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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/18/14 Hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

God I question again indeed there is indeed it is it is me guy and John -- I'm. Hey I don't raiders extra point on Friday nights which I was locked into on Friday night -- locked in man. Both like did offered positive -- will narrative that was very good I enjoyed it -- gotten calls from all over the place per usual. I'll be honest since I've been honest when I went to work with for the you know born raised in the Bay Area obviously -- -- -- niner fans and I -- -- my whole life. Once you start working in the game of football you're not a fan anymore like I'm a fan of people guys I know I I know a lot actually know a lot more coaching the raiders nominated -- -- -- a fan people frankly I'm not a fan of a team. I washed these beings very objectively I feel now -- don't have a a dog in the race I don't it I have no emotional connection to the player Mercer I don't care. -- what I saw on Friday night in and when I take are not -- personal shots and match job I am sure is a great gap. Right phenomenal human being everything -- never heard a negative works at about. But sorry and -- John Brennan Tom golf and I just don't think he's good enough guy he's not good enough on a bad team his skill set. When I first got the Philadelphia. You remember Donovan McNabb was just traded around the league Kevin Cobb has been anointed by any -- the big deal. And I saw right away eaters like you can just tell right away and end Kevin was obviously he's never been the player shop was an appointed time but it very similar. Average on he never had -- -- job had yeah shop had -- it. Kevin was a better athlete but the arm was very -- this say more. When you can not make the rose. Like when things are perfectly timed you see this -- cavern club -- -- to move he can make it -- roll from the move you saw this on Friday with their car. But guy -- which job when that win the plague -- disrupted which it's gonna with the raiders watched as the receivers are getting open the offensive line is. Trying to gel. Real time you know. And if it's not -- boom boom bang he's fun doing that -- three step quick out quickstep. But the first drop product look like like a Super Bowl game winning -- five the first seven touches fighting for guys such relish the big play the -- through -- it was a quick up to Michael Rivera. And he broke a tackle made -- got this feel like thirty -- You redoubling their genre the first drive gag Rivera like a big -- -- homes he doable eighteen yards on it on out but it was it was perfectly -- back shoulder throw right now. So those type place he can function in the problem is the raiders aren't good enough to to sustain those tight play a lot of time it's going to be a -- pocket. It's gonna break up he's gonna have to keep the play alive with his feet which he cannot do and then when he's not his -- aren't set which you're gonna see with the raiders. The -- exactly perfect -- feet or can be set she can't make the throws that then it's late. Then you almost have like these these guys can tie me up perfectly Rashean Mathis I mean let's call what it is in the in the regular season. I'd -- over 50% of the time that's -- that's a pick six at six. Ellis is not the interception the one topic and hands it wasn't as bad when you -- look at it I mean the DB made good play our. -- crush them on the -- to meet the worst role was the pick that wasn't made this in the regular season they're playing you know. They're playing the Texans that Johnathan Joseph that is. That's where your -- but here's the thing though that is that really the issue. Is that play the issue to me coming out of Friday -- the bigger issue is for mash job and you have a 9579570. The bigger issue for me for -- job is that. When I watch him John. I I I think that offensive line that's supposed to be better that probably did that is better it is better today better. Last year Terrelle Pryor -- I'm not saying -- -- quarterback but he may -- offensive offensive line better just good -- can move. -- -- makes makes a better offensive line worse and even if he had the arm strength even if the -- was totally healthy year of the mind to whatever. I don't think he'd last sixteen games I don't think he can move well enough to avoid getting crushed I -- when he got when they blitzed up the -- -- a -- He had no chance -- sometimes that the NFL so you have -- in fairness hasn't someone tweet a picture of the offensive line during that exact play. Remember last year when Florida that picture came out with a two guys are blocking the other yes it was kind of similar. They had three offensive lineman on one defender and jobs -- -- -- for his life but had a chance but here's the -- yeah I know you watch a lot of football the last couple days in the pre season nap. I watch guys like -- and again I'm -- shot -- -- but a lot of their plays and I watched Aaron Rodgers fir -- offense was Green Day which we're