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Rich Aurilia wants to thank the Brewers for helping out the Giants

Aug 18, 2014|

The former Giants SS talks about the Giants series win against the Phillies and their playoff chances

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Funny enough. Former all star for the San Francisco Giants you seem weatherman pop on CS and Bay Area good morning Richie. Hey what's -- territory today. Our deal -- you're just talk about the opening of Lee -- stadium in the San Francisco 49ers how is actually covering you back in the day when pac bell park opened up. And it was it was good for you guys EUQ you played two exhibition games. Against the brewers and then the Yankees then your first game against the Dodgers open of the season they crash deal. And at the beginning you guys didn't play so hot in the new building what do you think so laws. I don't know like I think sometimes. He just -- the east you're new surroundings and and a it's so different would be useful for all it's unfortunate that you play. You know 81 -- he's opposed to post. Com. Know how we get off to a terrible start that all are out -- think I'm hoping we. Also first five Eric thanks -- statement. I'll never forget opening day you know you re retreated Dodgers and Kevin Elster hit three all. Our opening game -- like this place is going to be a band box -- straight in the awesome and actually Hillary turnarounds or that. Churches -- -- baseball on mom. You know it was great to move in their own a syndicate and punctured niners and what. So. We see Sergio Romo clothes on Saturday. Bats are -- and again they win two games of at home for the first time in two months. The giants are back on a roll their back their their back content the division title again right. It it looks at ways you know altered the first two things on the mind when you say that is. It really been -- slightly many early -- 12 games -- all that seems. Unthinkable and I I can't even you know that was an hour or -- names in my mind and then -- it is -- weekends and you know they've played some good baseball let one slip away -- silly but it. You say they got to tip your cap to the Milwaukee Brewers were going to LA. And and then you either -- -- Get lost that they be Greinke -- on Aaron. On in the three games at an Alex. That that's pretty good they got all they needed and now maybe this is. Any different. Said the slot -- this is certainly need. Go and -- August and September. Whether. You know they have a chance to -- you know within a gamer Cuba and the should Cameron and so -- game with doctors so. All want positive signs this weekend but I think extolled the eight -- a place that. And when you look at the Dodgers. You know in a long season the one thing that can direct it totally derail you or at least give -- a major hiccup. Is injuries start about how that injury bug has kept LA from pull away. Well you know it is and they they haven't -- and you know all year Mac camp was utterly. You know you're retailers suffer from long stretch of time there there are getting the church that they need. But I don't think that their offenses in. I'll ask consistent and it is as dominant thought it would be and dvds you look at it this season until as juicy and troubled -- you know that aren't developed a terrible start at giants were a lot and the Dodgers -- -- terrible now. They're they're exchanging verbal forward civic and you know fortunately for both -- -- there's nobody really knocked on the door I'm to overtake them Asian -- But -- people you know. And has had to kill Tutsis that's for ballclub and you know where what I think's going to be determining factors. Who gets hot the last three weeks of the season and carry it over into the policies could be -- with this new wild card. It's not only keeping the best team has its -- -- you know -- can get -- at the right -- carried into the policies and -- and a lot the last few years. Armed you know with Major League Baseball teams get hot -- while on the post. -- we had Brian -- on no we had -- response young the other day and he was telling us that. Marco scooter row in -- in -- may not seem again in his career. And very likely that we'll see him again this season which means. -- panic Hester carried. Carry the water second base. We all said when he first came up. Not ready doesn't look like he's ready. From what you've seen of late is he is as he figured something now do you. Deep do you still look at him and say you can't -- you need to find a replacement or is he showing was a little something. -- he's shown some I don't think there's any question that's absolutely what he's gonna -- out there he's going to be sol sender. I think the big question was absolutely he readies. Soundtrack kicks from just which -- years ago -- a lot undermines these. -- with young players. It's it's -- -- sometimes because. You know you don't experience and get better explain. To better for days or three batteries five days. You need direction need consistency and and the only way to get that it is to play every game and I think. When he actually got an opportunity few weeks acted you know here you go pitchers go run with it. I think there's a level consistency is a lot he says her mental approach of young player -- you know -- all part that your name is going to be in that lineup without looking at. It helps younger players a better players. You know -- that you're in there every -- and it helps it helps stirred -- the level conference that you have your ability in. You know hopefully -- not you know he won't listen expenditures time with the Serb assault case finger. It is in reality he's in one of their most consistent offensive players. You know and in recent weeks so you know hopefully get him back in their right away without. Too much until sat down from a finger. -- really joins us every single Monday here bugler -- and half and I know there's a lot of baseball left but if you had the rate the seasons for Buster Posey and the panda how would you rate them. -- And actually you know probably rate down today. These miners ABC plus -- think. And that's as they also -- the inconsistency. So ball absolutely -- right now problems. Really hot. I mean he's -- -- children's scored position in the eagle next April. And early -- -- mean EU EU trying to crack the 17 there -- for power and Enron's. And and buster and investors inconsistent. But I think we're. Don't and probably in my mind to where would hurt us. Here is that. You know he's always in the -- compared to MVP year. The rookie year years the World Series years and and you know what some years you're just and a hundred years and are going to be. As good as your best and on. You know -- EU look at the numbers on paper. So can and the sworn in and -- kind of middle of the -- numbers are those guys you know for what we're expected. You know what we expect -- year in year out and you know and then I'm like -- all that goes out the window. As as an individual and as a team if you have a good six weeks out routine get to the policies I know I had years like that I was avid. A terrible year and I got the camera and I just said. And I want -- -- year site closely with those those guys agree here are some might term interest. You get to determine you know what I can help -- -- Get to the post season. And then and helped trying to win a championship. That's my goal as a member of this club and I in 2002. I would I would have a good year and that's an idea -- -- amber we got to policies in the fortunately we we lost a game seven World Series but. I accomplished that goal late in the year so hopefully these guys you can get pocket go on and and and get -- the right time at the end of the season to get in the -- I have a great week you'll talk to you next week. Art got answers rich.

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