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Jim Norton

Aug 8, 2014|

The hilarious Jim Norton joined Damon for an extended segment live in studio!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now Jim Norton who I think is just one of them weren't truly comedians and all the world. Is not going to be it cobb's comedy club tonight tomorrow night and we are thrilled to have you here in studio Jim thank you so much for coming into and I appreciate you a great voice by the way it is not -- on the awesome decision to have flaws like not as a tremendous. What I like about awful malice he sound uber rich and powerful or just a nice thank you very very much united to compliment because you spend an awful lot of time. On the radio very few comedians -- radio savvy as you are of course being co host of the -- OP I got -- used to saying this it's it's hard to say that at the open in Jim Norton show things have changed in the last month aside I think yeah it's. I still think Opie & Anthony Kelly always think of it that way yet you as a right now is just OP. And I mean I don't want to Nepal OP into income not a replacement for Anthony writes I don't wanna step in my friend's grave you know. On the -- now we just don't know what to call so it's kind of Opie and Jim Norton there and will figure something out. Up Estonia while he's doing his own show now so is they were all kind of just moving on survivor. Yet no let me tell you as a guy who does radio for a living in and understands what must be like to go one. And do -- show you really don't really wanted to do sometimes it must've been very tough and I saw the show you guys had to do. That was -- follow up showed it to me not being there and it was tough on you guys and I thought there is an incredible amount of honesty and freedom in the broadcast it's been tough to do. Yeah it really wise I mean for some reason we've always been allowed to speak on Miley is much that was very very angry that they fired him. They didn't ask guys they said how we got to handle this on the air. You organic about it so that I'll say for them they didn't tell us don't talk about. You know lot of radio guys and I just pretend it didn't happen and then you lose any credibility with your fans are right what a worm. But they should just go out talk -- you gotta say -- got to do you know you're allowed to have monogamy and -- Speaking of radio business I got to do a little over your forgot this by the way we got a fat stacks of cash national contest the code -- they swim you can text that the seven to. 881 by 510 you got five minutes of text that message and data rates apply now back to Jim Norton like I said is going to be cobb's comedy tonight Jim I think you are. A brilliant guy and I've enjoyed what is this evolution of your career you went from what cringe humor to now I think you are. Really one of the more cutting edge observational comics out their man and I think it. It's amazing that here in the in in the world that we live in it takes a comedian to shine the light of truth on subjects that most people wanna avoid. Usually -- with with observations were Irish try to do because I like to make them if I feel like if I tell on myself. I include my own nonsense. Then the observation means something and that's to me the -- people make -- We we make observations about each other than -- critical. Whether it's Donald Sterling or or somebody else who's done something stupid publicly -- gives him. We never talent ourselves so take a nation of hypocrites running around pointing the finger at each other and I'm like look. This is some of the stuff I've said and here's -- figure back after saying that I think that people just more open about their own garbage we wouldn't be so likely appointee each other. And act like wounded children when somebody says something awful -- like I get piece for time on line. About prostitution wanna ask you about it I read the whole thing it's an incredible compelling argument to thank you -- and it's like I I I -- prostitution I mean I've always gotten prostitute. But there is a downside to which is that there's a lot of trafficking involves a lot of horrible things involving -- so I think it should be legalized I think it would protect the workers a lot better. So woman wrote a rebuttal. Com I thought that was flawed but it was well written. So untreatable without the -- people make their decision on what see what they what they want in ocean's -- penis that was a little hurtful but took that did not the first dollars and won't be the last. It happens Jim Norton here in studio went oh like you're saying man it and it was it was a really interesting article it was thought provoking and it's amazing how much people reject the notion of -- thought being provoked these states I think that's a huge flaw that we have. In communicating I mean look at the -- you know you're Republican watch fox is -- gonna give -- a message won't offend you if you're democratic watch MSNBC