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Zak and Guru 8/17/14 HOUR 1

Aug 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Into the program on the -- I'm gonna say -- you know what I'm gonna start with yesterday the weather was gorgeous today -- the weather is not gorgeous. And you know what damage every time I start to show and I look out those windows -- to say whether or not the weather is good or not and today it's bad. Is bad but your intro was great sounds like you that twelve hours sleep I don't know whether I was. On that arise and to wonder -- Saturday in eight who's kind of fraud in the -- on that boat. I appreciate so and I I -- that you liked it. Welcome in Bay Area -- to go over Johnson and -- -- -- we have a pact. Action packed sports packed entertainment packed for our show for you thought coming up at 1215. A guy making more money in millions then his quarterback rating in the first game I can we shall discuss jail way. A pretty -- season worked on now what is the value the you know you say you've thought about that all night -- -- -- kind of worked on for want marginalized. 8889579570. If you like to join the program that's triple late. 9579570. Or you can text and on the dropped -- text line 95795. This hour since there's going to be a bunch of San Francisco of -- Will be San Francisco taxable talk -- first couple of segments about Roxy Bernstein will join the show at 1230 we'll into the giants at 1245. And we just you know whatever all get to the rest of the stuff and -- that later in the program was about -- -- show guru. We'd be fifteen minutes into our segment how are you on the Saturday -- know I'm blessed. Number again this Sunday I'm blessed the -- -- you forgot owner who you're an Oregon please -- for your man of god early should play one on radio. But I'm here ready to rock and that's good that's good. -- so let's get into the minors and what is a niner empire and a minor empire and it may not 5795. 70 the first. Football get well depends on what country you're from because technically they played soccer game there but they called -- football everywhere else. The first American football game. Will be played there today these Super Bowl up here and -- Broncos how do you say that when they do get to the Super Bowl -- -- winning the Buffalo Bills. -- cold nose -- the letter I go to the second place Denver Broncos. Are coming to -- by stadium today. Bunch of different things to look at I know where you're gonna -- because you are -- is cap going to take this step he is the first guy that you look at. When you look at them coming short for the past three years I'm assuming that's what you're gonna be looking at today I'm ready if it is time two years a year and a half average wanna call it -- this time. Or tapped to let us know if he's the one the lead did nine -- empire to the promised land. Yeah that'll be some look at obviously that happened this game rise -- is not a playoff game the Broncos focused bear. Offseason efforts towards improving their defense and rightfully so because their offense broke all sorts of records. Are they got the markets where from the cowboys. Who was they picked up a DB. My god is named. Chaos a live -- you go down though now that your own drop it's a key believe there are that's who they picked up -- their defense is much improved. All be looking for that but more specific legal -- look the defense was awful against the ravens. You can't take much away from the first pre season game but it was awful. A lot of that had to do with the fact that pretty much the defense wasn't playing better the whole defensive line is. They don't have serious injuries but they're all being held out as precautionary measures and they're getting a little long in the to like. Since we got we got this -- team yet that's what we talked about yesterday we may pre season. They need to shorten it let's get to the nitty gritty these guys around there they're ready to go that route but I'm curious to see today. If the -- stadium home field advantage starts today. I'm not a pre season game which -- got to have an extra step pep in your step. Know when this is a first football game played -- new home and may I add your new beautiful. When we hear anything about park and we'll get into that bit. Yeah you don't mean this is your new home well then let's let's talk about the parking lot of people talking about the parking if you go to leave here if you go to the movies or nice restaurant and a lines around the corner it's hard to part I don't go take that and to consider -- -- -- -- -- I don't know who got out elementary I -- know we're down to is we have different opinions honestly talking about the park in. It's part of the process as part of GE did people listening out there or did you go to have you been to an event and leave by the -- -- -- just been the soccer gonna come apart no that was I was channels -- 88957957. I'll IE and I have a problem with a Moses -- barking