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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/18/14 Hour 4

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Point seven big game historic day yesterday for the Bay Area. From the south bay in particular. As a new stadium opened up -- stadium there was a stinker of -- game. The niners got athlete blown out thirty -- announcement they've been outscored their first two exhibition games 573. But for a lot of us going to the game yesterday it was just -- got to see this place I've heard so much. One point three billion dollars and congratulations to Jed York. His family the -- family. And everybody in the south bay who made it happen because it's an absolute jewel and excited that. The York family. The de Bartolo York scrambling. This is the crown of their of their business and and they took all the chips. And put in the middle of the table. They're the ones took on the loans for 850 million dollars from Bank of America a US banking and Goldman Sachs what are the three. 850 million dollars he took on the along. They gambled said world -- and we're gonna give this stadium done. And as Jed York said when they unveiled the stadium they're rare ribbon cutting ceremony. Retarded on how many nights. He was in people's houses. Trying to convince them to get this done. This was a door to door. Talent home means. This just wasn't a bill -- stadium and will win. -- taxpayers right now they put the onus on themselves. Not only to get -- loan. Let's also get this thing done. And so seeing yesterday for the first time truly amazing is -- going to be perfect right out of the gate now. Look how special AT&T park is may open a pac -- was everything perfect now does is marked down way but for the most part. You think of like this stadium's gonna do puke. We're gonna get the college championship. It's not the BCS anymore we're gonna get the national championship game here ran the pac twelve championship here. Where I have later on or -- against cow. I can imagine apology to put on some pretty sweet concerts that are too. We've had we seen big events a year. We just had the. There were gaga. So it's not as if this is it's almost been in some ways is if the Bay Area. As with some places it's like now you -- We're good we're our main attraction we don't need big -- we don't need big events. To draw people here. The game changer is the fact that it's going to happen in the south bay. The fact that now. This jam. This idea that. Arguably the best stadium what when AT&T park opens. Pac bell park as it was called then. Opens in San Francisco when it opens on the bay. Nobody looks at that as a surprise. Nobody looks at that it's a well of course San Francisco is picturesque. It's high technology. They know how to. Attract tourists. Not a surprise. That they put it get there. That they made it and as a venue like that. This changes the perspective of the south bay from. Because I remember when I first moved here and I lived in Santa Clara we -- moved here the exact same time yeah because I covered the 49ers and made more sense it was gonna be in Santa -- at the facility. Way more than I was gonna be. At candlestick. As much is what attracted me to moving. In the area was San Francisco. Was the beauty of the city and the cultural Mecca that this place watts that's what attracted. And now I'm living in the south -- and it's not quite the same. And there was the is the image you know he lives since you infect people say they lived in Santa Clara rather than say or -- got us -- live in San Jose. I live in Santa -- are live in Mountain View our live in. In some other UN this Cupertino and Sunnyvale here exactly -- you wanted to eliminate neighborhoods you didn't wanna live in. San Jose because the image was huge you know the way to Saddam Hussein right. -- little down more -- more generally -- generally not but it was this it was this little hick town it was this little. These communities have been built out of farms. And now all. Now that that the whole. Image. As this as as that stadium is broadcast and televised. All over the country and people get a picture of the it's going to change the perspective. Of the south that I had so I'm -- camera where it was yesterday -- stadium -- in this conversation and somebody served pitching to me about having to drive. And arrows I can if he knew he realize. For baseball and football for us who live in the south today how we always have to drive we always have to deal with the traffic always. Things are changing them. And earthquakes opening up the new stadium next year. I you know you talk about a lot of good things happen and in the Bay Area now there's the football something 00. Are you concerned. Triple 895795. Sanity I aim of the mindset of I'm not worried worried about one thing -- Here's a thing you're. Worried about the raiders but you're not worried about the 49 exactly why -- it's all exhibition season raiders haven't had a winning season since 2002. -- data I have -- what we'd like to call eight track record no adult but they made improvements Carolina they've made changes -- -- -- well because the names of the as if only if the names. The fact of the matter is they've invested in some pieces. That other people have endorsed. Welcome back has been endorsed and looked and I have nobody's been