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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/18/14 HOUR 2

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

O'clock hour thanks so much for joining us we'll ask. John -- and Greg Papa. Speaking of -- I know that we can never get enough football but in that ten minutes you've got a solution to affix the -- Well I don't know about that. They heard. You know you know I told you have had a -- I am special I used to -- -- if there's a certain time Japan economic panic and yet I and is it time to be concerned. And they have they have fallen into a stretch here where they're playing their worst baseball of the year. And it's not a good time and I'm just looking at the two off days they've got today and Thursday. Before the angels series and they got a -- this starting rotation. So and I have a suggestion for him to. That's blonde well then you're you're. And we'll miss you and we'll do that in meant ten minutes you'll fix. The rotation I would like keep an eye reduction much weakened as it does best pitchers pitch against the angels this weekend okay and next week it is a simple way to do I want to tweak it doesn't mean they're gonna win these games in the we'll get into it more Kennedy double Olympic under the mattress like other trading players like their baseball cards that doesn't work that no. And that was the concern I had it makes sense to make that deal they made it. But what was the last time a team in first place July traded their three hitter you tell me doesn't have. I will do that. And restarted and you will do that in that ten minutes -- -- -- -- by the way you -- -- -- -- I confirmed a -- car is back he's back at practice. Almost self -- -- he sees cutter he's a walking foot rock live blogging fun walking boot. Stand up walk and does -- -- -- walking boot DJ Hayden did some must -- work. But I romance and desire and wish him during practice they go out work on the practice fields in the guys that need. Medical assistance to -- evidentiary workers got to shape on the other side on the field and that's what you. Touche a tennis country shipments let's there's a very good guy he had a family of -- busier early. And -- I can say anything I forget sometimes people listen to the show here's the concern I have other raiders can check was yours. So that was the latest on that he -- so. You get Carlos Rogers and Terrell brown. If you don't have DJ and you don't have chimney. Hoosier nickel. Probably to a very often from what I saw on Friday -- -- staffers in my job. Terrell brown got -- double that was horrible. Coming up against the LA when he was playing for the with the niners in the because they saw -- -- Ashley got the quarterback now it's -- yet he never get it ever offended Golden -- the far. In that aside and let emotion whether they knew they had Manny ran out not any bit tired since I was nine at ten with a drop he was very good for the raiders really bad. From Gordon -- a statue Asia I'm just sin but of the latter more than the former big game plan at all for that game learn. What they doing that it's disturbing though is they -- they -- the point is to make it is is an L as possible seek and his sister put assess your players. And he's he he was tight on Paterson in Minnesota but -- a lack of size. In this game to connect get beat on a double move in the red zone where the safety was there's no well. So if you -- bit of a double move in the red zone it's attached. And it gave them just to walk in touchdown you just can't do that so hopefully we'll play better he. And a looked up if he's a. He hit your doubt are right here is always overnight or corners that Condo was. Sean Taylor is there is a -- and let them go to Rob Brown didn't blow coverages like that for lord thank you all why is he doing it now and they in -- in the two million dollars decent man. I finally covered Golden -- Georgia. The majority Helsinki to cover hands night and you're right can you covered Tex -- Friday takes job I'd done handle. Thank you got everything that forced they forced Howard into retirement that's. I don't wanna lists -- the 49ers Bob to have been outscored 573 into pre season games -- -- reaction is. Eight I know it's just the pre season but the 49 is there a trip. I don't care less than seven disagree with yours you know now but may not look good and I think that is that mean that I am not a seat plane had they. If they do they think they're just gonna roll into Dallas and just go. Are they gonna play any of their players I -- I would like easy easy game is when user play some guys and I just neither cowboy game and I see the cowboy. -- Patrick Willis. Remained rock. Who else. These guys every why Donald you can play great -- So you go to Vegas Sunday. Whether it SA the second game in the feel that changed and -- crane and their jeans again today this will play their players for a little bit I think in the their -- easy and that's when you do right right I don't know that's a little differently I'm really does Madonna I would say -- like to see their defense just. Just one series that Soledad Brock Willis. McDonald Ian Williams justice Smith novelist