and the traffic you deal would fix that but we've yet to see we've got -- well we've got to see it from a little slogan is also mark an end to an article in Iran -- all how bad it was awful 01 billion possible -- Usually bigger gulf big year what are you saying the U factor that you -- you -- and you are now clearly -- enjoyed the brand new stadium and the million dollar athletes they're running around if they quit one. -- -- We didn't know what stadium have you -- even the coliseum. You've got to wait a little bit right not really immediate playoff game when it. Do you write I mean I don't know if you factored -- you can never enjoy that you can't just gloss over Kandahar Disneyland you know there's going to be there. It's not gonna be one mean there are methods to improve it in terms of public transportation getting in and out the lanes and you know I I'm not an engineer and I dropped the ball possess that which -- and. I'm on saying the divorce review was not good will CL -- the second one is coming out of this game I guess understand why does a review have to include the parking. -- marked the review should be about the -- The institution the brand new -- drinks can be brought to your seat and all we want to talk about this all my I have to park. But it is not my number one biggest pet -- other than being on the twelfth floor here. At the DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco is. What the elevators when people stop at 357891011. That that really chaps my hide. But that's number 20 number one is traffic I low traffic -- literally. Sit somewhere and not leave and just wait for traffic to pass and then go when there's not traffic that's how much I hate track us. Lazy so this brand new stadium do you think actually Zacharias somebody may say that's it. Traffic was horrendous I don't think number -- of course everybody still gonna go but didn't complain about traffic I'm OK let's hear from rob. In San Jose he has some thoughts on -- stadium problem himself. Yeah you know I'm not happy it's a joke out there you -- cure mirror ball on anywhere near you know your -- party -- There is no partying on the know until game and I hope to god this new. All all rob rob -- what's in the news earlier and I saw people -- -- and you can only tailgate in specific location. He's richer areas -- all these -- -- To a corporate crook revealed to go out there like he called FEMA did not open -- that they live circular. -- that the facility and the ample parking. Easy access. And if they do will be a candidate will not downtown into an area we wanna -- of that chamber of commerce. I hope they -- out right now extol. You earthquakes -- with ample parking by the airport. And I'm offer easy parking legitimate in the parking racket and I know you talk about what you work there. Market there right around the corner at call parking racket -- -- tire -- -- people real bad football and the people partly to -- trying to you know get quite simply get demeanor were more cash -- -- Thank you for the phone call -- somehow found a way to find out and with there is always fallen to today's baseball stadium. It is weird that you can tailgate in certain areas and then not tailgate in other areas. It's all over the news right now navigating the -- parking lots and -- afterward doesn't wanna hear from anybody else you know like -- up -- -- wanna say is how many football games have been played up until today in the -- zero. Well depends what you're definitely must store the depends what your definition of football is but I'm sure we're gonna -- courts yet that was soccer football day amid a tunnel. Because there hasn't been one game yet our people relax mode doesn't go have a good time -- -- -- told -- -- -- -- was waiting for you that in a location -- of the annual UN unwavering. Yeah and I would I don't. I'd I'd I'd wait a year probably but that last -- look nobody is gonna not go to the games because of it but how many years and they have to plan for all this and you're telling me they couldn't have set up a good a better system are let's get back to the field aren't. Other than that the I know you're gonna be watching captains that's how you roll. Is going to be was so that I was put more emphasis on games two and three of the pre season because the first game is pretty much like you know just just -- relevant shaken the cobwebs the fourth game. Is when. You know basically to dress rehearsal with people original rescue themselves the regular season so to win three of the most important you're gonna be watching -- I mentioned the defensive line. -- -- -- -- there's he has -- all he yes. Carlos Hyde is something special how far are you willing to go with this substance special are you saying nothing that he doesn't know is that the you know the answer. To mr. -- no or no got to give -- -- -- -- tell you -- -- tell me and tell me if you agree that it came on par 7957. He is forced or. The number two the you've been looking for for