more disappointed in what I've seen from Leo -- so far. I get bit. You're not used to playing. I get that you're still learning the pro game. But when a guy's supposed to have the Roth who us is that he has. I expect some plays. Where I'm just -- you've noticed him on the field. He may not be all they always being in the right place at the right time but she noticed him in pursuit you notice him doing some things physically and I have not seen that. And I might man out kind of Witten winner crowned miss four rebuke. Here's part of what he had to say he he starts -- Mac to be the wrestler in the draft. Would I watch him on tape I feel like he's pissed at the world and I like that. He's exposed have we seen any of this yet now and it's almost not fair. But -- what Connie unilaterally and my wetsuit glimpses that it can can you say that you've seen one play from colonial -- -- Okay that's that's it. May have cities explosive off the edge she's tough piece to which he he's got a little edge about him have we seen any of them now and some it's a look. Some of that. Can be dulled. By the fact that -- getting used to a new system and here's the other part. Is we saw -- -- -- with the raiders. Day. They didn't expose anything in terms of what they were going to do during the regular season -- we are beginning. Well we know with Jason Tarver we know he's capable we we respect him as a defense -- no doubt no doubt. They show any of that. During the exhibition season you saw none of the packages. That they ran during the regular season that we're so wildly effective in fact it -- in spite of the fact wiley is a perfect world because last year especially at that started the year in the defense was good crazy good it brought -- ran every yes and hopefully they don't have to be that exotic they don't have -- they don't have the roll the dice quite that way but I would expect. The the fact that you haven't seen the pressure that you'd like to see against the Matt Stafford. Debt. -- you're going to see more of that because look that there's no there's no question the personnel has improved. The personnel has improved significantly. From where they were a year ago and I look at. Look the run game I've been hot I have been pleasantly surprised by and large by what the offensive line has done we -- gaping holes at times. Off for guys to run through. You never saw that -- I mean we let. And I so sometimes we go extreme when we say never. We never. Saw that last year you never saw the kind of holes we Marty seen in the exhibition maestro Pryor -- aren't. That was -- a hole that was him just gives selling. You to death. Matt Cassel Matthew Stafford have combined DO fourteen of sixteen for a 150 yards and three touchdown drives. In three series against the raiders first team defense. -- drug can text and there's -- -- -- people said the same thing. They Townsend how are you. Harry you not worried about 49 the -- about the raiders while it's easy yet and a winning season since 2002. I've covered this again but the but they've won eight games into year of ours -- are set different too aren't they. Know all the way 49ers are supposed to go and where the raiders are supposed to go. I just I I can't see getting that along armed with the raiders. And not be a lot I mean what are the other -- watch the -- not play well the pre season basket of leaders we have in the NFC championship game not foreign twelfth. But the difference the play and then well Ina and the guys that -- the win loss record and somebody pointed this out and looked it -- We look for last time the raiders won in the regular CNN exhibition season they went to a fourteen. Yet that was Z. Are shall come back -- yeah. So leave. So it's a matter of are you gonna try to go out -- -- -- impressed everybody during the regular season but then let -- your playbook. And show what it is that you do. Or you gonna say look let's just build slowly I just individually. Guys like to Rob Brown. Getting exposed on the on the double move. -- Mac I I. When I see guys out on an island are watching Coolio -- two times practice tracked him I've just watched him through -- play. Check -- pursue check how he reads. And everything is slow. And that's not what I expected. From a guy who was advertised to be the athlete that he has. Avoid 95795. -- rich in San Jose is like you view -- you're worried about the 49ers. -- You know they're coming from someone who always. All in the matter that preceded them. I I don't but a lot of weight to be cute at all what you or that individual performers get just sent our. You know -- out Bernanke managed urge your popular you know that -- stringer. That slowed a bit better. People like just spent on the -- is coming out and I guess. Watching that -- -- game as you know eat chicken -- a little worried you know but a lot of money entity. -- are you about one person outlook by. -- has ever been really really shine here. Rotary member who before I let you go ahead as he filled out the new stadium. -- -- it was amazing amazing idea beyond beyond expectation. Are -- with perfect getting outlet perfect this stadium was beautiful everything -- Appreciate the phone got everybody has different -- I I had the experience or -- easy begin and easy to get out. Place was just incredible incredible unless somebody has said that it was like 45 