ready later that's -- -- -- -- -- week. A lot of the big plays aren't necessarily buys five step hits boom bang. Completion a lot of it's like -- not dare you got to roll out you got to move. Peyton Manning not the -- Tom Brady are -- -- the greatest quarterbacks most of these young quarterbacks quarterbacks throughout the league or moving around. Andrew Luck the majority of his completions and stepping up like three steps kind of running in the pocket drawn -- dark aborting rusher. All these teams guy looks almost look at -- -- why wouldn't the -- why he's gonna face the jets but arguably have the most talent up front and they penal league. All the next did the Texas have you seen -- cloudy cloudy plays oh yeah and they also have a JJ watt. Got. Feel like my over on you like my Connie ten sacks and after this week after he'd nearly decapitated and other guys this week and he he ended the Atlanta Falcons left tackles season with a torn Achilles in trying to block -- he's a freak. He's a -- and by the way -- applicants who didn't play. Really -- nearly. This week it really apply now meanwhile meanwhile Khalilzad yards on the -- for you and play there it may go to -- to feel more play like the third quarter. Well in defense the a lot of foreigners rookies were still plan. You know bore little still in the game Jim Jim -- on the air greed was in the game whale known Jim -- still leaves on special teams aid to help I'm OK with -- Rookies feel that hey what are your quarterbacks Friday we talked Friday morning before the game it was okay here's the first look at match out in person. How's this gonna -- I'm talking about these gonna get booed and it's gonna be like got staying and you can't play him because people don't want like it's not that to me it's I I. I just think it's going to go very poorly and -- and and and car -- -- employment shown too much they -- on the line. My favorite thing of Friday night was -- -- there was a game winning touchdown does the shrug and if at the first thing I thought they needed to was Jordan. And and you that you put on your degree and you put the match -- -- on the wind like shoulder shrug pompous guy thing. Next to the Jordan. Game game one of the nine why do I don't -- photos and then I combined the two videos as well and it really kind of looks similar. And Matt glowing is probably looking at it and by the way by the -- Jordan -- six threes in the first half -- -- finals game of going to a game winning touchdown in a pre season game and he's doing that you -- his face was it was bleak view on the best quarter yet about what is body language that I don't Limbaugh and I'll say this. There most talented quarterback I don't think it's a question is is his car. It's the most talent athletic ability arm strength. I think -- guy with the most ability to run the offense make plays with what he's gonna be given in terms of a model pocket -- move a little bit its -- Is metal bullet now I think the most limited quarterback there most limited cornerback. Not person he's a phenomenal person I'm sure but as big player. The arrow is definitely pointing down and I'll think wolf I'm with you out of the BC healthy. And I don't know they can win more than four games him -- -- sixteen games are in no way I to a source John he would not IE UDP was abundantly clear is Noelle. Way he could start sixteen games this year it's just it's. Even if even if he was completing -- was fine terms of completions and he was running the offense. I don't think physically he'd be able to avoid hits. I because they're gonna calm them if I'm ranking right now just I'm -- of the receivers as silly. Somebody opened -- many good point any car this is a dramatic difference from what he's been doing last couple years with tender -- rams spread offense at Fresno state. This kind of a feeling out process forum. So I'm okay. The more I see it I mean the talent you can't you can't convince me any different the one thing to me is the best quarterback -- why is he the most suited to start. Game one probably not when you factories and a lot of things are going on form. -- point he could start and the you can run the same game plays in that job now and he's probably functioning. He's grown on me alive -- the future in front -- And I -- my Derek I'm just saying. I don't know when it's going to happen you -- of their they'll just as I bought this week in and -- you know I've I've watched every snap of his college career going back to his. I mean he redshirt and and then backed up a year how did you want your vote because of him in high school right I mean I've seen. I guess nobody here John I adamant in Seymour Derek -- snaps. I've been blown away I'm WTO but I've been blown away -- -- I'm shocked. And how much and I know it's four or crystal thing but how much calmer he looks in the pocket they -- and -- just telling you it's it's it's -- day. The most impressive coaching job so far in the Bay Area in terms of individual player. And I've seen has been Olson and people a poet Derek and just in terms of getting him