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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/18/14 Hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you're sounding. Just realize this -- got the giants NBA's. Both have the days off Sera that means tonight. Johnny Monday night yes sir Johnny football plays on Monday Night Football. And a fellow workers a nice job of just re playing like all of the pre season games yeah I -- -- any. Time you turn on. You gonna you know be in tune into somebody news flash. Andrew Luck is still very good -- I really Eli Manning -- -- certain. You know Nolan has thrown more that -- I saw this on Twitter. Nolan has thrown more picks. Over the last like seven years and -- man I mean and not land he leads the world in Phoenix. You know one great thing about -- stadium yesterday we wanna hear your experiences Tripoli nine -- 79570. If you just tuned in I went to the game yesterday and what -- John line and I can tell you the place is a Powell's -- It exceeded my expectations. And you made a great point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I am ended the Dallas Cowboys Stadium I had to me football at three places I've been known for years. I'm Wendell under obviously Oakland I've been noticing every Cisco and I grew up down in San Diego -- charger games. And the -- they're all old yeah I've never been to a new palace not locked and all my guy. I'd been to the new Cowboys Stadium I've been to a number of new. NBA stadium so. -- arena so I knew what the capability was and I'm so I haven't been to Levi stadium yet. But I have to believe that part and I really think about it until you mentioned about just how -- it was. I'm thinking again -- candlestick and O'Connell into the David. They are they were. Decades old decades old and so any thing was gonna feel like a major upgrade but it sounds as if they. You know they're claiming. That this is now. -- radius stadium greatest stadium in all the land. And based on just the general reaction it's hard to dispute that. And then next year that earthquakes are going to be open up right next to the airport there -- -- -- -- -- ugly that's like 17181000. There and you experience the soccer thing for first for the first time argued you know -- later in the -- Luka are getting an update as I took my kids -- the earthquake game -- and -- it it was it was a really really good experience. But we want to hear from -- -- experience going to leave -- stadium for the first time sights and sounds when you walked in there what you saw how you felt -- nine -- 79578. And I actually said this to line. As it can you imagine if you're really old forty niner fan. And you experience keys are. You experience the stick. What would -- be like for you as someone who went to games keys are stadium to walk in and to see this place and it blow your mind. Her because I saw pictures -- an and one of the great things that I guess there's a museum my -- making -- there I mean there's still so much to see that I didn't see. -- to see so much. And but there's this these these pictures. Everywhere. On the one picture and I saw that was just so impressive was the picture of old keys are stadium and remind me Wrigley Field has. You got people on the buildings outside the stadium. On top of the -- looking down at a forty niner game -- -- and you went from fat. To what. We have now -- stadium and because of all that. The idea that the raiders. Could borrow that stay not go in there -- think now think I think he would have and you have those photos. They would be they would be -- Yeah -- now that I've experienced it. There's no way to hide it I don't -- I don't think the raiders play there. Now it would be just I just it's just 240. Niner machine is Mary's stadium that you wouldn't be able to disguise it. And it nothing but judge York the south bay Santa Clara. It may knocked it out of parking graduation but one thing that. Would have been an extra added touch want to take your phone calls a triple -- 9579578. -- your experience of going to leave I stadium -- to hear from people linked to the game yesterday or the order the soccer game when he earthquakes play. Usually we open up a building like that Newton and he really want to blow it out. It's just. It's so weird no bill wall statue or Joseph Montana's best at you know I mean usually when you these buildings open up the you know. Willie Mays plaza they open up AT&T there's the great Willie Mays right out of fry them that was and I know it's going to come it just if it felt weird that he didn't have water to stack just as you have so many iconic. Hall of famers. That you can -- American list double bugging you -- -- Bill Walsh. Joseph Montana Ronnie Lott. Jerry Rice. Steve beyond. And you can inning you go back to the old 40 -- there's a lot of guys you regular the statute to Walsh has to be the first one. Has -- genius Eddie DeBartolo to get one sure. To me though about it either anti either Annie or bill passed to be the first statute that's and that has -- starts passively. Triple 895795. Semi can't wait to get -- Mayo goes experience I mean just that the press box looks like this week the press box is crazy. There's food there's two different food stations food desserts out an all time maybe that's why maybe that's