minutes to park I'm thinking OK let's be honest with Imus park. Ninth at -- that's not their enemy depends on where you're coming from. But. Look -- you still are going to a stadium where there's going to be sixty to 60000 plus people gonna be. If you start counting people in the stadium and that's counting all the employees your novel well over there's there's over 70000. People. Coming newest stadium with cars I mean it's it's. It's not going to be like go to the grocery story -- shop and leave his desires can work one thing is just get a reality of Blaine -- I got this. Up from pro football focus. Bowl in five. Advised that -- -- your girl Blaine Gabbert is over for five with two picks on the rose ten plus yards downfield. Now he's bad man. And you get two million guarantee wrapped up in him. I don't -- direct jobs -- how many throws the Colt McCoy have to -- last year I think one during the regular season. Now you play you know physical look Tripoli now if I -- yeah let's go lookalike. Ever it's awful Josh Johnson. Can't return our unit cat cabernet gets hurt it's it's it's and that's really the case for a lot of teams to share but he asserted over. Now for the raiders. Raiders look and have three quality quarterback early and -- -- -- let's go do what Daniel in San Jose Daniel you're on 957 again. Good morning again I wouldn't say there yet the the way that the games have been played out within niners raiders did niners they just don't seem to have passed by and I bet that. Later in the game's greatest trail off and you don't have the quality starters and will Bowman being -- -- Two corners and whatnot and -- you operators on the other side of the page you've got hungry people all been down that debt charge and they're just fighting the entire game and I didn't I can see. Where there is some cause of concern. Person Kirschke and they're not doing a hawk on defense but -- second half and he's got all you doubt they're just. Claim our heart out and religious you know digging in and and get financial. I do's gotta like I -- sound like -- All right yeah I mean. Did the first senator Jim Harbaugh -- they lose all of their pre season game and I just wanna say that's right remember that remember the remember the first one against was against this is that the saints game where they just pollutes the hell I don't know they just. It was like Alex Smith was just under fire the entire game -- icon. Says Harbaugh pro thing you know work -- abandoning NFC championship game hey -- we had the same thing with the raiders last year as far as. How dreadful it was gonna be how badly were they gonna get smacked by the colts game one there and Indianapolis. And they were surprisingly competitive and they were surprising competitive. Until they just wore down so. Hopefully hopefully there's some of that. Going on here too because I'll say as much as the raiders. Second third and fourth string guys. Have played hard. The way the raiders have started every game the Latin but the first two exhibition games. Has not been encouraging triple -- 957957. Nearing its all your calls I was asked this question yesterday by a good friend in the press box. Would you take Terrelle Pryor. As the 49ers backup right now. Over is that what I am broke as you raised it as you said you woods. You would rather -- I have Terrelle Pryor. Just run around the Blaine Gabbert. I ever saw snow. No no. -- if he can't even you can't even run. I mean Blaine Gabbert isn't getting it done and do the things that. Now that -- -- and it does on the ground now. Read option baby now. I bet she -- Now that's an -- -- If you watched the first uniter pre season games and you watch old Jacksonville Jaguars tape this guy can't plainly not excited about Gabbert. But Pryor couldn't. He couldn't. He couldn't go through the reads. And he couldn't he couldn't audible at the line of scrimmage. Run read option let's go to Mike in San Pablo -- are -- your -- enough. Read read option and I think -- -- niner fan I have if cannot predict that any significant injury admit that the majority dispute -- a lot of -- and they will be in the -- -- sweepstakes or. It'll can not I would beat. Would not predict new contract that they keep him. Get that number Olympic area. Move. And assisting content. My caddie how do you feel about the fact that if cat lets say cat doesn't get hurt but. The way I look at it right now on every -- if they get hurt if he gets hurt. They're in big trouble. The flip side is the assumption that if he stays healthy. He's gonna have to carry a big -- how do you feel about the prospect the for you to win especially early on cap is going to have to be special. Don't -- quarterbacks for further into the special they've they've got a great running back. And not is not what this team not with the 49ers. Now with the 49ers that he he they've still had the capability of winning. Without -- being special. Cap is and -- special with the latest defense looks right now. How long it cannot predict the start -- year and about. Eighteen game to army currently is virtually independent. Particular shot or he's -- almost and if you stay healthy which you don't know about that game and keep it -- -- Got out of the -- that -- out there empowered by the -- Not even done out there. -- you know what I'm Mike I'm really disappointed you McLeod Bethel