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The Damon Bruce Show 8/18/14 HOUR 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome welcome welcome welcome -- Monday afternoon and hopefully you had a good weekend if you're in niner fan and you got to unwrap your brand spanking new stadium. If you have access to the stadium. It's. It's a big beautiful football stadium there's no doubt about that the football team however. Was neither big nor beautiful. Getting shut out by the Denver Broncos and looking pretty bad along the way now outcomes don't mean anything in the pre season. Team outcomes. Tell you nothing about the coming season. Let's never forget hash tag never forget. The 0116 Detroit Lions went for -- on a pre season. Mike Singletary had an undefeated pre season he's may be the worst head coach to ever carry clipboard on the sidelines. And I hate saying that because I loved him as a player. So. The raider win. No big -- the minor loss. No big walk. Individual performances to talk -- it will open. To what discuss. Khalil Mac became a whipping boy on Twitter after. We've seen. People so he just went to half of football about a tackle. You know I can be totally honest with -- great linebackers usually don't get shut out. In football hats in in terms of just a tackle. But. I'm not worried you shouldn't be either. I think the problem with -- a Mac is that they're just trying to. See what he can do dare not figuring out what's the one best thing you can do and that is rush the passer. Just -- go after the quarterback morning noon and night. Don't messages that don't make it overly complicated early you wanna install some more complicated stuff little bit later on. Right now having coming forward haven't come and after the quarterback. You wanna complain about the 49ers defense that you saw yesterday we didn't even see anything close to resembling the 49ers defense went. Justin Smith doesn't play when Patrick Willis doesn't play that's not the forty niner defense. The forty niner offense. To tell you Frank Gore shouldn't touch the ball again this pre season that is ready to go frank Gore's officially born ready. I -- sealed a bit more on jewel Hampton Carlos side tech guys gonna be the backup there's no doubt. When it comes to college -- getting hurt look like any other team in the NFL you're starting quarterback goes down you've pretty much done cooked right there the only time a team ever. Saw its prospects improve. -- -- starting quarterback went down from Trent Green got his knee blown out here comes Kurt Warner and it's a Disney movie basically happening in Saint Louis. Which in the town of Ferguson. Is no Disney movie at all and we will talk about that a little bit later on to John Oliver last week tonight. Absolutely crush that issue like nothing else on TV. Camera when Jim Norton senior we were talking about this -- comedian Jim Norton it really is sad. The the most thought provoking poignant news programs on television our last -- tonight with John Oliver -- the daily show with Jon Stewart. Isn't that -- just isn't a disgusting. When I would much rather turn to John Oliver for what's happening. In Ferguson didn't say CNN. Or Fox News which I think still has Mike Huckabee talking about something else going on. Off day for the days and the giants and isn't it funny. What a couple weeks does for baseball landscape here in the Bay Area. For the first time all season long a's fans are really start to feel the heat they're getting concerned. For the first time since all the way back in May giants fans -- getting a little bit of confidence and start to feel good for the first time. In 23 months. It's amazing what just a little time can do. Us talking about this over the weekend you know what is wrong with the case. Everyone wants to point to the absence assess goodness and say -- word all started that's where the problems started. Actually be offensive some slump started when sense that this was still in the lineup. It hasn't pulled itself out of it without says it is and it won't be easier. The pull yourself out of an offensive doldrums without your cleanup hitter. But it's not the western trade that is really can't hurt this team. It's the some margin trade. Jason Hammel spent -- scheduled loss to the one day he wasn't. It's the perfect week for a light week for the Oakland days. For the first time. Since the all star break they will have more than one day off they're just coming off of a seventeen day run. Without a break. The -- are off today they'll be off again on Thursday and their home the entire week not back out on the road until next Monday. So this team can relax it can get back into its own -- he can rest up they can do all sorts a little. Billy being calculations. The patent hopefully. Start turning things around against a dreadful New York Mets team which doesn't put up much of a fight. End up hopefully won't when they get here starting tomorrow the match -- actually. At the cubs today and that's where the San Francisco Giants go to next like I said with a little bounce in their step. And little hope in their hearts for the