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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/18/14 HOUR 3

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got to ride the hot -- and I just. In this -- I think it's like you're -- -- -- number three on this on Monday hope you're doing break. Well -- the good bad the other injured two weeks for the daily dilemma today so you're niners or raiders and forty likens. -- a little nervous and what you downright panicky about. 8895795795795. On your. Dropped him text line. Did you hear my job -- I did you you really did you know that we I have one of those announced in my house and a you know things. I'd like -- that there really I think it over the moat and a -- delegated to the I know people your kids in your kids can be bought off -- believe me they're really look goods that you're no -- that's an excellent thing. Yeah he's good he is -- like that like that's kind he it's true that's true. In a story about a can you read in and out of I don't know -- Zealand China in June but is it a girl is still that's no reason I guess he is now. The sage -- here. She does the reasonably. -- Real quick before we do via daily dilemma. So I was reading this story and I know Jerry Jones a little of my time in Dallas and in his kids and -- apparently. He came so close to drafting Johnny Denzel according to this new book by a writer and tell us racing world. It's man's a mania is the name of the book Jerry actually had a card with men's l.s name filled out. And Stephen Jones -- VP of the cowboys snatched it out of his hands. Around draft night. He actually had to take the card out of his -- Sonny boy do we understand Tina get out of his hand and said we are not drafted him out and -- don't -- very -- Jerry wanted to draft him but not to play quarterback. Just ahead how will not let the can do that laid all I'm not it's related charities -- -- they dropped him off when he goes but he's got one Sunday at pictures last weekend's. He's got one son Jerry junior whose pretty much jury and they don't in -- and Stephen is Izturis is responsible. So anyway they're going to want who bill that tremendous defense yes they're good marriages. But -- I'm nervous on the bus. But close the -- was months. I wondered -- -- and Garcia then when they -- lending was getting. That's the big part of -- and Ivan -- -- that's where the other through the ladies Wear those pictures were taken I was go to a Tia dean blamed Dino is an efficient. Eating him and -- BC handled this other pictures that your -- they had a BN led the union off the bus in the NFL in no uncertain terms said. Yeah probably now on May hang -- and out of poly nag and that's that's a dog flick did very curious eight as I -- -- Yeah so they weren't too happy about that -- that opening day -- the niners don't get a call. Yeah Guantanamo and Bill Clinton Iditarod and the red head out the borrowed. CEO Jerry Maggie we cannot call for you now Iraq I -- she did you look pretty gives you know -- -- -- -- -- That's the only the -- they're not as bad days though man come did you bring the bus over in the house. You know an annual they had dropped. Those who -- dangerous. All right let's go to the -- the dilemma. -- sides to every. That daily -- Well again it. Greg do all that. Veteran he -- By the way at least that was a great touchdown -- -- regular season. Meaningful game Denzel I don't how many calls that I -- we tie the game with six seconds ago and have the extra point to in the game only thing that was not -- never happens but even my son only and he was lodging is now an intense now ranch. Her intent was good. Okay. So what's the dilemma that is I don't Tim Ryan dilemmas for the niceties that I'm bored with -- Boleyn and -- east -- cameras again but. The union that that -- is that it had been there is absolutely them and he's a -- the biggest problem he had guys. Every time like car and I like him -- his feet and everything like Alex Smith so much. This piece about when he just took the -- he was not step down by the center. He just tripped under by his own feet yeah three step drop and only -- through and I -- niners is footwork is just all screwed up if I was in -- -- go all the -- and -- from a -- line. And I get kind of -- what can I give us 99 and there's a flurry of thrown address that ultimately because when you -- draft -- you're not touching my. It is very society cannot have him -- can't have him there being used -- -- -- this -- games. I'm illustrated them -- seeds. The other categories she's gonna make this team of trying to get McGraw I forget it but Seneca Wallace. I have his number right -- -- -- -- -- -- better in the gap for you enough as the only Seneca. Pryor is better endeavors. He's saying I signed -- prior to breeds -- as I saw guys are exercised its