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The Damon Bruce Show 8/18/14 HOUR 2

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I get a guy here forty minutes ago the raiders starter showed nothing on both sides of the ball but the niners look good right here at joke of course -- spelled the word you're wrong. But I didn't even suggest anything like that. Neither one of these teams look good neither first unit. Neither unit of backups -- look particularly good -- yesterday first Bay Area football team all of good in the pre season gets a cookie. This right now I'm not impressed. The thing about the niners so there's a lot of guys that aren't playing the raiders are playing a lot of guys. And not having success with a. And I'm not worried about actual. Niner talent top to bottom is I am with the raiders and I'm certainly not worried about coaching. With the niners like I am with the raiders but. That is neither here nor there were not really worried about how anyone looked we're talking today -- little but a lot about how -- stadium felt for the first time. And look it is a an impressive. Thing to look at mean if everyone were a millionaire everyone would love Levi stadium. Now all be bringing -- price points that I'm doing doesn't even affect me I'm doing it on your behalf. -- I need to you know you don't get paid an awful lot in the world of sports but one of the perks is you get into sports you want to for free. In -- fight fight even wanted to sit around and had into my annual salary what it would cost me to go the amount of sports I do. You know I was flown to and was paid to be at a Super Bowl that's a good gig if you can get it right. -- not yet I'm not complaining about anything I'm bringing up. Thoughts that I would have by powerful paying customer walking in there. Like I said we still have no real idea how Levi stadium is gonna performance sound on game day. I've never heard anybody make a pre season game deafening. And honestly no one ever should. So we're not gonna know how that stadium holds and bounces it sound. Until the bears get here for real on September 14. One thing I didn't think was pretty I mean again and files under complaint some followed under observations. Not complaints. On the field. Look pretty chewed up. For having just played one soccer game to open practices and one football game they looked decent dead spots in that field. And I was surprised by that -- mean the playing surface at candlestick was not the best and hopefully this will be an improvement. Several people complained about the size of -- we just had a caller last segment say that the seats aren't ventilated and they get awfully hot I got to know. -- Bruce. What about when it rains there's no cover. Well you can't possibly be suggesting that they should have built a domed stadium. Let me in football should be played in the elements when it rains it effects of fans and affects the team it affects the ball the field everything. That's the beauty of football it doesn't stop for a little bitter rain like they do at a baseball game doesn't stop for sixty to see now when that happens in Philadelphia. So that's that's the beauty of football I want elements out there -- wind rain cold all of it. So I'm I'm not arguing about that you I don't think you should be either. Is there a lot of shade for people Levi stadium not that you're see there's not. But yet there's concourse is there's -- place to go to escape to shade if you're about to. Be overcome by heat exhaustion I guess. I do you wanna see your ring of honor I wanna see a little little little. History I mean I know it's all about the present and the future and it's all new. Don't turn your back on your past. Where are the retired numbers where is the ring of honor. I saw three flag poles on one side it was a state of California that was an American flag and I don't know what the other flag was maybe was POW flag or something like that. There was room for flag poles on the other little part of the stadium but there -- warning flags up. Now -- perfect place to fly it five flags that looked like Lombardi trophies. Not just -- five time Super Bowl champion. On the field somewhere. Anyways a wanna hear from you what did you think about your first experience -- Levi stadium. 8889579570. This is Brian in Sonoma he says he was there yesterday how are you Brian. Absolutely would you think of Levi's. Very light and I should at least you know 119 year one it more it's pretty bad but. Over all the great very. You -- You know we gave each day it's a good. You know are out. The charter journey to actually mark what that would mean even about the exit. It took -- spot. Three quarters mile -- -- You know my only right to our. -- -- pretty distracting yeah it is something you don't need don't let. What you are coming here here's preoccupied in your phone's breaking up a little here Brian thanks for the call. Look yeah people were saying why all these people walking around the concourse is there's football to be calm down it's the pre season. And I don't know if you were watching that game but the niners. Basically sat on a whoopee cushion the minute that they took the starters out and there was nothing to watch there was no entertainment. On the field being provided for the niners so the entertainment yesterday was walking around and looking at the new stadium you cannot fault people for being curious and wanting to see it'll mean -- some -- -- the new stadium whether or ninety's. It had to -- 90% full for pre season game which