first time in a while. I'm not worried about -- Mac I don't think you should be the 49ers look they looked disjointed. And they know. And there is a little news today. That Alex Boone apparently turned down a deal from San Francisco that would have paid him among the top twelve guards and all the NFL. That coming from Gil Brandt we've already seen another tweet and I don't know who -- attributed to. Saying that Gil Brandt stories in correct and Alex Boone was not made that contract offer. I don't know yet. Here's what I do know. Levi stadium is a printing press. Printing money for the York family like nothing could ever imagine. And there is no reason. To risk a single drop of football on a dollar sign ever again. And you don't wanna get into the renegotiation. Business you don't want a guy like Alex Boone setting precedent for future negotiation. You hard line Vernon Davis -- hard lined other players in the past it's worked. Get out spoon in here to help the running game to protect Colin -- -- Because if Colin -- -- goes down you're not when another football game from that moment on based on what we've seen so far. -- -- And birds. Doesn't look very good. If you're gonna hang your. Hopes on a guy named best full fruits have fun -- that. That's not gonna happen Johnson Jon Stewart happened for him what happened by now. It's the problem when you have a young quarterback -- playing like cap Bernanke really want debt. Older generation. Who god forbid you have to plug them back in the wall to go win you a few games because your young starting quarterback got hurt but because he's a young -- He'll be back in a few weeks we just need to plug in this old. The sold model -- if you can't get us down the road a little bit that's. Who the 49ers should have as their back up. Gabbert is still so much in the developmental stage in his career that he is not that veteran presence that you don't have to really worry about him. Still growing up all over his cleats should. You know the -- land on him. Gave -- to. The boy. College football's coming. It's officially ten days away actually that's a -- I told -- I'd never lighting and I don't wanna start now. Wednesday. Thursday is the day college football release starts next week ten days from now on Thursday. College football kicks off with -- number 21 Texas a and M -- ninth ranked South Carolina headlining. Fourteen kick off games Boise State by the way is also going to be taken on eighteenth ranked. Old miss. We got our first AP top 25 -- it is littered. With two conferences. Two of these things. Don't belong here to a these things aren't the same. The SEC in the pac twelve at least in the perception of AP voters early on this season and separated themselves from the other power five conferences. It really does look like SEC pac twelve and everyone else. Florida State is the number one ranked team ACC will boast that makes their conference impressive top to bottom it does not. But I'm ready man I love me some college football my guess that allowed me some NFL football we're getting ready for that. Yesterday is that is the 49ers were mean they picked the right day to stink up a joint because everyone was pretty much just focused on the joint. Everyone wanted to see Levi stadium and if you saw with your own -- -- yesterday I really wanna talk to you. During today's show. Really wanna talk to you during today's show of course and number 8889579570. If you were there yesterday what were your impressions and what did you think. When it comes to traffic. -- knows. On everybody's mind. I got there early. And I left early. So traffic didn't affect me I did not get caught in game day game flow. Normal flow traffic that a type a normal fan would be involved and I got the stadium three and a half hours before kick off and left just after halftime. My mom's in town and I decided you know rather spend time with my mom and watch a whole bunch of guys are gonna get cut on Thursday. By the way mom's coming in today Jian is our request of non air segment we'll say absolutely we'll see we'll see. I'm negotiating -- agent. Trying to get it isn't as much airtime -- weekend this year. So you know -- your your complaints about traffic had everything to do with the time you tried to arrive to the game pretty much. It looked like the flow -- though lots that they have to disperse it looks like they had it down a little bit more. Then in the traffic nightmare that just was created the other night that it wasn't part of so Lee Brice stadium. What I liked. What needs work. And a possible fatal flaw. It's where I wanna start here today. About halfway through the game. I asked myself. And make absolutely no mice no mistakes with the niners built. It's pretty it's it's awesome no matter how you wanna chalk it up it is incredible all talk about what I loved here but. One of the thoughts that went through my mind. Which is thought that I wanted running through my mind and I don't doubt very much it's a thought the niners want running through any of their fans' minds. Did the San Francisco 49ers just build the least intimidating stadium in the NFL. I hope