has played those guys are starters. Remember and -- the replace those guys. Well just see them I am concerned about their defense and their defense dominates and has for years they inherited that defense they complain tighter. Just haven't seen it saw him I am concerned about their defense. Matt -- -- your initial last second victory all the talk about shopping car but -- paddy is the raiders' best quarterback right. He's their best quarterback -- is not starting opening day I'm just say I'm just saying he's their best quarterback and I think he's starting and things in the sport and I'm not right now. I had I think he has the best handle on the offense just because he's I think he's the best combination of throwing arm. And handle of the offense and and quarterbacking acumen. I would say yes but physically. I just I love the guy. But there's a -- that you really cannot win win win you could win a game here and there in Houston but he can't win when when when it. With him because of the lack of size and lack of overall skill. And shop is just -- the veteran and Derek Karr has more the skill and I don't think that's where he's at right now but I. I would not have been displeased if they came into this year. With your boy my girl line as the -- I -- -- I I do I like him more than most but. He's not going to be the starting quarterback Christian -- -- them play rendering thing you may have play at all obviously because you're gonna play this game right. Now we're not much anymore now that all that dead body would not applied in the contrary. I've heard this from a lot of ladies I just wish he had an extra three inches because if he was 62 -- -- India starter in this league and while you're lacking history interest. Well you know I'm being optimistic. We'll skip VA's -- -- -- -- NBA's next. Everything is -- -- That is the -- of dozens of -- audio. Never panic NEA's now Lester gets burned -- enough juice collided it was a good pitch last night costing what -- that ball was hit by -- Justin -- -- was like oh god yeah we can't Scola and then lessons are you jealous and sit and he gets. And he got slightly faster you do a lot of pressure and a pitcher when you have to be perfect every bridge snarled and not mad bitch -- wasn't I was available -- that the Dodgers swept -- shying Greinke they were unbeaten in their starts over the long he's not my Milwaukee. The -- Rex is don't start making those wild cards plans yet for the giants they are in the last race in the illustrates thriller you're left feeling whichever way that's not you are flying a kite and it's called in my I'll tell you -- they are now why is this now there -- but not now is now is all this season goes until late September early October that's now. They are chill out in the loss column to. Forget about your three and a half to the Dodgers have played so many more games -- the giants they are two out in the loss column the Dodgers put a player. On the disabled list every single day. Every day on -- you next. -- that -- read day goes on the disabled list right now. When Kershaw gets beat him like he did on Saturday and Carlos Gomez had ever -- a guy get a ball harder off of -- and they had all brought them. They -- and how do you worry about them because essentially they have two fifths of a rotation. Yes the Dodgers the Dodgers did not buried -- giants when they had the chance they should have buried them they should be ten back. They shabbily as the giants played for two solid months so we got to race the giants were great the first two months they suck the next to the final two will decide if there is a race without court. You know no doubt about it. And now finally. The ice budget challenge which by the way deal branches great cause that the bid has jump the shark would you agree that. And second I challenged over the weekend -- by -- Brazil on it and I don't pay attention much what he does. That's what else loads you got surely you know -- who did it right in this is -- should do from now on. Charlie Sheen did a little later this is what he did this morning Charlie -- she -- -- out of his thought it was awesome. Yet but he also had a bucket of money poured the bucket of money over his head and any challenge other rich guys and said look if you do this. They portend that Denzel yeah that's the way you do he has buckets in the -- to let him so he decided care or not why not out of form and that and he brought it back to the -- it's almost like Christmas like we'll forget. -- Chrysler's board all this well. Day if you know in the tri star is born no it's. Right they sure dish right paycheck. UAL -- with -- yeah. I doubt that that a bucket of water over my head is gonna mean anything it is a new meanings of the word rectum -- it -- challenges. Paper costs. Not succumbing to that. -- marvelous Carol I'm not acceptable quality spirit it. It's not easy but you do it very few he did -- not for marvel -- thirty years there. And that's there may be as a whole different challenge or do this. Pushed him as a bad heart. He does -- -- the hard situation that's his right -- ever gonna -- this is an important call ice cold water was shed your utility Heisman again. Out of it the old zero lead college football on -- that they -- us. Host your physical. Ball -- -- -- expert advice from you. It's a Buffalo Wild Wings in San Ramon and it's -- this Wednesday from 79. And during this is closely first and reservations get an official Buffalo Wild Wings drafted call right now 9253806630. Wanna get this 95. 