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Jeff Garcia

Aug 18, 2014|

The former 49ers QB joined Damon to discuss the 49ers and Raiders preseason starts. He also goes into detail about his failed relationship with JaMarcus Russell.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Jeff Garcia is ready to join us thank you so much Jeff our real. I'm doing good -- to -- Quick moment of a break here man -- now or later they're -- and let the coat and more. In what is you elect he's on day as a wet -- -- with the Montreal oh that's right. Ride on coat with the Montreal Ottawa got called here a couple weeks ago. More as a consultant type opportunity to come up in Montreal and -- What was happening with their offensive team and this coming quarterbacks and and it led few been. Hired on at the quarterback coach for the remainder of the season so. -- that it goes in getting experience and. Enjoy that so far. Is there a universal quarterbacking tips that applies to all I mean I know everyone's got their own style and mechanics and you've got to. You know coach each individual individually. But if we had to write you know -- that the great book of quarterbacking -- universal truths. They you tried to implement into the guys -- now coaching. What I think one went player at this level mean -- assured -- that that they are. Out within themselves but I think there -- ways to incorporate outrage. -- prepare themselves mentally and football you have to put in the work. It actually at the professional level you're not prepared to go support noting that the -- warned they. -- -- -- It'll -- -- other then what you're trying to -- for the act of war. It can't put battle together profit improvement in the short period argued and struggled on. I think the main paying. -- players at this level. Correctly appearing candidate that I work with a target and the simple by the end. The only way to clean simple by the visit -- mentally. Under any worker card -- port -- And quite how urgent need to have a ample. In the pocket you can't out awards to be lackadaisical. And mortgages being in the -- not move your feet. Quickly I think when you start to move that. Process people may soon after the Ukraine and help you make quicker battered. Jeff Garcia here on the Damon Bruce show. Jeff what does that talent difference NFL to see SL is a gap as wide as he used to beard do you notice that it's it's closing dramatically. Or maybe not that dramatically. Well I mean I played in the C a though I've played five years for the child which appeared and I've dealt -- when I went down to the NFL. We had players candidate that could have transitioned over that had the ability the physical -- at. Why they weren't in yet though who knows why it is wet weather is missing the opportunity. You weren't given the opportunity to Iran bubble whatever may -- -- could work out when given the opportunity would ever and it -- what happened but it all over different player you're. You're on -- field with more retriever Morton cutbacks there's more room could cover a wider field at the law goes field. -- players are quiet and large. On the interior defense aligning your defense -- and there are knotted -- it was going to be out in the states. They have to be able to run from sideline to sideline cover more ground. But -- skill players deep on the backs and wide receivers running back -- uttered. Our talented and if you're not in the right place the right time. And older players that you're back in Beckham played on the air there quarterback except here that have. Been able to transition which you don't see a lot of old a lot of quarterbacks that may be as struggled yet though our place in the NFL. Come to that yet fail and -- success. About one thing that I really haven't seen and so you know it took one -- -- a lot of great players that come out. The collegiate game lot of great players that are continuing to develop in the tour. All the time but it's not enough jobs available whether in the NFL or. Jeff based on your performance at candlestick in the final flag football game I think most niner fans would have a lot more confidence seeing new backing up. Colin -- nick right now than Blaine Gabbert or Bethel -- Thompson or or anyone the niners. And it's funny we're we're talking about in the niners in the raiders all the time and the niners definitely have the better starting quarterback. Then the raiders do the raiders have so much depth at quarterback than the niners seemed to have right now now you lose your starting quarterback that's not you wanna do but boy. What we've seen -- Gabbert looks terrible I know your coaching up in Canada and that's got to have your full attention. What can you tell us about. The new surroundings for Gabbert and if you think it worked for him it hasn't clicked yet here and it certainly didn't click in Jacksonville. Well that's just stated that work and bill he was the first round. It obviously. Jacksonville has struggled over the years that it helped that there was a great support -- what he would help. Make anybody better around. Either and I think at the first round draft pick there's the curtain at that -- and -- looked upon he'd be a leader -- yet gotten the accountable. -- work actor crap out quietly could be better to make people around you better. And we concede at Jacksonville and why I dropped it would be great for the guys would. Is beyond me because I think it. Is content bill without the. And I don't think they were going to be anymore they were gonna keep him around they would move in another direction with their quarterback group. Go to -- landed every political team that is on the bird. Comparable. Caliber. -- Back did not -- Any quality -- The present and now Josh Johnson Johnson he'd been around -- he was with me in Tampa Bay as a rookie and pat from moment were ordered and didn't let. Now than ever -- the consistency and then apple competent young player he's wearing number five -- go to number. Five so. It's -- around the sidelines on the not -- -- -- and but you know let. How about out flag football you know a lot of fun and I couldn't go to school -- or you'll. I -- -- like you'll look around the world golf ball pretty decently. Absolutely can there -- and never any doubt that's what I saw you last year at candlestick you're still in great shape -- you really are. A lot appreciate that I will say this though about the -- guy you know map -- morning. We're not being the guy that they're looking at -- here -- still remain. Encrypted in a