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The Damon Bruce Show 8/18/14 HOUR 3

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great to be when you hear on a Monday afternoon welcome into the show hopefully you are through a smooth work day and on your way home mom. Where you're not gonna be watching the giants. -- DA's tonight neither is in action the aids. They're getting ready to take on the Mets they are licking their wounds. After having lost a season high five and around. What is -- seven and eight I believe it even stretches back to when. They get home after seventeen consecutive games in seventeen consecutive days. A day off today for -- are gonna have another day off on Thursday the Mets come to town for two game interleague set tomorrow. And then the angels get town and that's and things get really full -- CEO giants fans wanna think it's for reals again I mean I really don't know they have been playing well lately they've finally won an -- series at home. And it is amazing. What -- little time will do for both Bay Area fan bases. A month ago a's fans have no concerns at all. Now they do. Giants fans a month ago. Pretty much looking at the ship has sailed all of the sudden confidence. Is back amongst the fans. Fans were back amongst themselves and certainly a lot of new faces occupying new seats at Lee Brice stadium which we all saw. Opened in some way shape or form yesterday again I was there I was on hand for it and I gotta tell -- The stadium looks magnificent. How it performs an actual game -- we still don't know you're not going to be able to tell how loud is in there. Until the Chicago Bears get here in the whole thing starts for real. There are a lot of observations though that I made people have been making we got a ton of people who still -- coming here. And talk about it we're gonna get your calls in just a minute 888957. 9570. Later this hour Jeff Garcia. Former forty -- Pro Bowl quarterback is gonna join -- talk about from the old pigskin around so why. Looking forward to that conversation Jeff is a great interview he's always -- -- this party to -- to talk to them about the San Jose state opener on Thursday arts party on the way via. Final Levy's party who does nobody that's why I love. So. -- stadium. What I liked what needs work. The possible fatal flaw that today Colin -- and it made me worry a whole lot less about having set all that. You know I didn't walk out of their thinking have the 49ers bill. What might be. As beautiful stadium is who's ever seen but is -- going to be -- least intimidating stadiums. It obviously has new car smell all over it they just took it out of the box is shiny it is new there's not a scratch on it it looks amazing. You walk around the concourses. Boy you've got more room than ever before. They've got to conquers that is just the passing lane next to the concourse. So it is it's it's easy to get around and you can get up and you can walk around. You can see the stadium from just about any angle you want any angles from every seat seemed to be spectacular. Sight lines. I was impressed you can't not be impressed if one point two billion. Rarely can you say oh yeah I can see the one point two billion put into this place I can see the one point two billion they put into the place. Great fans base the video boards the scoreboards. Some of the most beautiful high definition your -- and here's the thing. It was really sunny so sunny and some people have been complaining about how sunny and heartless -- California you can't complain about the sun and live here. But. As sunny as it was there was no good -- I mean those greens were so eye popping high definition no glare no knock them. And looked great I don't couldn't tell much about the sound because. The press serious glass stand I don't know what they did that. That's not your concern to mine to my cross to bear. You know sight lines and at the positives. The biggest understatement of the year would be the positives so far outweigh the negatives of Levi stadium that is obvious. What I didn't walk away -- just a little concerned. Was that even though. When it comes to the field. As a -- specific as it seems to be it's really not -- specific at all. Outside the red in the stadium now I'm not talking about all the interactive things paying. Tribute to the niners passed not talking about the the whole fame obviously. But what I am talking about is where is the ring of honor. Where are the retired numbers and I'm not saying that the niners screwed this up because all those things might be in there. By the time this season ends sometimes you unveil the ceremonial things a little at a time. To me if I were opening of a brand new stadium on and it just like boom here it is but I -- also the guy who is for a -- at. -- a fireworks show I just let them all go it once. The whole thing would be to grand finale. That's that's just. Yeah I hate the fireworks show where they let one go every ten seconds for a solid half hour and then you get the fun. Not -- -- me we'd light a mall they'd be over in fifteen seconds knew just be like yeah oh yeah I was. Awesome and over fast food and I'll go home now. If