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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/18/14 HOUR 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She's been the voice of BA eastern Shia against the war years and don't raiders. Every four hours. He's making us do when your mom -- Now life didn't. As -- and NN. And they have this new law -- house John -- Greg Robin thank you so much for -- time for the show. Afternoon -- momentarily we'll get you caught up on a busy weekend lot of great guests today as well we'll talk football baseball. And state and experiences I was down at the field of creamy genes is that he called everybody -- -- I -- on Friday that you called. That's as I heard with a head coach said they wanted to get there early and mark their territory. Mark our territory I don't analyze I think they control over the field on Sunday -- their -- that a lot. How our -- on the football game although it's better than a slingshot. Peyton Manning. And did not come out you know you're gonna get on the ball solidly for -- how was it -- overall followed him I think it's 63 is if you go to the -- level there are partitions. Whether you go to it was -- -- -- you care of I was at the street level I -- -- I was it was -- common -- get serious PP and I was drinking wine where -- I was at the wind and she's grew by a doer yeah level where you want. I don't know I don't remember that's went I just remember elect you know and Yahoo! -- only 50 wow level. I guess we're above the a fantasy football thing which by the way. You know it's gonna be -- about this stadium in our network they have a fantasy football yeah out of all the players -- what they have all these TVs and and they have like a it's like Wall Street you know they have been out running crawl below and in the may have all the the harder the ticket -- the ticker -- tell you its image -- a -- stadium and we games man and a few minutes but. Let's give -- is you have a stadium as you saw the beginning game. A lot of people their sit in their seats and it's nice. But then they certainly go inside and they have done a master when you've been there because it's too hot -- that well it wasn't on how to resist they heard it was well it was not first of all there's a lot of people complaining which I like inciting them claim that Santa Clara. -- -- add that sales at that point right door which by the way it means a ladies are when it wearing jackets are -- short shorts in crawler talks on Scottish I'm very November November when it's raining and I'll say that I'll tell you this. It holds people inside you know how -- Jerry board in Dallas pulls people's eyes up to the top of the stadium -- well in -- stadium they have so much cool stuff in the concourses that's not good though if that's what I'm that'll be interesting because people want it loud and it's going to be -- there's no sideline space this place it is tight the fans are on the field so that's that's good for being louder. But there's so much technology and somebody cool bars and so critical places and so many TVs and so many. Any good there early though on the football game OK off you watch the football game and cars here's what they've done to the truly -- not a baseball it is in football but they make it more baseball game ask isn't a concern more money -- your pockets what they've done is. Everything is you can see outside -- he's concourse can still see outside so you can be out the bar you can still be watching the game. It will be interesting and maybe after the effective how cool it is wears off. But yeah you could be inside watching the game -- -- -- part of it'll be interesting I don't know if they're in there it's going to be loud. If they're not we're not going to be that much of a home field advantage and may be in and my general thought is peopled. A lot of times now because what they're saying is why go to the game right we have so many conversations why -- they didn't show like football be true but I'm what I'm saying is vs the home experience like how it's gonna be different will make you may have watched the San Francisco 49ers in person from -- you have you have to go there watch it's a whole different deal -- -- -- the thing but I think what they did was they had that in mind and they thought OK let's make this an event and to meet. In football and football stadiums are like baseball parks -- intimate that way they don't they don't have that I don't know the exact. Thought is it but you don't AT&T park -- differ from this park football seems just don't have that. But they economy made it a little bit like AT&T park in the there's a lot to do. Besides the game and I think people like that. -- the team keeps playing the way they played yesterday. They'll be doing that analogy here they've stated -- play well I know him playing the starters but at some point I'd like to see them actually. Get a couple snaps together because I am a little worried about this defense you larnaca. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the Dodgers get swept over the weekend little real a lot of stuff let's I hit -- in today's afternoon. But way out there whom do I. Now you have mental approach me. Heard things seem to -- a lot or smoothly then I think people expected. So for first game. You know first it was 70000 people out there and I think everything went well it is well is getting more critical. He's talking about the stadium and of course is super genius Matt -- who I saw. At the game along with Peter king and many. -- dignitaries of the football nor awards ceremony where the -- with you know he was not at the bar and he resigned his seat by mammy Yoko. I NN enough for the trust level that's for another another story will start with -- -- later but. You hit it you hit it on the head how much people should be panicky -- 34 zip by the way there was a game -- they lost 34 -- but it was a pre season game. And that's 57 -- three in two pre season games. But as you said especially defensively they're not playing anybody -- but offensively -- first team offense hasn't scored a touchdown -- that's -- concerning. Yeah I welded to the offense to me is going to be it's growth of scores in the teens may -- -- -- twenties to the identity of this team is rock solid defense. And when I look at that personnel mine is Navarro Bowman in Eldon Smith. And I haven't seen Justin Smith yet I'd like to -- up a snap from him and I'd like to see a couple from 52. I just see very average personnel especially with the loss to Dorsey and I don't know if they can dominate football games the way they have. In the past even going up against the cowboys John the cowboys are not a very good team on defense of Lincoln niners are Rhonda. Power right at them but on the other side can they cover Dez Bryant. Can make covers Jason Witten. And I don't I've right now I'm a little concerned. About their defense which is the strength of the team. Be in years past we kind of knew they show up and play. But this year in light of not -- Navarro until mid year and who knows when the commissioners that are rule -- -- The personnel just looks average to me and they that defense cannot be average that defense. He has to be the strength of the team. And I just like to see it next week against San Diego for justice series on the field together. On ACL pieces together and are worried about the score who cares 34 another. But they they I just wanna see that defense together and now I'm -- for -- -- seat until Dallas when I can see. 53 and 99 on the field for a long time maybe not so Thanksgiving or somewhere in November who knows. Well as you pointed out of the front seven only two guys were starters and that was Brooks and all of the norms from and are going to be there in week one. In the secondary. And yet three of four Clark started. It out their place -- -- language trying to -- some player but he's he I didn't play. And the mistake got does it got so a concussion although after the game he said he was fine so. -- he had lived pretty easily download retreat he got hit pretty hard sites such as soft four yesterday that third their corners worse eight yards off every -- I saw impressively one time. And I think -- just wanted to keep it simple just go play let's say you can play. And I think they're gonna have an issue Borland gets lost in coverage. We'll heights okay. In would you put Patrick strength the last couple years is checking tight ends. And they can they trust Borland to play the Mike linebacker where Patrick can play the Jack. And they'll match up with no written he has that kind of speak well and this is Patrick even good enough club I think mormons have have been in the base setting or injure. Your first and Sam linebacker Brian. Well then -- -- all of that'll free up Patrick to play that Jack so we can go cover Witten. But I am I wanna see Patrick he did not cover tight ends Lester. Because they were a good defense then. I just haven't seen it from the defense and that's what concerns me about the -- A big man -- -- 1214102. Yards overall bronco cornerback drew thirty of 38. Three touchdowns notre sessions with a quarterback rating of 120 threes and a very good. A defensive -- said nobody played organ and battle of the later they've been outscored two games a pre season is 573. Up do you have an update on year on your boy in their car via concussion every thought it was for -- and it was -- and I've seen them since for a look at. Apparently the -- I was more concerned about the ribs and a but apparently -- find their initiatives to concussion. You buoy him growing actually that's my guy he came off the bench did you see -- all very good yeah and tonight he did CDO Jordan shrug like death. That's right after you -- Greg Little -- -- -- stroke which would have won the game to play before and I uses you know licensed -- -- why Greg Little fall down on the -- on. He's -- and a walk in touchdown series it is to make a team is killing me. He has more talent than. To Marius says the most talent but as a receiver. He's just ahead I don't get it. Good homes lagoon either. He fell down on the touchdown -- opening his belt kinda caught the ball but he not history -- -- -- -- went to the ground he looked like he Bobble that. He is way more skilled than -- shown in games Killen. I DA's gets swept over the weekend the giants here back in it because they finally winning a series at home of the Dodgers gets