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Dallas Braden on the A's panic level

Aug 18, 2014|

Our A's and MLB analyst from ESPN joined The Wheelhouse to discuss the A's dropping 6 of 7 and the pressure on their hitters to make up for the loss of Cespedes, as well as the Giants hanging in the playoff race despite their struggles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gentlemen do well all it could be back in action or Oakland days -- six. -- are you concerned a little bit here there are no longer in first place. Yeah it does kind of feel like your giant red panic but there are a lot of people. Children all over it doesn't right now and it's. Actually what -- it would com news. Coming out now. It's critical letter. Obvious offensive. Without you went to the status in the middle of that lineup and that I created earlier today to a gentlemen who was inquiring about what could. Oakland as of late -- -- -- even going to work like he's going. And it doesn't this just something that a team. The white public platoon based light up this is exactly what happens when you missed that Warner to. He talks in the lineup that really do make everybody else -- this kind of stuff or is you know you opt out a lot more of each and every guy in the outline. Because there are no longer just contributing. You know on orbit currently -- -- these guys that we now need to step up and we -- -- production. More so on an everyday basis and so while guys. Try to adjust to that you know there's two weeks at the box there's a lot of things going on in the cage. When guys are the struggles like he could be a perfect storm all that of growing together right now just you know a black off the production a lack of their. They're key guy in the middle wide open and guys are trying to look around urgent you contribute one step welcome. -- Plus there's some things literally at work here where we're a Brendon moss since the all star break is 204 and Jeb Lowry is is injured. And Coco Crisp with that next thing is banged up and then add on to what you were just talking about where Stephen votes not gonna hit 360 the entire year and all these things are having this. This gigantic effect that I guess the biggest question is how to they get themselves out of. Well it's it's it's got to be a stick with the game plan type of approach you know you can't see and I don't think we will -- at all for Bob -- -- networks start up top. But you know -- have been times where you typically see a lineup that is pretty well entrenched in that or those guys. -- -- -- This is where you might feel a bit too -- to shuffle things around discredited died a little more comparable according you know. Get a bond comparable if that also back into the back in action but but right now you know it's just a matter of trying to halt their equality bouts with. Up to the plate and virtually stresses that. -- and day out in the cage I know that part of their -- pitcher achievers understand what they're going to. Am looking for what their approach is going to be against a certain -- it in given time but at this moment aren't you just -- I'd have to quote sizable would be just starkly in base all the way to see them play baseball -- two points this year because. Realistically this is their first rough stretch that we promised he'd go to all year. Yeah and it puts a lot of pressure on the starting pitchers and Lester right -- through a great game last night but when he gave up that home run to Justin Upton that wasn't even a bad pitch up Jim was just -- -- inside and -- 02 slider drop ahead on it. They're really good pitch for a home run but you could see Lester is visibly. Get frustrated started -- and with a plate umpire looked a little agitated if puts a lot of pressure Dallas on the starting staff which is the bedrock of his team. But the offense gets. Gore -- starters where you look to to really get you off on the right foot series that are what you look to. When you credited a kid you're looking for about what I'd come up and you don't you know keep the momentum changer. So we're not gonna come up and just really call -- programs exported and we talk about a guy like Lester. He's obviously come over to Oakland with a lot of -- -- -- quite. It's -- -- what you gonna bring to the -- Obviously the question marks what you know it's a little luster in Hawaii move to Oakland specifically. And you know what what what -- Pat gearbox on you can hear all these so when he's out there -- typically and that doesn't execute a pitch you executed brilliant or. Getting the result will be recorded and and -- things don't work upper have obviously going to disputed site overall -- kinda. Critical but the -- -- your frustration get pissed off angry about it executed as Jon Lester will tell you just like anybody else but what he has eight unit. As a personal. But it is it's it's a personal Joba is the lead looking to put the team on his back. And block it. Win every sport. And so big and as he feels things that -- with a way to start it get bigger but yet you have to look for the start out. Gotta get these -- backtracked. A -- for immunity Jonas is it as he does every money at this time here in the wheel house at Dallas Braden to a night of course Dallas now. With that ESPN and a baseball tonight so schedule wise they got a couple against the Mets and in this weekend they take on. The angels. Is is this just a horrible time -- could you wake up because the team that now at least in the loss column was ahead of you. I think it's going to be fresh way to Paula you know. We talked earlier guys