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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/18/14 Hour 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You any new friends you're maxed out iMac. But his whole life right. This is -- December. That's scary match. Serious. Serious shortstop. Women find out. No Sampras this guy. And Sean and outlining Monday later that's a 95 point seven game big Monday and -- always to. -- action packed. Yeah we made it we went we saw. And we got out of the timely fashion. That should be the teacher from -- stadium yesterday. We came we saw we avoided traffic yeah. Oh it was a good day yesterday I hated it at 57 -- 57 NBA draft antics and -- 57 at by the tell you get an all day. Would you think yesterday we went we experienced football. The call was terrified that he'd be stuck in gridlock for nine hours it did happen it was all good guy he can avoid traffic when you show up at 915 for one right. To this man we -- apparatus that we -- there once for practice down one of the clubs just. You -- got out. But that was a stadium where. I get this the best I can summarizing yesterday for Levi stated because it felt like an event you know like a ribbon cutting. I walked around I said to myself -- you can get me back here if I wasn't young did job that we do you get me back there it was impressive it was really impressive. Don't want to -- a big I mean Peter King showed up. I mean he came for that -- pre season -- pre season game and opened up with a Monday Morning Quarterback he talked glowingly about and if Peter King shows up. To an event or a place that that legitimizes that event. -- ineptitude are normal we we spent you know I'd say put 57 minutes just confirmation that six minute -- at least six just the guy John and Peter but everybody going everybody by first -- -- -- if you read his MB MM QB the opening of the the the piece itself about how great to see in this and it's it's incredible. I mean it's state of the art it's open it breeze. It's enough I mean all the lounges the inside the bars everything about aesthetically -- pleasing. The seats are cooled at -- not a bad seat house we went out the Bud Light lounge. I mean if I was season ticket holder that might be arguably the best seat in the house meets phenomenal view from I guess it would be the south end zone -- But ultimately my one concern. I look at the schedule guy the first three home games are all against potential playoff teams the bears Eagles and the chiefs. And I say if you flip it around it said were playing at the bears were playing at the Eagles -- playing at the chiefs I'd say well it's pretty tough place to play. Chief semi arrowhead crazy -- stadium Philly I live there are the fans we all know Phillies fans and the bears and it's one more restored venues might be the most historic. All football. I'm a little nervous that the wine and cheese crowd that you can buy less wind by the way for twelve dollars. And he saw a lot Alexis is a lot of Mercedes range rovers in the parking lot tailgating had Drake coming out of the speakers. That I don't know Howell. And her how to say this but -- Rowdy rowdy crazy. Just intense the feel of the fans is going to be I was at the coliseum on Friday night and we had I want the second half into the like the company like the sales guys that -- there once and hide. There's the wind may wind there. You're -- on -- -- -- and meat and cheese platters to day again I'm not. You can drink wine I just want to also have a shot at Akeelah and a couple of Beers and sort of get -- whereas they want. Out of this -- so. I'm just saying an ambiguous use the the home opener I I think because the 53 innings and be pretty wild but what will we we get -- stretch of the Eagles -- chiefs. Does that concern you got I mean just the -- concern. I mean yeah I'm it's got to -- a stadium drag out of the car. Her big -- -- I don't I think Seattle Seattle I think -- when they're good is arrowhead remember when they were bad kind of -- the level yet but that's understandable. And you know like my question is is it gonna be quieter than candlestick -- candlestick was Seattle either -- -- you're -- that probably. So yeah I mean I think your B game changing every icons are -- the cardinals. You know there hi -- unlike most NFL places where the stadium prices go up. Like Seattle is such an aberration because it is a West Coast new stadium is sold out imagine it's to a degree financially exclusive. It's filled with people on the West Coast what -- like we love our sports but let's be real I mean it's it doesn't define us sometimes in the way that he's still sports does for community know -- why think about them I think so much is because that's how we. Forty niner fans you know define themselves now -- everything's measured against Seattle from a football standpoint. That there is the chief rival. So then you think of yourself like were no better fan I mean their place like you said the twelfth managed unique. But I mean for now is trying to PTI. That's was the weird component in the dynamic here of you can try to one