why the stories were by and large. Stadium was great team will be OK we'll be all right yeah. It's it's whining indicting the media keeping the media Diego and San Jose -- experience mr. -- nice stadium. I know it was a great man up auto like you were out walking into the stadium billion people. I know it's preceded but the crowd just seemed a little bit yeah man yeah but the beer garden in the bathroom restroom or. Big and everything just which really nice and dramatic. -- -- Diego I think they did lose 34 -- them there was a whole lot to get excited about is that. You even get a lot in order to being argued hey just get an adult -- -- -- -- to market -- the candidate you know -- I had an outlet illustrated article particular and great person. Bicycle. Lock in and so I walked through the great America. Parking lot move on and I are fans were screen. And it just when you walk. Still a lot of you probably haven't into the stadium gets harder explain it but when you -- you start walking through the parking lot and you just look at this thing and you go. Almighty as you remember what it looked like he used to be a parking lot and then -- -- -- right across from the parking lot is the 49ers facility which is nice but it's old and it's named after eighties mom -- Maria. And I mean there's nothing there there's. On the other side across the street Tasmania at that convention senator than you have senator Claire golf and tennis. But now to think of what it all what it used to be and what's there are now. This stadium is in were credible -- when -- in their. Like if you're in the club level it is so why. There's that you can walk up to get a drink now this is not want those three got to sit along on you get a drink like that you get food like that I read something somewhere where. The widest. Concourse in candlestick was nineteen feet and the narrow list. Concourse. In -- -- stadium is twenty feet you know total forty niner game in the past -- you go to a raider game and all you do is bumping into people share. That's all you do. Those days are over the window onto a niner game Moscow do what Dennis in the 707 welcome to be -- Dennis. Morning guys that began yesterday and pretty -- jail -- -- enough -- -- one. Opt out of the blue lot wanted to stack because that would only downside but. That stadium water all our -- I didn't early he -- -- -- -- We're considered and it's. What injury program to in the in the peace and and to an angle of beauty and so on and it's beautiful view kickers on bad you need to know -- -- Oakland. So close to build and deploy on the open cowboy -- wouldn't close the -- And a lot target jumped into the -- -- -- red there's a lot of big cheap -- becoming worse don't care. Oh. When better than it has an old you know and I'll always thought a note the other. The other caller heard -- -- -- it. You know after spending almost hear some children not -- -- -- got a sported a black. More. Plot were -- market got the ground up a budget -- nobody wanted to -- concrete it's. Concrete dust on your vehicle and better -- -- integrity that I won't everywhere in the -- that Internet. So -- so you're saying the tailgate it was a very good. Chuck because yours uploading -- all and it's. Ground upon green gotten older people -- are really -- -- are being compared to cost you -- blogs can be watched. After a. I -- I wanna be friends with the -- is -- bring in an RV to a game you're definitely a professional -- here. Actually I would partied it up a little bit raw guitar but -- -- literally a water -- under. Lockdown and that serpent is the whole aura and in the future and in the winners and it's going to be pretty. Got a kick them out there and. Great thanks for the -- thanks for the call desk you know more I would on tailgate. I mean I like to alien on the golf course there Joseph gave up that Santa Clara. Golf course right there I'm glad to hear that you can do that I wondered what -- Rose Bowl when you go to the Rose Bowl would go to CU CLA game are actually going to the rose full. They get to golf courses there who so -- they've basically when you come down the different hills to get into the Rose Bowl. There is lining up there on the golf courses and I doubt put to grill out there and -- -- Rose Bowl toss I just pictured. The Candlestick Park parking lots. And cocoa and what they look like concrete jungle when people are tail -- what they look like after the fact and I'm thinking. OK do I want us to I was -- violent golf course I don't see that happen on my golf course a member not. Place -- -- economic luster to what Tony Hayward Tony you're a BTH. I got deduct deduct your current time caller. I had a great time. I'm not one guy that started rookie guard back in the days and -- -- actually played very high school a couple of games. The -- aren't you do you go to the old old TR. All alt key barrier dot gender -- on the drugs up on the top. And experience but. Can't get America out there again and that's why it is just update. It did it's it's very big in like just a county need to get all like it's -- -- Got a ticket I'd get around that he would be out tour regularly I've got a pregnant tour guide Barrett. And grit our direct -- trying to do that. There's a couple of doubters I agree with the first -- caller that that will