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The Damon Bruce Show 8/8/14 HOUR 2

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back here on the Damon -- show with ESPN's -- -- after a perfect time to talk to him with the raiders about to get underway with their pre season game Adam thank you for your time is always our real. Doing great work cited for little raider football obviously and we'll get to them in the second I think the big question that I wanna start -- you wins and all the Smith met with Roger Goodell yesterday what can you tell us about that face to face. Like it too much about it because obviously those vetoes are closely guard border Kentucky going and felt all along -- you finally did send tourists. He was looking at 68 game suspension notice -- I was getting -- a chance that it everything. Yesterday when well that they were given the chance -- has that suspension reduced for good behavior during the course that suspension but make no mistake about it. He's going to be suspended he's going to be suspend the person that America aren't my guess is where it all comes down -- probably sixty to be lowered to four but it may be more. Ray Rice is suspension is going to hang over this decision whether the NFL are. 111111. And it. Two different things like your policy -- violated. All transmit data in the CBA there's no policy for domestic violence in there which -- you must be. Suspended this saying that your point is well taken where. Every suspension comes down -- a guy. It caught smoking pot -- multiple occasions Josh -- appreciate your expansion. For at least for violations. So people say oh so what he didn't HR and his words were re right to it and it doesn't add up that way but. The power Jeter laid out the CPA. And there's a prominent apple had a adding that's why the -- public apology. For domestic violence to avoid the kind of scenario you're talking about what you gonna come out inevitably when a player suspended for violating. The substance abuse policy or. In this particular case -- script which is various transgressions. And and people compare to what rearrested and then. And you can't because you were -- is it offensive egregious. Completely. Unacceptable. And yet. He's gonna get a lesser suspension. Of the players it doesn't seem right but again. Please tell policies are stalled on the CPA and -- the league is at fault for not having this to the policy but let's -- I'm show after from ESPN here on the Damon Bruce show and look I understand and and and I'm sure the NFL is sincerely trying to evaluate each disciplinary action in its own vacuum. But the re right suspension because the end of the way it was handled because of the way became a community pop culture event if you will. On it if it's it is going to unfairly be the yardstick which all suspensions are criticized about. What do you think is in store for Jimmer say if all things looking at anywhere from four to six to eight. Well I've always heard your mercy and again you know -- -- -- -- include -- -- should not feeling you get some. Response and that's why -- -- that I said six -- eight is correct -- wood -- never reduced for good behavior our camera shot I've heard. I've heard sort of that's worse. I've heard it's going to be somewhere in that vicinity of an eight game suspension. -- heard it's going to be so we're in the vicinity of one million dollar fine. Not now we'll see -- How close that is there is not I can't tell you again magic word on the street that may not be accurate at all. Siege at CI not the ring right things amazing. It's a couple weeks later we're still talking about Ray -- and I don't remember the west and the league has come under such fire. And criticism for anything. Since. The last time that pure dumb decision to play games. The week in which president Kennedy was assassinated. In that -- Issues. Sticking toll and I wouldn't surprise me if at the end of Roger Goodell commissioner ship next -- thirty whenever kids. What did you what are your regret taking -- it's much like the former commissioner Pete Rose almost did that he was she hadn't played -- -- that we can. But he wishes he had been. A bit more copper on directions at the stronger message to anybody who. Engages net -- behavior close to the -- there's actual video of secrecy order you want about how he had no record no -- No prior violations a -- community great people sought in the quarter we saw what was offended by it. -- -- after here on the Damon Bruce show. There's a new kind of issue that could be simmering on the NFL's back burner Michael front burner you tell me. Video of dean -- a Dino parting with cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son. Steve and the head of officiating at best -- got a ride on a fund bus at worst there will be people who said that you know the cowboys might be -- the head of officiating with booze and women. We know that there's going to be a lot of discussion about it what can you tell us about this issue. Well I've been told certainly hasn't got any official complaints tourney teams and I'm sure people look at it. I'm sure there are people who don't like it also stated -- -- -- Again be in