left to get in that little bit later. On the show as well but double talk a little bit more about the niners and a little bit more. About the a stadium some things about the traffic etc. I got some nice insights for you -- that coming up next -- that -- ever brought to my Mercedes-Benz except Cisco says that's open your Mercedes winning your laptop or mobile device manager. New -- dot com we'll Raza Monday thinks they announced tonight that's -- mean. I'll scream probably when we. Friends thank you so much -- joining us we'll. -- come on grandpa for ten minutes we'll talk to Albert freer. From NFL network He is a national reporter then he's actually in LA particularly though -- gathered a team and LA. I think there might be a story brewing in LA the current team that wants to move. Their lease is up -- IndyCar Series St. Louis Rams. Well there's not a local team and that's lease is up with the enemy 49ers played one game in their new stadium new Doleac creamed in their genes and they wanna move the other wanna leave already have bad body board yet. They wanna go back to stick. We actually had a eight death before -- eight point was sort of somebody died yesterday there are about. I'm terrible -- take this -- I had a heart attack not to say not to keep bragging about the suite level that I was on. But I'll tell in this will that is still act like you're the only government arrests. So when I was isn't a big secrets they have luxury suites there but -- first of all how much better idea about it is that experience that can -- They had the worst clothing that you think to get the concession for a bad guy or. The suites at candlestick or little work literally all -- three gunmen they were there at the worst I. Arsenal of the series was an obstructed view lately they were they -- like a hole for a non metal every swear they were the worst it's ever construct that's so funny this thing is probably am not in maybe it wasn't ten times bigger when it was least five or six has been here. You walk into this thing and I guess it they've done a great job of just having light everywhere it's you lock out. And they've got these leather chairs I mean I'm talking about like you're sitting at home in this leather chair and they've got the SF logo on them and ever and they're pouring wine in. That we were just laughing because we re give grief to the on the whole whining geez they meant to. And -- the crowd like -- -- as far as it it are they gonna lose the edginess you know little things. It don't be because I think the fans are so much closer because. A lot of the media members were complaining that wolf it. Where -- that -- they did that's related to complain of that are that. Italy it is not enough people to get on the field is that the fans are right on the field so I think it's gonna be louder. I think that that then at the beginning and I think this is a pre season is for a lot of people to be hanging out inside and walking around because they've done a great job. All a lot attribute not everywhere in this is wiling to raiders who play -- everything there's a nine or something on every wall. You know there was -- we just did they paid tribute to throughout the whole stadium they've done a really good job of that. They saw that with the jets and giants and then because we played there twice last year against each team and it's amazing go back a month later and all the the giant pictures. -- covered over frank -- covered over -- -- So there is a way to do it but I I see what you're stating do you -- the they -- museum -- -- one thing -- do that next week against San Diego. And related to who are the the national British swims into an exit. Pre season. Now we're in Green Bay on Friday nevermind we play appreciating games on Friday. This may play much they want to get ready for Sunday on. That you didn't think usage and by the way about this whole thing is you make me pay to have great American close yeah to that they don't have all the traffic from great America. And that was a stipulation where they first was was talked about the land him -- the but apparently they open it up to do some two relegating him. If you something like that so anyway. Now -- it was it's an awesome place so what happened with the idea. One thing that I read when the stadium's first being planned was there we're gonna have -- Dallas that the Dallas ballad yeah. Become right out of the visitors locker room you walk through the greatest sports fire ever through the flex that's -- on the field. They don't have that now that that that did not happen to the new place no I didn't I'd now like I can't be 100% sure and how they got to -- I was told. The -- I was the -- island club -- did you go to the -- club. I probably did I would to a lot of clubs but it was all -- -- -- it and it was all in the name of research for the -- yeah I can tell -- about this -- in -- -- -- -- as -- -- into. Did you give the one where I've -- I use out of the reach texted me a big guy in the middle it and recognize again the middle of the -- the guy that got us in this -- he's my best friend. I was guarded -- now this is gonna save it you know next week they said that they've got to for the chargers game as well and but