because no message to come across the screen that offends -- it's important to be offended. And if you don't mind me saying elect the Michelangelo of offending people these days. Thank you -- I -- I don't mind offending people if it's on on social point that they don't agree with. Because I don't mind if somebody offends me. Like Christopher Hudgens and it was a brilliant speaker on free speech and he says something about like when you wanna -- to somebody you're also robbing yourself of the ability to Hewitt they have to say. I've heard a lot of crap I didn't like I've never wanted anyone to get in trouble Ford. Like Paul -- ability you know Paul -- absolutely you know like I -- onstage I know OJ didn't do it on the hook up. But it's like I I would never want him to get in trouble for an opinion I just enjoyed him and I -- analyst at some between these two girls. And they were doing some like anti raped -- thing and you look at these you know crazy -- culture girls so I watched it I'm ready get irritated that it. But I watched it through and I didn't let the possible opinion different Alley they're good. Like what they did was actually a really good piece in -- -- audience so it's like you can't just get you pissed off at somebody because they're giving a message that you don't. Yeah I was very excited you were coming in like I was in a followed your career for over a decade man you made me laugh. Hundreds of items so very slow walk it. In my career. I'm not part of parents Bob I mean seriously just the subtle stuff the you do the the -- show -- -- -- -- about the promo that he did with a woman vomiting in the -- elect reviews have been mixed that is the best promo of ever -- shot for any -- any of all time that's brilliant man. You were fried T shirts -- this is you're you're in the USC during the -- you're no alternate fighting. Yes -- what they think it was a white pride thing solid state could. Yeah I love I love exploded on -- I'm hoping misinterpret it. We love you see I love it's amazing like that's the sport I go to now I don't watch it -- baseball football and more basketball. It's almost all UFC -- boxing candidate of all. I loved boxing when I was a kid -- and it went just kind of went away from it until you got Tyson in Evander Holyfield on your banner right now at a time when I guess I'd like actually might actually has made two great photos happened to me that. And I went to the premiere of his. He's a Broadway Show and Jake LaMont it was there so I took a picture with Mike Tyson and LaMont. Which action to get Tyson get package it was just kind of bumbling all respect in his nine Islamic digitally here and again and I got a photo -- those guys it's it's nice to be able to meet these people. Live like. Idolize for so many years I saw Tyson's one man -- we came out here and dated it to. But or feed feeder up on market street it was really good you wanna talk about a guy who literally like took his clothes off and stood there naked for ninety minutes that was really I was impressed Bible yet in my first -- on the my show -- him and gain a light which can't gain it made so much of that -- Dana White really went out of his way for me and sort of ties and and -- just a compelling on this guy and it's like I do you know with the when the first happen and I believe that he did I was he'd. And then when I finally heard him explain it from -- and I read his book and I excellent documentary I heard -- I became convinced that well he actually did not commit that crime it was weird and I mean here's somebody explaining something. The way you would defend yourself that's how I would defend myself angrily. I wouldn't be good about it go well the person's changed and I've changed -- he was furious about it still on the that's how I would feel. So I just truth to the emotion is anatomy and it really is -- -- could begin as somebody is wrongfully convicted and then comes out it has like a really socialistic attitude I don't -- I don't international anger but you know watching that James told that documentary with him. It was hard not to feel that he was being very raw and very truthful in that documentary. Again -- talk with comedian Jim Norton you've seen him a 100 times on Comedy Central you can see him now on vice dot com and how. A wanna get batted in in a world where communication is getting more score robbed by corporations. In and the message has been sanitized and preapproved for your consumption I think would slice is doing. The news program that they have on HBO now they're usually runs after the mark the web site that you're now part of its gates. It's in a world of we're desperate for a breath of fresh air I think the providing him out yet why. This is really been greatly they had literally they knew they had a say over what I do because it's on there are there site. But they -- almost no creative. Control they just kind of let me do it I was gonna do it was which I should have been saying that but like if it