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Scott Bair breaks down the Raiders game vs the Lions

Aug 17, 2014|

Scott Bair, CSNBA Raiders insider joins Zak and the Guru to break down the Raiders pre season game Friday night vs the Detroit Lions.

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    Mike alert okay. Now. Colorado Colorado our guy welcome back inside the bigs on Michael Irvin every Saturday mornings from nine and then you can find me right here in 957. The game the giants fell 32 last that it AT&T park in game three. The between fourteen World Series first time they've lost consecutive postseason. Game since 2012. Which means of course. In the mind of giants fans were all gonna die. We better pitch medicine but when in fact withdrew its phone during game four and five. What if it rains tonight Anthony's were joined by Anthony Castro remains in studio his national writer for wrote a preview that's on the front page if you have web access you can read it I don't have web web access. And this studio not the bitter about that at all. About. The reason he's sticking numbers folks you being here or is sticking with Brian Boson is because you already announced him as the starter we talked about this and I'm just rehashing it. For the audience he's not you take the ball away from him that's not the way beau she rolls post Madison bombers been rid pretty road pretty hard he needs more rest not last but. If there's a rain out tonight. Does that justify making the move occurred you know I I I don't think you do it for the same reason we talked about the you know the black afraid that those are guy I don't know if you would do it and and and let's call coach up and very. Mom. Are you didn't suit my guys. Am. I sooners job worsen. Madison's a little bit tired we know I didn't and you just give me some and friends for a bird editors and I don't think it's gonna rain out so. Guy it's not supposed to say mirrors I'm hearing pretty hard overnight which is great for this area I don't know if you know but weren't a big time dead out here so we need the rain. It's funny it seems like the a couple of days. Recently where you'd rather it doesn't rain and that's when you did in here in the Bay Area restaurants in the days when we'd love to have a tenor and we just don't get have been named I tend to agree we're Anthony I I think. For the same reason he doesn't make that changed now because it does expressed a lack of faith and run Lola song and not only do does he not wanna send that message I think you just have faith and run those songs. As we've talked about he's got great post season numbers. And justifiably so yeah I mean. We talk mom that a lot of people are some of mobile song like he's you know chopped liver in this in this conversation and I mean it. Good fisheries he's done well on the station so I don't think it's. And he shames them out there and earlier I mentioned that some people have a problem with this because that makes Tim Hudson your game seven starter I don't know if the royals. Fans feel any better about Jeremy Guthrie is there the right potential game so these are just kind of where I would these. But these rotations and in the series this is mostly about the middle innings about the height simple thank you Susan it's sort of thing so. I I don't know I don't know what he would do it brings up on the is gonna rain out because. You know god won't give me a night off and Sarah. My paths. The Morrissey here's that have Anthony Caster event she's national writer for you can follow him on Twitter act Caster me NCAA ST RO BI and CE if you wanna follow me it's at bigger sports if you want called this show we are taking calls while we talked with Anthony 888957. 957. In fact we've got Steve patiently waiting on hold let's go to Stephen Petaluma Steve here and into the bigs with the comment. Pellets out just on Charlton had on netstat folk controversy. Take several hundred panic and it actually panic about precisely the wrong thing. Diet scored two run black knights it is hotter you run out there. You'd think if the big guys in the middle on the order. I can't come up bigger. The giants are gonna win and I'm so put all that focused on mobile song and you know whether Bom Gartner India medics say beer. In just the wrong place to look. Yeah I agree completely it's a great point I mean Tim Hudson last night pitched well enough to win. He wasn't allowed to go in you know they they took him out because it's a playoff game and you have to have all hands on deck and you manage a little bit different. In the post season but after the first inning when his command was initiative. Would you give up a couple of runs in five and two thirds which is really what he gave up one of those inherited runners got and but this the pitching was not a problem last night I'm glad you pointed that out also glad you mentioned Buster Posey used a way to stave. Did you hear did iridescent in the first segment the giants have hit seven post season home runs by seven different guys. One of those guys has not been Buster Posey. I absolutely agree and what would have been forbidding her to fit anymore they came up bit two runners on at Louisville want now. And it was probably candidate and ten. And they came away with a one run on a clot that sort of ground out. Stand around me and I just cutting it down it's not the focus should not be pitching here. Yeah that's a great call Steve I appreciate that Stephen Petaluma if you wanna join us 888957. 957 you can text to sit 957. 