3806630. When it's this Wednesday from 79 -- fantasy football draft. More information visit the events as an offensive game dot com. -- gonna fix the rotation. And we also -- -- -- the big -- -- you're getting restore some runs we're gonna talk all the bats do you fix that. PLO is the trade deadline six. -- there's still. Have to play them we're talking about playing the tigers who have played with a five gamers seven game. You may get a little -- TV like that that's -- -- -- insiders say that they get David he the level yes true military did king Felix -- one you know. Chris Young comeback from multiple. Arnold -- coming up next -- and -- think that's -- million to various news and sports. Bay area's new sound first. Thanks -- will allow us Monday. -- -- -- -- -- Paulo Dallas -- is gonna stop by and ten minutes. We'll ask him of these panicky over the years. Talk about the giants are creeping closer the Dodgers as well and other stuff. He's always good. He's on ESPN's baseball tonight. All right. US are the pitching and when it comes the -- Well just overall it's it's too and I'm not. Believe me you know when the giants went through the baseball season along time -- go -- a little bit of their stress that went to Kansas City and you think it. In -- up playing grades for Kansas city's hot. But then to go to Atlanta and get swept the way they are they just the way they're playing they played better last night and Saturday -- Friday. Yes -- I am concerned. And I I it's to go back to Billy's comment about it he was half joking about you know we're trading baseball cards. That these are men its it group a man that pulled together it's a team there's a chemistry involved -- a chemistry involved in baseball and you can't always. He can't crunch it with numbers and when I read his New York Times. Op Ed piece in the you know we don't need starts that ever played the game or watch the game and all the game. If you're around sports as much as I've been my entire life. It is a living breathing. Organism a team itself and you could upset the balance of a team. By a -- and it was a balls -- move that only GM that owns part of a team can make and I applauded there was an Al Davis move I loved it. But I was concerned about it makes perfect baseball sense to trade the hitter for the picture. But there's a risk involved and one how it throws off the lineup and the numbers are there it's a feast or famine. Offense right now and it's just not the same -- leadoff double last night -- Coca took pictures of the games at second base. The days that I saw all year that's a run resolutely they score the run. And Norris at the ball hard they pitched around Josh. And it got caught in moss is just in a -- -- can score. So that the team that I saw. Grind their way remember when they inflate the jacket Sam look at those lined up heartedly league baseball on runs does not makes cents. It's just the way they grind it together and you take that one bad out there and it changes things and they're just now. They they're not the same team now they have plenty of time defined it but they got too big series coming up back to back. And the way the schedule is John day they are off today and they're off Thursday and yet Sandy Alderson is Mets coming in. Tomorrow night Wednesday afternoon and there's going to be good pitching matchup -- -- is gonna go on Wednesday the day game against some margin. So for this two game series there's -- pitch got Kazmir tomorrow. An awfully pitches better against the Mets this time and it's a margin. Then you're off on Thursday. So the way I'm looking at it now. You've got to -- Jason Hammel. And in times early in the year and sonic rays not pitching as well as outing on Saturday was macro element of the unknown. Yanks lost for the four starts in a row but it a lot of stuff just dropped on -- if you throw the ball better than his numbers. And typically today they worry about him and and given him a day off but I -- the day off later. When they go to Houston so any event. For this is the way I'd like to see them tweak it. Took Kazmir pitches tomorrow -- -- pitches when they are off Thursday. Then you skipped Jason Hammel it is not pitch against the angels. So that way you can come back. Within theory three of your best pictures maybe your three best -- -- on Friday Jon Lester on Saturday and Scott Kazmir. Can come back on normal rest and pitch on Sunday against the angels. Then when he go to Houston. Those three games in between going down to Orange County. Which by the way and it is far she's thing goes and in -- way you keep going. I don't know people realize this since the all star break. They're number one in baseball in home runs in their number three in overall run so they remain like -- on national holiday of the premiere of Chris Carter on the church attraction at a like -- Houston's not what