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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/18/14 Hour 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stand up and. Yeah so much. Unbelievable we may have. I'm -- I. Tony sporting events can you go to a one weekend. The raiders in the giants' winning. And the 49ers in the days looking bad back -- going -- that's not supposed to be the case. You know. I don't wanna start to show this way. I know I've been requested on Twitter. When he saw that show yes. But for the first time that again you do not fulfill every request on Twitter though there's and so I like his. Otherwise they may be asking you did you some anatomical things just are physically possible I am build a little bit. A little bit. Little anecdotal DA's right now we'll get into that. A little bit later got a great show for you can always format mail go to -- Seattle 49ers got drilled yeah they don't look good. But as someone who's covered the 49ers as many years as he had -- What was the experience like for him I'm going to leave -- stadium yesterday and you know it made me think about when you -- and going off on just how great you -- -- right it's it's it's. It exceeded expectations. By a lot from India. What what made me it made -- realize is the fact that when you look at our two football stadiums in the Bay Area. We haven't had anything close. To a modern stadium for a long time and I wonder how much of that contributes that we didn't we didn't just go from. You know 2005. To 2014. We went from like 1974. In the sixty's it did 2014. MA so that. And it's this hugely but obviously. I watched it a lot sit home I was I was trying to keep track of both the giants and the 49ers at the same time. Working on my man cave right now getting dialed -- so good and it. And -- just the the nobody had a bad word to say about it and you're telling me how easy it was unit which was my my biggest question. Yes so -- mammy Yoko at 715 Rich -- giants had a very weakened against the Philadelphia Phillies. I or giants insider from CS and Bay Area you'll join us. At 815 I think agree and have your buddy Bill Polian at some point also -- on the show a lot of Flatts me and -- on this free see a lot of flags so a lot to get into glad. First and foremost. As somebody who has lived here well over twenty years and the whole time that I've lived here I've lived in the south bank. You know my whole career. Has been driving places. You know weather is my time covering the giants in the 49ers are my time covering the Athlon X I've always had to drive south based sports fans. Have always had to drive if you wanna see baseball if you wanna see pro football. Now of course the sharks I got here before the sharks so I watched the arena be built -- go to the cal pals for a couple years but. If you're in the south bay you can go down the shark tank and that's pretty easy but everything else -- -- -- -- Vice Edward traffic and always had a -- how long it's gonna take always you know it's late can I bring my kids. Driving to this I -- to the game yesterday when John line and we parked his car casino matrix and you know went to the game. And it was so. It was amazing -- -- I'm going to professional football. Basically where I live for the first time. It was unreal. And a walk up to the stadium. I -- Lockwood forty niner fans were walking through the parking lot of great America and just the excitement you think of that. -- bomb you've been going two for all of these years candlestick. To be walking up as a forty niner fan and a look at this huge stadium. It was really special I don't had drilled yesterday and I know it hasn't been good so far. And three season and -- it's a battle looked to lose two games 57 to 380 shut out yesterday thirty for an up and but the excitement and all that and to watch people as they walked in for the first as we all -- I I was on vacation when that earthquakes Boyden. So to walk in inexperience it -- everybody. And just to know that my god this is what we happen to think of Super -- going to be year. We're gonna get that college football championship game if we get the pac twelve championship game we get Californians gonna be here this year. There was just a -- it was so special on wow look at what we now. Now I'm glad you brought up the south bay aspect of it because. I when I'm moved here I lived in Santa Clara because they came here to cover the four cover the 49ers. And I really wanted to move to the Bay Area because I love San Francisco yeah I've been up here couple times and it just. That's what I want to experience but logistically it didn't make any sense. For me to live in San Francisco. And cover the forty niners. And so. I live in Santa Clara. That's where the training facility was but there was they decided they were still a decided feeling about. It's San Francisco. It's Oakland and San Jose is the -- Little step child. In the in the hit it in the triangle. And that's. Held for a long time ever really talk about. You know wasn't that long ago it was just it was -- yards it was it was farms it was -- yards it was it was. The it was backwoods. It was. It was -- cultured compared to the San Francisco and Oakland. And now people people don't even -- about. San Jose and San Jose. Actually still has a little bit of that now it's Silicon Valley. And this stadium being hair and being such a model. And having all