he's a couple times where and in Fresno he would Iran. He stood in there and threw strike so I mean without concerning us to start the season could he ever develop that because I don't know. I've been -- say guys can develop that I'd seen him take strides there was giveaways to go black quarterback to throw touchdowns in the other Jersey that's pretty damn good mass effort. He's got issues do you know Jay Cutler you -- those there's a lot of be clear on let's say he's got to start week one. Either and I'm not job very well might and I still believe -- and because it sixteen it's a one year. But I only he would last. And -- in my they'll both paying. The defining thing for me when I walked out of the coliseum at the Reagan Friday night was. I don't know when it's going to happen. But it's clear to me it's going to happen to somebody else is going to be quarterbacking it's not going to be after the bye week which is October I mean it's gonna. My view around the vibrates it I don't know when it's it's very clear to me John it's it's just it's not going to be -- -- you're gonna say man -- -- beautiful. That is not what I was going to say. Post your fancy football -- and expert advice from. From former NFL scout -- -- -- as you may and you might walk out of both a lot of things from 79 in general on unwise and -- man. Demo -- beautiful semi somebody might say that he's passed texting too. Enjoy food and drink specials. But as a shiny at. From the fourth from drive all the pressure something yeah okay good first ten reservations -- -- official. Buffalo -- league's draft typical 95306631. Make your reservations today. For more info visit the events page at 957 -- game back up. What -- quarterbacks coming out front and -- what did you think after you turn the game off. After you routed a -- a blowing game winning touchdown and you walked out of the coliseum on Friday night because to me it was pretty clear. Today 957 ID 570 -- like 95795. Plus. The guy that we've all just written up as a guaranteed home run. What's he right now Timmerman and took off I 957 again -- They no longer while not the bald spot. Look out on the backside got hit from behind is almost coming full and I believe incomplete passes -- called from behind. -- third -- he OK he had hit from behind these foreign sources midsection these -- do his -- never going to throw a settlement car may have gotten hurt. Yes -- and then that's really the only update I have. Yes. Well I don't have -- -- -- and -- too -- we forget that I mean look. -- did you stay out -- there was well look each others and that's Derek -- and yet that's the first team offense. That was as a number of B writers noted six days after Dennis Alex said basically guys that run with the ones he did not run with the ones and all knocks guards. And -- fight and I comes in the areas out there with the ones you know it's funny you kind of partly and then I'm like there's twenty. Is that 89 is a look at the -- all the pregame linemen is that for. It's funny how some people change their tunes here throughout not just Dennis -- drug police he'd portals funeral at the ones. Cream rise to the top man and I'm okay. I have kind of been convinced if you if you think in big picture. Would dare be better off now play snap the jury -- -- do you dispute that means to learn the chains with what -- Rogers has become. That was a best case scenario. Again I mean this -- soul. For me bill. Like -- physical. Standpoint just the way they're built you know he's kind of built like there. And I I -- there and play you know he played the ramps I mean guy he looks his game he's the best player in the NFL price Andrew -- to. Beat Peyton Manning and those guys in the whenever I'm -- skill talent -- that talent this is stupid then there on. Harking kind of be a player like a Matt Stafford he's gonna be able to run because he's a great athlete and he has snap -- knows. But the mental aspects like last night or what happened on Friday. He's playing the -- happen in the fourth quarter he is playing with scrub offensive tackles. And he's not used to having guys in the NFL. -- guy as an undrafted free agent who I had forgotten as being the sack them. Can move faster and guys he used to playing it you know -- -- who what it's fair to say to he's not really gone up against first team defenses. Like that's why he hasn't yet did this week more than McCorvey -- -- from going he's planning as the reels ropes -- not no there's no doubt. There's no question I mean that's why it's hard to go apples to apples we use our compare quarterbacks during the pre season but I he's not planning at the same guys that seem glowing beat JJ watt those hi I am I don't I've copied -- -- look like he's got. It there's a saying that applies them in the wind. There is no way to say it. There's -- you know some -- to a cycle you know don't -- that's ugly use and use another word yeah there is no way to say it on the radio properly. But I old idol self edit myself -- client the best way to describe -- wind to me and again that you there's