you're going to be working agreement which is a nice place to be I don't think it will impact from alienation of the game writing oh you're a giants play a morning game a law or Claudia and so I I probably could come by about halftime and everybody ladies they're our seats that's perfect I would like to watch the football game -- like the rest of the especially with the Philip Rivers and I indeed yeah. Like adults being there deviant we -- -- -- -- feel the stadium you know is why we're here for the quakes match and that now he's soft dough and it's different. -- is different I'll say this it it almost I was so scared about the traffic and everything. I got there late of course I I got ended ended the second -- well like eleven. I mean late for what now saying -- can't -- a certain though everyone was neighbors I was thinking to myself. The long story short started and I didn't go also then. I was gonna get up really early go down there early but I kind of didn't so I get down there and eleven of the on the traffic's going to be horrible. And it wasn't bad about a mile or so how it started to back up the day and town unite Clark's. Put on our jogging suits and blogger -- a mile and a half but it wasn't bad because there was like three restaurants in the way we stop that one in south of one stop -- -- and then. Then we don't wish that I nature it's so cruel it was nice. Death but overall I don't think getting Marion hall wasn't bad because everybody left at halftime yeah I didn't I was at -- -- -- -- but again it. It being empty vs a lot of people being inside I just I had the sense in walking around and I was on all levels there's just a lot of people inside kind of check in and out. Yeah and -- one year old season and it's and you saw this I mean it's. It's very vast in there you know big high ceilings lots -- united jammed it's it's very nice. Answer I was there for the quakes match and I was mildly impressed I was way more impressed watching it on TV yesterday. It looks it looks sparkling budgeting time it was like sparkling the whole day just look beautiful I'll tell you the video looks straight in though they all look straight outside the other thing too is the sight lines are awesome like we -- -- top to bottom outside in in just look from different angles and there it when people say there's not a bad seat -- there's literally not a bad seat now. Whoever you know all the engineers all the Smart people do that stuff. They know what to do it doesn't matter where you. What are her fans are watching their seven and -- -- seeing newly released over the stadium to go to the -- -- it's nice I'm a little concerned about this change and asked if they think the quarterback is gonna make up for the defense of problems. Then -- happening. I think I am I still I just wanna see the defense. Play lockdown and I don't think we're gonna see in August so. Hopefully you'll see it against at dallas' defense is really bad no loss but. They can score on offense and a big receiver that tight ends are great players and the quarterback is very good and very crafty so. You don't wanna get into a shoot out with them now they have to. By the way Gil Brandt is reporting. -- that the niners -- barely made it -- out of nowhere in this palace Uribe made him an offer get him in. He would be a top twelve. Pay -- car he's talking about six million dollars a year but. Alex Boone said no. That's the report Somalia what I think he's thinking of is he can play tackle and -- -- -- he wants guard slash tackle money cannot do it because I think if he leaves. Somebody will make him a tackle. Honestly but that it can but no skill set is to actually can play guard but he can play tackle -- you did you via yes top level last -- obviously nobody see if he's even on a medium level left tackle he's gonna make big -- but they're professionals make big money. He's played left tackle or right to actually -- right guard and don't usually play writer laughter in -- out he's he's a great value I take a -- second I know he's saying noted that he's saying -- in -- I believe does contracts has been over a million bucks a year -- got on a terror through this year they're talking about I don't know did -- judicial -- brand saying that it and offered anything god father that I got -- -- -- -- knows everything. The mideast to about six million dollars a year -- boots are now starting today that's what he said you'd be a top. Ten paid. Guard in the league technical -- that's Alex -- He doesn't you. I think I am I think I I thought he may be thinking I wanna play tackle you have to write him. I'm not treating him if he's gonna tell you may have in mind that we -- -- and he's no good now let's get a deal. Is that gonna make a dollar mess in the first game how easy it is. So obviously they want that is a sign they're gonna work and they will get it done. Nothing takes the six million a year how many how many years they signing of foresee getting a free agency I don't know that. Well that's probably be the -- -- available now and let them have free agency later if you possibly. Generally -- not trading him he's going no where they need them they need him. -- By the way the players did enter I just got this