they were their their offense is good. Opinion may not like we're gonna -- in Houston. Because I I want my four best pitchers that you're going to aid to the angels. The 282930. And 31 and the month strike that four -- series. So now I'm -- reinsert. -- and Jesse Chavez in the rotation. So when I go to Houston. So Marcia pictures on Monday. Hammel pitches on Tuesday -- Chavez pitches on Wednesday and the reason being. I -- line up before but I want gray Lester Kazmir and so Marcia. To pitch against the angels in that four -- series so can make their little tweak there. And also buys grace and time now you may be giving grade. What grade would go Friday the 22 come back to 28 that's fine the F five days -- on the sixth day he always want to freshen him up to the guys are veterans they got a role. So I I would skip Campbell. For this series it's great Lester Kazmir then insert Campbell. And -- reinsert Chavez back of the rotation so they can line it up to go gray Lester Kazmir -- margin against the angels in -- you like that. I'm not against that it's just -- interest in with Dan Houston series is the way that they're playing offensively. Easy got to beat the angels general your right to -- for one I think you know dodge ball I knew I agree got to be just those four games and these three games are huge. And I think he had a lineup they had to do with the Dodgers did against the giants and they swept. We all talk that's why make these trades to have these guys pitched big -- -- talking about October. -- if you don't win in late August you may not get to October or you may have to play one game you're probably getting a wildcard to -- ahead. But you want to come down to one game. Against David Price or one game against king Felix. Do you want that I'm Selena so I I don't know I'm just not that he added that these two off days allow you to skip Campbell. And then -- thrown -- away discuss skip Bowman and reinsert him in Houston must surely fits so badly in Houston that's an he's. Well I nobody. Our troops version you've got to win these games. I don't disagree that I think you're right I think that you do you set yourself up to beat the angels it's just that Houston series is now the way that they're playing offensively a sneaky tough. I understand she got to go to meet you sweep the angels a three before you as worried about that now they're all important they all let out. But that it -- seven against the angels coming up after these two against the Mets are huge so. Just looking at it here -- are we all in agreement you know one -- to pitch on Friday and on the digital McKnight I mean I do at some point you know I just think this awaited to -- maybe just give -- start off. And go great Lester Kazmir against the angels. And then the following weekend he got the big four -- himself -- right now some are just not pitching. There's the angels this weekend because he has to go Wednesday -- Wheeler. Which is what he would do when he's he's got a Brian. You -- you on board at this. Yes I'm I'm all right well how about putting Chavez back and so your your your your tweak it a little bit in Houston. And and reinsert -- and Chavez so the big four pitch those for an and a driver that. I'm OK that I just I concede losing to a three Houston losing momentum -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what if you go five and two against the angels ahead with that yeah I am. Your best that's probably get a gets to the division in the that are. So more like -- A later letter in the -- -- to be off until that more as well and this is local Jews were supposed to did you away from is that those guys get in slums but that's what's been happening has all these guys are in -- the same time. As a assess this obviously -- team. We medal -- later as well Alaska Dallas right about it what does he see as the problems lost about pitching rotations. Offense and million over the giant's slow tells great jokes every Monday the Jonas coming up next here and -- sitting in various except for. Tonight right now. If you chicken logic courses and control. I'm just -- us on a Monday thanks for hanging out. Gobble -- take a look back -- -- giants and a's in the bear and these baseball weekend in attendance finish our conversation just Rosie is getting a little with the giants is really some health. Over the weekend from the -- -- more baseball in Dallas Braden of course former ace pitcher. And now you -- on baseball tonight on ESP NE foam on Twitter at now is bring to a nine. And he joins us now hi Dallas area. Gentlemen doing well all it could be back in action or Oakland days or six. -- are you concerned a little bit here they're no longer in first place. Did it does kind of feel like you're the giant red panic button and there are a lot of people. Jumping all over it doesn't right now harness but I I tell you what I think what's coming what's coming out now and he's becoming a glaring. Obvious offensive. Worried without you went to the status in the middle of that light up. And I created earlier today to a gentlemen who was inquiring about the walk of Oakland as of late and word is -- you can go in -- like he's going to. Director that this is