high volumes a complete some -- a neighbor perspectives are only ran for 44 yard touchdown and there you know we get -- your quarterback can run. Don't worry -- quarterback we'll never get virtually ever have to play -- her views and -- let's start the raiders I'm gonna ask you for good -- bad -- a really ugly. Give -- a good from the raiders in the first few games. And he got some good. Good yes up -- encouraged about any English yaks it really is -- logo are like Gabe Jackson quite a bit like the road teeing -- they just let it letting go. Well I think what they're gonna do was when they needed a tackle eligible they'll take a -- out for one play brigade then. And then musically but I think I think I love the bottom line is it's reached it's a ton of penalties is fine Khalif -- a good player. I think ultimately gave Jackson someone will be the starting left guard. And I think. I think belief because of the injuries to tight end. We'll play as pseudo you know Jumbo package tackle eligible so you'll -- -- do you know why would you like a -- -- quite a bit like T ball to reputable -- -- Really yeah I think he's retired. And have been all Daniels. Played against the forty when they picked him up today they paid played against her niners in the first pre season game and that's something I don't know I read some lunch I was known Daniels played against them out there things are at play with -- on another. -- but enough though that. Bennett whenever you're busy. -- and they let there be to god gave Jackson a guy. Palestinian -- bad not not not nasty ugly disgusting but just kind of knew very little I'm a little concern Greg Little. -- been a huge disappointment to me easier make the team yes I think -- make the change is gonna have to be a -- -- of these great garner he's a force on the practice field he's a force. -- can't you cannot. The press him though this slap you away move away gets off press man so easy. He's basically just gifted. But he fights to catch the ball he gets his hands up late the Minnesota game and the face mask he got it up so late. -- doesn't practice all the time and that that that the deeper on the caught on Friday. Why did -- -- catch it run in the end zone but goal would take a down quite a default are already caught the ball and -- beneficiary caught it. He fought to the ground I think amateurish security into his body so. He's a much better player than showing. But you could see like Cleveland after three years of him got tired of so he's a better player than any studies actually producing so tonight the -- is Jackson the bad is little what's been ugly. It's been really what's been ugly so far below us Terrell brown. He explains -- is a better player. He's a better player than this is the first game and he was mad all week. After the Minnesota game really mad I heard it was just -- ornery guy. He's a good guy he's got you know he's not he's not a great skill guy. These again came in kind of a young company worked hard. And I just never saw blow coverages the Minnesota game he was there just elect besides. Where he got beat by bettors in this game we just. To get beat like dead in the red zone is -- cannot give achieve a walk in touchdown like that as simple. Not -- they're gonna double movie can't bite hard on that so. He needs to play better he needs to play better to have the team because I didn't have an MB confident himself. I think that was the one thing this off season one and I keep saying. I just don't know if the -- corners are good enough just don't know Carlos Rogers played well. But he's gonna have problems in the slot he has that's just a tough position at this stage of his career. And Cheryl brown I thought was a serviceable player. And they just can't get it done in the Czech was surge DJ church TJ Carrey's draw gonna make mistakes it made it. Look at this division -- you know like you so right natural brownies -- playing better Friday night against Jordy Nelson bigots. Or any 957957. We'll do some on the end niners is well plus he needs a firsthand experience from the stadium. And you've been there as well from a suite level it's very nice very sling a 50 on sleep a sweeter the all right so you know we're we're pretty welcome everywhere it -- we brought you along. The big medium you don't you don't actually if they gathered over the chargers. I think I'll be there for the second half of the guys. You can post your fantasy football draft with expert advice. From John -- tough enforcement -- former NFL scout and he's in Buffalo Wild Wings and send him on this. Plays -- 79 food and drinks vessels close the first and reservations. Get an official Buffalo Wild Wings drafted just on 953806631. You can make your reservation today that's 95. 