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Scott Bair breaks down the Raiders game vs the Lions

Aug 17, 2014|

Scott Bair, CSNBA Raiders insider joins Zak and the Guru to break down the Raiders pre season game Friday night vs the Detroit Lions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is the house in order and ready to be presented for -- guest -- -- we have Scott Bair he is the raiders. Insider for CS and Bay Area you can follow him on Twitter at bear that's BA IR CS and Scott how are you welcome the program. I'm pretty boy -- -- first and I heard a pop that collar and -- Butler did it Blakey twinkle on the side. -- how good the bad -- IMF's. That's just what Greg -- does mean that the whole thing was great. Com let's talk about that game combined victory can't put much stock and that is the you know the fourth stringers playing. -- at that point but specifically the quarterback position Scott it. There cannot be enough emphasis put on that position. -- came in he's been good in the past he was not good last year you have the second round draft big Derek Carr who has shown flashes. Of why he got selected there and then you've got -- and how do you think this whole thing is gonna shake out no shots probably gonna start the season. But argue in the boat with me and -- calls guru and that but -- probably be a little shorter than you would think. Yeah I think for -- much pocket he had back in the vote. Went a winter meeting -- not match on the top ten quarterbacks. On par with the developers of the world I think we need upon the brakes on the I didn't think that the -- is it. Realistic opportunity. You can control this team over the sport and equipment that we. Audio clips of this upcoming pre game. -- and we -- on that week -- were there court cricket team and now. One. But he showed that again yesterday at a conference call I didn't think they're -- him every opportunity. To make it right but between the by and and the raiders are still in deep trouble in any good quarterback like yeah I -- keep in Munich that prick. Scott we hear a lot about the quarterback position in the running back position. But the wide receiver position let me just Regis -- names Butler homes Jones Streeter. More do the Oakland Raiders got have a number one receiver. Now. I think that's kind of an accepted thing that's going on -- raiders right now and again on during the program. You know like. You can't get everything that you want for Christmas and I think wide outlet to let that one spot that they wanted to -- somebody probably in that second round. And knock on me on actually -- your car repair act and -- -- change so they don't. A number one Abacha number cute what they preach you know at which it can make. You know personnel packages and substitutions so you try to get. Their best chance to. Technically -- their strength now they've been experimenting with. Different way in game one we are streaker all day -- we are owned and more so. You know it's going to be an eight jumbled up bigger. Part time. Pre game number three come on board and what we need to -- starting eleventh and and we have yet on the outside. Yes certainly Scott -- -- insider. For CS and Bay Area joins -- -- the -- over Johnson and -- arrive here on 95 point seven big game Scott's. High. The defense. -- has not look good. In the first two games specifically the most important part of the defense which is as. The starter is and even more specific than that the secondary. Not a brought a couple of guys in from you know from forty niners brown eyes and just looking at this defense and I I I know the front seven should be better. But what are they gonna do secondary wise. I mean. Yeah Allen got me worried about this at all I am on actually because Joe Brown. It looked great that's bar and EA -- a lot about this group play to get their country get and and it's weird because when you're at that point in the preakness and and you start -- -- BG eight. Men like what are we gonna come back. It's going to be that savior in. Our ability to do that last. You're selling it even re acting. Show that they. On the second there right now of young talent got better experience. I don't think anybody truly in their prime quote unquote that shutdown corner and I think a major cause for concern especially that back up by yeah. You know 37 year old child looked at a time branches. Got down again another ankle problem. But. Yeah. Scott speaking of defense I know football is king Scott I know it is I got the FDA and I I read us the at all but is it too quick to give mad in mister Khalil Mac for only having two tackles and they say the tackle the -- The tackles that he got almost came when the game was over late in the second half. Are we jumping the gun on what we don't see from the young man right now. You know accurate and -- they talk like that very same thing I think and I think that is the product of extremely high expectations. Not like it. Like it's over. You know like bought the land on the ground and people are talking on Miller type numbers in his rookie year so. And the human nature in the number -- It's something. -- think you're I don't think you'd get this guy's going to be under a microscope all these law. Do I think it's time to panic. Absolutely not this guy that we played cute professional game. Let me start on there that are ready right away that he doesn't have eighty you know or sex in -- games. But he is naturally. Assumed well it's because he didn't play good competition at the universe while -- -- -- -- -- wrong -- outline. In the and that. Thirteen keeping quiet and I think that. That's a fact but that isn't cause for alarm and I didn't think it on the -- yet. To the regular. -- that he can be fine now -- that I'm totally with you I think he will be -- at the right at acute. The right work ethic and just amazing strength and what he developed kind of go to pass -- move I think. I think you'll see a lot to handle result. He -- get better at the little things in terms of read every action and make all the other stuff it's gonna come and not. -- -- is getting his feet where does Scott come up a lot more confident. And the defensive line that I am the offensive line they brought in. Up ten and Howard. Obviously still Barnes was news ski and and and Watson. What do you seen at the offensive line so far because I think this team is going to be running the ball a lot more than they're gonna be passing it. -- -- trying to beat teams. You know fourteen to hand things like that like. -- in order to use the -- charters. Better -- ball control. Again on not terribly upset with -- -- that -- Donald and looked pretty good in the locker looked young again. And I think. The real key is going to be. Interior offensive line -- on the middle. Quite a bit on underside at a center and look at the numbers. I mean running between left art. And senate turns for when he -- target collection there -- pass protection we sell a lot. Shop -- under Iraq. What I mean it's very democratic side shot him credit standing in their make up throws early in the first out but yeah. I -- What I call the overwhelming -- strength and I think raider wanna be at this point now but in my they would ship on the starting spot absolutely. Scott I got to ask you this about the running back position do you think defected Jones-Drew was in the back field and will be the antidote. To keep meat fat and healthy because I know it's been a couple of runs. But he was run and hard not say any hasn't in the past. But I just -- for some -- -- for some reason Scott now that he knows somebody else is in the back field. We we may not see those injuries like we saw the past few years. You know I just freaked out because politics is war now but I think. That -- there then I'd seen that greatly hurt the lifted -- so much in that. Giant contract. We're rewarding her hand and -- and being a bell -- back I think with all the injuries. Agree he's pretty stoic in front of the press I really say that. -- -- care probably more than he -- on and all the injuries kind of war and count and I think just having NGE there. Could an incredibly hot and incredibly competent and opting -- that you really kind of -- there to play at front street to Eric. You get run hard and if we get it -- for a week. No big deal could be -- indeed either so. I think that that's immensely for him up and I think we're gonna see much better and I've gone he can stay healthy and -- -- -- meet you exit yet to Iran that's well. Over the last couple seasons and I mean that's actually a good thing for keen advocate -- -- Thirty times per game in the parent get 78 touches and -- -- and it could be a -- at one coupons. Scott -- raiders insider for CSN Bay Area follow him on Twitter as I do. At bear CES and Scott now we know you can listen to the program even when you were joining -- I've never felt more official. Yeah -- I am a Sports Radio just. Don't say that you say you really. I can't -- that's all we -- Yeah well you know I just can't get that. I. It much to cure it -- Jeremiah they're united but -- -- security. -- -- -- -- Think he's got enjoy your Sunday. What are Jeremiah about your eyes on the air he's.

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