just something that a team. The the wife -- -- platoon based light up this is exactly what happens when you missed that Warner true. He talks in the lineup that really do make everybody else -- just the kind of stuff starts up and is. You know you got to ask a lot more of each and every guy in the outline because they're no longer just contributing. You know on on a timely basis these -- -- that we now need to step up and we be -- production. More so on an everyday basis and so what guys. Try to adjust to bat you know there's two weeks of the box there's a lot of things going on in the cage. When guys start to struggle sort if you could be a perfect storm of all that of growing together right now just you know a lot about the production a lack of better. They're key guy in the middle of a wide open and guys are trying to look around search and you could Kerviel one step up equally. Plus there's some things literally at work here where we're a Brendon moss since the all star break is 204 and Jeb Lowry is is that injured. And -- Chris with that next thing is banged up and then add on to what you were just talking about where Stephen votes not gonna hit 360 the entire year and all these things are having this. This gigantic effect that I guess the biggest question is. How'd they get themselves out of it. Well it's it's it's got to be a stick with the game plan type of approach you know you can't see and I don't think we will see at all for Bob Melvin about -- start the top. But you know these -- the times where you typically see a lineup that is pretty well entrenched in as far as guys. Every -- spot. This is where you might feel of managers -- to shuffle things around and just try to get -- a little more comparable try to you know. Get a one comparable if not it also back into the back in action but but right now you know it's just a matter of trying to corporate equality -- with them. Up to the plate and virtually stresses that. Day in day out in the cage I know that part of their -- pitcher cheap and understanding what they're going to. And looking for what their approach is going to be against a certain guy at any given time but at this moment aren't you just -- I'd have to quote right goal would be to start playing baseball -- wait and see them play baseball up two points this year because. Realistically this is their first rough stretch that we promised he'd go to all year. Yeah and it puts a lot of pressure on the starting pitchers and Lester -- go through a great game last night but when he gave up that home run to Justin Upton wasn't even a bad pitch up Jim was just peek inside and a -- to slider dropped ahead on it and they're really good pitch for a home run but you can see Lester -- visibly. Get frustrated started -- and with a plate umpire looked a little agitated it puts a lot of pressure Dallas on this starting staff which is the bedrock of his team. But the offense can't score. Starters were you look to to really get you off on the right foot series -- what you look to. When you kinda hit this kid you're looking for that won't try to come up with these you know you to momentum changer. So we're not gonna come up with just really open programs exported and we talk about a guy like what are you obviously come over to Oakland with a lot of lot of hype surrounding him and what you gonna bring into the team. Obviously there -- question marks what you know this is little -- what -- people white moved to Oakland specifically. And no it's not like laughter. Has -- -- on he can hear all these things so he's -- aired the typically and that doesn't execute a pitch you execute your brilliant article or. Getting the result will be reported an animal things don't work upper have obviously going through this kid the high overall league contests. At a comfortable corporal your frustration you get pissed off that -- that you're not executed as Jon Lester will tell you just like anybody else but what he has a few minutes. As a personal. Is it the it's a personal Joba has the lead fifteen to put the team on his back. And block and win every store in an Olympian. And as he's built in the start to slip away and start to get Connecticut center for yet you have to look for the start out. Gotta get these guys backtracked. Adults pregnant at the Jonas -- it as he does that every money at this time here in the wheel house at Dallas Braden 209 of course Dallas now. With that ESPN and a baseball tonight so schedule wise they got a couple against the Mets and in this weekend they take on. The angels. Is is this just a horrible time -- could you wake up because the team that now at least in the loss column is ahead of you. I think it's going to be fresh wake -- -- you know we talked earlier guys about. You know during the Q and -- series and there are games that he just went and I think we'd all like to think we're going into New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically walked out of here with a series win and that should hopefully get them. Without winning -- back in our -- you know because it's one -- balloons and other -- swept. And it's not been played poorly and when you can get rid of all of those horrible