not a war you can give me that I would say it's better. Then the word that you should use here but you can't on radio but he's got simply don't yeah that's the best way to describe it going to be he's got some. You know what to him well and I I lead out of every position in sports guy. I think this starting quarterback or just whoever the quarterback is playing. B ratio of tangible the intangibles is pretty high. You know in terms of -- intangible that can't like the intangible aspect of a quarterback is so bleeping important. Patti and me -- swear. I -- we're on I don't know if this were an example -- were separated but. We can do you know he really a podcast if you got a dog cussing podcast my point is that things he has an. That's the thing that -- make guys be able to succeed in this league for a long time yeah I had that quarter like it as a receiver yet real rock. Or is according got a real run as the defense whining you've got to be explosive get away certain amount. Quarterbacks you know Jeff Garcia who looked the -- you know Drew Brees is small. You can -- Russell Wilson who by the way I don't know if you watch Seattle plan Friday night holy bleep are. They were up twenty borne out in the first half and I'm telling you talk about things were looking for an -- nick. I saw some things and Russell Wilson me talk about each step up you think some talented guy there was a play in the second quarter. It was NFL MVP type stuff now granted. They'll receiver Doug Baldwin -- get a second foot in -- is the best plan ever seen Russell Wilson make it was like he drop step he spun around from the defense of linemen. He kind of slid in the pocket. Through 892. Baldwin who just in the back of the end zone it was close I was you can overturn or whatever but it was MVP I'm telling you that this kid has taken a step. Watch the -- out. Point is bleak there -- But why it. -- anybody out there. I neighborhood and look after a 957 game what the court what you walk away from Friday -- raider game thinking about the quarterback situation because I I. You know we both reconvened afterwards I think. I'm just like I said I don't know one is gonna happen John but it's clear to me. Someone else is gonna start more football games and mashup quarterback this year I've not only is I don't think it's only the real close -- -- because you don't the first immediately looked good. I just don't think physically I I think they're going to be too many situations where. Always -- Call our show are McCoy got a funny helmet to run of the -- -- -- this guy fight take another national five quarterbacks and I think the Bay Area quarterbacks likened by animal yeah I say write me a list right. I mean I'm going to go niner I go camper -- greater raider and NH job be neither problem. Why go rader to Photoshop before I go. Yeah -- -- -- takes our camera all right so you go -- greater rate raider. Nine term. -- high school. Got a Gatorade state player of the year last year have not go and anyone who is the -- but no I don't trail horse and a Trenton near those yes I think trying to were -- Cameron and you see -- -- -- -- -- I yeah when I was in the -- -- years -- -- -- I know I have three year I think trying to hours over in the last three years. Over going all the Jeff Garcia but I'm Mike in New York with a man on the shelf. He had a great show it was a double quick point the -- guys awhile and you know what. I kind of agree but you know like option. I like their car -- you know what -- -- is like you guys are actually not ready he's not ready okay and another thing here. It was all the glowing skin and I mean you know my point is and I know some of the scrubs like interest in third straight Digital -- and -- me a lot of things. Egypt you'll -- he's got what it takes. And I really let -- -- -- -- it's shot goes down in the going to go to work together. And real critically injured uncle about that here are that the receivers that the guy took his delegate vote at all wow. He really any good actor and shot -- should've been like you don't know. I thought -- Yeah I don't wanna I don't know what the record and raised court delegates are now one of the got a better shot anatomical. And how might do that tomorrow and back here again that I mean by the fourth quarter mentality yeah. I'm going to be like six cookies -- you gonna play this and then there are some other plans -- -- the referees. I'm not just numerous times during. To the head as complicated option of that and that our outlook was big anybody got -- he -- -- Geithner kept the ball in the army you know you go by Google weather rules anyway and biggest drop the ball like in the. And I don't I'm talking by the tight Indians and they just kind of yeah I don't -- that help you. Yeah yeah I did what you guys thought. Well it's it's a pre season for the referees too it's that the refereeing in the officiating has been. Atrocious. I mean I'm not put much into -- there there was a couple other times they spotted the ball in the wrong spot even Greg -- was like. Okay and it was it was