the room officiating mission in involving calls so. As for perception standpoint it doesn't look great but it. Yet and that anything that other people haven't done OK there and other high ranking executives almost have been on the bus and Steve enjoy that we've -- -- competition committee -- blamed you know I is involved in the rules -- debt so. Again. It doesn't look great but it is what it is and go it's another to really get to defend not let them defend and not make. -- -- business Smart play by Adam shot after K what else but the sale of the Buffalo Bills leader bill you know bids are coming in low Donald Trump. All trying to low ball the NFL is since this rumor is it truth. -- billion dollars lol -- I mean I hope somebody global what they're seeing. Type -- offer that the bills are getting their franchise are now because the minimum it's going to be a billion dollars I think we're all sitting done. When it filed -- -- but the Buffalo Bills Yelp restaurant at one point -- Billion diapers so somebody tried to low ball anybody. Again I -- we all should be so fortunate to be low balled in such a manner. Not bad let's wrap up with the raiders Adam I think that Oakland's got a better team I don't know if -- necessarily be reflected in the win loss column. Based on the fact if there and a brutal division. And if it were to go sour the raiders had a bad year and it was a clean the house time Dennis Allen Reggie McKenzie. Who would have more value on the open market. Well I am personal I think that there are responsible for them I really don't mean Dennis Allen is a great young coach and if it doesn't work get a visceral and I don't think it will be a reflection on the tech coach that he is in Gregory K he's proven distract worker were NATO. Valued personal -- later -- it doesn't work out there are -- he failed in particular franchise sellers really in disrepair. That had a number of financial issues that it worked -- and keep failed at doing that by. To think that somebody wouldn't take ready we can -- -- -- a prominent personal position I think would be inaccurate to think somebody wouldn't be waiting. Do you Dennis Allen diversion but that's a coordinator job also be mistaken where he had a chance to when they were back up to BA coach you get. So sometimes coaches and personnel people MGM to put the bad positions. With organizations that are in bad positions. Exactly that's the case at both of these Mendes and we'll see whether or not they get it turned around and confiscate their jobs maybe they can maybe they can't. But that's what this you'll be a referendum mark. We're asking everyone we got that status after what -- wanna see out of the raiders tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paramount to everything else immediate match shouted not playing well Derek partisan look well. Adobe discouraging but they feel like they've got two pieces that they wanted to have in place here for short and long term succession. We'll find out whether -- right animal is great to have you on the show thanks very much for your time -- carried interpreted to and I never really get. We autumn wind is a pirates. Blustering in from season. -- rollicking song. -- -- I'm good business experiences with the -- included Zach. But as soon. He grows as he storms the using drugs. They ought to win this race. Religion just for fun. Go home and laugh when he's conquered that one. Yeah. Very nice. Very nice raiders football again. -- -- fox 98 point five FM our sister station. If you needed you can find it there hopefully you plan on sticking around with us now. Pop up until kick off in May be even afterwards number one it's a pre season game number 2 at 5 o'clock. Comedian Jim Norton who's in town it cobb's comedy club starting. Would -- shows tonight two more shows tomorrow will be joining us. Coming up in just a little bit live in studio at 5 o'clock or else you gonna take it to the tweets next hour got to get back to go to the big breaking news. All of this hour though before tencor -- joins me at 430. To go over what we can expect to see and Scott Kazmir tonight as he takes on the Minnesota Twins the AA is looking for their eleventh straight win. Against Minnesota but the big -- comes from the Ed O'Bannon NCAA court case. Which today in US -- district judge Claudia Wilkins in a 99 page ruling. Favored the group of plaintiffs led by Ed O'Bannon. Issued and an injunction that will prevent the NCAA from enforcing any rules or bylaws. That would prohibit its member schools and conferences from offering there FBS football division one basketball recruits a limited share of revenues. Generated from their use of name image and likeness. This is going to affect the way video games are made in played and how players get paid. All the time now going forward I think that you're gonna get some guys. Getting a little pay from. Games that have already been published we've seen DA. In the NCA ARD reach a couple settlements even more should be coming after this ruling. It is a huge. Huge. Shift in power of the NCAA. The NCAA. Is no longer. Immune. To just putting up the upended. Basically the NCAA. In order to protect its profits. It's wrapped