memories that come along with being swept the sooner the better you better you are. And the better -- more to move forward. It is written on her face and looking like our. Quick start to put it altogether you practical of that series knowing who you are down the stretch at -- club -- of that sort. Dallas Jason Hammel started slowly. But I saw him pitch well with the cubs and I thought he pitched rhetoric did for a couple of starts but even then he was leaving the ball up too much and on Friday at a 41. He's made seven starts the baseball team has lost six of them. They are off today they are off Thursday do you use give him and not pitch him against the angels next weekend. I think your I think you have to consider that just concerning just regarding the magnitude of what that series present -- so for the ballclub. And specifically for Hamels what he'll be able to do just trying to regroup. Maybe get an exercise session it can get up there and compete in -- you know I don't wanna stay low leverage because we're almost not every day to speak. But obviously you can manipulate a rotation and it set yourself up and the team. In the best possible chance to go up there and take two or three or three or whatever the case may be that's what you do because you're helping the team you're considered routine first but they're also considered individual -- understanding and acknowledging that he took Rucker. You partly symmetric artwork pardon -- Try to just get some things ironed out so we go into his next start -- -- incompetent that he entered the year with and know Billy would obviously like to see that be the case so there. -- guilty made the right move that no question it go out didn't chart was actually what overheated in terms of a shot in the arm and in terms of just. Putting themselves in position to win down the stretch but -- also like to see apple start start over -- for itself. A Dallas as far as the giants are concerned they finally get a home series win which is almost. Inconceivable that they struggled so much home and they Getty they go home series win. Couple that with the Dodgers being swept by the Mets where Greinke in Kershaw go to the mound and now -- three and a half back how are you see in that race now. What tell you what I mean obviously LA and recognize some problems in their rookie when they went out they got Korea and it got -- -- -- -- you know not sure what Beckett. How how he's bounced back -- he's gonna really be so so they've like you know why some weaknesses and I think that is something to take note that your efforts towards that. You know not only do they feel like they already at the ball club to win the division early on that now they've acknowledged weaknesses and -- out don't they feel they needed to future. Allow themselves to maintain a distance or at least hopefully increase the distance Internet LA doctor -- out right now. I mean you know -- -- dog back in some things start to colder there ways that you look we're starting pitching just continue to go out there and give them a chance obviously what you know out of like -- you don't like to see the walks. I mean you like to see him but. Attack the zone early because we understand it he's not the same guy that's going to be blow folks away anymore what you like to see him find out if he's gonna work a little sooner or later. And it's just things like that when -- got a light up or you've -- are starting pitching the depend on. That race becomes a little bit arteries become a little tiger but it has been up to this. To me Timmy Lincecum. Dallas just looks lost without pictures senators who just caught in the numbers are just glaring and Sanchez took another shot off the face mask on senator hanging Maine out. Come back is it is it that big of a deal to a pitcher to have that personal catcher accused him has not been the same guy since he lost actor. Well absolutely I mean it's like goes you know like those relationships where. -- -- very sweet finish each other's sentences you know to find out what it quite yet done -- the future catcher when you're working. Together you can go out there are no I had a tremendous report with Kurt Suzuki and Landon Powell I was at work with those guys David -- my entire career so I was very fortunate to have that kind of relationship with two catchers. But you've got a guy who who is just can't we put down the right fingers and he almost. Keeps you out of the equation as far as the speaker. Or over picker is concerned but -- -- huge luxury to have because at times you just try to go out there I don't I don't mean put it in cruise control in terms of your approach. But I mean we already know what we're trying to do here I don't need to over think this process I can pay attention to what we need to actually showing me. Pitch to pitch because I know that guy in the slot. That got behind the plate. He got this big game plan that I'd be in my and a key and -- -- -- comparable together doc will allow meet. To assess each at bat pitch to pitch a little differently knowing that I don't have to think of all the. It's our -- Dallas Braden at Dallas Braden two on nine and check them out on a baseball tonight has always