95 and again you can tweet me at big urban support in studio this friend of mine former colleague from Anthony can instruments follow him on Twitter at Castro events you've been watching all these games that. Buster Posey look nobody doubts that the guy as a superstar is one World Series is one MEPs is one batting titles. And he's gotten big hits in this post seasons from Mary hasn't been if I wouldn't say he's been struggling. But the lack of power from your belt out there is an issue the guy's got to go yard if no other reason. Then to put a little bit of fear back in that rose pitching staff because. They're figure in you know there's nobody in that giants lineup I think that they're absolutely deathly afraid of at this point. Now I doesn't have an extra race head and his policies are because you're you said somebody gets selvin singles and you know I don't know what that's triggered catcher is a tough position advance proceed to this point a year crushes a lot of drain there but but yeah I mean the power just hasn't been there. Santa laws really steps up on the stage traditionally and until last night did though the streak of reaching base 25 straight postseason games that can do and and com EST now that I mean that four hits on the night Jeremy Guthrie started that's that's not gonna get it done at the stage. It's not an end you mentioned this earlier Anthony. Some people seem to be thinking oh Tim Hudson in game seven that's not an ideal situation I completely disagree I'm I'm fine I mean I'm biased obviously I'd covered in terms of friend in my wrote a book about the guy and after a while we are doing the publicity tour when the book came out. An obvious question one I got all the time was if you had Hudson Mulder and Zito all available and healthy. Remember this is what all three worth the paper are get get the first five years San Francisco bears in Iraq your head and considering this when he was good when he was at the top of his game obviously Cy Young stud. I always said if I had all three of those guys available I would go to Tim Hudson everytime he would be my pick. And you still other than Madison bomb garner if I had to pick one guy on the staff to start the big game it would be Tim Hudson because look you saw him last night he pitched very well on the World Series stage for the third imagine the emotion going through that guy's body last thing right the adrenaline I mean. That was in it it's been a cool part of this giants postseason run. Is it to a man everybody on the giants weren't once they got past the division series which he had never done before and then again when they got to the World Series. I'm prompted everybody says this is even more special because of what it means to Tim Hudson yes they've got you know and he's one of those rare pitchers. They're actually emerges as a team leader so as Jake Peavy they got through those guys don't but there's so much respect to a form and I think. The giants themselves they would have no problem when Tim get the ball in game seven I don't know why anybody else would when you watch is stuff. When you're covering the Indians you saw Tim with the aim right at the peak of his powers. What should do is there are a dramatic difference in obviously the velocity is different but effectiveness is not. Now and then they're just the gutsy princes who has enough the guy because got a lot of swagger through me only Lotta guts. Not afraid to challenge hitters and armor talking buster earlier this season about about Hudson and just. If he was surprised. What a great athlete he is and in general there. You know fields his position while all that and then just the way he thinks about the game he really thought. Don't you readers really I have a game matters even among pitchers he's worked for these were some great pitchers and Chrysler. As far as I know his thought process and also has ability to make adjustments within the games are what what hitters are doing against himself. Yeah I don't think there's there's any great controversy with. Tim Hudson as a game sevens are out I'd be absolutely confident in and taken the ball their but it again it goes back to there is a game started last night by Jeremy Guthrie in you've got four hits or it's a guy fell one point three whipped this is why it's pretty special. That's just not enough it's not gonna get it done let's go back to the phone lines out to Jon and Murray and John here on inside the bigs I don't this morning. They are great joke banks are still haven't gone here in this series then we're still playing. I think he can get out the Lopez are very bad. Yeah it. Amazing about my house Mer I I agree completely that was the biggest about it again. I was surprised he challenged him I think there was debate open and our group fastball down the middle of the plate I would have probably get two quarters but I. You know I think it really came down to that. Well fixes our chances are he missed a spot I don't think anybody wants to go right down main street fair cause Merv but you gotta give Hosmer all the credit in the world there I mean news Lopez was brought in to do one thing is to get one lefty out and he threw some nasty pitches that Hosmer flicked off you know guys locked in when you can sell that he's just he knows it's probably going to be a called strike but he also knows he can't drive it. So we just flicks it that's when you know the guy's a really good hitter. But once that once he got the job done there that's when you knew that was probably the rose nine probably not the giants. Yeah and I do you have faith in Vogel song. I will too but got out there. Our John thanks for the phone call I appreciate it yeah house version bad. I. Hosmer was one of those guys that when he got drafted here was projected as a future star as well as Billy Butler can and that's critical part of this royal story is that these are two guys. Crude now granted it's taken longer than everybody expected. But what the royals envision happening has in fact happen it just took longer. Yeah Hosmer massages blizzards are cornerstones and those guys both struggled this season. And the end of September to June event I see the royals allowed in Oakland and Cleveland central. I know I never went contestant has taken the next level like this guy's you know more cartoon. All right when we come back we do this every week everything in life can be labeled one of two ways good for ball. Or bad for ball Anthony Chester wrenches witness in studio he's gonna participate if you'd like to join a long it's akin to be a free form version of good football basketball and an 8957. 