up the twelfth man who the general manager John Snyder was their by the way had just talked to him. Are running guys on the grind I mean as a gentleman Seahawks coming to a pre season game was looking for. Was looking for an ROC let's look at four would you say your -- you have just looking out -- looked to me -- -- the -- the CR Haberman and -- or 957 again and would you -- the stadium yesterday in -- 8957957. -- -- -- on the second. He looked to me like gay television executive. But not the guy that's in charge of you know NBC he looked like the guys like like like that like his baby. Was like he created like. You know -- -- -- like some some VH one show suing him if he get along so well he's got -- he's got a young field obviously younger guys younger but it's just -- -- -- VH one TV executive and when we first -- -- -- all -- snowboard what do -- look like. Like he was really stressed out. Like like that's dressed like navy seal general health and yet know what does that you've got to have that look you slander how bit. -- series is our -- very focused on whatever the the bacon Mac chief who's going for why you -- he's got back token laugh like he don't mess around the bacon Mac and -- but just very singular focused -- -- reports -- Reports that he gets a Mac she's letter that's a pass on to. Right you know just that in the peach cobbler stamp the piece published -- news just. You know game change a thing is the highlight of my night. Was yesterday I you know it's like mid third quarter go to get a water. Just couldn't -- just Johnson play anymore and there's Dana Stubblefield. Some pre and post game for Comcast -- any standing at the end the the cobbler stand. And he makes her -- another scoop ice cream on top of this peach cobbler he gives me this look. His smile he was more happy and he's ever had of -- sack and he gives me his bro hug. I mean X and now he wasn't this a huge fan of the -- but damn movies okay it was a pretty. And. Did. I mean the craves. -- -- station so it is it's different there's no question that it's different. What I -- nothing I think they're gonna fire was talking along about this is. Where you once again be state your seat I mean guy these Boris inside with the TV he's just awesome Andrea glass doors on and so we you're making noise in -- nobody here and I mean how lost yesterday were watching the game in the press box did you find -- -- you're talking to watching the game but they were watching the field. Because the video screens now granted they're not like Jerry's palace there right in front of view they're off to the side. I would argue their borderline clearer than the actual field like the humans. I mean are they 3-D they looking. Credible. Clearly human -- I mean they feel that I'll I this is from Jeff on the drunken text line I'm an. SP a member. Both -- stadium was amazing traffic wasn't too bad I believe everything will be smoother season goes on. It was crowded but it's part of the opening the stadium. Yeah I hate to do little things I mean people trying to figure out do work the traffic we're supposed to go. But all all went it went down pretty against ruining this pretty good but -- -- you John I I think your question about how loud what what all the environment and be like. When you get people on the -- stated we realize it's gonna be sunny and got to bring handsome Sundstrand. As if it Dave degrees they're -- real hot. Well on the east side of the stadium where the sun shines and we talked about this it feels like a Miami you're a Tampa. You on September the sun's gonna shine bright it's gotta be hot so if you use it on outside the stadium ring had brings some sunscreen. You also had a great statement yesterday and I think -- -- for anyone that attended the game can prior relate to this when you walk up on and I'm sure. And you're about academic question area. They look like almighty god let's get that because they're not gonna probably why he's emerging and yell at me yeah please I can't no you can't go out there. I don't know where these side of the club is why I try to talk to every ten and I could just to find out you -- just hey how is it for you what what are people asking -- thing and a lot of them just they were they would never swim and a little Beckham it was their first game don't miss -- a lot of alliance didn't work the soccer game. Say you know you couldn't cross the street or whatever but all -- all. I think a lot of people who. For whatever reason don't want alike stuff are hoping that today everyone that they that the ingress and egress John was disastrous it wasn't. At the stadium was a big mistake. -- what they look good Manuel as the national. Explained. That beside that I mean everything else. Her Tony for Air -- -- fine they're gonna be okay back -- quarterback situation. To lose our -- talk football next then post your fantasy football draft with expert advice. From former NFL scout. John Cook off for buffalo. There -- on this Wednesday for seven and I enjoy food and drink specials plus the first ten reservations in the official Buffalo Wild Wings drafted I gotta