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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/18/14 Hour 3

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- do a quick shout out. Two huge things listening out there battling cancer. Continued good fight you were thinking about just wanted to go out there. Also somebody -- is not very happy with me on the draft -- line hey Blake -- I live in Fresno. I hope somebody kicks your ass if you're in Fresno you talk a lot up and about Fresno bleak view. You deserve it. You do beautiful Fresno today it's gonna be a nice one old one and Smart and exhibit this -- is it's already 101 it's a 101 right now. Or don't worry from the 559. I'm never gone there again well as a mom watching we have the screens Oppenheim watching sports center is doing. Sports -- live. From Williamsport. The little league world Syria. And you've probably heard this Monique Monique Davis the deals the girl who can who can and. This is what really. The exploitation. At this point the Little League World Series and giving it's from Ron and I love all of it. But now word dissecting. Monet in the fact that she can really deal in the in the but in the zone and in the upper zone and her breaking ball and I'm looking at all of the cameras in the focus and as a result. These kids. Reacting knowing that there on camera. And playing to the cameras. And I was watching it the other day we've got. There. Their age. Their high eight and their way. 1112. And I think somebody the other days of death but he's a young twelve. I'm thinking. It's at it this is. The the desire to put any sort of live programming on an exploit almost anything. With out consideration. For where it takes. The athletes in what it does to the game. It has to be a little more responsibility in this we wanna talk to you -- if you went to the 49ers game yesterday. His I had an I had an unbelievable experience. I had to go to the game I had to experience it who you've watched this thing I've watched the scene driving in as they slowly build it. And think about San Francisco 49ers not being in San Francisco for the very first time they've always been doing their business outside -- -- says go. But they always at least play -- keys are Candlestick Park. If you're at the game today trip yesterday -- 9579578. Its triple -- 9579570. Because I can tell yet. I walked in one point three billion dollars in exceeded my experts say expectations how beautiful was the presentation. The customer service. The space. A Brazilian televisions. They knocked it out of the ballpark and this is gonna be -- you think of what we have here Stanford as -- new stadium cal as a new stadium. AT&T park arguably the best in all of baseball warriors are going to be building a new arena. The San Jose earthquakes are opening up right next -- the airport an absolute beautiful new stadium that's conceit like 181000. We have and now you throw Levi stadium in there we have some of the best facilities. In all of sports. He just got to figure out to Howard and do what DA's and the raiders -- -- right now you start looking out our facilities in the Bay Area. It's pretty incredible one yesterday my got Walken in there. It's an absolute palace and as a forty niner fan. If you entities are candlestick you walked in there to think this is your new home now. Amazing. How much will that new home distract from. The team. As far as what the expectations are how much are you. And we talked about Mayo go it is exhibition and we've seen teams who did nothing in the pre season. But. The expectations are really. Really -- this is a team disposed to win a Super Bowl it's Super Bowl or bust. You take anything from what you've seen and does it give you any alarm does -- give you any concern or can you say. You know but it's pre season. I'm not the least bit affected -- conservative -- camper and goes down just like last year but as is you look at it you go I'm okay GAAP and our -- Now we're done. But if he goes down. I thought I'd say this hell -- this Colt McCoy yeah I feel I feel as if you're in a position right now we're offensively at least early on. You're going to have to win gains with your office. And I would feel a little bit better I know you've played -- it's been limited the use of put a cap predict the use of gore. Has been limited and we've seen tapper -- Go through his reads. We seemed checked down the number of times. It's been mentioned he did it he did it again Sunday. I don't know that he's at a place where. Even if he's healthy. If he's going to carry you to victory if if if it comes down to a shoot out. The cap predict in this offense is gonna be able to do that. That would be my concern death and that's and that's not just this pre season that's not just the fact they've only scored three points. That's it the way this team has been built anyway anyway it's operated the last couple years triple 8957957. Let's go to Rick in Danville -- you're on BTH. Good morning. Preceding it so -- tells about your experience. It we got into the parking lot like like I warning. That it might get better. -- -- -- market and it got -- well. You know. The typical yet typical generous. -- It you know like. -- -- -- Don't go in -- it's a reverse it