3806631. For more information just visited -- been denied by seven again. Dot com to get -- the only from the niners -- firsthand the stadium experience you bitterness I'll tell you why next on here and besides him in the various essential. 957 big. Texas a 95795. Dennis will afsane Monday. John hundred Papa John Smoltz and -- in the spot. So I'll say going to be nice related to her life. -- -- rip little he did did the Cooperstown someday. Next is Joseph did you know watching that's pulses through we have -- -- -- -- -- Think he's already written his speech for next July and he's getting and he was the first was a 154 saves he went from starting. The closing and then back to start playing really close because they need -- then that's awesome and do. They're really good at it wasn't like -- were academy to the -- yeah. He could pitch the first thing you'd think she can that they survived he regular smoltz obviously was terrific trip is to horse yeah. Just or just gotta be tough but double talking about that and you know like -- days. There I'm sure had a good time with those guys give them also Bobby Cox -- we'll talk in general baseball's well. A sunny days over the weekend yeah -- would. Plus -- Iraq's gone off last night about the only sports championship the city of Atlanta as one of the major sports. Is an idea for -- yeah that's all it on the Taliban's words for instance amazing yeah that's surroundings. And a beat you in the court doesn't go to the the national accounts and now he's got the bill came close to some bad. Thanks there's a few other California sports through the year. -- -- sex lacking little hobby I notice that appears you want it Europe and Canada going to heartland man. Which year was that Jana has been so many. It was a a couple of years ago that Iraq thing here last year and -- -- -- -- core I knocked him back down the size elected. America's -- make interleague games. Bill King hated bitterly mediated. It's never where he never went to any of them none of and that the first year that he is maybe they giants -- of the giants. Mean it was that he did not like and. I report on the the stadium itself. I had a great time I think I think people are really you know enjoy it I think people are gonna enjoy going to the stadium. I'm I think that the what you didn't see on TV I think people are going to be amazed that. Whoever designed in terms of not only just there's so much room and everything but there's a lot to do. But there is going to be fun thought obviously it's -- -- almighty god go to Hillary is a blank with the new isn't as good as Denver stadium I think so. It is yes Dallas -- -- it is different day if you're red light visited is that I think so Seattle. I've been to Seattle -- -- yeah -- ice palace she got some interesting features to but I think they're different in their own way Jerry's thing is. Like if you're a mid life crisis in crisis guy that wants like a Mazda Roddy here's something you don't really fancy -- at the wheels up. That's what that thing is you know I mean it's really fancy that's what it is you know it is up to but I'm saying it but it's got all night. Bells and whistles like has stuff this one looks really clean like the field itself which -- cool and clean and -- kind of stuff. And then I was more understated but I'm sure -- rest up more for niners game and the soft opening in the query for the quakes I think think it when you go out on the -- like I was down there and everything and I I I was at every level on the sidelines are -- it's it's a little bit understated LA. But when you get inside I think that they designed and as in let's make this is fan friendly is impossible can they -- possibly can't. And they are concessions have been high in concessions all over the place. It's very wide there's lots of glass you can stay inside. At one of the bars or many places to eat whatever that Yahoo!. On the Yahoo!. Fantasy sports lounge. And you can hang out in there. And watch the game and then there's also it's illegal block out -- -- you -- from a ledger a place like -- you can go out if you wanna see the game for -- that you can do that. I think there's going to be a lot of him in my seat for awhile but there's other stuff to do and the part of this is because the experience at home has gotten so. Good and we sat here and said well what point do to take people away from the red zone they can watch every every game on DirecTV what can we do. And it's to me it's partly part of the time you're gonna mean your seat. And part of the time you're going to be walking around and it's going to be a social event because that's the way they've made the stadium it's Dennis -- like that I know it. It's not all like oh well here and you're seeing here -- the game I know it I but I think what they've done is only eight of -- -- year but there's a business sense to this place where you're gonna go inside you're