not. I really really hope not. They definitely built the new stadium in the NFL and it's going to be regarded as one of the nicest and I'll tell you the places got new car smell all over it really does you can tell. That they just took it out of its box. It is sparkling. The amenities. When you go round and you just look at the artwork on walls that are outside of elevator banks and around the concourse you can't help will be impressed. The attention to detail. Eighty is very impressive everywhere. It move the clubs and around the concourse it's the actual rule. Stadium. And I think it's it's it's weird because as niners specific is it is. It's really not 49ers specific at all with the exception of the color red. In that stadium. Now all along the concourses. Along the interactive games along the touch screens they have for fans and kids. Along all the remember you know the -- see niner everywhere. And the word begin. By the way the words begin appears in that stadium more often and then the men were niners -- And that's a little -- to me. And it does go with oil intimidation factor the word bigot is an intimidating anyone not never I don't think most stadiums intimidate. -- their menus. This stadium certainly want don't set a precedent. It's a matter of fact it's going to be a a joking point and you're going to be mocked nationally. You will I mean niner fans prepare to be mocked for being begins. On the work begin appears so often in the stadium you'd think that we were all begin I read somewhere that there are 26. Begin stands in state. You can't find 26. Begins walking around chestnut street. You can't find 26 begins in the marina I'm talking real hard -- she never do each dairy she's real hard court begins. But my god you think that half the bay area's population. Demanded to even begin to the point where most steakhouse is enclosed by now. That's how ridiculous it is. I've heard someone else complaining about the word Franken the word franc is everywhere it is frankfurter francs in a -- hot dogs and for what they're charging. I guess you know you're gonna gusted up a little bit. In terms of fans base. It's an unquestionable. Masterpiece. Into your reach your seat unless you're wealthy told. As I was walking out. There was a woman who is. In her fifties. She really. Really. As the seats and I noticed. Where the really rich sections and those are like the difference between first class and coach seating their idols are twice as wide their chairs are twice as wide. It's good to be king. What don't see any actual field. Is minor specific is the whole places. It's not -- specific at all besides the color red. If yeah here's the thing. When a game appears on television what -- get you get the blimp shot right well from the blimp shot you're not concede. The portraits of Joseph Montana you're not gonna see the statues of of well there are no statues and as you pay to go see -- that's something else we'll get into just will be here. But that he. The art work. That makes that concourse -- centric will never be captured by the bland. If you went around to every one of those 65000. Red seats and put a black -- -- the raiders to play their starting this week. The Oakland Raiders should -- should absolutely stripped shirt that stadium. And it's crazy that they're not going to. The fact that it's closer to Oakland and San Francisco is a reason. I know no one wants to share don't want to share but. What would you rather share -- stadium if at all possible or board a flight -- time easier to had a well late to watch them. Seems like. That could be in the cards. Now the niners aren't going to be sharing their stadium anytime soon I don't think. But it's a shame I think that the raiders really wasted an opportunity to get involved in what is it hit it incredibly impressive beautiful stadium. With a few. You issues. Where's the ring of honor. Where are the retired numbers where are five Super Bowl flags and in -- I saw he wrote in pain at 525 time Super Bowl champion. Around the field there. Where the Super Bowl flags where is. You'll get what. Where are the years that you were champion. Where is the ring of honor. Where the great names or could you get Hewlett-Packard to sponsor that. And it's funny. If you ask me what the defining feature of the stadium is I don't know and look maybe all of this stuff is coming. Maybe the niners are going to have more of that in place by the time this all starts for real. Against the Chicago Bears in week two of the NFL season on September 14. And may be. But if you ask me what the defining. Feature of the stadium is right now I would say it's price. The price. Of getting in. Of getting anything while you're in there you will not leave your seat without spending sixty dollars. And the thing is designed to get you to leave your seat especially if you're wealthy the clubs but they've built. For the people who have tremendous access are the type of clubs -- you don't lead. In here's. What I think what I hope. Isn't the fatal flaw of this stadium. The noise level. -- things don't make noise. A very wealthy. I don't know why but I'm