could have been an all our. I -- at the time. Experience. Tell -- about tail -- on the golf course. Interest rate but -- apple or Eric -- -- Yeah. Let all the Allen's last summer he's seen rain thank you Rick as the only good thing about to Odierno of course now. You're got to know about the men's lives easier and I'm -- is as I'm just saying you know that the the people and in was it be a lot. Their -- that had the dust issue. They're praying for rain the people on the golf course not let's go to Mike Indonesia Euro 957 game. -- -- Can hear this. I -- yesterday it took a bus. From the Parker and that worked out. Really -- That got their stadium is beautiful. -- -- my dad one of those bricks and -- about that in the you can walk area. But here's the here's the problem is in the week out in connection to eleventh in the concourse -- Area. That we walked down to do which was the main concourse. Was. Also jammed. And people were so pissed off. Because you could not move around. The you couldn't get the food the food lines were really people. And you couldn't even heard like thirteen and Harry and things what fifty or sixty feet wide. And -- You know I would say first game might keep it in my view the fact that everybody wants to see the stadium. It's not exactly about the football game you know Peyton Manning's out quick so has gone cabernet that normally in the regular season you'll probably more. Our current. Well it's a good point I hope that's true because. We're when we don't want computer error. There was a lot of people. Just been talking about the Howell. Crowded it was in Marion how long it took about an hour and a half to get any food deliver he actually. What I did to kinda can be ordered an open about a half an hour before the games started. And he got bitten when that second quarter sport means so little. So that it a couple of things but. Overall. That the places. Magnificent. No thank you might appreciate the phone calls go to Dave in Danville Dave. 957 the game. Our. We got force that. So I laugh and giggle candlestick will reserve cruel and first game or an -- over that we lack. And the game anyway and I I don't think gridlock coming from the year ago that I normally has a lower -- lot warrant. Forty minutes ago -- Showed -- little more than expected. And you know we're promised on the technology. Like that Joplin. Mobile -- and the servers -- down. You know streak in the replay that our place which is -- -- that you buy. What you ordered through the previous start and they expressed. We shall try to limit in the express line just to pick a crude. I advocate or. A -- and it. -- Not to don't go. -- Out in the -- where nobody could get through. So why don't -- booed like. Quarter to all the way through halftime. And started the third quarter get the truth. As a bomber thereafter there'd have to clean out up. -- ads claim that I can say at the club global are no lines. And also in the sweet I was and was really great caesar's pizza there's chips and a beard and line and invite them people up this week -- the LA everybody had to. Stream stream streamlined circuits down where your time and -- -- sets the cool picture and I admit children earlier today there are such that cool picture in this week -- so you walking in in the hole all the right side of the wall at. At the pace on the call for getting I don't know that they wanna hear the go -- girl the whole side of the wall how good -- -- experience was and took pictures of Bill -- -- stand -- front of the team but he's just utilities are saying thank. In a very -- see Jerry Rice coming down the stairs. But it's everybody's on their -- dearly Jerry Rice is like for meeting now he is like coming down you know he was listen anybody's -- And it's Ronnie Lott staining Upton in the middle of the group and you can tell he's giving a speech from a -- audit classy. I Ehud lower -- not out there let's the day here on -- it's all these photos that are around on yet it. This would be my debt. Who is. It is like yesterday when I wanted to you know I must say the press box now I want to walk around I want to see things which is different levels. I have to think once the regular season starts in these games now means something you're not gonna have everybody out there siege again everybody in their C listening -- 68. 1500 people now there's going to be a lot of people. I get that I get that part of that some of the parts were crowded but the but the execution of you order the food you have got and you had to wait that long for that defeats the purpose. Must -- just a stand in line. Rather than I'm I'm ordering it and so is the and especially when you offer somebody the express line idea yes and you're expressing expecting it to be. Express and I've always. Thought how Helena have Wi-Fi for everybody really yeah my experience in big crowds phone that -- sure. Well let's have a really get a do they invest a lot of money in it yet. Let that is there and I remember being I was at the -- and I MIT Sloan conference years ago talking. -- or heard a mighty ruler and who's the Sloan conference there was there was an analytics conference -- -- Mr. mr. everything was fine in my luxury suite what's the problem. The play that. -- the wind was