picture since -- -- -- and the players did enter through the -- club they did. During pregame not during the regular game there's a picture than it did a sweet clean Twitter caller we have cancer were during the game. I don't know there's he's got a picture crap you're locked in by the people. But -- -- -- -- -- of Plexiglas now somebody likes Dallas. Where they -- this evening I guess they're standing right behind him. And yellows during the pregame and not for the game itself. -- so area banks that just. I -- -- is gonna just gonna next does a lot of national stuff and review the weekend pre season and of course a Monday Night Football game and oh yeah he's an LA for some reason they're doing well do you and -- team and I would. The last -- Albert career how that's progressing from and a thumb that was hit so -- come -- first place baseball teams. Play every medalist -- talk about this at all. We'll now I'm a little concerned since I told him. Now where we're at certain natural hear and -- offensively in the various reasons for. Hello there. So -- us. Dublin Greg Papa happy Monday to you talk a little more football think -- look plus what's going on in LA as far as an NFL team. The guy knows all. He is Albert -- you to follow him on Twitter at Al career. Indy nearly enough he's a national reporter for the NFL. Network and he joins us now thanks for the time number Dario and I would go progress now and I sure welcome. Of all the games you watch this weekend anything up pop out what were the things that popped out at you from a pre season action over the weekend. -- -- -- cloudy popped out. And and now he's. I was pretty -- watch what you get them back to back plays it. You know the physical talent jumps value and you you start recognize now. What are you going to be able to do playing -- JJ watt because they're gonna be able to generate some matches -- obviously the problems of the opposite side of the ball. Regularly quarterback but yet there's which is gonna -- stay healthy to be pretty good on defense. I'm so that -- that was once it is jumps right out yet. You know and and had -- yesterday -- -- me in the proper look I guess the -- -- that -- that be another thing and the other young quarterback. You know I think portals continues to build on what he what he did last what do you and we wanted -- appreciated. Lots of signs that he is. You know somehow certain self built much better player than it was pretty much it was pretty oppressed. You know the big Teddy Bridgewater big -- catcher himself to. You know that game. -- Minnesota on Saturday. Whether or not going to be enough to overtake. Jackass I this we're gonna look like get by. You know he's certainly rebounded nicely from from the a little bit and up and down after it's it's -- get. I've gone back to board also overnight -- was just superb and look extremely poised against the bears on Thursday because Bradley's been pretty adamant about how he's not gonna play and you hopefully won't play -- A whole season kind of like Carson Palmer to Jon Kitna and Cincinnati. Years ago when Chad Henne is a good player but -- what why are they not even open the concept of portal starting this year what. The main thing is that they got I think you want to stop. -- he added is. Look a competition between any of portals relatives. You know they'd be looking at Albert -- -- gallery -- brought that up I don't regret city there. You know I agree. You know living organisms -- Florida they saw a guy who. You know is a better thrower or was more -- that a passer or order act like big broke out around him he would kind of go back to being an athlete. And so they solid there are a lot -- need to break in. It was interesting -- -- coach. For -- either really like or don't tell me that. You know you see everything that you need to see what Blake it just takes you like it to get. It anywhere that is just there's there's inconsistencies in the way that he played the position. And so I think you at all that up and really -- the jaguars attaches here it is trying trying to break -- more of the a lot of is that. In trying to create good habits and you know I -- feeling isn't that the best way to do Middle East earlier -- old fire. You know and I think there are examples of the path of quarterback developing bad habits and some good guy to use that. Have been able to break that habit and I did the best one. That's example one there Rogers who completely rework his deliberate because usually the best I don't know that you would have been able to do that fuel -- so. You know I think is going to be a -- -- -- -- for. Got Bradley -- session all those guys I think it's going to be a matter what they still like -- -- there. Inconsistent and up with a mechanic he's consistent the output stuff that he is Lauren. Deploy -- won't -- on some of those bad habit so again this is not about Chad and he gets but he portal as a more about moral development is doing the right -- there. -- Bergen and -- to -- of course NFL network national reporter at Albert her on a Twitter. Obviously tonight there's going to be a lot of buzz around pre season and a football game RG three in -- Redskins against Johnny then sell. And the browns what what is the