want all or not that aren't in the -- earned -- spot. It's pretty Iraq begin to waiver on our expressways per hour 45 minute that -- -- art and more but it. You'd -- between the battered and and words such let our programs that try to help Ali that congressional what can we do better. -- big gimmick and figured out a document a lot of people on the other side infrequent but. We're a much like -- -- -- -- the store to store downstairs because of course a it's a phenomenal and I you know you just going or just spending but we. -- -- but lack of Akron America parkway it was bridge being compared to look -- that what I captured game. We get -- -- old delegate I hope -- at updating that underlie. Because like the other callers should we created delegate we got so late because the topic by. Those or there were costly battle a lot of thought into their burgers and not state. Well -- like -- Hey I -- I can afford that he'll get real we're -- lives. Are all non cash. Right now I was gonna give it simple way to go where there was no traffic whatsoever but you're coming from a different place -- Actually pick up outside at -- clarity university so we came in doubt when you try to. -- look at the map right right right by the San Jose airport there's a certain expressway you can take up to bowers. And make a right -- bowers is a turning into a great America -- -- Research that we had experienced one and I experts notre now joining us. Our 49ers insider throughout the football season will join us every single Monday here on BTH Matt Mayo go mad. -- in there yesterday. -- all around I was. I -- I was very impressive. This stadium exceeded my expectations. Your first look at Lee Brice stadium a game what -- your first impressions. Well look like first -- that it. Felt like a road game is because -- for the past twenty years have been going the other team you immediately. And the yelled -- let me every year as you know a lot of it seems that popped up. And so going in there when it felt like I was on a road trip and not. He's he's not experiencing it 49ers stadium and that concluded that a compliment that in that dot. Be like you said I think it exceeded expectations and everything seemed. From -- -- play and and what I heard from a lot of fans they're thinking to kill a lot force smoothly that I think people expected. So our first game. You first you must 70000 people on the air I think you're they would -- as well as anyone critical. You've visited you mentioned that you've been into a lot of new football stadiums. Powell how -- how exotic is this stadium. Compared to some of the newer ones or is it simply exotic because we're coming from so far. From what candlestick and -- are. Yeah you bet that's probably the -- thing is that that the comparison so stark you know when you go from candlestick which was. Guilt and -- twenty years ago 25 years thirty years ago. The other -- needed an expedient. To what it is now I think -- and that's where where you look at the contrast -- I think it's -- It'd be immunities. -- in that stadium I think that it and probably the people sitting on the east side of the field. If you -- not -- into the club. In a letter to unload the one side with that the Bible one club. Leo the Earl K club which could -- analog the ground level. -- up. -- well one night I didn't see any any Disco balls or any up and music. But he did. You know it is. Supposed clumps are pretty spectacular. In India have also -- -- -- In those. So provoke people. -- you have. That at their disposal. I'm sure they're they're blown away by -- average scandal still you know even if you're sitting there on the science side. In from what I understand it was. You know it would a lot of people -- where absurd and a great -- green and they were speaking. He hit late in first out and into the but the only DP stern lecture for those people. Our isn't as much greater Olympic channel -- -- he's still -- that sun issue seem to be a little bit more extreme yesterday. I live pictures letter out. Maybe not even eighty degrees the low eighties like step. So I think those people experience that. They have the they have reason -- to love the new stadium but I think that the people who. Really keep the seat you know beat intricacies got a bit are those who are who have access to that to the club suites. 49ers have been outscored 57 to three in two games where is your worry meter right now. I would -- very low. And let's look pretty or plan on you know playing concept predicted -- total street series and she gains and and Frank Gore -- only gonna touch the ball flights and -- game. And that is the combination of Crabtree Vernon Davis called -- Combined only catch one pass -- -- games so you when you look at Howell. That the 2014. 