these great events down there. I believe is going to shift the perspective. On the Bay Area and where the south bay sits. In that. Hierarchy. Of of communities. Peter -- did a great piece this morning is Monday Morning Quarterback. As phenomenal piece -- and he says the stadium site is nine miles from Apple's headquarters. Eleven miles from Google. Two miles from Intel ten miles from FaceBook. Four miles from Cisco and six miles from Yahoo!. I aegis -- and then a and then it was a bad -- earthquakes game on Saturday night. This stadium's. Is going to be on and real and it opens next year 171000. Yeah they're gonna happen by the way. The largest outdoor bar in North America at. This stadium and prior prior to this it would have been the stadium is X miles from the Winchester mystery house. And X miles from the mystery spot yes that's how all that's how much it's changed is is the perspective and and look. And money and success drive everything. But I really believe. This this is going to change the perspective on the south south south bank and it -- as always there's been there's been money down there for a long time. But it was never really. Recognize. And I felt that incensed that when I got here. And now right now you potentially see that change where and I and I wonder how it goes I wonder how how the how it shifts. A dose of the Cisco is never going to lose its allure sort of agree tourist towns that are in the -- and interests the the beauty of it just to picturesque and -- never it will never lose that. Where will Oakland Oakland sit. In that mix. Right now the south bay and with this with the with the 49ers being down there. And what this. Stadium represents. And the it's ideal honestly it's gonna make people recognize. Oh you know silicon -- not San Francisco. And I think a lot of people across the country. How that perspective. Silicon Valley is either is ever Cisco are right outside of San Francisco it's not truth of the matter is it's not. I'd say it was a special I wanna hear from you if you were -- to -- triple -- 9579570. What was your experience. What was your experience going in there for the first time seeing the 49ers who you know try for sole many years to get a new stadium. Tried to get -- -- in San Francisco. Multiple times weren't able to get it done frustrated. You know they wanna franchise -- salary gonna get I mean. They were franchise that never was gonna use Los Angeles as leverage he can't 'cause that was your rival for so long. Well what was it like for future point 957957. Up early this morning if you were able to go to the game because I know for me. Every place I turn I saw a body like -- somebody. My buddy Conner who who is I hey council is gone and seen a little while he was in a sweet -- this company sell. I I -- lined up with me to the sweet the suites are amazing. They are apps we make and the coolest things and it's really subtle all over all over the stadium. But they have all the old pictures and in this picture in the suite was so cool. So it's Bill -- standing up in front of the team but he's not talking in up in the right quarry -- your -- coming downstairs. But it's a picture of Ronnie Lott. He's standing up everybody else's on any Bill Walsh is watching and he's obviously giving a speech to the team them. And I am aware I walked I silent. That's bad ass team and everywhere you go there's is this one part in this suite level where you have this picture of holds keys are. And the uniforms and this and there's people because I I only saw tees are after the date tour a lot of red you know it's completely different. So it looks like Wrigley Field he got all these people's steaming up on the buildings looking down into the stadium I mean there's only these old just classic photos around the stadium. No it's great it's great that it's a brand new play a brand new stadium in a brand new place and yet they found a way. To incorporate. The history of the 49ers. Going all the way back to when they were actually in San Francisco and then outside of San Francisco's candlestick point. And now making the migration south. And that was -- that was a lot of people that that was the great worry. No they're called the Santa Clara forty niners had. Who's gonna be a separation. Quite clearly they found a way to to tide over here's the quarterback -- cabaret talking about his first ever time -- and it -- stadium. Or not Iceland -- it is great to me. For the first time. Very mister francoeur. Iraq more unknowns here hey can -- the most. It's interesting that she said that and I saw there was a comment by Eric -- before the game saying that he hoped that the new stadium would have the same sound. As he experienced that LSU. And it got to thinking. The then atmosphere in Candlestick Park. For. All that we had it for all the success the 49ers have had the last couple years. Has not pin. Has not been their top notch has not been at the top of the fact that you have guys say hey I hope that sounds. Like I hadn't called to -- it was a really damning statement -- -- coming in basically saying. I had a better home field advantage when I was at LSU. Then I did. If candlestick well LSU I've been there it's now over a 100000. These guys are hoping and maybe it's a reflection to what they experienced in Seattle. Is that it look that's. That's your rival best team we need to get past your hoping to have everything that you can. You can get to billion pass them. And having a real home field advantage. And this is going to be the interesting part because exhibition. Exhibition season tickets are still relatively cheap its with its mideast war. The exhibition season you get the real you get the fans that are the die hard passionate fans and they can't necessarily afford the regular season tickets. I want a year I would know what the sound is like when you have the people they can they can afford. 