. I don't know about that big a hole you -- big day that's -- I think you need. Many in Denver gone from Denver what's going on Manning. I'd have called talked about the raiders. You know they've been -- -- -- Xena. I've been reading a lot you know we don't get a lot of well -- structured in the raiders and you don't get you know not done all I get acute -- but -- All of that he got shot and Andre at all that your reading about that -- -- -- -- article about Michael Barrett -- well. Obviously I need adding you know like a lot -- and AT and -- Certainly shall gain what you -- part of you know the other record margin he got shot. And how he worked at the receiving corps and a twelve obvious. Absolutely thank you very much man let's go Brooklyn let's let's clear the board real fast before we get to men male go. Let's go to what cal bear Brad what's up man. It came -- and it really a couple things that. Some and I heard -- in the high gleaned from last night was this happening get the organizer of a coalition group. I was not good that was not good blame game. And the birds did not look good. Yes and yeah anything on the is stadium. And I want it to the celebration at the -- in San Diego Padres entered into their stadium. The other guys in our back. Their old teams all over the place snapple and do it. I had the and that's the Bergen Padres for goodness sakes that's like look at the Mariners shrine of the Mariners can have a nice try and imagine what DA's can do thank you for the call quick early Delaware. Delaware technical raider football how are you -- -- -- a big fan and I want to take cheap -- a barrier to try to keep Derek harper since Teddy Bridgewater. Output problems are one -- what -- Louisville on that aircraft are right now. And I can't wait a lot -- go out at night is not that started in the dome. Thank you very much they're not in the don't know. They're not in the dome -- it to. Minnesota's. TBC. Bank. T seen something whatever it's. TCBY yogurt stadium incidentally the name of it. BYOB stadium bring your own beer it's one of those silly bank initials things and it's where the golden gophers play you know that's where they're going to be playing a night. As soon as we come on back we're gonna talk about how the 49ers looked last night with the cobra match may go go. The Telus who impress them and who didn't. That forty niner team again it was a rather less than impressive. In terms of yardage turned out and points scored. Debut for the 49ers but look in between the lines to see what we learned last night we -- -- go. Coming up next by the way T-Mobile making summer special with a T-Mobile ticket blowout is your. Bay Area team mobile stores to get secret -- -- and chance of winning greeting gold VIP experience signed he's here to -- degrade America the boardwalk and more. Check it out visit 95. Cent in the game that town. Now I'm back to the -- intrusion on I 95 point seven big game and. Okay. Welcome Bob back we got a little breaking news happening right now decisions just been returned by the judge presiding over the Ed O'Bannon case against the NCAA. And the NCAA. Got it's butt kicked in court. And Ed O'Bannon and looking good at this point in time. Trust funds can be established. The federal judge ruling the NCAA rules prohibits athletes from being paid for their names images and likeness violates antitrust law. The ruling in the five -- case of the event in -- it allows you trust funds to be established. For athletes to share in licensing. Revenues that means Jersey sales that means video games that means. A whole bunch of money that the NCAA -- to share with the students. Good. We'll get to that so little bit more later on right now we wanna spend time on -- -- go who we -- forty niner football with each and every Friday here on the -- -- show is the niner insider and we got to go inside last night's free season exhibition opener. Against the Baltimore Ravens and Matt good to have you on as always -- I'm doing well just staying in Balt -- through the weekend. Ordinary practicing tomorrow. Sunday and Monday -- so right now I'm walking your ending aren't particularly well. Very nice sounds good it. Let me ask do we have a situation. Where the niners didn't have a sense of urgency. A look good against the ravens because they know they're going to be playing them over the next three days last night because. I didn't think they had a particularly good overall team showing last night. Yeah I don't know that he really is actually better teams are really ever have a sense of urgency during the exhibition -- Italy and when your quarterback -- only -- -- play. Seven apps and only dropped back twice. He went to seven guy. The -- and -- being on the starting the tension at the end of the year. -- -- -- the field. You know when when the entire right side or optical line in and out there. You're you're that's receiver probably Crabtree. They -- -- it that they don't want a whole lot of talent out there -- they're basically starting. A group back -- and then. You know what that group got that you're talking about third stringers. Most of whom won't even be on the roster land. The players are regular seat and so yeah I mean I would agree -- -- it. A lot of sense urgency or -- in many cases. -- a talent. Of those guys on the lower and Oscar. Aren't as good as you know the guys are probably opt. Up a spot. The rate. -- I don't wanna make too much of it but again it was a little bit ugly in a ball all the teams that played last night. During the NFL's big you know opening night of pre season football no scored fewer points no one gained fewer yards. In the San Francisco 49ers now we know Jim Harbaugh is conservative by nature. He only pulls out enough to win during the regular season you get even less