our opening up a new stadium I have at all the ring of honor would all be right there boom ready to go. May be the niners are unveiling the stadium like. You know an onion peeling back layer by layer you get a little bit more every week -- up so these criticisms. Your observations. My one criticism. That I I'm sticking to is is ridiculous of the expense of everything and I'm not a cheap person. I am not someone who is. Always walking around looking for the most frugal option available that -- mean not even close of boys and girls that is beyond expensive then there. You know there is not a single. Concession. There's not a single element where you are reaching for your wallet -- isn't designed to hurt as much as possible. It is supposed to hurt actually it's not -- -- that much but boy does it hurt. And I think that rubs me the wrong way just a little bit is they're charging San Francisco prices. Without San Francisco anywhere being around them. And I know the peninsula is not cheap anywhere I'm not stupid I didn't just get here. You know what I mean. The fatal flaw. Could be twofold in that stadium. Like I said earlier. The Oakland Raiders married themselves to an image so negative. That it backfired on them. The silver and black that was awesome enough the -- -- turned into more than that in all the faced -- in the -- Overt trying to intimidate even though you're sitting there and -- 114. Pop this you know that. The raider. Image backfired. On them. -- extent. The forty niner image might backfire on this this this stadium a little bit I mean it could really be perceived as the 1% stadium. Only. In if the world is divided into haves and have nots Levi stadium is divided into the haves and have mortars. There are no have nots that Levi stadium. Have nots they can get into candlestick. Have nots not coming -- stadium and you know what it's probably a little bit in the design. Totally honestly. But you gotta have to get in there and then if you really want premium many things you gotta have even more. See sides seem to be complaint for some people. -- seats -- wide enough the -- still aren't wide enough I heard that from several people moreover. These seats are crock pot cookers not crock -- cookers -- but you will have swamp gas and hot day. At Levi stadium. There are no vents in the seats in your -- is gonna stink after four quarters overtime good luck to -- you're gonna need a shower. I'm real interest in hearing your calls in your opinion. But more than anything else. A stadium is two things. Intimidating in loud. It didn't seem -- to meet where I was how loud in a pre season game get anyways and we won't know for real but the good news is. Cap Ernie did say it did get loud on the field. Magic here -- for the first time. They. Great atmosphere I think we'll have a lot more noise here again at candlestick from -- A lot more noisy candlestick is what he said would he be lying I hope not. Here's one thing that's for sure. Do you know that Levi stadium now has the biggest lower bowl in the NFL. 45000. Seats I think in that lower bowl. More fans closer to the field. Hopefully means that field is gonna be deafening. It might not be allowed up on the luxury level press box level might not be allowed in the upper deck but as long as it's deafening on the field. That's what matters. I want to take some calls here and then we're gonna get to Steve Ballmer being introduced as the clippers head coach no excuse me new. No owner today by the way I'm sure Donald Sterling can't wait for us to talk about that turning a worm will get there a second we wanna get out. And talked to use though it's 00. Has been waiting patiently thank you hear from San Jose what do you got. It's a ADM and it didn't get -- -- what might or might there and I Bartlett with that more and -- time -- and I'll be there when it. I. I don't hit it can't get training camp. And then take my grand. Nice very nice where he's sitting in the new stadium -- Well I'm in the -- -- in Leningrad around the globe are all very nice and a couple of very nice and the north to south end zone. Item why and where. There are actually at all. You -- on the left to make. Well OK then you are in the south end zone I -- it as it did you do when it comes to. What a lot of people talked about not having a big enough see little too warm for then did you feel funny that. Now. That they -- -- cheer from the beginning to the end I'm jumping around my feet and -- trying to get everyone on third down what kind of discouraging -- again. Well pre season game you don't need to worry about that who can get excited about a fourth quarter third down in a pre season game. I do all the way through and out of the podium at the end of that maybe it. Again I would like -- What you got thrown out you are my kind of stand beer or let's give you the back door numbers whenever we had to call and -- -- by as everyone go right to the front of the line Vieira co. Wrote I may may -- you're the first person be thrown out of Levi stadium in which is kind of an honor. Yeah they don't actually like -- I'm going to regain our. -- in the -- nobody -- It's like it's really funny but seriously lady