200000. -- seat licenses. To get into the place because by and large. The more money you have -- you look at the money sports. Golf. Tennis. What what happened that's there's a reason. We have tennis where it's -- -- certain points you can here's somebody yells out there it looks is -- who's having fun. I want and I wanna know if the moneyed crowd that has to pay for that stadium is going to have the same enthusiasm. -- you heard even though they were getting smoked 340 well I I guarantee there is a lot of people. Who are freaked out about traffic. And got their early. Does and. And I was I was really really worried about it I wasn't here I was on vacation for the soccer game -- it was just a nightmare. I can't tell I don't know what you experience out there triple -- 95795. Saturday. It was. 101 both north and south trying to get off a great America -- way. And that it was just going to be awful not it was easy it was easy -- It was easier out I was shocked. I wonder how much of that was. Then and not to put a damper on because. It sounds as if they figured a lot of things out which is why you have the dress rehearsal -- with the earthquakes game. How much of that was it put the fear of god in people. And so people like I I read you know people are leaving. Four hours at a time you know just to make sure that they can get sick and you know -- -- there had to be some of the carry over. From the experience with the Paul McCartney concert. Is there are people who didn't get in there and left hours and hours and -- out candlestick but the fact of the matter is you have this first time event. You don't wanna be late for it oh my god I might. Maybe I should drive the night before to sleep outside the rights league for here cup exactly I you don't want to miss it in any end it at any cost. How much of all that played into it but. I would have to think look just logistically. Its head has to be better than Kansas State is candlestick geographically was just stuck there was no. Get -- debt now was just limited no matter what you do it. The parking. Boy everybody's gonna get a chance that something you have to get ready for even like the church right off for a one right there by mission college how much. Forty bucks. You're not even close to the stadium -- in forty boxing but it's for the turn to the bid against parking lot for the forty bucks us and you might be like an error these noises but. -- great America park and when you get off -- you heading east towards the stadium and great America -- Abby got a certain businesses how far is that church. How much how how are you. -- It's going to be at least fifteen minutes and can. Well it was cool thank god really excel services here. A lot you can be -- him as we're walking up I was thinking like how is gonna work with great America -- great America is still open it's summertime for a lot of people. So great Americas closed during the games so -- -- all the NFL's Panama for the niners are paying off I hear there's a private party -- excitement here for every game. I ask is great America is our opener -- a winner societal matter then went. I guess win -- nice. Still -- home I -- it was October that -- close. They're gonna be closed on on game day so that parts of the great. Party line -- really eat it made easier to get to -- the the other thing is when you go into the stadium the new thing. You know something that if you've got to a raider game lately or if you remember Candlestick Park is. We are going to the concourses. You always have to like walk around the lines of people trying to include trying to get here cocoa still like that. Not anymore now those concourses are so the club level were so wide down. You're not run an -- anybody at every level you go to. There's bars they're bars and food service absolutely let every -- Else it's duke is disbursed is people yeah I supposedly there's an app we could find out like. Where there's the least traffic -- with whether it's whether it's a concession stand -- whether it's a bathroom. You can go on an app and find out which are the least busy. So that you can go to that one rather than. Everybody ends up going to the same place now I I I didn't get to see NI I'm I'm interested how people are -- Isn't that main line I didn't see any tailgating going until gaining obviously -- -- can't tailgate on the golf course. Why has that every normal place you could. -- -- that's what they do the Rose Bowl for UCLA games and for the rose by them there I went there. I actually I've partied on that golf course before rolled into the actual Rose Bowl game you partied everywhere that is true party yesterday to. It was good you follow me on Twitter at Townsend radio. Actually I think do -- the first self ease my -- hundred and I think is the CEO of the -- yes I saw that the CEO of the company. Streamlined circuits without the Booth -- and who is ready to try his red line -- -- like well why not that's anywhere