Thompson you don't think he can take you to the promised land the great former San Jose -- cat. -- -- Good call likely to hit it better. The Arab. Niners sign the club a little towns like -- and see her cats why. Little boy now that's not -- that is going to be. He escaped its cap goes down you're done. And then they don't area that link does make a marionette lines and he's with the that's a lot of data showed true. -- -- Manning goes down the Denver Broncos have done Peyton Manning went down in Indianapolis they went from a playoff team to the worst team in football. On the -- The air is I don't know what a possibility is that he's just you know he mentioned have been able take the organ quarterback. You know there is that possibility in 23 years both Harbaugh and tempered record here that his parents say he's a big posits is that it's a little. It's a little realm of possibility it's a little one let's go to Marvin and Oakland market. Marvin -- on 95 cent in the game. A good man good morning -- 82 quick questions first -- big player and I don't hate the 49ers orbiter -- -- India a lot of man because. Stadium has also thank you yeah they hit it really tight and -- eighteen people are you might. I'm hoping to can't do anything you -- him and we got to keep -- going. Okay market in -- -- going -- -- wanna get to our own throwing arm these include. Let out like a -- better than I don't know why they put garner greater. I'm glad are not look open and he went I'm Colombo where Gordon better than I haven't been hired by -- runner in Kearney poll. What happened. Yeah I appreciate Nadal -- glowingly you watch implying. He reads defenses. Any hits the ball out quick. And -- that that was that was the first first thing I -- -- like. While this guy EL a sec clock in your head one to ball's going to be gone and no one held the ball more. And pro football last year. This girl prior now obviously with those runs it does now. Also -- look at the I candidate he didn't half to get the ball when he when he when he when he hit Brice Butler for the winning touchdown. You know how many seconds he had. Five to six seconds. In the pocket and there's still was no pressure. -- -- is they get a view is like -- to the plate like that plates started at twelve seconds on the game clock. They hit it he hit him in the end zone with six excellence. And he never moved these he dropped back and he was just survey. So. There's some of that but it's there's there's more than that. -- like about the -- it's not just that he executes. Its and he gets an attitude I told you he -- is tough guy man did the Jordan shrug. After he had it and NEC and now he is so cocky Pete Andre holes with a couple were -- hundred homes drop them. And he's looking over the sideline like. When my supposed to do with this one reminds what do my. -- -- -- You've given me third stringers -- there dammit I'm trying to get something done Mac -- let's go to rob in San Jose was shaken rob. Cyclical -- real quick for generators that -- -- -- partner at two pretty big game in Seattle in the reasonable. I think he's just got -- decent coach and note that the duke. -- -- I -- I -- you're sick or diesel thank you rob women feel -- at all what do you what do you call reasonable because I have seen him. -- Yeah out -- AD group or like the same guy we had a year long rob rob would you take Terrelle Pryor or thank you all thank you. Saying much -- you -- what are. I think people art art when they compare in Q -- well -- -- at the rookie Bob Miller great got you both guys are apt to do just one day. And that is -- pastor. Well it came in on third down. There are seeing your Peter actually teaching a little -- you call. It all off on criticism right now billion. -- And that -- -- packet well like he rushed to. We could say it was -- -- we did say it does there's unfair I figure but but give me this rob I just I wanna see the he's supposed to be a freak athlete. Having seen anything that suggests he's a freak athlete this when I know a lot of it's read react. But I want -- I just wanna see that where even if he doesn't make the play Greg Allman got DC where -- came from. I haven't seen that. Don't miss. When the game stands -- the movie about legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur who takes the -- -- football spartans. From obscurity to a 151. Game winning streak while. Pretty unbelievable opens in theaters on Friday August 22. For a chance to score a pair of advanced screen -- it's. Visit the contest page at 9057. Game Jack comes at a record that stance forever. As I mean 151. You know how many kids played in that program and never why clearly I'd pat Walsh who's a local. High school football coach here at a loss to get a generations of kids went to de -- -- never lost a football game. How crazy is that. -- -- oh my god now we got you can looking up Terrelle Pryor stopped it. It is he you when he played against the chargers Seahawks won 41 to fourteen. He was one for four for ten yards. That's pretty good for your own handwriting of 39 point six other bears this out for sports on five point seven again. -- -- -- -- -- Point seven a game here in the states and you guys heard the the pre season absolutely Sox. That's coming up here we are gonna talk about what happened over AT&T park over the weekend. Before we do that. You've delved