got a guy that thank you for the call zero appreciate it she's die hard. Go to cal bear brand -- uptown here. They did and you're talking about the -- the -- didn't quite political bought it about speaking yet. Look for an action bringing those rocky mountain oysters that they are Colorado. Our -- you know you get eaten up with all that they are offering there are I wouldn't be just stunned to see them do like a regional cuisine in the video of the visiting team in wins. In the Broncos in town maybe there should have been some. Some some some deep fried yes the goals being serves it. Anyway. The -- on Sunday. I had a lot of tickets. They're going. That died as a good beautiful. It's a hundred out we -- it -- ever be. Would that have never been I'm. That drove a couple learned an important of course the guys I mean when you're getting into the where it -- it -- -- -- you can hit a beautiful. Your salary basically. Not been a total surprised yet. Well I mean the thing for the people that are doing that that is not their whole year's salary. Mean I might be our whole year's salary but it's not there is again -- broke comes on many different budgets. The -- market that's going to be -- You know we'll tell you different it -- giving it the now look at this and I'm. You know -- been good without all the now. Hi I really don't think you need to worry about that 19 cal bear Brad because. I believe Michael Mina will be doing a 420. Dollar Thanksgiving price fix meal that evening for every announced it. By the way they do have a 400 dollar state that they're serving in there which if you ever see anyone. Actually ordered that feel free to walk up to that person and punched them in the face as hard as you can in say want you give to charity. You jackass why would you buy a state a 400. Dollar stake. Come on earning her more bank even sterling knows that's nuts. Series you buy a 400 dollar stake there's a special place in hell for you are not a I don't care how good it is or what the marveling looks like for 400. All -- at -- better come home with the Kentucky and it night. Leader board might gone from San Jose. There -- yeah well he. I don't think not only on paper a thirty dollar stake. In the Papelbon and historic Annie -- had to play -- -- -- -- believe my days. By the way do you know how Donald Sterling doesn't like his stakes. -- and thank you. Doesn't that. So yeah idea that I. -- for the game and I trampled by an expert PGA but back on the door to door twenty minute report columns. Mean man. -- dad and my approach of the baiting -- try and I got through security check point no problems that might one doubt the Blackberry would unblock. -- nothing says -- a classy guy role was that blacks. It -- yet after it. Who dat -- apple and then. I'm I was very impressed like every other and a what I thought that I I got to pick -- -- -- actually being that stadium coming from the toilet bowl that was the thick black. Because of course -- spacious. This week. We're comfortable I was located in the northeast corner of the north and you don't know lower ball and former court united in bonds that behind you about chemical. Arrigo whenever you're sitting closer than a niner feels good just a little right. That's like that's that's why you're on the leaderboard Mike you obviously rang the bell loud and well for yourself. And I and they -- even if I can there was a group of like. Or people wearing number fifty got injured in that upon like you're the only people weren't. Well there are bodies being the theme of the day did you find your seat too hot how or your bonds. Are they where they were there aren't I didn't have any there's no -- pocket in going on in my view very comfortable. And -- No complaint there the dude I had a bratwurst I prefer it to being grilled that it boiled. -- commonly opinion diet they're on -- I'll watch it now yeah. Back. Opinion and you didn't try the -- chicken T gonna Sally -- one big hot bowl curry on an 84 degree day sitting in the sun. Thank you very much for the call. I think the 1 thing that I am a little disturbed about is how frequently the words begin. Appears throughout the stadium there are twice I believe I read from somebody there are 26. Different stands offering -- Begin or vegetarian options on dead serious you can walk up and down chestnut street. Bump and in every little ninety pound girl walks past -- and ask mr. begins you will not have 26 people tell you their begin. In the marine not much less at a football game you wanna talk about being over served. Like handicapped parking. Look I'm. I'm not saying handicap should not have parking. I've never seen this many handicapped people anywhere at this target why are there 85 spaces here this is I don't get beat the need the needed. -- using it ratio is way off. There can't be that many begins in a football game I'm guessing. Begin and football. Are strange bedfellows. I doubt. Very often. -- 49ers season ticket holder is slamming -- lights. And tofu only. That I -- course lights and then Sierra Nevada these are niner fans excited about after me lied to me decide yet. People walking morality shock top. It shocked tabloid like