tonight -- game you love red line all going to experience it. The whole experience -- -- doesn't wanna hear from me this morning triple A 957957. Because. You know it's a one point three billion dollar stadium and you wonder what's one point three billion dollars gonna look like. And it's different you know baseball you think -- baseball you can do a lot more with the stadium because you have far less people who mere talk about her a really big state. I think Jed York I think the city Santa -- the 49ers they've hit a home run they knocked out the ball park to play. Is actually gorge -- people care about the press box all my guy but you've visited the press box and we've known. Now in some ways and we saw with us silly sterling to show a sterling let's make sure she has passes to the media room she's the number one clipper fan -- -- is she gonna make sure -- he get in the media room for the soft serve ice cream at Staples Center so. And and having had meals there -- it's certainly it certainly upgraded from the from the days where they can be pretty pretty horrid yeah but. -- this apparently. Has gone above and beyond as far as how other cheek as the guys you know it's -- happens is. You have you have these brand new buildings and you have to do the devote so much money toward making it a good fan experience. That the the media their seats and their treatment and everything else. Penny goes to the -- to that -- goes to the side. You -- your experience was not that you're saying that that they're not cutting costs on the net it is lavish. In the press box and for the media as it was anyplace else you walk into the press box. I've never never seen this. They've got food areas. They've got to them with food out constantly who. It's almost like you're on -- suite level. Yeah yeah you walk in and it's it's drinks everywhere we're always you know I'll call but it's. Whatever you want Pepsi want whatever although products Pepsi makes and a water you -- in the had two different kind of brought worse they had car need as they had. Desserts. And that's one of the press box -- walk to the other and and they have the same thing who I've never seen anything like. For God's sakes all these years you're happy the press is happy in the second -- and hot dogs come out of the -- game right now the giant exited from the giants and and 49ers the press box. Was absolutely. Miserable. The press files -- candlestick was awful now this was. There's everywhere and win I mean I would have no problem criticizing the stadium at 5000 but everywhere I went I went wow the Yahoo!. There's -- Yahoo! level fantasy sports level so it's there's like this it it's like a ticker but it's like a television. And the ticker -- goes by a as got the picture of the players whether it's quarterbacks running back and it's costly updating players now obviously with pre season. You've had games on Friday and Saturday Wisconsin updating you honestly if your fancy sports player. You can sit on the slow there's TVs everywhere -- Cesar -- you can sit here and you can follow this -- even the Yahoo! fantasy sports level you can follow your guy. Let's the most difficult thing at Coco is if you go to concessions which I just did the other other weekend from -- son's birthday. And you can't volley game. Everybody's like you hear a cheer from the crowd everybody's -- what happened which has happened and you have a couple of TVs. All style. Like full large. TV bald. -- the corner but. The it's such a bad. That indeed the the view is so bad that you really don't know what's in what's going on what's -- Johnson Redwood City -- up this morning MBTA 2 morning Josh. -- -- and turn it on that listener you. Actually deployed there and that everything about this immediately computer you can -- A lot there's a lot or you eat into art like every -- The bathroom to accessibility of the concession -- the lines are shorter Arnold or longer. And it's there's so much opportunity and so much accessibility for -- against. That as -- played -- action to -- -- with all right how are college. Education inheriting -- technical but smiled all across forward. Yeah I know I thank you Josh could call and on its -- and everywhere you go. There's an employee. Saying melody and Steve -- -- like Wal-Mart I was at the service there. I I forgot would -- service was like -- a ball park actually eighteen -- pretty dead. I'll give the giants giants do I sure I mean there's there's there's some good and bad over at the coliseum that this. Everett well actually sharks doing right but this everywhere you win. There was somebody good morning well good afternoon welcome to ably by stadium. President if I did have one complaint I have won your. The elevators but that's -- -- I have 68000. People. Elevators it's going to be tough but the great thing in as escalators everywhere I was just to say that other other ways to get down aliens are out elevators. Post quality of. Picture is what I was trying to -- still fight is called my my my ERA. I'm gotten I'll Spoelstra through it somehow I am I'm sicker to date and I was on Friday how does that happen. You were pretty banged up on Friday was I sounded good. Of somebody's account -- it's pushing faster football draft with expert advice from a former NFL scout. John middle got a -- Buffalo Wild Wings in San Ramon. This Wednesday through seven -- 9 PM enjoy food and drink specials plus the