is really unheard of there are a lot of fans there yesterday. But a lot of them left early or a lot of them this morning their seats because they were around exploring. This is the problem by the way to get this Yahoo! fantasy sports level I popped in there for a minute. I forgot it is your fancy football he keeping pay all that money to go through and I just don't understand if you're at forty niner game don't you isn't that the game you wanna concentrate on. Now. I -- and I do agree the whole notion of wireless like of course the wireless should be awesome in there it's your heartbeat away from Silicon Valley like you don't get any bonus points for that. It should be stayed in the yard. Incredible clarity. I want one of those my living room just wall on -- But I don't blame people for getting up and -- in a place out there's a lot of different things to do there's a Lotta Lotta -- cool little interactive trivia touch screens and whatnot. Again appear. It's -- If it's seventeen all fourth quarter bears and you're at an interactive touch screen your -- should. Now you're gonna wanna be in your seats. For the big football game but just walking around fiddling with stuff during the pre season I'm not surprised by that at all but. Let's say your big fantasy football what are you doing at a niner game if if your fantasy team is more for -- Like what you stay home and monitor it for free instead of paying through the nose. Everything you do. Two monitors fantasy football team act. Levi stadium -- got this whole lounge it is just it's over the top it really hit it's. It's big business look I mean. You can see one point 21 point three whatever they spent you can see those billions when you go into the really really nice areas which unfortunately many of you will never enter. But it's it's it's by because if it -- you always need to notice whenever you wanna say. Hey how the other half still won the answer is always just fine thank you. Pressing Concord was it -- stadium how are you Chris. A game and I'm very good are you gonna do well thank you would. A man who had beautiful you know calm going in there. An adult all the food all the different that's occurred -- -- oh PDs -- I mean you'd like that Leno might -- seek out. Now of the seats the sight lines all looked amazing I walked up to the upper deck walk all the way up to the last -- sat down and said to myself. I can watch a football game here no problem. -- and I'm -- I'm -- second deck in the middle and so on where just below the the third deck and the third recollect covers. Our -- so we're we're in -- couple games. Seeing. Yeah yeah I get daily entries or -- I would never any content that someone blaring when. When you were buying. The tickets did you say we want she later you just -- that's where they Saatchi and you got lucky. All I I we got there was only like four treatment they get. Spots left at the time outlook innings and I does that -- that the the one spot but I thought at that. That's what can you -- under the third deck and you know -- a nutshell. Taken it. And I can ask you to drop on the season tickets. I figured that it it's 5000. Turner. The current license. So. I would I got cute she's living single and Europe and -- -- green. And then abandoned all but I mean at the -- at its report that and I'm actually -- most of that. The American amount that our that -- actually -- that they itself. Sure yeah yeah yeah you can capitalize on people's desire to go in there and pay top dollar to see it for sure cigarettes are good for you obviously you don't -- for yourself no wonder why girlfriend thinks your groovy guy. Got her PS cell Levi's there you go. Isn't it true. -- that women have very tough time finding a pair genes they fall in love with we ask you that that's true for about for about five grand you prefer to better much like this right -- right. -- is let's go to Larry in Oakland how are you Larry. Stadium article it was an epic game but I wanted to see you back on which were talking about earlier about prices at the stadium. Happened last week or delivery pizza of our -- they usually do. Guy pulls up and -- beat up car I'd never seen before they get to 4900 flags on the hood. Glad the guys they ought to your 49%. Because hey man don't counseled -- don't have the -- adulterated or bad. -- could not at all this morning Israel 49ers -- we -- vehemently by -- his -- -- to get two tickets for the Kansas -- game. -- -- wouldn't run because -- fifty we'll drop the pizza. So he's going to be up for fifty for one game not -- 5200 for parking. And not counting food out of the basic question for -- -- as basic as -- on the part of the pivotal fourth defeatist and you. -- it's a great question to question that a lot of people are gonna be asking themselves again there's there's I guess there's going to be two kinds of people who are going to be going to -- stadium those who. Have to carefully distribute encountered dollars and figure out what they wanna spend. The error a lot of -- were at the game budget on. And many got the people. -- really don't care of -- five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars because you know they just don't think about it remember you know there's a group of people MP gas prices fluctuate don't even notice like that's the kind of money they get any you know that they're not worried about money like. You when I go through our days worrying about money thinking like you know budget director today without spending an extra so powerful -- forty to fifty bucks that would