into the second game for -- price this is a lie if I was a niner fan. I would say give me Terrelle Pryor over Blaine Gabbert EU -- the one for four through the year. I don't care what he did do the tell me what he did -- legs. Was it he ran three times for 59 yards including a 44 yard touchdown. Which was a designed play for him to run. So. There is that element but we saw that element. With the raiders that's why a mile mile point was he's the same. Guy who won for four throwing the ball. 59 yards running it that's what you have I'd take him as my backup right now for the 49ers right now. You already have a rather messages for -- -- So then you're gonna run prior out there he gets killed then what are you vignette vignette three name out there worry. Then your opinions are very very well double to obsess. You got these three -- from now on. From the 916 the drug can text line what about Tim Tebow bring him in for the niners passed out. This is working out he was looking for a place that he's on the SEC network now -- pretty great so -- designed yeah yeah so. Enemy they're out there it obviously because there are some places. Where guys are going to be I'll let go. Com mean. Will be interesting to see what happens with with Matt Cassel. There's a couple a couple other guys that are veteran quarterback to -- that Sanchez. Sanchez mark Sanchez's throwing well in Philadelphia right but there are some places where it's just it's a little crowded. And you're probably getting from what I understand Seattle you did you change if you really want Terrelle Pryor -- -- account you'll be able to get -- because they're not gonna keep three quarterbacks. -- united tech term there's Jackson for. -- -- -- -- -- The -- the arts tutors Jackson has so. That kid if you could turn him into. A non quarterback. Terrelle Pryor. Could be a -- I I learned I'd like eighty I like -- criticisms insane I liked the guy. I wish him well I wish I wish he would be a success. And you look at the at the the distant as you said the natural influences in the natural ability. I would love -- -- -- what I see him drop I wanna see him in the pocket ago it's. He's our quarterback -- just to see the field and Seattle to our sex and I love them out there and I think he's the -- back gap kind of similar skill set to Russell Wilson was arson Tavares Tavares Jackson -- Now. I -- I don't know niner fans of the interest CB has Blaine Gabbert is he's not a guy. Johnson then finality goes -- car body USD. And my boy Bethel Thompson or they don't really wanted a shot prior. -- -- -- had a ending of that direct. You know what we've tried. We thought it's gonna happen that you do is put dirt on the San Francisco Giants because they have played so bad from. -- because LA has injuries. They're not pull away but it's ice only three for as bad as they have been since June. Three and a half I bring us up but season ended today they be allowed cart. I think they they obviously have issues this is a a 2.5 man roster that has issues. But they're still in this thing lots of issues are still in this thing yeah. It's it's not crazy to think if you look over in the AL last -- men. You've got you got these team I mean you lose just a little bit. And people are kept coming everybody's hot angels are hot Seattle's not. And this is really two team race and you know west there's nobody there's an over deal's close which is again. Sort of the beauty of where. The giants are right now is they have a -- games against Colorado. And Arizona. Against the Padres. There is the opportunity here. To at the very least. Make the post season. As a wildcard and once you're NN. Anything can happen. Anything can happen I think 2012 for the San Francisco Giants. We're constantly back against the wall playing elimination games it's one thing this corps knows it knows that. The only problem that I have there is that there's less of that -- Then there's been. You know I don't know if you're gonna have Brandon belt you're definitely not gonna have marked Marco scooter who I thought was a bad. -- to sign long term but he gave you a nice run in 2012 it's a reason that he got the contract that he did. There's just you look at the way Posey in the -- sound at all yeah I suppose -- fees they you get there but you're still gonna be relying on a guy like like panic. Who knows with Hector Sanchez. So you could see -- that. I mean you just. There are enough week -- weak links in this chain is that this is the thing that people forget about 2000 intent. Leo well we did in 2010. And look -- never been to -- we never been to. The playoffs before with this group and we never been the World Series and look they got it done insight. If you had guys like who read today and ran and rent three guys who had been there before who had. Long. Deep experience in the post season you're just going in there with his brand new cavalcade. This entire team -- never experienced that before. You had guys. There had been through that. And had been around so. It's not this idea that pays you can just take a band does anybody in your hot at the right time it can happen. I I still don't buy -- so you're not you're not buying and when that line of -- as dusty do. Where it looks like hey this game in Scottsdale for spring training yeah but I you know what I say the same to a certain extent with the