gonna spend money you're gonna. I I think a lot of people. Who are. Big time fans are gonna stay in a seat but I think a lot of people are I don't know what the majority goes straight down days it's a huge cocktail party it yet yeah absolutely. Well now they -- does that translate at all I care about it and I kicked the ball off that Sunday at 105. How does that translate into a home field advantage for the king I think it's going to be louder because what I saw is there's there's a lot less. Sideline room which means the fans are closer. To the action so even though it didn't get really loud at times obviously because it's a pre season game. The time and they didn't store right NAS Hillary had 34 -- but the -- at the beginning of the game and they would announce certain players aiming at -- -- got kinda loud at times. I can see that if you're talking about a key playoff time -- a key part of a regular season game it's gonna be a pretty loud place I think it's going to be it's -- -- Seattle when it's going to be loud. But I think I think they focused on let's make the game -- event. And it's a cool stadium in you know they've also done their -- they may have. Paying tribute to all these stings the 49ers and with the museum and everywhere you walk it's got something and so people are standing in reading and looking it's just. It's it's a shrine to the 49ers and I think that you can go all over that place. And you're not going to be bored now I don't know what the breakdown is for the guy who wants to see NEC MB hardcore football fan. Vs the guy who wants to enjoy himself and make -- a social event I don't know baseball like he said is like that. That reminded me more of a baseball stadium in that sense. So I don't know if -- it is nice to -- AT&T park now. AT&T park is such a unique. -- I don't it's hard to differentiate this is the view is so good enough you know it's got all these different things but I will say that they may have spared no expense or detail. Mean when you're walking around -- place it feels like. A palace it's it's -- well I mean you're there you relax and I didn't get that feeling heretic -- and it and it may not have been completely. All all of bells blaring that night because it was the quakes and had a couple I I came away thinking I was this sight lines. Were terrific you know as a way to building the modern stadium is the open concourse. Where he can be in line getting a beer cocktail is still. Look towards the field and -- open targets in football LA baseball some some openings you can do it. I thought and it may have chain and -- look at television it looked show us -- please don't -- it which it blew me away how nice it looked. You know I think Sunday at 1 o'clock it's just -- glisan is gonna look like California. But I I thought it was more understated then certainly AT&T. Or any of the football stadiums I've been all home. I just thought they were to get advocates think the media overall. Cost of a construction in the Bay Area for one point three and a one in New York was one point two bill won three. And that's not anywhere near like Dallas and -- this Dallas always dallas' product same price but they construction cost and taxes is now let's hear us yet I thought it was very clean. Extremely nice extremely serviceable. The big things that night where the traffic and they were running out of food and colors a lot of -- -- don't know -- I was the Wi-Fi where. No stadium the only time I got Wi-Fi would have to the press level and it works fine you connecting to a different network. It works fine but did I win it no matter where I went whether it was a sweet well that was. You know down -- up high and I and I was haven't I couldn't do anything so there's still have to work on that I think everybody has said that the traffic was much better although. We walked about a mile and a half probably. And bring your wallet because I -- gets to the great American hard court yeah. It in the loss from Iowa am rob it was like that and felt like it felt like somewhat -- -- air traffic you walked all the way all of Britain when we started to see the traffic and it was about a mile mile and half away. And I -- it down there Italian he lives down there so he knew and we took some Backstreet that is about forty bucks a par from there. And then upwards of like a hundred bucks a park like in the lot itself. So it's -- G. During a monopoly money. But -- -- you -- all of you who just had a great day I thought it was greatly and I agree with you it's it's understated from the outside I think deep inside. That's what they put a lot of the details in and decided we're gonna make this an event and I think they succeeding and that if that's what they wanted to do. So they left. We'll see you for the second half next week we'll see everything Clark get a