fails it's my fault and no one to blame I would love to throw those guys and the -- that would. Knew I'd do I want your man. Did not until it's on -- -- they let me do and I wanted it insensitive jokes. On they watched the first episode the monologues like man that's really funny and you twisted and we're gonna put on so I I think people really like it. The second week I interviewed regarding freeway Rick Ross who was a drug dealer right now at the -- to cocaine. Yet they got the rapper got his name from and he was a fascinating. Interview because you don't get to talk to guys. Who provided drugs for the crips and -- as a wholesaler very often and really another open and honest guy who was sentenced to life without parole but he got out on a technicality now he's free and clear and really another open honest dude that was great doctor. And and what's the point of bringing UN to do a show in the censoring you know I mean they hired the wrong guy if that's the route they wanna go on -- to bring in. A guy like you who -- me see your your courting controversy that's what you want in the show so why. Don't why hire a doberman just a muscle. Right on and that the thing is I and so unpleasant physically -- -- a lot of it's like nobody would hire me just because they need a pretty face -- in -- bomb being filmed for something. It must be because they like what I'm saying right because that. Colin we get tough track Conklin said something about what you smooth talk show -- column would bubble over jokes -- bomb he would never take a bomb out. He would have -- -- -- on a pac man -- actually -- walk walk walk. And a couple of people in the crowd left and -- should just let him see it. I'm. -- -- -- -- Awkward joke and it made the final cut it went out over the because that was what it was. Comedy is not always flawless or it's not always smooth sometimes it's clumsy. Sometimes it's brutal and brilliant truthful and sometimes it's it's it's tacky and easy and instinct. And it should all be shown for what is do you think comedy comes from a dark place most of the time. Most of time I think so because I think it's born from need to be loved to approved outcome being funny is kind of the byproduct of the need. Which is like me lie to me other people find different ways to do that like you know maybe athletes are fighters get there. There approval by being athletic I couldn't do that so for me it was just being funny actually very very few classically beautiful people male or female. Are inherently hilarious skit that need likely if I want to go to the party. I had to juggle. There was no way I was getting -- party it was all personality. But a lot of times extraordinarily good looking guys get asked just by the nature being handsome nordic and and a. No you're not nordic yes say the least it is Jim Norton now. Not nordic you wanna talk about a combination of powerful combination of funny and beautiful -- -- Whitney Cummings on your second by show a third by Charlotte has. And and then personally that did though the person and I think is currently rare wearing the crown of funniest human being. Is Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer is fantastic I tried to get Amy to shoot ER sketch. But because she was doing a giant -- family. I think I missed my window by a week because she was on hold for the film company always rehearsing every day and just literally had zero timer she would have done it. And I love the conversation you had at the end her one show it was you know. It was shown her and there was another there was another comedian and there and that was it a little three way cumbersome I think he's. Can I it was a bunch of us and then there was a one on one we did I mean people told me they saw both. I haven't I never watch anything I mean I've she'd a couple of scenes in -- that -- was him to -- I'm just so filled with shame I can't tell anybody if I walked out and I get a check I'm like OK good that's done. I don't wanna see it. But Amy has been you know we tortilla on the road in and she's been so nice to me she's put in her show. She -- really funny scene in the the film with Bill -- and her so it's that she's been really really good to -- It seems like there's a new circle comedians kind of looking out for each other and -- one guy when one guy or gal steps up you reach back to pull the other ones with. Yes I mean it's really and -- and the same for people who treated me well when I can't think you know I was try to support the guys that love to mean to Caribbean. You know that are funny of course and you try to go back and grab somebody who socks and -- -- -- now just they're nice but dead you know I'm unhappy that the people that I knew when they were coming up. Yup that not all them and let's be honest to the heart I would like -- -- film with Kevin -- not gonna happen not just kinda happened. And -- -- He's a funny guy did I -- -- we have him on a couple weeks ago he's very very funny guy I remember Kevin and