case. Until I see guys like Donaldson and Brandon Moss. Do it up on the big stage of big game. As good as they are as much as I hope that they take that experience that they got the first times out of first couple times out. The truth of the matter is until you have won a series. Until you have made that march. You don't understand exactly what it takes to -- -- team and right now the guy who's hot he was high at the start of the year -- we're saying first half MVP who could be an all star -- went cold these hot again. That's Michael -- here he is explaining. How the team is feeling inside the clubhouse and the approach. That's good stuff yeah that is do -- -- you don't get that anywhere else. They're keeping it very quiet be keeping -- simple and quiet there does not Zain meaning yeah you go in their -- is -- well what's going on -- saying. We have we have are here isn't. We're just trying to win the series -- are trying to do too much as a team in general you get caught up -- everything that's going on and I think the mentality we got right now is get on base. Because there's many runs as possible and and try to win the game and -- -- -- series to series. Yeah and then there's an understandable because of these other body language Friday night. Even to a certain extent on Saturday will Dead Man Walking -- to delay they have a look like man. We ever going to figure this out and. There was a little there is a little different -- so they've been they've looked even looking for kick starter. Four over. Maybe who knows who I mean two wins over the Phillies at home. I can't keep that excited about it fired up and I had I had a slow my roll a little bit pay as Rich Aurilia said but it's been as an alternative -- sounds bad. -- at some point it is say the hell yeah. Yes you can't worry about the back of the baseball go. -- diseases not great eyes got everybody's got to do their part trying to in the post season now that sound like Morse was just saying -- -- does this go round do the next right thing. You know we're gonna viewers get -- a game by game. So we do. Game by game just like your radio which segment five cents show by show segment by segment look who showed up. Actor Ryan in this morning to look at that. Way. I thought you looked at the afternoon yeah. All that hot tea and by the way I'm not panic and you can again. Zach or you can again -- we're not that they spend the night. This guest Max on the bears who have resources -- five point seven game. -- -- generally around 95 point seven a game coming up here that -- -- -- -- it's. Favor -- I saw both the guys there yesterday -- game. We're let we are well represented 957 games and you're in the you're all in the sweet though. Why can't bring those guys this week now. Which brought Lund. -- do you really think by the CEO this company's gonna wanna listen John middle coffer for really not fair but you brought -- As I couldn't shake him yeah. Since nice to see that's the problem that's a problem when the concourses are Crowley Ottawa when you show Lopez's body needs at this capability isn't the same all ending he's just he's just dropped in this week. Now and he's talked to everybody. I mean some points like did you like you might wanna put down the line we wanna be invited back I mean you'll one's got his. What one's got his armor on the CEOs girlfriend I mean it's like come on do it clean it up. Truman Capote have and build a cat day and all my guys -- does not mean not something that I knew it all through the gears next thing you know he's -- -- out there he's in the red wine that's -- that's the great misnomer to zero lead just a little pop. Like popular as this is does it. The mystery in an attempt on that show. Now we both get after -- I -- I I didn't see -- I -- I saw Damon on the other side of the press but -- saw that he tweeted that he was there Tuesday yes we are well represented yesterday. At the 49ers new game yes. They -- well. But I think for a lot of us who is walking angle on why this place. This place tie is don't look at the field in the places great hack they can't score does -- not to -- the scoreboard still. The video screens now video screens are you now on eighteen seal the Tawana Sharpton when and a. Stand is that it is it's not so distracting because there's been some places and the new Cowboys Stadium -- is -- example -- this like this the the overhead screen. Jumbo screen up top is so big. -- you don't watch the field. You watched. The video. Has its its massive. And you're just amazed anything could be that big. You're distracted any of them and then there are places like. The the Miami Heat arena. Where there's so many things going on the concourse. People don't aren't in their seats for the games and they're they're they're off doing everything else but watching the game I did hear that there is like eight. Love like a club club who. I opened the club club -- At this at this stadium I didn't seat I'm sure there is there I would have to be our charity yet. If we all just sat around and talked about it -- experience and and where is that what you did. It's -- massive yeah that there was no way he -- to -- every experience everything I think probably better I would I'd like to do is I'd like to take the tour. I'd be I'd be -- is one of our cause brought up earlier. The that the crowd and the crowd