inside thought on who starts for the browns there. I think they're black people that bill I wanna start itself on the Arnold I go to Guatemala but I and there are people who are -- I. You know I that they would Johnny is that. Businesses across the border to the doctor before the draft certainly you know you're gonna draft a QBM. And you need you know I do think -- our way to accommodate. His game. Casket and went through this and in Washington where they've they've basically turned it opens and -- -- their offense subsite now. -- comedy RG three Iraqi. And they they've reported the bail our office and work to great success that first year now what in the same last year with all the different things we're going on. You know but I I think you watched the Brent evil a -- was -- their last week. You could see some of the things that they were going to accommodate Johnny himself and Daewoo. There -- elements of that in an office that is better now into the bra they had to do that because they got to get the other ten guys and I'll write a play that way too. That the caveat here they want Johnny -- You know being. Whatever of one the few bit slate that team meeting and ignited debate Dave they wanted to hear occasional -- that every -- yet. Her and down they want to be more football players and superstar at this point so. We -- being performed pretty well the first preceding game but I think he comes back light up again I. I'm I gonna have a tough decision may be attributed their support government doubt that building. And you know I don't want to grow -- -- But I tell you -- -- -- you know Johnny's dad is always been this is -- people who don't pretty well. It is bad. You know what when the lights are on other stuff won't matter because I'm so good that. You know -- -- make -- work and I think we sock in it that the first game -- he shows together the second game it's very hard. For the browns got a plan especially when you consider Brian orders coming off that ACL injury does not like there won't be effects there. John -- Greg -- here in the wheel house tonight five silly game I know you were in LA is there any news. In terms -- buzz around the raiders are just -- in general what's the thought there. Well my feeling and I -- as kind of what it's always been what's believed to be age and here's the three conditions. That I've been told consistently -- over let me just now it's like over about a half decade. Preconditions they do exist for them to go back and allies right stadium and obviously they haven't -- in -- obviate the bitterness you are. They have to have the right team and what I mean by that is the brand and also now. So the lakers you know I think will be the model of what sells an -- They need to be able to sell the brand. Whatever that can -- and the third thing is the right shoulder and yeah I think people have to understand whether -- the raider -- the rams or whoever whoever owns the team. There's going back into Los Angeles market beleaguered basically trusting that that person. To be the leader in bringing them back in the second biggest market in the country. It and they get bit the DSL got to trust that a person is gonna do the right thing gonna make a war because. They don't -- -- that can be the last got to really get it right and so. You know -- If the raiders did the raiders the rams or anyone else he would rather skip skip the world through those conditions -- -- a big happen. I just think broad tech and they've been. So patient about it it's taken so long it's been two decades now. Would tell you that it -- the at -- Chicago point or close to one yet where they feel like Altria the conditions are placed them go back again and obviously. The first -- after overcompensate. How much does the NFL want to be back in LA -- It just doesn't seem maybe that is the the priority that we all think and Austin. I think they want me back LA under the right conditions. You know it is the time being -- -- they'll sell the game on the air and I biggest -- -- the game marketable Los Angeles and get people at Los Angeles watch the game. You know I had a -- deal they like to be got a Los Angeles the same when it like to be a lot you know. But I -- the right conditions after exist here you know there's too much at stake for that is why anybody movement that are you know to have. You know whoever it is go back in play there are -- waiting for a state beset this -- There's just too much at stake of a talk about Abbott there well you know to break the habits of a lot of people in this market to. To convince them to go back going to games every Sunday at rooting for a single. And so that's why they're so I don't know about the right conditions to exist. You know and I am I still feel that way they won't go back Toby that the conditions -- -- -- -- Albert the the raiders need a place to play as soon as next years with their lease being up. What could say is there even a stadium in LA they can go to temporarily. Until we don't want is -- 345 years down on the line. Well I don't think the better. I don't think that the league -- let anybody go on a lot handles until a new stadium deal flights I just. You know -- Indian -- of the coliseum in the Rose