957. AM Michael or this is inside the big you're listening. To 95 point seven Big Ten. They areas news down for us. Under. Carner bonuses just like Heidi yeah. Yeah my back. Amber's home run by Arthur Murray hill on. Yeah markers. Under your. Marvin. Good stuff threadbare welcome back inside the big Stetson Todd production by the way he's a producer you produces. Very well done yet little little honor Strickland moved Bruce Croce and a lot of bombs. And numbers in some Britney Spears of course hit me baby one more time she's helped usher me an amendment and thank you very much in studio way this is a friend of mine he works for Quality writer also his work appears on sports on earth. Dot com Anthony Castro meant she can follow him. Castro events pictured they should drop from my mantras is great but having guys in studio especially friends of mine. And we're going to well actually let's get to a phone call real quick before you're ever good for Bubba from bunnies all that's so bad that kind of pressure trademark yeah I think a birch that led And I'm still doing it 1012 years later so we'll get into that after we speak with Mike in San Jose in my urine into the bigs are. I'm doing fine Marco thanks for taking my call skulls which got a question for. Or should there Latin last night at Sierra bowling Alley did you did you come out. No no I just very refreshing this show on me I'm down here and senate very okay you come up tonight or tomorrow tomorrow night. Well I'd like to router I don't know it may depend on the weather I don't like thirteen dollar burger. Well it sounds really good to onions probably would enjoy the most. What do underway and Michael as I've been a giants fan since they have that puts added to the giants logo. And how good I've you know I've got some bad news digest have a terrible feeling that. The lack of professionalism by hunter Strickland is going to be the determinant in this series and unfortunately. I don't think it's going to be good for the giants they can't pitch Madison and every game they've got to win four games and the most he could win is two or three maybe. And I'm really concerned about it too because you know you really show children wounded your hand when you when you became the way did not second game that's so great. Yeah I do but I think may be our respectfully disagree in terms of it having that dramatic human impact on this series. Day it was unprofessional but. I think it'll be number one he copped to it in the immediate aftermath he recognizing. Knowledge and own the fact that he was being a punk and I think that kind of defused anything if she had been indignant about it. And said boy hey that they guy needs to you know he was stared me down. If you try to justify an anyway and made that made bad even worse. Then maybe it gives the royals a little bit extra fire but I think at this point girls are just like oh whatever give up another home run and then come talk to me you know. These professional in the World Series so that's exactly the bottom line. Yeah I agree with that so what do you think the decision to go Vogel song instead Obama garner your okay were there right. I'm with open arms be you know Bill Belichick got a global ready for what he's on the line now all the way through Linda once again not. That's content win four games and they're gonna have to win one or two games without him. All right thanks for the phone call like I really appreciate it that's Mike in San Jose if you wanna join the program. 8889579. To 570. Anti Castro rinse is in studio win this and he is going to help us playing good from. All basketball here. That's awesome but he honestly that smells like your gasoline and my. I. All right here's now works everything in life and I do mean everything can be labeled one of two ways good for ball. Or bad for bonds that have to be sports there's got to be baseball can be anything for instance triple play good from all. I think he did simple way at every meal every day. You heard this shot house and chop Chop Shop house shot house. And sound bytes of Oakland I don't know really heard about it it sounds amazing just as there's only two locations in the country loves its Asian food was like the chipotle concept. Let's be great. Yeah you get up you made the race. And pick out vegetables. Well you've got is it may get right in front of you. Now so they can't screw up it's like if they're gonna botch your order you get to see them botching your if you don't get what you ordered that's on you right because they're doing it right in front you also if like. Annan and this can't be sexist Kansas Texas Karen women tend to not eat this much is man. I've got friends and if a female rally and I've got a female friend of mine grew so go to lunch then the principal for lunch. Then it's also dinner because she can never finishes the give you a lot of food so that's good for ball bad for ball. And again this is your fault if it happens and has happened to me because I wasn't paying attention nothing worse than order here burrito and saying no guacamole can you don't like guacamole it freaks you out. And then fighting in your burrito and getting a big mouthful welcome moment. There's nothing worse than not letting Bartiromo and I just figured I got a text shadow like cilantro. So sometimes as little too much salon chosen people do that but now. Are you kidding me and then ultimately you'll point out they have that little green thing between your teeth I got that anyway it's that's a sign of a good friend. We'll tell you get your stuff in your teeth. If they don't that's bad for ball so that's the way it works but we're really confine it to baseball good football and basketball. Let's do good for ball first. You're their last night's game Anthony I thought it was really cold Toney fifth anniversary of the earthquake series died and the giants brought out Roger Craig knows the manager of that team. The a's won that World Series is swept that World Series Tony La Russa is not well liked. In these parts. But they did the right thing in brought him anyway that's good for boss that's good for Montoya and others is good for ball just lyricism. Ball is being played in this World Series is these one match at and recommend either Tony orders against yes love that he kind of invented this new says approached the bullpen management yeah he invented the three hour and forty minute guys you India