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  1. Raiders Roundtable - 11/25/15


    Thu, 26 Nov 2015

    Former Raider greats George Atkinson and David Humm join Zakariah & The Guru for our weekly Oakland Raiders Roundtable.

  2. Susan Slusser - 11/25/15


    Wed, 25 Nov 2015

    A's insider Susan Slusser discusses the Green & Gold reacquiring Jed Lowrie with Zakariah & The Guru.

  3. Final Hour of Zak and Guru 11-24


    Wed, 25 Nov 2015

    Zak and Guru close with The Word and catch up with James Arcellana.

  4. James Arcellana


    Wed, 25 Nov 2015

    Editor of joins Zak and Guru to talk about the Raiders after their loss to the Lions.

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