itself in a cloak of amateurism. This is total lie. Got a gentleman here on the drop can text line saying Damon this is disturbing. Goodbye. Amateur sports comes from Mike McLaughlin. Mike. I don't argue -- you anyway shape or form what about major college football's amateur. What is. About major college football is amateur. Certainly not the coverage certainly not the attention certainly not the broadcast certainly not the price a bit. Major college football. Is a professional sports now. It has been for a long time with the only difference being. None of the participants here getting paid. Even the money being made off with everything. Off of every one. Because we need to look these kids under the umbrella of what we don't have to pay them we're gonna continue to do that as long as we can so we don't have to pay them. You'll not root. For a single college program more or less. Based on whether or not players are getting 5101000. Dollar stipends. The pay for dates -- pizza sneakers and jeans. Throughout the school year. It's not gonna ruin my college viewing experience at all. There's never a single moment I watched college football -- said you mixes great today. So the play is not the option which I love out of love option football you only getting culturally. That's not the play it's not that took the bans. It's not the tradition it's not a student section it's not the co Eds. It's not the homecoming games what -- really really love about college football is that know these players are getting paid. No one's ever said that. No one has ever. Sat down to watch college football. Based on the lack of payments to the players. This is what I love. The only thing college football is going to lose a little love. Is the romance that we've always attached to this notion of amateurism. It is long long gone. Does anyone per second think that there are any amateur is in the Olympics. Single amateur athlete going to -- Olympics. There's different levels of professionalism obviously. Don't -- off the street it's not make an Olympic team. It takes. Full time around the clock 365. -- -- -- your dedication. It takes every single ounce of your fiber and being to become an Olympic athlete but not very many Olympic athletes. You know are also butchers. And librarian to doctors and lawyers and their off seasons it doesn't happen. If you wanna be the best and anything these days. You have to specialize in it. I'm just good. I'm sick and tired the NCAA getting to pretend. But this is anything less than a huge billion dollar business. So unhappy. And congratulations. To Ed O'Bannon for standing up. For what he believed was right. Let's go to horse -- -- apple horse you're on the Damon Bruce show how you doing man. It -- particular car or a great show party all right -- Call me call me on the outlook it better you're all like that. What you don't operate out there IT college. A -- bella. On the track they're all you know god I could -- While we -- at all that or create -- paper that education and we all be educated in our society. And but I also -- -- Nick -- all. I duplication in -- -- insurance plan because -- -- all bought plate junior college up pretty good -- being called. He'll repeat your that the -- that -- fine. And it happened to be -- interior all Barack channel partner -- paying at all console apply guy or tragic. -- daughter you you bet you all the time you -- -- the court or Krajicek number of people still Michael -- -- -- -- that's what's bad news and I hope that you cannot -- get some treatment for that attack on and is happening you know here's the thing is if you go and you play. A full contact sport. For college and you're injured playing that sport I really believe that that college has the written you know it has an obligation. To see you through. All of your medical expenses beyond your playing and student days I wish I were the case. Oh we can't pay the administration's arrogant and argued in the yeah. I mean you're charging students for tuition shouldn't tuition cover some of that shouldn't state grants cover some of that -- Every single college out there is working on some sort of endowment they've got some sort of money land around. -- -- It no one's ever look in -- college football like it has to pay for the math department. -- it doesn't. You wanna talk about what's really crazy you look at the amount of money people who run the ball games make. Look at the amount of money the guys who run conferences make. You know that can be offensive -- -- Ridiculous. And everybody. Wants to take a big piece of the pie. Through their athletic department. The school coffers. They wanna insist that there's no pot left for the kids and if there was would like to share with them while not being forced to by this ruling. Mike in Daly City what's going on Mike. Hey -- this is one of the best days in my life. Good then enrolling its intent that. I would miss daisy your life are you one of the co plaintiffs and if you saw. Since I've been supporting all these kind of things -- college athletes sort. Forty years. And I'm over sixty but this is just unbelievable that this is finally starting to happen with the northwestern issue -- what happened today that the Big Five conferences -- to -- drop in the bucket. But. What level doesn't go down to who have come down to like swimming and volleyball and archery and track and field or what. I only believe this concerns. Football. In basketball. Okay great because well good thing is the other just start saving money off for the TV contracts. The booster donations. Everybody has to put money into a big pool live callers could where's the money coming from that's where I'm gonna get it from. You know 10% 15% 5% whatever pays the bills. Why -- point of you. Attaching yourself to a little revenue is does your sport create revenue I think another who know what he's tuning in in great masses to watch field hockey or soccer. -- into men's lacrosse is so I don't think that those are gonna trickle down nobody I can't remember the last men's lacrosse NCAA video game I saw. They intake comes handpicked 10% off -- the SEC network deal. And put that into an NCAA copper and take some from Nike in the pac twelve and whoever else is put money into those. Promotions and broadcasts and talk and everywhere radio. You know anything that generates revenue. Sure you wanna go ahead make a billion more dollars tomorrow for the NCAA he'd turn around and say you were going to sell. Whatever coffee company wants -- the official sponsoring coffee of the NCAA. In charge of a billion dollars in some step up to be the official coffee. Of the NCAA I'm sure there are you have their official. Soft drink their official athletic beverage their official power drinks and on stuff. Go ahead and call may believe and see if they wanna do it half a billion dollar deal for someone to be the official mascara and NCAA football. All I black brought to you by may believe. Someone will buy it. Some someone would go for it. There's no amount of sports marketing that isn't sold these days. Alex gone from Oakland it's gone on Alex. -- Agree one park that what you make it. You know look at what people -- you figured that if you don't care about the amateur game and looting. It integrity candor and get what they don't understand is that. Sure I'm making money above and beyond what they -- you support the program. And you pay scholarship. You're making money and corporate -- that. And if you're using my life at the player. Yet that god -- video game. On church be on copy mug on an -- outside stadium. Whatever you're doing what I like it might Jersey number duke make a profit picture making you can't trust it. If you're just breaking even at that support the program and -- paid out the scholarships to the players. Call -- that they don't get much out your own advocate your job. -- -- money like -- but nobody -- Right I -- you -- sir you've got surplus money. And in the meantime you got kids who have no cash to buy whatever they need to get through the school year. Which. Any other student can go out get a job except for full scholarship patently. So what are they supposed to do I mean the what the NCAA never realized. It was the culture of cheating in back door deals and 500 dollar handshakes that it really it inning courage that. The culture I don't want you at the players. Benefit from it whatsoever. Absolutely. Well I appreciate it thank you very much for the call we'll take a few more calls here coming up in just a little bit but. The next call we take is coming from ten -- act. Was of course the play by play voice of the Oakland -- he's gonna join us coming up next segment by the way don't miss Aerosmith and slash on their let rock rule two or they're gonna be. Rock in the stage -- Concord pavilion next week August 13 tickets are on sale now at live nation dot com for a chance to score tickets you can visit. The contest page 957 the game. Dot com Jon Lester was brilliant last night hopefully Scott Kazmir. Is equal to the task tonight we're talking and knees and twins would tencor act as soon as we return -- the -- membership. -- -- -- -- -- Five point seven big game. Welcome god back you know Andrew Brandt is a really Smart guy he covers the NFL for ESPN used to be a part of the packers' front office he's -- in. On the NCAA is decision he said you know the NCAA main arguments against compensation similar to pro leagues he -- to make against free agency. That the game would suffer. Did he change the way the business was conducted. As a game of football baseball basketball or hockey suffered because of free agency not at all. -- the NCAA suffer. If they go ahead and compensate athletes. Not at all. I've got -- -- interest in string of text here from a guy named Marcus on Twitter saying you know as a smaller. NCAA athlete of the on the other side of the paying athletes spectrum. Before paying football basketball players -- star by making sure they attend classes and take advantage of scholarships. Scholarships aren't enough. When he AD is making millions. You take advantage of the free education to -- guys. This -- away scholarships doesn't mean we should reward them with a money. Again I had this isn't. This isn't like you got enough money to go by Cadillac money we're talking about pocket money for these people. And. The truth this. So many of these