amusing five pitchers in mourning and try to get two outs. Let's give an example of bad for ball we saw when he. Yeah aforementioned hunter Strickland gave up his 37 home run of the post season and stared down it was a present he stir downstairs now on the wrong guy. It's funny the Strickland said it was miscommunication. And I don't know that that's the right word necessarily. But he says that assumed one thing and it was strong and our good buddy and say what he was assuming so I'd like to find that out. But the reason I mention is because it led to do the standard milling around on the downturn in the baseball version of a brawl noted at least for now we're there we weren't allowed to use the word brawl can use the word brawl now. I think he can knees were brawl but you be using it wrong anyway because and it's not a brawl is not abroad it's just bumping into each other what's particularly bad for ball to me. Is the guys when the bull pens are way out beyond the outfield fence. And you see by the time they get out there it's already been diffused it's over so my proposal has long been. If in fact okay you're going out there under the premise of your gonna fight right now than ever fight but let's column on it and say. There needs to be some sort of rule may be some sort of maybe fox can put one of those. Superimposed yellow lines in the outfield you can't cross that line but he can fight behind it. Just the bullpen to fight it out and out there what are you going out there for USA and and the energy you know and you know what I like though is in September saw a good one in September and everybody has expanded rosters see ya like guys guys on the field that's refund that's cute for raw anything jump out that's too good for ball or bad for ball in terms of well you can you can go anywhere with the specifically. The World Series is a corporate crowd you get they're the stars of fox comedies that are about to. Cancel the any celebrities that you saw a good draw back from off. Well I got a couple for you know about other guys modern family. Which ones. The big guy cam these the good I had great show by he's from Kansas City, Kansas. Missouri so he's everywhere you know he's like the start and I'm wondering if this this is really raising his profile even more and I've never seen any other modern family and Eric stone street thank you Eric Owens candidacy there. And he's also a season think it's a Dodgers so he's like the ultimate. You guys San Franciscan Vietnamese he's anti cardinals two he made that clear I read a short story with them. Yeah I don't know. Destroy you has been everywhere lately Breyer and and he's not the biggest star of that show I mean they're all stars I don't know if you like to show up in the love the show a picture. Yeah and that's that was interesting to see him out there any any rocks surge or anything you've seen you Miller on the field before the end. Yeah I know her on the field and I am amazed is that the San Cisco is as cool and progressive business it is it is that you know Huey Lewis is still such a big deal here's. And this is amid Steve Perry is just. And an amazing phenomenon to me right now and another one I got known for your. Marlins men jealous guy. Behind the Marlins and yet again the bright orange coming Kansas City dude for smaller vessel ball good from all your mask you that there is a baseball team called the Marlins. And here. Series nudges the giants fan and that's always have orange. They could be denied these legitimate out Marlins fan and he gets. Good seats he gave up his seat last night for the guy who saying godless American petty officer who saw or other that was that was good for ball low is good for ball two. Also good for ball. Last night's game a good clean crisp game yet nobody really hurt themselves right as a one run game it was well it's there're some clutch censor some great defensive play as good solid fundamental baseball good football Greg Tucker from mauling you can and analysis of the sixth inning in the pitching moves and I love that they've got a little bit of everything from. Hey we've got a little bit everything out of viewer I noted you gotta just take you so much for spend some time in studio Anthony Caster event. Good enough to spend an hour away this follow him on Twitter at Castro and NCAA ST RO BI and C in please do yourself a favor. If you love good writing check out Anthony's work. His preview of game four is on the front page right now and also go check out sports on earth doesn't get a whole lot of attention just yet but it is a great place. To read some quality writers like infineon since not just baseball. And but it is just earth there's no Mars or Venus stories Anthony thanks different time I appreciate it have been doing our senator announced our identity castor rent some Michael Irvin when we come back marked five cent of the New York Daily News. He's going to be breaking down game four given us a look forward. Ryan Vogel song taking the mound for the giants are looking to avoid them going down 321 at home in the 2014. World Series you're listening into a debate. And under five point seven a game. Dicky Dicky flew way. Welcome back inside to big John-Michael Irvin every Saturday morning from nine to noon. You can find me right here this is a World Series edition of inside the bigs and we hit three World Series conditions kind of pumped up about that that's good for ball. Next weekend will be our final inside the Briggs of this season we'll recap the World Series. A go ahead and just drop the pretense of being objective hopefully we're talking about a Third World title. In five years for the giants yes I said if I would like to see the giants win this World Series. You can take the boy out of San Francisco we can't take San Francisco out of the boy I was born at Saint Mary's hospital went to the University of San Francisco spent a large part of my life in this city and am a Bay Area boy born and raised I want all Bay Area teams to do well yes. Even the raiders you know I can't stand with the raiders have done to themselves. Over the past decade or so I still want them to do well I still root for them so next Saturday will