noise and whether the fact that it was disappointing. Maybe you can speak on this neighbor cough because I would gather that you were more among the people in town he was. That is so wrong limb minute limit large up in the suite and and Danes and not to give. Not to join the rabble. What what's the possibility that it's going to have or it's not gonna have a home field advantage because. Of the money crowd like Italian and his friends. Very high possibility yeah likely I think now -- he's one of the bigger questions that came out yesterday and what is yellow would be like. When you got a big time game in there and you know everyone's drinking responsibly. Broke a jokers you know because they get. Okay nice seats they got a right I mean they just don't I I had their kids with phone and HS man I was in a group that. Was a money group and they were not drink irresponsibly where they make Illinois. That's a pre season game and what do not know if that's fair I knew they were asleep but I mean look when you go to the Super Bowl -- the price they think it goes up. The -- of the crowd goes down there. So exactly -- you -- that you probably see in the exhibition season as usual and expected the expected it's gonna be rowdy or during the regular season plus a lot of places to hang out that are awesome that are indoors I -- that's the most -- with glass doors on -- also -- good how good were the club levels that are -- -- Colorado based. This may -- News bar after bar giving mood you can you can you can do a leper in the stadium and now -- really don't ever really loose side of the you can keep trying to -- the whole place TVs everywhere I love how I love how great the stadium is and what a distraction is. From 34. Zip beating on the field to imagine if that was 34 to zip in Candlestick Park. What the conversation would be like to you know to be like today. The 49ers by the way this -- hand off has brought to buy swooped. Daily fantasy sports for cash download now of one of those 34 to nothing at the coliseum on Friday night. Yes because -- in the raider game. You know what thank you for bringing -- up what does my friend here is all alarmed about the raiders but not alarmed about the forty niners. And I don't you can be alarmed about both or neither. And I don't really -- Well thank you -- that is why man and sports -- right there aren't enough with your nervous right now you're likely admit I didn't expect that. Well I mean can't get to play with three series and it looked like the guy that was the -- -- and what the -- championship game the cowboys -- -- I mean I watched. Shot look man -- It's clear to me what's gonna happen I don't know what it's gonna -- here comes the Fresno homer com finds no homered while deploying is gonna start a lot of football Value -- are still -- yards out there now let's look at our car that was about their honest if even if she Bob. Physically if if if he's good to know physically can't move he he would not last sixteen ages. -- -- Pryor made a bad offensive line better match -- makes -- better offensive line worse. All right so explain to me though explain to -- you know why the running game has looked. Improved. If that the -- -- because because -- had a good running because but. Then there have been running last year because the rushers that a good running game last year yeah. Really yeah I think the normally -- -- federal on scene right now. Lanka's admitted having choice and -- that was Terrelle Pryor are you kidding me you're rushing quarterback they've risen while they were -- and judge -- here's a running quarterback rushed the ball judgment of the good he was he was -- running back but anyway what's again. Let my whole point is and you know it's how we doing -- when you don't when they show guys like me you know what you have obviously I'm gonna say everything is right in my show yeah. What so so you're you're critiquing the offensive -- is -- pass blocking -- -- -- shop -- -- -- -- makes a better offensive -- -- that's because what you're saying that he cannot understate it but he's not gonna stay upright because the offensive and I think if he can't move. I'm saying because he cannot move I mean physically I'll watch and I just it I want him better right. Time. It's important that he Miller and what you're saying -- I see your point in -- Oregon now it's important if he can't move if the offensive lines horrendous and I see him not being employed. We will take -- leave it today. Now Matt model lines will start at least one game this year take it early and take that I made a -- -- I mean can we make this question how I mean she. Rob gets booed out of the building cars fragile time that's next you know McCoy are right. Boy I just don't think I just I hate this I just don't think he -- I I just know they're not saying he's bad. You -- -- I'll move. You house and that makes him not what they needed to do it when cars ready to go. You gotta give the team -- -- He's the future that shot shots not to future shot do you hope is that veteran guy keeps yet. -- even keel and steady. But when cars ready to go you've made the commitment he's your guy the -- I gotta go I can't be different segments on here. Yeah I -- thanks thanks appreciate it see you tomorrow -- -- -- sign -- 99 point seven game.

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