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Roxy Bernstein breaks down the Athletics recent struggles

Aug 17, 2014|

Roxy Bernstein, A's play by play man joins Zakariah and the Guru to discuss the recent struggles of the Oakland Athletics and their miserable road trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

C Bernstein. You can follow him on Twitter at Roxy Bernstein you can also here and doing play by play for. California Golden Bears men's basketball he's a great job filling in for the day's play by play you -- also here among these airwaves Roxio or you welcome to the program. Yeah no complaints -- about sports on a Sunday a wanna start with a -- For a media from I don't know when this was but our our our producer podiums -- your familiar with him he pulled this up but he wanted to play solicitor. Oh. Yeah yeah that's probably some truth in that what did you major and Roxy. I would -- American studies majors. Okay well I was mask com media studies at the now like a job a lot of hot girls and there -- a lot of athletes like are partly not a good representation of the intelligence level of doubt. During -- opening line. How to split and. I'm asking you to join me in this self -- case in Milton mission in -- C'mon we. And I want public university in the world. We don't force. All right our -- -- -- our own now that -- was that Roxy. I Gerald -- job and look at a. Other than -- arrives and I've hit the panic button in regard to our beloved Oakland Athletics who have lost four in a row. Roxy they scored three runs or less in twelve of the sixteen games in August. I was passionate about to -- -- wanna see says it is go do you see a different approach from -- hitters. Or is there any is that there's no coincidence in all that the team is struggling offensively. I think it's companies in opinion hero when you look at that they say it's related pitching Utley. Nobody is hotter in the Kansas City Royals -- it would have been a lost Rihanna -- they brought in a couple of pretty good pitchers in the Iran very good luck. Young what you what it's all Atlanta. Our Friday night -- they still -- last Sunday at the -- They seem pretty good pitching Tampa Bay that pretty aren't they playing good all the curious from them. I think people should layoff the panic OK they're tied with the angels coming in place. There's still a lot of baseball player needs to go through a rough patch right. Everybody returned to court to Egypt. And it really happen. -- Where they've lost. Camera into a role that they had a sport in history what back in May. And you know -- really been able to play consistent baseball are beautiful right now trying to work out. Yeah and then -- then went to a similar you know funk during this stretch last year and then just you know more through the end of the season. To win the Al west Roger wanna focus on the angels. Going into the season during the season even with them playing as well they'll let their offense is. Unbelievable but I've never really believed. In their pitching Richardson's turn it around Weaver obviously can they sustain this is another have a much harder schedule than the days due to close out. Well I think conduct is active tend to eat too -- out of order but still let -- And next week -- -- policy in the looming huge -- Yeah and next Friday Saturday that it indeed it may catch a break because they have a couple off days this week that surround the two games -- at -- At the coliseum Tuesday and Wednesday so I think that will edit it these days. And when you look at the -- Richards is is emerging and it's since -- got great up everybody knew the talent. And the electric stuff but he -- I'll -- put together get you know. Certainly Weaver -- will struggle coming back so. I picnic at Eagles are are pretty good shape as well when you look at their rotation. And they made it to. Issue what -- -- street really is about Hewitt then they can come -- that could be wanted to bet steal the -- -- I got asked you about Sonny gray I know is the dog days of August guys tire but in July he was filthy one point 03 ERA. But so far August he's always for four point 95 ERA. Are what what are you seeing from sunny and is this just the -- need to be expected like you talked about. Well he certainly isn't pitching a -- needed July I'll eat itself that Portland I think the one start but he made. He really struggled and the trees start lots I don't keep it that advocate that I liked -- got that law. -- and all that extra quick rate just happened all -- And -- the one start it can't debate. Hectic at the one regal what happened there I just. Don't think that was -- night back in the early part of the month steep pitched well white in Kansas City law. And bill were -- in the game to start -- road trip. Against the royals its first start the year on this trip. And -- 02 pitch it out seated at the board that is the state that you. And -- hope to meet at a dairy he's gonna make an -- became too good advocate. Advocate that beat him. And included a game winning RBIs in the bottom of the sympathetic though he had at it as well in July but it still -- hurt by the late going to be all right. -- the guru Johnson -- around 95 point seven a game we're joined by. -- Bernstein Jack of all trades days play by play. Master as our producer put on our rundown also cal men's basketball play about platform on Twitter that. Roxy Bernstein Roxy you are the man to go to refer info when it comes the pretty much -- all I ask you this because I really don't know the rules. I don't need you to get into the specifics of how you can still trade for somebody after the trade deadline but looking at the middle infield position it was already. An area that they needed to strengthen and then -- went out. Do you think Billy Beane is gonna try to do something with the whole waivers injured however else it works to bring somebody and to strengthen that area. I think he's trying. You look at it see what's available. And what players can slip through waivers and who can make pick up it -- works. But it needs constraint and what they're trying to do without -- for the next couple weeks at a peak -- -- and bakery now. But I'm Sherri that there are guys out there that they think deal. Technical and it slipped through waivers work at a trade. I I think that that the possibility that they could go in that direction because they're not that -- got it today. They're due what they feel that that pitchers in this team and how. And it it's going out -- another that they get short they wanted to get that engagement. And pertinent they clear waivers and pick up well I think that the it will peek at it that -- to question of what players and it slipped through any means little. The -- Howard they desperate but it certainly you have been neat -- short. And -- CNET competing with the -- -- make cleanup players accused -- being at it and block. Pity pot though it and that's the issue attitude and the Weaver. Trade deals. Roxy there's about forty games -- were were in the were in the stretch run. Are gonna ask you who the -- leader what player would you call out in say you know what -- This guy gusty get hot to take his team offensively to the promised land. There is no doubt in my mind -- Coco. Coco has got to get drilling he had a great run. Right there in June and July but he really had a stretch he also agree that it really bothering him. But he still trying to play through it but -- units. Really struggled in right around the all start that then you're not in the same order they need to get -- gold -- -- Help out once -- seen one tent like the -- Month -- so. And keep it bottled their accent people -- to draw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That Paramount now but he he's got. Roxy Bernstein day's play by play cal men's basketball. Play by play brigadier united 957 again right rocks. Yes you can't afford thirty from Turner Field let the -- Angel. Follow him on Twitter at -- C Bernstein thank you so much for the time -- today. -- We're trying out here so he said stop stop saying that a degree from the number one public university no matter how pathetic the major was don't.

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