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Inside the Bigs 8/09/14 Hour 1

Aug 9, 2014|

Inside the Bigs 8/09/14 Hour 1.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- with Michael. -- -- All right I know throughout Colorado welcoming and inside the bigs on Michael -- every Saturday mornings from nine -- new and you can find me right here on 95 cent in the game three hours. -- ball where the only. Radio show in the Bay Area that talks nothing but baseball. When it's not you know tied to a pre -- post game of course. We've got plenty of that here we are the radio home of the -- -- is where else to talk giant publicity and a two team market we talk about all things Major League Baseball last week. The show was pretty much all about the Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes for UN assessment is trade and and rightfully so it's -- -- -- that's happening in the Bay Area baseball wise. In a long long time we -- said that about the just emerged trade three weeks prior. But this -- that Iran since -- trade was Billy being going all end Lester trade with that and then some so. We pretty much discussed that and nothing but which means there are regular -- good for ball bad for ball killers and Kooks. Back and forth we set that aside for the week but we're bringing him back and that means we do touch all bases no pun intended. We're gonna be -- around the league all day long but we do focus locally of course. Because we've got two teams and their hidden in the opposite direction still we've been seeing now for awhile now. -- got away last night little bit more difficult and stressful. But a lot of people thought it would be after they jumped out to a six nothing -- behind Scott Kazmir. But it got Dicey at the end thanks to the bullpen which you know we knew going into the season. But the bullpen was going to be a strength but it didn't work out so well at the start of the season Jim Johnson being a big part of that we'll touch on Jim Johnson's. Immediate future a little bit later but the day's end up getting the six to five victory. They leave the angels in the American League west to buy it what is it they're up by four games now is winner today's play. The giants they lose -- two at Kansas City and one of those interleague series there's always at least one going on. In Major League Baseball. And they just continue to struggle they cannot get there intended starting lineup. On the field they finally get Angel gone back. Use the straw that stirs the drink you look at his new team to win loss record. With Oregon in the lineup it's -- startling actually nobody thought that he would be that guy but he's become that guy. So when they get him back that's great news finally we're gonna get this team. That got us off to such a fantastic start back on the field together well not so much. Brandon belt. He's -- post concussion syndrome symptoms. Again. Remember he was on the concussion disabled list it's relatively new thing in Major League Baseball and good paying. He came off of it and played a little bit and then started having the same symptoms of a team doctor or I'm sorry a concussion specialist. Says that. That's -- usual but it's not totally rare army it's not something that you never see. But it is cause for concern both for Brandon bell and his health and his future in his life. But for the giants and the president they he was a big part of what they did -- called for the examiner that's gonna come out tomorrow morning. And what they need to do to keep pace with the Dodgers to catch up to the Dodgers to get that division title which is so critical for every team now. And I'm gonna talk about the wildcard what's that what that's done to baseball. But if they're good news. Even going into a one game the the wild card game wildcard vs wild card if you lose you're out that's tough. To for the jets to win the division but some things have to happen in most of the things that have to happen and things that were happening. In April and may and Brendan Bell was a big part of that now to not have him. Right when you're getting gone back it's just it never seems to get better for the giants. So they're trailing the Dodgers by three and a half games. In the National League west we'll talk about them. Quite a bit today but we are gonna whip around the league like I said we're gonna talk a little bit near the end of the show -- bar of the ninth about. Derek Jeter's retirement gifts there are some lame gifts. The the retirement tour I'm not so sure -- that. You forgot like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter they have. Tip your cap say good bye Tom. -- -- -- would absolutely -- you just flat out -- and we'll get to that again we're bringing back good for ball bad for ball killers and -- Back and forth. But the crux of the show is always talk commute affair and and today's theme because we are gonna talk about. Look any time there's a controversy ever since Watergate you attach it to -- to really call this -- game. The fans in the right field bleachers at the coliseum went crazy for Graham -- four when he came into the game. First game back when Tampa Bay Rays were here and everyone did the raids in right field during game. When -- is coming and to try to be too. Highly unusual but I'd give it to a certain degree I think there's a happy medium I think the full on rage can be done before the game when -- -- -- outfield. But it got me thinking about the concept of loyalty in every week we have a theme attach to the show. And that's the -- that I'm -- assigned to today. It's loyalty. And it's not just gonna be specific to this incident but I wanna get your thoughts on loyalty. In general and baseball doesn't exist doesn't have a place do you have do you expect it. Premier teams in for -- front offices. 