shocking they help the -- I'm merely that the officiating was a joke it is -- And he goes on their learning. But the helmet to helmet. That's such an easy call because the referees are taught that moment something like that happens you throw the flag and you could be talked you can pick back up the flag for your first instinct and play like that with how violent the game's becoming everything Rogers deal preaching. Is you you throw the flag it was weird they didn't throw the -- we can't. Retroactively later Rolex it was a it was Arantxa I mean the guy got his head taken off by another -- meant the -- -- role or the top of the helmet which is not allowed anymore. Yeah I thought it was a it was a great game and got lost as comedy goes down on the ground and it was great and the league has -- -- -- but not great but anyway -- -- -- joke yeah -- up pretty terrific all but I think you know back. And he got multiple -- want to come in and that game. I mean if cart as -- go down it was midway through the fourth pitcher is held and feel like he wasn't warming up game get a warm up he just came right in game winning drive no big deal. When Jordan honest. Again I I know he did that shrub was so -- he was not coming in that game the look on his face was so classic I'll sell you another thing. I I was relieved to find out that it wasn't broken collarbone broken -- from their car. That would then be. Lot of times he would had to -- re -- -- broken bones the good thing. It's crazy that sounds like any connections a good thing but relative to -- the other injuries we assumed at first yeah -- guy wasn't he shattered his collarbone chapter. Hello this first stretch man. Not for his last nine plate appearances Michael horseman on days he got them. They're -- and animal like -- we had talked him about don't miss when they game stands tall -- movie about legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur. But it -- sell high school from obscurity to a 151 game winning streak opens in theaters on Friday August 22 for chances were very advanced rethink its. There's the contest page but 957 -- that count. I coming up next Mike -- judges is he has every Monday Taylor in America but I I've done again. I'm Michael Moore who -- -- it's just a moment. I'm buying up dollars saying that -- -- has some sleet storm that's the only way to say it and I'm realizing that you don't know what I'm referring to some thought it was a more widely said that. He gets stuffed him. Let's put that way but it doesn't really. I know we understand. It but everyone I want to make your people on it to it's it's a compliment he's got some ups often wonder in the cards you are much. My my customize. Are you 'cause -- if you 'cause women don't appoint -- profits are going undercover and you know I got an eight. Am in my more. Now he gets -- -- all Mike Morse was a man what -- show again. -- he said -- get some lethal. Not never but these guys himself to Michael. I mean from like a picture it is pretty. -- you so much stuff to yesterday where -- you know 88 outside a couple off speed pitches down way down -- away. I feel right out the play 'cause it's looking good. Yeah from apartment to mark certain. -- district football play fair. You know to try to make -- the not easy but try to make our approach a lot easier than it. I don't wanna go as far as these guys get your mode Joseph back but I mean this weekend was pretty big. You -- a couple seconds at home then I go on to play the cubs on the road how important uses to keep the stormy has a right in the thick of this thing. -- -- it it's important it's important throughout the state even keel and just you know relax and not really. Get to -- Europe and all the hoopla there can go competent to score up there and try to win it here. You know let that debate saying Republican. Past the cup here and we're here to play -- and no return would put through retirement and you know go on to. Washington. Any day you've been consistent with enemy you've been emotionally consistent every Monday when we talk to you so what what about -- affect your approach for second what. When you talk about just try to make it simpler easier for yourself how old. How is how was it changed do you feel like you're trying to do too much T just a guess to kind of thought process why do some little different. All I'm actually greener buildings in different in the Pentagon or. You know are just probably never vote. You know the way I'm going out there playing. Equities the hit a ground ball. You know got out I was gonna change it until usually sometimes. You know you get out your -- maybe you know. Got around -- or need to do it pretty good you know popular mind much when you're there collect my approach. Com you know put it people party's political culture are so. You know I think some of the great hitters out there today it may never change their progeny could put their game plan and make -- You know believe in themselves without. It seemed like Saturday was a pretty big win I mean you guys were down pretty big early 51 in