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Albert Breer on the NFL's Los Angeles state of mind

Aug 18, 2014|

NFL Network and's national reporter joined The Wheelhouse today with a look around the league's preseason games, as well as his perspective on the NFL wanting a team in LA and if it will be the Raiders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would go congrats not much -- welcome. Of all the games you watch this weekend anything you know pop -- of what -- the things that popped out at you from a pre season action over the weekend. Mr. Arctic Lowney popped out. It and now he's. I was pretty credible watch what you get them back to back plays. You know the physical talent -- values and you. You start recognized now. What are you gonna be able to do playing Nixon JJ -- because they're going to be able to generate some matchup -- normative it would probably opposite side of the ball. Particularly quarterback but yet -- -- which is gonna get stay healthy -- pretty good on defense. I'm so that that that was one that is jumps right out yet. You know and and and yesterday have been -- -- in the proper -- gets the niners that fire that be another thing it. The other young quarterbacks in -- big portals continues to build on what he. What he did last long awaited week one of the preceded. Lots of signs that he is. -- some out hurt himself built much better player than it was remarked it was pre press. You know and I think Teddy Bridgewater -- it's herself to. You know that game. You know Minnesota on Saturday. Whether or not going to be enough to overtake. Back -- by this point doesn't look like get by. You know he's certainly rebounded nicely from from a little bit and up and down after its its -- Are gone back to board also overnight -- was just superb and looked extremely poised against the bears on Thursday of a coach Bradley's been pretty adamant of he's not gonna play they'll hopefully won't play -- A whole season kinda like Carson Palmer John Kitna and Cincinnati. Years ago and Chad -- is a good player but. What why are they not even open the concept of portal starting this year well. I mean they have got I think you want to stop. Look he added is. Look a competition between Andy -- relatives. A race for mortal against himself and Olympic -- and Central Florida. You know they'd be looked at Albert arguably gallery just brought that up I don't regret that either -- you know I agree. You know when you look at its Central Florida they saw guy to. You know -- a better thrower was more -- that a passer or order Olympic broke out around them he would kind of go back to being an athlete. And so they saw -- there are a lot of tablets that need to break in. It was interesting -- coach. Particularly. -- tell me that you know you see everything the need to see what Blake -- takes you like -- game. It and it -- that means is there's there's inconsistencies in the way he plays the position. And so I think you add all of that up and really what Jack or tension is here is trying trying to break wave -- a lot of in trying to create good Abbott and you know I I guess feeling isn't that the best way to do that at least early all -- fire. You know and I think there are examples in the past quarterback development that -- -- some good guy to use that have been able to break bad habits and I did the best one. That's example ones that are Rogers and completely rework is delivered because you're sitting at bats I don't know if you would have been able to do that -- -- -- so. You know I it is going to be of altering or for -- Bradley did this all those guys I think it's going to be a matter what they still like radio there. Inconsistent and up with a mechanic he's consistent the output stuff that -- These -- that -- -- -- on this and those that happened so again this is not about. Chad Andy you know like portals to more about moral development into the right there. -- Bergen and at the -- course NFL network national reporter at Albert -- on a Twitter. Obviously tonight there's going to be a lot of buzz around pre season and a football game RG three in a Redskins against Johnny -- sell. And the browns what what is the inside thought on who starts for the browns there. I am -- I of people that bill I don't wanna start himself -- -- -- -- coach is one of them but I and there are people who are so I. You know I agree with John is that. This is a cross border that he talked -- for the draft certainly you know you have traffic -- You need you know Putin -- certain way to accommodate. His game. Passed it it went resistant in Washington where they've they've basically turned it opens in his term profits subsite now. They're probably art history as a rookie. And they basically put in the bail or office and -- to great success that first year now what in the same last year with all the different in -- we're going on. You know but I I think you watch the -- order wire was in their last week. You could see some of the things that they were going to accommodate Johnny himself in had they won't. There -- elements of that in an office that is better now into the -- made had to do that because they got to get the other ten guys and I'll write a play that way too. That