it like like it's the -- It's the hardest to find Belgian ale brewed by the most virginal monks on the highest mountaintop Alps to never I mean people social contract of just too good -- but. Far shocked. K Berman you got excited -- shocked. Now exactly. Shocked not just a fancy word for Corus -- more orange food coloring any fool me course. I know we got more people here who want to talk about everything that just happened that. -- stadium. But we need to talk about would also happened today down in Los Angeles and for the first time in a couple of days the word Los Angeles doesn't mean I'm about to start talking about the raiders now are moving there. What I wanna tell you about is Steve Ballmer everyone's favorite eccentric billionaire who spent two billion to by the clippers from Donald Sterling well today. The clippers held -- stand fast. And Steve Ballmer who is usually worth the price of admission. Got introduced today clippers fan Jessie rolled out too little Eminem -- right. Health and bomb. I want to start talking here. Does he does he get into the oh you just had the music do you think that the part I'll tell you forget that does that mean like the music here's my favorite Steve Ballmer intro this is out the -- should've done it. Roll him out. Little Miami sound machine sounds like this guy just. Like kicked in the VIP door it's spearmint rhino they did. CEO of the biggest software. Any self esteem I do CNN. It up for me. Let's go to my tombstone. Airlines Damon Bruce in 1975. Dash Goodell knows. Give it up for May. I've always said seriously you know goes on the tombstone. I told you I was sick. So that's a series and that's one of my tombstone I told -- I was sick. We get time to take you -- by the way when asked. For his comments about the Steve Ballmer introduction Donald Sterling did say to DMZ marine come armed with. Here's the thing I don't care what the clippers do I don't care what Donald Sterling does. I'm going to be playing that between now and the rest of it and basically the end of my broadcasting career hopefully denim and many years from now army is still good -- would come -- That's right. That's right. Talk about this to drop can -- I should've brought me would be a shock Iran. And noon news on the moon. Out of anger until -- opened -- Who really got -- let's go to -- RG in Milpitas RG where you -- stadium yesterday. Yes there will be right. All completely and I mean I remember about Apple Computer it's so hard in the morning well. Olindo in the Al east corner. The level. And I've purposely pick a laughable that a little -- no crutch but cooking or non. There you go yeah yeah -- a little shade at some point I mean is this if there was ever stadium like bring a wide brimmed hat here you go -- -- shades. Bring the war looping going to do but they pulled out of the tribes and the teams aren't ready for violent -- -- I -- ought to cook. Like yeah I walk around looking like Nick Saban and Alabama practiced with a straw hat on here. That's good though Bullock thank you very much for the call up by the way we're gonna have to get into the first eight people. Of the year a little bit later on a lot of demand college football's coming in its job. Officially starts in ten days to. -- -- Forget about the clippers I mean you do this Halloween in basketball or did you know all long long ways away still feels like. I can get excited about that that absolutely. In recent college football. On Wednesday next week you get Abilene Christian against Georgia State. But ten days from now literally starts. Get some ranked teams. He -- party in this field. We'll get an all that a little bit later on coming up next. Iran -- you can stay there please do we're going to get TI can promise the coming up next we're talking. Bay Area quarterbacks with a guy who used to be one -- one. Jeff Garcia and I didn't mean Helen and a hell of I don't use the word Allah. Don't miss when the game stands to all the movie about legendary football coach Bob -- are. But it -- -- LaSalle high schools Barton's. From obscurity to a -- along winning streak 151. Games opens in theaters on Friday. August 22 her chances were -- advanced screening tickets visit the contest page at 957 game dot com Jeff Garcia. Joins me next. Yeah even proof beyond a on 95 point seven big game and. We'll have more on -- stadium in next hour much more on the Oakland Raiders and Scott -- joins us from CS -- Bay Area talk a little silver and black we're gonna go both sides of the day though. -- our next guest who. Played for the 49ers. Jeff Garcia. Phenomenal former Pro Bowl quarterback he is now. I believe coaching with the CFL. And it's very good to have a little time -- here on the Damon Bruce show thank you very much Jeff but how real. Well we're gonna happen just a second have been told perfect. Those you wanna keep talking -- we are gonna do that 8089 by seven. 