years have been trying to draft when there was Michael James it and I wonder what Yani -- we got our. And he is. The front runner to be the number one guy next -- -- -- under that's normally does not -- but I'm election no mine as well be raining by deep fault you would -- -- he's got a good shot any showed myself -- I know that one game I saw the -- I saw the flashes and I'm hoping that's the case. You know is not -- overly thrilled with the new stadium the players and there it is all about winning games they don't care about the amenities you believe that all he has certainly calling cabernet gets an opportunity for us to build our own legacy. Make our own dynasty similar to the niners and eighty's and ninety's. That was the golden era and we want to bring that back we wanna have that success I think the team is primed for that it's time to step up. Through the plate and you would echo those sentiments especially when it comes to cap and this is today is that. Don't know that they are they're they're ready this is not just this is that this opening day as we call it the most votes to give one teams guru but I'm giving to -- -- Coming up next we will talk about a guy who's making more money then millions per year then the passer rating was able to put up in game one. And also a certain colleague Boris who shall remain nameless until the next segment I -- guess issued. -- challenge of our manhood has been challenged group who -- into it next Gerald and or Johnson Zach arrived in the Baghdad Jeff. On a not so lovely Saturday -- five point seven yet. -- five point seven. Publish it. She's know so none of -- -- something -- about the music behind it and you know. Enough positive nod lord knows Obama wrong many get hammered on the text line. What would be an all day things -- -- wanna give you the guarantee but then I got the nod from wrong. Or report on Steve's own -- can tell you -- -- welcome back Bay Area. 95 point 7 again that I am sure of you or Gerald or who were jobs and I am Zack -- if you'd like to join the program there's a way to do that. -- -- Well we'll get to that in a minute 888. 9579570. AAA 9579857. -- is the phone line the drop -- tax line. -- 95795. Already have some brilliant stuff. From the text line. You mentioned Twitter. The station has a Twitter it's 957 the game more importantly you -- Obama's talking about you know you weren't you're talking about George Twitter I'm assuming you like to throw that handle out as you try to approach 2000 as to -- if mark tripled Yahoo! -- right sweet sound dribbled it sort of DDD. Blue room and the explanation for the dvd isn't it does this have anything to do a broadside yet as -- thank you very much I am at Zacks ports now. ZAK. Sports as he tries to -- over me tossing out. Do you handle coming up at 1230. This show is gonna get a lot smarter you know why it's gonna get smarter girl -- and worded Roxy go to school. California cal Berkeley what's on May or may not have also gone to and so we'll talk to Roxy. -- -- -- we can do anything we -- for Obama read about all around Andre -- with -- -- and -- so he's gonna join us at 1230 right now we go back to the -- the first game it's all over the news -- stadiums didn't broken and the Broncos -- in town Peyton -- -- -- earlier -- probably a quarter and a half of like really good football but still it. And exciting to me and they deserve it they got a brand new digs. When -- we rep pre season on Sunday and Middle East bay on you -- how -- he's not Sunday's. I cannot there -- certain. John puts his plan tomorrow Monday night we'll get into that later. Occupied east bay on you went to Berkeley Berkeley my entire life literally I lived in the same house you can call it whatever you want but that whatever I've lived in -- in my entire life. -- -- -- -- It just it hurts a little -- giants have a nice stadium downtown the niners -- -- -- -- you know does not have new stadiums and brighter days generators why can't we -- just share the love downtown Oakland -- spot they got water there build a couple stadiums -- all of -- -- the -- you know the -- -- -- in leadership. The -- I think it is a head -- What are hitting -- that I here's what we will get into. The backup quarterback. For the San Francisco 49ers in new -- Com. He's earning two point one million dollars this year. Which was a big deal before cavern got a new deal because -- really wanna be making that much less than you know the god of your backup. But -- got a new deal so NBD bear. The problem is his passer rating for the first game -- was one point seven so that's -- point four million less than okay it's pre season game -- it's me and -- ease -- he also looked awful and Jackson you know he's he's -- terrible and look guys you know we we often talk about how the backup quarterback for teams -- most of the time the favorite player for teams there you know for fan bases whose teams are not doing well. Bobby NFL. And released a rankings. You know I I ripped