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Matt Maiocco says we shouldn't worry about the 49ers defensive struggles in pre-season

Aug 18, 2014|

The 49ers Insider talks about the 49ers first game at Levi's stadium and the lack of defensive starter playing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Throw the football season will join us every single Monday here on BTH Matt Mayo go mad locking in there yesterday. -- all around I was. I -- I was very impressive. This stadium exceeded my expectations. Your first look at Levi stadium a game what were your first impressions. Well look like first -- that it. Felt like a road game. For the past twenty years I've been going to other team's media. And -- the past -- how many ever years you know a lot of these games popped up. Instability in the air when it felt like I was on a road trip and not. He's not experiencing -- 49ers stadium and that considered that Koppel in dot. Like to set I think it exceeded expectation that everything seemed. From my experience played there in in what I heard -- a lot of and there are things seem to -- a lot force smoothly that I think people expected. So for first game. You first -- 70000 people there I think everything went well as well as anyone could vote. You've visited you mentioned that you've been into a lot of new football stadiums. Powell how -- how exotic is this stadium. Compared to some of the newer ones or is it simply exotic because we're coming from so far. From what candlestick and -- -- Yeah see that that's probably that's the thing is that that the comparison so stark -- wouldn't go from candlestick which was. -- antiquated twenty years ago five years thirty years ago. The other -- needed in this state. To what it is now at ten network where you look at the contrast -- I think as far as. In these communities. Be in that stadium I think that it. And probably the people sitting on the east side of the steel. If you Q not heal and to that the club. In order to unload the one side with 501 club. The approach eight club which is analog. The ground level. Isn't really a nightclub. Well one of -- I I didn't see any any Disco ball closer in the open music. But he did. United is. -- clubs are pretty spectacular. In India have also you know the art. In those. So -- people. -- you have the capped out at their disposal. I'm sure they're they're blown away by I think the average scandal still you know even if you're sitting there silent -- And from what I understand it was. You know do it a lot of people pitted where absurd and it breaks on screen and they were peaking. He hit late in the first half and into the but the only -- stern lecture from those people. Our incident much greater than what -- -- -- where he's still had a -- issue seem to be a little bit more street yesterday. I would temperatures what around maybe not even eighty degrees -- well ladies like that. So I think those people experience that. They did they have reason. -- to load the new stadium but I think that the people who. Really to -- you know the intricacies are there are those who have access to that to the club suites. 49ers have been outscored 57 to three in two games where is your worry meter right now. I would say very low. Let's 49ers plan -- -- playing -- -- -- a total street series and two games. And Frank Gore -- get it touched the ball flights and -- games. And -- accommodation of Crabtree Vernon Davis called open. Combined only catch one pass into the games so you when you look at Howell. That the 2014. 49ers will be defined. It's going to be by the performance of those guys I mentioned. Be any and you put on 49ers uniform you don't expect -- chip out in per team that has. Pretty good yeah it has already. It has already started to that -- that depth to let you know potentially see any injury that's why the court Dorsey. He's an injury for the backup running back. Where -- yet it is. It's not yet. It is -- and other places they're debt is not a quarterback. Their debt is not all that so -- so you'll soldier position where. You lose skull cap verdict. You're gonna lose a lot. That you lose another off -- alignment and -- cap and it is now in danger of being lost because -- that OPEC protecting and so. I don't think there's there's eighty -- there's panic you know it's it's like -- that's what happened it's we lose. Cap. That that the topic is obviously not -- not quarterbacks and that looks all that -- through two games. How concerned to I'm less concerned about the offense to be honest than I am about the defense I know that their number of key pieces again that are not playing on that side of the ball. But it's it's. They don't look organized and again some of the guys -- you're going to ask to be playing. Have not looked particularly sharp even in the short period of time that we've seen them. Where are separate separate the meters where are you as far as the defense is concerned. I don't know that there's a bit I impairment at the same. Playing with the defense. We need think about not one of their starting defense too lightly and as we step on the field yet doesn't -- -- -- in Britain at all if there were. A little -- now -- say arguably one of their best he's got to players Patrick Willis he'll stand by it has not that popular yet. They're best cornerback Corey Brock has been on the field yet. So like I can I think it's the same level there are now also. There are all out of that deal that'll -- -- like art. Has been on the all of and he won't on the field. Exactly so the other there's there's. They're they're a little bit of that go on to where -- can access all the net. We'll be out for. An unspecified about time we don't know probably will find out this week. But I think -- that path again I think that the trying to. Watch exhibition game and that's what they are. And it projecting how curious as to the regular season. Is its -- box. Let me put it this way which side of the ball. If you have any sort of concerns which side of the ball which you have more concern about at this point. Yeah I I I would agree I think it's I think deepened to -- the reason. Is because of the players that we know they're can be played without high quality all pro -- players. Also. He what I look at that he's at the -- got to haven't played. You know. These are obviously just -- -- football behind -- that's -- sure you would agree -- agree me. The -- McDonald. You know it is -- he can -- career or at your BP. Ian Williams is. What you earned the starting job over Glenn Dorsey and big east coming up some very significant injury. Patrick Willis had a lot -- -- his body. The secondary value out of battery safety who sustained a concussion in the next game and you know that -- yet to quarterbacks who have never opened the season and the starter coupled with the plate full -- As -- technical after playing about 60% apps but there's still an unknown there I think there -- a lot of unknowns. With with the defense. That would probably. As a whole. Probably eat meat -- trending downward. More so -- the past couple seasons and that they really stand on that the unit that carried that that the on the old -- -- Sunday at the gala tickets to the offense. To cut open and and try to put more points on the board not just protect leads. Not just play well to win but still out of it with a game. -- excellent you know from the defense. Quickly before -- who's winning the battle right now to replace all Smith. Well I think -- it's probably going to be a two person replacement team again. That they're giving up a long look Korean living in a -- he can play every down I still think probably at that stage yet student. It better -- the run that litigated better pass rusher so it'll be eagle replacing -- apple -- one -- job. How much the same way it -- last year. How good does that press box wow. Yeah it. -- That's not a this can't be thriller bronze and -- is out there for the media you can make a great stuff -- talked in its wake. --

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