think those are long sold out by nova get a shot. 9253806631. Make your reservations today for more information days. The events page and I 570 games that come -- sign up people Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday night. Middle cop and a woman even told me he's thinking about come and find my life -- -- -- -- in my -- coming out. The hypotheticals I go sign up fantasy leagues we'll talk of football out. I don't know -- taken number one yeah. Don't say John I don't know who you're gonna let -- one day you're sitting there right next to me right. I've I've coming up next actual football what do you think of the stadium to -- 8957 ID 570. Drive can text line. 95795. Would you think -- the experience. We got a preview of what they need to do in the next week that's the forty matters of the football team what they need to back to -- men of middle governor because of again. Does not about selling and London tiger now. Unless you're Crabtree Bolden cap per day. Willis Vernon. All of them. Eleven cents. Frank. Yup we thank you and I've been a lot of. Press conference last twelve months when Harbaugh and I would say that's the most concern now I wasn't there in the Seattle game after they lost the AFC champs of game. But -- there was some genuine concern on his face. With the play the quarterbacks he he specifically mention the Capra and throw in there. Which I saw from my seat opened up Stevie Johnson he missed them now I don't want to shut down they turn into a positive you want to -- checked out and they might have inspired you why banana always go -- -- in the flat. But you know then the back of situation will Blaine Gabbert is easy and war -- -- -- you're you're telling me so the one time -- like -- look at -- -- brought it down any -- it -- We should actually made the throw. Yeah I mean the guy is open OK but it was quick hitter and Jim specifically mention that you know Stevie ray ray router in the game we didn't see it he said we didn't see it. Well Jim you're not playing a cap and captaincy. But I'll stick a camera it was pretty sound -- down a couple times mr. deep ball Lloyd who I don't think will be on the big roster do you I don't see where he fits in. I did the math this morning why some are by the death of who the hell is that run downfield and why -- now why don't -- opened here's -- thing guys played good. But I. GF six receivers so do you trade Quinn patent because the F Stevie -- And grabbed three locks Bruce Ellington locked. I like keep an Oscar because he's demon on special teams he doesn't and then Quinn patent in Brandon Lloyd I mean they got a -- a surplus. I go pat well I mad drug -- for Lloyd that. I think there will -- they drafted him well and I mean I've brand wannabes put it on filming we know what generally you're gonna get right maybe important. Like a seventh round -- You know thirteen this dig deep down the waiver wire you -- clamp down. I don't know I I I I watch that thing yesterday in this this is what we're here is what capita play three series whenever. Here we go on a week three now and this is the week of the pre season where everybody plays John and yet. Listening to Harbaugh talked yesterday after the game like you said he that it was all about the -- game he was he was pretty clear. That he was pretty clear that things were off yesterday I in the past him. And end and I said repeatedly. He noted name guys by name -- -- at one point he said Gabbert. Was good to keep c'mon man so this a week where you -- the only starters play and and what's gonna happen I mean -- Do you want -- we start as I don't want ever to play and because I watch all the back of city camp plus yeah yeah. I think you've convinced Theres no point now to have him go two quarters because you know why guy. I I -- blink hammer I think three quarters -- I do as I -- I start -- it obviously give missed two series. I mean what the hell's he really gonna get out of this at this point now. I guess you'll Blaine Gabbert got -- -- -- guy I mean I'm Marty out on them but I'm also not the guy cutting the -- And like baseball he's guaranteed some cash so he's guaranteed money. But he's been so bad that I would imagine Jed York and Peter King even mentioned maybe tweeted this that. General lurked how come we did last night -- -- didn't look very happy after the game well that's because your quarterback place Sox the backup situation. I don't blame them for getting -- because the you have a quarterback whisperer. In Harbaugh -- even Jim configured amount. So you play in the whole game any kind of if he can't make any strides guy I think you legitimately have to think about. Either making a change or making a trade for a guy then becomes U2 if you wanna hold on for three quarterbacks but. I mean you might have to bite the bullet on this one I mean hell they're gonna sell some wind they can make -- the -- Yeah I won't get to the raiders shot next hour but rich on the tax land dropped him tech sites that will take Brandon Lloyd and in -- our guys can't -- catch. And and and it raises a question about trade him -- basically what we