into them having the raiders have 32 Drago shot I did blink didn't get upset I don't know how I tried to get link of said he is a big remains as an offensive -- I thought I'd get him riled up didn't work. And then they were also 32 in total that just team like teams that they think -- how they're gonna perform. That's -- anyways they were not last in this list guru do you wanna engage guests or gander. On where the raiders ranked in terms of backup quarterbacks. Nine. Not out there were. Eleven. -- -- right -- you were to walk not bad pun M Michael -- number one way portal number two -- in Bridgewater I can't say I just know that our jacks talked about that Moyer and then car at eleven do you wanna know who. Ranked dead last in this -- low ranking who wrote the red -- The San Francisco 49ers Blaine Gabbert at 32. So according to -- dot com they have -- worst. Back -- quarterback in all -- all your thoughts. With the stakes as big as they are for the niners we know is Super Bowl or bust. Tackle right you've got to have some issuers always talk about guy go you gotta have some didn't stop him. And luckily I'm average did you have to have something better then you have now the nice cabernet players and reckless abandon. I -- an idiot he's pretty Smart about sliding and getting out of -- organization you. You would think would be smarter to have something a little better than -- yeah playing Jabber Yahoo! has -- all of terrible. It's been one game -- put his track record is if it's ugly act and then Josh Johnson is another option and then. A mentally -- -- from Josh today there are the guru Johnson Zach -- here in 95 point seven began talking about. Blaine Gabbert making it one two point one million dollars and -- passer rating being one point seven in the first game now look. It's not the -- You know that you're gonna ever going to a season looking to or relying on your backup quarterback. But there are instances and you saw this and Alex Smith when he went out with a concussion it might not be. Sixteen games but it could before they could be six could even be -- don't want to drop off to be that all of which could very much effect. Whether or not you make the playoffs you were laughing yesterday we watched the cowboy game they feel like Brandon -- it is. When you judge among the quarterback and -- I don't know what shall skim it off all of this does that good question was checked but he's been at Brandon 123. But of those regular with that's still to be proven. But the niners need to address that that that position and an 89579570. Let's hear from Mike may lock. Who was concerned about gap hurts. All the way and -- I think -- Ball all the best quarterback coaches there ever has been at that level the -- got talent and he can step up in the pocket and push the ball down the field with a clean pocket I just don't know what you can learn the next level of that and that would be my concern. Not its level I mean look you can be tall like I was -- I should have been able to -- I could not I couldn't tell you admit it. I don't in one game in my entire career I was on a fast break there was nobody around me and I went sport and a -- but that's it other outs outside that like I can't -- So you can have all the tools that tall and you can't do six fun and I can't dodge on white girl I don't know if I noticed that impressed that you would admit that don't. Don't talk about that don't talk about that -- won an -- My point is you can have the tools you can beat all you can have a strong or you can have. On paper you can be the most beautiful quarterback in the world but when you get on the field it doesn't necessarily translate -- it certainly seems like the case -- both -- and Sweden who were highly thought Al. And -- we drafted very high cast that big check and just have proceeded to go on to be terrible. Do you think this is that he can do nothing to change your assessment of the preakness however we need -- sound permits New Jersey like when just when he called. But hey it's a good thing we like Edmonton and like a sports update or something -- in New Jersey yeah. I want more like an update sent now not the tweet -- we'll figure out the commercial break let's not play the whole talk about Mitch -- New Jersey always a pleasure to hear from you how or anybody. I hate -- I looked cool great show you. One out but open minded enough -- don't. Our lives is that -- shall -- no -- we didn't get. Dollars in how you feel about arsenal match. Oh yeah no I didn't rapists. You know you have a university of cal Berkeley annual. But excited he can't -- Come on -- really gonna focus on that did you call to talk about Gabbert. You're right he's terrible. News behind there we actually got nine. I would say -- try trial trial to albeit at a. Here's the thing he's fantastic at running you can't throw -- Drove our campaign. -- -- you know typically want to raise. About Rust Belt to get JaMarcus Russell that really -- or not. Many. It's