relative to how you guys have been hitting. And then come back ultimately win that game you know later in the eighth how big it was after the offense to kind of you know -- did you like -- we can come back that we can still hit. Though that was aerobic. You know you even before that that -- Typical game. Took a quote score gave or actually well. -- -- Yet the fright night one was you know that -- -- a tough game but to come to come into. The Saturday game and being down so much in the game kind of -- pale at the beginning it is news. Helping them grow our way you know in -- score pretty good. And then. You know two you know come back quickly we did was. Private -- -- -- talk about our team and relentless in strong Cuba. Is it tougher to lose a game just to lose in the ninth. Works like you lost on Friday like you said to come back in the ninth and then ultimately who's in the -- and it's got to be pretty deflating. You then at about all of you know he couldn't actually try to although it's the end -- You know you can also it's tricky game you know you don't you don't see that congress and and you know -- You'd never know there -- collapsed well -- just short and hard. All the way here and you know hope for the best. -- Mike -- our guest here a Vermont a little -- joins us every every Monday at this time in Chicago and actually did Chicago -- -- and then back to Washington for you for this. For this trip or what is it like -- -- only -- ball parks left like this now what is it like going due to Wrigley Field. Yet also knows. It's it's it's a lot of history here in the east diplomat field that can he feel like you're there on the field you know a lot of incredible incredible. You know people played on and it just via the way it plays -- you know would. Stand in the back there. And it in the created inside the it is yours what's going on hard and he -- he. We take these fields so many balls in and argued in court now it's it's incredible. And then. You might hit one in the IP during the game our current in batting practice again. And then about our ball Camaro. Technical like man like it was going to be -- cup soccer balls that that I could be a stretcher -- You know it's it's it's beautiful place. The blockers are pretty. Pretty old put -- in -- critical. So you figure out if you're playing left field out there. What to do with -- like which -- pick up is that has got to be legitimate thing we get here how do you play that. I I don't know that's the thing and -- after the ball it's in the ivy and ball just. Say that became -- in the -- for that -- bulges out throughout. You know we do I don't know. Was like golf you know and you it's the wrong boy get a penalty as we should do like the guy's gonna go back for space double yet you have to credit is going to be at travelers are gonna be like a long signal on the -- the -- that determines how you. Yesterday things -- getting a lot of high score on display -- bought their field this week. Well I mean I think as it is. If it -- it stuck in there and another book about. You could Japan's or it could because prepared I think it's a gamble so it is going to be keep our display. There are you. Are. You -- to Heathrow won the second -- of one -- the cup men -- a would you do Barack. Corporate and -- -- iron into of one of the Stan. You know one thing that's nice about the series coming up -- -- obviously put a time of taking it all these games -- night games. A year after your -- the throw your schedule off at all does that does that advantage. For you guys. Normal political awkward it's weird. All of -- -- here in Chicago. Armed. And hope. I'll hope to release one day game here is its conflict. Stated based -- Chicago it were known for -- You know it. Are made me and I'll put you -- applause for the target. I'm Mike -- -- yesterday were Menem took off I 957 game. What when you look ahead to this series there and really just this road trip we always like when when you've. We've got John as gimmick or planted -- always get some thought where your approaches tonight so when you look at the starting pitcher. Yeah I think it's TO she Wada. You know much about him. Don't know much about Montauk -- Can get a pretty good sinker. Sinker slider -- I think righty. You -- and return it in my approach toward the you know look for -- -- over the heart of the late. And trying to do too much turn it back to middle com. And you know it's an outsider you know -- slider in India. -- You got to the sinker out over the plate because it's gonna come in towards -- I'll just -- it out over the plate and ended it can throw it and you know pick. Worn down like that you haven't you have face right. So now I tell you haven't faced obviously get a scatter report but. -- kind of like reading you know reading a book in class until you actually do it's all in theory we'd take a couple pitches just kind of feel amount in either make a concerted effort not to swing right away just see some of his pitches. -- -- -- -- -- As I hate to do that alone. You know I don't have. Because. You know