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Michael Morse talks about his hot streak.

Aug 18, 2014|

The SF Giants masher does he Monday duties with Haberkauff and talks about the Giants gaining steam and his 9 AB on base streak and their upcoming road trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My more men -- show. Viewers again possibly dual. Not never but these guys some stuff to Michael. And your picture it is pretty. -- you so much stuff to yesterday where they you know 88 outside a couple off speed pitches down way down -- I feel right out the play because it's looking good. Yeah and let our due to mark certain. Current district football player. You know just try to make it easier. Not easy but try and make our approach a lot easier than the currently. I don't wanna go as far as say you guys get your mode Joseph back but I mean this weekend was pretty big. You know -- a couple -- at home -- and I go on to play the cubs on the road how important -- is the key to stormy has a right in the thick of this thing. Eat into it it's important it's important for -- -- they even keel and just you know relax and not really. It to a car that the all the -- who blogger Google -- and -- score up there and try to win this year. You know let that -- Republican. Past the cup series and we're here to play there and then no return would put through retirement and you know go on to. Washington. Any day you've been consistent with enemy you've been emotionally consistent every Monday when we talk to you so what what about on affect your approach for second what. When you talk about just try to make it simpler easier for yourself how old. How is how was it changed do you feel like you're trying to do too much -- just a guess to kind of thought process why you do some little different. All I'm actually really not doing anything differently -- -- period -- have been doing it. You are just probably never vote. -- we're going out their plans are -- their activities the hit a ground ball. You know got out I was gonna change it -- doing music from -- You know you get out your maybe you know. -- Got around is there any disputed but he did you know popular Smart much when -- -- to check -- my approach. -- you know but it's baseball park is a different culture -- so you know I think some of the great hitters out there today. It may never change their progeny could quit their game plan and they -- as well. You know believe in themselves without. It seemed like Saturday was a pretty big win I mean you guys were down pretty big early 51 in relative to how you guys have been hitting. And then come back ultimately win that game you know later in the -- how big it was after the offense to kind of you know -- did you like -- we can come back that we can still hit. I was so nobody. You know you even before that says that the typical game. It took a -- or game or actual. That was. Yet the fright night one would you know the thought that was a tough game but -- comment the -- to. The Saturday game and being down so much in the game kind of -- who elect the beginning news. -- to grow our way you know it they -- the score pretty good. And then. You know two you know come back quickly we did was. Drive that the authorities from about our team and relentless in strong Cuba. Is it tougher to lose a game just to lose in the ninth. Works like you lost on Friday like you said the come back in the ninth in the ultimate conclusion that Tampa and he's got a pretty deflating. You that it plopped on. You know he couldn't -- each side or oh it's the end zone. Put you know you can also strategic you know you don't you don't see that comfort and and you know -- You never know department last well no district where are. All the way here and and hope for the best. Now Mike Morse our guest here -- and a little -- joins us every every Monday at this time. In Chicago and actually -- did Chicago and then and then back to Washington for you for this. For this trip or what is it like is are only -- ballparks left like this now what is it like going due to Wrigley Field. -- -- -- -- It's it's it's a lot of history here in the east opponent field -- -- -- feel like you're there on the field you know a lot of incredible incredible. You know people played on and it just via the way it played out you know with that would stand in the actor. And it in the way and -- the it's just they're so what's going on hard and indeed he. We take these fields so people can argue -- course now it's it's incredible. And then. You might hit one in the IP during the game or -- in batting practice again. And then about our ball Camaro technical clerics may have -- yeah it's going to be. Only cup soccer balls that that IP stretcher -- Let -- the -- and it's beautiful place. The blockers are pretty. Creole put out if that's critical. So you figure out if you're playing left field out there. What to do with -- like which boldly pick up is that has got to be legitimate bank Maggette had you played that. I I don't know that's the thing and I ask that ball gets in the -- and ball just. Say that the game -- in the -- put -- another -- out throughout. You know we do I don't know. Was like golf you know and you it's the wrong ball he get a penalty as we should do like the -- -- go back to first base -- You -- yet credit is going to be at travelers are gonna be like a long signal on the net depart that determines how you yesterday things -- adding a lot of high score on display buckle up their few this week. Well I mean I think it is is. It hit the ball that stuck in America in another book about. You Pritchard and or it could because prepared I think it's a gamble so that is going to keep our display. You know he -- Our. You -- to Heathrow one to second used -- of one of the top men halt a would you do Barack. Corporate underperformed iron into one of the Stan. You know one thing that's nice about the series coming up as you obviously play time is taking it all these games or night just. So you're after you don't -- the throw your schedule -- all does that does that advantage for you guys. -- awkward it's weird. Albright came here in Chicago. Are hoping for at least one day game here in its conflict. Stated based on Chicago that -- known for -- You know it. Are made me go to output if you says it will vote for the target. I'm Mike -- -- yesterday were Menem took off I 957 game. What when you look ahead to this series -- -- I'm really just this road trip we always like when when you've. We've got John -- -- planted always get some follow what your approaches tonight so when you look at the starting pitcher. Yeah I think it's -- she Wada. You know much about him. Don't know much about at all of them can hit a pretty good -- Sinker slider -- -- righty. You -- or try to keep my approached on the you know look from then drove up part of the plate. And you're trying to be too much turn it back to middle com. And you know if a slider off pulled the slider and -- you know. He got to the sinker out over the plate because it's gonna come in towards being. I'll just see it out over the played it -- controlled it and you know pick. -- guy like that you haven't you haven't -- right. So now I tell you haven't faced obviously get a scatter report but. Is kind of like reading you know reading a book in class until you actually do it's all in theory would you take a couple of pitches just to kind of feel amount in either make a concerted effort not to swing right away just see some of his pitches. Our state bureau. I and I'd -- to do that our -- -- Doing that. Because. You know what I talked to Brooklyn to Barry Bonds -- training you should be ready on the first pitch for the first about. Arm eat well that's what -- you which take -- -- -- that you really pick a pick the paper that you would pick pitched. It wasn't in the that the spot was looking for. Well it. -- would -- be ready every pitch. So what do what I'll probably do it well look at the film of in the last couple starts -- and kind of guys like compare them to meet. So see you -- and the other team there was like a pretty. Pretty. -- righty hitter I'll probably watch him and you know he he's faced in the. Kind of a bigger guy maybe -- face and longer hair -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our manager Chicago. -- -- --

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