lot of ways spurred young quarterback. He named Adam worked with me during the hot keys are really into without them out ago. An in depth on the field with the opportunity whether their limit that are not. But he could -- so that developing. And improving -- -- need and can't get guys on the -- -- got a different directions trapped in the quarterback bringing in a better quarterback. You write about the depth in the Oakland they have a lot of depth out there about the players complain that the quarterback. I don't know -- necessarily though -- shop is one of them and may be for the second year in a row this team tried to add a veteran leader in quarterback. Last year Matt Flynn this year match job when they might just been better off saying well we're gonna go with the talent we have. And then try to develop car. Behind -- morning. You know he said the niners are trying to be a Super Bowl contender and I agree with you. The raiders are a long long way from being that and I just don't know even if match shop. You know opened up four and four say get to two years from now when you really ready to start playing football. Yeah I really don't know leader I mean that would water. It would it would either one or the other either bring that shop in an aloud about the boy. You've been to predict -- -- -- up -- Not couldn't handle it and haven't gotten started. Apathy than last year who continued to grow and get better war eagle wearing masks on throughout the quarterback Matt young guys. Competed out and made the bad guys stepped on the field to lead the team I think. With bringing both back. In two out in the quarterback and still have not warn you. Created you're Abdullah a cluster of -- situation there. With three quarterbacks and you know obviously that the cop who probably didn't vote the -- that. Saw them and then car and you know what's -- not who went out there on the field yet. And made you unfortunately the skeletons in the closet -- good things that he's gone through. Over the last couple years been used in the injuries. And struggling last year being benched last year those type of being -- at opting in to where. Maybe he doesn't happen in them anymore to beat out leader -- got broken. Really sort of burden of responsibility. Of the starting position at quarterback. Jeff Garcia here on 9570 game speaking of guys who. Lost their way. The last time I heard jamarcus Russell's name I think -- who went down to talk to war coach numbers something -- It did you do that. You know we did I have a group in San Diego. Connected with two markets. He woods. In and probably not. A good position back hole. Where he was where he was living we got about the West Coast and sort of work with them -- him helped him lose about sixty now. Got him back in biting CA. And actually out of work out Kabul Baird after the remarks cities that would that collapsed. -- a year and a half ago. -- Yeah -- interest from the bears at that time. And for whatever reason it was you know there with a where. During that content -- with their code one that will then all of a sudden. Settlement could equate with the raiders and put money back in the pocket. And all the sudden out money in his pocket. Turn them off again or turned him in that guide. We all saw those three years when he was an Oakland raider where it's been cap the drive and motivation to -- Great out of position in the and it's unfortunate because. The -- debt is there but the mentality is not have been all. Over it. You know as a -- football can't be a job even though it is you have to love it and it was obvious from day one. He didn't love it. Yeah no doubt true and I I think she saw how much. You know he -- -- -- -- -- it -- out and I think more than anything. Mitt. The money that you're -- and probably been out anymore. It was trying to get back to get. About in if not the motivating and got the wrong reason to be playing in the game I mean not. A lot of money like this game. In the NFL. But the guys who succeed at this game are the ones who are passionate about fire burning within themselves and it's not about. The money it's about the outlook plan -- -- -- there -- -- and on on gravel if you have an opportunity. I'm sure your fostering some love of the game at -- Jeff Garcia football academy tell me about it. I've been fortunate over the last couple seasons really trying to figure out where I wanted transition you and why -- my. Playing career at law that that played the game there was a lot of experience a lot of that a lot of great coaches. That I've been able to be around and caught the quarterback position -- you -- System cannot take it all that knowledge and experiences that drive and motivation up five hits you'll learn. -- -- started work with young quarterbacks and it started with young high school year. -- -- -- Diego on it slowly start to grow in view of the collegiate he would come in to visit me on their spring break coming to visit me. Political calm mind. Preparation. And now -- NFL quarterback and -- quarterbacks. Had a great group of a young players it can't stop these are moving into what is out there -- -- on competing with them. That one -- teaching -- motivating them. Even and the -- Gary cold that I I was able to develop and then lower. By year as the plane gain experience out with them help them. Go out there -- That's -- at a guy like Tyrod Taylor out of Baltimore. And playing well on the preceding may not -- appeal because until plaque up there but you got it. Voted to drop partner and about one like -- came out. That could probably not a kid by the name Bo Levi and -- or who actually tried my record for the -- Ordering that the they'll career. Up in Calgary with the Canadian Football League and they get caught him too well -- about the good things they'll. A lot of good young guys coming from the public to -- while good don't call players that are out there. Going into their senior seasons that year. -- look at the continue to develop and help those young players out. Great stuff Jeff thank you so much especially when -- coaching schedule for giving us a little time this afternoon talk some football talks in quarterbacking and believe you would this. -- party San Jose state hosting North Dakota Thursday night. That's like gold bar and say Angela Bay Area sports teams and the guys and appreciate you have ya. Thank you very much Jeff it was great having you -- and catching up Jeff Garcia now coaching quarterbacks. With the Montreal Al --

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