be great I mean I can't get through every day -- to -- If this occasion calls for it. It felt like -- again my mom's in town. To my mom all over town my mom she's from the ship she. She isn't she's a mom she's always worried about money than I'm spending money I'm spending on her mom doesn't want any now don't do too much nice is how moms are. And and I keep on tourism and you know what I worry about money Monday through Friday -- -- worry about money on Saturday night. I worry about money all the days you're not here so when you're here. We just go to a great dinner don't worry about don't stop looking. Stop ordering dinner based on them menu price like order whatever you want -- ever have to convince your mom to do that. Most guys you're not on target about. Moms order off the menu based on price of item not what they actually want to order. So I was arms and get whatever you want it's gonna have fun now. If you're if you're going -- niner game you're gonna have to be careful with your money or you got money that you don't need to be careful win. Mike won in San Jose. What's going on Mike. Experiment. Unfortunately -- -- online before you ask for attendees all all right we'll always call it I live close to the stadium and haven't been there yet I'm gonna at. Active make out of special today haven't decided which one yet. Com I also wanted to comment on year comment on and John Oliver I've only -- -- very briefly I think it was on Charlie Rose or somebody bad day he really seemed like an up and coming talent. It's incredible to show on HBO. It goes more in depth on issues than really any other show on TV these days. He'll spend fifteen minutes on a topic which is rare. Anywhere so I really really and it's a great show I recommend it highly. Get tired of listening to him. I just wondered about this underperformance of the 49. Niners during the four exhibition game there if you feel that what is essentially what they're doing and it's dissolved Jim Harbaugh of course. Sort of trying to that's the I won't use the -- -- at least -- -- have a feeling that it is -- niners can be taken for granted a little better if. Now now and on and on and and are -- and I don't know you never sit around trying to look lousy is a football team to lower expectations and catch it now now and now look you're not looking -- game planning you're not looking at the full breath and depth of the playbook you have a very very limited offense he's not putting much razzle dazzle there is no law emotion that's really that there's no element of deception or confusion. They're just running basic plays in those basic plays they're not doing enough I mean that's the problem. City's day yet they'd lose -- unfortunately they don't have that's an -- very well. Well anybody loses they're starting quarterback you're automatically in a whole bunch of trouble but some teams are even in more trouble than others in the -- right now. Would be in some most trouble that you could be in as -- team that had to turn to a backup quarterback. And the ignorant of slump that they're gonna come out of the Big Ten game -- -- angels and looked at them that when at least six or seven and I think you'll agree with me. Starting pitching is better -- is better. And that's really gonna have to be -- bottom line. Great to talk to you Mike one thank you here's a nice thing for the -- they do have monster games of the Dayton with the angels coming up Friday Saturday Sunday. The angels are here Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. They're at the angels next week. Not that it's good news that Bartolo Cologne heads is mother's very -- Bartolo Cologne. Is on. On sick leave basically he's on -- agrees grieving agree grievously would have what do they call it. -- simple way. The -- for her watered bereavement thank you very much Kyle bereavement leave bomb. And he I believe was scheduled to pitch against the case with the Mets at W and I have to Wear them anyways. Let's get to nick in Berkeley again he's a -- season ticket -- that the game what's going on. Without their -- were called. Yeah -- him at like eight. I'll -- artwork in the 1960s. Volkswagen bug or something that it was ridiculous and you weren't credible. To concentrate on watching the game because beat the TV screen so clear Richard Daley was insane. And it was almost turning up like my options section of -- it. And it was pretty. And you know I think that people you know probably abstain heated up in there and help the people lightly you know he's -- -- whatever. But now well and it was that would legal in my -- walked around and check it out and do you do all summer. Thank you very much for the call appreciate -- this is Chris Redwood City. How are you Chris. You got married -- excellent. So I would that the game or the earthquake game on the couple weeks ago and my girlfriend and I at -- all time by. First what we had trouble getting in because of a purse Joey had to walk all the back could we did know per policy. -- Or Netanya on that and that's been going on for over a year. That was on you -- more input data on you but I know but that's OK that's OK what else what else. -- the employees had people handbook. Because nobody knew and answered anything when you got a question about worth something later and opened up there and police and booked your -- -- If it were anything other than the first time everyone had been in there that would be an issue but it's not so I'm not to worry about that. 38 or that's the art dude cut digital artwork out of that. We