really you know and I didn't expect to drink red line good. Thank you John blunt force me to do it. No they hit the Mark Cuban was saying that is the number one issue that everybody has because if you want people to come out the stadium if you want them to have. You ought to make it more attractive than sitting at home. On your couch. You need to be able to give them all the free plays in all the different camera angles that you get at home that you don't necessarily get. In the stadium in -- can get that is you provide that why a Wi-Fi and you have the ability to dial up and see what you wanna see then you have the experience of being there. You have all the comforts of home. But if that is the food deliveries not work in and the Wi-Fi is not work and then it goes back to the same thing and beautiful as that place might be. The truth is it's cheaper and it's more attractive to watch from home. Peter -- did a great article on Levi stadium the MM QB dot com. At one point tiger about you know for what it means for the south today. He puts on there that this stadium is nine miles from Apple's headquarters eleven miles from Google. Two miles from Intel ten miles from FaceBook. Four miles from Cisco and six miles from Yahoo! he absolutely. Loved it now joining us. As he joins -- every single money here on puke your town -- enough. Former all star for the San Francisco Giants you seem weatherman pop on CS and Bay Area good morning Richie. Rory Broward don't -- you're just talking about the opening of -- high stadium in the San Francisco 49ers I was actually kind of bring you back in the day. When pac bell park opened up. And it was it was not good for you guys EUQ you played two exhibition games. Against the brewers and then the Yankees then your first game against the dodgers' opener of this season they -- deal. And at the beginning you guys didn't play so hot. In the new building what do you think so laws. I don't know why I think sometimes. He just have to -- east union surroundings and and I I would say it'll differ with based on football based on -- you -- you play. You know 81 games -- seen as opposed -- post a mom you know got we got off to a terrible start that all -- you know I think I don't think we. We lost our first five Garrett thanks I'm not mistaken and I'll never forget opening day you know he recently played the Dodgers and Kevin Elster hit three home. On opening game we're like this place is going to be a band box has played in the awesome. And actually -- turn around on its order. That's churches parks in baseball on mom you know it was great to move in their own and I look at the syndicate and -- niners killed Hamlet. So. We see Sergio Romo clothes on Saturday. Bats are slowing and again they win two games of at home for the first time in two months. The giants are back on a roll their back their their back content the division title again right. It it looks at ways in altered the first two things say that on the mind when you say that is. I didn't really -- -- cycle late mayor that they won two games heroic all of that seems. Unthinkable and I I can't even you know that was an hour or somebody in my mind and -- -- this past weekend and you know they they played some good baseball they let one slip away. And silly but it. These -- they got to tip your cap to the Milwaukee Brewers were going to LA and all of them in three games at an LA. But that's pretty good they got to help they needed and -- -- -- Any different than we said -- obviously this is all that loose -- they need. Go related August -- September. You know we're here. You know they have a chance to be you know within a game -- Cuba academy should Cameron -- so has some game left with doctors so. All lot of positive signs this weekend but I think it still -- they need to play better based. And when you look at the Dodgers. You know in a long season the one thing that can direct it totally derail you or at least -- be a major -- up. Is injury -- about how that injury bug has kept LA from pull away. Well you know it is passionate they've they've -- Ramirez and banana banana on now you know all year Mac can't let out early on. You know your retailers suffer from long stretch of time they're they're they're getting attention that they need. But I don't think that there -- Sanchez in. Com exchange system and it is as dominant as they thought it would be and you know the you look at it this season in -- detail as to achieve future both teams you know the Dodgers got off to a terrible start the giants were caught in the Dodgers dot that -- Terrible now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know fortunately for -- and and there are there's nobody really knocked on the door behind them that are overtake him -- his vision armed. But they -- -- you know. And they have had sciatica looked to see who it's for both clubs and you know little what I think going to be determining factor is. Who gets hot the last three weeks of the season and carried it over into the post you could leave you with this new wild card. It's not what you think the best penis it's rethink your you know looking get hot at the right timing carried into the -- -- a -- and a lot the last few years. Armed you know with a Major