quick game on Sunday in Washington nearly ninety dad who's pitching. -- -- this Sunday and you have to. Whose -- to business also but there will be based on our. -- coming up next we'll talk to a John Smoltz he said he just so the is in braves in his opinion on that. Also talk a little bit about the hall of fame I'm sure he's given their -- in the senate that -- who do that. When John Smoltz coming up next here and I find some of the game the mayor's news network. Friend. John Smoltz is expected to -- The show momentarily -- is multi. My arm -- and dynamic there. Last month of nicknames -- it is that gave the if you had a -- -- And managing your shot of them and that's about it are seeing here. So would actually wild card standings. -- it was like a little bit. Atlanta and its various sixty losses right behind the giants 58 the cardinals -- 57. Daniel great ray out of Atlanta was -- -- -- Sweep in the -- felt the very much in this traditionally tibia and a wildcard entry well that's -- We saw when I was looking at its Leo the wild card standings and he's in the giants don't wanna get in that muck doesn't mean there's just it's just an hour slower. It is or just its market and I guess that's and that's what it is. I really -- waiting for Mormon due to enjoy the show. -- favored dogs that's that let's go let's go now with Hector now and -- he had bank began back here. And and that's the only got a Timmy like sterling to show what what's gonna. It's scary now and I don't they were talking about him changing his headgear I think he has -- of the old school master saw some video. And him getting him on Saturday in it was not the other Charlie O'Brien catcher's mask. Hockey goalie masters the old school one that he was wearing and they're talking about he needs to get smaller. Which means sit lower. When nobody on base enough punch up where the throw obviously wanted to throw nobody's and they spoke. I was chest. Marvin duke or small C when it comes and I can't why are so many pictures being fouled straight back on -- -- Both catchers and it's not just Hector Sanchez it's evident. Buster a lot of it is see it all around baseball of the plate umpires getting it isn't because they're throwing harder now -- Keeping the ball down what is the reason balls are being filed off directly. Back off the catcher or the plate umpire. Answer the question -- never happen doubtless true. We'll ask him that. But if he joins us and a little relief as is living covers as a bit of a panic and it's intimate economists say look okay -- I -- panic foreign -- Billy -- mean I think that not a joke about you don't like to do is listen we're in the studio and he's in a different room and it's got a glass. He's got glasses so I could see him and I know that the chances are good or bad makes an impact on. And I looked back it got -- -- suit coat and this is a guy. News. We're back at Harvard the roller blades are looking at a meeting you here -- separate them down and he still trying but. A similar pac ten minutes. And they just depends on the now we're not gonna panic in the -- and that's fine doing deals. Announced it's not looking. Tucker kicked -- style and apparently -- I'm I'm -- BS room I'll never know who nicknamed a -- yeah. Well again life will never be complete in only some kind of a thing where we're gonna get him on listening Monday. Look at and I like to be Wednesday's move on and you'll say I did however you'll be happy but you know I'm whenever I've never as a stressing a detective John Smoltz. Well literally maybe days just finish up what we're mile pace and it's been awhile since these men and be nice and we just logically explain Atlanta. But I. If you sound bite by the very tone of your voice she's -- you don't like interleague play out like it I don't prominent one is a recliner and -- -- I. Part of me thinks -- and guess who's in town tomorrow. But luckily. The commissioner are done with that we get him on the show on journal has been regulatory or an apple will crack open that sealed envelope Schuettler and committing to find out. Hope he's in town he's yes he's going to be in -- he's back on a he's I think he's going to baseball games he is it's his farewell tour bullish. So -- -- lankans say let -- tell a little -- -- -- a housing. And he did air bags Erica outside you know does it need is gonna need a Pope will -- Let's get a -- farewell to be really you only really finishing -- -- being entered the game here in October that he should do he's a -- Pope mobile and at along the the right field bleachers -- just little Easter eggs or do something you know just c'mon you never came up with the crew can replace some JFK open -- -- -- Indianapolis it would -- that at all. Seriously let's get the Israel actually comes to town he's got to know it. Did step foot ligament in -- he did on the mostly everything. Anyway part of me was thinking and maybe it's time to do -- literally play why I understand that I don't like because the Astros moved to the American League we don't have it always respond when everybody did it in July. Now that it's just crops up in the middle of nowhere. In the giants are playing the White Sox in the age of -- playing the Braves in August this is kind of weird to me yeah but you don't let it. The biggest complaint ever is is -- the match -- are good put it there's there's bad match -- would he keep all American leaguer all nationally runs off it's worth it anymore. But what's the big deal -- what lineup that you like -- game. You -- And because this schedules all screwed up you go back to a balanced schedule if you did if you got rid of it. And I -- it is it it's just when you excited about the a's play the Braves I mean I don't know but maybe ten years ago you would have been -- it's like. But I'm getting all the way to Atlanta but they're gonna play OK they're gonna play and Lester got a hit they're already behind now I gotta take him out of game win. It's just I don't know part part of me just thinks I don't know -- am not a -- like to initially. They still like what I was doing the -- games you can see the Dodgers -- replace the dying in the regular season Mike Piazza and he Tony Gwynn -- It was fun but now I mean because you live in the Bay Area we have we have to easily you know super spoiled but I I don't know I just part of me. That's exactly what I'm thinking is the when the Astros went from the nationally to the American League get fifteen in -- defective you have to have a they interleague series perpetually not just let's just it would all at once and having interleague it. Interludes like Chinese to call it and it was kind of fun matches in the middle of mean late in the year the giants are gonna play the tigers. On the road it's just kind of weird yeah. -- these -- could -- -- -- -- not again after -- more important later near and nervous partly there on the largest part of me thinks that it's kind of run its course. But I look at it and if so I'm just speaking from a pure fan perspective. And look at him a stretch for the -- in May where they played Cleveland. Tampa in Toronto none of the series excite me those teams are all boring you're all here like American league baseball -- -- I do I like old baseball it's just my point is is that I'd rather mix in some National League teams and I don't see them -- let's say that -- fan or giants fan. And I don't go to the other stadium. So I get to see my team against teams I don't always see him against an -- like. Yeah I have a part of me thinks just spoil the World Series they used to be you'd ever these guys never saw each other. Plight of blue against Tom Seaver in the World Series wow what a match -- I've never seen that. Maybe you know all star game and it's just different so if she she takes a way to specialness of the World Series. For Wanda. And I did that affect the other issue letting they got to get to. Is with a scorer in the scoring is down now baseball. Yes and almost to the level of free DH I think it is delegates down. So what we had in the early seventies. Is there -- time. And they're not gonna like just as a nationally town. That is their time we need to go to a DH in both leagues I'm always -- that I like and you know what you watch the game last night. And you'd think in Jon Lester and file set and I'm here. -- to give up that home run up in the whole game changed. Now able holly getting into four runs away again and it could happen all the but he net. At some point in this game because your behind. You're gonna have to pinch hit for me do wind up falling in the middle of an inning but the great pitchers don't last as long line. In the National League if their team is behind you have to -- not because of for a pinch hitter so I'm on restoring and I know a lot of people wouldn't like it. But I'm just with the new commissioner. Would they ever consider going to the DH if you're not gonna take the DH at the American right. The players association will not allow that because there's such a high price position. But I keep they would accept adding it in the National League would they ever do that I and candidacy than a World Series we played under the same rules. And you know when the American League -- the National League one team not at a real disadvantage because they're not built with a declaration vice Versa. The American League pitchers have to hit a made just. I don't know the cause is maybe maybe this is the time none of us gone for sweeping change. It reminds me the extra point in football the reason they took the extra point point is is pretty automatic is far as a pitcher is concerned at the plate. It's one of the worst