49ers will be defined. It's gonna beat by the performance of those guys I mentioned. That's. Whose -- Instead. Be anytime you put on 49ers uniform you don't expect -- -- shut -- in -- team that has. Pretty good -- -- has already. Has already started to -- dip into that -- let's. You'll potentially see any injury on the defense why the Glenn Dorsey. -- season ending injury for the backup running back. Where -- yet it is. It's not yet. Billy is used in other places. They're -- is not a quarterback. They're debt is not on the offensive line so -- soldier positions where. You lose Colin -- verdict. You're gonna Google are a couple of games and you lose another off -- alignment and. -- in jeopardy is now in danger of being blocked because it's yet to OPEC protecting and so. I don't think there's there's any candy there's panic you know it's it's -- like -- that's what happened to -- we lose. -- verdict. I hit that that the delegates obviously not a PR and not the back court action. That looks all that shark thirteen games. How -- -- I'm less concerned about the offense to be honest then I am about the defense I know that there -- number of key pieces again and are not playing on that side of the ball. But. It. They don't look organized and again some of the guys is you're going to ask to people applying. Have not looked particularly sharp even in the short period of time that we've seen them. Where are separate separate the meters where are you as far as the defense is concerned. I don't know that there's a bit I'm kind of at the same. Playing with the defense. When you think about not one of their starting defense lineman and even step on the field yet yeah doesn't net you -- in -- now. If there -- You a little -- now club they'll say arguably. One of their best he's got -- players Patrick Willis he'll stand -- has not stepped on the field yet. They're best cornerbacks -- Brock has been on the field yet. So like I -- I think it's it's the same level there are now also. The horrible and had a that'll be a little bit if you like -- Never has been on the field and he won't and feel. Exactly so the other there's there's. They're they're a little bit of that going on to where he had like except all of its net. Will be out for. An unspecified about time we don't know probably will find out this week. But I think that. Again I think that the trying to. Watch exhibition game that's what they are. And that projecting how curious in the regular season is it -- -- upon. Let me put it this way which side of the ball. If you have any sort of concerns which side of the ball which you have more concern about at this point. Yeah I I I would agree I think it I think the -- asylum law and the reason. Is because of the players that we know what they're can be played without high quality all pro type players. Also. He what I look at that deep until -- got -- haven't played. You know -- -- obviously just spent fast football behind it if that's the sure he would agree yeah burger agree me. The -- McDonald. You know it is key at a peek at this career or at your BP. Ian Williamson is. What you earned -- starting job over Glenn Dorsey last year big east coming up some very significant injury. You know Patrick Willis had a lot of Wear and tear his body but through. Seven -- The secondary in value out of battery takes the -- sustained a concussion in an expedition game and. You know that's concerned yet to quarterbacks who have never open defeat and as a starter now both of them have plate full field. As a nickel back and playing about 60% of the snaps but there's still an unknown bears I think there are a lot of unknowns. With with the defense. They'll probably. Out of the hole. Probable -- be kind of -- dealt a word. More so than the past couple feel a little bit people really dead and at the unit that carried the -- but he. And all the heavy lifting for -- at the gala tickets to the offense. -- got to open it up and try to put more points on the board not just protect leads. Not just play well enough to win but go out and at winning game. In an excellent he'd -- for the defense. Quickly before Alessio who's winning the battle right now to replace all Smith. Well I think -- It's probably going to be a that you person replacement team again. That they're giving up a long look at -- living in -- CP can play every down. Still they probably at this stage -- student. It better against the run and letting it -- pass rusher so it'll be -- replacing all the medical won't be a 1% job. How much the same way -- want to last year. How good does that press box wow. Yeah it I think about it. Not this can't be dollar bronze and Carty is out their -- the media you can't make a great stuff that will not do next wait. The -- who are 49ers. They're -- you think about it. He's gone all these brand new stadiums. And any shows of this one -- like man this doesn't feel you're on San Francisco -- no war to Branyan -- Santa Clara is selling a road game. Different drives diphtheria and -- considering how long he's cover the 49ers. Everything was brand -- well and I remember having a conversation. Thing guy's name was -- curt -- -- -- was brought in to get the stadium -- didn't get stadium done and then he left the game from that. Houston Texans he talked about. A good part of their season ticket. Base is from the 408 and the 650 Erica. So I wonder how much that drive change for people on the peninsula in the south -- Don't miss. Win the game stands tall the movie about legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur. Who to this day LaSalle high school spartans from obscurity to 850. Or one game winning streak. We all remember that. Opens in theaters on Friday August 40 seconds -- chances scored a pair of advanced screening tickets. Visit the contest -- at 957 game dot com your member of that. What a