what do you think you put a phone call made it -- what does he do what does he -- quarterback what is he doing here. You don't bring a JaMarcus Russell we've moved past that we we we don't get in the intro and he went jamarcus on. Mix in New Jersey he is like a box of chocolates you don't know which presumably get judges that you think about it -- Question that never is this gonna come back -- college is now ready for it. I've never seen them -- we -- yeah I -- Woody Harrelson. Out of future. White men can't jump evidence that -- to me don't know why they can't do white man can shoot and pass and rebound and defend. Thought Timmy Duncan part of my game it yeah well that's true. Actually -- the first seems you saw all the metal hang up call it. Yeah that's right first team all league I remember fiasco you are supposed to as late calls we all league maybe all leagues the and US British trying to get this back on track here -- coming up next Roxy Bernstein. -- long voice of 95 point seven the game bills into one days. Play by play he runs the -- -- the play by play for cal back I mean does that all. Roxy burns animated them will join a Jack of all trades you'll join the program next the only group were Johnson -- garage and America generally five point seven against the -- And and. -- I'm fired up rumors like the way my hair back Ford Field. Ultimate warrior just. Turn -- -- welcome back Bay -- 95 point seven in the game -- the group were Johnson ebony. To my ivory Zacharias coming up at 1245. -- come back. Further -- on prince. Finished the season ended today -- rule doesn't seem potted working. They would be in the playoffs but it does it. -- and I'm 57957. Now. But right now guru if you're ready for the level of intelligence of this program to two B two B. Risen we need. To be raised arisen CIA I'm showing my lack of intelligence already. Mark C Bernstein. You can follow him on Twitter at Roxy Bernstein you can also here and doing. Play by play for. California Golden Bears men's basketball he's a great job filling in for the day's play by play you go also here among these airwaves Roxio or you welcome to the program. Afternoon that -- we don't. No complaints started about sports on a Sunday now let's start with a clip. From leave from I don't know when this was but our our our producer podiums -- your familiar with him he pulled this up but he wanted to play solicitor. I'm not exactly your best representation. When it comes to the intelligence level of cal -- Yeah yeah that's probably some truth in that what did you major -- Roxy. I would -- American studies majors. Okay well I was mass com media studies and allied. Did you have a lot of hot girls and there -- a lot of athletes like are probably not a good representation of the intelligence level of doubt. Are you insulting my intelligence let you know. I'm asking you to join me in this self Deborah taste in Milton mission that I'm on. C'mon what we -- And I want public university in the world we got some Eagles or. All right -- on the on the overall numbers our -- now that he was the Roxy. I -- to secure jobs and look at us. Other nothing much. Other than -- and I've hit the panic button in regard to our beloved Oakland Athletics who have lost four in a row. Roxy they scored three runs or less in twelve of the sixteen games in August. I was passionate about -- re not wanna see says it is go. Do you see a different approach from rays hitters or is there any admit there's no coincidence in all that the team is struggling offensively. I think it's a combination. Between zero and when you look at that they've made some really good pitching at the -- Nobody uttered in the Kansas City Royals mediate what they are lost real war they brought in a couple pretty good pitchers Julio Tehran very good luck. Young -- he was hit while Atlanta. On Friday night it's eight billion last Sunday at the coliseum. They seem pretty good pitching Tampa Bay had some pretty Arctic and playing good albeit serious turn down. I think people should lay up the panic OK they're tied with the Angel coming to the plate it. There's still a lot of baseball -- need to go through a rough patch right now everybody goes through return record 262 game. It really happening at bats -- the. -- they've lost. Deborah into a role that they had a four game losing streak -- back in May yeah. And at that ilk. Really been able to play consistent baseball -- a funk right now trying to work our way out. Yeah and then look then went to a similar you know funk during this stretch last year and then just you don't pour through the end of the season. -- when Al west Roger wanna focus on the angels the going into the season during the season Levy even with them playing as well they elect our offense is. Unbelievable but I've never really believed in their pitching Richardson's turn it around -- obviously can they sustain this as I know they have a much shorter schedule. Then the days due to close out. Well I think