be back on the air we will have our. I'm thinking if it's the last show of the season and we better go break I think we will effort to get brand savient. We'll effort to get barely being we will get all of the biggest names that you've heard. Throughout the season kind of pumped up about it actually looking forward to getting Saturday mornings. To myself more specifically to my family have missed far too many of my daughter Jackie soccer games my daughter Natalie swim meets Natalie is actually had a sway me right now. In San Jose I hope she's swimming well and have a good time. I'll be your have a good time if you wanna join the program 8889579. To 570. In our next segment will do so we do every week killers and Kook some people are so it. Other people are just masters jackass tree I think Carter Strickland name might come up in killers in control right now wanna go. Talked to a good friend of mine. Also a former college from but he has moved on. He's working back in the newspaper business for the New York Daily News. He covers the Yankees he's beat writer for the NY AD and but he's covered in the World Series all the big important papers and the best of the best outcome of the big stories and mark is one of those guys market leader in this morning pastry time. It. I'm doing terrific I'm confused about what your Twitter handle is I Google bit and I got. Blogging bombers and foreign CNN YDN. Aren't they and why. All right is is it this is somebody like trying to steal your identity without bogging bombers go. We used to watch and offer a permit or auto web site but being that I credit debit ready beating up our orbit took the our street name in the paper not appear any direct edit or to Korea are going to look at yankees you're currently being cut but. Occupy air giant. They mark first off pull the curtain back a little bitten let people know the the very scientific booking progress. That we employ here at inside the bigs. I was walking home from lucky strike where we did a live broadcast the post game. Last night will be doing it again tonight and tomorrow by the way. And I'm just thinking and realizing boy this week's been busy I have not booked my own show for tomorrow morning kind of forgot that if I look up then there's my friend Marc fein saying it was like god saying. Here's a guest for you so we had our man hug and right around like when you come on the air are you enjoying your time exhibit Cisco. I about it I a history there wouldn't there were a joke came out here a lot out of here do not. You're gonna reject them ourselves spoke at the agreement brokered here or not. Contract workers. So how lot of isn't for you mark now back when we were colleagues. I cover it is you covered the Yankees we've crossed pass during the regular season once or twice. We crossed paths in the playoffs a couple of times but for you. As your coming up as a writer it was almost like a birthright you will be covering your team. In the post season you haven't for a couple years in a row now that must be odd. Could put a little different and you know that you have been a little bit grim you know I think it thankfully regarded been able. Ride the wave of momentum out of retirement tours Mariano Rivera Derek Jeter. Keep some other that you're going whatever we're getting ever thought I bet you're you're critical artery or are so I took a little bit of a different. Oh her back up next here at all all art bought. Carpet out coming back the could be all about at this. I didn't belong gender picked by a while the white and doubt you don't have to play out when you group who disappointment to create last year. I agree to do what how they were on the richter ought to get it back. We're talking with Marc fein saying here as the Yankees beat writer for the New York Daily News you can follow him on Twitter at fine send. And why. Derek Jeter will be gone Alex Rodriguez will be back wow what a dramatic shift in the vibe in that clubhouse I would imagine. It didn't need to really get it out about strategy and Peter Arnett. Staying but at the edited on per year I got Pristina but number you know east in the water and shoot I'll act. The law school back but it could perform. Help but it took the editor Carl quickly. It's a record Peter Glover there are gonna all be better gone Pettit. Our product it's that different community and order under puppet and be leaders now. Our pitchers you know you're tablet built in the you know captain considered sort of that deep it will lead the way. I like title belt solid in an old Barry Parker ripped up popularly used to look bigger role and brought it up. How do you get along with Alex I mean I had a lot of riders can't stand the guy I am one of them because of an experience that I had where he just revealed himself to be just that the phony that I had heard he was to get along with a. Doubted that it missed a proposition Durban time career been good Durban are appropriate but good out there really depend on the weakened. Circled around and eat eat your meal equality and you know what date your buddy next to you walk by it would not you know without it is popular to say hello so. He can sing got to cover but debated their proper person. Our let's move on to this 2014 World Series the royals took I guess you could say took command. First couple games they traded blowouts last night was more of a classic World Series game. Good pitching at all by bowl starters they weren't great but they were good the bullpen so were good with the exception of you know there's a little bit to pick up on the giants side of things some clutch hit some good defense what's what's been your take away from these first three games. You know I thought don't get what we plug into our target big panic gripped it. And rope but I think they'd show it. That struggle loyal they're really fighting game. The giants are probably more respect for evident in the portable Gregor rocket count you know are covered covered all but true royals are in the policy at the bubble that's ridiculous I don't ever remember seeing anything like in a meeting you'd be back create even nineties what. You know we're very wet led directly Stanton and know Rivera