run that was for dale sound 151. They went all over they went all over played everybody. They play everybody just absolutely amazing story coming up next we thought they were dead but they're not. On the bears his efforts towards a -- five points and the game. They sent resumes. -- is going to be way. Real strong -- And there's always much to. All we can put together good at bat. Around there really is big for us lately I've been given my first thing is -- -- -- Two out of three for the San Francisco Giants over the Philadelphia Phillies coming up here some 45. -- the presidency music we have a lovely lady. Who has a beautiful sounding voice doing take nearly that today would you rate setting him up like we got a dude. My man JD's and no dude. Always great to have it. Always good to be with you gentlemen you go to a lot of San Francisco giant games was a district we were talking -- about the giants being dead. They take two out of three. And were you on the DL. Dan Haren can't get anybody out they got some guys heard -- -- Los Angeles. Giants are just three with all his. Every -- and since June 1 in late awful who -- three and a half games back. This is why for the Dodgers. This is -- for the for me the Dodgers as talented as they are and as dominating as they can look at ties particularly with Kershaw. On the ball it. There's something with them that they can't. Hold it together with it just gets swept by Milwaukee isn't too dumb Milwaukee Brewers -- who are a good team but still you look at the Dodgers. And this is why regular guy I don't know that the gonna I don't know -- the giants who you think that the giants are. A impaired team at this point they are compromised. They'd be in the playoffs this season -- yesterday and a half game -- half up on the on the second wildcard spot. Correct well -- -- at that time it's tough to talk like that because Saturday's play the same amount again understaffed under cyclically simply here in the second -- saint saint -- 66 and 57 giants are 65 and 58 so basically it ties for the yeah. Either way they'd be in the line and look they'd be in the one game an eighty point there. So. And but it was like old times on Saturday. Romo closing why it's getting done. Coming back to win. After the after Friday's loss Friday's loss was such crusher. -- -- I say I turned it off thinking OK if they have this woman and and my son and I had the same reaction we looked at thanks weren't they lost. -- that happened and you thought okay they're just star crossed -- this point too much bad has happened in Milan when that's happening in home. To the -- indeed. That it wasn't meant to be. But I hate to say it. Panic -- hit the ball a little bit Michael Herrick Michael Morse has found his bat again. How about Tim Lincecum Lincecum dancing dancing he has such a circus -- -- Mike got five innings right he gets the -- and it's his first -- and it recognizes first win since July 11 ranked. -- five innings. Was he out because he was given up a terrorist not skin appearance. He had 97. Pitches. In five innings. Only 51. Strikes and you throw not -- big league pitcher. You throw 97 pitches and only fifty sort of less every time I look up he's got men on second and third with no outs and and somehow he wrinkles out of it. Most of the time. It's scary it's in and that when your boat you just have to wonder how many times you let him get up on the high wire. And it will appointees say OKC's face I don't think we're gonna survive this time he has worked without a net. Yeah we've talked about -- offer for Buster Posey. That you know keep that it's always a day -- there's just something between and I know that there was the no hitter which was a 148 pitches by the way. There's just some then obviously something there between Lincecum. And Posey that vote says you know what this is and this is a day were acting get cozy up like a day off put him at first base or appear in interleague play -- can DH and but as a manager uses and I know it's tough for the catcher obviously for Sanchez who's out and -- -- right now. But as a manager when he goes out when when blitz can goes out there. He's first -- he's got to be maddening. I mean you're like my god 97 pitches in five innings he can't even barely get the guy -- far right now every inning yet we were wondering. -- inning to writing continued dancing a dance along that -- one more inning and you don't -- dry -- the bullpen. And he. Yeah no it's it's I was like it's an insisting. It sure you can -- so you -- have guys of every single inning it's -- that's that's not how you wanted to. -- that detective gets those guys are made -- of you familiar with your phrase what do you mean my drive companies away and you give a reliever up. He throws that he sits down he's up -- any say any never comes in the game our bullpen guys like to call that the old dry up and as we all know nobody likes. But she said so it's been so three halfback in the division race. One and a half up in the wild card race. And this was only -- if this is the first time in two months. That they won consecutive games at home. Crazy think about that. Crate they're just 500. On the year at home 32. And 32 yeah he's about to turn in my. In my. They -- on Iraq has they still got four against Colorado here at home