8889579257. Me the phone lines are wide open next segment is going to be all about phone calls. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to the audience about their thoughts on what happened with -- grim Belfour in that game I know Damon Bruce. Who I listened to quite a bit on my commute from my day job ironic nursing home up in Daly City safer to sites. We are five star facility if you've got a loved one who wants to rehab come check this out against Saint Francis type in -- city and along those lines. Didn't throw a shout out to my -- of one of our top nurses who just left -- Dennis -- Agassi he's going to be listening this morning but back to loyalty. Was that misplaced loyalty. What did you think case fans what I want you were giants fans they -- I don't see giants fans and -- cut from a different cloth and a's fans no doubt about it I'm out there one fan base is better than the other. But I don't see giants fans ever doing anything remotely close. So what happened the night that a's fans in the red field bleachers went nuts for Grant Balfour. I heard some of the calls -- to Damon shown Damon was fired up about it he was so against. That whole range -- Don or whatever you wanna call it I'm not as fired up about it I thought the should. Not the best look at the world but I'm not completely up in arms. And I'll explain that just a little bit later in the middle ground I'll tell -- the middle ground right now. And I alluded to a little bit earlier it's pretty simple every player in the big leagues they find their way onto the field before every game. Whether it's ago sign autographs or just to get loose and I'm talking about pitchers do starting pitchers they may run polls in the outfield. You are gonna get your chance to get their attention in fact you have a better chance of getting their attention before the game because there's not much much crowd noise. Not everybody is focused on the pitch that's about to be delivered. So -- Grant Balfour is out there that was the appropriate time. For everybody to -- marks two grim Belfour and I get -- he meant a lot to VA's over the previous two years. And I think when teams win fans were booing Jim Johnson I think they were booing. The loss of Grant Balfour as much as they were -- the ten million dollars at the a's gave to Jim Johnson I could be wrong and feel free correct me at 888957. 9570. But what are your thoughts on that did the -- fans go too far some days bands they were in that section actually called into Damon show. And they thought that they went too far they were embarrassed by association. Again I'm not all that up in arms about it but it did get me thinking about loyalty. And not just specific to this incident. Is it okay if your favorite player let's -- -- and assessments. He got traded lot of people were sad to see him go present company included. Is it okay for the rest of the year to where you on assessments. Jersey to the game. He knew where it says any game except the game against the Red Sox because he's on the team it's trying to beat you is there a place for that type of loyalty. In the game. If you wanna text this 95795. Newly sponsor that dropped him to explain. But the whole point today show on the whole point of sports talk radio in my opinion look it's really negative medium. Although all about having fun I like the last during the three -- of the nominee or I hope you like the last two I hope we give you reason. To laugh wanna welcome in my buddies my mark my rocks. I've got kodi he's the executive button pusher on the board I've -- -- behind the glass yeah do you -- You should try to do. So make music -- that you're gonna have to get through when you call. If you wanna talk about loyalty we've talked about the giants in the contracts that they give the giants front office is extremely loyal. And I think the loyalty is misplaced sometimes they give reward contracts. They reward guys for what they've done for the franchise it doesn't necessarily seem. To be -- empathy for what we think you're gonna do because if that's the case in the Marco scooter a contract was just ungodly done. Because there's no way you could reasonably expect him. To duplicate what he did for you during the post season of 2012. So they're kind of rewarding him for what he had done yet you hope that he you know comes close to that in his at least a solid guy for you. But they were thanking him for what he'd done I think Tim Lincecum contract although I'm a bigger Lincecum fanned the present day in this iteration of Tim Lincecum. I think he's just fine he's going to be inconsistent as are a lot of pitchers. But I did think a lot of that contract was thanking him for what he had done there's a marketing elements of that contract as well people come out to see him whether he's going good or bad. But that was an example of loyalty and in some cases I think it's loyalty misplaced. Billy being you don't have a lot of loyalty he really doesn't. About a year and a half after burns got traded there's another