moments of a baseball game for a fan it's boring. He's generally not it's not just that it also impacts the way the eighth place hitters -- right that's where the lineup is so much shorter. Nearly got seven hitters. If you can just walk around -- the of the day they've Vistaprint Crawford made a mistake and he wound up with a big hit to lose the game right -- did but you can pitch around that eighth hitter. Speaking of the extra point. What is what happened Friday night. Happened at a regular season game with a lions lost again based on election because -- kicker there history -- at 33 are off the right upright conceived -- mazes. How would that go over not well. Do you like I. I think it was a two game experiment so. What what do what do we learned. I didn't ever do it again and I think I -- I just think you know over tweaking game it's been going on this way for this long I understand you wanna have entertainment but you know what for a sand. That's a good time to go get a bearden -- I thought they used at two point. Conversion you're not CNET is that you said this before coaches just don't have the guts to -- and that's the whole reason it was put in. How about just abolishing the extra point and you have to go over to every time. That would be more exciting but then the game comes down to one play -- -- -- twelve play 88 yard drive that took eight minutes and twenty seconds and went right down the field and you wind up close and -- could you once. -- you know would be an advantage you have guys who married and it won't be -- Peyton Manning and in ship Cali guys who have good offensive minds. The good cigarettes she plays and run the pick flight -- -- -- those guys because they did -- and if you're for everybody it's not a record about it. No of course not -- did I -- -- they called for a big play guy where's the emphasis on that officials deemed landing you know by the united -- bust -- by the way I want -- I'm holding on defense some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seattle got an update close or score forty Ford Yemen and they roll them and they're one of their young corners at Dix six -- -- -- -- I mean barely been touched the guy. And their college tonight. Seattle be affected big time I think uses. They still want to call -- 41 -- third hole is something they slowed down hooligans. I'll post your fantasy football draft with John middle kudos at Buffalo Wild Wings instead promoted this Wednesday from 79 through injuries vessels both the first and reservations get on the phone right now. Beginning in an official Buffalo Wild Wings drafted call 9538066. There on this 95. 306631. But it's -- advise them to Victor off prior but I still have attacks from that caught last year. Where he said Terrelle Pryor is Michael good to see that's why you gotta have Twitter regular -- they need to -- that Michael Jordan he's had good cars bowls of ethical and had to catch cars -- but he's I was also. Cars cars. -- there appears rule means -- -- things out of context -- the defense -- For more information under the bus. That muscle plus please Wednesday ordered San Ramon yes the linens and room visiting -- own life and civilian and yes they'll remind me of that. The makes my head -- do you think about that day. I don't get a read John Smoltz chemistry is still tanks and -- there. -- a great save him his -- coming up next Charlie Sheen is about via -- -- game and -- -- and let's let's morally and anybody Symbian experience he's -- for us. -- five point seven the 957 big game. It's evident that goodness we have your the news. -- momentarily as Charlie Sheen is -- the ice hockey game to a whole new level. Steve Ballmer has made his presence known with the clippers he did something needed to. Apple what did he do crusty ice and snorted -- -- water over my shoulder he said hello Charlie -- Ballmer is no I don't a smaller turley -- does. That -- seemed like there was no -- or water involvement Charlie -- on it wasn't -- pretty -- And were involved in other words are about opera. You know readily ice buckets that I never. David skilled and above momentarily as relatives target for the -- nearly fantasy sports for cash down. Those -- what we're going to be doing a lot of reviewing of yesterday's -- -- -- stadium that awful lot to talk about the place is beautiful old needs a couple of tweaks here and there we have not seen it. It's full glory you know Annette -- no one should judge that stadium and -- it is or isn't until the bears get here for the week to real game that's when you're gonna know how loud it is that's who you're gonna know what's really gonna look like the niners are gonna give you everything. All at once anyways. So we'll see there's definitely some things there that people have been talking about though that are a little bit concerning like