I talked to report to -- -- extra training you should be ready from the first -- first -- -- -- -- well that record you would take a scripture reading that you rarely -- -- pick that take that you pick pitched. It wasn't in the spartans look at four but. He always should be ready every -- So what -- I'll probably do it look at the film of in the last couple starts he and and kind of guys like compare them in the ability you Obama economic team and there was like a pretty. Pretty. Good righty hitter I'll probably watch. And you know if you are you straight in the. Kind of a bigger guy maybe -- face and longer hair tan. Yeah. Yankees choose his -- Our manager Chicago. I Michael Morse an ego like that approach would never just give away a pitch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things are different yeah. But your big bomber. You -- that you won for the day I might be -- one pitch for the whole day for burials legitimately there's one pitch. The only guy in season one strikes -- have to -- is an accident. It was an accident. Are coming up next. We got to find out whether or not -- is going to I'm here in line to get wiggle out of a challenge which is the worst kind of challenge -- a lot of plus. I have a hypothetical that will rattle your brain all day. Maybe along let's nexus -- tournament golf on 957 again. -- -- -- You can't comfort device through daily fantasy sports cash still -- Albert's career Dallas Braden. We'll -- favorite John Smoltz a fellow bald guy right. That's where the -- -- that's where are chicks dig the long ball not the bald spot drop came from fixed date along ball not the vault files Glavine and I think. Glavine and smoltz and was medics all of them still on MLB network -- difference -- room. Is I don't know I never had a bald spot I was just bolt. Like there was no I was a receding in Hannibal to run we had the full Gillis Foley. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's -- always Ackerman and John is because last week. Feel gates' challenge you. To the LSI's but the challenge which if you saw the piece on sports and last night the top of course I around Barack -- commencing its related and it's on Twitter to. I actually last night it's amazing -- between -- all right. So it's really were how the whole thing started it I kind of -- -- month. It's like it's when he -- you talk to people or even necessarily on Twitter or. Either my parents they both know the no they. Did like big -- -- the sports just up they -- the ice but the challenges. And it's raised just -- Just an unbelievable amount of money relative to what they usually race at this time you're rebel treated its act exponentially. Like hire a 100% more money right and usein. So that's awesome so that you so you get challenge that you challenged me guys but -- which I did on Friday after the shell. And then I challenge John line and and it's Monday now. And -- still hasn't done it if you also John Brody. John Brody did it did it challenge Chris Biederman he did from yup and he did it although there have really Harbaugh challenged him and get it but whatever. A -- really quick on that idea on Jimmy quick yeah Harbaugh. It's the best ice bucket challenge ending I've ever heard from some heat they did it ever the toll was greater risk Chris Biederman told us this day at the beginning of practice. Before practice started so they had all practice ago. Jim Harbaugh coached the practice soaking wet and freezing -- he did not change everyone else changed Jim just coached like that. That's phenomenal considering he coaches and what he coaches and pride you've cooled that's the most Jim Harbaugh moment -- better -- -- sadly true he needed someone throws my -- on yesterday after the game I'd never -- -- look like that the concern honestly. He needed to get -- but yesterday he he because he's he's evidently -- -- when he talks about his players him and he was trying but he he could not. Beat while I when he hit critical to the past him specifically the passing -- easily put that he's struggling to. To kind of sugar -- -- pretty good measure noting how they played pretty we have well here so he doesn't sugarcoat march but the point -- situation got to ask about it. Cal Thomas -- adrenal. And rightfully so I mean if it divide if I went to more press covers. Consistently I would ask the question as I -- stepping on beat writers kind of toast -- that's their time they do this all the time. But the Blaine -- situation to me that's the biggest thing you've taken away from the first two weeks. Jim what are you gonna do you're a quarterback whisperer. Eve show well -- multiple guys if this guy can't be safe are you OK with going another way and he said immediately. He's who they ask him are you looking outside he said we're not our guys are good enough. He said that they and how the one he said pretty like with little -- after you can't have fast that long now what you don't like you get. But how -- bit the -- is that he can say that John because it's not his job to look outside for quarterbacks that's -- -- -- job but but the quarterback position on an accountability that there's no question I mean the fact that they get McLeod -- that that they get the same guys -- paralyzed his Jim likes them. Josh Johnson I'm just like key there is implausible that liability for him as the football coach. To say well you know that's not my thing that's the GM's thing that -- know it is very yeah the one position group that the raiders clearly have 49 minus the star. Back -- right. And I think it's a much deeper pitching staff they have yet still they go good they go out to injury -- want for. It will take for not one but. A lot of -- I wonder what of the playoffs are about baseball and football news one that's why you want Lester -- you want -- you want to have though guy. Forty their fans been tweet me -- yesterday like how can we -- Christian Ponder that that's where their hat. Remember we talked about last week pretty low low and the more you think about Leo guy's not relieve him. Maybe it's improvement I don't know but it's not -- all the -- ways of solving the problem. Probably a little bit of an opera and and I hear it's not -- it was a guy I'd. I watched this I -- I'm so sick watch the second half of the -- Panthers on scrubs weren't traps Kelsey by the way tied him for the chiefs. Watch out still what they give us a little free fantasy advice Wednesday -- Kelsey timing for the twelfth round legit a player. -- -- got the -- draft of late coming off but he he looks I mean. Georgia you can not tell me the 49ers were taken him with one of their seven million text. That he wouldn't be better than what they have an exit the back. While I mean I don't know Tyler bray is a guy that could be on the outside looking in Kansas City that's a Jim Harbaugh type guy tall huge Iraq holds. Yeah correctly stands. Out through the years -- -- I -- you went back to back back he has not that I would even get a well they're gonna say it then you media guys in radio oh well it's not about that is gonna break. Stopping by his ball up and dries. You read like a media guy I'll play that I didn't have any -- column and I did. -- say that -- seven cookies dot I went I went strong on the right I went yet to try everything yesterday and I I don't -- owed it to -- have a great. Had a Cray was -- banana and Yahoo! yeah but that's not saying cut its new tell us. I had to catch cars bulls they had a crepe station in the media area which is this was a bigger body is fine you know what is the current amended crepe thin pancake and folded over and I really -- gonna give you a hypothetical hypothetical is not really my thing either I had to try hypotheticals. All right if you can often a -- about this last make those watching ESPN highlights of liberals series Allen entertained by. If I said you have to sit down and watch 15 eastern -- to want to think about this. Would you rather watch pre season football today or Little League World Series baseball reasonable ball Little League World Series baseball. Is Monique Davis pitching. I just what ever -- I I cannot take. I think the fact the Little League World Series on television drives me nuts like the championship should be on and maybe if you semis of course would be available for regionals in -- my agent. But. The pay. -- these kids of their emotionally equipped to be on national television failing -- that said. Watching the second half the record -- -- big 60 didn't cookies. And the say it happened not again yesterday. I think on balance a Little League World Series every in the -- they make -- look exciting like truly believe this. Live in person. It's pretty good there's nothing else to look at yeah it's pretty damn at least is sitting on your couch last night doing it with the -- panther game. It's much easier. I mean you can do it it's not. So the NFL you still know a lot of the guys from Tommy Aaron Murray comes -- -- -- as well as well that's great I'd love it's it's easier to watch I -- she's -- But then again I mean. Yes and on. I would have to present the ball ten times out of ten and that this -- -- -- like Natalie watched 22 -- and thought. -- give me give you -- hey get something else it's like when I ask you about national baseball games that don't include these two teams yet you why it's bad ask that question I was a Little League World Series is out rating. I watched last night because why these are playing. But if if there but it had been the Braves nationals dumb little cup doesn't have been on -- -- TV no glee -- away. Would you go executed. I NFL network maybe one of the post game show highlights I would not have had a national game the did not include you VA's for the giants no way -- -- have -- all year got. I take it back Clayton Kershaw pitching a lot that. Every night. He's the one guy baseball. It brings me to our right non bears. Big topic coming up next figuring out this today -- -- animals -- and -- five point seven again. Jessica you guys know. Just put this amanpour I have a home that's a great disarmament.

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