don't have broad presently at regular -- well I hope you responded. We tried to get a refund at the guys did not use a computer -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- horrible. I'm sorry again everyone who went to Betty everyone said -- isn't it nice that they scheduled a soccer game how cool that they're gonna open -- believe by stating you know why they scheduled to soccer game -- soccer an important who has yet you guys are all Guinea pigs. Yeah it was a soft -- and. Had a great view the -- and beautiful the baton for amazing and once you go once you know the rules for the second time and and -- a whole lot better. -- salute and execute them yeah. -- you really you can't be critical coming out of the gate what isn't working what is working you know knowledgeable staff all of that will get better in time. Again maybe like I said bring a Bonner Lombardi -- -- all be up there and on display in retired numbers will be. Proudly displayed somewhere. Where everyone can enjoy them not just this -- people who paid fifteen extra dollars to walk that's the thing -- the hall of fame is not included in the price of your ticket on game day you wanna charge people to come into the hall of fame Monday through Saturday. OK but hey I just spent huge money walking in here I don't pay more walking your hall of fame. Right here. That's how I feel about that. Leo and Campbell looks ugly out. Salvadoran. Man. -- comment about this stadium obviously going to be a bunch of critique. -- probably don't don't want that big a little bit different being developed into -- -- went to the. Even ticket Lugar to opening our markets Friday few weeks ago the -- -- -- around. Under the the leader -- And I know who would you know the united under the new stadium and I'm looking around look at the scoreboard and anti computer closer to a larger Stanford Expedia that would be a -- That's exact look it is Stanford stadium on steroids. -- -- are wildly boost concourse. Exactly and and I think that you know the food a little bit more popular -- -- experience -- -- bit -- experience he had met Clark. Would it or not -- Mexican food and I confined. But in all of a sudden here is a you know I got to walk past fifteen begin hot dog place is. And twelve more offerings of -- taken a sell out and I love Indian food but I don't know anyone who's ever -- and at a football game gone you -- to really go for right now we'll chickens in the loop that's that I really go for a little -- oh that's an idea -- -- some garlic non I've never been at a football game. You what I mean you can get laughed inside the -- -- on the I'm on the building side of the third. Public opinion and there. To green their. You know -- you know that -- -- -- -- -- Weiner and that would -- clearly an exit from the locker room and everything and you know I don't think my friend Ed I don't wanna go when their I'm never gonna go -- -- -- I thought -- a -- I -- right I can't. And I can't believe they're gonna let her go -- -- had been under governor again but I can't get it might they need any and I think what would want it on and what people have done -- time. They're gonna go to the airport they're there afford not to watch Oprah and and and that's what I go to you know the local golf import. -- -- -- -- -- a bit of these stadium but it. When I went into the -- about how much you paid a much how much you -- your league with a predict how much everything cost. I'm I'm what do you think it'll be -- -- the -- in the local but it's huge -- -- the -- price -- It completely it's it's not just a different price range it's a different price spectrum I mean it's. It's apples and oranges you cannot find any more expensive professional sporting experience. Then -- stadium. Period. That is expensive. As a regular season NFL game could possibly ever be New Yorkers. It's expensive where you live to. My whole point is why you charge we -- -- Cisco prices without this being in San Francisco we are in Santa Clara. Not the Santa -- is like. The other side of the tracks not even close it's been wildly expensive to live everywhere. On the peninsula and I'm sure that the niners. And older obviously spent tons a money building the place. By the way there's one other thing that the niners -- done that would have been ideal for the stadium. In this it'll never happen obviously because and I pick up the stadium and move it I don't think they're gonna demolish this one start and no one. They should have found a place it's in between both the highways. -- zero -- talking about designing the same traffic problem at candlestick they kind of did. The public candlestick was the hill but it was also you had. Entrance and egress off of just one highway. It's too bad that it's not like in between 101. In too weighty but it's to the right or left of 101 depending on how you're traveling on one on one. But you wanna talk about it don't bother complaining about that because. It's moot. But things -- move. Ring of honor what are you gonna do about these seats in the sun I -- to make sure people don't cook themselves you what you're gonna have to do is just. SPF fifteen Wear a hat and bring shapes and that's it. People complaining about the heat. Were all in California. People come fly here from all over the world to sit in the sun let's not complain too much about that. The one thing that I just said is just this -- the breaking point for me is the price. And if I had to spend that I couldn't don't understand you right there right down to. There's a point where. It doesn't