that. Miley -- their idea -- they are they're gonna go on the road you're gonna you're -- you got a bad bad Chicago Cubs teams that are. There and route right now to Chicago he had a tough schedule over the weekend the Washington Nationals after that your organs -- I mean. You start to look at their schedule right now with -- four. You know you can see there's there's a few bad teams on there's. I don't know if you look at September and they have. And a number games which you -- you consider a good thing in six games against the Dodgers but outside of that. In Detroit you've got Colorado. Arizona. San Diego that's -- all your games are against. You have to like that's it's their -- -- Tim Lincecum talking about the gay anti here's -- after the game I don't remember the -- I want to do earlier so there's still a little later -- -- Without any doubt in this building on the hill I don't think about stuff but it doesn't mean we. Music is on the back down Ali left it all out and he set and it's is. Only 51. Strikes. And yet. You put him in position to win this when you know it was it's candidate. Interesting over the weekend to they had Tom Seaver Tom Seaver was promoting his -- great golf they are one the greatest pitchers. Federal they are talking to stop -- -- in the building to Bosnia. Captain America in fact I think I think I just saw the headline I didn't read the piece. He talked to the team before. Roger stop Bartok raji got -- got employees say it's it's something about a legendary quarterback. Spoke to the team and again assumed stock was of them in the in the buildings Captain America for God's sakes yeah. It was harder if they had not told me stop -- would not have known. Didn't didn't look like so I didn't seem to have but I saw the interview with Tom Seaver and they are talking to Tom. About that transition you know when Tom comes up with a -- blown cheese your body ended his career with the White Sox. It's about positioning and it's about throwing strikes and as in they asked him about Tim Lincecum because you know he lives -- I'm -- he watched by giants games. That transition we thought he mastered -- -- not -- library there's a stretch like K this is the new guy obviously he has he has such a hard time now with C received Seaver had such a compact delivering. All legs for -- for him to lose his. The loses his velocity. It wasn't like can you eat it would surprise you mean is there is same as with Maddux. There there -- their delivery was so compact and economical. It's not a surprise that they would be able to live off of their location. And being able to change. Speeds and -- levels and still be effective that's that's where that's where the struggle is for. Lincecum is that as much as he's dialed it down and I really do think he's dial it down his his delivery is not as violent as it once was. Fact of the matter is the way he's built. There's there's only so much downsizing you can do huge for the giants' Michael Morse is back. And that's a -- and -- -- and that's and understand there's there's an understatement for how how well he's. -- right now is your neighbor got today disease show up on Mondays. Back obviously to hear from him today on neighbor -- he's also he's the he's the railing guy. Have you noticed that. There are more highlights of him anything anytime anything happens. He's on the railing and he's excited he's got -- part of agencies -- and expressive guy's got a lot of personality. But it's always any time anybody gets ahead. There's they flashed remorse on the railing. Just exuberant. Slap in the railing having a good all time he's hit for power. That triple on Saturday. I mean he was so -- early then -- disappeared. But now he's back. -- got a guy and Italy orders really swing and then there's your noggin for the other guys -- -- in order now and that's something we've we've hit upon before which is. He had another game where you got a one for eight between Posey and Sandoval. It's. That Tenet that has to change if they don't have any hope of changing directions -- you know I think he'd be careful of -- Looking over into that dugout. Across the way when they got to make sure they don't become that team. They don't want become the Phillies. That they have a little bit of that some contracts have gone sideways. And Dave -- -- They got a little bit of Philly the and they want to avoid becoming the Philadelphia Phillies I guarantee that I can also guarantee you -- -- hot chick on the shelf. Now we got a gas that we had a cool dude we got a guy with -- hot chick we got a cool not to dictate early that no hot -- NASA vaccine all the big -- his average scores like five point seven a game. One thing you take away from yesterday's game. Here's what's -- I was with the I was good -- Like why won't. At least for now. You're literally with Roger Goodell Illinois -- I was like OK I can see what you know jets and giants share. But after going to leave I stayed -- SAI don't think there's anyway operators complain that -- as -- stuff. Now. Engineering at the money though I mean they imagine the raiders fans. You -- to personally had to close the museum ranked. Audio locking up -- -- -- and you have to cover you have to cover all the photos right -- -- you all. Somebody's somebody's drawn a mustache on Ronnie Lott. IP. But