pot through very truthful and obviously. I had a nasty boy there have been ripped all that but. Watch with you that's a time where it pretty much every game they won this as both beat them it's been three got a lock it down final pretty important and could create flawlessly. It's been really impressed urban you know you're a rookie Eddie intimate last night. I Yost take what little bit of chant the people you're. Well but right now to literary guilty the last lap sprint rep. Hey mark who's the better team in this series. I think the giant still better you overall it ebitda one. Pop I think are open and looted a touch below the Royal Oak and opera I think what cute little irritated you're quite bit that they believe the best pitcher street. Bob on a big. You know if the giant wind today under the act in there yet street still gonna be doing it in big culprit in order to pick our. But I think I think just overall medal roiled wanna be in a right to comment or hot. Watch it here regulars you can be okay there aren't they were cheering. Should be in the wild cart expand and getting wild card and you know what like Iraqi seven year to go to the momentum. And and it can't go. The corporate fit the time I think Kurt could hear a drug like Joseph grip box. Or at all. You know they're royals a team that logic it better written and very much it meant the big. Keep as well going to pour it out. Yeah that's a great way to put their marquee guy I so appreciate your time I know it's your walking somewhere right now you go into the BB WA meeting rate them. And avoid this is for the best of the best in market certainly won an Emmy writes for the New York Daily News covers the Yankees covering the World Series now for that paper you can follow him on Twitter at find San NY. If if you're thirsty after tonight's game stop by lucky strike a bowling Alley across the street I'll be they're gonna post game show. All right mark take your thanks again for your time that's Marc fein San of the New York Daily News when we come back. Pillars include we do it every week killers some people are just out there and stealing it. I think some names probably jump immediately to mind. When you think of killers but what about the Kooks who was making a fool of themselves in this World Series we will discuss when we come back and I want you to be a part of it. You give me your killers includes 888957. 957. Phone lines are wide open I'm Michael Irvin this is inside the bigs. You're listening to 95 point seven million. All right welcome back inside the bigs every Saturday morning from nine and then you can buy me right here talking ball for three straight hours on 9572. Big game where the radio McVeigh's baseball but. Downtown San Francisco studios are right down the street from AT&T park. We talk is we talk giants we talked on your dream job creators we talked shark for dark corners we talk all Bay Area sports seems all right now the giants are senator in the Bay Area sports universe they're trailing in the World Series two games to one in the wake of a 32 setback Japan's of the visiting royals at AT&T park last night had a good time after the game didn't necessarily enjoy it while I did enjoy watching the game but the outcome. Wasn't too wild about that after the game. We did a post game show at lucky strike which is catty corner from Willie Mays plaza Chad doing made his on their debut for 957 the game you'll be hearing him quite a bit more going forward. Barry Zito co hosted with this Shawn Estes joined this one is TV duties were over and we're gonna do all over again tonight we're also going to be doing it on Sunday great food great atmosphere drink specials. Join us tonight for a giant post game show. At lucky strike lanes across the street from AT&T. Park. If you wanna call in join the show. I don't like you do that right now 8889579. To five Sammy wants you to get involved in. What were about to do right now and we call it killers and cooked she. All right killer self explanatory. If you have not listen to this segment before shame on him where you've been. Okay surfing term. If you're surfer you probably have your favorites but there's a bunch of guys that you always see at that spot you've got your center rules there's pecking order been established. This is how we do. And then some guy shows up. And airline green banana MAQ and a surfboard that looks like he made it in his garage in nine and professional way. He drops in on you he does know how things go we call those guys troops he's a jackass. Killers. Michael Morse did you expect this from Michael Morse I didn't I thought mountain stream notably. Hasn't faced live pitching in a long time he jumped right back into the mix and start getting big hit after big hit after being hit his first AB back I believe. Was ever broken bat single and away we go he is now the author of one of the most memorable home runs. In giants' post season history there wasn't a game winner that was Travis Ishikawa but Michael Morse is home run made that possible. Last I had a big double and he gets the crowd pumped up. The crowd. It was not that into the giants were not able to give them reason to get into about Michael Morse does I mean Michael Morse. Is that guy who. I don't know if you guys have ever done that but when you put your toothpaste on your toothbrush. You know they do it McCain commercials you get that kind of best shape and there's little curly Q with the job I can never duplicate that but I still tried. In what I do I'm pumped if Michael Morse does. And he gets there right he's right around the house with bold officiate in screaming yeah. I got to try it here unless it is an aged. He's on the bronze man. Michael Moore is absolutely been killing Lorenzo Cain and welcome to the world learns a canine did not know anything about you until the American television series. And down love and what I see I can do a little bit of everything not a ton of plot but he's a great gap to gap guy he's got tremendous speed. In my god is there anything that god does not catch. I mean if if I'm near him in the outfield. I'm just assuming he's gonna get it I don't need him to call me up by Lawrence has got a dishonest