first and reservations in official Buffalo Wild Wings draft can't. You call 953806631. That's 9253806631. And make your reservation today for more info. Visit the events page at 957. To gain. Dot com coming out next. Now -- talked about the game. Because and say something and there's a reason for that there was a whole lot to talk about. Other players is ever sports is not a time point seven -- game. There's going to be very important is going to be guys that don't play well individually and there's some of the UN team is more precision and -- Plus probable. -- a problem with two teams we think there's going to be a problem one of those teams last -- Sunday night baseball talk about that. At 645 as a good luck. Finally the first bump in the road of. Season but for the 49ers. -- will generators here to. For the 49ers. Two games have been outscored 57 to three. Yeah. This is a you know this is what I appreciate about appreciate about people who. Who embrace numbers and one looks at things through statistics is that they also use them to beat themselves up. Like it's really bad look at the numbers. It's still the exhibition season are you have slowly players not client via a so you can say 573 and that's sounds horrendous. But it's not a mean what does it mean what does that really. Mean. It doesn't mean anything because how many of those points how lopsided. Was the score when you had. The that the first units -- Okay he's still you've only scored three points. But. Fact is. How many games a unit of action we look at all the games with -- 49ers. Were trailing. Seven to 310. To three -- off thing. In the first corner and then ended up or after the first series went down by a touchdown so I just. I let's slow our roll line just how bad the numbers look. And I'm not saying that there isn't a reason for concern at the laugh because there was some guy and I'm so. I'm watching everything I have all the screens going and some guy tweets me. Rick speaker says the 49ers window is closing period hilarious period. And I'm thinking the timing is not very good -- No number eight right and the other thing I was gonna say I was -- has its real value music now -- was closing as it was closed -- right okay. So. And I thought you know but let's see how this plays out but I went to check his Twitter feed. He had deleted in on his own Twitter feed and it was nothing but tweets about. How horrendous the 49ers looked at okay. You're overreacting you overreact in one way and now you're over reacting the other is never really looked good in the heart by Sarah and pre season now. I would say that it's troubling. That did this this is the most troubling aspect we're getting is here Jack garner. Most troubling aspect for me. Is how disorganized state law. Defensively. They're not look if you're getting beat one on one. Then I can say okay that second string that's the third string and just Smith is in there. When they're playing their starters. It's going to be a different story. But they're getting beat on blown coverages they're getting beat -- confused. And to me that's far more worrisome. Because you are going to be dealing with you are gonna bring back some guys but some of these guys are gonna have to play. And fact that they're not all on the same page. That to me is really worrisome defensively out. It is something that worries me. Win you long for the days of Colt McCoy hole hole. That's bad yeah Blaine Gabbert is terrible. He's terrible. With a capital T. He's brutal. Almighty and it got two million guaranteed neck and they trade for that guy. I died you know quarterback whisper he brings and -- -- think -- It's to meet is easy let's say I should be on Nassau roster. He's a bad. It's it's it's his execution has looked really bad and they played him. A lot. Trying to find -- you look at the overall performance. It would be. Gonna be wanting look guys gonna have up and down performances -- -- there are a lot of missed the pieces going in and out. You working with a lot of different receivers there's no consistency. But there's certain things -- he's doing just technically. Where he's throwing the ball the decisions that he's making. That doesn't have anything to do with personnel and doesn't have anything to do with who you're throwing it to. Where you throw it. And when you throw it has nothing to do with that and that's where he looks really that here's Jim Harbaugh talking about the back -- QB situation. -- -- -- These are those who doesn't abandon their embattled cabinet. So now we've elevated liver doesn't even then we're really not a quarterback. San ads are good and well just just sounds sounds like an open competition. About supporting his Gabbert has been absolutely terrible no but. The money when you when you invest in a guy it's really hard to go down that road. You want to give. The guy that you look at look at how long look at what DA's tried to do with Jim John do you see Johnson got hammered yesterday and it's your right could have. For the raiders were your impressions of the raiders. From Friday night. Still like Matt Blunt who. No telling what a tough gritty guy you know other spending camp. Or whether it's in games you watch -- in and of course at odds against gives guys won't even be in the NFL's teams guys are into acting you know you lose the football again. He does and he's gritty at least half. If you -- there's no way you can't like a