957. Always a number now Jeff Garcia is ready to join us thank you so much Jeff our Rio. Yeah I'm doing good -- to -- Quick moment of a break here man to coach and now or later there are many breaks that code -- more. In what is you elect -- de Gallo went down you would amount to follow what's right. Ride on coat with the Montreal where -- got called here a couple weeks ago. More as a consultant type opportunity to come up and you Montreal and -- What was happening with their offensive scheme and fit -- -- quarterbacks and and it led -- speed. Hired on at the quarterback coach for the remainder of the season though. LK in that it goes in getting experience and. Enjoy that so far. Is there a universal quarterbacking tips that applies to all I mean I know everyone's got their own style and mechanics -- you -- you know coach each individual individually. But if we had to write -- that the great book of quarterbacking -- universal truths. That you tried to implement into the guys you're now coaching. What I think 11. Player at this level I mean there's a certain skill that that they are. Out within themselves but I think there are a ways to interpret how they. How they prepare themselves mentally I mean first of all you have to put in bad work. It actually at the professional level you have to prepare your -- export studying deep that the that the point eight. Root canal. Hopefully your name other than what you're trying to do it or that he or. If you can't put battle together and Crockett who committed in the short period of time you're gonna struggled on two. I think the -- being core players at this level. Correctly appearing candidate -- I'm working with I'm trying to get them the simple by the being the only way that you can crippled by the end it if you're mentally. Understand what you're trying to do -- or a plane and on the quite well I have urgent need to have a ample. In the pocket you can't afford to be lackadaisical. Panel awarded to be in the shotgun and not move your -- Quickly I think when you start to move out there you eat processed information after the Ukraine and help you make quicker better decision. Jeff Garcia here on the Damon Bruce show. Jeff what does that talent difference NFL to CN FL is a gap as wide as it used to be here. Do you notice that it's it's closing dramatically. Or maybe not that dramatically. Law I mean I played in the C -- well I've played five years but the child reached appeared then. I doubt that when I went down to the NFL. We cannot players each candidate that could have transitioned over that I had the ability the physical guilt that. Why they weren't in the yet though who knows why this wet weather is missing the opportunity. Just weren't given the opportunity to Iran -- whatever it may indeed have a -- work out when given the opportunity whatever -- ban. It -- what would happen but it all over different player you're. You're on appeal with more -- -- that the -- there's more room could cover the wider deal with the law group field. Go players are quiet as the large. On the interior defense aligning your defense -- and there are knotted -- they're gonna beat down in the states. They have to be able to run from sideline to sideline cover more ground. But are skilled players you're dependant you're wide receivers running back -- -- Our talented and it given the opportunity in the right place the right time and I know their players not your second Beckham played down there they're quarterback's got here that have. Been able to transition what you don't see a lot of old and a lot of quarterbacks that -- -- -- struggled in the NFL power play in the NFL. Competent yet now and finds success. That's one thing that I really haven't seen and so you know it's one of those things are a lot of great players that come out. The collegiate game lot of great players that are continuing to develop and mature over time but that's not enough jobs available whether in the NFL or yeah. Jeff based on your performance at candlestick in the final flag football game I think most niner fans would have a lot more confidence seeing you backing up. Colin -- nick right now then Blaine Gabbert or Bethel -- Thompson or or anyone the niners. And it's funny we're we're talking about you know the niners and the raiders all the time and the niners definitely have the better starting quarterback. Then the raiders do the raiders have so much depth at quarterback then the niners seemed to have right now now you lose your starting quarterback that's not what you wanna do but boy. What we've seen at a Gabbert looks terrible I know your coaching up in Canada and that's got to have your full attention. What can you tell us about. The new surroundings for Gabbert and if you think it'll work for him it hasn't clicked yet here and it certainly didn't click in Jacksonville. Well that just did it didn't work in Jacksonville he was a first round. Pick obviously. Jacksonville has struggled over the years they've been helped that maybe there wasn't the greatest of supporting out. But he did help. Make anybody better around him either and I figured the first round draft pick. There's the -- expectation. I looked upon he'd be a leader -- yet guy who's the accountable. A look at her crown. Finally could be better to make people around -- better and we can see dad in Jacksonville and why a drought they would even waited for the guys. Is beyond me because. I think it is kinda got the bill -- at the end I don't think they were gonna -- eight and and more they were gonna keep him around they would move in another direction with their quarterback crew. Go to see him land in -- could go -- team that is on the verge of -- global. Caliber. Football. That guy did not bring. Any quality gap. The the president and now Josh Johnson & Johnson he's been around the week you would quickly in Tampa Bay as a rookie and -- at the moment we're guarded and didn't let you hasn't ever -- on the consistency and then. I've -- a competent young player he's wearing number five mark -- at number I saw. This. Strut around the thought -- on the -- engaged and but you know -- How about -- -- football and now with a lot of fun and I didn't go up go 44 year old I don't like it you'll look around the world football could be equally. Absolutely can there was never any doubt as well I saw you last year candlestick you're still in great shape Jeff you really are. Call I appreciate that I will say this though about the raiders. You know my outlook morning. We're not being the guy that they're looking at this year talking still remain in crafted in a lot of ways for young quarterback. He came down and worked with me during the copies are really into would have the opportunity you know. And look at depth on the field with the opportunity whether they're limited or not. But he continued this so that -- developing. And improving his game and can't get guy you know devote even though they've gone a different direction -- in the quarterback bringing in a veteran quarterback. You're right about the depth in Oakland they have a lot of gap out there they're not the player Beckham play at quarterback. I don't know if necessarily though -- shop is one of them and may be for the second year in a row this team tried to add a veteran leader in quarterback. Last year Matt Flynn this year match job when they -- just been better off saying what we're gonna go with the talent we have. And then try to develop car. Behind smuggle -- -- you know he -- the niners are trying to be a Super Bowl contender and I agree with you. The raiders are a long long way from being that and I just don't know even if match job. You know opened up four and four -- -- get to two years from now when you're really ready to start playing football. Yeah I really don't know leader I mean that was -- It would it would either do one or the other either bring that -- in. And allow map the glowing. View being a predicting that back him up in that god couldn't handle it and you have a guy who started. Apathy and last year who continued to grow and get better war you don't bring in -- god throughout the quarterback -- young guys. Competed out and -- the bad guys step on the field to lead the team I think. With bringing. Both -- In drought in the quarterback and still have Matt McQuillan. You created. You have a a cluster of a situation there. With three quarterbacks and you know obviously that the -- you're probably getting -- the rap that. Saw them and in car and you know looks ought not proven it out there on the field yet. What made you unfortunately the skeletons in the closet to the things that he's gone through. Over the last couple years been used in the injuries. Then struggling last year being benched last year. Those cut the -- there -- prompting him to where maybe he doesn't have enough anymore to beat out leader beat that guy who can. Really sort of burden of the responsibility. Of the starting position -- quarterback. Jeff Garcia here on 957 the game speaking of guys who. Lost their way. The last time I heard jamarcus Russell's name I think you who went down to talk to former coach remembers something and. That is it did you do that. You know we did I had a group in San Diego. Connected with -- Marcus. He was. In and probably not. A good position back home where he was where he was living we got him out West Coast and sort of work with them -- him help him lose about sixty -- got him back and biting -- The beaten actually had to work out with Scott will be aired after the remarks that he spent with that collapse. A year and a half ago last. Yeah and had input from the bears at that time. And for whatever reason it was. You know there with a club where during that continuity with -- -- about why you will then all of a sudden a settlement. The quake with the raiders and put money back in his pocket. And then all of a -- out money in his pocket. -- turn them off began or earned him. In that guy we all -- -- those three years when he was in Oakland -- where. It's been cap the drive in the motivation to be great at the position in and it's unfortunate because. That skill that is there but the mentality is not -- got -- all. The red. You know as a safe football champion job even though what is you have to love it and it was obvious from day one. He didn't love it. Yeah no doubt true and I I think he saw how much. You know he made an outlet to -- it when you've -- game but I think more than anything. Let. The money that you and probably been out anymore. It was trying to get back to get. Summed up and if not the motivating them. He got the wrong reason to be