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Susan Slusser

Aug 9, 2014|

Our A's insider joined Inside the Bigs to discuss the team's hot streak, Lester and Reddick coming around.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the best friend to the program Susan slush or the San Francisco Chronicle's Susan how are you. Michael Pataki defeated in our country. That was a blast as I said yesterday when I called you normally a text you to try to beg you to come on the show and actually baiting not the right word to you always say yes. But it's always I think for the past three months that's the first time we actually spoke off the year on the phone it was nice to get to producers and. Yet it is a kayaker I think. Eight in unison that that doctrine on. Yes and I can't do that and I -- -- -- -- so in your professed your undying love for the city as soon Carlos -- -- -- Carlos. Yeah I do that I can my -- And we also fantasized Susan about hey now. You and I actually doing a show together at some point if I get to do like the hot -- show in the offseason. I'm getting -- Ewing here for three hours -- I think would be fun radio what do you think. It would be kind of silly I think that could be very very well. -- -- -- -- It who cares if you don't catch it it's fun it's all about a Susan. A season if you were the host of inside the bigs this morning. And I've never done this before and I thought you'd be good person to do with. If you had if you had a show on the a on the home of a's baseball. What do you right now -- the number one story we should be talking about him because we've been spending two -- some underage game. Oh yeah are. Question is -- you know that Michael come on that team that really it. It's hard to come up with that because you know keep it up about acting. So important that people want to -- you can't opt. That that. And it has backed up and then I don't know. Yeah I mean it kind of hasn't I think it's it's way too easy what the trade was made last Thursday. And because the a's got shut out their first camera that says there's Iran who didn't like the traders likes it I told you terrible trade. But then a couple of days later I think they put up eight runs that put up six runs last night. Look they've they've always been a team. Were in recent years anyway. They can just absolutely destroy you and put up double digits and there's going to be games when they get shut out just because you know that that's baseball. And even even the best teams -- of their run differential speaks for itself. Vera very good offensive club in US your assessment -- wasn't the only reason they built up that run differential but it is a hot topic right now in Iraq. Duty is have enough offense to this -- It could be at what may not -- -- and -- -- -- -- With the addition and -- Catch them better. Panic and get it out a mobile. Just. And Donald that market really on it down in -- target number. Of the and then I'll relax a little bit. Kind of -- that optimal iron and. Yeah it's interesting you say that because when the people who love the trade. In the immediate aftermath they talked about Gomes and would -- clubhouse guy he was and you know Susan I wasn't crazy about the trade still not totally in love with -- that I understand completely. But I thought while the -- had a great clubhouse to begin where they don't necessarily need a Jonny Gomes what you're saying he does bring -- dynamic that was absent prior to his arrival. -- now. You know hey I I'm not. About -- you know you hate the big -- -- -- quarter. Go away the ethnic lines and you know and it. Find -- -- at first it said but I'm -- typically can't get on. So you'd think Angela what can get -- -- am that you you don't like apple would be it to explain why he. We get her explain that he looked like and how well I haven't explained you. What their reasoning. I'm Eric -- -- agree with. -- in all of a catcher though it's not like. Okay yeah but you know it's cute bat crazy about from that standpoint that they're getting one and that. Starting pitchers. Over the past eight years or so yeah and I couldn't rate the next level and -- -- -- are -- situation. Is absolutely lights out. -- So that was. That was their decision. I'm not necessarily teacher without it's not like it -- every client and it. But I knew it legal order and having potentially and under the ground -- a speech speaks. Right in and I'm glad that you mentioned that point he just brought up beat assessment displays every day and the easy way to look at it for people who didn't like the traders -- Lester only impacts the team on the days that -- -- -- not necessarily true because if you throw a complete game. You saved the bullpen that means the bullpen can be -- or not just the next day probably the day after that which is gonna take some of the burden off the starting pitchers. For those two days so you could make -- case and -- you can make a case either way for this trade but you could make -- Jon Lester. Impacts may be three days of the week not just the game he's pitching. And interconnection that you chabot has not been a starter over the course all Major League season yeah actually I'm trading. Obviously gay and Hamels had not warm date to radiate expect that you look like maybe it started -- you. We're expecting. To battle it. Don't question mark -- -- is obviously feel pitching is what is going to get them at the next level at what tiger started off so. You know we we we -- here exactly here it is right they are. Judging it well trade eighty over the course of the week. Few weeks it can't fool hardy and the exit date that they don't get it I can load -- action -- that are. Currently. -- -- -- -- -- And you just don't know how technical work at it pretty EU EU colleagues on the game he loved him at Hewitt when you're like. Many many in the media where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll get sizes and they are on the table magician I hope people don't really cut -- Hey Susan I so enjoyed talking to you on the air and off the air when we do host that show in the offseason. Here's what we're dealing with -- four minutes ago my producer nick just put up on the board which typically tells me what college are coming what time I have to get out. He writes not much more. Okay can you turn me down -- -- can talk to some. Nick writes on the board Michael and Susan sitting in the tree KI SS ING. And we love you back Susan thank you so much enjoy your Saturday enjoy your Sunday thanks again forgiveness and time are -- quite a.

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