want nice guy. Clearly doesn't have wide receivers. I mean that they -- Brandon Lloyd just Cornelius Bennett. The lot of teams are. You know depleted at that position blog you say is if you're the raiders it McCoy you sort of money can change like I wouldn't trade -- going up on the raiders -- -- -- in my gamble will get them eleven but. 88957 ID 570 -- on 957 F five is is the idea of noise in the new stadium -- a lot of things went right. Few areas -- are watching on television are you concerned that it can't be may be. As noisy as a stadium the charges less for tickets would be in today not 57 ID 570. But do you think you'll you'll get just as loud. It's a fair question it's a fair question when it comes to play though I don't read 57 to three and thank all of this team isn't what I thought that war. Because again -- nobody games yes -- yet the combined score to get it. Eat. Nobody thought Frank Gore at what one -- Crabtree had no catches one target -- -- one target one catch. -- David even target Vernon Davis you at all. It at all and -- has -- just -- didn't play. Alex Boone. I'm with you didn't play -- you know there -- but they they don't -- the more -- -- -- more than -- offensive -- but anyway. You its domestic film study yet wolf first off announcement thing John Martin. You know mr. bowling -- these horrendous he's not gonna make this team he's not good enough even as a backup you you can do better in the waiver wire. You know signing guys off the street each is not good enough. But in I'm taking up the quarterback is quarterback play -- it wasn't. He wasn't daddy wasn't great but the backups were horrendous and Jimmy and the turn over so -- -- Gabbert throw the heck of the next playoffs while throws touchdown it's kind of skewed. By the looks of things away FL Borland he's -- the pass game something is so over aggressive he's very good in the run game. He's I was shooting gaps avoiding blocks Jimmy war. Who if you watch Vick fans you know who I'm a huge fan -- he's playing these young guys deep into the third -- even some in the fourth. -- award is flying around filling in the run game I mean that is a little tough SOB man I mean he's he's been good. -- -- on when they going to nickel situations and he kind of bumps in over the guard. There's not many offensive guards -- can line up with a guy like -- and blocking one on one key is destroying guys do so fast he's a natural pass rusher. Or are -- seeing guys that fast. Bruce Ellington to me was the biggest -- yesterday. You know some on special teams why can -- in place he's getting positive yardage he made some catches -- -- I think did Jim mentioned him after the game I think he might. But -- has been great man I think they really got -- this kidwa I don't mean you talked to Steve Spurrier. They love this kid had this guy's gonna be this guy's gonna be a legitimate role player in the NFL just too athletic too fast and I think. May be in. Mid season. -- -- a brand -- and I go route that's number three Bruce Ellington 888957957. Lieberman a middle off fear what did you think of the new stadium is always going to be a question and this 57 to three that's for the lies -- scored the first two weeks raise your eyebrow at all rich in Fremont is up first here on the show -- a rich welcome mentally got. They basically because like you guys like always eager to do it's -- Get your idea what I'm operator paired let's give it up from the start anyway a -- matters -- but -- -- -- I think the -- -- -- the matter that much because I think they should have done in the economy get -- point. If they shouldn't just run until he breaks man that that I'll get beat up -- they got because. You'd take you'd take Japanese beat. Any bottom to read a five quarterbacks in the -- to me and the to me and -- quality yeah I'd pull that thing. But I mean would become governor pressured to take on the sticker that read I'm I'm I felt like Greg and great but maybe I'm wrong on. But I don't if you can't go to segment they're great immaturity that statement but you've got. -- appealed and and it. I don't need to do do it much every play every game they like that's -- -- so I'm not that worried but it's hard being you know eat. You know I bet I'm gonna stick are used to part. Talked me into here and we're talking about being part and David I -- in a car oh sorry where are my car capita debt our prediction that's my deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It did he checked out and getting him -- I think it's still fair criticism also means getting a better our our run until he brakes -- Our Rafael is narrow so what's up man welcome. I. Guys -- you know nor are operated. By -- you know. Ornery and but not as terrible this. I turned it on. Order a packet you watched our first recorders and courtroom -- pathetic and it's like. You got it scored only eight point you'll go Kumble and acute scurbel. We will Raphael I think I think if you show if you want to raider game and you watch the niner game when the backups come in. A major difference is the backup quarterback situation for the niners is dire