matter that I got a hundred bucks in my pocket I don't like playing the oldest soccer believe this is why don't like strip clubs. I hate playing the role of the soccer. And I just feel that. At 1025 for that beer man you're you're you're looking at me like on some kind of soccer. Any two. If you are on hold stay right there I do wanna hear from you -- your review of Levi stadium. We're going to be talking about a lot today but we need to talk about what's going on with the Oakland days the longest losing streak of the season is upon them. Why all -- -- Susan's -- has the answers from Alaska next. Five point seven big game. So funny watching my mom who's in town this weekend walk around and react to the prices of things in San Francisco. You know. Telling -- would I pay for rent my friends. Telling her what they pay for rent she she can't believe at all it's it's it's crazy really isn't. And John try to explain. The personal seat license to my mom is like trying to explain. Algebra to a seven year older editors don't know against -- -- treated as senator -- just can't wrap their her mind around. You mean someone paid 20000 dollars just to have the right. And then spend more money on it. Did it turn out all why it's easy it's the biggest scumbag move sports owners ever pulled on their own fans and fans all over and -- these owners. Are incredibly wealthy and that the defense. Decisions like that probably doesn't explain why anyways we will continue taking your calls about -- stadium here in just a minute but. We have bigger concerns about what's actually going on on the field and it's not a football field to baseball field and really for the first time. Concerns are starting to percolate amongst a's fans it's amazing what do weaker tool do. Get you all riled up Susan's -- is hopefully here to explain it all away and guarantee an eight game winning streak. How are you Susan. -- it very well thank you so much by the way I saw you know dammit. At the big game yesterday that he enjoy district Levi's. Yeah I think everybody is pretty blown away by -- -- -- the stadium orbit track you know how much you can't get there than everybody and then you know I. -- the amenities not and it. They kept it kept on sitting there in the dining area I think he was enjoying some creeps or something. Here. -- but. Hey this is all of a sudden the situation a's fans haven't found themselves in all season long it feels like you're in your worst losing streak could be here. When. You know if you wanted to be really concerned in point assessed that is his absence and we told you don't do that a week ago it's little harder this week to tell you that that's. Not part of why this team is struggling a little bit offensively right now what is at the heart. Of this losing streak is there anyone thing he can put your finger on. Do you subscribe to the theory that they -- Looking at probably happy one and kind of big stumble trillion a year and almost no cheese that. Felt that he had been without a real bad patch. -- that bad patch. It could be related to -- that a that you know there are guys who are struggling or Hewitt traded. There were pictures you're struggling expert straight 810. About. And they you know they really and it buys out in city which at any. Through them earlier indicated smiling and it anyway so unique an excuse away a lot of it. I don't know how much of it that they need to come out of it eat out there pronto and they need to beat an island it and I'm coming weekend. And then the next week and I'm and that's actually going to be in the play. These people out of port in -- it's our credit against the adults from now on. Monster series is coming up against. Anaheim but may be the perfect week. Leading up to -- if there's ever a team needed a break in a blow this it's this team. And they get one today -- are off today Mets come into town for two. Then they're off again on Thursday if you're ever a nice week to have a light week do you think this is it. In ethnic -- it. A one million being accused. Camel back in that -- -- when they skipped it. That it chat between you're calmer and yet you chabot RE PO popular ever. With either one it could be fluid out irritation at the clinic at that now and then. I could be any of the three including Pamela and other bands inside were her maybe were -- and that he looks more like the -- that I. Why it works for him. Ali you know he's not not. Cute not -- -- Lehman let them down as spiders not venture that. You know usually that that he relied Camelot. His body language didn't look it initially and I think maybe you put too much pressure on them -- -- a lot of people think you get traded bad body language media Monica trader. Nothing could be heard in the chip it with a tank analysts grilled get traded to burst by these. And I really you know much like which in town and early in the year just. Really trying to do way too much it built a better job -- -- the current you know. He you know -- a couple of thinkers but he also had one nice one next America. Susan's lesser SF -- dot com and we always go you know in the last thing you remember about the train is the caboose because it just passed you on the way and I think that's that's the last thing you saw. The trade that I think you spend a little bit of the stumble if you wanted to point to what's wrong with the -- is more than some margin -- trade because some margins then. Hit a little bit cents. And -- really but for a night has not been good and all the DA's where Lester I mean he didn't stumble