telling you over and over I'm never heard I never bent could not politics. Whatever talked about that rowdy luxury box section. Ever in the history of sports boy man there are -- and that's in the luxury boxes. Never. Never not once that sentence -- never been set out -- rich people. Make it here's three things -- a game that don't make noise the media rich people an empty seats they get along pretty much on one side of the stage. By the way the media were to make any noise you would know it because we're completely -- in and I have no idea what the niners did that I know this doesn't make any difference to you. It's never gonna affect you fans you don't care about this but I do so here you go up. If you ever came to -- so what's -- one problem with candlestick. Which you're one problem with the candlestick press box which is roughly is accommodating. As a German submarine was as much space. What is your problem. -- can I would've said well there's not enough room and hear the Wi-Fi Sox it's gets muggy and hot in here. I want to set any of that I was said the thing that sucks most about this is I cannot open the window and the ambient sound of the stadium. Is totally cut off from me. The San Francisco 49ers. Built. -- unbelievable. Lease spacious press box with. Beautiful food service and tables in space like you wouldn't believe in the back. And whoever. Can open the windows. Eighteen foot -- There every single window into how Levi stadium NBC -- open. Except depressants. And so that's why I really couldn't get a gauge on how loud it may or may not be. Now having said all. How does that place gonna get in a pre season game we will not know. The volume. That place is capable of until the Chicago Bears get here. So it's not happening now it's not gonna happen in the next game it won't happen until it's for real. But rich people don't make a lot of noise to begin with -- games and when they're back in the club that empty -- left behind certainly isn't gonna make an awful lot of noise. And the media will make no noise and even if we were throwing an absolute rocker you wouldn't be able to tell because our windows can't be opened. The good news is Colin cabernet can self. Said that he was impressed by the noise level and this is important to hear I'm glad he said this. It is great to me are there for the first time. They. Great atmosphere I think we'll have a lot more noise here again at Kansas State from -- So. If it's louder than candlestick it's already more intimidating in candlestick and might fear that it might be. Less intimidating. Is unfounded I really hope I'm wrong it looks awesome. The only other thing that might be the stadiums fatal flaw. And look raiders fans. I've said this before you've complained I don't care I'm saying and again shut your mouth and right. The Oakland Raiders married themselves to an image that was originally. Intimidating -- then it crossed over into gangster risen and then that became the perception of the team. And the team's image backfired on it. There's no way you can't say that the raiders image backfired on the team a little bit. This might be the 1% stadium. If you're not in the 1% you're not going. It really is the wine and cheese image that the niners have been married -- there's been perception. Will become reality in this in this stadium. It will it is for the uber wealthy and accessible only. It is you know there are no deals for a family -- go to Levi stadium and there won't be an end in the near future the amount of money do you have to spend. On four hot dogs. And four Beers. Rivals the amount of money you spend on a steak dinner and here's the thing that kind of pisses me off about that picked up pace San Francisco prices. In San Francisco this stinging in San Francisco anymore. And that's my problem -- it just a little. And again these. Really are my problems because I'm not paying -- much spending to get in here I'm trying to think like a fan if I were -- what would rub me the wrong way you know there's a certain point where. Even the rich will admit. Well that's just not a premium price that's that's a that's a shakedown. And you might have a lot of delicious dining options all of them priced as a shakedown. You might have more availability and craft Beers all of them price does a shakedown. And I'm not naive I don't expect anything. To be cheap it is sporting event we figured there might be one thing -- might be one break somewhere there really isn't. I mean they are holding you upside down by the ankles and shaking so you don't have a penny left and that's what's gonna take to go to one niner game now. This stadium and wildly impressive. It's a few tweaks they need it needs to be more San Francisco centric. In that bowl that they built. But interesting stuff to say the least and I wanna hear from you as soon as we're done talk and -- game occurred -- He's gonna join us next talk a little football of course along with my opening monologue if Iran -- we're gonna have to encouraging join us here -- just the second. Then we're gonna take your calls about candlestick about the niners. All that's coming up by