League Baseball teams get -- and playing well in the post. -- -- we had Brian savient on no we had response young the other day and he was telling us that. Marcus bureau who probably not this may not seem again and his career. And very likely that we'll see him again this season which means -- panic Hester carried. Carry the water second base. We all said when he first came up. Not ready doesn't look like he's ready. From what you've seen of late is he is as he figured something now do you. Deep do you still look at him and say you can't you you need to find a replacement or is he showing useful something. Like to be shown some I don't think there's any question that's essentially what he's gonna do out there he's going to be solid center. I think the big question was actually he readies you know trapped kick from just a few years ago and spent a lot of time in the minor leagues but. With young players. It's it's weird sometimes because. You know you don't experience and get better by playing. Two that are hurt for days or three -- every five -- You need direction need consistency and the and the only way you get that it is to play every day and I think. When he actually got that opportunity few weeks acted you know your ego is cheers go on with that. I think there's a level consistent she does a lot to be shared earth. The mental approach of the young player Wayne you know O'Connor ball -- that your -- gonna be in that lineup without looking out. It helps younger players and a little better players on. You know knowing that you're in there every -- and that helps it helps stirred though the level conference that you have your ability and you know hopefully -- he's not you know you won't actually extended period of time with this circuit so it anger that he didn't reality he's been on their most consistent offensive players. You know and then in recent weeks so you know operating -- and back in their right away without. Too much until sat down from a finger. -- really joins us every single Monday here bugler -- and -- and I know there's a lot of baseball laugh but if you have the rate the seasons for Buster Posey and the panda how would you rate them. -- In my opinion -- probably rate down eight. And that's just based off of the inconsistency. Saddam ball absolutely I mean we see right now problems. Really -- I mean he's -- and the ball well -- -- Warren's score traditionally haven't -- -- go -- -- April. And early may and I mean EU EU. Trying to crack the 170 barrier he wasn't for -- wasn't driving in runs. And and buster and investors been consistent but I think we're young and probably in my mind to -- to what -- buster is that. You know she's always going to be compared to MVP year. The rookie of the year years the World Series years and and you know like some years you're just gonna have good years there aren't going to be. As good as your best and calm. You know it. He look at the numbers on paper are hard so can and the -- him and -- it kind of middle of the -- numbers are those guys you know for what we're expected. You know what we expect out of them year in year out and you know and in Britain like catch all that goes out the window. As as an individual and as a team if you have a good six weeks and help their team get an apology I know I had years like that where -- loose. Have been a terrible year and I got a camera and I just said. And -- wanting terrible year exciting closely at those those guys agree to some might term interest let you speak he get to determine you know what I can help my cheese. Get to the post season. And then can help trying to win a championship -- that's my goal as a member of this club and -- and 2002. I was I was gonna have a good year in and that's an idea had a great camera we got a policies unfortunately we lost a game seven World Series but. I accomplished that goal late a year -- so hopefully the guys you know. Can get hot Jake Owen and -- and get -- the right time at the end of the season to get in the postseason. I have a great week we will talk to you next week. -- thanks rich rich -- really a former all star shortstop for the San Francisco Giants. I he's got this on the drive can tax line everybody has a different experience. Concessions stand three to 45 had zero wait time in the express -- the express line and instant delivery was fast. Tell the fans turn on their location services to find the closest. Concession stand Lynette and Union City to some people didn't experience. Right and that's going to be part of the feeling out process is realizing that. There is the ability to figure out where you can go where it's not crowded. And it's one of the unique elements that they have. And you -- one of the unique elements that the fans you have to learn how to take advantage. Hey how about this Stanford football kicks off Saturday August 30 at stand ready idiom that's right. As the cardinal take on the UC Davis Aggies. Better watch that JD -- UC Davis. Tickets are available and goes Stanford dot com slash tickets or call 1800 Stanford San Russia by yesterday -- -- -- man. -- play in big games point -- BCS games. Get great college football down on the farm her chances were paired against -- of the game visit to contest page at 957 big