where's the ring of honor where all these legendary names. I'm sure the nine is -- tell -- -- They're all fame and museum which -- it and not get into that it exactly just fifteen to fifteen more box it is a money grab no matter where you turn in -- -- -- We've got to incur -- that Susan's lesser Scott bear on the raiders in a whole bunch coming up today. Jeff Garcia. He's great and I bet she'd be better back up option for the niners -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Few stories that almost slipped. Tied to great cause but it is certainly a jump the shark in my opinion. So I thought what Charlie Sheen did was was pretty Smart guys. Instead of pouring ice and water over his head and then challenging a few people and moving on. This is how Charlie Sheen in Charlie Sheen style did it. Barracks. Are in here with the eyes but Chara. I couldn't hold it Ryan Miller. Who is stealing people's husbands are also the only her and us anyway RX. -- -- Oh okay. Besides. That's. Which I don't hate Danielle astonished because let's face ice and now. But this mom is actually help. So he he pours the 101000 dollars and then he says okay many singles by at a very young Gore's character and Andy challenges of a bunch of people -- a culture that's actually give money instead import a bucket of ice over there. If it doesn't some. Bigger. And did -- donate 500 dollars for every ice bucket hat stagger Soledad that was -- -- if you did it. There's someone else like for every one who does it someone's donating X amount of money which is why -- bracelet Linda million dollars facility. Donated ten Kerry match that it -- -- -- as young as wants him to say look. He -- all we were saying earlier when I was thinking was it's almost become like a hallmark holiday titles like Christmas were -- you know -- presence -- you don't this is about Christ. Here's what I want Santa mean to me it's just turned in his whole big event great great -- it says the event has kind of lost for what it's supposed to be welcome. It's an awareness of the publicity. -- -- -- it sounded like paper there and I thought it was confetti at the news on Harlem globe -- I -- -- Allen's believe me obviously an argument upon metal -- could do not exactly yeah this. You guys I was in minute John Hinckley should get the ice bucket challenge tonight you really old school I think -- -- we put twelve Beers at a bucket of ice. Watch us all his luggage now centering on every office this year strides and I -- -- about the ice bucket Shalit dead as the guys like that that when I was growing up at one but it was like with the arm of the other than whatever it Chavis for that for -- around and or match. Scenario -- it. And let's do that but in that stadium goes only a great array of appeared choices -- -- -- this variances sampled along the -- why did when I couldn't. It was a very nicely -- -- -- and actually give her speaking of the infield of genes. Well the previous paid simply -- thing they did. Peyton Manning has a new Gatorade Jerusalem would you like to hear a lot of confidence or the other -- that yes I've missed a lot of them out you have. There is. I can't honestly it's generates its -- gals who have been working hard breaking inspired. I didn't have -- here. You're not winning now so. Very serious yeah. I feel like you don't have really a winning attitude and -- winning attitude she gave the Gatorade. At my birthday ask me. Happy birthday but it's like the first thing it. If you have in your -- It's not designed dresses for work -- that connect destructive decisions and -- You know what -- mean when my manager at Carolina and that's okay okay -- -- on our second I'll grab him again. Yeah a year's worth of -- good -- wherever. The other -- at -- -- years I was let's say -- guy it does doesn't he is pretty funny. But its commitment so in essence if the the historic and give the order of the blue Gatorade GSM that night and it it is -- origin. The path. You make your new yoga in the -- -- knows that feeling of being hung over a three -- a Super Bowl all of wait a minute as the onetime what everyone's a -- gave us freedom and off on -- they have dogs off. Battery and -- stuff beloved due tomorrow. You're all of tonight. Oh yeah yeah that we have to -- I kind of like you Fannie Mae and zeal. Tell you in deals do you before the game if you didn't leave. -- Alex how -- this new anti matter we got three hours of routed the judge made it. Well it's no longer the sheriff oblivious shouting football this is going to be sickening. I would miss a -- it's worth the mute button. And you -- do you love it ice bucket Shalit shall we're doing it died on the -- I'll bring six -- it's -- -- -- moment. Damon is coming up next -- and defensively in the mayor's central.

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