when you. Call a baseball player good for ball he is one of the killer mad dumb of course she's got to be honored killers where's my god the giants are leaning on this guy so heavily. He's automatic he goes out there and I keep waiting for him to Wear down but look at the guy he's a monster. I don't think people realize how big man some Bob garner has last season I did a cover story for giant magazine got to spend an hour. When Matt bum is just he and I in the family waiting room outside the giants' clubhouse. And I'd spoken to Madison and in the scrum in the clubhouse environment post game but never one on one. This is a very very large man I'm a very large man two I go about 67 number probably push into 75 right about now. There isn't much better shape than I am by. He runs I don't know how Tony is I would guess about six morbid he's got to be 235 to forty this is solid man which is why. In this previous series when he looked like he was about to throw hands I would not wanna throw hands in Madison bombs are. Big strong guy he can handle the load that they're given them. But again we've been talking about this all morning I do agree. With the decision not to pitch him in game four if anything he needs more rest not less she's gonna become the first starter can post season history. To take command six times when he takes the ball in game five on Sunday night. Also a killer. This is commonly used these guys as a collective Pereira Davis pollen decades DH their Killen if they're killers. I don't like to make gave it dates times against gates really sums it fast come to save both of them who appreciates. A CH. I just should do different things are there they sell on the same right anyway. Herrera a Davis pollen. You gonna have to get the lead giants before the seventh inning because if you don't. You haven't quite proving yet. That the royals formulas for success is beatable if they get to that point in the game of the lead. Until further notice the game's over 'cause this first step to back up what I'm talking about. When the royals have the lead after seven innings this year. This had a lead 78 times Stephen after seven how many of those games do you think they've plus. 11. Time. That's why I think last night even though moral victories don't count for anything. They did get something on moral victory by running her air out of the game they went earlier than they normally do granted but to give him out of there. Moral victory more victories doesn't pitching anything's in terms of who's leading the series the Rosie leaving it. Two games to one. Coax. I got heckled. At lucky strike last night. We're talking about the crowd not be in that interest and some guy who's of course sitting as close as you possibly can and we're broadcasting. Decides that. Furious because we said the crowd was named a decent music game he was yelling did it yeah I don't regret it really Dowd. You I don't know what you're doing you're horrible why did you go govern age game Oded dread the age of days. Clever when a jackass that's what I mean by two also echoed. Grow up straight claims come on come willing to give him a pass for this one time two things stop giving up homers. And stop being a punk usual order. When we come back to your phone calls we've got cal bear Brad on hold. 8889579257. In the next two segments are all about your calls on 95 point seven a game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is the house in order and ready to be presented for -- guest -- -- we have Scott Bair he is the raiders. Insider for CS and Bay Area you can follow him on Twitter at bear that's BA IR CS and Scott how are you welcome the program. I'm pretty boy -- -- first and I heard a pop that collar and -- Butler did it Blakey twinkle on the side. -- how good the bad -- IMF's. That's just what Greg -- does mean that the whole thing was great. Com let's talk about that game combined victory can't put much stock and that is the you know the fourth stringers playing. -- at that point but specifically the quarterback position Scott it. There cannot be enough emphasis put on that position. -- came in he's been good in the past he was not good last year you have the second round draft big Derek Carr who has shown flashes. Of why he got selected there and then you've got -- and how do you think this whole thing is gonna shake out no shots probably gonna start the season. But argue in the boat with me and -- calls guru and that but -- probably be a little shorter than you would think. Yeah I think for -- much pocket he had back in the vote. Went a winter meeting -- not match on the top ten quarterbacks. On par with the developers of the world I think we need upon the brakes on the I didn't think that the -- is it. Realistic opportunity. You can control this team over the sport and equipment that we. Audio clips of this upcoming pre game. -- and we -- on that week -- were there court cricket team and now. One. But he showed that again yesterday at a conference call I didn't think they're -- him every opportunity. To make it right but between the by and and the raiders are still in deep trouble in any good quarterback like yeah I -- keep in Munich that prick. Scott we hear a lot about the quarterback position in the running back position. But the wide receiver position let me just Regis -- names Butler homes Jones Streeter. More do the Oakland Raiders got have a number one receiver. Now. I think that's kind of an accepted thing that's going on -- raiders right now and again on during the program. You know like. You can't get everything that you want for Christmas and I think wide outlet to let that one spot that they wanted to -- somebody probably in that second round. And knock on me on actually -- your car repair act and -- -- change so they don't. A number one Abacha number cute what they preach you know at which it can make. You know personnel packages and substitutions so you try to get. Their best chance to. Technically -- their strength now they've been experimenting with. Different way in game one we are streaker all day -- we are owned and more so. You know it's going to be an eight jumbled up bigger. Part time. Pre game number three