playing in the game I mean not the wind -- it paid a lot of money to play that game. In the NFL. But the guys who succeed at this game are the ones who are out about -- burning within themselves and it's not about. The money that the -- -- look plan and I'll play on the dirt road and on on gravel if given the opportunity. I'm sure your fostering some love of the game and -- Jeff Garcia football academy tell me about it. I've been fortunate over the last couple seasons really trying to figure out what I wanted transition -- and why cake you my. Playing career blog about played the game there was a lot of experience a lot of accept a lot of great coaches. That I've been able to be around who caught the the quarterback position pot yacht but this them and I hate -- all that knowledge and experience that drive and motivation now are that you'll burn. Within me and started work with young quarterbacks and it started with young high school kid. Down in San Diego on it slowly start to grow -- -- Of the collegiate hit coming to visit me on their spring break coming to visit me political Columbine preparation. And now be NFL quarterback and CFL quarterbacks. Had a good group of -- young players that out -- you know I'm willing to wait it out there you'll put the cleats on. Competing with them they're going -- teaching band motivating them. Given them the -- -- cold that I I would be able to develop and and learn. And my years of playing the game and it's scary enough with them to help them. Go out there basic -- at a guy like Tyrod Taylor out of Baltimore -- Been playing well on the preceding it may not -- the field because until Flacco out here but you've got this in. What is the -- -- in that look more like a shake came out. And then compile -- not a kid by the name Bo Levi Mitchell who actually tie my record for the -- Starting at the end -- career. Up in Calgary with the Canadian Football League and they get caught him do well but know about the good things they'll. A lot of good young guys coming in their politics and your girl out good young -- players that are out there. Going into their senior -- -- this year and that really looking to continue to develop it and help those young players now. Great stuff Jeff thank you so much especially when you're coaching schedule for giving us a little time this afternoon talks in football talks in quarterbacking and believe you in this. -- party San Jose state hosting North Dakota Thursday night. That's right -- Barton K and go Bay Area sports teams may have missed you guys and I appreciate you have -- Thank you very much Jeff it was great having you wanna catching up Jeff Garcia now coaching quarterbacks. With the Montreal -- waxed. When we come back anybody on hold we're gonna make sure you are not on hold as we start to move in the next hour. Which case we are going to be talking with Scott -- 630 about what's going on with the raiders and why all the criticism. Being heaped on Khalil Mac and stick around today membership. It then. Now back to the demons proof beyond what 95 point seven became. Next hour Scott -- all over the raiders at 630 were also gonna start talking about becoming college football season. Around the corner and I'm happy about that before we turn the corner into our final hour of the evening. Let's go back to the phone is 888957957. Know if you were trying to get an earlier by the way but couldn't are you on hold and couldn't wait around. Great time to call back in we're gonna be taking your calls and our big. Opening segment next hour. So now is the time 888957957. No. Tammy in Santa Clara she was at Levi's I'm guessing how are you Tammy. Underwent right very good thank you would you think of the big new stadium. It regularly you are actually working yet there at this site at I -- against -- rebellion in coming out and everybody. Was excited I think -- you need action and Eric are you lack in -- -- at stadium. I huge. Roar like really excited to come up with a great timing to come back out either complain about and it actually he's at and looking to people complain. You know it's our first year and have to wait a couple of years ago -- that he and we're about being different you know. I mean it happened there and are you gonna complain that it. Want to complain. And you know experience everybody was confident. Even by the amber and that came out there. Time and super nine class and -- you wanna hear app you know you don't take time to get handing it out by. When -- there having fun at all. Let me ask you real fast would you be able to afford to go to games if you weren't working there. Actually Gil hardly at all at that track yes -- my -- and China there yellow -- union Stanley by the way that is nice to have X. Again I wouldn't be in there. If I had to -- get in there are certainly wouldn't be in there for every home game this coming season. Luckily it's part of the job and they let me and thank goodness that. When we come on back. Your calls. The coming college football season. And -- raiders Coolio Mack are you worried some are you shouldn't be not yet anyway stick around staying in --

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