Bowl. -- -- -- abuse your baby violet -- you know a couple of years while while this is being built. But that but I I don't think there's anyway that they're gonna -- any they're gonna let team. Move in to Los Angeles without the new stadium. Being on its way it was third -- shovels in the ground so. You know my sense is that the leader in the clubhouse wind up an ally if I did it once -- weather conditions I think we'll be right. I think a bigger rams operators. And so I think that's one of the reasons why you see the raiders you know Florida was stated Tony you know you see the whole situation of Portland. You know because they've got to look at alternatives. They don't look and other alternatives to. Because the league -- let them go to -- You know even if they wanted to and that's something that I mean -- god -- the raiders were to went down that road before. In the eighties and so on you know I've been to prepare for all areas -- to shake you are distinct situation is now. Albert and always great insight we always appreciate your time thanks we'll talk -- throughout the season you they excel earth a day ago. NASA reporter for NFL network dream on -- river at album ever make sure you that you fall home. All follow bonds on things he said about LA remember Stanford football kicks off Saturday August 30 Stanford stadium. They take on my UC Davis tickets available I'd go Stanford dot com slash tickets or simply call 1800 Stamford for chance course repair tickets of the game. -- contest aged nine. -- -- dot com. Will discuss what our -- said there at the end about the LA situation and a recap. Friday night. It's Madonna lane with a last second to a touchdown pass that went 2726. We'll do it next only on 957 million to various news sounds -- sports. When this stuff you can. Thank goodness we'll also Monday. We'll talk about. Whatever -- -- said there about LA we got to five over reactions for you to ten minutes we'll recap the raiders here as well by the way. I just put this out on Twitter I think I've got to talk to you love this wind. Mr. swagger that wouldn't ruin through the a touchdown pass that won it it -- Butler and as you yelled the Butler did it. He did the he did the how can they stop me shrugged in Jordan did the NB in the 92 finals against the blazers. Like that touch. Yeah like a gentleman on the sidelines if we're gonna -- ministry. Is really -- on earth could he doesn't do I think it was I can't stop being bad and you know any of the kids in. -- -- It was a surprise that I think we surprised that the lack of a pass rush from the lions and I'll play. We got to ask you that was -- -- clearly and this that George drug that's you know him and -- the jury your home kindly you have finals I don't think that's what he was doing and are quite putting on the Michael -- I've not been an -- that's what he's doing but that was the -- like I don't stop me it was a decision Roger but Michael I think it was more or. Gotta have forever to throw a whole. And Brice Butler just read irrationally and cover an alliance kind of gave it to you blew that coverage well didn't they just had to cover so long their rush was just and they came with a four man rush they twisted. You know I I just so much reaction about match jobs performance. And my middle caught driving home latest atom benched in her car I I don't see that at all. I had our shop played fine early they were moving the ball to midfield. The ball went right through James jones' hands. It's a pick six go the other way and then on the second series they did not protect him. And he had a lot of middle pressure and that's for the problem was but he did drive them back down the field. And scored -- touchdown so I'm I'm here I'm sensing it again and it's the overriding theme of this pre season he's not mad plan. It is seem Atlanta on Friday against the raiders for the Packers are one team he can play four. Shop -- a much better player than that and they have not put the whole offensive when they put the no huddle. In an actual games you'll see a different side to him and we're that are won a state of the yard. Offense though that teams can't run and Derek -- looks good he has the skill set but he's just not ready. And if they ever did lose match up for whatever reason I think it would be mad. A -- tiger would be the quarterback yeah I agree by the way. Par is back at practice though according to a rap sheets just -- between then I'm sure some other spreadsheet at practice today and Muslim men. You must be a practice today conceit just tweeted that out some sure some other people have it. But 800 back in a regular season -- well they kicked the media out on the actual practice starts I believe that's the case yes when that's not a good. And one everybody there was should only you know what do we get -- -- what do we know we don't know anything your call Rex Ryan yeah openness there right away dale. Pocket in this flour oil we -- I don't think we know get a bit about a foot fetish etc. that's. Think you talked a sea bass about it. By the way nice a 55 yarder off the often dirty even though it's they got first down and they did it didn't count but I guess I don't think it's going to be an issue that Eminem -- look