during the pre season. Are the do you think he walks away concerned. About his backup quarterbacking situation. How could you not when Blaine Gabbert. Goes two for nine or the team I think goes two for nine on third down and Gabbert did very little to. Gain anyone's confidence. No I you know I might. I would but it gives you an appeal. I mean he has reason to feel concerned about that it ever really ever since they trader lay out -- -- they got a lot in return. But the problem of course trading away you -- guy who's a pretty dark out quarterback. That's solid today and I mean a thing yesterday to interpreting opulent and starting quarterback -- he looked. If the issue -- Is the by the guy who -- step in. When called upon and you know last year the border straight to -- collect. They didn't feel very good about you know not regard it after one year late spring and Blaine Gabbert to -- for him. You are the guys who really struggled. I think you know -- display. Did better than what he -- last night but I don't think there's any question. They have reason to be concerned. And all the more recently try to protect all in jeopardy and make sure that they never have to get into that situation. We're Napster back -- quarterback Gilad political -- Again the offense did very little last night the 49ers only ran 46 play ease of offense in the entire game for just a 187. Total yards who got the cobra -- mail -- still. In Baltimore with the team. Let's talk about what did slash to the positive last night and I think we got to start with Carlos Hyde. If you put a 21 Jersey on him he runs a lot like Frank Gore doesn't. Eat. At this stage in in -- right course career -- -- -- slows back. -- -- -- strong. 230. IPad now he's -- -- they -- any election this guy. Can run with the football and it questions. Yeah how -- -- god protect you at the end last night I think. Provided -- the order of an indication that he's pretty good in that area too so I think the first time. Since Craig gore took over that air recount. Positioned 2006. The 49ers a -- challenge right now that they can look at ago -- That's going to be the heir apparent prank go march and a guy that we don't -- potentially will what are -- saying. We might regain some that in some areas windows I don't feel are ignored by the time. There's no doubt the Jules Hampton's gonna get a lot of carries this pre season will that carry him. Into an opening day roster spot. I doubt it I don't see how he can make is the battle. I kind of either -- or are talking about the blitz protection -- The patent protection independent -- -- bit about them. Some matchups there so I do not think that he helped himself whatsoever the other players are getting yet. Michael. Margaret Lattimore who hasn't -- on the field yet. But I see working out quite a bit I don't get spot for and maybe you start on one of the -- but I would expect that so it will be -- 53 man roster. I will see that there's going to be awful lot of opportunities for another guy elude the veteran out on Smith's. And by the latest -- the scene of a wider I believe that. In Baltimore's you can hear the sirens telling. Very nice very nice look at -- look Kristen Bell look him look out tonight at W dot com a Turkey dinner right now hallmark hallmark come. On that yes we got a special guy yeah he was cardinals for three easily and so. Are you without an opportunity epic current rosters on our way. We -- what did you. Mean yeah I -- -- hit a one -- down a reset and our first down. I liked the way. So he plays bigger idiot not a real big guy that he could -- he he's not reading that you know -- -- you're -- reroute around. I'm -- the area just need to see how each -- these practices to get to ravens. Go up against a guy like peace a lot of practice so. No doubt be a great or can we get out there -- the items you'll pedal on the past slot -- Libya at all. -- -- -- -- Carradine I thought had some good moments last night as did Quinton die -- Michael will wait I think he moves very well we're gonna see him I think is Navarro bombings. Primary fill in when the regular season begins. And Bruce Ellington I also thought look good for a team that needs someone to do something in special teams he could be the guy. Yeah I know I think all the young guys -- check your players and in the -- that dial and. And charity guys who really aren't getting their first opportunity due to the injured last year I think you're very encouraging -- for the 49ers recent draft class. The seat. You -- like war to an elegant and idol and charity that some of the young guys get on the field and played pretty well. So ignorant things there are looking out there in in charity in an -- particularly what -- you guys. Veteran guys who haven't practiced -- Ray McDonald and it just yet liked either a young guy. I -- Kerry dole or what they've done on the practice -- -- to this point in Chile game against the other team. That Mayo goes weekly conversation here on 957 game let's wrap up with this -- Alden Smith met with the commissioner. Have you heard any thing the one thing that I think we see is that this is going to be leaning. Towards severe. Not light penalty for all day in the last time we talked about it you and I were discussing two to four games seems 46. Even eight games maybe implied. Yeah you know I a lot of it'd be like to -- -- -- -- would be dare we consider. That he took steps. -- last year and this seek treatment and missed five games 66 weeks total. I in the debt ceiling though is that it's going to be a little bit more on our side. I've been told. That what the team that expecting at 68. And -- I look at more or chick and then. I think there's also be buying that maybe they'll leave a little county out of there that -- -- he does the being that