game. Dot com coming up next I'm going. To admit to something I never thought I'd admit to. I'm wrong. And I -- in a minute most talk show hosts don't want to do that next on the bears this out for sports not five point seven again. You can send an athletic guy -- Point seven in the game. For all of you who normally tune in at this time on Mondays to hear the skipper of the Oakland Athletics. Bob Melvin. He's not going to be here today he's going to be here. Tomorrow. We'll have Bo Mel on tomorrow at 8:30. Tomorrow morning so usually -- -- today. But the long trip back. Maria Bo Mel a true Philadelphia. Salute Bob Hague today it was a long and disappointing trip. Well let them recover Sunday night baseball on the East Coast any fly back. Knew what time you get in the morning I mean I've been sleeping right now to miserable. So bowl Mel we'll have tomorrow -- charter flights men -- They are it doesn't matter when you get -- fire in the morning M slept it is it's brutal. It's tough via this this person when you travel as much as latest it's almost as tough as parking in the dusty parking lot on hard. Having a watch replays. On your phone oh my god my wife I didn't work this game my guns. First world problems we got him here in the Bay Area. Listen I'm wrong I got people Disneyland because I was an sweetened its I didn't have a ticket and I just at a press hasn't allowed me to get there. And a buddy that I saw that make him -- and you deserve crap for being in this week I can. Especially which he said he came in this morning hey that that ring out around the rest of the win but in this -- means. The -- that roasted salsa chips and salsa a -- -- maybe was a little too hot. Mosul -- in other pizza that. In my Heineken wasn't cold enough now. I -- is something. Wrong. Analog you out there may say -- towns and Iran a lot I hear. Saturday night we had a little gathering at the San Jose earthquakes game -- And it was. It was awesome. It was the first time not I'd been to say I had been to earthquake games at Spartan Stadium. I had been to buckshot -- last time thousand buckshot was 95 when. But I played against Santa Clara Santa -- baseball he's deployed and -- out a beautiful new stadium across the street so took the family there we had advanced. It was awesome. We are right there we're in the president's you know his area if David Cole Hall it was awesome. The president's -- sweet but it was it was on the grass. Asked to other music hey is this was it this only for a minute of it's always real delay our producer you -- hit my kids had such a good time but it's -- somebody do you think blue wolf I. -- Canada. Otherwise how this is lose and a lot a lot insisted. Once Saturday night -- -- this is this is blue run and a good organization. They've got a brand new stadium. 181000 that Dick Dick I don't have -- waiting and -- tickets the MLS is doing the right to get up in Portland. Portland -- built their stadium right in downtown as you walk. Along the street. You can sort of look in. And it's it's just a great five it's great atmosphere Seattle -- have the same thing I mean they're building these stadium last -- he you know Seattle Aston. They play at Qwest Field group. So. And David the president was tell me that. Soccer is so big insists that they sell off the lower bowl that's where the Seahawks boy I guess they're now going to open it up. Even for the top. They're going to get over 50000. A game for soccer the Seattle Portland is like any like European match I mean people are crazy about it. And that is what. This happened now. The quality of play is a long way from what you're seeing internationally but people have been people are getting an appetite for now it's a cool. It's a cool sport it's not just the sport that you play. Until you get to high school and then you played real sports right. That's that was the use that not -- and -- that was that that that was the law that was long the image and I mean I was an unusual situation because I'm out of first generation American. My parents took me over to Germany and number a number of times when I was a little kid and so that was the sport that I grew up with. That was a first class sport I played baseball at play basketball. But. That I I had an affinity for early on but I was an exception. Compared to the other kids that I knew growing up. But now that's changed. And it's it's it is more a cultural thing. That. It's -- it's it's we've come a lot more global. And it's cool to understand the game it's cool to where the scars yes it's cool to have that. Affinity and we know that we're world looking for that we're all looking for that thing that is a little different a little bit unique. And they're doing it they're doing it the right way the way they're presenting it I'll be honest. Baseball could learn a lot from the way soccer is approaching things in this country. Making the stadiums the right size. And appealing to fan base in a way that you can attract them in spite of the fact. That when you look at is it is the level playing. World class now it's not it's not there it's not close that I don't know how long it's gonna take to get to that. But they made the experience. Which is what you. Yes you had. And it makes it attractive. To