like they're working much better together. Votes to pass flew back we had seen Sebastian and in March she usually busy at saint patty's day so we didn't we don't normally see him but he was he came back. That march Friday he was back like it may. Whenever we're at where with a -- never comes back for the OTAs they did come back he realized -- a four year last year to camp blaming on the holder. Two years in a row but I think Marquette did make a change was actually holding a three figures last year which was really weird to me. The way they were showing me but he's got now just the index finger on the point so. I think it's a trust factor or Solomon -- which is -- he's missed. Like a couple field goals. In the team period all training camp he was just nailing everything and yeah was a great signing in other 55 here -- -- question. Some of the things dumber Burgess told us he said if he was guessing any insist he's he finally put. A ton behind this -- the leader in the clubhouse is the rams although I've heard in LA they like and AFC and NFC team this too I share that stadium now they're thinking get one in place. He said that's the reason why doesn't think he's not sure that the NFL led the raiders move although impeded references cited and that's a great question and -- -- I don't know that there are lawsuits -- Bryant replied yeah exactly I don't. I think I think -- until this that mark really isn't the guy who wants to go through litigation like. Talk about how the night but he's not gonna be pushed around right first of all he wants Oakland alert so the only reason this is becoming an issue. Is he gave them a year and you know it's about a year and there's -- any substantial progress that meanwhile the -- appear content. Just playing in the in this place and they signed a ten year -- -- not gonna get San Jose. So it's just where the raiders going to be long term and for your own backyard the niners build this this balance. And you see that place glittering and it's just they think he didn't place to play. So we'll see how it all works -- I think the LA situation is gonna be cumbersome at best. Just fighting with the league over that because they ever he wants their hand in the in the cash register where it goes around comes LA. And there's a lot like San Antonio I think is more of his consideration but. We'll see we'll see where they played one to fifteen but we have a 2014 season watch world -- where that veterans yet but you're right image is going to be a point contention for the raiders. Only because you said the Indian lease is up and realize we have a season play you can't wait to -- America. Exactly yes television on today in March over welded but it's hard. A lot of things have to follow -- to show up complaints some of the city right at 1 o'clock in the first Sunday after Labor Day for the work that -- -- you're gonna stay in in in the Bay Area mean you'd have to go to weather beat -- they -- extension to -- event like Oakland that in that particular. And that apparently. That's the one thing that and he may just feel that way now because it's frustrating is trying to turn the heat up on him. Where he told Vic Schaefer is that he does not -- sign an extension so -- gonna play somewhere next year. I'd done other stuff from the alliance scheme a lot of people and allowed the first round pick Mac played for three quarters. I did get a sack against some of the -- back up guys or your overall thoughts on how you look dealer synergy of yeah I think he needs. I think he needs her to grow up in the NFL so it's of major job. He did some good things in the game they double teamed him at times we did see the NASCAR they moved Justin Tuck inside. But when I saw and in buffalo the film that I watched I watched quite the few of the games was. And we asked Mike may knock this in May act loved him more than anybody. Was I just did not see the edge she shouldered did which which that you see from clowning. Like wow he's got power and everything but -- is Eric Burke is pretty Derrick Burgess with a razor and Burgess doesn't have -- ranked. But he could just get treatment and get Iraq I didn't see that Von Miller. Flexibility from him so I think he's gonna have to learn. A few more fast moves because the power. Is just not always gonna work in the NFL so he's gonna have to learn. Although a few more moves but I we haven't even seen. The way they're gonna use him -- -- move him around it. He's going to be the wild card on this defense he's not just gonna rush from the left side and a three pointer of four point that a walk him around. Plane standing up. Boom around -- two point stance so it's just it's just started. But I think he overtime he's gonna have to develop more diverse pass rushing skills to be real. A real state of the art pass rusher in the NFL and uses speed or not just power. Did you bring that game a little bit later do in the 1 o'clock hour we get to five over reactions. Coming out next wanna -- with the niners the raiders the haze we've got everybody in the Allen -- do it coming up next your five over reactions after a long -- sports weekend only 957 in the various exams for sports. --

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