come on board and what we need to -- starting eleventh and and we have yet on the outside. Yes certainly Scott -- -- insider. For CS and Bay Area joins -- -- the -- over Johnson and -- arrive here on 95 point seven big game Scott's. High. The defense. -- has not look good. In the first two games specifically the most important part of the defense which is as. The starter is and even more specific than that the secondary. Not a brought a couple of guys in from you know from forty niners brown eyes and just looking at this defense and I I I know the front seven should be better. But what are they gonna do secondary wise. I mean. Yeah Allen got me worried about this at all I am on actually because Joe Brown. It looked great that's bar and EA -- a lot about this group play to get their country get and and it's weird because when you're at that point in the preakness and and you start -- -- BG eight. Men like what are we gonna come back. It's going to be that savior in. Our ability to do that last. You're selling it even re acting. Show that they. On the second there right now of young talent got better experience. I don't think anybody truly in their prime quote unquote that shutdown corner and I think a major cause for concern especially that back up by yeah. You know 37 year old child looked at a time branches. Got down again another ankle problem. But. Yeah. Scott speaking of defense I know football is king Scott I know it is I got the FDA and I I read us the at all but is it too quick to give mad in mister Khalil Mac for only having two tackles and they say the tackle the -- The tackles that he got almost came when the game was over late in the second half. Are we jumping the gun on what we don't see from the young man right now. You know accurate and -- they talk like that very same thing I think and I think that is the product of extremely high expectations. Not like it. Like it's over. You know like bought the land on the ground and people are talking on Miller type numbers in his rookie year so. And the human nature in the number -- It's something. -- think you're I don't think you'd get this guy's going to be under a microscope all these law. Do I think it's time to panic. Absolutely not this guy that we played cute professional game. Let me start on there that are ready right away that he doesn't have eighty you know or sex in -- games. But he is naturally. Assumed well it's because he didn't play good competition at the universe while -- -- -- -- -- wrong -- outline. In the and that. Thirteen keeping quiet and I think that. That's a fact but that isn't cause for alarm and I didn't think it on the -- yet. To the regular. -- that he can be fine now -- that I'm totally with you I think he will be -- at the right at acute. The right work ethic and just amazing strength and what he developed kind of go to pass -- move I think. I think you'll see a lot to handle result. He -- get better at the little things in terms of read every action and make all the other stuff it's gonna come and not. -- -- is getting his feet where does Scott come up a lot more confident. And the defensive line that I am the offensive line they brought in. Up ten and Howard. Obviously still Barnes was news ski and and and Watson. What do you seen at the offensive line so far because I think this team is going to be running the ball a lot more than they're gonna be passing it. -- -- trying to beat teams. You know fourteen to hand things like that like. -- in order to use the -- charters. Better -- ball control. Again on not terribly upset with -- -- that -- Donald and looked pretty good in the locker looked young again. And I think. The real key is going to be. Interior offensive line -- on the middle. Quite a bit on underside at a center and look at the numbers. I mean running between left art. And senate turns for when he -- target collection there -- pass protection we sell a lot. Shop -- under Iraq. What I mean it's very democratic side shot him credit standing in their make up throws early in the first out but yeah. I -- What I call the overwhelming -- strength and I think raider wanna be at this point now but in my they would ship on the starting spot absolutely. Scott I got to ask you this about the running back position do you think defected Jones-Drew was in the back field and will be the antidote. To keep meat fat and healthy because I know it's been a couple of runs. But he was run and hard not say any hasn't in the past. But I just -- for some -- -- for some reason Scott now that he knows somebody else is in the back field. We we may not see those injuries like we saw the past few years. You know I just freaked out because politics is war now but I think. That -- there then I'd seen that greatly hurt the lifted -- so much in that. Giant contract. We're rewarding her hand and -- and being a bell -- back I think with all the injuries. Agree he's pretty stoic in front of the press I really say that. -- -- care probably more than he -- on and all the injuries kind of war and count and I think just having NGE there. Could an incredibly hot and incredibly competent and opting -- that you really kind of -- there to play at front street to Eric. You get run hard and if we get it -- for a week. No big deal could be -- indeed either so. I think that that's immensely for him up and I think we're gonna see much better and I've gone he can stay healthy and -- -- -- meet you exit yet to Iran that's well. Over the last couple seasons and I mean that's actually a good thing for keen advocate -- -- Thirty times per game in the parent get 78 touches and -- -- and it could be a -- at one coupons. Scott -- raiders insider for CSN Bay Area follow him on Twitter as I do. At bear CES and Scott now we know you can listen to the program even when you were joining -- I've never felt more official. Yeah -- I am a Sports Radio just. Don't say that you say you really. I can't -- that's all we -- Yeah well you know I just can't get that. I. It much to cure it -- Jeremiah they're united but -- -- security. -- -- -- -- Think he's got enjoy your Sunday. What are Jeremiah about your eyes on the air he's.

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