the caveat here they want Johnny -- You know being. Whatever one of the few -- slate that team meeting at night. QB Dave they wanted to keep it -- a lot of that Arab -- yet. Her and they want to be more football player -- superstar at this point so. You -- performed pretty well the first preceding game I think because back light up again I. I've got to have a tough decision may be refuted their support permit though that building. And down you know I know I want to grow lots but I tell you this to me. You know Johnny's dad has always been -- this news here for people who don't pretty well. Has been. You know what when the lights are on a lot of stuff won't matter because I'm so good that you know I can make it work and I think we sock in it that. The first game but he shows together -- yeah it's very hard for the browns not played especially. When you consider Bryant orders coming off that ACL injury does not like there won't be effects there. John let Greg copier and a wheel house and I -- of the game I know -- an LA is there any news. In terms -- buzz around the raiders are just -- in general what's the thought there. Well my feeling guys -- kind of what it's always -- which -- going to be a year preconditions. That being told consistently it is over it is just now it's like over but I have to -- Preconditions they do exist for them to go back and allies right stadium and obviously they -- -- that's obvious that you are. They have to have the right team and what I mean by that is that brand -- now. So the lakers you know I think will be the model what sells an -- They need to be able to sell the -- Whatever that seems -- and the third thing is the right shoulder and yeah I think people have to understand whether the raider -- the -- or whoever whoever owns the team. There's going back into Los Angeles market beleaguered basically trusting that that person. To be the leader in bringing them back in the second biggest market in the country. And they get that the DSL got to trust that person is gonna do the right thing. Gonna make a war because they don't think if you on that could be their last shot really get right and so. You know it. If the -- the raiders and rams or anyone out yet another escape give the world through those kids they're placed it can happen. I just state that they've been. So patient about it just so long it's been two decades now. Would tell you that it -- -- -- point or close to one yet where it feel like Altria the conditions are pledged that go back in and obviously. The first early October compensated. How how much dizzy NFL want to be back in LA though. It just doesn't seem maybe that is the the priority that we all think and -- I think they wanna be back -- -- and the right conditions. You know it is the time being it is still sell the game on the air and -- biggest -- Eight to game marketable Los Angeles and get people at Los Angeles watch the game. You know I had to -- ideally they like bedecked in Los Angeles the same when it like to be a lot you know. But I have the right conditions after this year you know there's too much at stake. Predators like anybody movement that are -- now and have. You know -- is go back and play the road pull out of waiting for a state beset there's just there's just too much at stake and -- a talk about habits there. Well you have to break the -- of a lot of people in this market to. To convince them to go back going to games every Sunday at rooting for a single. And so that's why there's so latter but the right conditions exist it. You know and I am I still feel that way they won't go back -- -- that the conditions perhaps like -- Albert the the raiders need a place to play as soon as next years with their -- being up. What could say is there even -- stadium in LA they can go to temporarily. Until we don't want is built free for five years down on the line. Well I don't think to better. I I don't think that the -- -- let anybody go on a lot to handle until a new stadium deal lights I just. You know and indeed -- of the coliseum and the Rose Bowl. -- -- -- abuse your baby violet that for you know a couple of years while -- is being built. But that but I I don't think there's any way that they're gonna let any they're gonna -- team. Move in to Los Angeles without the new stadium. Being on its way it was third derby shovels in the ground so. You know my sense is that the leader in the clubhouse windup and -- If I did it once -- weather conditions I think we'll be right I think to be the rams operators. And so I think that's one of the reasons why you see the raiders. You know flirting with San Antonio and you see the whole situation at Portland. You know because they've got to look at alternatives. They don't look and other alternatives to. Because the league might let them go to -- you know even if they wanted to and that's something that I mean we've got a note the raiders were -- went down that road before. In the eighties and so on you know I've been to prepare for all areas based -- you distinct situation is now. But it always great insight we always appreciate the time thinks we'll talk -- Ian throughout the season. Yeah that's an excel or.

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