I was being kind I just I just don't see it happen I just I just don't know. -- -- in Garland -- not -- will take nearly that. You can -- you know. On 95 point seven. I need to defend -- goes on the draft -- tax line. From the 95. What did you bastards -- and a I need my Greek goddess that we did two she she she went to Fresno we can't get back so he's second downs smog right now. She is the sidelines for the Fresno grizzlies -- this series five games yet set this -- a double dip yesterday. There's only thing worse -- go to a baseball game in Fresno. That's having to -- to baseball games in Fresno. Initially seemed excited about it sort like my son going to play man -- very excited man. And figure -- -- I already got. I guess let's get to sell a lot of raiders fans are talking about how good match but going his well real sweet movie annoying that's right McCoy encourage job. There will all star game this season for the raiders take it or leave it ripped from. He wants to -- and an army by himself Moneyline I am -- It only because I've liked what I've seen of their car many interesting dynamic would be and I know that the order right now to show off car with glowing. But depending on how the season goes. Which you wanna keep car under wraps would you not -- expose him to issues and say if you for whatever reason injury whatever. We need to play out the season. We'll go with the glowing. And not expose car to -- whatever right now he's got he's he's got a concussion already. But I am I am going to leave it because I am still. Optimistic that things are not going to turn that -- did it look like he heard his ribs to. As I've ever seen it's -- first pointed to the but he also he got his head. Just. Slammed. Into the turf for your future when you truly feel cars -- you -- you -- plan. I'm gonna take it. I use I Matt's job to me -- Don't comment taken to I I don't think he's looked that bat I don't I don't see him survive in sixteen games. Because. I have to see. I would bet he doesn't last sixteen games whether it's performance or injury that's a fair bet within weeks or no doubt. And NEA then you have to go to car to car struggles he's the rookie. I'm gonna be shocked if move on and get some point I would love to be able to say can somebody give me three inches for this guy for his height. He was three inches taller be a whole different story a tough guy boy -- guy makes decisions he gets the ball out quick. I know it's where I was odds against -- the bad guys. -- Jordan. -- did the Jordan. When he scores the touchdown. He looks is sidelines. Any gives them this drug. Blake I don't know how I'd do it all that was that was the ask Miguel he's. And he's got that moxie to him he he does he looks up there like I should be get started yes it. He does. Our guys let's move on synagogue where. The days they caught a break yesterday the angels blew a ninth inning lead but the story this almost before the game outfielder Josh Hamilton he took himself out of Sunday's lineup against the Rangers for a mental break he told angels skipper Mike Scioscia yeah I asked if I can have a day because I felt like. I was spinning my wheels and felt like it wasn't getting anywhere players should not be able to ask got to line up without injuries take it or leave it touting. Take in each premium paid twenty million dollars in your tell me that high of a race you what I needed day off. Mike Scioscia over the weekend if you read the LA times came out and said. This is not the guy we saw on the other dugout with the Texas Rangers. He is he is I mean we've seen some power the heat that. This approach this this approach Sox -- I talk about a guy who has been men and all star very great play this approach right now is terrible and and I guess I -- be a little more sensitive I mean this is a guy that's had major problems off the field but we asked for a day off in August. Well that's where I am gonna be a little more sensitive because we do know the issues that Josh Hamilton has had. And I am going to go it is if this is a guy who needs a mental break he says you know I'm not feeling right. I'm really given that day as opposed to he goes off the rails and then I lose him for how long I would agree with you though I. When he when he's at the plate. He's looking for one pitch and if he doesn't get it he's waving and everything else it's it's. -- is as dynamic is here is. He's he I wouldn't I wouldn't I'm on my team it does not look like a guy -- camera. And two more years at twenty million per move. Finally give -- offense you -- our producer thinks that tax and about and I feel tiny my Greek guys who think she text to that end. Do we checked the number to only get and a cell and checked America's. Might be and a great job finally to mock you think gives up that early you think she's a federal issue right now she's got a baby. That's -- right away early. And we -- you we love you have fun and Fresno -- like triple -- baseball and I guess that this time the air how beautiful mystery down and for us. It's such a hole coming up next. The opener. It was awesome yesterday we have. The new jewel in all of sports right now our own backyard we'll talk about an -- -- his efforts towards SI five point seven a game.

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