you could come out exactly ten if he's keeping outlook or not it's still a lack. And next weekend at a policy into looming huge bullseye. You and next Friday Saturday and I think it may catch a break. Because they have a couple of walk -- this week that surround the two game series the next. At the coliseum Tuesday and Wednesday so I think that will benefit the days. And would you look at vehicle Richards is is emerging and that since he's got great everybody knew the talent. And the electric stuff but he added Dallas started putting together yet you know certainly leave her -- we will struggle coming back so. I I -- Debbie colts are are pretty good shape as well when you look at the rotation. And they made a big acquisition what you said street really is about -- then they pick them -- it could be one of the best deal with a deadline. Roxio I got to ask you about Sonny gray I know with the dog days of August. Guys -- but in July he was filthy one point 03 ERA but so far August he's always for four point 95 ERA. Art what what are you seeing from sunny. And it did just that he -- be expected like you talked about. Well I certainly isn't pitching a quality in July how did you -- -- Portland I think the one start that he made he really struggled. Can. Geometry starts -- I don't -- you -- that -- Mbeki to step out of last night you got about a lot. The -- that more sharply market rates just happened appalling it. And yet but once started it -- being. I speak at the laundry go okay what happened there I just don't think that was -- -- back in the early part of the month Steve -- walk whites against Kansas City law. And additional port that any indication to start a road trip. Against the royals in his first start this year on this trip. And he got beat and a couple 02 pitch is -- that keyboard that is the state that you. And an 02 he got a very you've got to make them or chase became too good advocate being hit both advocate -- of and including the game winning RBIs in the bottom of the seventh then expel he had the loyalty to July but I still encouraged by the late throw the baseball right now. Gerald the guru Johnson -- or I 95 point seven a game we're joined by Roxy Bernstein Jack of all trades days play by play. Master as our producer put on our rundown also cal men's basketball play -- -- -- on Twitter that. -- Bernstein Roxy you are the man to go to refer. Info when it comes the pretty much -- things all last. I think -- trying. You keep looking to see what's available. And what players can slip through waivers and who may pick up it -- works with -- V8 constraint and what they're trying to do. And without -- the next couple weeks that they had VP candidate running any hurry now. But I'm sure you're there are guys out there that it. -- Technical -- that slip through waivers they work at a trade. I think that that the possibility that they could go. In that direction because they're -- not every option. I did today. There and do what -- feel the best interest of the team and how can we win and that's going out getting another bat they get a shortstop they wanted to get a second date spent. And pertinent able to clear waivers and pick them up well I think that the it will be corrected and that -- to question of what players sort of slip through any -- -- That being at her. I don't work they desperate but it certainly do have a need for shortstop. And -- -- CNET competing with EA. -- -- cleanup player -- Soviet can't get haven't blocked. Any pot -- ain't it and that's the issue you run into that time W labor. Trade deals. Roxy has about forty games -- world war in the war in the stretch run. Are gonna ask you. Who BA's leader what player would you call out in say you know what Daryl this guy gusty get hot to take his team opted to lead to the promised land. There is no doubt in my mind that got Scott Coker. Coco has got to get going he had a great run. Right there in June and July but he really had a tough stretch and he also a big inject it really bothering him. But he still trying to play through it the key here it's. Really struggle and right around the all star break and since then you're in the same -- they need to get him go to Italy Keating. You know about 1151. Tent like over the last. Month herself and -- -- they're extent people want to draw. It won't set but it is gone now the opera has taken it yet but that's the reason why you mean the reason why it -- it not been to saint cocoa crispy -- beginning on eight. He's not the end cattle sparking the property ordered at that Paramount now the -- he's got nickel. Mark C Bernstein day's play by play cal men's basketball. Play by play -- united 957 -- Iraq's. Yet you can't afford thirty from turner feel -- the -- Angel. Follow him on Twitter at Roxy Bernstein thank you so much for the time -- today. We're trying out here so he said this -- as stops and that a degree from the number one public university no matter how. Pathetic the major was don't don't