they're -- they can't move the ball. You watch the raiders play more -- car are legitimate players in the NFL Blaine Gabbert Josh Johnson or not. So if you try to -- back a football it's hard enough that is as it is good if the quarterback play. Is looks like the niners you're not you can't score it's now possible Iraq Joseph gotta run and appreciate the call failed to how that I'd ask you this question is hypothetical couple times if the level of third string of NFL players if that was like the greatest global we've ever hear that the top level football would football be what football is what we all be. Like you know arena to fans. And I'd rather watch the girl in the league job than what she's awesome -- -- Davis and then you know this who called wheel series and higher number of higher number than the little. Italy Switzerland and higher number on TV the national baseball game. Yeah baseball's fun let the kids are fine we'll -- -- baseball baseball people -- just what baseball have revenues latter but you tell me a better. Sure he batted five game losing streak for the gates what's going on shootings next -- -- remember the cup and -- custom again. Your CO2 content -- to drive. Went deep to left field goal and that is still warning track it down. Did hit his 23 home run of the season hitting his Atlanta three to one lead and the -- pitch. Bounced towards -- -- charges -- goes on the run. Well today. And then I. Atlanta wins for the very. Where's the guy where is it -- well the panic button. And not. You're okay are comedians they use plus 67 right yet they've they've. Some -- -- and last week they lost six of the seven games it's seven intend in the full week seven and ten -- -- I only played then seventeen games just an off day since the trade. Seven intense since that crazy is that first off day since the trade. The last seven and all based on bigotry and it was just. Be aware. Yeah -- -- -- that was really not jump on the bandwagon but it's it's just -- off the bandwagon. I'm not a Miami I think the -- World Series without problems are and what you're about because these can go off what you see in a -- like -- -- sucks I tell you you know days of struggling. I am nervous I shooting beverages every Monday what's -- shooting -- -- -- -- don't Judy I'm glad Judy. No amount -- year I'll -- why didn't regret that -- -- who is who sent in there actually want to. I'm just or unjust and professional not to panic and make it. They gave her but on album and it is no -- -- liking the curve ball shooting. -- like strikes the truth. -- -- -- -- -- Reaction from you to panic I don't know who never won before. You hit on beef pork and I'm against it you wouldn't be -- when you're not square ended up right now because you know you've done it before. And I understand that's where the eight are right now I just think there. It changed. They know it's like to be changed because they chased people down or abstracts -- a couple of years ago. When they chased them down last week of the season when they had no business doing it. That it's what been beaten me in the wanting to be changed our panel think if you haven't been in that situation you will not handle either and I think right now. This is when. Stallion -- You -- talk about the what if they're comparable -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- another serious no known. -- -- -- The top of the value this couple's. Now shooting out -- as I watch these guys now and obviously I mean they're. You can you can are the best you baseball but it feels different watching them now I mean the lights on them now no longer like you said that their hot anymore they're being hunted. And you kind of feel it obviously less dramatic full -- him some of these other got me Sonny young is his first full season the big leagues. The shark he's never pitched in big games like this now Stephen both their -- 5% of that seven. I mean you can't dispute that it feels a little different is watching them play. All -- Absolutely if the old student here you go on that role the shorter strokes start taking mortar world. -- start burning in particular -- and yeah. They can let go oh. Hold the police so far. And that's when -- -- at the minute they explode what it feels like. You'll do something different and you are right now it won't just don't go down as easily as -- used to look at. Google Wiki but how do you handle. You know every week it right now expect to happen with big -- happened but you just don't know Albuquerque gained have to be only eight. Great as great Oakland has been. I love her and been better. -- that's what -- say that we know how good testing has been so you got cakewalk with just I don't enter Panasonic. If you want to do so on and so step in and jump into the slide and you know some backsliding. On a whole lot of things to -- to enter right now. You know you got -- things internal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I look at them and say on a given day they should be -- lay out pitch Anaheim like like. Compare them together but when you look at the offense right now is is it