about you know during the Q and -- series and there are games -- just -- and I think we'd all like to think we're going into New York. That's going to be the case -- in the series against New York basically what -- here with a series win and that should hopefully get them. Without winning taste back in our belt you know because it's one thing the -- and other indeed swept. And it's not been played poorly and when you can get rid of all of those horrible memories that come along with being swept the sooner the better you better you are. And the better position -- to move forward. This race and her -- and looking like -- quicker recorded altogether. You have to go into that series knowing who you are double -- -- -- -- -- -- as swords. Dallas Jason Hammel started slowly. But I saw him pitch well with the cubs and I thought he pitched better he did for a couple of starts but he then he was leaving the ball up too much and then Friday at 41. He's made seven starts the baseball team has lost six of them. They are off today there are off Thursday do you -- skip him and not pitch him against the angels next weekend. I think you -- you I think you have to consider that just concerning just regarding the magnitude of what that series present expert for the ballclub. And as it was for example where he'll be able to do is try to regroup. Maybe get an extra side session it and get out there and compete in -- -- -- -- -- because or -- right now to regain the -- but obviously. You can manipulate a rotation etc. so well in the cheap. In the best possible chance to go up there and take two or three or whatever the case may be that you do. Because you're helping the team you're considered routine -- -- they are also considered the spiritual understanding and acknowledging that he -- You are these symmetric artwork prime. Try to just get some things ironed out there we go into his next start would bet incompetent that he entered the year and you know Billy would obviously like to see that in the -- -- he guilty made the right no court -- -- -- short of that what Oakland needed in terms of which got -- arm and in terms of just. Putting consultant -- to wind down the trip also like apple or start all the local forums so. A Dallas as far as the giants are concerned they finally get a home series win which is almost. Inconceivable that they've struggled so much a moment they get the they go home series win. Couple that with the Dodgers being swept by the Mets where Greinke and Kershaw go to the mound and now -- three and a half back how are you seeing that race now. What tell you what I mean obviously LA -- recognized some problems in their rookie when they would now they got Korea they've got upper hand as you know not sure that it. How how these belt back and he's gonna really be. So so they've identified some weaknesses and I think that is something to take note that your efforts towards that. You know not only do they feel like they already at the ball club to win the division early on that now they've acknowledged weaknesses and bought out don't they feel they needed to do it. Allow themselves to maintain that distance or at least hopefully increase the distance Internet LA doctor house right now. I mean. You know with what -- back in some things articles are there ways that you look we're starting pitching just continue to go out there and give them a chance obviously wouldn't go out -- like to -- You don't like to see the walks I mean you like to see him attack -- so early because we understand that he's not the same side -- going to be blown blocks away anymore. What you like to see him find out. He's gonna work a little sooner or later. And it's just things like that we -- got a light up working after starting pitching depend on. That race becomes a little credit freeze them a little tighter than it has been up to this point. To me Timmy Lincecum. Dallas just looks lost without actors ages -- just caught in the numbers urges glaring and Sanchez took another shot off the face mask on Saturday in Maine out. Come back is it is it that big of a deal to a pitcher to have that personal catcher accused him has not been the same guy since he lost actor. Well absolutely I mean it's like those you know like those relationships where. -- -- is finished each other's sentences you know I. What it quite yet done as a pitcher and catcher when -- working together you can go up there are no I had a tremendous report with Kurt Suzuki. And Landon Powell I was -- work with those guys. David -- my entire career so I was very fortunate to announce that kind of relationship. With two catchers but when you've got a guy who who is just -- we put down the right finger -- almost. Keeps you out of the equation as far as the speaker or over -- is concerned. But that's a huge luxury to have used at times you just try to go out there I don't I don't put it in cruise control in terms of your approach. But I mean. We already know what we're trying to do here I don't need to oversee this process I can pay attention to what we -- -- actually showing me. Pitch to pitch because I know the guy in the squad that got behind the plate. He got the same game plan that I'd -- in my and -- -- and -- are comparable together -- will allow meat. To assess each at bat pitch to pitch a little differently knowing that I don't have to think of all the. Took out Dallas Braden at Dallas Braden two on nine to check him out on a baseball tonight has always -- great stuff we appreciate we'll talk to next week. Argument. They take -- --

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