downplay -- -- -- owning it now yeah this is decent at cal Berkeley who aren't quite discern where you really there of the NASCAR media study and help you share. -- but is it more in theory then an action you know I mean my god. Sciences like science and math are really difficult subjects are really. IINB the people that are good at those subject to go yeah you gotta go math and science because it's it's too difficult. I didn't do as. -- like journalists journalism and photography. No I won't know who photography photography with a good. Who would you pose for photographer needs to see. Coming up next black and orange the faces were not depressed as they walked a third streets. Yesterday because a big comeback. Win. For the giants ended the season ended today guess what there and that one guess what they all -- We'll discuss there'll -- Johnson -- -- are coming back gadget. Not five point seven minute. -- -- -- -- Indeed did welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven. The game's sound courtesy and CSN times actor Ryan Pete Carroll who -- Johnson velocity in the south. Yeah. And your glasses has been hasn't been a whole lot and Coco. You'd like to join the program is a way of doing that. Dated may not 579570. For the dropped him text line. 957 I thought hey you in the 650. You know your. Appreciate you listen. The sorts of -- man people to move. You have to excuse -- brought the insults and even makes sense though well tonight about Claudia I person. Anyways if you do if you wanna personally attack me conditional on Twitter on at -- sports ZAK sports guru of that one pencil you personally. We're gonna do that triple of these two coming up at 1 o'clock I forgot to pay off my to ease of which certain on air personality who shall remain nameless has challenged us and basically he's testing our manhood. That's how I feel. So while we'll get to that he'll also start talking about the days and we just talked about them with rocks -- Bernstein. My friend guru will go into the panic room and the control room. Hit the button go away and just losing his mind and pulling his hair out. All that good stuff -- we'll do that at the top of the hour but the giants last night guru you came over to my house following. The program we watched the -- can watch and pre season. Football cowboys and ravens. You know I've multiple TVs and I was able to we have some technical difficulties but we we did not like look thirteen minutes and a legacy both -- does god forbid you don't have to -- he's working right I mean that's here is that that's unacceptable. Bomb the giants though we're doing some we we we just army and we you know once left for dead was is that what what is five to one. There's not much of reason to keep watching giants baseball if they don't score that many runs and so they certainly were gonna come back however -- rule in the bottom of the sixth. They put up a four spot in the bottom of the -- they got the one run that they needed that's the highlight that you just heard and they won six the -- -- your thoughts this -- this is more. Of an indictment on the Philadelphia Phillies situation is just an awful ballclub that the they have nothing going right form. We left out of here the same studios and not -- want them we we know teams do come back but the way the giants have been plan offensively. And I thought the game was over. -- I don't wanna rain on the giants parade at all. But I'm looking at what Tim Hudson did -- the giants who right now or the second -- card by half game over the Pittsburgh pirate them so you're right. It is these indeed there today there AM what do we want a little -- and the fortieth and it's one -- well. They only need one game day today today they needed to win three in Cincinnati they needed to win three straight against Saint Louis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But right now what is it about getting invited to this day certain that they have an invitation in their hands what they're gonna do going forward. I don't know what this rotation to help this team offensively challenged is that bin. Catch the Dodgers got to just focus on the positive day -- he talked about how many times and Roxy said how many times angels play the eighth and the giants do play the Dodgers enough time stop talking about the division. Come on to the c'mon so did you show what to the locker room like a felons to division is gone there's just go for his walk on you don't do you. You don't realize that -- and. Maybe like. You know hot model -- like you know hot. Sports broadcaster ladylike got a slight. That's somewhat feasible for me -- if everything went right for me well what I can't get. Is Jessica Alba who were I can't get Jessica Alba so I don't even think about. Or allow myself to entertain the idea. Of getting Jessica Alba and I think this is pretty similar for the giants let -- go wild card yet -- -- -- -- Maybe they went in there yeah you can't get the division I'm not saying