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Shooty Babitt says what HE thinks the A's need to do.

Aug 18, 2014|

CSN Bay Area's A's Insider, Shooty Babitt, makes his Monday stop by The Haberkauff Show to give insight into the A's recent slide..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to be sent in there see what do. I'm just. I'm just professional don't panic and make it. Pay a lot of it is like the curve ball shoot. Like strikes the truth. And get a comment. Reaction from you apparently. Don't know what it never won before. You aren't peaceful. And I have to do it. You wouldn't be Perry and you're not swearing you know right now because you know you've got a peaceful and understand where you are right not -- -- -- -- -- They know it's like to be changed because they exchange people -- for -- -- couple years ago when they chased them down. Easily and open to. It's what they mean it in the wanting to be -- and I think if you haven't. Situation you know and and I think right now this is when. -- -- And if Eric can't go in which Eric Kabul into other areas that oh. On a horse -- -- -- Now shooting out feeling because I watch these guys now and obviously I mean their. You you are the best you baseball but it feels different watching them now I mean the lights on them now no longer like you said that -- hot anymore they're being united. And you kind of feel it obviously Lester a match full -- him some of these other got -- Sonny young -- first full season the big leagues. The shark he's never pitched in big games like this now Stephen both debt that 5% of that seven. I mean he can't dispute that it feels a little different is watching them play. -- -- Absolutely is supposed to Eric how are you go on that role. The shorter strokes start taking an important role stop Bernard Mexican don't have -- and we can let go. He called the police. And that's what I'm gonna go and explore what it feels like. You'll. Something different and you are right now it won't just don't go down as easily as it used to not only you'll Wiki. But how do you handle. -- every week it right now expect to happen and think sure it happened but you just don't know because -- have to be a little eight. -- as great Oakland has been. -- and. But that's what the record saying that we know how good -- has -- so called a walk with just I don't interpret my. And some pop in and stepped in and jump into the slide and you know some backsliding. Go. Lot of things to do in -- right now you know. He kept -- its internal. Issued about our gestured -- mama -- off a 957 again I look at them shooting and I say and get after the play the match for two what you said six the next night against the angels. I look at them and say on a given day they should be -- lay out pitch Anaheim like like. Compare them together but when you look at the offense right now is is it is it a matter of under achievement or is it a matter of gentry is not around -- is not around I'm and I even mentioning says the thunderstorm but the guys they got the guys they got better than this offensively your mind. I think that in one day you're counting on to contribute to this line with this roster right now and it's not -- You're feeling. Because already he already -- all contributors. Matter how hot. Solid keep your own luck you'll have got to jump on the battle to drag you along the way you've got beat by. Roster and that's the way that it's been setup that. Return to. I think you're -- intricate character they. That's a great point you bring up because Arctic entry jets or anybody else because he gave so much flexibility. I -- trapped or in the last night -- what did it. Even now -- have not been and type of baseball that they had been in the -- little rough right now is -- ranging. It's two run game it close Balkans it. Drinking games just want Mort you're just one more pitched just one more. I don't know that wanna be a detriment you. Gonna be an advocate ethnic all of that goes on how to win those cold and cut every game that they client on your -- out. It's gotta have such a big impact on what happened what the record. Was shooting going in these games the angels would you say that they're gonna be highly highly contested games I have faith Trout and pools are gonna come to play. In on the east side. Right now -- Beside Josh Donaldson I don't know who else to believe in if you have to pick one guy with Josh is it going to be -- -- mosque is again a BJ so who was gonna be that guy kind of help them out offensively went when they need to be hit. That's a great great success here I mean and I look at it. And not go back to the carriers in the store. I mean their pool -- Hamilton's probably still am to the slaughter line up of two ruby really. Offered -- players. In the Atlanta Oakland. I've been looking at three or fly combinations double that look like. They'll come and go a little bit with. What -- mosque Donaldson. In Norris and you look like a prequel I was kinda coming together a little bit but he in the of that lineup a little bit I just think that the war on court is gonna have to. Have to come together and be strong because god. Do you think -- Contribute to what. Intentional bad apple will extradite will be -- because. I don't think it's -- god can still -- that patent. Ready to show you these cable your -- -- we just don't know what has happened and that's what you gotta -- except when you get streaky players so I. Anybody that's in the lineup every day is capable of doing damage or significant deterrent it. It gets some narrow -- have to -- gotten it step by. But the problem that he could be in the pot and we just don't know -- -- pre. There may be good from the get all get some answers maybe the next hour we talked to exit and have the angels for three start not. Friday diamond after your match to Minnesota because -- -- document they surely have a good week. Erica thanks happening there and it was just so one will be back here in the Bay Area we have so blessed to live we -- financial pocket god and you are you okay. I shooting -- feel that he was back you could feel.

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