situation where he was considering trading a fan favorite and asked him about it. He said look if I worried about fan sentiment. They're burned would still be an outfielder on the Oakland -- because everybody loved Eric -- Loyalty doesn't factor in -- Billy being here is a hard in cold businessman. Which where would you go. Is there -- place for loyalty how should loyalty be expressed dated 895795. -- we've got Vince control audio coming up at 930. Susan's clusters can be joining us Joseph stiglitz. We've got Kurt Suzuki former athletic he's now an all star catcher for the Minnesota Twins we're gonna talk giants and is -- and closing -- the show is always. Issue you Babbitt who's gonna give you either fashion tip or a life lesson. This is inside the -- three hours of. All the ball -- you're on top the giants are sliding towards the bottom. I'm Michael -- this is 95 point seven the game. If he was Smart guy. Who says this club is feeling the pressure right now. Took to fly ball he. But the NCA takes a look. 2000. -- Welcome back inside the bigs -- Michael -- every Saturday from nine to noon we got three hours. Talk all. Ball and we've got just the blues once again this -- can join us at 930 some mixer. You stay tuned for that he deserves some clips from Jon Lester second outing. Being greening golden boy this guy has been if you're doing just evaluate the trade on or Jon Lester does. Pretty injured. They are retired the first fifteen guys I mean he's been everything as advertising -- new pitching better for the days and he's been pitching. For the Boston Red Sox for the past couple years this guy truly is. On that top tier pitchers he's right there with guys like Clayton Kershaw when it comes to the best of the best just -- margin just to tick below that. Sonny gray -- Kazmir maybe a tick below that even although I'm not prepared to say that Jeff some margin is significantly better than great. Or Kazmir Kazmir. He follows Lester in the rotation of kind of wondering. If that's if that feels like a break. For the opponent because you're dealing with the one of the nasty -- lefties in the game. And he's just kicking your butt and then you've got another guy whose -- Scott Kessler an all star he's great to. Especially when Jon Lester goes complete game -- you see nothing but. This left hander who's killing you. And then you get another kind of similar lefthander the very next day I wonder if there's a sense of comfort. -- comes -- that they didn't look too comfortable against Kazmir early in the game he retired the first twelve or thirteen guys. That he facing game ended up getting a little bit Dicey but ultimately VA's do you get to 65 victory. We're talking a little bit today about arrange dates. Or a talk about a ton of things again. The regular segments that we skipped last week to get to it basically was all about. The trade last week and so we didn't really flash around Major League Baseball the way we normally do and we enjoy doing that that's where a lot of levity that's where a lot of humor. Comes from on this show we've got a good football basketball some things are going to be talking about -- rays manager Joseph Maddon. There's a 100% signage. Going around that I didn't quite understand and part of that is because it's kind of changed as it's grown bigger and bigger and bigger. And got viral. The bio Genesis -- the most recent big huge drug bust in Major League Baseball bats can be discussed. There's a feud between the Diamondbacks and -- Pittsburg pirates. -- -- get into Santiago Casilla of the giants he stepped in to the closer role. First Sergio Romo and good god I got the chance to get a load of this guy on the Wednesday against the brewers. And I've been Cameron Santiago Casilla ever since he was Jairo Garcia. You tyra Garcia because he had stolen someone's identity to appear younger and -- I don't know if that was drafted or signed by the opening his way back when. But this guy is at the peak of -- powers right now I used to be a mental midget he would be as bad he'd get hit. And he ran around the infield not -- which bag cover. Tobacco. And just look like you'd rather have a chicken with its head cut off now he's calm cool collected and his stuff is just ungodly I'm gonna talk about that. A little bit later many -- its -- is in the news just a little bit Josh Donaldson love everything about his game except one thing. And he's gonna make one of our list today so stay tuned to that we're going to be touch and baseball every single corner of the country. We're going to be taken a look at some of the pennant races take a look at who's hot who's not to make up for what we didn't do last week because again last week we focused nothing. On nothing but the trade there wasn't even really -- theme to the show was just about that trade. And again we had to do it because it was a monster trade and it was just a couple of days and some some fans were saying they're more nervous about the few days. In the wake of that trade which is pretty amazing. It speaks to the level of respect the a's fans have for what you -- assessment is meant to the team. When you pick up a guy like Jon Lester in you don't feel as good about your team just because you last UN assessments. It's sort of in relation to that this ties into today's -- we do have a theme today that -- -- loyalty -- -- from -- -- when a's fans -- the right field bleachers. Went