the way don't miss when the game stands to hold a movie about legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur. Who did the de LaSalle high school spartans from obscurity to a 151. Game winning streak it opens on Peter's. August 22 per chance to score -- of advance screening tickets you can visit the contest page at 957. Game. Dot com awful lot going on in baseball for sure Tim -- and joins us to talk about it next. We'll be hearing from you about the stadium coming up in a little bit dated 89579570. -- just getting under way. You're on the -- membership. Down after the the demon intrusion on I 95 point seven big game and. Again we are gonna talk about Levi's stadium with the niners did an incredible job where the few other things that they still might -- -- up before all -- gets go on for real. And in September when the Chicago -- bears get here for week two we're gonna get back to that. In just a moment right now it's time to talk a little baseball and there's an awful lot of baseball going on for both a's and giants fans and for the first time. Both DC and basis feel like they're pointed it in. The direction that the other fan base is pointed in for awhile. Again and -- fans feeling concern for the first time all season giants fans are starting to gain a little confidence for the first time since may. Talk about all of that and the new commissioner we bring in Tim -- -- Who we were unable to catch up -- last week because he was all over rob Manfred getting the the nod to if you will is new Major League commissioner Tim -- ESPN thanks so much for joining me Dario. Good to have beyond that let's start here before we get to rob Manfred. With the giants in the days. Based on the way the giants have played it or based on the competition the -- present. Or I should say the angels present the aids which Bay Area baseball team is in better position. To head of the post season. Well I mediate a go into the post season I don't care what kind of slump made it here they are good enough to make it. At worst as a wild card I'm certainly not at certain about giants but the way they played lately. And Elaine empire it's has stumbled a little in the cardinal -- stumble a little and I'm not sold at all on the Braves in the wild card team. I think that giant. I'm still gonna say that the angels they're gonna want a mediator gonna win the division. But they're gonna make it play out no matter what and I think the giants are wild card that there they're just not good enough I don't think to beat the Dodgers in the debate. DA's again just got swept in Atlanta Jon Lester loses his first with the Oakland. And everybody wants the point two. Sets this is absence in this lineup as to why the lineup is slow down truth be told. It started slowing down when he was in the lineup what do you think's wrong with the a's offense. Well you're right it was flying. Could terribly well or they trading but it is really ground to a halt and he's been gone and there's there's no way around. You trade your cleanup guy in the middle of the pennant race it's going to affect everybody else away that line of work. Well as Bob Melvin of course just mix and match every game at the one real conscience to real content. We're Donaldson and tested it -- in the middle. And pressures of the one guy that people really feared at least this is the explanation I got from other managers. And from people BA they'll say when the last one on the brighter sets but it played. It bask in them are going to be without that now I still would make that trade on the gate. Because it's Spain it's just not good enough to make the play out again and again not doubt. Something to build -- 162 game than maybe set but it is more important your team honored that you eat cheap it. But we're no -- over games -- -- -- haven't gotten done per couple years Jon Lester more important. -- this is I think they'll score enough runs to get by. They're not going to be devastating offensive team. But they're gonna pitch a whole lot better in October that they have a guy Lester -- tension in October but he dominated in optical. Tim Kirch and NB SP and here on the Damon -- show great to be talking baseball with him. Lot of people -- point to the the Lester for says that this trade is where things might started going wrong I actually think it's the so margin -- deal. That might be haunting this team a little bit more right now some margin he's been hit around a little bit although he's also performed well and what he's a stud I'm not worried about him long term. Jason Hammel but for one night he's been a disaster so far coming over -- DA's. And I just don't think he can give away his starts when you know you could have. I didn't someone else is Jesse Chavez making them. They certainly struggle and there's no explanation to it given how good that he was were cubs this year. And the way -- explain to me when he when he really got lit right for the trade deadline that when -- being brought bands that are right. We gotta be competent and that when he got Jon Lester analyst sparked by another Jason Hammel struggle. Now they're not gonna