I normalize I have to I. And I take it feels like it feels like four and a half of a long if you don't have those qualities in my frame. You'll give anything Gerald guru Johnson Zach or I 95 point seven again talked about us. The comeback win for the giants yesterday look there's no bigger proponent of making it into you making it and -- into the White Sox who were I mean that's that's me in a nutshell pretty much -- get a little bit yeah sometimes you do have to move it up but looked the point is this. Let's just be realistic the division is pretty much all but gone great win out. Why -- -- have -- because the Dodgers are much better and you mentioned all the holes there. Johnson is that it dropped to order a row at home to Milwaukee Milwaukee's Google gave her -- her behavior that team is supposed to hold -- -- home. I saw last night in the box score that that that kind of number jobs things that make -- -- home -- do remember. You see you got the save. Mr. the ridiculous -- Were thrown his beard. That that enough of them -- I'm Wilson -- flash in back did you know how he's far Sergio rolled home. Got his 23 set last night your thoughts. Is good to see a casino was close behind Europe the path of our -- with a. I was scared tell me he's got his job back I -- his duties were stripped and rightfully so -- two thirds of an inning one hit. One strikeout lord is the 34 I'm I'm just shocked to date that this is a foregone conclusion that the Dodgers got the division so don't -- I don't the objectives and a Jack and Jeff Zack they are -- -- are very small business to the very inconsistent. Let's hear from the man under Bruce mode June -- Romo got to see -- -- situation working -- Santiago. A little break and I don't know if I was gonna use them uncomfortable with the way he was just sort of there in the -- -- he was so -- -- you could see you. You know we worked pretty hard the night before. Sometimes you're down a little fresh express in the votes thank you are working on an -- well. A how long match always you is that you thank you. -- that was the explanation he had worked toward the night before and it looks like -- he did give -- -- hidden in in two thirds of an inning but. It's nice to know that if you do need to give Casilla. You know some rest that you can still bring in Romo who's who's been down this path before this is not a spurs' rodeo. I hate to say -- -- -- -- -- she would have brought me in the night before when half they'll get -- to run wow. I mean I had my daughter who had to go there you know just a dollar man that's the matchup game -- rewriting a law. This -- -- with the giants the -- the bats have been in Virginia I mean four and a half out and you've got the second wild card. Why not think like this guy why not us you know who showed up yesterday. Post Michael Morse. Three for three and -- being on the notch triple. Who doubles he had seven total bases and he walks DJ I don't quite get there are alternate. Look this is what I do know when the giants word word worked -- -- and have the best record in baseball Tim Hudson was performance calling him Jack Clark and yes your word he does look like -- when you're better comparisons. And Michael Morse was there on the cover off the -- he was provide -- properties if we had an argument I remember on these airwaves. It was a better free agent pick up out of Michael Morse and Tim I think they were both performing now Hudson didn't have. His best stuff yesterday obviously -- is this is more importantly active to Hudson I'm getting a little word about not know his long in the tooth do you think this is up the dog days of August he'll get -- or. Is he doing. I think he'll bounce back I illegals are going to be somewhere in between the guy who had a sub one sub two ERA do you think that you get -- -- like you like the in can be near Miami tomorrow is accurate don't against the Phillies who have all but mail Didi who's undefeated your comment bothered to. Father time so I mean yeah you you you -- haven't -- views known and you've still got -- anybody can hit that at any point oh I don't think that we've seen it would cause I still like what I see I just you know. There is that they say football's a game of inches every sport is a game of inches and where he's missing -- and went. Things are dropping in fall it's not bad for from how he looked when he was doing what life is again in the villages. Aren't -- -- to turn out not really yeah yeah thanks most. Sound exactly like boats can't believe you guys can you pat on the -- you know once we get rid of that altogether Tony want that is a drop oh. We talk about my college career because of the worst -- we'll do that. Apparently not won't do that next. Our number 20 before our show coming up next war talk is good moral panic. Because the other side of the pillow and -- also finally. Tell you about this on air challenge from one of our on air personalities.

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