guy like we're going. I actually thought have you town and as I was watching them concerns that we are one thing -- -- it looks like you're going to see a lot of that they do extremely well. They -- screen passes. Really well. And that's the one thing you've always harp on the 49ers that they do not do there at all. The raiders some of their that some of their best place. Our our off screen passes and I think a lot of guys because that offensive line's improved I would say this I I. I am. I like the way the unlikely offensive line looks by and -- this there's still some issues but it's improved. The running game has some promise. And what scares me is that you invested all your money on the defense side of the ball. And I have not noticed -- Mac other than watching him and watching how tentative he is in pursuit. And this is supposed to be a guy who is a superb. Superb athlete. And I take you back to. May seventh 2014. And the USA today. Has an article about -- Mac. Titled. Don't be surprised if Buffalo's Khalil Mac. Is the number one pick. Whomever might may -- time Iraq how great a little Mac to pay its earlier this probably is unfair. Yeah and keep in mind as we said this about the raiders defense last year. During pre season. They looked awful and when they came out the first half of the season last year. They were very good and they played very Vanilla. During the pre season they didn't they didn't show weenie thing. So there is some of that but I also. I'm seeing Terrelle brown gets beat on a double move badly. There's some and you invested a lot of money and a lot of resources. In this defense. I would have expected a little bit more. -- give -- one other thing I'm worried about. They're not they've they've they don't look inspired. And that worries me about all the criticism of themselves. Now you -- you say the numbers. Sometimes you look in a numbers -- -- it too much in effect until I got this up Matt Cassel and Matthew Stafford yeah. Have combined to go fourteen. For sixteen. For a 150 yards and three touchdown in three touchdown drives against the raiders first team defense out. Fourteen of sixteen. I guess pre season matters a little bit more when you've struggled. Quite -- niners you can say yeah. I'm I'm gonna -- in the same. And I honestly for where the 49ers wanna go and what the expectations are. I would say that that is the level of panic should be cool. Puerto 49ers don't look in any way shape perform. Like a team that should be playing for the super. People are now on pro football talk from February 21 2014. Mike may opt in an interview room just. Talk about how cool Mac is the guy he's. He gave the gave -- tongue bath like you've gave. The new stadium -- -- and and everybody else has given that he stadium tell you think clowning has already made his mark. It makes me think of -- Smith when he first post that this 42 sacks and 43 games you immediately saw that -- a bad ass right. We've not seen anything like that with -- -- yet. Today is give my first kills half off tickets for Sonoma -- -- come enjoy truly unique experience. Funny to forty minute train trip that goes through tunnels over bridges and makes a stop. And a miniature town get this deal now I'd give my first -- comp tickets are only valid on Mondays through Fridays. -- plays are about to do something they haven't done in a long long time. We'll tell you what that is next on the bears this out for sports aside five point seven a game. Do want to. Filling up time fly ball left field -- Bob cabana. Johnson and -- home until after the Braves third baseman and sports still brave. Had Lester on the mound accurate guy and you still lost. The first bump in the road. For the Oakland Athletics and what is really really strange. I'm sure it's happened at some point -- baseball when you play for well over a hundred years. Yeah actually read about the Phillies this weekend all -- and realize the Phillies -- like the oldest. Team that's been the same name same town in all like North American sport anyway. The days the most venomous because they just they chains like -- -- -- lakes to the reds. Yes you have those little share yanks were the highlanders are some like that. So me the Oakland Athletics. With this losing streak but okay this is what's crazy. They have the most wins in baseball but yet are not in first place with them when the hell we are seeing that. -- And they're about to do something that they haven't done in a long time. They have been dominant. And may even win in and not gone through a lot of losing streaks are right now in the month of August they are just seven in ten. DA's have won fourteen. Have had a winning record in 14 consecutive -- I am well aware of this because tests and -- we come into and ends with you and I've been doing a show together and won every month you pretty much acknowledged you know how many months it's been since they've had. A losing month if they were to have a winning month this month. They're starting to get into the territory of Philadelphia athletics history is the Philadelphia athletics. At fifteen consecutive months. From 1928. In 1930. That's the history the -- are about to accomplished. With a winning month this month for right now partner it is not looking -- I feel like gays are a little bit like the 49ers right now. Let's talk about the sweet throwback jerseys. Let's not talk about. Let's talk about the actual game