take your family and to have your kids go and have a good time. And I wanna say thank you to David to ball Marisa silver EL I did my family well and it was. -- -- action to your right on the action. And I are not say I really I I really enjoyed it I would go back I'd take my kids -- my kids -- to my kids play soccer. -- -- else will be coaching soccer. Who the coach needs assistant. -- in the afternoons off that is one of the that is one of the reasons why we haven't reached world class lovely -- Gives you -- as well as -- did not quiet you know a lot of parents teaching the game that. I've god bless them that they take the time. -- There's not -- grew up with being the US to be a baseball coach you know how much how much insight and I've taught baseball exactly. It's it's it's a whole different thing. So and then I -- I like EEL Levi stadium opened up I can't wait for this new earthquake stadium. 181718. Thousands got the largest outdoor bar in North America. How about that that's part of it it's going to be a lot of you know you know and -- I look at all the kids there you're right. I because I was not necessarily right as everybody was all the hype of the World Cup and I was like okay we'll see in four years. Going to this game seeing a packed house normally as you mentioned Portland Seattle what they're doing and of the cities and seeing all the kids there soccer is for real yeah. Now -- they're defining -- painting my mindset partner for you it. Of high emotion to inform me when you do it because you had an experience that changed your mind. His grace turns him down -- some. Some of the big time officials for the -- there might Crowley was there president of the days of course. He had Jim Leahy VP of marketing -- -- people there hey look. We knew Billy being it was a Manchester United. Fan he's a big soccer fan but but but look they're Smart people with money. Who are a stand -- Thank you bought -- -- -- arsenal. Who's looking by arsenal. I'm hearing that people have and are looking to get like it's its live programming like programming is king that includes that -- that but just about any sport. And from my -- source in Sacramento -- Where you are. Beloved death they're getting your team to -- -- expansive -- to run a NN MI MI SL. And Ellis and -- let's get MLS team out there there. Because I guess they have some seventeen of their -- like sell out every game down like this is happening now. It -- -- was my source so -- afforded us. Post your fancy football draft with expert advice from. Former NFL scout. John middle -- a Buffalo Wild Wings. In San -- this Wednesday from seven a 9 PM enjoy food and drink specials plus the first ten reservations get an official Buffalo Wild Wings drafted call 925306631. That's 953806631. And make your reservation today. For more info visit the events page at 957. In the game. Dot com coming up next. -- they are you panic and. Long road trip on which front didn't go well. Now I know I -- -- it was an upside down weekend I might be a little -- next on the fair is himself for sports 95 point seven again. You can examine how many five point seven a game I just then. Checking my email. You think Blaine Gabbert is bad for the 49ers. -- off. I guess some worry you're not gonna like I'm not gonna like out any original life. It is a bad -- speaking of a bad luck. Outlook over the weekend for the athletics. This is. There's a bad round right now abuse they've lost five straight rough road trip. Get swept Atlanta he had Lester on the mound. The guy is supposed to keep you you know when you trade a guy like says this for Lester Lester is a guy -- got a stopper right -- Not even he could stop it. The Oakland Athletics right now this is so rare they have the most wins in baseball but they're not. In first place in their own division because of winning percentage that goes to. The angels who by the way got help. The -- and some help from former race they got help from -- the Boston against the angels. How about my man at a -- Wallace helped in the eighties out yesterday with the Texas Rangers but the one thing. That bear in jeopardy right now they're seven and ten in the month of August. The -- have posted a winning record in fourteen consecutive months that's the longest streak in Oakland -- history. If there are able to turn this thing around this month. They would tie. The -- by the Philadelphia athletics for fifteen straight winning months. Philadelphia -- did this July 81928. Through September of 1930. That's how good this team has been. In the regular season for right now nothing's going good they're not -- well they're not hitting defense base running you name it. Hopefully would you say just one of those. At some point there was going to be a hiccup in the season tour and finally has come in case anybody forgot there was such a hiccup. Just last season. Right around this time -- July beginning of August. They went. I just looked at this one stressing to try to make it even worse. They went four and nine at one point. -- team. Two of three. To the Houston Astros -- -- of the Astros last year hash tag last last throws exactly. So they've they've they've looked. You you knew this was going to happen if you thought they were ever going to