blockers. Her grip Belfour when he came into a game. Trying to be -- planes. He's actively trying to beat your team and you're going nuts formed during the game as he's taken amount. That's misplaced loyalty. I liked the concept of loyalty I like that a's fans are cool with the players who did something for them even after their on the team. But I think there's time and place for everything and I think they misfired on that -- and I wanna get your -- 8889579257. -- the phone lines are pretty open right now we got one text to 95795. That is the dropped him text line. And so -- down the excellence as I bought assessment as Jersey. After the trade to show appreciation for what he did here. I'm fine -- don't Wear or the Boston Red Sox are in town. But I like debt that showing loyalty for you want assessments. Again misplaced loyalty I think. When it came to the Graham bell -- thing. So in the numbers they did -- 9579257. If you wanna Texas on the dropped him text line. 95795. Let's go right out to the phone lines -- talked to David in Sacramento dame you're on inside the bigs what's going nobody. Amateur and -- goal -- to appreciate it Michael -- to. And they yeah I you know I was really really surprise you and I won't -- -- -- and they showed on the initially got -- right field. You know do the -- really -- -- kind of hurt Meehan and a little way because. But the others I've been out of the game but I really got to be honest and I'm not trying to talk -- -- -- guys that don't get the right to actually just trying to get on TV. We love the little Kagan sometimes -- as far as mr. -- goes. Electoral majority villagers expenses like at the weather so little camps. As far as the loyalty. My guess dignity with which you then I would mystery itself and I know mother -- so I know -- was in the majority on the wanted. The heat of the operation rather have that without it. I did it thanks for the phone call me and I appreciate enjoy the rest your weekend -- David in Sacramento and -- my producer here. In response to the text are saying about assists in his Jersey after the trade to show appreciation. -- -- PSU about a consumes 80% off cook cook off that's a pretty good moments go back to the phones in talked Alley in Santa -- Alley here on into the bigs are you doing. I'm doing great what are your thoughts on the raging. Great -- or iPad but -- you're at it but -- he actually hit it I Richard. I think we all only got about being on it and I'm critical at this error on eBay -- bank. Edged out are. So you don't think it was misplaced like again I'm OK I'm fine actually -- like the fact that they show love for Grant Balfour. I just thought at that time when he's coming into the game to try to beats your guys. Is that really the time. I think. -- -- that we are allowed -- get a lot about. It are. Happy. Exactly what -- -- All right turn -- thanks for the phone call -- I appreciated you know what that's at this program about -- I disagree to certain certain extent. But you know Riyadh Saudi each other down are we gonna get -- each other you take your personal know there's all these ideas and thoughts and opinions are exchanged and civil manner. That's that this is all about against sports talk radio is a negative medium. Not here not -- into the bigs we talk about baseball for three hours. We try to laugh we try to have fun that's of sports is supposed to be is it not it's supposed to be consulates have some more fun. For the next two and a half hours we're gonna kick those two and a half hours up. We -- speech rodeo quarterly gains of one of the voices of a's baseball right here on 95 cent in the game -- future rodeo. Joins us Nextel Michael -- this -- inside the bigs and 95 point seven the game. -- inside and. He's only -- might. 95 point seven big game. All right welcome back to inside the bigs. Michael -- every Saturday mornings from nine and and you can find -- it right here today's theme of the show is royalty we're talking. Quite a bit but not completely beside her dominate the show the way to traded last week. About -- gate with the a's fans gone bananas when Graham bell Ford came into the game while he's trying to beat you. You're going -- your form so we'll get into that we're gonna talk to our next guest about that. Just a little bit he is one of the voices -- -- -- right here on nine to 57 game -- Antonio joins us -- event -- don't. Barbara area and they're -- I'm doing terrific let's touch on it just we're gonna rewind a little bit last week before eyebrow events on I kind of forgotten -- -- son called. And I started talking about the giants in the Genesis and -- said that I'm like oh that's right VA's it's it's gotten. You enjoyed this and -- jump me authority called me out on it because we do you have that relationship. He can jump me I can -- them. And he felt so bad about it that he apologized later off the air and I told you -- I needed to do that for me I'm gonna screw up from time to time I'm glad that you did when I was driving home I thought that was really horrible -- events was every bit within its rights to college so how to do this week we talked about days before brought John. That was those little -- I appreciate out of those are those who think that that nowhere is that you know -- we have fun together and I. Well orders might have an opportunity act against deputy at the app or -- And one of the reasons I like to start the show -- -- series now like to close are we shooting. Because there's a mention in the previous segment sport -- refund sports talk radio is generally negative I try to keep a positive. Talking you always puts a smile on my face because you generally have a positive spin on things I'm guessing. You will have a positive spin. On what we're calling raids gave me only call outrage you because pretty much anything controversial that's happened since Watergate you tag gate to it. The -- fans went bananas for grants when he came into the game and while I appreciate them showing loyalty and love for -- Belfour. I thought maybe it was misplaced loyalty what were your thoughts on hold events. I got -- great guy I'd be eight were not at a certain they had. And troubled thirteen without print out or Edgar those sites they get out that are credible action at about thirteen. Over the out of outs or we're -- right field you know made grant knowing that it will -- Their loyalty and we saw a note with the with the music and you know they're they're gyrations do what I when he when he pitched good against that. It out if -- was a desperate situation wasn't such a close game are probably would have thought a little less of it the fact that it's not indicate it was clearly on the line. Again the tie game in -- -- -- or is trying to keep the -- allotment rate and these are fighting. You -- -- you know at the -- that one game lead on the angels at that point you know in the west it's now or any enemy your game. Matters and every moment matters and I think. Why trichet today they have loved -- branch. Doing it. During the game and actually pitching and -- in a meaningful situation. I thought I thought it was displayed because that's something during batting practice they -- you know get a lot better at the public but terms -- -- out or not they're trying to -- now what you can turn it up after them wearing a blue jays. -- yeah it was it was interesting to sue Lisa -- when you are not pre game that's kind of the time to do it so another instance of loyalty being displayed was Alberto Callaspo. Wore a sense British teacher day or two after the trade and and I'm fine without let these guys have a personal relationship he's not saying. Any I don't think he's it's any sort of editorial comment. Against the days are against the trade it was just say this is my Boren just let me know that I'm thinking about him but we are talking about loyalty that is one of the themes. And it's a results. At least as it applies to assessments. Of the Jon Lester trade we talked about that Atlanta dominated the whole show last week. Now we about a week plus of games and look we're not going to be able to evaluate the straight until the season as is done. Said and done no matter what happens right -- wrong playoffs extended run World Series will evaluated and but for now. I'm I'm looking at it in a little bit different light because when the trade was first made -- I was thinking OK this is made strictly with the post season in mind but then as you just mentioned. The -- were only leading the angels by one game they need to win that division they can't get into that playing playoff game. This is wild card vs wild card and so far Lester is absolutely done his job in terms of maintaining that lead has your mind have you given any. This is your thoughts on the trade change at all in the week plus since it went down. Not really balance I'd lose you know on the -- that you can't have enough you're pitching at epic we're finding out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think a lot of -- and new -- the -- are appreciated his resume and it's post season work but it totally saw him. Put on the white lights at pitcher than -- -- the way he conducts himself. An estimated John Wayne has the get out -- on about it yet that extreme presence about him about just the way they eat. Thought about it that does -- all business. Eat about one thing and winning the game and the way he pitched. OK at least at last Saturday in Kansas City and I thought when he wrote this series -- Minnesota Thursday I turned it and that that. Mean that this could be tonight again you you know you better get your. You know. Picture caller ready for the night that he could be at that patted down stop at that you know just isn't very good and I think that that speaks to a journalist currently at -- -- down to the competition. There he didn't allow. Any breathing room to work which surgical walk out all. From Brian closure to be back EU -- eight of them and that's what a pitcher's duel and I expect. They present a lot about since it is Reza maple bats business the -- he's already intricate -- themselves in Albany's. You -- in the club house and he knows why each year. He knows that the eight gave up -- get all that -- and -- about -- business in a way that it it's been very threat to the wire so far and but he -- you know pretty tough road trip on on Monday in Kansas City but we -- accurate well -- Atlanta spirit I think when you. When you realize you got out fast search -- game you're happy that he's -- where did you feel good about the chancellor of the game. More seniors that have been controlling you know he's one of the voices of is baseball here on nine to five -- in the game and and -- one of the off shoots of western coast recess ministry it is in the immediate aftermath of that the -- offensive struggles. And they Roy