and till Atlanta and even that wasn't much of a stumble. -- have looked -- -- and I wouldn't if I were indeed I would not worry about John nocturnal I you know what I. I let mark margin -- that are not that your he's you've got swagger I actually keep it they try to keep it they were not nick. Expect -- UP. Part of it here Angela it would just Larry went down that -- had a camera -- though that they would not have eat at a lot of talent pretend I'm not. -- -- -- Deeper app that's great future date and they got a violent and so -- you you know -- if you look at that these that catcher comedian really now -- to beat. You're third in their starters. Kind of an upgrade still. That's coming Malone at the favorite -- pitched very well before he got traded up a book -- -- a better track record might you know might not very I'm a month or without. I think a little light at the tunnel here if you're looking for how quickly can can things start turning around again while any Scott Kazmir starts an opportunity to do that. Kazmir will be going tomorrow against. Dillon Gee is Bartolo was Bartolo. Scheduled against the gays and is is bereavement. Gonna skip them. That is a great question I -- -- And that your picture would have been I'm glad. Absolutely love to -- a look at chain which but. I -- we will we will not see him redirect. Well I think again if momentum -- day's pitcher hopefully days can get the momentum back with Scott Kazmir. Also another thing and and again it's hard to say that a platoon player and a fourth outfielder might be part of the turn around. But I was reading what you wrote about Jan three he's rehabbing in Sacramento is there any timetable to him returning to the big league club. Initially because -- live giving them a pretty nice little -- twenty and -- each hit a meet and greet each. I don't think there's a real and urgent each. They're gonna help them rupture issues and they are getting a movie and I backed by probably ready now. Gentry should be really into it to treat it. But you know that September's coming up they want to pick some -- strictly thinking and I think he'll lead the Al -- back -- them later. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Susan there's no doubt I'm sure he's seen this on your Twitter timeline to a's fans are definitely starting to. Grip everything a little tighter they feel the season nine the pressure. Of trying to stay in first place really on them for the first time that's the fans you're around the team all the time the teams famous for being loose. And and just always Joseph cool are you feel the clubhouse -- at all. They -- and Syria and that the let me about the you can tell when it went a little quieter. But I think it definitely not hide anything maybe a little bit -- And -- -- So I I think they're ready to turn things around the -- and Atlanta were two of the game Torre you know our game. And game 28 were hit the ball on the note it seemed like a look every at bat very unit at. Not a lot to -- or it you know let it out and line banished edit the home run let -- -- He is via the Internet. At Atlanta in the game. Second to insert the -- that got every break and he's really gotten on the cops so you expect those that you. Start to turn around eventually. I would think so for sure Susan always good do what talk to you thank you for. Calming down in the billions it does the gathering gang outside of our -- just a little thank you very much. Eden Prairie ordered that they -- in your fan in unity that that actually I I understand it again. But hang in there is that. It did keep. And that five game losing streak before the angels get here and I think things are gonna start looking good again thank you Susan. It -- to IQ is always by the way poster fantasy football draft -- are very. Alone John middle cough former NFL scout I love talking football -- John. He's gonna be a Buffalo Wild Wings in San room on this Wednesday from seven -- nine. You can enjoy food drink specials plus the first ten reservations get an official Buffalo Wild Wings draft kit call 9253806631. And make your reservation today and for more. You can go to the events page at 957. Game dot com I see we got more people. Still on hold wanna talk about. Levi's will do that when you were also gonna start pointing our direction back towards the Oakland Raiders blew through to pre season things honestly. Gonna look better than the niners. Again don't buy what pre season is selling all the time. Stick around much more here on the day membership. -- and with the game intrusion on. I went seven games. Back to the phones in just a moment real quick got a guy here on Twitter thanking Susan Susan. Thank you for your level head on 957 -- Susan it helped me calm down a bit. -- -- stands look you have the right. To feel the pressure I mean this is what playoff baseball and being a great team has -- all about you play with a target on your back in. You can see it right now is clear is today the angels are common you've backed up to him quite a bit. All the -- have to do. Is get back plane and baseball they were playing before this five game losing streak started. This offense is not gonna be mired in this slump for two law how about this. I still have more confidence in the flailing a used to reach the post season and all of a sudden surge in San Francisco Giants I think that the moves at the a's made will pay off. The moves that the giants didn't make will continue to haunt this season the dead maybe -- -- Where you wanted to go but Dan Uggla can do. That's all