I are working together in in you get how awful it is when you have an open field. And you give them like 300 auction -- which was -- I was in making that much more and were driving back and listen to Metallica. And actually turning him into Metallica and he's kind of like you leave it like just like music. But in the tape got beaten and I threw the take out the window and a couple years later he's in soul plane. And he's. Doing -- Doing Arenas and on tap dancing in clubs are -- guys open entry of a 300 bucks is now selling out Madison Square Garden all the twice in the night I mean -- and he's legitimately funny utility Kevin Harden like I just go looking like. He's really funny sell you know you gotta be happy for anyone find that's making. -- time and I think you're now among. You know the Jon Stewart John Oliver Louie CK Chris Rock Bill Maher. I really think that you're in that group which is amazing because I mean let's face there's a lot of while a lot of bodily function jokes senior you -- act very early on and did you feel yourself becoming did you feel you had an obligation to kind of turn your act around. On society can you didn't like what you saw. Know what happens is as you get older as you mature as a comic I mean the thing that interest you -- talking about change but I still talk about sex. But I again I'm telling me embarrassed I hope so we're coming to the late show tonight yeah you end up in a -- there's a pretty. Awful true stories. Feel. You know I don't talk about that stuff but the longer you do instead of you see people get fired as you -- get penalized for saying things you realize that the punishment Barbara -- that there are. You'll like -- start to annoy you -- talk about that stuff and I use my own I tell the truth about myself sexually and what I've done. I try to tell the truth about my -- in my own flaws or speak of that speech and all that stuff -- I'm not a position American judge other guys precinct on stuffed I sail out of it. Bluntly -- -- do you ever feel like geez I could not -- over shared in terms of -- overexposed but I gotta keep a little bit to your private life for yourself just a little -- you dislike as you know you're like transparent in the -- always frightening part -- like 20% -- kind of kept under my -- nationally stick that is it's not as sick as you think. I'll say this it's nothing with animals or kids does the things stayed away from. Good boy and progress that progress is an amino. That doesn't like the like you know -- scandal or no you know no dogs coming out barking with tears on their face and a witness that. Nothing horrendous like that. I've been open about most of it because if you tell the truth about it they can't catch you with that burn you. -- it you know yeah I I I really think that you. You're like you to crossover moment for you you went from the guy was on the radio guy sort of recognize -- the all everybody who likes Tom he now knows -- was monster rain on HBO I thought that was just a brilliant special it was so funny I know that you got. After that what was it please be offended by an American degenerate as I think like out now on your website TSE. And get that I'm shooting another one I hope coming up this year reddish you know the materials all different than an hour specials first for the -- you're -- Holland of specials menu you. Literally always come when new material there's very little carry over its knowledge you have here. A guy who was a guy and like the the comedians that the the lead the country comedians tour and he did. Have a great joke they'd run guy who had been brought joy yet let the joke about like you know. Hater something like it always joke. It's like that's -- stairway to heaven any closes every show would you you'd do not do that. Ron white has what I told -- this seriously is one of my favorite jokes have a dinner salad that's huge later. I don't know the bit I know I know and I'm familiar that is the bid but I don't know if a guy like got. But he is a joke. Something about because you put weight on the someone told me to touch my toes -- -- -- dollar touched my toes you're gonna have to cut them off on hand and thome tonight what a great for the fat joke. He's just funny bastard. Rod he's a really thought about. Is really good. That is the stuff that you're working on tonight's going to be is are is this. -- warm up for your next Stella by special. That's why I'm not doing the road again yeah I was I wanted to shoot something in in May or June. But it was less than a year since my last once I couldn't get anyone to do it because you have to wait a little bit of time. And then now I pulled myself off the road to I want to get burned out my act after a year -- finished. So I started playing with material and a little -- sterling thing happens and actually glad I had shot yet. And -- now it feels fresh again and I'm still talking about some of the stuff. But I it's the FEMA they -- is a lot of it is getting in trouble and