he's expected to do that he delegated any additional problems. Betty -- to head -- straight. That maybe at six games to be knocked out or games so that barrel that would be from one I'm I'm all there. Utley -- the suspect and open the regular season and it looked product -- out sometime in the next week or two. And fair or foul right or wrong there's no way. To pretend to. -- the Ray Rice verdict isn't going to have. Hang over this like a great cloud and it's gonna be measured against its fair or foul right or wrong that's coming. Yeah you know in the and they can attitude that you would least argues that personal conduct policy. You know they -- They -- they that he set schedule. Oh what the ability -- are pretty violating the substance abuse policy -- now it at all and has. You know that the weapons charges and was a felony reduced -- demeanor. There's also then -- -- LA act sensitive that -- guitarist and thank. Yet I'll reserve the right to punish we believed and they are charged one or if they're not -- -- you also have a lot of leeway to do pretty much whatever they wanted to do and it scares. Matt have a great time at the old ball we are tonight will Camden yards is still on my list of parks I gotta get to have never been so enjoy. Thank you very much the cobra Matt Mayo -- striking. Where his weekly conversation here on the show good to have month. -- when we come on back a couple more calls coming in from you dated 8957957. Noble we gonna dive right into the breaking news about the NCAA. The kill bit in case the NCAA. Just got don't done. In the court of law by Ed O'Bannon more on that next yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Not five point seven again. Wrapping up the first three hours today thanks so much for stop and on by again if you're looking for raider football later tonight when the game kicks off. You can find it on the radio on our sister station K fox and 98 point five FM. That's coming up a little bit later. We got some breaking news right now though. A federal judge has ruled in favor of a group of plaintiffs led by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon and a groundbreaking. Anti trust suit against the NCAA to judge ruled. -- the college's governing body limits on athletes violate antitrust laws. The ruling will allow current and former division one men's football and basketball players to be paid for the use of their image names and likeness. This is an awful lot about video games this is an awful lot about Jersey sales. USA today reported -- more details from the ruling quote US district judge Claudia will tune in and 99 page ruling. In favor of a group of plaintiffs led by former UCLA basketball player and O'Bannon issued an injunction. That will prevent the NCAA from enforcing any rules or bylaws that would prohibit its member schools and conferences. From offering their FBS football or division one basketball recruits a limited share of their revenues generated. From their use of name image and likeness in addition. To a full grant in aid. In other words. We are going to have a generation. A division one basketball and football players about to be compensated for their services. At the collegiate level for the first time in the history of human events. This is a groundbreaking piece of legislation this is another. Huge moment in the NCAA is history. Not a good moment necessarily for the NCAA. Put a good moment I think for college for decency for common sense. -- for the right things to do I hope. In my heart of hearts. -- a little more money. Upfront. For kids who were from didn't to go to work during their scholarships. I really really help. Really really hope this curbs some of the to cheating scandal the money on the sides to think if there's money up front you don't need money on the side at least. That's what I hope may be I'm nine -- Does this mean we can can we please get an NCAA football game now produced by EA for this year. Probably a little too late for that. Derek bell was on would mean a couple of weeks ago. Any mention that this court case could leave. The NCAA in an awful lot of trouble. I think the NCAA is in trouble not only because of what they don't do but because it here -- if people want to take market ever doubt he just smaller. And helping people like. BP you're -- a bully and that's why more people ganging up against the NCAA and more people cheering yet -- petition. There you go let's go to Stephen gone from the highway what's up Stephen. They see what's up. And things you don't did you talk deal. College student -- -- -- let you know that topic early like you know it it'd give it you know because. Master degree student and I guess by the end. -- -- you know -- master's degree because I generate money the university awash in the -- that they're generating money get something technical. I'm guessing you haven't sold a lot of tickets to your study halls -- your electric bill that you're electorates. Absolutely not a -- Asia vote. I don't play. Golf and let -- cool idea. Yeah. I'll let out -- you -- out there should be there at the scoreboard off. You gonna yeah a couple of good dangling scoreboard not a bad idea you can hang scoreboard off to crane I still like the big Disney sides open treaty could be a have a above. A tree house -- for kids to go play -- about like ideas that we got -- -- For kids to play went to mean we get got a lot of good ideas and I'm sure we're gonna get even more of the next hour Stephen good luck with your master's degree. Thanks very much for the call. When we come on back you guys got a master's degree in covering the NFL -- chapter. On all things Nationale that's very proud and leave again. Coming up next. You're on the -- membership.

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