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Vince Controneo

Aug 9, 2014|

Vince Controneo weighs in on A's fans greeting Balfour with the signature rage, Lester's strong start and the division race.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is one of the voices of a's baseball already here on nine to 57 the game -- -- -- joins us -- a veterinarian. If more brother Dario and and -- yet. I'm doing terrific let's touch on it just we're gonna rewind a little bit last week before eyebrow events on a kind of forgot that he was on hold. And I started talking about the giants in the dances in giants that then I'm like oh that's right VA's it's it's gotten Georgia's. And Vince jumped me floored he called me out on it because we do have that relationship. He can -- me I consumed him. And he felt so bad about it that he apologized later off the air. And I told you -- I needed to do that for me I'm gonna screw up from time to time I'm glad she did when I was driving home I thought that was really horrible -- events was every bit within its rights to college so how to do this week we talked about it before brought John. That was those well played I appreciate that those are those who think that that nowhere -- that you know it we have -- together. -- all orders and I -- an opportunity I get back at you at the earth hour. And that one of the reasons I like to start the show it uses sabres now like to close are we shooting. Because there's a mention in the previous segment sport disposed refund sports talk radio is generally negative I try to keep it positive. Talking you always puts a smile on my face because you generally have a positive spin on so I'm guessing that you will have a positive spin. On what we're calling raids gave -- only call outraged because pretty much anything controversial that's happened since Watergate you tag gate to it. The -- fans went bananas for grant when he came into the game. And while I appreciate them showing loyalty and love for -- -- I thought maybe it was misplaced loyalty what were your thoughts on hold events. -- directory and I -- PH were not advocate that they had. And twelve and thirteen about Brad -- and those -- they're out there and credible passionate about their team. Over the data out where we're at right field you know made grant -- and it and it's part. Up their loyalty that we saw you know with the with the music and no other gyrations -- -- -- -- but he pitched litigate that. You know if it was a situation wasn't such a close game there probably -- a little less of it. The fact that so -- -- it was clearly on the line. Again but I gave it a -- out or is trying to keep the race alive at a rate bodies are fighting. There's you know at the -- that one game lead on the angels at that point you know in the west now or I mean game. Matters in their remote matters and I think. While I appreciate -- day there outlook for -- Doing it. During the game and actually pitching in it in a meaningful situation. I thought I -- -- exploit because that during batting practice that it is it a lot better at the public at the terms of perhaps out or not they're trying to -- you -- like to return to top out at them more apologies. -- -- -- Yeah it was it was interesting to sue -- normally do Europe up pre game that's kind of a time to do it so another instance of loyalty being displayed was Alberto Callaspo. Wore a says Buddhist teacher day or two after the trade and and I'm fine without let these guys have a personal relationship he's not -- any I don't think he's that any certain editorial comment. Against the days are against the -- was to say this is my Boren just let me know that I'm thinking about him. But we are talking about loyalty that is one of the themes and it's a results. At least as it applies to -- for -- Of the Jon Lester trade we talked about that -- line that dominated the whole show last week now we about a week plus of games. And look we're not going to be able to evaluate the straight until the seasons is done. Said and done no matter what happens right or wrong playoffs extended -- World Series will evaluated then. But for now. I'm I'm looking at it in in a little bit different light because when the trade was first made advanced. I was thinking OK this is made strictly with the post season in mind but then as you just mentioned. The -- were only leading the angels by one game they need to win that division they can't get into that playing playoff game but his wildcard vs wild card. And so far Lester is absolutely done his job in terms of maintaining that lead has your mind have you given any. This is your thoughts on the trade changed -- in the week plus since it went down. I really balance who's been on the sense that you can't have an epic pitching epic work finding out. And like you settle -- -- I'm due last week -- -- series -- -- Jon Lester will pitch at all three -- series that does mean something. I think a lot of eighties and new chalice was Smart appreciate it -- mayor's post season work but it so they saw him. Put on the white lights and pitcher than -- -- the way he conducts himself and it took me that John -- that. The get up front about it yet the extreme presence about him about just the way he goes about it at the all business. Eat about one thing that went -- game and the way he pitched. OK at least at last Saturday in Kansas City that I thought when he this series at Minnesota Thursday at -- and that that. And -- this could be tonight again you can argue caricature. Pitcher already for the night that he could get that patted down stop at that you know this isn't very good and I think that that the jobless Rickie at the -- down the competition. There he didn't allow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian -- to be back -- -- -- -- and that's what good pitchers build an epic. This president announces. His resume equally but that -- has to wait you already took it you know I'm so in Albany's. Debate in the clubhouse and he knows. Why each year. He knows who the eight gave up -- get all that