you've got they got nothing. We go back to the phones we find you know revealing. Either raider game niner game -- stadium. We'll have much more next hour when Jeff Garcia a former 49ers quarterback joins us to talk about quarterbacking. On both sides in the bank it's really funny there's no doubt in my mind I would rather have the 49ers starting quarterback in match job. After that I'll take every raider quarterback you've gotten cut every single existing -- quarterback there is. 8889579570. This is ONG in the city what's up. They CPU it's gone on our brand -- -- you know I elegantly backstage at lucky galloped that -- -- and elect Barack odorless and perhaps. All come on it looks great on TV tomorrow. And network and a -- outlets -- football this weekend Friday to Sunday now we are not what happened on the preceding it and let. And you know I watched that raiders. Squat you know out there and what it is a picture all over pick out a little -- going -- but again that little bit later. And I -- that and I compared that with amber. And Peyton Manning and his troops go right down -- -- at night and we'll see at the LA. I think you'll remember a couple months ago when we're excited about the picket lines it'll work we think the raiders are at a gala at bat. -- still felt that -- you -- you know what you say -- you know you couldn't be more. Or optimistic. But at the sense I am I I think it may be sentinel and says there's a lot of -- -- grid -- after it. I really I really think that if they get away from shop into turn towards car. Better things are going to happen on game day I don't know if this is a year it translates to a better improved record hopefully you have improved performance. I think finding a vastly improve record is going to be very tough. And I'll say this right now and thank you for the call ONG. Shot looks so bad. If I'm if I'm Dennis Allen on saying to myself are right we all know that the clocks can start taken on me real fast -- a matter fact. Notable bottom dot com they're taking odds on which NFL head coach is going to be fired first Dennis Allen is the chalk. Dennis Allen is the shock. You don't wanna be that guy but he is that guy let me tell yeah. If they're sitting there no 14 and a bye week. I mean. And you gotta match job bringing you know one for that will officially not be good. If I'm Dennis Allen I'd rather have car let me tread water for a full season. Just because I can say hey weren't weren't checking it out mode and have. -- shop get me fired by week's six. It -- shop kids. I mean I know that there we haven't seen anything yet but I think I've seen enough. Other guy who misses his wide receivers throwing behind them by about ten yards. And he is less mobile than Peyton Manning he's a statue you. Forget about the very bronze statue of the match shop statues RD been funded and is on full display. I just don't think you're gonna have much success of them at all mark in Burlingame how are you mark. And I think you -- -- you can pull my under you know what I mean and career and I hope they can. Shot in Oakland bounced back this -- and I'm an -- right. You know they look pretty and I don't want my and it really took out a launch audit and it bounced -- the receivers in that interception that they've brought back. Right Obama Jones Jones has got to catch that ten out of ten times. No doubt in -- car this kid you concede he just got to the slider to a man I really like the way you know you just tell you got a lot of them. A lot of moxie and you know -- that. This -- that brought this kidneys and other metal shop experts are like one girl bit the bullet like when he had it was a -- on your -- to be out. You know I'm through into that -- gotta you -- Brett -- -- And long term. -- In terms of armed talent there's no conversation to be had one guy hasn't the other is trying to hold onto would still. Car is clearly. The superior product the only reason why you would lean toward job is because you would think. Is experience will prevent him from making the soul sucking spine snapping mistakes. They usually -- of the rookie quarterbacks. However. Let's remember the same guy we're talking about here set the consecutive season interception record for pick sixes last year. So I'd rather have car learning. What I mean a book I got to get a applies again this used to be my go to. -- feel bad about this Richard really. I love rich really rich really is awesome. Rick great guy but I used to say you know owners. Tom -- Crawford one. Rather sue -- Crawford had this in a -- really has left. You know increase use after Ray Durham all the time to. -- there on his last season with San Francisco you couldn't even see the number on the back of his Jersey because of the huge fork sticking out of his back. But they kept on playing and it's like I'd rather see what any minor leaguer has. Then what Ray Durham has left. I would rather see -- Derek Karr has been what Matt shop has left. And I wonder if the raiders aren't start to think the same thing to. He is back at practice which is good news boy I thought maybe he cracked a rib at. It was a concussion. By the way yet guy here. -- John says patent. Didn't score on the niners' first defense we had rookies out -- you're right. He did score on the first and a half defense don't know Patrick Willis that is not your first defense no cowboy it's not your first defense. Two hours down to more to come. Stick around we reset the whole show for -- next. You're 957 again.

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