is it a matter of under achievement or is it a matter of gentry is not around -- is not around I'm and I even mentioning says the thunderstorm but the guys they got other guys they got better than this offensively your mind. I think that in one pick your cattle aren't. To contribute to this lineup what this roster right now they're not capable of doing it your feeling. Because all these peaks and already kill all the contributors. Matter. You know hot chocolate failure on the clock you don't have to due to jump on the -- and just drag you along the way you've got everybody on the roster and that's the way it has been setup that. -- -- -- -- I think you're too intricate character they think that's a great point you bring up. That they can't reject a big anybody else because he gave so much flexibility to. I mean Travis are stepping up last night or what EP it. Even -- they have not been planned attack the baseball that the -- -- in the -- at Little -- right now is one run game. It's two runs -- It's close ball isn't it. Drinking gained just one more here just one more pitched just one more catch. I don't know what I wanna be a detriment you would hope that it wouldn't be -- to be an advocate ethnic all of go to learn how to win those close games because every game that they client on your arm out. It's gonna have such a big impact on what's -- -- directed. Was shooting going in these games the angels would you say that they're going to be highly highly contested games I have faith Trout in pools are gonna come play. On the east side. Right now. Beside Josh Donaldson I don't know who else to believe in if you have to pick one guy with Josh is it going to be -- a mosque is again a BJ so. Who was gonna be that guy can help them now offensively when when they need to be hit. And I think -- as a great great assessment here I mean and I look at it in -- back -- the carriers in the door. I mean your pool hall Hamilton struggling but he still am to this action filed in Atlanta -- the other guys that -- really really good. Opposition players. In this lineup -- Oakland. I've been looking at three or fly combinations doubled it look like. Milk and -- had to -- a little bit with. Look what mosque Donaldson. In Norris and it looked like a prequel -- was kind of coming together a little bit but he didn't make of that lineup a little bit I just think that the report on court is going to have to come together and be strong because the other got. Good match due to banks of the red bank contribute to without -- no intention on the bench to travel all the extra guy will -- because. I just don't think it's one guy that can step up that hadn't done already -- show you -- cable charitable cause we just don't know what is going to happen and that's what you gotta be. Except when you got streaky players -- Think anybody that's in the lineup every day is capable of doing damage or significant amount -- it just never win that. -- -- -- -- But -- probably hit it could be anybody and we just don't know who agree. There may be good from the get all get some answers maybe the next hour we talked to exit and have the angels for three start -- Friday diamond after your match to Minnesota because trio hosted document they shouldn't we have a two week. Thank -- things are happening there and it is just so wonderful to beat back Q&A Bay Area that we are so blessed to live will we live national aren't you guys can you -- -- you'll. I shooting -- you feel that he was back you could feel there should be sure he's back there -- right field nor our center live in the world deal. The bank and unequivocally no other place the world I'd rather live. In the greater beer was just get signed as a free agent where you -- you know I just immunity meeting we -- Lester we Jon Lester and on willingly. Yeah I played that flag meant the question would you like move to we we we met a guy we're in the elevator. And -- a real lap around the -- stadium talking to people. And US -- or US the guys were -- from one as well I would three what is it three blocks from here and environment salt -- Elam I like is well. Severe heart failure affair and account but the other -- say -- and he -- from Roseville Roosevelt you know north of Sacramento so. He was happy and seemed like he was meant to make that drive no not at all or whoever got there I think he also had to -- -- -- -- he was happy -- -- -- It didn't get my -- -- as half off tickets for Sonoma -- town enjoyed truly unique experience 120 minute train trip to go through tunnels over bridges. Makes -- stop the miniature staff get -- he'll now get my First Act comp tickets only valid on Mondays through Fridays. -- come home. Back -- game in the loss column on the angels who come on Friday. Below we think about you -- assessment John they're there is one game I think that defines. What -- don't seem to have right now one single game defines it. That's next -- the middle off a 957 again. Greater. The future player man. You can see it happening. Knew that coming up at eleven. We're just started shooting about the days to -- where there are now a