need or use him in the policies and because obviously not that you want to. The question is gonna make it if they keep him in the rotation I. EEH. At some point way better than net. Was it worth a try what they did absolutely. -- they give up a lot you bet they did. Com so what you're goes from here Germany each battle long term future guy here no matter alive. And they get told to get some good -- him threat to the way and it just hasn't happened. Are the tiger's gonna come back here on the royals or the Kansas City Royals. Just getting hot at the right time and -- did they look really good right now. Yeah I think the royals are gonna win the division and I can't believe it's -- because there's still plenty of time for the tigers and look at Carolina. In the paper today in just tell me abet the really scary lineup I don't think -- And you put that on top would -- and that is. Average at best you've put it on top of the bowl ten and has really struggled from the beginning and -- -- on the up and he had trouble yesterday. And you look at their rotation which -- the spoke to be not too good but historically. Just -- -- -- hurt in a ball Sanchez is on the disabled list. I mean they have some significant problem on that team. And I have to wonder can they win this division still I think it's really really questionable. Situation in Detroit and I think Kansas City with its defense which is terrific. And -- bullpen which it is loaded with our armed I think they're better than -- tigers right now and the tigers had better days some about it out there not to win that division. ESPN's Tim Kurtz in here on the Damon Bruce show Tim what can you tell me about rob Manfred. I think you really Smart which is pretty obviously at Cornell and Harvard law at -- the last helper and people think. In you see it on TV any it looks like a lawyer. Deep in debt and he is aids. He'll find that we're gonna get it done that kinda guy. He is had a great relationship with the union which is crucial when you're going to be the commissioner do any -- When it comes in the running at eight -- and that. You know he prosecuted those guys in the wake of the Biogen at -- scandal and I would hold even before that. In the commissioner not that he wanted more done and I think they're really bodes well. You can have. Due to work here you know to improve some things that need to be improved pace of the game. In younger people involved. In American players we know all about it. Baseball and -- and hasn't worked yet but that's what -- -- Manson's plate and I think he's I'd be -- enemy an excellent choice. As the commissioner he -- he knows. The game is run and should be. Why is pace of the game. All of a sudden such a major issue I opt out. I mean yeah I'd like it to be a little bit more brisk and I don't want anyone going full human rain delay Mike Hargrove that bad. But at the same time pay it so it didn't get any men and we'd paid money to be here and what's the Russian at all and it's -- it's beautiful let's let's try and park for three hours it won't be the worst thing that happened. I totally agree that year and a manager tell me the only people who are against the pace of the game -- the umpire didn't sportswriters. We have to work longer. Because again it was a logger that -- and doesn't have a problem and I'm wondering Lott has sent the game broke and it's not broken they're not being on with it. Yeah I'd like to see some quicker games I'd like to see some hitters. Actually swing the bat a little bit more option were so -- enamored. And on base percentage and work and indeed out and we don't swing the bats are now looking like the strike out rated out of control again. And the walk -- gone down and run and all. Out Kelberg -- -- take in too many pitches that tell you improve the -- the game. But it's not that we got it we get our -- -- game now is ridiculous we played in this labor 130 years. And it's worked pretty well up this week I think. A turnaround of baseball said all right here's our increasing pace of play one fewer commercial minutes per inning. That'll never happen cut back. Right well thank you very much for joining us Tim I love your work you are one of my favorite I love the joy you bring to your job it translates in what you do nobody loves the game as much as you do on the air thank you very much. They -- -- so much at market absolutely Tim -- and here I do I love that guy that guy loves baseball. I know you. Blunt talking about the things -- tried I mean what do we have FaceBook what are we Twitter why is Yelp existing everyone wants to be reviewer. Everyone wants to critique and from now. Until Susan's -- at 430. On open up the lines and I wanna hear from you if you weren't Levi stadium. If you warn that Levi stadium so I don't want you to call. And -- and contribute your. I wanna know what you thought of the stadium if you weren't there. 