language in what burns us and I like talking about that stuff. Jim Norton is -- cobb's comedy club you can check him out tonight a couple of shows tomorrow. An early in a late show is well you can check it all out cobb's comedy club dot com for tickets and everything. Being offended. Is a phony sense of empowerment that's a quote that I read you -- gave to the Huffington Post a couple years ago this and I absolutely love that quote being offended is a phony sense of empowerment it's not enough to like something. Now if you don't like something no when asked -- Yeah and that's the bothersome part -- and I should I wish -- said that -- where I could have covered and I think it left a little loophole there. Would be offended is okay like I've been offended I'm sure you have. It's when you want something done about it like you know what I mean I didn't like that -- ended the period not a semi caller. Like you know it if people are upset by something is perfectly acceptable. But you know if you if you go -- to -- attorney Gail what did you do horrible -- of course going to be a offended to be idiots not to be bothered. It's when people want you penalized or punished for doing a -- they find objectionable and that's what my problem comes in. So much say in everything I should say you should just take it and have no opinion on it. You know you have an opinion -- just don't expect me to to back up and and grovel and apologize. Have been following you on Twitter for very long time it's a great follow your funny guy here. Do you think that social media has made -- worse to each other or is literally just open the window that is showing us how awful we've been all along and now we just have a map to show it. I think a little bit of both you know I mean I think we're allowed three years to snap at each other and say horrible things in a moment. On the you know like -- people it is instantly reaching out a lot of performers don't like to add to it why -- people just killed told me I saw immediately. Well why shouldn't I mean they're paying for your stuff four or just block and adult reader not mentioned if you don't reader -- mentioned you don't know what anybody said. So I never complain like that people they shouldn't be able to tell me I stink like. I don't have to read them I could just tweak. Never look at -- that -- and I never know so I think the instant nature's causing people to say things that they might not say had they had five or ten minutes to think about it. And -- love to make it worse than we would have been able to kind of crack and let's be honest we -- a country had tools to water fountains for a long time nothing on Twitter. Is as bad as that or they get the back of the bus or you can't. Right I mean let's be honest Americans though he's been the shining beacon of a wonderful list it's not that no -- -- I'm sure you'll like capture that in tonight's. Early and hopefully again the late show really looking forward to going and I tell me about meeting down. Articles I've met him a couple of times I saw him resize and I went in to the guy in the starters in Las Vegas and he came out mean and mean -- -- Jim Florentine we -- well. I -- Leno while land later and he was on and he's like my -- and he was on stage is funny. So I saw him recently in Montreal. In his four years ago we -- learn together and he saw he was in April when we backstage together. An eagle as we backstage and then someone like I don't -- on this kid does you about the new DiLeo. I'm like that was the tonight's thought it was I. But he remembered that he had he didn't know exactly where. But he remembered immediately that he would recognize these 88 years old and he still performing and he still -- you sit there with a spot get in his hand. And this got a -- immediately going into that room. I went in I -- really places went -- to meet all the comedians who are available when he used to pay homage. To this great you have to be doing it does it Sinatra being in the mafia in front of Sinatra right. He was he did it way before anybody dated and I just comedic he's contributed so much. So it just to be able to talk to him and tell him that -- great honor. Absolutely well again it's been just. I've got a kick at a meeting -- man and I think you -- again Europe powerful combination. Of incredibly funny. Incredibly Smart and incredibly unafraid and handsome well. Incredibly unfair -- and I really think that you do and it just you know a surface to comedy really it's a pleasure to -- -- really -- -- you showed tonight and good luck with everything with -- your website and everything. And your show back within the antibody accretion absolutely all -- students I. -- -- -- -- you know what I meant yes not great dad Jim Norton and again get to -- tonight. Early show late show tonight I think the late shows what 1015 it's perfect -- I went on have a stake incumbency that. -- Jim Norton here on the Damon Bruce joke.

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