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Tim Kurkjian

Aug 18, 2014|

The ESPN MLB Insider joined Damon to predict BOTH Bay Area teams making the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now it's time to talk a little baseball and there's an awful lot of baseball going on for both a's and giants fans and for the first time. Both vsan basis Selig appointed and the direction that the other fan base is pointed in for awhile. Again and a's fans feeling concerned for the first time all season giants fans are starting to gain a little confidence for the first time since may talk about all of that. And the new commissioner we bring in Tim Kirk -- Who we were unable to catch up with last week because he was all over rob Manfred. Getting the the -- if you will is new Major League commissioner Tim -- and ESPN thanks so much for joining me Dario. Good to have you on. Let's start here before we get to rob Manfred with the giants in the days. Based on the way the giants have played or based on the competition that the days present. Or I should say the angels present the aids which Bay Area baseball team is in better position. Ahead of the post season. Well I think the days -- -- in the post season I don't care salaam they each year they're good enough to make it. At worst as the wild card I'm certainly not uncertain about giants but the way they played lately. And -- tired to stumble. That'll in the cardinal has stumbled a little. And I'm not sold at all on the Braves in the wild card team. I think the giant economic clout also as a wild card -- so I think both Bay Area teams will be in the playoffs this year. I'm still -- -- you know criminal mediate are gonna win that division. Combat they're gonna make it play out no matter what. I think the giants aren't wild -- that there -- it's not good enough I don't think should -- -- in the debate. DA's again just got swept in Atlanta Jon Lester loses his first with Oakland. And everybody wants to point to. Says this is absence in this lineup as to why the lineup is slow down truth be told. It started slowing down when he was in the lineup what do you think's wrong with the a's offense. Well you're right. It was flying -- considerably both -- -- trade but that is really ground to all should she's been continent there's no way around. You trade your cleanup guy in the middle of a pennant race it's going to affect everybody else where that line worked. Was up now and of course just mixed and -- every game the one real conscience to go on were Donaldson and that's the bit in the middle. And -- to the one guy that people really feared at least this is the explanation I got from other managers. And people are the days that human life and on the bright it sets but it played. His best and now they're gonna be without -- now I spill would make that trade on the days. Because it's -- it's just not good enough to make the playoffs again and not. Some in the bill are under 62 games in the eighties at. Is more important your team honored to keep it or -- in October games. These agents haven't gotten done for a couple of years out mustered more important. And that's that it is I think they'll score enough runs to get by. They're not going to be devastating offensive team. But they're gonna pitched a whole lot better in October that they have a guy Lester only pitched in October but he dominated in October. Tim clergy of ESPN here on the Damon -- show great to be talking baseball with him. Lot of people want appoint to the the Lester for says -- is trade is where things might started going wrong I actually think it's the -- margin -- deal. That might be haunting this team a little bit more right now some margin he's been hit around a little bit although he's also performed well and what he's a stud I'm not worried about him long term. Jason Hammel but for a one night has been a disaster so far coming over what DA's. And I just don't think he can give away his start swing and you could have. Didn't someone else Jesse Chavez making him. Day Israeli struggle and there is no explanation to it given -- it was up this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reality rampant and that when he got Jon Lester and it sparked by another. Now they're not in the media or used in the in the policies and because obviously not -- while the question is can make it if they keep him in the rotation I. -- at some point way better than net. What you were at the trial what they did absolutely. -- they -- -- you bet they did. And they hope to get them good at a -- reps in the way it yet and that happened. Are the tiger's gonna come back here on the royals or the Kansas City Royals. Just getting hot at the right time and now I'm did they look really good right now. Yeah I think the royals are gonna win the division and I can't believe. In it there's still plenty of time for the tigers and look at our lineup. In the paper today in just tell me that the really scary line I don't think now. And you put that on top -- it and it is. Average at best you'd put it on top of the bowl and and has really struggled from the beginning imagine job that he had trouble yesterday. And you look at their rotation which and the spoke to be not too good or historically. Just to berliners hurt in a ball Sanchez on the disabled list. Mean they have some significant problems on that team. And I have to wonder can they win this division -- I think it's really really questionable. Situation in Detroit and I think. Kansas City with its defense which is terrific. And with it bullpen which it is loaded -- our armed I think they're better in the the tigers right now and the tigers had better days some about it they're not in that -- ESPN's Tim -- in here on the Damon Bruce show Tim what can you tell me about rob Manfred. I think you really Smart which is pretty obviously Cornell and Harvard law -- -- keep a lot upper and people think. In you see it on TV it need it looks like a lawyer. Deep in -- and that I. He is had a great relationship with the union which is crucial when you're going to be commissioner do anything when it comes in the running -- ball. And that. You know he prosecuted those guys in the wake of the by Genesis scandal and I would hold even before that. He went after those guys a lot harder than some other people in the commissioner's office he wanted more and I think they're really bodes well now. Do its work here you know to improve some things that need to be improved pacers game in younger people involved. In American players we now about it. Baseball and -- has worked yet. But that's -- -- rob Manson's plate and I think he's I think he's going to be an excellent choice as the commissioner yet he knows. Having game has run and should be. Why is pace of the game. All of a sudden such a major issue I. I mean yeah I'd like it to be a little bit more brisk and I don't want anyone going full human rain delay Mike Hargrove that -- But at the same time hey it's it's -- any men and we've paid money to be here and what's the Russia but all in. It's -- it's beautiful let's -- park for three hours it won't be the worst thing that happened. I totally agree that you had a manager tells me the only people. Who are against the pace of the game the umpires in the sportswriter. That the work longer. Because the -- is no longer -- -- and doesn't have a problem I'm wondering lot of that game broken it's not broken they're not being. With it yes I'd like to see some quicker games I'd like to teach them haters actually swing the bat a little bit more option or so enamored. And on base percentage in -- and indeed out we don't swing the bat and now let's -- strike out -- out of control again. And the law created gone down Enron and all. Because there are better. -- take in too many pitch and that -- you improve the -- the game. But it's not that we get it we better change -- game now is ridiculous. And it is labor 130 years. And it's worked pretty well up that I think so. To turn around the baseball said all right here's our an increase of pace of play one fewer commercial minutes per inning. That'll never happen. At a it -- Thank you very much for joining -- Tim I love your work you're one of my favorite I love the joy you bring to your job it translates in what you do nobody loves the game as much as you do on the air thank you very much. Absolutely Tim -- and here I do I love that that -- loves baseball.

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