who was not in favor of the trades at -- that's why don't like -- assessment as they can't score runs. Without him forget about it is you know the numbers that you're looking at it next to his line on the stat sheet he was a presence and this loss means the DA's are gonna lose a ton of offense well there's been two games where they've been shut down there's been some games since where they put up a lot of crooked numbers. They were struggling a little bit offensively even before that trade you think the people that don't like the trade. Are are making too easy of a connection. To assess but this is absence and some offensive struggles of late. Margaret -- I think they try to tie the boat together human and -- BA club out they. They said look I mean this is happening before assessment slept there are over the numbers bear it out and act it. You guys as we talked about many occasions and I know you're Smart to realize this you can make numbers say anything you want. And right now The Beatles were four back of athletics who have. Trout. Who have. -- who have pools where Kendrick. They're getting to twenty aren't we all star break and they got out -- player so -- -- -- want to go as it happens. It's been the natural course about a 162 game season. BA cabin up and not to gap where they have not all sees it even including assessment even not even bought. I'm not relied on that one player to carry them and group again last night Oakland drive and three -- choke artist back the debt. -- right into and he gave you know when the ball games I think that's always been their match or that they got there -- guys contributing. Allow them to object something like just like they're not just restore and -- -- is that factor of the -- but it's not alone. The other vehicles all our guys in the lineup and -- shortly choose so I think wanna start that -- -- about that eagle operatives that they need. More -- any better pitching it just it's it's a great debate. About a great game. This contrary -- George is here inside the bigs. Vince new stadium that's back in the news -- wall for the first time openly talked about. Wanting to build in Oakland to stay in Oakland mom what what are your thoughts on that is that just I wash is that just him. You know kind of appeasing the fans of Oakland right now what for the simple fact that he's never said anything like this or do you think it's something that quite possibly could happen. And it's a direct result of them sign in that tenure at least find. Well I -- who -- -- he's always been one -- -- remark situation and out of the shadows a situation that he's always general let's let this. Run its course that you would happen and that -- -- straight and -- spans the airport had been five years and -- Killer blue ribbon committee supposedly got together came up with. Whatever they're coming up weapon of the reports are accurate if these were told last summer that San Jose probably market be an option. But -- let -- come to town this CPAs against the -- on the next -- -- couple days to assure you beat her time and time again. About that very issue he had not that anything you were dark at the gates will be leaving other -- a threat that they can leave today I want to be a police situation. Well I think -- will know the bottom line it is -- but he's a new. Ballpark that's their own ballpark it need to get up to stand there are where the rest based on whether or scream hot weather channel today weather Oakland whether it's walk a -- I mean they need eighty placed. That's around that they can compete for create that fans can enjoy coming to the -- at the same amenities. That other places cap that well and you know hiring an architect I think this step in the right direction talk about the possibility of actually building on property where they -- an -- apple land. Everybody knows how convenient it is to get there because of that public transportation. So I don't I don't think that it's I watch a big -- -- series and that. And it would be encouraging wherever it is 38 at some point in the last in the next well marked and say that our plan and the -- we're gonna do to -- shuttle goes on the ground. And what's gonna look like it that's an opening date. 20161018. Without an IQ whatever that they might be the can be you're ready to ballpark and look through -- net record. Eventually got to bounce pretty quick is I'm fired up for good for ball bounced a ball we did -- last week where our talk about the trade but I do have one last question to ask you before Jason Hammel. Took the -- and his recent start. There's a lot of talk about this is his last chance if he doesn't pitch well he's getting you to get released or get traded or gets into the bullpen. I thought wow it's awfully early for that what what did you hear in the lead to that start which he did pitch fairly well lot of traffic but he still pitch well. He's -- you know get more open just -- starting his record indicates that. That he's gonna give you better know what it's shown -- -- admitted that even in the victory in his last outing he he knew that struggled a leadoff -- got on -- -- -- against them. So many walks doesn't think he has approval on it and hopefully data indicates that it -- -- asserting its Minnesota and -- like -- horrible but he still realizes that. Think about to get better but because smile on May also after finally getting a big picture we took up having a good thing that would. Jason -- absolutely look much much better his last timeout and I I think we got along much better this time out there and -- -- A three time and I really appreciate an out to game day and I'm looking forward to listening to you a little bit later today have a great Saturday events. Our heads -- control -- one of the voices Mays baseball right here on 95 send the game when we come back. Everything in life can be labeled one of two ways good for ball or bad for ball Joseph Maddon parades -- The boss by Genesis -- Stephen -- Jonny Gomes on intentional talk. -- -- we label those two things come right back and find out -- Michael -- this is inside the bigs on 95 point seven the game. I'm down just. For iPhone and android. 