888957957. No. Here on the day membership. Five point seven things. Welcome back it is great to be -- you know I got a few people here I think overreacting just a touch on the drop can text line saying I was not impressed. I don't walk a mile from the lot the upper deck is steep and high -- you have to be rich to enjoy the stadium well. Do things there are true. You do have to have some serious money in your pocket to walk around and do whatever you want when you wanna do it. Bob but I actually like how steep it is. I think it's the thing that is intimidating about. The stadium is that the fans are closer to the field doesn't look like there's a lot of sideline room. And both of the end zones are much closer to the back of the end zone and zone -- I should say is close to the back of the end zone. That it wasn't candlestick certainly on the what was the north side where did they -- the red zones. The Coca-Cola lot zone com. You much much closer. And that hopefully is going to be the saving grace of the noise concerns that I have escaping out of there or not bouncing off what they thought would be a glass -- On the suite tower because all of those glass. -- windows slide open. Except for the ones for the media. All those glass windows slide open. And if the. If the new ways doesn't poured down the steep stadium. It will escape out the roof or out the air and I don't want that to happen. So hopefully. You know the noise will be directed in funneled towards the field to play -- although it might not be deafening in the upper deck. It's deafening field level that's what matters that's at passwords your stadium needs to be loud it doesn't need to be allowed. In the luxury boxes it does need to be allowed on the field and as long as that happens boy I mean the 49ers built a masterpiece don't get me wrong what they built. Is amazing unjust Sonia right now on the normal guy. I can't afford anything really do that and beyond the scope of normal guy prices. If I weren't given a credential to get in there. To do my job. There's no way I could go to many niner games ever it's that expensive. It's it really is it's incredibly expensive now weakened. South tip incredibly expensive here in the Bay Area most people -- over and over again to stand in the box and just keep our foul tip -- off. But if you're asking for things that might rub people the wrong way there is a price where your -- now offends me. He literally is and I think the niners are like right at that price. Steve Elkington. Was who played on the PGA Steve Elkington love he's Australian I love to be out. And I've met him a couple times he follows me on Twitter news in laws of the game Steve Elkington asked me on Twitter today so it's ten dollars and fifty cents revered -- new stadium. -- 120 bucks for a -- Not -- ten Beers isn't that crazy. Adam. Maybe it is. Two Beers and two Beers per quarter. I don't get too hot I don't get too cold I can Wear. If you can't Wear your coat. Thank you Steve Elkington a millionaire. And he's going cheese that's expensive. Let's get to you nick in Concord. Nick what do you got welcome to the day membership. Well yeah around the -- Yesterday and I got I got an entire game. One year out during the day. Here that I am not accurate not even he'd be and oh with a -- acre well. I think about it doesn't -- Dicker went a little better than -- at a restaurant I want to -- -- -- -- and keep them are. Guys pulling -- I mean we have been living in the upper deck now right a quick look at it it. And it didn't you've been edited at any point in that would be ordered to immediately stop me and without need that it. NFL's ever seen because they didn't violate their seats I guess the seats like don't have any slats in them they're not ventilated. -- literally nobody. -- to get anywhere around the area. I don't think -- guy and speaking. Out of turn here I'm a little error around my -- don't you. The rocket that began in the. Whenever and deck area I would like Bob Morton. I don't I'm -- -- you and I did not believe. This sight lines are amazing no one's ever -- open and poked their head around and I beam. Or us support -- for the upper deck ever again the sight lines really are amazing I'm glad that you went in like did I've heard -- think the cut the seats that is just. Now let me say this. Someone died yesterday -- and extends excuse -- -- we've seen him there's a cardiac events and the person sadly. Lost their life after the state you know after leaving the stadium. And I saw a lot of people saying how hot it was in his section how hot it was in the second half it was phenomenal people trying to correlated to or not. But let me just say. There's not a certain amount of heat that is gonna kill anybody that Levi stadium. I mean that's ridiculous we are in California are we not I mean it can't be that afraid of the sunshine. People come from all over the world to enjoy sunshine that. Some people were complaining about having to sitting yesterday I'd rather be a little too -- too warm. Been a lot to freezing like you were candlestick but I heard some people saying at candlestick was too cold this place to I don't like neither man. Gotta put your sunny side up somehow. If you're on -- stay right there were coming back from warrior call us reviewing Levi's. Right after this.

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