been great stuff we appreciate we'll talk to next week. They take care dells. Are there -- Dallas Braden every Monday at 130 remember -- the ball kicks off. Saturday August 30 CSMC McCardell take on UC Davis tickets available go Stanford dot com slash tickets or 1800 Stamford. For a chance to score -- tickets of the game as the contest page 957. The game dot com. Did things Dallas said there specifically about the tunes and wanna ask you about pop we'll get into that -- on the giants side of things to get some help. On the brewers over the weekend. Visible baseball conversation nationally are not about seven in the -- season -- It's just bailouts. Jon Klemm Greg comparable offensively conversation couple things -- says there that wanted to get into if you look off. And they'll go back to football because our mr. football's little infamous for far too long about an hour. Frank got its good to have a staff that we have a good game that we do a good game in fact there's a great news story that just came and I was just reading is during the break. We'll do the daily LaMont football but really quick we're gonna fit in a -- a story. That a guy that I know who's writing a book called man's Albania. Talked about with the Jerry Jones and how literally how close he did he went to a drafting Johnny in Dallas to really interest. -- -- what a great story that there -- because everything about Johnny Manzi alone Johnny Drake pronounces it Manzi he's losing it completely wrong Johnny gruden is just get a bonus clause in regards -- for both. -- after the sound down and he's going to be. Mike Florio took a shot -- advisory period yes. -- except that the two that it's done -- everybody is not criticize because he knows he's gonna coach Wright and that's it. But he's been doing this chaparral -- in he's been the same about it. Just generally speaking the I I think this is all sports fans it it it's not they wanna be oblivious to the bad that they wanna hear the good. So guys like Florio I understand what he's doing what he does religion doesn't criticized and nobody. But neither John Madden yeah it's been doesn't make it never occurs that's it look how popular -- -- I'm just saying that. Most more times than not a fan wants to hear what they wanna hear they won't hear the truth to get pissed about it -- that's true anymore in this state and number of that. People there hostage I think they like here in their separate church weeks launder their that's me that's different killing me that's difference they love their team. Speaking and I like amnesty thing yet now they're like -- -- I think daylight faster -- related smoke blown right up there are roommates who literally won that. If they do. By the way we do like smoke and they do they love it. But they don't turn on the NFL network right now lose you completely. Do you not do that did not -- alone don't you talk you it. -- probably sure are one thing to Dallas today that I found to be adjusting is that -- all six. It's good you know I was I was just -- that are going over are you like this -- -- you have him getting hockey marathon and ends. But a long way healthy Reggie Wayne and yes there again and see why don't you not to -- -- cleaner can ever catch the ball which by the way don't you talk battle that I would summit sitting ball he's all he's in great highlighted team with the most boring uniforms and sports in the lucky horseshoe on the -- -- -- -- -- my -- -- -- -- Where in the years to know things. You know authorized it and so defense. And -- I watched this game. Number less serious article -- leader Percy in or out or is Sandra was lots. What's he doing we're dismantling. But when you just he is the absolute -- like equity -- -- our newsletter -- -- -- -- recorder ready to leave you wouldn't -- guerrilla proves. There still are not watching a lot of shotgun iPad slotted right I -- I would think inside handoff. We're Trent Richardson shocks you do that I actually saw maybe your job is you know just it's so chances all my fault our guys typically I'm just now watching it gets -- we want to talk about those who says that the -- -- a semblance now that the break is -- assert. And they traded EO PL. Word today not have a a but soon. Our boy trash they don't go somewhere else. They're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and and they don't -- -- -- Julian Wright different expanded it they'll -- certain lefties in the daylight. They like them out there are Spiderman code LA and that's it ninja everywhere else you have a -- yes well and kind of not a Larry's healthy. -- -- -- -- -- -- So first -- with a catch left a lot of room. -- offer -- your life but that's a lot a committee would let Dallas said was ever both sides of the Dallas said. And -- he said dad this is the life of a platoon based. Lighten -- any said that you're asking more of each. Who are generally contributor now you've got to expand the role which we know and I don't care what sport you're talking about you have to expand the role the reason that their platoon base is they only hit. To their side so there's -- -- but that's my point yeah -- exactly same -- -- and -- there should maximize their morality. But