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Susan Slusser

Aug 18, 2014|

Our A's insider make A's fans feel a WHOLE lot better about the team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Concerns are starting to percolate amongst a's fans it's amazing what do weaker tool do. To get you all riled up Susan's -- is hopefully here to explain it all away and guarantee an eight game winning streak. Up how are you Susan. It very well thank you so much by the way I saw you know dammit. At the game yesterday that he enjoys -- -- I think everybody is pretty on the way I think he'd spend -- -- -- -- orbit track you know. So much easier to get there than everybody and then you know -- all the amenities not send it. They kept kept on sitting there in the dining area I think he was enjoying some crates or something -- could hear. But. Hey this is all of a sudden the situation a's fans haven't found themselves in all season long it feels like you're in your worst losing streak in the year. When. You know if you wanted to be really concerned in point assessed but this is absence and we're told you don't do that a week ago it's little harder this week to tell you that that's. Not part of why this team is struggling a little bit offensively right now what is at the heart. Of this losing streak is there anyone thing you can put your finger on. Why do you subscribe to the theory that they were. Looking at probably have one kind of big stumble trillion a year and a goat cheese that. Sale of the season without a real bad patch. Maybe -- about -- They could be. Related to act that is that you know there are guys who are struggling or you get -- there were pitchers who are struggling or. -- about. And you know they're really and it buys in city and through them currently indicated. -- anyway. So -- an excuse -- a lot of I don't know much as they need to come out of it didn't matter pronto and they need to eat it. And weekend. And then the next week and I'm and that actually going to be -- -- -- leads. Or you know and it's -- credit against the angels and now. Monster series is coming up against. Anaheim but may be the perfect week. Leading up to wit if there's ever a team needed a break in a blow this it's this team. And they get one today -- are off today Mets come into town for two. -- their off again on Thursday if you're ever a nice week to have a light week do you think this is it. -- gonna take it. One means they can -- it can't figure out what their demeanor changed I do not -- Camel pack in the odd ones -- skip it. That. -- -- at each tablet at the popular ever with either one it could be it. Our nation that. Now and then. I could be in the tree including -- you know been inside where her maybe were bad and that he looks more like -- -- work for him. Ali you know not on. You're not okay. Lehman. Expires not venture that you know usually that he relies a lot. It is by instantly it actually dignity too much pressure -- -- they traded on your money. Expert that you and -- -- grilled get treated or -- and I really you know much like which in an early in the year just. Really trying to you wait too much -- better on my card and you know a couple of thinkers at one -- one extent. Susan's lesser SF gate dot com and we always goal we always the last thing you remember about the train is the caboose because it just passed you on the -- I think that's at the last thing you saw. The trade that I think you spend a little bit of the stumble if you wanted to point to what's wrong with the -- is more than some margin -- trade because some margins -- Hit a little bit cents. And -- really but for a night has not been good at all. The DA's where Lester coming. Don't let it be and I wouldn't if I were and it's not where it I'm not I you know what I. I march. -- pitcher he's got swagger I actually he'd be they treated as they were not. Expect to be part and it's -- Angela when -- intent. (%expletive) at. Them. They would not have an island pretend I'm not ready to go. Beat her at great future date and -- -- -- panic at the market do you know if you look at the at at the end really now actor could be. You're third in its starters. Kind of an upgrade -- That coming element favorite keep it very well or traded up a book -- at a better track records -- -- you know mark that I am a month or. I think a little light at the tunnel here if you're looking for how quickly Ken and things start turning around again well any Scott Kazmir starts an opportunity to do that. Kazmir will be going tomorrow against. Dillon Gee is Bartolo was Bartolo. Scheduled against the gays and is is bereavement. -- That is a great question and on figured. And archer chairman and then I'm absolutely -- to embark on -- which. I get annual we all Nazi and elect. Well I fit again if momentum -- a's pitcher Oakley days can get the momentum back with Scott Kazmir also another thing and again it's hard to say that a platoon player and a fourth outfielder might be part of the turn around. But I was reading what he wrote about Jan three he's rehabbing in Sacramento is there any timetable to him returning to the big league club. Initially because well at giving them a pretty nice but what you and I hit a meet and greet each and I don't think there -- urgent the they're gonna help them structure issues as they start hitting in the -- at backed by probably ready now. Gentry should -- really into it heated. But you know that the numbers coming up they want to take some heart isn't strictly thinking and -- -- Entry back in them later. That they like Simon and that's a well. Susan there's no doubt I'm sure he's seen -- Twitter timeline to a's fans are definitely starting to. Grip everything a little tighter they feel the season nine the pressure. Of trying to stay in first place really on them for the first time that's the fans you're around the team all the time the teams famous for being loose. And and just always Joseph cool are you -- in the clubhouse -- at all. I think I theory and it is -- About that you could tell when it went too little quieter. But I think it definitely not -- -- -- at Matt. And buried here. So I I think they're ready to turn things around -- and Atlanta. -- -- the game -- close game. And game -- the eight or hit the ball on the note it seemed like every Barry you know not a lot to show or -- You know it bought -- line by an inch at the moment let you eat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The second incident came at every break he's really got them so you expect that. Start to turn around eventually. I would think so for sure Susan always -- do what talked to you thank you for. Calming down in the -- -- that is the gathering gang outside of our gates just a little thank you very much. It seemed weaker ordered that it would your plan in unity that actually I I understand again. But hang in there. It agreed to. And that five game losing streak before the angels get here and I think things are gonna start looking good again thank you Susan. -- it's IQ is always.

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