let's talk about the periphery. The first week Saturday night to like him. Yeah I love -- I love to throw backs up. And I thought DK is they were celebrating. I believe the Boston Braves who blew my grandfather played for was MVP in 1947. So those are I any time they go to the old schools and I actually love it. And all the days making a point of wearing the pants up high -- and the Sox after it was against the it was it was a nice touch I look we expected. That at some point if you didn't expect that at some point that they were gonna have a losing streak. Then you're just not. Realistic about pace but it was going to happen yes it was going to happen at some point. Now the timing. Is a bit. Interesting because of all the games. Coming up with the angels but you could look at that you look at that is the. So are you. I am not by the way the Seattle Mariner's. Out of nowhere -- now only five and a half back they're closing two. The that that American League west is so strong this year. I'm not ready to panic. Good because I thought you were until night I thought you're now. -- too much pitching got too much depth. Exactly there's still too good of a regular season -- it does bother me that you're under the gun. You have a chance the angels of RD loss had a chance to extend you know to get the -- big -- back and undisputed first place. And you're on national TV and you have -- guy on the mound. And the bats that are leaving you if anybody is is -- Fryman and sample. I need to see on that stage. I need to see Donaldson I need to see moss I need to see Coco I need to see the guys. That drive the boat on the big stage. And this is not playoffs size big stage but still. One of the bigger -- they brought those are complain always as they are getting national coverage people don't recognize who they are people don't know how good they are this was a prime opportunity. To demonstrate that. And they came up woefully short. You know the giants have just been helped by have been a couple days off in August moon which we just saw they had them Monday off then two games against the White Sox. Then they had Thursday off and then now they took care of the Phillies. When two out of three and then there have another day off for the -- just played seventeen straight games. They're gonna have now has something similar which I think it's gonna really help them not only mentally and physically they're gonna have today off. Then they got to against the Mets at the coliseum. And then another day off before they host the angels at home I think that time off. Is EL when you read along schedule along seasoning in the DOS days here of August I think. The these two days off wraparound a a two game set against a very bad Mets team I think is gonna -- -- people can't get away from. The absence of UN us and they want it I Kenya well. But the struggles offensively began before he was gone. And again. We talk about the the mental toughness of a team that has the ability to win to win at all. I Janet I -- he was a big part. She needs to be able to get back I'll give you a little bit of warning I'll give you a couple weeks of making an adjustment. But you can't continue on as a rising a little bit of the Celtics at the -- Kendrick Perkins they just clothing and get over couldn't get our with a. -- gone now at some point. You gotta say look this is it -- you don't think this is based this professional sports it happens all the time hey when you lose a body wreck. Sometimes it's up to get over okay you remember how good it was understood that you don't. You know a real player group player gets back this panel real players he's already back in the south the sometimes. You can miss you can miss you guys did -- somebody I knew I had and it's you know in part. I don't. This is -- question -- to you. Is it mental. Or is it physical as far as what they miss with him are. Donaldson and moss really being pitched different is there a different dynamic. When you take. That one bat that one guy that could be you or produce something extraordinary. On any given pitch any given at bat. Does that take something away. That changes the dynamic for everybody I say it's metal -- The guys who -- trades a guy in the middle of their order yeah you never do that means what -- and what Billy -- it was obviously a gamble. The record with them vs the record without him shows that the -- are better with them. But I agree -- you -- -- we're not talking about Hank Aaron Willie Mays here plus he's a guy that. Could you can't mean -- calorie of Guinea employ every game you know you'll lettuce is always popped up with a hamstring here so you play games without him because he's heard it's all he's an Iron Man. Is that it is the concern whispers this particular situation like this where you're trading a guy who plays basically every day for a guy who shows up. Every five days. That the presence is different as good as Lester is he can only really impact you every five days and assessments. Impact did you one way or another almost -- that the scenery at the new stadium only nice stadium -- ol' boy I mentioned player annual -- The pool -- level of belfry willful. Is not your daddy's niners it's not your granddaddy is niners. It's a whole new ball game in Santa Clara. We'll talk about it next on the bears this out for sports aside five point seven again.

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