schools. Will admit. You know not everybody's got the academic standards to Stanford out there. You got a lot of schools. That will admit. Student athlete. Whose entire makeup suggest that there are not in it for the education but for the athletic opportunity to bring springboard them into the next level. That's what this feels like. More often than not. Not all the time. When you know that you don't schools. Did admit students. And they know. Are hardly gonna live up to what you won nine in a perfect world envisioned. As the perfect student athlete. And here's kind of the problem. If you are an athlete that has. Pro potential. In the sport of football or basketball. You have to. Oh you're still holes. At the collegiate level at some point in order to get noticed by the guys at the next level. So right -- creates an environment where here. Kids who are not students first. Are still trying to get their way into college got a lot of colleges and make exceptions. For. Students -- don't exactly come with great academic resonates to get them a part of their program. Johnny -- -- all long and men about half a billion dollars to Texas a and -- In the revenue he created the donations that came into the school. When he was the quarterback. But you can make something like likely to eighty million dollars a year Johnny football. Before he started -- their quarterback. By the time Johnny football was leaving Texas a and M. A race like 350. Million dollars a year and booster donations. The success of an athletic team. Change is what goes on all over campus. School goes the final four instead again in 101000 applications there's a to be freshman next year -- deal with 1520000. Applications. The success. Of a major college program. Greatly affects the amount of money that college grads. Isn't it time to give back a little bit to the kids who were basically. Indentured servants beyond their scholarships and every kid who we got a scholarship a full ride to a school to complete advantage of that buckled down got in the library really became a student athlete the is unrealistic. In a perfect world in utopia. The NCAA is. Old rule book. Warped. But it's not a perfect world it's hardly utopia. And vary so much money being made. And it's only human nature to turn around and say look I'm not asking for anything extraordinary. Just how about a caught. NCAA players are not asking for cake there asking for problems. People are saying don't even give them -- -- I think that's crazy. And the Ed -- lawsuit. Change things today for sure. Mike is in Hayward what's going on Mike good to have you. I gotta hit the the division wants glared at different sport that is the partial scholar athlete an absolutely JK that's academic -- PX HEQ school right truly believe they don't. And I -- not sure exactly where you're coming up with its bigger that they are giving across from that shall live. It and you know what -- does feature of the -- are you big check out our year. Where that ultra. Why didn't say 101000 dollars a year. I just I don't know what the actual -- and will be I still don't know why we haven't seen any dollar amounts attached to this verdict but just the fact that. It now enforcing. Any rules or bylaws that would prohibit members schools and conferences from offering football or basketball recruits a limited share of revenues. Generated from their name image and likeness in addition to a full grant in aid so. Basically had you know it's -- It's gonna -- But what little amateurs and they're left and you're saying that there. -- -- the amateurism -- show me where the amateurism. Is an insult I would win the SEC network is launching. An 800 billion dollar network next week. The amateurs playing in the SEC football. Where where where those kids living in order beginning to deter it and return to their base for their football scholarship burn any sport. And so on I don't agree with you that senator. That's who should be sent an exception because the school making money off this that the allowance. Particular student in a particular sport to be treated if. It's not to schools and how much money E. A. SPORTS made off the back at these kids selling their end to -- miss. I -- like I killed aperture trying to say that that it's impossible. Character kids sent to make it harder on a scholarship at at anything -- And -- yet to agree in any sport -- a great deal you know who worked -- -- it's an incredible work ethic for baseball for example there's nothing -- or as part. The return on that number of scholarship strict apple that are available we'll all get you don't let that. Point seven scholarships hurt division one. Baseball program and split them up between your twenty fight started the -- situated is that it's probably. Thirty -- forty full scholarships -- it is such a completely different. Amount of money and authority to order on the plate -- parallel between the sports commission be able to make it absolutely should be able to make it -- all right scholarship as it is right now I don't think I agree that the. Mike did you have parents. It when you were in school. Did you write home and say mom that animal short this month he about 500 bucks