game back in the loss column in the division so percentage points by the angels. -- giants amazingly a game and I have -- up. For the second wildcard. The National League. Which is not see your tell me there's a chance that both the giants in the -- have to play in the playing game -- well the -- would have to -- the giants would get the plane had an exact at the stand liason gated home where the giants would. As it stands right now would have to go on the road yeah there's Jesse a's could lose in the giants can win and don't play in a five game series and is now right. You'll be crazy and I Aaron -- it's crazy act the one thing I'll never forget. Is last year when the a's had a long stretch off -- in their forty's off after the season before their series this season and on Sunday. And the divisional series with the tiger started on Friday night. Dan a lot of those guys afterwards it just all that time off screwed with them. The offensive guys so it's almost like he didn't if you get today game if you have to play a lot of card game and you win -- Then maybe there's some benefit to the problem is you don't know what you're not gonna take that risk. Willingly but what what I think of writing this five game stretch they've lost all five and they've seven invade and they're seven and ten over the seventeen game trip but the seventeen game stretch this had. Which coincidentally is this assessment -- deal. Like I don't I don't run less than their average before asking us laugh and think a little more now I don't look at him and say. Boy assessments chain like if they have -- they're not like there of nine games over that trip instead has three games under on that -- what ever. But I I think what he did decide just had an effect on guys around him which was real. Because he's so talented though there would just reels in moments were Nolan can do any thing and he could do it like to meet with defined him for all the stuff that he did that wasn't great and he wasn't real economy you have to acknowledge that. But as a BP was like 700 believe you -- yeah I think it was try half that minus fifty okay 300 there. But you know I think you'll -- out I think back to last year. -- Israeli was facing off with Yu Darvish inning game and Australia hit like Darvish was dot dot -- giving great as early in the year. Israeli was borderline about the gets sent down like he had had three of four stars that were bad. He was coming off the start -- he would like for an extra five innings Max. They're going to Texas. Darvish is phenomenal. Straight -- phenomenal NEA's beat Darvish won enough to make assessments it's a solo shot like the day when no one else is getting anything going. So on I'm eating Hugo that day. Eight I EME was really good and they hit them well. You generally Masood and they dated it was a Cessna solo homer I think the senator is 75 different pitches working yes that's right all of seven through war and but that's like that's the game the worst thing about last night for the -- was hitting anybody -- -- -- the what is -- three home runs and loses his unit and as a company that there record when they hit -- we will get up and I would bet the record. We sent over to the front into -- -- there are remains two home runs is unbelievable. I'm telling you guys the more I watch him. I am I'm Josh Donaldson believer I and you always told me think that. He thinks he belong he truly believes you -- play whoever he's playing against -- and I'm with -- I just don't know who that other guy is in line up. Like who's another guy you know is -- Ninth inning when they're down to -- Jack again I mean they're Jewish -- -- You know is it Mossad your honor I thought he came out and in KC but. -- can't fully CS mean Derek Norris has been awful at the plate you know the last month. I just don't know who that other guy is. But that's proven to be a problem. You know you need -- I feel like -- he may not have the bomb but he's gonna hit a ball hard for double. Who's gonna drive a man who's gonna hit that two run shot you know what's gonna happen Trout can had a double off the wall and then pull slated to Jack. And they'll score two runs and the nasal score one -- I could see that under hypothetically playing I've got a guy where your starter pitches well yeah like Lester goes eight they have three hits the angels -- one of of the double and home run back to back you like we lost 21. You know -- -- hear him laugh when I just now they're pitching is so much better in the angels' pitching. But those two player scary man I mean they're too damn good -- know they're dominant. I mean -- the MVP and -- been phenomenal bounce back year they scare me because I see now we're fools in the playoffs. And Bradley his career hit when out of the stadium the -- don't. You know it's impossible and I saw him do it and went over the train tracks like I know he's come and play he looks. He looks Saint Louis cardinal Albert -- me whenever I watch him play I didn't pride as fast as he was back then that he was ever. Quick but if you agree I can't -- William watches -- and -- I mean he can -- you can -- there's no question and -- -- monitored you know it's like. Donte Whitner I mean you know and guaranteed if you're the sort of went up against them six times a game at minimum. You're going to have they're. -- you're gonna have a very high stress -- in the middle of six time you have a very high stress AB now for all its failures says this was a high stress AB for a pitcher in a one run game. He just was a -- Because he terrified you. I know Donaldson can be I mean there are guys you have spoken. Can battle not a good a beat but you're not afraid he's hit one out on it. I'd say their most stressful and being -- -- cocoa when he's on yeah I think jays who can be a stressful but again we don't wanna guy that's thirty times 35 times gonna make you pay with a home run. In the -- is not mean geez who can. But again but not thirty times I mean he might just draw in my draw eight pitch walk is going to be an unbelievably beat Seattle what's the ultimate end game yeah -- first base I mean does the excel spreadsheet tells them that they're better off. You know having five guys that could potentially do you know just the odds of vote. Coming through May be erratic. Coming through are greater than the one guy that's -- to be there no question but but but but I think the issue becomes when you're not the regular season and those numbers don't over the course of a 162 games. Rice to the top when you only get three shots that it would you want taken those three shots like that's when you talk about like the odds. Of everybody doing are always gonna be hard in the odds of one I think but. Now when you're facing Lester -- when you're facing price -- that guy. You you take Trout and -- is not like I told regulators what you're saying. Yeah and I I think two of the scariest part of the one game -- for me with the ace -- I think the angels are most more suited for a one gamer. No 'cause. You don't trap could go three or four hits and -- -- pools like gazes off but I'll take what they're like that's all I know but I mean they. Let's scary for the tigers here -- -- how know it might very well be tiger's easy Jim Johnson pitched yesterday about -- -- -- didn't go well. Would -- most Jim Johnson inning ever for the tiger if you guys missed it believe me I watch and so none of the rest of you have -- But it was leadoff double single run the first and third strike out swinging bunt where he grabs the ball tags got one run scores intentional walk. Error -- left fielder. I mean it was you admitted to come out of the game he gave up three runs one earned. Just some goofy stuff when he rhetoric and a note to get them in the playing game the tigers at the coliseum NB a and Jim Johnson -- again. Know obtain it through the a's beat him yeah I -- they -- debit or price. -- mean he's kind of and yeah here's the crazy you craziest thing about the seventeen day stretch though. After watching the gaze without assessments for seventeen games now the other nice thing to me -- that is the more I watch them. The more convinced I am that they needed Jon Lester that they need John -- The irony being they had they had to your assessment is to get. But the more I watch him the more convinced they and they needed a true number one front line ace 125. Million dollar starting pitcher like that. That I am absolutely convinced of that that you had to get back. The question is could you who have gotten him like if you could do over again. Do you not do as a Marjorie Diehl and use the piece is needed for that deal to get last year and not have to give upsets us. And then have Jesse -- is in your rotation so they like to -- don't seem to me it's not. The Lester made them better I'm 100% with you and I think since -- deals being a little overblown departed screwed them up for me. Is they didn't have tracked as you can subtract a major leaguer to get Hamels in the shark. But Hamels been bad -- one start in the shark. I think he's been solid -- Hamels was good on Friday night Hamels the colts -- him all. The shark has been maybe not a -- he's been solved but they have won his starts. Until he bobs shop that shot got double bumped. And they were winning shot does is starts. That's what's throwing people off for like you we need justice we need -- true but the shark tale -- -- Combo has not been what they -- especially the shark just in the. Fact that they haven't won his games he hasn't been that bad but they are not winning his games guy. I mean he he clearly hasn't been an ace but again I mean he's been solid you feel good about you -- in the rotation just that we don't. I do that David just said that to me as the cycle was physical -- those little ugly talks it was an assessment as they need us they clearly need a lesson. Can barely -- yeah I mean. They don't think that's like that's what that -- needed now to be looking back Reggie confuses shark. Yeah what does -- in what -- -- their quarterbacks. Tonight I think we can see the future after watching the Braves on Friday night that smacks of -- memo golf about a 57 again.

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