let it it Billy -- I pumping -- the eight that's what I'm asking because -- -- -- thought he always let let him play muscle against left handers now and well these hidden -- force since the all star break some got a tall man I wonder why that is Visio is gone. Is the protection yeah absolutely he's the he's the number -- you guys who's got labor front I'd get a good weather for Derek Norris in between the two of them. And he's not doing much better he's religious last night against the lefty might get him into an -- but he didn't shoot forty were for since the break with two home runs they just. None of it now I'm not seeing all of it is just minutes but. The what do platoon is supposed to do the general thought is well it's one guy can go into a slump but generally speaking to guys -- Manila's -- EF four or five guys. One's called women's hotter that's that that's the thought process but all of them have gone -- So what's your so what's the theory here. An angry I mean I heard John -- go out of out of last night and whenever the team is slumping. They'll point to that. I'd liked it and I think that was a big reason. Why they had the best record in baseball and shockingly to me looking at their personnel. They scored more runs than any other team in baseball I just could not understand it and I I'd like that theory. Of baseball is grinds you down late last night. They've played 888 o'clock -- started in Atlanta when did they get home. They got home -- debris yet today. So they're shot today luckily they're off tonight and they don't play in -- -- and that's -- like week but the that the schedule of baseball. Where shoot down. Mentally and our -- I thought they would dish and Antonio spurs. A Major League Baseball and I think Billy it's studied RC Buford and other friends. And I thought it was genius for most of the year. That they've been able to maximize their players' abilities. By using them only in the best scenario for them. Which is a left handed hitter against a righty by and large and and vice Versa and giving guys a lot of days off. I thought it was surely working well it's the only thing I can look at so why is this lineup with these average players leading the league because they're maximizing their abilities. And as soon as you go into a slump though. Then it comes out that well you're not that really that good because you don't play every day and -- merely a guy who plays against the opposite side. So that comes I don't think that's the case I think -- the lineup. Is just gone into a bit of a shock. Losing your Linus and I think it's the way that they're being pitched to I think is part of it. And I just think they've gone into a slump but I I've always thought it was a positive thing and I I really thought the main reason they did it was to maximize the players' abilities. And control payroll that you're not paying any guy. A lot of money because he's not getting enough terms to put up big numbers she's only in -- alienate -- platoon so I thought. It was the very reason for their offensive success but the moment they begin to slump and teams do slump. Everybody uses it for the very reason why they're not very good and I don't I don't buy that I think I don't I don't know exactly why they're not getting. But there's a group they they hit some nights where they score eleven Kansas City one of the four right if you -- they're not doing it consistently as we're there at. Right well do what's good but what's interesting about that is why is a guy a platoon player bill back to that argument because the stats show that Brian moss does not hit with the same -- against left handed pitching but here yeah exactly you're not generally that -- player will now mosques Costa I think you know if you don't blame us every day -- -- they have to now. And that's as originally I let it doesn't make sense like Joseph panic and Brandon Crawford. And -- -- -- the giants -- left handed pitching better than him right handed -- but the general thought is is like when you look at a guy who's in the NBA and if you -- 25 minutes a game and people think -- project about a thirty or forty -- he'll do that when I was originally thought it doesn't work that way and that's the same thing in baseball. If you overextended guys roll but didn't bring him Ross play every day in the minors to get here. I would -- out of the got a hit against lefties the Myers. He he's been hot and cold that way though he's seven years a couple of years is in the is a career -- -- -- -- he's been very -- that we -- -- -- basically -- -- could hit for a -- average against -- I'm not gonna drive the ball. Against lefties he's very honest he does not have power left on left. So is that the reason why. That they're struggling like this because they're all a bunch of ever -- -- players are not that good I got I didn't think that while they had the best record in baseball before maybe they're just cold. It happens. Maybe there was. I was just more. -- daily dilemma coming up next before that though I've got a uninteresting -- story that just ran across sealed while doing their jobs yes. Only here on I 570.

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