9570. Texas a nine point 795. -- Welcome back. I'm Michael -- every Saturday morning during the Major League Baseball regular season you can find me right here on 957 game. The radio McVeigh's baseball we'll talk about the giants Major League Baseball at large three hours from all ball 9 noon every Saturday morning. Again I'm Michael -- your humble host. We're talking a little bit about -- date. We've got a couple of callers left over from -- segment prior to -- control -- joining us and once again like to thank -- -- given us some time. On game day he helps us kick off the show and about 9:30 every Saturday morning so let's go to Mike in San Jose and clean up the board before we get -- good for ball back from ball might you're on inside the big go to America. Michael for taking my call. I think get the death along with Damon Bruce absolutely what you do months. I'm pretty much of a traditionalist on loyalty. -- a fan of the giant. Actually in April of 58 which was a million years ago and I waited 52 years for -- World Series that's an awfully long time to wait. I think yeah I think my patience paid off. That -- that disintegrated giant even though they had thousands of great players. -- Brian Goldman because he was the man who closed out a -- out of the 2010 World Series. -- are you still have loyalty for Wilson. Loyalty to him now he's the enemy quotation marks around they prey to enemy. Send I think what it refers to age span. Absolutely believe that the loyalty -- do you have for grand malformed maybe a little bit mr. -- I think he should be rooting for him when he is closing out the Anaheim angels. I -- -- that I'd I'd really don't -- the point of extended beyond the year of the trading point on this whole -- concept. Okay yeah a lot of people and I. Shared your cinnamon my thank you for the phone call on a -- your patience but it. -- have a good Saturday you know a couple of people on the dropped him text line if you want to reach is that way it's 957. 95. -- pointed out that -- are culpable in this too were in particular the sound guy now I wasn't there. So I can't say for sure that it happened but I've had enough people tweet me and take me. To believe that it did apparently they played that Metallica's song that Graham bell for used to come out. Two and that kind of fired at the -- -- yeah -- -- if that's the case if you're playing that while he's coming out -- year basically stirring the pot you're telling the a's fans it's okay now. To do what she used to do when he came into the game so. Got to address that one more thing I wanted to address before he gets good football basketball somebody on the excellence that hey I love your show but you can't consider yourself a loyal fan. If you were a fan of the aids and the giants growing up a fan as a fanatic in you have to pick sides disagree with that strongly I -- grow up liking the -- and the giants on the Bay Area boy. I'm a Bay Area baseball fans they play in different leagues and -- it came to the World Series they were playing for very different things. And before an early players that are always playing against very different teams when one seamless home. I got to go watch them when that team was on the road the other team was at home and I got to watch them. So I disagree with -- -- I understand some people say hello to you can't Meehan is Shannon a giants fan. Disagree on a fair ball and remain that to this day it's all about the Bay Area but. It is time now -- -- we like to do virtually every week it's good for ball bat -- ball. Okay. McDonald's but opened behind -- that smells like your gasoline and my light just as bad that is yeah. -- It can be in traffic the jackass who won't let you -- bad for ball it can be. Your line -- to -- into the grocery store and somebody in front of -- has fifty items may turn around and say that you go before me that's good for ball. But we can find the baseball. Let's talk about Joseph Maddon the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. And he gets it. He understands that the game's supposed to be fun happy worker is a good worker no matter what the business is in general the rays are happier workers. Because -- OK with silly dress that day on the road. He lets them be themselves. Joseph Maddon understands. That the game is based on failure there's a lot of negativity in baseball in general. You make far more outs in the -- hits. There's a reason you get four balls and you only have to throw three strikes because it's harder to throw strike. It's a failure based game Joseph Maddon understands you need to lighten up Joseph -- my friends is good for ball. Raised -- we've been talking about