to make you throw. Are you saying that book are you -- football about the cost kids. Don't have parents. No but I'm saying there are many -- otherwise I'm sold on Miami you're cut me off like this is your show that I'm calling I mean come on our. You know. It's about. Where so many of these players come from. The backgrounds that they have. The advantage that you can clearly see being take advantage of the system by the system. And all I can tell you is that a US district judge agrees with mean Mike not you know it now. This I I thank you for your call I thank you for your concern but. People that have looked at this much closer than you RI. Have decided that enough is enough. New saying. This scholarship should be enough. Does not make it so. And it's just a different -- now and it was before. -- used to have a college football player and he would be important -- he would be in the conversation for the approximate toward a half hours to game lasted. On -- Saturday afternoon and then that would be it college football was like. A -- we opened up once a week we looked at it for a little while and then we shut the door. You've got. None stop 24. Hour -- A new works. Covering these kids. There's nothing immature. And all. About USC football. There's nothing ever heard all. About Oregon football they just built an eighty million dollar facility for the football players amateurish. I wish I were amateur like that. Times have changed. The business around college sports have changed to the debris where the rules. Governing college sports needed to change. And that happened today in this Ed O'Bannon verdict so are we weren't able to connect with -- tencor act hopefully we can. A little bit later Ron we're gonna take a few more your calls when we come on back here and then. At 5 o'clock we're looking forward to talking with comedian Jim Norton -- in studio to stick around here on the day membership. Mean. And -- with the game intrusion on. Five point seven game. And hopper back to the phones -- -- Got a lot of people saying -- David you're an idiot and you act like you know everything and hang up on the caller that you don't agree with you were. Here's another guy sports slam. Pretty funny exports slam again. Now you cut off Mike the last caller because he had valid points in disagreed would you. Bashed at bad form another reason what we have to hang up on Mike is because he continued to bring up points that today's ruling -- -- to. You know I mean -- I'm not talking about athletes should be paid to their image and likeness in theory any more the theory is no longer to be discussed today. The ruling came down from a district court. That. Keeping. Athletes. Off the payroll. It's no longer you can't do anymore so. While Mike was continued arguing that they shouldn't happen to my whole point is it's happened so his point. Was moot there was nothing to discuss. He might have had valid points to bring up before the verdict was ruled but now that we have the verdict. All of his points were just shot down by US district court judge so why give precious minutes to a topic. It no longer literally exists. It's a brand new topic with a brand new ruling today. Let's go to Brandon in Sacramento wrote quickly got a crush these calls let's go. -- with the local call up first well I agree with you and I grew that the ruling. This it. A chain of a changes in this change that's happened today is the very beginning and well I think it is going. Is. -- they are. In my MI respect in the future they're feeling computer to pay Paul all of this student. Peter -- everybody else that the consumers that they cannot go to the NBA. And you know is that college sport that are making money basketball football are the support what got my -- systems because those sport rely on color. Exactly -- college is the minor league system but remember even -- minor league sports is professional sports it's not collegial way. That's the -- the NCAA has been able to get away with for years. And no more. Thanks to today's ruling. Matt and conquered what's going on that. And it David -- you on industrial quite I think one of the reasons that the NCAA and the people who run it that I -- -- for that amateur word which I think it's it's another and in this case is just another -- -- -- -- -- You know blade or like you can indentured servants. -- it's because they will be out of a job. Here shortly and you know whatever however long it takes to get a look at how much money the old guys the people -- their NCAA -- making and I think it can only benefit -- law because what the senate -- and do what you have to come back to school. And work on it damion getting educated you know and you went to the -- to make money. If he gets like he's got a couple current Garnet lake he'll stay in school maybe a little bit longer get a better education and work on the games are at different. Don't you very much appreciate the call let's go to when nick in Fremont what's going on net. -- am -- love the show -- and Michael you. I hate to public in the major. Actual school and I got to say I knew individual that did. You know homework people that are now playing professional sports and I've got