have to suffer a losing streak what's amazing is that they had suffered up until this point. And the one thing that we set about this team and I think it will hold. Is that. The way there are built between their pitching in between their depth. That they're not going to have the kind of sustained. Lack of success that the giants have had you not to see them in and see this carry on. For a a month and even the struggle that they had. Is not to the depths. That the giants have had -- and look they have -- is good as wildly good as they've been for the better part of the season. But I don't look at this and say that almighty god you know what the suspend its trade that was a mistake now. I do in the long term question. Whether it's going to end up being a good deal because Lester is a rental. And sets this potential is so great. But I'm not gonna hang the results of this season on that trade or the results of the last couple weeks and say the reason this is happening is because you made a mistake. By trading UN assessment yes I'd just. Can't go to Lowry is on the DL. There without gentry you do that without gentry trend -- been banged up Coco has been banged up gentry is not that hasn't there hasn't been available. Mean there's been -- they've survived. Actually. A little the absence of a lot of things I want the one thing that does worry me Donaldson's back on the team. Randy Moss this has been a prolonged slump for him. With with TO NS out. You would you do have a little less leeway. -- the success or lack thereof in the middle you're trying to. Brandon Moss has to be just the -- did he can't afford him to slump that long you need to have Donaldson on -- but I look at this little run. The fact that technically you've fallen out of first place. I'm not I I I can't look at it and say. I'm not gonna give it the big. I can't give it to big -- at this point at hand. I like the brazen that -- played seventeen straight days ago at the day off today to against the Mets then another day off. And it starts. Yes -- against the angels over next weekend. And the weekend after that you got three more against the angels it is game on and and and you know -- I cannot the Mariners. The Mariners continue to win as the day's -- early five and a half games back. Yeah -- the one adjustment that they may have to make. We're all going to have to make and Watson this team as. The days of seeing them win 113. And twelve to two and just. Stopping teams. Offensively. The moves that you've made his -- did you in the other direction you're going to be coming for three ball game. When are you gonna become a 32. And so. When they go at one point they were all for four yesterday with men and -- injury in scoring position can't. You can't afford that you can't afford that as much you gonna have to. You -- going to need a timely. Hit now and then you're not going to be playing eleven to two in the post season now that I saw some ways it's better it's better that you get used to this kind of baseball. And find out just how successfully can be. -- let's go to -- markets amber are you truly can't believe this. There or get ideas don't. Yeah -- don't be up try to compare this is give the Dodgers traded wheat angels traded Trout. Or China's trade policy during the 2002012. Season -- of more than anything. Why do you why do you when he puts -- produce in that category based on what he was doing that that has to be potential that's not reality of what he was doing his numbers don't back that up. I'm number one thing that we entity the main thing and when he's -- -- -- win and same -- with that -- -- -- second with Posey. They've got the presence and a mainly just makes everybody around him better we -- that we really needed an extra bat is being pretty much got rid of our we also got -- -- I mean. You know and inadequately take somebody out here certainly everybody's going to be down that's just not feel about Israel. I've learned that the column know -- thing mark. I mean I cannot be trusted -- player in the game police is almost electric guys that. I can't compare their skill set and what they deal -- and -- think that's fair assessment us. Like he does make a very good point. The record for the athletics who assessment to send young and the record will now. Well there is something I will give -- give mark this. There is something about says this president's there is that presence there is something about a guy who can do something. Extraordinary that you just you he was. When he came about you never knew what you're going to see. But there was chance that you're going to see something sensational if we felt that. Then I have to believe that that team felt that when you have a guy like that we you know in any given situation. This guy can pull an -- Assessment -- to fifty. Reach forty bombs Trout to 8927. Bombs. Trust not having the year. Second year as last year but look how good the angels are -- this division my god. Oakland. Anaheim. Seattle just absolutely killing speaking of killing it but not a good way. VoIP -- -- goes down. They could get really. Really ugly. How ugly and we'll explain next on the very easy sell for sports aside five point seven a game.

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