it. It's bad for ball I'm sorry we spent talk so much time talking about it in fact I apologize but we have -- Because it is big story and it does related prompted the theme of the show. But in general really just mean we're spending too much time on or gonna stop spending time on it may parades -- bad for ball. An apparent signs are all the rage pun intended these days it started in New York when the Jack to play in the match. And if it cracked me -- because the signs started out is they're trying to ripping underpants. But you really rip the guy for being too nice of a guy. I'm very very very mild -- pitch and he and his girlfriend actually started making fun of it. One of them was that. Hunter Pence -- posted this himself. Hunter Pence -- parallel park and three post a picture of himself in a car granted it was in the showroom and it was like a 100000 dollar car welcomed like some big leaguer. But yeah I think general. Hunter Pence is the one guy. And that people can identify on the giants he is just a good guy and it did a good guy makes you a target for criticism. Look the signs it and they've kind of morphed into that Chuck Norris type thing you know all the bad -- things that Chuck Norris did does. Now it's just a bunch of signs and the guys are ripping him he's too nice a guy. But you know at any attention that Hunter Pence gets. That's OK with me because her -- is everything that baseball players should be he's accessible to fans he works his butt off. He runs everything out underpants and the signs. Good for ball if you wanna follow me by the way on Twitter and send me some just some suggestions for Hunter -- signs. You can find me at big herbs sports. But the bio Genesis bus. Once again we find out that it's. There's a lot more players that we originally suspected we're taking drugs now the twist to this and what makes it a significant story. Makes it something I care about because I don't hear anymore about steroid -- I just I've got steroids fatigue I really don't care anymore. And as I wrote in Thursday's sentences go examiner. I just when I was a full fledged member of the media. Because the media kind of became who we were we're protecting the purity of the game in some way other than just writing stories and providing information. And being a conduit to the fans the steroid era gave us a power to. Basically be the moral police and I was more into -- I cared more now that I'm back to being just a fan in just a little bit of media. I really don't care I mean if there had been in the Internet back when Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle playing win no doubt bit. Greens were in common usage Baghdad. There -- coffee pots and had amphetamines and so it stands to reason that all the great players of that area we're taking amphetamines or at least a lot of the war. We would have ripped them if the omnipresent media that exists today would have been -- and but it didn't and so these guys get -- -- I don't care with all due respect to the purity of of the baseball record book I don't care anymore so the Biogen -- this has become a big story. It's bad for ball. You -- bad for ball is this guy selling drugs to teenagers that's why it's significant story good football Stephen vote Jonny Gomes Ron. Intentional taught you got to listen to this interview at his classic Steve -- has agreed NBA ref. Right -- is pretty. Well I was so excited to walk into the club -- this is the Oakland Athletics. NBA referee. Right here but this team is Paul the only guy with a silent teach them in the world -- -- name. The show might make you call a quick burst off Madonna. And double time. An attack on -- is that absurd. I don't detect autopilot 15 to watch your mouth when you're talking about big moves -- into the earlier can't -- in order to get yes I do the question. Would you not seeing that you play with complaints of multiple calls. Golf event. JD normally don't no doubt about it Donald's and every time I called for and a jacket that I you know he knows better he can't put two hands of -- defender you can don't want to. But as soon as you don't do that. I'm making the call. Path that Stephen Norton Jonny Gomes. And what I love about this in this is absolutely good for ball but he got to see the visuals so check it out Google it whatever you have inside talker intentional toxic -- Content -- that's exactly how they make the calls by the way. Is it the days we've known here locally forever what a great group of guys there how much fun they have and it's so easy to root for this collection of personalities. Now the rest of the country is trying to get it that's a big part of why I want them to make it deep post season run. Because everywhere you look in that clubhouse it's a great back story and it's a great guy. One last thing I want to talk about there's a -- now between the Diamondbacks in the pirates. As a result Paul Goldschmidt was even thrown that just happen again hit man. Broken hand out for the year what are the Diamondbacks -- what are the Pittsburgh Pirates decide to do well they decide that they're gonna throw dander McCutcheon and now he's out for a month bad. -- ball when we come back we're taking your phone calls -- 895792578. What's your stance on loyalty in Major League Baseball does it exist dated 8957957. AM Michael -- Is inside the bigs on 95 point seven a game.

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