to say I think the biggest problem what it'd -- concentration of what Amani dumped from. You know Mandela in the fourth street corner edit it and they're not a time and then I'm on your side but I understand I think that got the big front that's on the even distribution in the concentration not realistically there's probably elicit an outbreak that generate more money than 78 -- -- -- national alerts -- college athlete. Sure there's I guess here's the difference though that corner that you're talking about we don't know his name no one bought his Jersey they sell -- they sold 80000 -- sell jerseys. Now I'm -- and I agree with you understand I think that the problem -- -- yet. You know the chart until about it being able to distribute it evenly very concentrate -- it might actually come out on your side into the it and understand that I think that the from the basement. Thank you very much appreciate the call to go to Dan in back of bill. -- done well thank you. -- the facts straight you know small football program but he warmup match Francona played football. Partial scholarship. So I had known him in in order here on him and -- at football buddies. That the problem that you got -- It was a JT O'Sullivan wasn't he sex State's proudest salaam. JT also not out there it thank you that that there. A big guy you know would they were short on cash. And that they can't remove Clark for Allen Muhammad and could help them what about the kids from east Oakland. That single parent home -- what are -- -- can't rely on mob that or more maybe mom or dad or not they're helped supplement that extra income to get them through college. I agree totally with you can make money -- -- the export there. -- out looking like it kicked out but the problem. Deregulate. I guess that's tomorrow's show -- -- thank you very much for the call. Mark in Concord I do and mark. There and give her bra god in god and man like everybody national audience and about sports. In which -- you cannot. Make money politeness of people without their consent. This is much broader than exports of Fargo in the subway. And by how much I got a smile on what they see that they take a picture of me included on posters I can prove that they're making money that picture they all meet. I -- -- and and yet here's a big difference when the NCAA bylaws came out a hundred years ago in. A student athlete had to sign away his or her likeness in perpetuity. Basically meant like your phase could be used on a refrigerator. Calendar or a magnet or something. Not video games that were being sold for seventy dollars a pop up. And you thought I'm I'm in the determination of need to talk about Amanda during the break. How much money came from just that one alone and -- talk about. You know hold him back here -- it's got to be at least 3040 year and now that certainly felt that been a major player on the revenue market. -- they go beyond that if you show the video games and. All the booze or money that they're getting for the -- -- I -- you're breaking -- these people need to be played inside sport. Outside sports you don't make money off of people without their consent. And if they can prove that you -- doing that you owe them money not for this year not for next year but also left. Thanks for the call -- go to David in Hayward what's up David. -- -- -- -- -- I think -- mention -- you are totally agree that these guys should get paid. I just opened it and killed a worker I love watching football because our college football because these guys dirt dirt -- given at all. But the strike any target no money and start party in your pager goes like. The luster propagate down. I'd just say the only people that should be taken advantage of for a little four year old in China that are making feature these opinion on the dollar up at. -- thank you very much yeah that's another show as well. -- Kathie Lee Gifford. Child slave factory. And sweatshops show will be on Monday. Until then let's just keep it here. Casey gone from 101 what's going on Casey. Their parent exec Michael all. Our agreement you per usual it let's call it paid college or -- then you're talking about the Big Five. Their breeding ground for the NFL for the NBA -- -- don't care about the scholarship they're not taking advantage of it while you can actually. Take the money. Take the scholarship in the got to take the money give the scholarships to kids -- academic scholarship there are you going for. The actual education so I think you can almost -- colleges that as a business and -- these kids -- today and develop. Instead of units and -- go to India and taking 23 years developing it in the NBA yeah. Funny wouldn't it be funny -- now paying amateur athletes created more of an environment for them to remain amateurs instead a leaping to the pros wouldn't that be amazing. If that -- one of the after effects of this new ruling. That might be good for college sports -- you think. We'll talk a little bit more about this coming up later on but next Jim Norton one of the funniest guys on the planet is it -- this weekend. You'll be in studio coming up next here on the day membership.

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