stuff and he goes about it business in a way that it's been very press wire so far and at least begin -- a pretty tough road trip. On on Monday in Kansas City -- we are accurate well our. Not a stretch of games you're at at least -- or a particular but about the -- -- -- game. Bush years that have been control you know he's one of the voices of a's baseball here on nine to 57 game and and -- one of the off shoots of Lester and goes -- -- ministry it is. In the immediate aftermath of that the -- offensive struggles. And that Roy who was not in favor of the trades at -- that's why you don't like -- assessment as they can't score runs. Without him forget about his you know the numbers that you located next to his line on the stat sheet he was a presence and his loss means the DA's are gonna lose a ton of offense well there's been some gains -- they've been shut down there's been some games since where they put up a lot of crooked numbers. They were struggling a little bit offensively even before that trade do you think the people that don't like the trade. Are are making too easy of a connection. Assessed but this -- absence and some offensive struggles of late. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They said look I mean this is happening before. That's -- -- -- -- -- at the numbers bear it out and you know I as we talked about it many occasions and and a Smart to realize this you can make numbers say anything you want. And right now that Eagles were four back -- a -- you have. -- who have -- and who have pujols who that Kendrick. They're getting to twenty are also corporate and they got older players so but it would want to go as it happens. It's that the natural. Course about 162 game season. The eight that -- and not to gap where they have not all seen it even including assessment even Donald even bought. Had not relied on that one player to carry them and proved again last night a -- and three air so our back that yet. He dragged into. And the -- you know when the ball games I think that's always been their catcher that they've got their regards to attributing. Allow that option something like jet which went -- -- -- -- -- that is a factor in the opposite but not alone. The other vehicles all our guys are on and they're struggling and so I wanna start that are out -- eagle opposite that that they need. More -- any better pitching -- it it's a great debate. About a great game. It contrary -- joins us here inside the bigs. Vince new stadium that's back in the news blue wall for the first time openly talked about. Wanting to build in Oakland to stay in Oakland. What are your thoughts on that is that just I wash is that just him. You know kind of appeasing the fans of Oakland right now what for the simple fact that he's never said anything like this certificates something that quite possibly could happen. And it's a direct result of him -- that tenure at least fine. Well I had -- If he's always been one that remark situation in San Jose situation that easily -- let's let this. Run its course that you would happen then that are more straight increase Spain's airport had been five yours senses. Stellar blue ribbon committee supposedly got beat -- came up with. Whatever the coming up what kind of reports are accurate if these were told last summer that channel there probably are Indian option. But Hewlett come down to see the eight against -- on the next hole damper couple days that your UB pepper time and time again. About that very issue he has not that anything -- were dark and the gates will be leaving Lebanon threat that they can leave today I want to be a police situation. You know I think you will -- the bottom line Spock -- a new. Ballpark that's their own ballpark they need to get up to standards. Where the rest based on whether remark weather channel today weather Oakland whether it's -- well I mean they need eight. Place that's their own that they picked -- or create that -- in Detroit coming to the bank -- saint -- That other places -- as well and you know hiring an architect I think step in the right direction talk about the possibility of actually building on property where they are out on land. Everybody no -- can be viewed as we get their equipment public transportation. So I don't I don't think that it's I wore it that much more serious -- that. And it would be encouraging wherever it is the gate at some point in the last in the next well marked it say. That are -- -- well we're gonna do this initial post on the ground and that is what it will look like in the opening days. 2000 and kick in about an eighteen to doubt and an IQ whatever that they might be the computer -- ball -- about four net electric. Eventually got to bounce pretty quick is I'm fired up for good for ball bad for ball reduces last week where our talking about the trade but I do have one last question to ask you before Jason Hammel. Took the -- in his recent start. There's a lot of talk about this is his last chance if he doesn't pitch well he's giving you that it really started traded or gets into the bullpen. I thought wow it's awfully early for that what what did you hear in the lead up to that start which he did it's fairly well lot of traffic pretty stupid to. There is that you get more than just out last start his record indicates that. That he's gonna give you better than what children into the net income in the victory in his last outing he knew that stroke lead topic on -- sporting against them. So many walks -- to think -- approval on an. Hopefully that indicates it is in -- -- a -- -- He's like but he -- realizes that things have got to get better because smiled and also. After finally getting richer into a -- haven't been paying that would. Jason -- absolutely look much much better his last timeout and I think we got along much better this time and that's where we -- Hit -- three time and I really appreciate -- out to game day and I'm looking forward to listening to you little bit later today have a great Saturday events. It.

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